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  1. EvilCarrot

    Revell Ju88A-4 TECHNIK

    Came out months ago in Europe. Lot of money for those extra electro bits...
  2. EvilCarrot

    Sweet! The Bandai B-Wing is out

    The Finemolds kits are still pretty decent but seriously overpriced these days, even in their Revell boxings. Plus the FM Falcon and Tie Fighter are a lot smaller than their Bandai Counterparts in the same scale... Bandai ones should be more accurately scaled. (Yes, I'm aware that's not really possible because they're not real. Kids these days... )
  3. EvilCarrot

    Which compressor?

    +1 for the Jun Air. These are originally made for dentists so very good quality and very quiet. If you can find one second hand at a good price, I'd say go for it!
  4. EvilCarrot

    Happy B-day Jack and all the others

    Happy B-day!
  5. EvilCarrot

    Model kit trading platform...

    Hi Alek, have you considered working with Scalemates? The site already has some trading features and is still constantly being improved upon. You could contact the creator, Tim, to hear if he has any interest in turing part of it into a fully fledged model trading platform.
  6. EvilCarrot

    Social Modelling. Who does it?

    Yeah, dealing with a-holes is an unfortunate but unavoidable byproduct of being social...and of pooping... Though with pooping there are even more undesirable...aaaaaaaanyways, I'll get back on topic. In terms of actually meeting up with people to model, haven't really done that before. I have however had the chance to meet up with a few LSP guys at conventions, that was a lot of fun! And it didn't require toilet paper, well except when...you know... I'll shut up now...
  7. EvilCarrot

    Social Modelling. Who does it?

    I know them, used to be a member too but the group had too many jerks in it who thought critique meant "open season". Also didn't like that they allowed uploading and critiquing other peoples' work from other pages and forums without their permission.
  8. EvilCarrot

    Social Modelling. Who does it?

    I might have told this before but I once overheard a judge giving negative remarks about a lovely me-262 because the builder had left the gun bay doors next to the model and "on the real thing they weren't removable"
  9. EvilCarrot

    Social Modelling. Who does it?

    Sorry to hear that, Danny. Sadly, I'm not surprised, I've seen serious bullying going on in modelling circles and I regret to say I even took part in it myself because of peer pressure. Only afterwards I realised what I was doing and I'm still ashamed of it. Biggest problem was the bullies were the ones in charge of the group. They kept calling it "banter" and that was supposed to make it okay. In the end I got kicked out of the group because I stuck my neck out for one of their "victims". Looking back at it I'm glad I'm out of that toxic environment but I do kind of miss talking to some of the people in that group.
  10. EvilCarrot

    Social Modelling. Who does it?

    I have done social modeling with people from all over the world without even leaving my workbench. There are a few Facebook pages that host Google Hangout sessions for modellers, it worked wonders for the Mojo! Sadly I've fallen out with the largest group so it's become a lot less frequent for me. I've been wondering if we could do something similar with LSP, would be nice to talk to some of you guys. (except the antisocial ones )
  11. EvilCarrot

    To hot out here for moddelling

    Well since Mark models in his garden shed I reckon it gets a lot hotter than the outside temperatures. I'm lucky to have my cave at the center of the house at the moment, stays "relatively" cool...
  12. EvilCarrot

    Make the others jealous

    Cool find Juraj, I'm currently building this one to put up in my kids room Of course I'll be using the "My Dad" decal. Are you planning on building it?
  13. EvilCarrot

    Postage fees from Germany to Belgium ?

    It's probably just a matter of DPD being cheaper than DHL then.
  14. EvilCarrot

    Wingnut’s Roland D.VIb has sold out

    Whew, I knew a web store that still had one for sale. Funny how easily you can go from "may want at some point" to "must have" after reading this sort of stuff.
  15. EvilCarrot

    Junkers J.1 latest at Wingnuts kit to sell out

    I actually prefer the occasional oddball (I put that in plural first but that just sounded wrong ) to "regular" aircraft. Guess I'm in the minority.