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  1. Diehl 513A track is done! Just have to print 123 x track shoes & 246 x end connectors! Inner face: Outer face: Also corrected the exhaust pipe from the curved to the bent variety. Here’s a side view - ignore the track spacing. Thanks for looking in.
  2. During a periodic reference check of contemporaneous photos of ‘my’ M113, I noticed that the engine bay fire extinguisher pull housing was different to the standard one I’d modelled. The standard rectangular one is visible behind the triangular antenna brush guard. Turns out ARN134329 had an oddball one. Also realised that I may have to turn up a flash hider for the 30 cal. The internet provided some decent references from a Canadian work instruction to modify US M6 flash hiders for whatever purpose. Seen here modelled, with the mocked up 50 cal to help with the visualisation. From the other side. The now-redundant combined glacis/roof print has finished. Noting that those are one-inch squares. Thanks for looking in.
  3. I have it have sold their static (“display”) 1/16 Abrams, Sheridan, Type 10, Tiger 1, & Leopard 2A6. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235036411-tamiya’s-116-abrams-goes-antipodean/
  4. Great design work, Patrick! Really enjoying this one.
  5. When I was using the T50 turret, the armament was a Browning M2 HB .50 cal & a Browning .30 cal…in 1998! For the model, I’m using Aber turned brass barrels. Thankfully there’s aftermarket WW2 barrels in 1:16. This will be one part of the model that has to interface with someone else’s parts. Another view. Thanks for looking in.
  6. A mid-week day off meant to progress could be made. First, detecting & correcting the turret spacer ring location. Its a scale inch to the rear, so had to be shifted forward, while keeping everything else in the same location. Of course, this correction necessitates a reprint. I was already printing a combined roof/glacis, which is now redundant. Turned to the exhaust, which took a few attempts. Got there in the end. The light clusters on the glacis took a bit of work, as did the indicators & their cages. Finished off the rear light clusters. As well as the ballistic shrouds & started the Diehl tracks. They’ll be linked with metal tubing. The 1:1 has 61 shoes on the LHS and 62 on the right, for a total of 123 shoes. The scale width of the track is 23.9mm. ‘Dual pin’ means two, 23.9mm-long pins per track, which calcs out to a bill of materials of ~5,879mm of 1.1mm metal rod. A lazy 5.9 metres or 19 feet! That’ll be fun. Thanks for looking in.
  7. >So< close to finishing off the glacis, trim vane, & fittings! Completing the lights, blackouts, & horn mean that there’s only the indicators to go. Like any model, this design started simply & is the aggregate of finer bits & pieces. Thanks for looking in.
  8. More work on the glacis & trim vane. This is the stl of the glacis. Sliced into gcode. And printed. Compared to its Thingiverse counterpart. Test fit on the hull. Some cleanup required. Some post print verification of the tolerances. Whoops! And the CAD model as at this morning. Thanks for looking in.
  9. G’day Mark, Thanks for commenting. Unlikely over time. The purpose of the hexagonal recesses in the lower hull is to fit bolts that’ll be taking the weight of the model.
  10. After ~79 hours, the roof is done. This is a render of the .stl file: After slicing into .gcode. The first layer… Hot off the printer. Dry fit onto the hull after initial cleanup. Thanks for looking in.
  11. While the roof prints, I got busy with the glacis & trim vane. Ideally, the glacis will be the next print, with the trim vane likely done on the resin printer. Thanks for looking in.
  12. Design work continues. I’m hoping to get the hull roof & glacis plate on the printer ASAP, so they’re the priority for the design. The most work was the cargo hatch (not quite done) & the driver’s hatch (not quite done - will be a separate print). The last three items for the roof will be the fuel filler cap, antenna brush guards, & the bilge drain. Thanks for looking in.
  13. Nice work, @LSP_Kevin!
  14. Work continues on the hull roof & engine deck details. The 1:1 footman loops: And in 1:16: The loops are a single piece replicated & indexed to holes indented into the hull roof. Overnight, the lower hull & ramp print finished after 369-odd hours. After a little bit of cleanup & compared to the Thingiverse 6% scale “M1113.” Pretty happy with mine from both a scale & fidelity perspective. After some cleanup. Thanks for looking in.
  15. The bareness of the glacis was starting to bug me, so I figured I’d rough out the engine access hatch cover & the prop shaft access plate*. The hatch cover doesn’t sit flush with the glacis plate itself, & is surrounded by a ballistic shield to prevent fragments getting to the engine via the gap between the two. Also tweaked the rear panel of the ballistic shrouds/side skirts, getting them ever nearer to being done. My mid-week field trip to collect references verified the overall width of the drive sprockets at 235mm on the 1:1, or 14.6875mm at 1:16. From the centreline of the track, mine were each .784mm too wide, for an overall error of 1.568mm. For context, that’s almost 10% too wide! So, I took the opportunity provided by the error to redraw the components to a higher standard. Hoping to finish the roof & tracks this week, all going well. Thanks for looking in. *specific component names may be unique to Australia &/or incorrect
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