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    Tamiya 1/32 kit HGW/Real Model Wet transfer set 233906 Barracuda Wheels All colours MRP
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    A good assembly jig?

    You don’t need one! Save your money and spend it on other things. I had one a long time ago and found that I was better off without it and that it just got in the way.
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    A good assembly jig?

    Yeah don't get the wooden ones. Oddly they're more expensive than the acrylics and they're a pain to punch out and assemble. Also , get yourself a cheap amazon cake decorating stand to put it on as it helps to spin things around when painting (sometimes) . ...and have fun
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    Forgotten War Mustang

    So I finally had a few minutes of down time... First off, I added a few more bits to the cockpit sidewalls and then shot everything with dullcoate. All in all, I'm pretty happy with the way things look. Last steps will be to do some weathering, via dry brushing and pastels to further tone things down (especially some of those placards) and then add the final small bits like throttle handle and a few fragile levers. After that, I'll call these parts done. I think I'll also add a black wash to the tan signal flare holder. "50 shades of black" Next - I also dull-coated the seat. Still going to add some more dark-ish wash to the seat cushion. Finally, the instrument panel. I originally planned on using the Barracuda IP. It's a mix of resin and PE. After a great deal of thought, I passed on using pretty much all of it. Although the PE avoids the "tunnel effect" of the Tamiya IP (using the kit parts as instructed results in the instrument decals being set extremely deep into the panel face), I wasn't happy with look of the Barracuda PE. They provide each instrument bezel as a separate PE part and once assembled, it just looked rough. As I compromise, I decided to modify the Tamiya IP. The kit part requires that you glue a clear plastic piece to the back of the plastic IP. To the back of the clear part, you add a decal with the instrument faces. The end result is that the instrument dials are set very far back. What I did was to glue the Barracuda printed instrument faces directly to the back of the Tamiya instrument panel. I'll then sandwich it with the modified clear backing part. This serves three purposes. First off , the dial faces now are nowhere near as deep. Secondly, by using the Barracuda dials, they are much more detailed than the crude Tamiya decal. Lastly, the Barracuda dials are just black print on clear film. You need to paint behind them to add color to the dials and numerals. This is a good thing. The Tamiya decals (and pretty much every other aftermarket product like Eduard, etc) are white on a black base. Only problem is that pretty much all US instruments used dials and numerals coated in a yellowish-green phosphorescent paint. Refer to the picture of an original F-51 cockpit posted in the beginning of this log. I mixed up some yellow, green and white to replicate this. I then shot the panel with a gloss black with a few drops of white added and added the necessary Barracuda decals. Can't say enough about these, they really rock! After that, I dullcoated the panel and lightly dry-brushed with a medium grey. I then picked out some of the switches in various colors. Finally, I attached the instrument film with some Future so it wouldn't obscure the dial faces. Sorry for the long-winded description, I hope some of you find it helpful. Here's the semi-complete IP. I still need to add the last few dials, some switches and figure out if I'm going to use more Future for each of the IP faces, or just leave them as is. Note that a few of the markings got skewed when I applied them over raised switches. Not much you can do about it but once the whole cockpit is assembled, they shouldn't be that noticeable. Thanks for looking, Happy Friday guys.
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    Say it with me: Bolton... Paul... Defiant!!
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    Miles M.14 Magister 1/32

    A Miles Magister is one of those kits that I’ve always hoped for in our scale but never expected to see, so if this materialises I’ll be a very happy bunny! Makes me a little more hopeful that we could see a Percival Proctor......who knows?!
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    Anybody Notice This New Kit Yet?

    Or has it slipped in under the radar? I'm not pulling the trigger on this one as I have the other one. Zoukei-Mura Ki-45 Nick (Super Wing Series No. 14)
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    Well, what if this is not a Le Rhone 9J but rather an Oberusel Ur.II? Then, please, please, pretty please, let this be a Fokker D.VIII! Radu
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    Anybody Notice This New Kit Yet?

