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  1. Q: Is it done yet? R: Yes! We gavno modeli, we gavno modeli today! Hope this is a real thing, I like russian jets!
  2. I have three of their jigs and they certainly have their use. My main gripe with them is you have to use a screwdriver to make most adjustments, might be a minor thing to some but I I find it annoying. Other than that they're nice and their biggest one allows for some really big aircraft to be mounted. I've seen similar stands made from acrylic that also look interesting and are probably a bit more sturdy, don't remember the brand.
  3. Benchvent makes excellent sprayboots, some with carbon filter so you should be able to use them without a hose. Prices are high but they offer lifetime warranty. Not sure if they have US distributor.
  4. Will be interesting to see a quality comparison between the two and to see if this might affect the price of each kit. Or maybe it's a joint project? Copper Wingnut State Wings Models
  5. Weird aircraft design, I like it! Are their other kits any good? Short run I assume?
  6. Meh... Unless the kit is superb and at a reasonable price (both seem unlikely) I don't need another 190.
  7. Maybe it's a gladiator mask? ... I'll get me coat!
  8. Actually, despite what I said about initially thinking the Trumpeter of China page being a scam it now appears to be the real deal. The images Iain posted seem to have been removed but there's plenty of others left taken inside the Trumpy offices. If the page and the pics are fake he's taking it VERY far. Initially the only thing the page had was a few crappy pics from existing Trumpeter kits anyone could have taken, a dodgy email address and a guy called Willy Wang asking people to order kits from him. I kinda sorta kinda kicked and banned him from our Facebook group for that. (in my defense, he was ignoring the rules too ) But as things evolved more and more inside stuff seemed to appear on the page so I might need to send the guy an apology.
  9. I initially thought the new Trumpeter page was a scam but the guy seems to have a LOT of inside information. Not so sure now. The pics seem to have been removed from the page, though. Fingers crossed indeed!
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