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  1. USPS stopped international surface shipping option over 10yrs or so ago.
  2. US international shipping is very high. There is no "surface mail" option from USPS anymore, it's first class, priority, express (latter two even more $$$). Once the box gets too big/heavy, then the minimum method it can be mailed is by priority mail, which probably is what you're running into with the 1/32 kit you're trying to buy. You can use the shipping calculator yourself to look it up rates at usps.com For comparison, it costs me $20+ to send around only 10 ounce first class package internationally. Even one small decal sheet mailed in a rigid package is at minimum $13 (excluding Canada). Even internally within the US is high too considering the to/from and size/weight of object being shipped. An average size kit (not even 1/32) at 2lbs could cost $20+ easy to just mail from coast to coast within the US alone.
  3. Yes once you’re logged in paypal, there should be a “money”/“send money” option, then pay for “goods and services” and if there’s an option, also select requires shipping so your mailing address is also sent with payment notification to the recipient. During the send money screen it should be self-explanatory where you enter the email address to who you’re sending it to and also the amount you can enter. There will be an optional “note” section, if it were me, I'd also repeat your order there so they’ll know what the payment is for when they see it since it’s not using a shopping cart order system. I’d also send her an email at the same time saying/repeating that you’re sending/sent paypal payment as requested for x part(s).
  4. If not a 16D, then they should just discontinue their block 50 kit and release an all in one box to also include the block 32 sprues, that way any block C can be built OOB. But I'm hoping for that 1/32 Tamiya F3D Skyknight later this year. Or at least their 1/32 Beaufighter.
  5. You can still look at the page, not all Facebook pages require accounts to view. Like that one, it's public.
  6. Nah don't bother, not worth messing with it
  7. Thanks. I'm sure it was F-4 overload dealing with trying to review five sheets at once, added in with many duplicates of the data sheets.
  8. Thanks for the reviews. Some corrections/clarifications though to hopefully prevent misleading anyone considering purchasing the VF-154 sheet: The write-up for the 32-030 VF-154 sheet and overall conclusion have several mentions of the data sheet and its qualities and specifically says it's included in the VF-154 release. The VF-154 release does not include the airframe data sheet 32-031. None of the four options on the sheet had the full data, they all had bare minimal stenciling, so the full data sheet is not included as it's not applicable, nor would the Zotz or Cam data/stencils either for that matter. Yes the three USMC releases do include the data sheet, as all those schemes chosen for inclusion, except WT-12, had that specific type of airframe data. Those by that point were overhauled and had been repainted other than WT-12 that was still "new" and still had the original MD factory style of data (as covered by the earlier Zotz sheet). The airframe data sheet 32-030, as well as all the USMC decals, were all printed by Microscale. Only the two VF-154 sheets were printed by Cartograf. There's some camera perspective/distortion going on in the photos of the national insignias, just to be clear they are in fact round, not elongated like some appear! (P/C Coggburn's last name though in the close-up on the -323 sheet does actually slope upward, as it should.)
  9. Ya, I meant "on your own" as far as they're not included in the Academy/AFV kits. That SAC gear though would still be missing the rest of the struts/arms I think that were also different from the lightweight gear? Not sure how much effort it would be too to install the SAC gear into the Academy kits since they're designed for the Hasegawa kit. Even more expensive option of course is to rob the gear/door parts from the Tamiya block 32 kit. That Wheeliant set are the later fat tires for block 40 and later blocks if I'm not mistaken.
  10. I meant to clarify my earlier post, the GE and wide mouth parts are still included in the AFV boxing too even though the kit is shown as block 52. The PW and GE parts are on same sprues.
  11. Depends what you can get the cheapest for if you're just looking for a D. All seem pricey now. I don't think Academy even made the lightweight gear and unbulged doors of that's what you mean. AFV Club's (sorta) F-16B boxing has some resin unbulged doors, but that kit seems to be $200+.
  12. It's basically the Academy kit with SUFA parts removed. Like you mentioned you'd need to swap out the intake and exhaust from what's in the box. You're on your own though for the earlier lightweight gear and unbulged doors for a block 30. The spine in the kit is a normal D, the extra stuff just attaches on top, so you can build a plain D.
  13. Regarding the figures again, I got my kit in today from amazon, it does not have any figures. Curiously though it includes the paper guide though for them at the bottom of the box.
  14. The LAU-10 pods are white. Zunis should be Zunis regardless so their appearance would be similar, check out F-4s, F-8s, OV-10s, A-4s, A-6s, etc too for appearance. I posted some photos showing fuze/warheads on earlier thread:
  15. Are the figures in question with the H-60 kit different than the ones that were in the earlier H-6 kit?
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