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  1. EvilCarrot

    Wingnut’s Roland D.VIb has sold out

    Whew, I knew a web store that still had one for sale. Funny how easily you can go from "may want at some point" to "must have" after reading this sort of stuff.
  2. EvilCarrot

    Junkers J.1 latest at Wingnuts kit to sell out

    I actually prefer the occasional oddball (I put that in plural first but that just sounded wrong ) to "regular" aircraft. Guess I'm in the minority.
  3. EvilCarrot

    Lots of birthdays today.

    Happy birthday, everybody!
  4. EvilCarrot

    Any Pokemon Go Players in LSP?

    Played it a bit when it was just released and some more after the introduction of the second generation. It was fun for a while but I lost interest fairly quickly. Not sure if I'll ever pick it up again but I'll be sure to let you know.
  5. EvilCarrot

    Is Fly Model retooling the Ar 234?

    Apparently the scale drawings they used as a basis for the kit have some errors in them, the MDC kit is supposed to be more accurate.
  6. EvilCarrot

    Is Fly Model retooling the Ar 234?

    I highly doubt that will be a retool, maybe some altered parts at most. Would love to see them release the four engine version at some point.
  7. EvilCarrot

    Tan Models ?

    Maybe ICM will upscale theirs now that they're venturing into 1/32? Fingers crossed
  8. EvilCarrot

    Tan Models ?

    I'm still a bit skeptical, if it does come out and the price is reasonable for what's on offer I'll definitely want one, but I really didn't like their Thunderflash and thought it was overpriced... We'll see I guess...
  9. EvilCarrot

    Tan Models ?

    They were about to release some Turkish armor thingy and a 1/24 scale drone. Both kits looked to be ready for release a couple of months ago. Not sure when they're gonna be released or what 's coming after that. EDIT: If you look on Scalemates some of the Turkish members already have the drone in stash but I don't think it's already been released on the international market. The Korkut armor thingy (sorry as an immature Dutch speaking person I just have to snicker at that name ) appears to have been released as a pre-built display model. based on the project list on their site the Su-33 should be up next: http://www.tanmodel.com/en/projeler.php
  10. EvilCarrot

    SBY 1/1000 Andromeda

    With your permission I might give it a try at some point. Not sure when though, life seems to be getting in the way of everything lately... yaaay, adulting...
  11. EvilCarrot

    Scalemates... Good, Bad or just meh?

    I've used it for several years now and I find it invaluable. Keeps track of my ever growing stash and wishlist. If a kit I have isn't in the database I'll just add it myself. Other than that I use it to find out about new tools and reboxes, to find kit reviews and to find out if a seller has a good price. The guy who made and owns it is a great guy who's always open to new suggestions and regularly adds new features/improvements to the site. Two thumbs up from me
  12. Thank you my fellow builders of ginormous plastic wingthings! Happy birthday to my fellow Geminis!
  13. EvilCarrot

    SBY 1/1000 Andromeda

    Very cool with those lights, some amazing photography skill as well. Would be cool to Photoshop a bit of space in the background.
  14. EvilCarrot

    SBY 1/1000 Andromeda

    Impressive! Most impressive!