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  1. Had an opportunity to access an industrial printer. It has a larger printer bed than mine (upper hull in two pieces, vs. six for mine), prints faster, & to a higher quality (twice the resolution). As you expect from a printer that costs as much as a German luxury car! After so much time spent printing & tweaking the lower hull, it was good to start designing the winch. This mounts on the left side, wedged between the fuel tank & the sponson stowage bins.
  2. Interior + location pegs worked well.
  3. If failing = learning, then I’m definitely learning. Came up with a unique concept for aligning & assembling parts today: location tabs! Crazy. Errors required some big reprints, so I took the opportunity to add the interior step between the the driver’s & commander’s area & the rest of the interior. Which looks like this, in CAD: As the front of the floor will be invisible, I’m not going to replicate its precise shape. The new centre section is a 58-hour print!
  4. Seconded. That looks absolutely flawless.
  5. After starting to learn how to use CAD the hard way, I figured I’d try a new project. The Bushmaster is a mine protected vehicle designed & built in Australia, and has deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan, Mali (Dutch service), & Lebanon (Fijian service). Over thirty have been destroyed whilst deployed, with no fatalities recorded. After some mucking around with the CAD, this is what I came up with. Due to the size of the printer bed, I had to slice up the model into workable pieces, such as this. After a little of bit of time, clean up, & assembly, I was left with this: A little later: Lots of work still to do.
  6. Quite jealous you got to see the VC in person, tbh. Any pics from your visit?
  7. @Sabre F-86 - worth getting back into it, imo. I’m learning some interesting techniques & processes that should yield some decent results. Threw together the turret on the dry-fit hull. The SEOSS sights printed well, too.
  8. Sight mockups done & test fitted. Coax machine gun box to come.
  9. Mounted the upper assembly on the turret base: Only minor mods required.
  10. Back with some new iterations of the structures on either side of the gun trunnions. Cleanup can now commence.
  11. Lots of design trial & error for the gunner’s primary sight mount. (R->L) #1 Initial design. Very clunky, with some bad part alignment, a chamfered cylinder, & a overall poor design. #2 Improved alignment with the wedge on the outside (ammunition feed cover). Turns out there was a 2.8 mm width error & the sight ring was offset to outboard (left). #3 Dimension error corrected & sight ring boxes in and its alignment fixed. #4 (on the turret). Seems to be ready to go. Time to move on the the coax machine gun on the right side of the front of the turret.
  12. Started looking at the wheel hub design. Learning how to correct the skin thickness for the face of the hub.
  13. Made an error on my initial height calculations - 10% too high. Ah well, used it to redesign some parts, reprinted, & test fit. The front extension to house the gunner’s primary sight is a rough prototype.
  14. Moving on to the trunnions for the 30mm cannon. Not there yet, shape-wise, but it’ll be refined over time.
  15. Here’s the evolution of one part. The evolution is a function of learning the CAD program (Fusion 360) and working within the constraints of the printer. #1 - has a vertical seam due to bad design (unfamiliarity with the CAD program). Results in visible flaw, longer production time, and consumes additional material as it prints with two additional faces, each a mm thick. #2 - corner of the part didn’t adhere to the print bed well enough as I hadn’t cleaned it up enough after the last print. Bottom one is the production part - 37% faster to print, 41% reduction in materials used, and higher overall quality. The last failed print (same fault as #2, but caught earlier) shows the infill structure.
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