    Same reason they have all the other fictitious unnecessary detail.
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    1/24 Airfix Hellcat

    Hi Alain, I fully appreciate your comment and It was a tough decision as this kit gives so many options, but when I first envisaged this build it was with all the engine panels off and because it’s a naval fighter I had to fold the wings to expose the internal structure and folding mechanism. When you are next to the model the folded wings aren’t actually as restrictive as the photos suggest, but I suppose the best bit is that it gives me an excuse to build another with the wings unfolded. Cheers. Matt
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    P-38 Rearview Mirror

    A bit overkill perhaps, but I stumbled upon two more. This one, from the Osprey "Production Line" book, And this one, from this Scribner's P-38 book. Also worth mentioning, is the fact that the small fairings at the base of the vertical tails, are hollow, not solid. Probably difficult to fix in 1:32 and perhaps impossible in 1:48, but still worth pointing out, I think.
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    A good assembly jig?

    I have the Vertigo purchased from UMM here: http://umm-usa.com/onlinestore/product_info.php?cPath=21_162&products_id=7045 Took a bit of assembly (I used glue for acrylic sheet) but that wasnt bad and it works well for biplanes
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    Mr scale32

    Tamiya F-16 block 50 1:32

    First of all, Hi everyone, im a swedish modeler! Im new here on Large Scale Planes. I have been around here watching all of your great builds, but i never register any account. Anyway, here i am now. I hope to be spending some time around with all of you nice people here! Model Factoid: Tamiya 1:32 F-16CJ Aires Cockpit Set Aires Block 50 Engine exhaust Aires Wheel bays Wheeliant Wheels Eduards Masking set As for painting i used Gunze acrylics, mostly 01,011,305,307,308,311,316 and some Alclad II Paints. Here is the end Result:
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    1/32 Fw-190 F8

    My Revell Fw-190 is finally at a point I’d call finished. This kit has hands every bit of aftermarket thrown at it, much to my chagrin at times. This is my first aircraft, I’m still learning the techniques, so I’m not 100% happy with everything. It’s all a learning process though! I used Vallejo Model Air paints and a pretty cheap airbrush, which resulted in a less than great paint job. I am swapping to MRP and a decent airbrush for my next project. This is a fictional late war aircraft, as I prefer to build that way, rather than try to precisely model a real aircraft. I have since taking the pictures realised that I’m missing the gear indicators on the wings, and that the machine gun hatch clamps should be on the body and not the hatch. Anyway, on to the pictures! Excuse the poor photo quality, I only have my phone to take pictures, my DSLR is broken sadly. Hope you enjoy!
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    P-38 Rearview Mirror

    I wonder how often those got bashed in with a not-so-graceful landing.
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    Me-109 E-3-a Royal BG Air Force

    Nice work , unique for sure
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    Anybody Notice This New Kit Yet?

    Well, I guess I did not make myself clear about what I was not sure of, my error for the assumption....." I bought one a while back when it first came out. " is the phrase I was not sure of. I was not sure if the author of that post knew that the two kits were different or not. I viewed the information regarding the engine pieces as immaterial and ignored it.
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    Thought the wallet was going to get a break..! No New Years resolutions for LSP moderation in 2020, way too hard to keep that one
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    The Comic was a nightfighter/home defense version of the Camel. The prevent the pilot from being blinded by the muzzle flash, the fuselage guns were replaced with a pair of Lewis guns on Foster mounts atop the upper wing and the cockpit was moved back about 12 inches.
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    I like the snub nose camel but there seems something more ‘balanced’ about having the cockpit further back, to my eye anyway.
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    A good assembly jig?

    I have two of the wooden JH jigs. I use them all the time. I glued cork gasket material on the support surfaces instead of the supplied rubber. I've found that they come in very handy when transporting models, too.
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    Jennings Heilig

    P-38 Rearview Mirror

    Those are great, thanks guys! Interesting about those bumpers on the ends of the vertical stabs.
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    You'll have to pardon my ignorance, but what's a Comic Camel? Kev
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    Anybody Notice This New Kit Yet?

    I bought one a while back when it first came out. Looks to be a very complex kit. Haven't gotten around to it yet. One thing I don't understand is why Zoukei-Mura went to all the trouble of including pistons and connecting rods in the engine cylinders but didn't bother with a crankshaft.
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    In general vertical antennae are communication devices, and horizontal (or close) are used for navigation purposes, so it concurs with what has been noted above.
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    I like Model Hobbies but that’s because I know the boss, Nick, and his wife and they are decent people. I am lucky because I’m a 10 minute drive away so I can pick stuff up and have a quick chat as well. But everyone must say it as their personal experience dictates.
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    Miles M.14 Magister 1/32

    there is a review of their Fokker here on LSP Anthony kits looks basic but buildable https://www.largescaleplanes.com/reviews/review.php?rid=1899 HTH jan
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    32nd scale B-52 from HPH

    100 investors in a 1/32nd B-52? Maybe.............maybe not. However, Id just about guarantee you could get 100 investors for a 1/32nd B-58. Not turning this into a want list, but Im just not confident you could get 100 people to commit to spending that much. There will be a lot who could afford it, but are not interested in a 1/32nd B-52. There will be some who would 100% get a 1/32nd BUFF, but can't afford it. There will also be those who can afford it and also are also very interested in getting a 32nd BUFF, but simply don't have anywhere to put a model that is 6' across. Or they do have the room, but the SWMBO says no go to displaying a kiddie pool sized model airplane in the common area.
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    Droids, droids, droids !!

    The master that he made the lower half of that probot from must have been a very low quality print, it looks horrible!! I am a total newbie to 3D printing, and my printer would have done better. However, you really turned it into a fantastic build, wow!!! Good on you, sir!! Tim
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    32nd scale B-52 from HPH

    I would love to see the B-52 happen, but I would not buy one, especially at that price tag. I haven't even bought any of the big birds that are currently available, like B-25, B-17, etc. Just too big and too expensive. But very, very, cool!! Tim
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    my 2018 builds

    Two builds, both done for Group Builds. Trumpeter Swordfish. A really nice kit that went sideways because i couldn't get the rigging done. Trumpeter P-38 Lightning. Don
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    Eduard/Roden 1/48 Gloster Gladiator

    Beautifully done John! Cheer's, Jeff.
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    Man, that is awesome. Well done John.
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    AIMS 32D017 Fw 190 A-8/R2 decals

    Oh no Pastor John. Why do you keep bringing out subjects that make me part with my hard earned money Please do continue to lol
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    Trumpeter Swordfish 1:32

    As said, the torpedo had to be replaced. First I had to make new proppellorblades. I found a nice picture on the web, and made a dxf file of it. I loaded this in the software of the millingmachine and then i had this little propellorblad. They where very small so i made quite a few off them. I made some smaller and shorter grooves in the torpedo and assembled everything. Eventually I got this. Much better then the first one if I may say so. Then I assembled the landinggear to the plane and the motor. Here are some pics. Now i can give it a wash and a final coat of matt. This week I got a reply from Trumpeter on my mail for a replacementsprue. They have the replacementsprue I need and with shipping it will cost me 10 USD. I think this is quite a lot of money but better expensive then not available. I decided to order the sprue and now I will see how long I have to wait. I will use the brackets for the torpedo so i hope the delivery is fast Thanks for watching Ferry
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    F-16CJ - Block 50 - Tamiya 1/32

    Hello all LSP friends, This is my Tamiya's Viper F-16CJ Block 50. A very nice kit. Out of box, except the decal sheet. You can viewing the work in progress here : http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=61176 Maestro, photos : Extrados
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    F4U-1 Corsair 1/32 Tamiya "Gus's Gopher"

    Hello to all, with this my last job I tried to put all my efforts on weathering, trying to give a worn look to my Corsair. The Corsairs of the Marines were really "massacred" by environmental conditions found on the South Pacific islands: hot sun, abrasive sand as crystalline diamond paper, salt made themselves felt on the livery of the great fighters of the Vought. I have depleted all the techniques in my "possession" (Preshading, Postshading, paint chips with toothbrush and maskol, desaturation varied, use of pigments, oil washes and Panel liner of Ak interactive), many of which used to first time. To you the opinions ... my critical opinion is that, to date, I gave the best I could give and so I am very satisfied. In short: F-4U1 "Birdcage" personal aircraft of Lieutenant Wilbur "Gus" Thomas nicknamed Gus's Gopher, you belong to VMF-213 stationed in July '43 air base on Guadalcanal Tamiya kit 1/32 scale Aftermarket: Resin Motor Eduard, accessory bay in the Grey Matter resin wheels Barracuda Cast resin. Color: Tamiya and Gunze. Here are the photos, Semper Fidelis. :-) "> ">
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    [G] MiG-23MLD Flogger-K - Trumpeter 1:32.

    Somehow I managed to get to the end of journey with quite good model ofTrumpeter's MiG-23. I've add resin set from Aires (cockpit, exhaust, whell bays etc), air scoops from Quickboost, Pitot and statis dischargers from Master and questionable wheels from Armory. Also I did some wiring to the engine and to the landing gear. Additionaly I used a countless number of magnets used as well on aircrafe frame and wings and on pylons/missiles/bombs etc. Reason for this that model, camo scheme and base were inspired by a photo of a real monument with MiG bort 96. Usually such aricrafts do not have any armament so I've decided to do payload as a plug and play. In this way you can attach any kind of bomb or missile you want in variuos combination as I did almost 30 different weapons. It was quite occupying task but effect if very interesting. Additionally the whole rear part of plane can be detached and set on the cart to show engine and it's mounting. Finally the part of the base with monument can be removed showing another version of base with the imitation of asphalt airfield How I did? You have to decide. It's a 27th model in my career but only 7th plane. Please watch and comment:
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    Hello Folks. That's it, my Phantom is finished! Hope you liked :-) WIP here. Maestro, photos:
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    Tamiya F-4J Phantom VF-84

    This one has been seen before but while I was doing the F-4D recently I decided to give this one a makeover as I wasnt quite happy with it. OOTB except for some LP seats. Yellow Hammer and kit decals and painted in a variety of paints but mainly Gunze and Tamiya paints. Probably my favorite aicraft in my favorite markings. The Tamiya Phantoms are great kits and I'm thinking about joining the GB with another.....
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    1/32 tamiya f-16 block 42 finished

    Hello again all, this is my 1/32 Tamiya f-16 block 42. When building my viper I added a few things to my build. For starters I used the Jake Melampy and Pete Fleischmann's the scale viper book by Reid Air Publications. If you want build a big viper, this book is highly recommended. When I got to building my viper I used the eduard interior set as well as there canopy mask. The agm-65 maverick that I used was from the academy jet. For the scab planes on top of the jet I used the vinyl plates by Dave Roof and as well as the cross delta metal plates, I had to double them up to look right in scale, I had the vinyl ones on the bottom and the metal ones on top. The decals that were your were by, the high vis markings on the tail and fin flash were done by RED PEGASUS DECALS BY KEITH DAVIDSON, highly recommended as well, the other decals that were used were by afterburner decals, superscale decals for the walkway lines and the other stencils were done by Tamiya decals. Everything was airbrushed using mr color paints and the wash that I used was by flory wash, dark dirt. I hope you guys like it, and questions or comments are welcome Jeff
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    Tamiya f-4j Phantom

