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  1. I've been ordering lots of non-modeling items from Europe (Italy, Germany, Netherlands mainly), Asia (Japan, China), and Australia, since the COVID crap came. Mail seems completely random to me, even same countries - some just sit for weeks/months, other come like pre-COVID days in only a couple weeks. Ones from Russia didn't take any longer than the other countries. So far the worst has been Australia, I'm still waiting for package I ordered in March. As others said, it goes both ways too. I sent a box to Hannants by priority mail and it took over a month to get there.
  2. And not only used for towing, also a bed (A-6 in Vietnam):
  3. Looks like those prices are for wishful sellers, actual sold prices on ebay are only $130-140ish (thankfully I picked it up for $40 about 15yrs ago) It's good but not $1000 good!
  4. Do you have any pics of this specific to -232 for 1972-73? I've not been able to find any pics showing them carrying mixed AA with AG loads during that Rose Garden period for some reason. The AA Linebacker config I've seen for -232 had them carrying their Sparrows only in the front wells even with the c/l tank and nothing in the rear. From what I've seen Sparrows in the front well only also seemed common for -115, -212, and -314; while -323 and 334 put them in the rear (talking only Vietnam).
  5. No. A dedicated high viz VA-35 sheet from AOA was/(is) planned to cover their 67 early plainer scheme into the later 60s and 70s with the big panther variations. But it got backburnered though for various reasons.
  6. Posted these a couple weeks on Facebook. Yet more A-6 decals, this time exclusively post Vietnam Marine Intruders: 32-035 VMA(AW)-533 Hawks (2) Part 2 specifically covers their mid 1980's carrier periods on the Saratoga and earlier JFK dets (hence the AA and AC tail codes rather than their own ED). This will be a low budget "cheap" sheet like part 1. Along with other AOA 1/32 sheets, the vast majority of 533's A-6 schemes are available. 32-036 Marine Drumsticks Include high-viz A-6E decals for VMA(AW)-121, -224, and -322 from the 1970's during the colorful heyday. Includes basic airframe data/stencil sheet (full sheet 32-026 is available separately). With the virus situation, release date is unknown. MicroScale currently have three smaller scale sheets that were due in earlier this month but were obviously affected by the virus. (If anyone is interested, it's two 1/72 A-6 low viz sheets and a 1/48 HMM(rein) sheet). 32-035: 32-036:
  7. After my Freetime "ordeal", I was able to pick up the kit at Squadron when they got a restock a couple weeks ago. I ended up getting the Ponto flyer in the kit and did the email route. Seemed a somewhat convoluted method of sales procedure, but I went with it and ordered last Thurs with no expectation of receiving anytime soon. The next day I got a FedEx notice of shipment coming to me from "Zhongsh Yatai Electric" in China. I had no idea what it was. Didn't even consider that it was the Titanic set. Well the package came in this Wed and obviously it ended up being the Titanic set, no idea what was up the mysterious electric company origin point. Anyway, time from ordering to time to receiving it was under a week.
  8. Are you referring to the fuselage marking? It's VMFA-314 Black Knights squadron insignia. There's also a "314" marking on the top of the wing fuel tank in same photo.
  9. I was not impressed with the experience at all with Freetime on this. I don't do their Facebook and other than getting their shipping notice email and charged on the 20th, they volunteered nothing after that. They should've sent email update(s) to those that pre-ordered once they realized something was wrong. I see now on their Facebook page that the only update they posted was on the 28th, 8 days after "shipping" notices went out and cards charged. I see their post also doesn't mention "the rest of the story" of what they told me when I emailed them asking for status of my shipment, about their shipment originally went to their old location address which caused some of the delays (and then each day slipped another day, until I think they received finally last Friday), nor mention of the issues of shorted shipment and damaged boxes and not being able to fill pre-orders and now months wait for them to get more.
  10. You're lucky then. Unfortunately not mine. Freetime said they were shorted kits and many they did get were damaged boxes. This was a week after originally saying they shipped (but didn't) and after already charged me for kit Then they said the real status and offered $25 store credit to recieve a damaged box. Sight unseen and only credit, was a pass for me and they're supposed to refund the charge on the 20th. So no kit for me. Had I known this ordeal back on the 20th, I would've cancelled then and go to squadron.
  11. For those of you in similar situation that pre-ordered from Freetime and received shipping info on the 20th, I emailed them Monday since there was still no shipping progress since "shipped" on the 20th - and I was also charged at that time too (and the kit no longer appeared at all on their site). I heard back yesterday that they were sent to their old address so are being rerouted, and now they expect to have them in today (Wed) and also ship out today too.
  12. What "FMV" stand for? I second what Pete says for the Harrier, except for the more reasonable 1/32 kit. Would love to see some resin upgrades for it. As I recall you've already documented the misshapen bits and pylons in those kits. Similar to the A-7, I dumped the Harrier kit for these reasons but would in a minute pick the AV-8 up again if there were fixes available.
  13. That blows. Guess that explains why the tracking number Freetime sent me when they said "shipped" actually shows no progress other label created.
  14. Ah. You said on Monday you got it from Freetime so I was getting impatient. Well I guess there's an example against anti-squadron gripes since you got yours from them super fast and even cheapest to date.
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