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  1. Actually, despite what I said about initially thinking the Trumpeter of China page being a scam it now appears to be the real deal. The images Iain posted seem to have been removed but there's plenty of others left taken inside the Trumpy offices. If the page and the pics are fake he's taking it VERY far. Initially the only thing the page had was a few crappy pics from existing Trumpeter kits anyone could have taken, a dodgy email address and a guy called Willy Wang asking people to order kits from him. I kinda sorta kinda kicked and banned him from our Facebook group for that. (in my defense, he was ignoring the rules too ) But as things evolved more and more inside stuff seemed to appear on the page so I might need to send the guy an apology.
  2. I initially thought the new Trumpeter page was a scam but the guy seems to have a LOT of inside information. Not so sure now. The pics seem to have been removed from the page, though. Fingers crossed indeed!
  3. Cool, another twin! Even with al it's potential flaws it's already been identified as an invader so maybe it won't be all that bad. Hope the price is good.
  4. Wow, been a while since I checked in here and holy...uhm... brown stuff! Fantastic job!
  5. I'm willing to believe that HPH are doing their best, but watching Brian's struggle with the Tigercat really put me off of that kit. Reading about their other releases it seems that these types of issues are not uncommon in HPH kits. Comparing that to the test build I've just seen of the Iconicair Spiteful it clearly shows that with a little more effort these kits can be put out at a more affordable price point AND without said issues. Maybe the HPH kits are more complex with some more internal details, I don't know. I do know that if I had to choose which one I'd rather build, the choice would be obvious. (might even put in an order at some point, also quite curious about those plastic kits. But then again I already have way too much stuff...)
  6. Might be my mistake then, though I was in part referring to your previous post. Seemed to me you were having a go at assemblers and partially blaming them for the bad rep resin gets. As for the price thing, there's some truth to it. After all isn't it natural to be less critical if something is cheap. Not saying it's necessarily the right thing to do, I just think it's how our brains work. But I also think there's more to it than that. There's several people here that are cautiously excited because of both HPH and FLY's reputation. I almost sold my Fly Hurricane but I've decided to keep it in the end. And yes, that's partly because it's not a terribly expensive kit but also because there's not a lot of Hurricane alternatives in that scale. If Tamiya ever do a (more expensive) Hurricane MK.IIC the Fly kit will probably...err...fly... In case of the Gladiator, considering all the positive feedback ICM's previous releases are getting, if it turns out to be a good kit, why would one still want to buy the more expensive Resin kit? Perhaps the Resin one will still be the better kit but will it be three to four times the price better? That's up to the customer to decide.
  7. We get that there's a pretty strong negative bias towards resin. I have one too, I'm quite scared to assemble the resin kits I own because I want to do them justice. These are often handcrafted passion projects by small companies or even individuals, which understandably means they're generally more expensive than mass production kits, we get that. All the more reason not to want to screw them up. As with many types of kits or mediums there's a learning curve and not everybody is ready to take that plunge. All those things combined should make it understandable that some people prefer plastic. Then there's the problem with HPH, who seem to have a knack for releasing kits with some mind boggling engineering and design issues that could and should 've been fixed before release. If you go judging resin based on their standards it's quite understandable that people get put off by resin kits. I've sold my HPH kits and kept all the rest. Seeing them potentially released in plastic MIGHT be interesting IF the price is right and IF they fix some issues. Now, if you want to go around and blame and insult your potential customer base and say it's all their fault for blaming the medium, say it's the fault of all us naugthy assemblers who aren't willing to put in a bit of extra effort, sure, go right ahead. But you're not convincing anyone, you're just biting the hand that feeds.
  8. Could be good news, Helldiver sounds interesting. Hope they also do the Tigercat and fix some of the issues while they're at it.
  9. That's the suspected scammer I spoke about a while ago... There already is an official Trumpeter and Hobby Boss page, why would they make a new one? Why use such crappy pictures? Why use a randomly generated email instead of an official trumpeter mailbox? I could be wrong but I don't trust it...
  10. Nerd mode: Actually you have your scenes mixed up, you're referring to the swallow scene* at the beginning of the movie. Chrish's quote is from the end of the movie when Arthur was asked five...sorry three questions by the old man from scene 24 who also happens to be the keeper of the Bridge of Death, which dangles above the Gorge of Eternal Peril /nerd mode. Do I get a cookie? *get your mind out of the gutter!
  11. Rarely, these days I'm more about getting the best results with what's in the box and maybe a few detail parts like seat belts. There are exceptions (like the intakes for the Trumpy F-14) but if I have to fiddle with tons of detail sets I tend to lose interest in a build.
  12. So, anyone still interested in talking about how awesome it is that we're getting a large scale Triebfl├╝gel? Anyone have the kit yet? They seem to be available already.
  13. Yes! Another kitmaker moving into 1:32 (come on Zvezda, you can do it) I like the looks of this one, anyone know what their other kits are like quality wise?
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