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    John F Smith

    Two Zeros

    This is the display of both the Tamiya and ICMTH 1/32 scale A6M2b "Zeros" side by side. Hope you enjoy them. The builds of both models can be found here on the site. P.S. I will be doing the Bf 109f from this same company and the companion injected molded kit from Hasegawa (Priller's aircraft), but not right away. As much as I love these cutaways, I need a break!!
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    I apologize for my English. Hello everyone .... yes, let me tell you once again, FINALLY. After 15 years spent browsing through many forums and sites modeling without being able to paste a single piece of plastic due to lack of space, now with a bigger house and especially with a entire room for all my modeling, I went back to my favorite hobby . I have a passion for this scale because it is mandatory to cure the details. For this reason I follow LSP for many years. And finally here is this F-104S-ASA in scale 1/32 Hasegawa. It cost me almost two years of work because of the little free time, but in the end I think it is well worth the effort. The main work was concentrated on the negative engraving of the panels and then on all changes related to cockpit, avionics compartment, electronic equipment compartment, wheel bay, engine compartment and much, much more. I was inspired by the aircraft attached photo, because I really liked the idea of an F-104 very dirty and the paint discolored, especially the gray. I was quite happy with my job but if I could go back I would try to pay more attention to some details, for example the undersized exhaust of AIRES. I knew very well the problem of the exhaust but I have left for last the job, then after so long, impatient to finish it took me not to change it ... now I repent. In truth this is only a first step, because now I want to build a nice diorama with the APU, EPU (obviously to be rebuilt because not exist at this scale), pilot and ground operators .... who knows how long it will go yet. Next project: F-14D Tomcat 1/32 Trumpeter's (I was born with TOP GUN). Below the long list of aftermarket used for this model. I hope you enjoy it. Aftermarket F-104 1) CMK 5055 (1/32)F-104G Starfighter - Undercarriage set for Hasegawa 2) CMK 5056 (1/32)F-104G Starfighter - Engine set for Hasegawa 3) CMK 5057 (1/32)F-104G Starfighter – Electronics boxes (behind cockpit) for Hasegawa 4) TRUE DETAILS TD32454 Lockheed F-104G/F-104J Cockpit 5) AIRES AIRES2009 F-4E/J Exhaust nozzles 6) ALL IN SCALE AIS3201 MB-IQ 7A Seat for F-104 G/S 7) ALL IN SCALE AIS3202 OPENED PARA-BRAKE 8) ALL IN SCALE AIS3203 OPENED CIRCUIT BREAKER AND OXYGEN 9) ALL IN SCALE AIS3206 UNDERWING PYLON 10) ALL IN SCALE AIS3205 CORRECTED PINE 11) AIR MASTER AM-32-037 F-104 Starfighter - Pitot Tube 12) EDUARD EDU-32057 SET F-104S/G Interior/HA/ 13) EDUARD EDU-32060 SET F-104S/G Exterior/HA/ 15) TAUROMODEL DECAL TM32/503 COCCARDE A.M.I. PER F104, F86, TORNADO 16) TAUROMODEL DECAL TM32/501 DATA STENCILLINGS PER F-104 A.M.I. 17) TAUROMODEL DECAL TM32/531 INSEGNE E CODICI LO-VIZ PER F 104 A.M.I. [ F-104S ASA (75) di tonydevil, su Flickr F-104S ASA (2) di tonydevil, su Flickr F-104S ASA (35) di tonydevil, su Flickr F-104S ASA (61) di tonydevil, su Flickr F-104S ASA (70) di tonydevil, su Flickr F-104S ASA (72) di tonydevil, su Flickr F-104S ASA (74) di tonydevil, su Flickr F-104S ASA (29) di tonydevil, su Flickr F-104S ASA (15) di tonydevil, su Flickr The rest of the photos can be found on flickr. I hope you enjoyed Greetings to all
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    I notice that there is quite a few Phantom lovers around so I think you're going to like this one.... WARNING PICTURE's HEAVY... This was my first Phantom I finished two years ago for a group build we organised at the club here in Montreal as a special presentation for the 32sd Ajax annual model contest near Toronto, that we participate every year in October and a must see event with very talented modellers. Simple construction with minor scratch based on the RF-4C Revell kit, paint used was a mix of Tamiya, no problem for the grey but the Blue was a nightmare, almost took me a month to get it right... As for the metal section I used Humbrol buffing metal on some section and Alclad on others with an overall final mist of Alclad stainless. Decals are a mix of Hobby decals Iranian F-14 (very helpful for the Farsi numbers...) and homemade numbers done with laser printer and lots of Icarus stencil..... Quickboost seat and intake cover, very little Eduard PE and placard, and the rear mirror are from Tamiya. Flare dispenser was made out of scratch, too bad Harold's one was not out back then....... movable surfaces were cut off from the kit, and lastly, burner can and exhaust are from CAM. Finishing touch was with Tamiya TS-80 flat clear can after unsing Pro Modellers wash from Flory Models That's one big blue model that we don't see very often..... Enjoy, Dan.
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    Mr b

    1/12 ESCI F-16 cockpit completed

    Hi Folks I just completed this yesterday. The log can be found in the work in progress forum here. Anyways built totally OOB with some artistic inputs......sorry for the crappy pics....but I am not a good photographer..... A refreshing change .....building something different.....all done with gunze paints. I decided to go with a used look as opposed to a new one....also painted the ESCI logo on the display to give it some colour..... My first build completed on this forum Thanks guys rgds mr b
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    Mr Smith

    F-16D IAF 105Sqn

    Hello, My last built, a F-16D from the IAF,F-16I Academy kit and Isracast set for the decals,Block40 modification and the armement "Delilah" Best Regards Jean-luc
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