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  1. GMK

    Tamiya 1/16 Australian Abrams

    I prefer it. I’m exclusively 1/16 these days.
  2. GMK

    Tamiya 1/16 Australian Abrams

    I prefer it. I’m exclusively 1/16 these days.
  3. GMK

    Tamiya 1/16 Australian Abrams

    Thanks Tom. I used Tamiya’s Sand Texture material. Goes on well & dries quickly.
  4. GMK


    Well, Peter Jackson did a complete laser scan of G for George, the Lancaster at the Australian War Memorial, ages ago for the proposed remake of “Dambusters”. So, at least the CAD is based on an accurate basis.
  5. GMK

    A word on DN Model’s custom service!

  6. Very happy customer of DN Model’s custom masking service. Responsive, precise, cost-effective, & high quality! Highly recommended.
  7. GMK

    Tamiya 1/16 Australian Abrams

    More stencilling: Kangaroo & Army Registration Number. Name:
  8. According to this pocket manual, carrying the GAU-12 and the “TPOD” at the same time on Stations 4A and 4B is doable. No mention of the pylon, though. https://www.dropbox.com/s/rwxk88479v98thh/AV8BNA Pocket Guide.pdf?dl=0
  9. Yep, got it that you’re mounting an EO pod (looks way cooler, btw). I meant that the article was discussing the pylon in relation to carrying the ECM pod.
  10. My understanding is that the pylon is common to both strakes & gunpods. Dave Roof has an article about the Harrier that mentioned this, but in relation to carrying a (somewhat) unique ECM pod (AN/ALQ-184 rings a bell).
  11. GMK

    Tamiya 1/16 Australian Abrams

    Stenciling has started:
  12. GMK

    HpH Wyvern breaks through the clouds...

    I wish there was an example of the production Wyvern S.4 still existed.
  13. GMK

    Brazilian AF-1

    Do you have a link to DN Models? I’ve got some custom stuff I’d like to get done.