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  1. Some prints over the weekend: Two pieces ~ about 20 hours of printing ~ left. Then it’ll be time prime, clean up, and paint.
  2. Started getting into 3D printing. Very steep learning curve - and best learned with some CAD from the net (thanks Thingiverse!). Always wanted a giant Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine, but didn’t like the pose of the Games Workshop’s 120mm figure, even when it was in production. Solution? 3D print a 200mm/8” tall one (after the one piece 100mm print failed). Fail :,( Better... Pieces three of nine (with failed little brother): Looks like it may just work!
  3. GMK

    DesTROYer's 1/35 AAAvn CH-47D Chinook

    Looking good, Troy. Side note: You said “RAAF Chinook” - just confirming you’re building a “D” not a “C”? The RAAF never operated the CH-47D, only Army did.
  4. GMK

    DesTROYer's 1/35 AAAvn CH-47D Chinook

    Glad to help.
  5. GMK

    DesTROYer's 1/35 AAAvn CH-47D Chinook

    Nice start. I may may have interior shots from the AWM chook; let me see what I can dig up.
  6. GMK

    RF-8G with a twist

    Lovely work! Have always loved the lines of the reconnaissance F-8 and your NMF job is really emphasising that.
  7. GMK

    1/18TH JSI F-14B Tomcat conversion

    Lovely work!
  8. GMK

    Tamiya 1/16 Australian Abrams

    Thanks for the comments/feedback, guys. Tom, the anti-slip was “enhanced†as the Tamiya stuff was just too fine, and Australian tanks have a different layout to the vehicle as kitted, mainly around the blow-off panels. https://i.imgur.com/kB4nqWC.jpg
  9. Tamiya’s 1/16 M1A2 “display†kit in the process of being converted to an Australian M1A1 AIM. https://flic.kr/p/25N5o79 https://flic.kr/p/HeyxWT Parts used include Trumpeter M1A1 cupola, 3D-printed parts, & scratchbuilt details.
  10. GMK

    Kittyhawk 1/35 Seahawk!

    As was I. Haven’t bought a KH kit since the 1/48 F-35B - seemed solid. Don’t have an opinion on KH helos, other than I’m glad that they’re making them.
  11. GMK

    Kittyhawk 1/35 Seahawk!

    Goes for artistic over accuracy. Looks fantastic - but an ‘artist’s impression’ is not a sound basis for a kit.
  12. One sign that I look for in a build is when I start to follow progress due to the quality of the build itself- especially if the subject itself isn’t if interest to me. You’ve done that in spades! Such consistent, painstaking work to date. Really looking forward to seeing the end result.
  13. Excellent work! Would the blind flying panel dimensions be common to that of the Spitfire? The Monforten Spitfire book has them...
  14. GMK

    Bell 206 B BG Air Force 01

    Such a sharp scheme! Must admit, I was quietly terrified that this would be camouflage scheme...which would’ve hidden all of your hard work!