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  1. ziggyfoos

    Decals for VF-154 Black Knights F-4J Phantoms

    Can always go for more Js! Got some Bs covered already....
  2. Another single squadron sheet from AOA, this time for F-4J’s of VF-154 Black Knights in the 1970s and covering standard and CAG schemes. Planning for early 2019. www.AOAdecals.com
  3. ziggyfoos

    Curious how many were chosen for Squadron's

    I was one of the "chosen" and I have taken advantage of the big 40% savings in the past several times. Don't recall if I did last year. I did a check now after getting the early bird email and unfortunately (fortunately too I guess for wallet), there was not enough available to justify me ordering this time.
  4. ziggyfoos

    Copper State Models 1/32 Nieuport N. 17

    Their history is detailed in the "about us" page on their website (http://www.copperstatemodels.com/) The history of Copper State Models (the word from the founder, Mr Eric R. