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  1. Same here. Got my (first?) three kits in from Lucky Model, all have the bowed wings and two have that right-side narrow piece on the middle wing broken off, and the third kit that it's still attached I can see is just about at the breaking point. Otherwise looks like good kit to me.
  2. Is it mostly text/history? Where you buy from? Thanks
  3. I'd imagine VF-121 info from that Forgotten Jets entry is correct if the date/location is accurate too, it is also the same on Joe Baugher data as well. VMFA-232 was in Japan (with training to Philippines and Okinawa) from 1969-72 between their two F-4 deployments to SEA. sorry Albert for the diversions
  4. That's not the same aircraft. 5814 in that pic is from 1969 in their earlier Vietnam deployment (can also be seen it is their earlier scheme, black nose, fuselage insignia, and would've had large slanted WT on tail) 5814 ended up crashing in 1970 (stricken).
  5. They are different, I meant to include only as general examples.
  6. here's some from online, this is from 1971, clean looking then: in action in 1972:
  7. I'm not at my computer to pull examples but I disagree about grey being the norm, at least in the period you're modeling, can't speak to later 70s and beyond.
  8. Your choice of course as it's your model. As I stated though, it was not grey in this case.
  9. Looking great all around! If not too late, the extreme rear/tail chute housing panel was also metallic in this case rather than LGG.
  10. They also have/had a replica above the stage at concerts.
  11. Grime/wear/tear, Vietnam environment, corrosion control paint touchups, etc. Can find many random patchwork appearance for the "old" airframes as they continued to serve in SEA. The fuselage area especially could also have a lot of boot scuffs along the top, side, and around the wing root area as maintenance climbed up/down that area relatively frequently and would scrape their boots (heel/toe) along the whole area. Several panels on the center fuselage area were removable for maintenance component access with screw head fasteners, and woudn't be unusual to see darker/fresh paint sprayed along
  12. You'd want the open ones which "everyone" offers as an aftermarket replacement option. The Tamiya T-bird kit provides both options for the P+W nozzle since they had the inflight display option in that kit but no such luck for the GE kit. With so many open GE aftermarket options around, thankfully ResKit has recently released finally a closed GE nozzle too (I've been looking for one for inflight display). Someone else can chime in for exact positions for off, idle, cruise, MRT, afterburner, etc.
  13. Unfortunately it's not my pic for sharing as it was sent for the decal project, cropping it allowed me to show the load you were specifically interested in on your first post. It was a black rectangle applied on the pod itself denoting the hard point area.
  14. Bit late to your original post, but here is 232 in 1972:
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