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  1. This sounds along the same lines as I mentioned, still would need to buy something on ebay before the seller can send invoice with padded/fake charge to account for additional item. That though is really just a standard buy it now listing. You'd still have to list the item, I think Chris is specifically asking about selling item he has that would not be listed. If going the buy it now listing route and the effort of listing it, then just create it permanently and enter the actual quantity for sale and keep it posted for everyone to buy.
  2. If you've not seen, you can reference instructions here: F-4C/D: https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/image/10002280 F-4J: https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/image/10002281 F-4J "USMC" boxing: https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/image/10011409 (same as J kit except adds outer pylon and bomb/MER ordnance - this is the better deal kit for most options OOB) From the F-4J kits you'd probably want sprues: H (9006217) - USN cockpit/tire parts J (0116003) - USN airframe parts The USMC J boxing also includes the outer pylons w/o the wing tanks, that sprue is K (0116006). If you want to use
  3. Not really, you can only sell what you have listed on ebay. You can't send an invoice to a buyer unless you have a confirmed sale (and obviously the buyer has to be ebay user too). You could do a workaround, but the buyer would still have to buy at least something you have listed first, then you could send an invoice to the buyer and then add (pad) the extra item cost into the "shipping" line when you send the invoice (ebay still takes fees out of shipping costs anyway). You could be setting yourself up for issues though doing that, either sellers could rip you off (claiming items
  4. As others mentioned, there's not really a cheap way to do it accurately. I've seen at least one built OOB from the C/D kit using B decals - but it looked just like that, wrong airframe in B markings. If you're looking just for a "look close enough" without much more expense and if that look works for your needs, obviously just go that route. Which I think is what you're after? Especially if you do a closed cockpit and throw the figures in there to hide some of the C/D cockpit details. Next step up in some visual improvement with minimal additional cost would be to use some of the par
  5. Get it shipped direct for Kč2,830 ($132.29 give or take). Yes it's expensive but wouldn't compare this boxing to the $54 original CyberHobby boxing since this one includes several aftermarket: printed belts, resin exhausts, yahu dash, and full airframe rivet set - latter alone sells for $25+.
  6. I rarely only buy one thing from Europe, I always try to make it worth my while by ordering several items. Ordering direct from HGW, I can buy three kits there with $32.54 shipping to US (or I can buy 25+ for the same $32.54 shipping). Granted each kit cost is about $112 there vs $96 at Hannants, but they have higher shipping cost.
  7. Hannants has two in stock (for now at least...) I was just looking at them and comparing shipped price to ordering direct from HGW. https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/HGW103201 I didn't realize before that their boxing also included the E-3 canopy sprue too. Wonder why they don't advertise that - don't even show any clear sprues on the product page. Would think stating/showing that E-3 parts are included would help sell the kits. I wasn't interested in the E-7 Trop kit but now knowing there are the E-3 parts in there, well now I'm interested and will buy more than one since 109E deca
  8. Looks like it would still mostly work. The WL's varied a bit between each a/c (width, spacing, position, etc), the W slant on the right side not following the rudder angle looked most common. Not sure which one you used there, but the slant of the right side W on WL-16 was right against and followed the rudder angle, the other two WLs on the sheet have different slant angles and weren't up against the rudder.
  9. As Thierry mentioned, Zotz/AMS were the first original issue, that one also included decals/resin for Argentine A-4Cs. They were OOP for a while before the later AOA/AMS release which didn't include the original Argentine parts. Harold at AMS may still be able to make the C conversion? As I recall he could only get about 15-20 sets made before he had to create new molds each time.
  10. That one's not a G but I'm sure there will be Vietnam decals coming if not from him then I imagine at least from Werner Wings.... and AOA.
  11. About time for same accurate MERs/TERs. Hope you will sell them in bulk discount!
  12. Good choice, -311 is my personal favorite (followed by -144). They all had the original straight probe. Ya the main decals that had to be specific for the Trumpeter kit for the -311 (and -223) options were the tail markings. Pretty much every A-4 squadron at the time had tail markings based on one or more of the angles around there, mainly the tail/rudder break, others the angled panel lines on the rudder itself (like the -223 black/yellow line). As mentioned earlier posts, easier anyway to simply paint the squadron colors on the tail/rudder, leaving only the WL to deal with vertic
  13. Personally I'm not seeing it on 505. Interestingly though, the pylon on the other A-6 on the extreme left does apparently. Don't see any on the top of its folded wing.
  14. The various yellow-ey type color was from later 3M anti-erosion tape, common in mid 70s to mid 80s. I'd imagine the pics you're looking at are in that timeframe.
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