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  1. Cool. It is a WIP, but okay.
  2. @admin - Should’ve mentioned that I’m turning this into a 1/16 AFV, would that be ‘general modeling’?
  3. Trying to master CAD so I can CNC mill & 3D print parts. Three days in, I’m getting there.
  4. Apart from medium altitude operations in Gulf War 1, was the Buccaneer used operationally in the low-level strike role?
  5. Hopefully that series will air (!) here at some point. To clarify - active service on operations (domestically of abroad) is what I meant. Campaign and other medals awarded. Falklands war, Gulf War 1, former Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, etc. The EE Lightning is a charismatic aircraft, but it never fired a shot or dropped a bomb in anger in RAF service, unlike the ‘other’ Lightning: the F-35. Back to the topic, a Spitfire XIV or Beaufighter would be an excellent addition to Airfix’s stable.
  6. I was (gently) trolling the UK anti-F-35 crowd as the EE one was never deployed operationally by the RAF in its career, unlike the UK F-35. I knew which Lightning you meant!
  7. Thought you meant the only RAF Lightning that’s been deployed operationally - the F-35B type! I’d buy that.
  8. RAAF A and B Hornets has the catapult launching bar deleted from the nose landing gear for the first twenty years of their lives. Nosewheel shimmy on landing lead to the installation of a weighted surrogate. Below is a good snapshot of the fleet in 2003. http://www.clubhyper.com/reference/opfalconerhornetskb_1a.htm
  9. Thanks Jennings. From a logic/seductive reasoning perspective, there would’ve had to have been some kind of camera control box. Following on from that, it would make sense that the cameras and the camera control box were standard with other USN/USAAF fits?
  10. Appears to by a US Navy sailor...but not sure about the aircraft.
  11. Any idea of the diameter of the hole, Jennings? I’m assuming (!) it’s a ‘standard’ camera.
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