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  1. VF-143's 69-70 Connie cruise had some odd red/orange colored gear and door interiors. Some photos and discussion on BM: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235045964-tamiya-132-f-4j-decal-options/&do=findComment&comment=3198795
  2. He wasn't that in WW1. I have little interest in his figure but I'm not opposed to seeing it modeled. He was the JG lead and had unique markings. I think your question would fall into that usual question of why model SS or Nazis in general? Granted it's not the same category of crime, but Randy Cunningham ended up in prison and his jet is probably the modeled USN F-4 in any scale. Add...Maybe also because he is so (in)famous is a reason why they chose him?
  3. There was an article about them specifically a few years ago: https://foxtrotalpha.jalopnik.com/these-elite-military-helicopter-units-fly-washingtons-p-1704260996
  4. Way too big for me. In 1/32 it would have almost 6' wingspan and 5' long. And I thought the 1/48 one would be huge. Would be impressive to see though. oh and also then add in hundreds of more dollars for aftermarket bombs to load up the bombay and wings....
  5. The link provided seems to imply it was his, although the description would indicate sold as-is and that they're not experts. I call reproduction too (as in real locker but painted up like his). It looks too fancy and "perfect" with everything there like you'd see recreated for a display piece. I know aces/pilot's can have an arrogant streak, but seems strange that he'd deck out his own trunk with photos of himself and war shots. No personal home or girl stuff?
  6. Of those you listed, I've only ordered from Jadar in Poland. I've bought a lot from them over the years, mainly 1/35 related or foreign (to me) books. They've always delivered, although they may not always be super fast to ship depending on what you order. They also have that reward system where you get % off as you continue to order from them and spend certain amount cumulatively. edit: I just checked, I've ordered from them going back to 2009 and have made 23 orders (so far) and never had an issue. Also, not listed but Hannants in UK carries a lot and I've never had issues with orders from them either: https://www.hannants.co.uk/
  7. Then CSM would get crap from modelers for announcing something and not actually releasing (Trumpeter SBD Dauntless, AFV Club M8 HMC, etc), regardless if bluff "works" and WNW make it or don't.
  8. Since you're doing that specific a/c, you may have also noticed but some other marking interests I see in that one are that the fuselage ejection seat warning triangles are not really one of the "normal" variations seen. And also the yellow blade tip markings are nearly completely worn off on all the blades on both props, looks like just only some slight traces of yellow on the edges on all the blades. Here's a slightly less left-side cropped version of Ken's original photo that shows the right blades: Thanks for the link/pic. I mentioned the missing handholds and some other oddball KH omissions a few posts back but didn't have photo. Most obvious on the wing is that there's no center fuel tank at all according to KH, no idea why. With the usual red painted rings around the fillers, it makes it seem even more obvious that they're MIA.
  9. You mean the kit's tank? If so, don't use it, it's a kinda crap aero 150gal. For USAF FAC you'll want the bigger 230gal tank, which is available from AMS Resin.
  10. Thanks for sharing that story. Coincidently, Ken had helped me out a few years ago with the Bronco. If you've not already identified/corrected, some other noticeable "huh?" items Kitty Hawk completely missed: the center fuel tank details on the wing, the handholds on the rear upper canopy frame and the wing, and the air vents in the corners of the upper canopy sections. I'm sure there were more that I can't remember now. Like your O-1 and O-2, this is another fantastic build. Looking forward to next update.
  11. For VMFA-531, did you mean you want an F-4N? I'm only familiar with their fancy high viz N's in the 70s. Being F-4B based, you're "worse" off than the S in 1/32 but there is an N conversion from GT.
  12. Will have a few of these in the stash. I wonder if they plan to release separate decal sheets for the new Dr.I too like they did a few for their Alb and D.VII kits. Personally I'd really like to see their version of Jacob's winged devil thing.
  13. All decals are currently on sale at 20% off, except tailhook stripes and ordnance sheets. The discount will be shown only at checkout. www.AOAdecals.com As always free shipping within the US. If more than one is desired of a particular sheet, an additional separate purchase is required as the discount apparently doesn't work on multiple purchases of the same sheet. For international buyers, I will manually refund the second (third, fourth, etc) shipping charge(s) if orders are placed back-to-back.
  14. If you're talking about the wild illustration posted, that's a fictional NOGS on steroids.
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