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  1. Thanks Barry. I’ve tried previously to buy some of the running gear fittings, but apparently there’s no ship to Australia option. Their Diehl track would be super handy for my Timor vehicle, too. I did find a “M1113 PMV” CAD model on thingiverse that may be helpful: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2955065 G’day Marty, Thanks for commenting. I was with 5/7 RAR on my first trip in 1999 & 3 RAR for the 2002 gig. Let just say that the 2002 pre-deployment was a little less chaotic than the INTERFET trip! Your story about your patie
  2. Second week - having some issues with the idler & roadwheels. No doubt I’ll figure it out, but for now it’s doing my head in. Here’s the basic AS4 hull, CNC milled from plastic - not my design! The turret CAD was done for me by a mate a few years ago. No chance I’m going to reinvent the wheel! Superimposed the running gear over a drawing I found on the net of an armoured command variant. I need to tweak the scale of the drawing. Started refining the roadwheels, as well as adding the pivot/swing arms. Profile view, showing th
  3. G’day Mark, The track I’ve drawn is T-150F, used on US Army M113A2s. I’ve simplified the end connectors a little, though. In Australia, T-150F is only used in the upgraded M113AS4s, which are stretched to six pairs of roadwheels per side. Greg
  4. Not quite done on my big Bushmaster, but close enough to start looking at the next project/s: in this case Australian Army M113A1 APC & its upgraded form, the M113AS4. This is “my” vehicle from 1999: and here it is post upgrade, stretched & with a German engine & transmission. And here is the design thus far, the AS4 dual-pin T-150F track. Sadly, this has zero commonality with the dual-pin Diehl 513B fitted in Timor. To help things along, AFV Club has announced a Vietnam-era version:
  5. Wow. The deeper I get into CAD & CAM, the more I’ve come to see it as an alternative way to generate repeatable parts, to a professional or better level. Your build is showcasing the two extremes, done entirely by hand & eye/machine designed & fabricated. Each impressive in their own way.
  6. Thank you, Anthony. Very kind words. As an admirer of your work over the years, that praise means a lot. Thank you, again. Cheers, Tom. I certainly appreciate your support. If you like the Abrams, I think you’ll enjoy the Leopard AS1 when I get around to it!
  7. Rats & mice this week. All the odds & sods I didn’t have the skills to design or wherewithal to print much before now. Latches for the sponson bin stowage doors. Exhaust pipe. Matted out the underside.. Added handles & latches to the bonnet/hood: And some springs & vents to the roof. Looks more coherent when painted. Assemblies dry fitted for height check. Thanks for stopping by.
  8. Thank you! Working to finalise the ride height. According to the book, the ground clearance is 400mm, or 25mm in scale. Didn’t look right for some reason. As the suspension is decorative, the height is set via blocks underneath the transmissions. Here’s a 26mm height block. Too low. 27mm. Still a smidge too low. Trying 28mm, at which point I’ll finalise the inner wheel hubs. As the axles are getting farther from the deck with each iteration, the hole in the hub to accept the axle has to move up accordingly. Lucky th
  9. Thanks Tom. It’s taken a while. Cheers, Rockie. Getting there. Did a quick verification of the fit in the display cabinet. Will have the finish off that Abrams.
  10. Anthony, the quality of your work on the intakes is outstanding! Not many people’s work can withstand the harsh glare of macro photography - yours can.
  11. Nice work, Eric. Having also recently started using Fusion 360 and printing my own stuff, I’ve found that it’s very liberating!
  12. More details added. Always takes more time than anticipated.
  13. Looking forward to the summary of your decal work, Chuck. Looking very nice thus far.
  14. Used an appointment last week to do a quick reference check on the 1:1 scale truck. It was hard not to notice the black wheel wells. I confirmed this with production line pics. Duly masked. And painted. Winch base now added, yet to be camouflaged. I also added the rack for the 84mm ammunition at the left rear of the vehicle.
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