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  1. To give an idea of the wastage associated with support structure, here’s the upper hull at the completion of the print. And, after cleanup: Luckily the filament is $25 a kilogram, so it’s not cripplingly expensive. This is the piece to be discarded. One of the reasons I use PLA for printing is that it’s biodegradable if left unsealed.
  2. Thanks, Tom. Certainly been a journey!
  3. First test fitting is “workable with modifications”.
  4. Upper hull print done! 182 hours of continuous printing for this one piece. Not a bad test run of the new printer. The weight includes support material, which will be removed. Some quality issues, but workable after clean up. 634 hours 15 minutes of printing thus far.
  5. This 7-day print is testing my patience! Here’s the progress at the 132 hour mark. 132 hours = 69%, with the print being 217mm/8.54“ of the total 323mm/12.7“ height.
  6. Too kind, Tom. Would like to see your 1/16 work. Well, the upper hull is 36% done at the 72 hour mark. Some of the support material has printed a bit flakily, but as that’ll be torn away & discarded, I’m only focused on the quality of the component itself - which is excellent!
  7. Congratulations on the safe arrival of your second child! Models can wait. Babies, OTOH, wait for no man!
  8. Thanks, Tom. This is the first time I’ve had a print that’ll last longer than a week. Every day increases the stress - prints are where I become a sunk cost fallacist. This print has 4,037 layers. It also consumes almost all of a 500 gram/18 ounce roll of filament! Glad I’ve installed some sound proofing in the ‘production workshop’ under the stairs.
  9. Printer assembled, less enclosure. Time to print the upper hull. Only 187 hours, 50 minutes to go!
  10. In a pleasant end to an otherwise unpleasant week, the new printer turned up! Here’s the printer bits, the enclosure is the larger box. Ideally, it’ll be up & running this weekend.
  11. v1 door design Is completed. Interior view:
  12. Not much opportunity for progress this week. That said, I was able to design & print v0 of the back door. The tiny aperture for the window is why I choose not to super detail the crew compartment.
  13. Thanks Tom. Getting there! Thanks for taking the time to comment. It’s really starting to come together, thankfully!
  14. Now that the major assemblies of the lower hull are together, I thought I’d put the increasingly hefty Bushmaster on the scales. 936 grams (33 ounces)! Wow. That suspension will be working pretty hard! Overall, it’s starting to meet my expectations. Started on the instrument panel design. Commander/gunner sits on the left, driver on the right.
  15. Plus some interior updates.
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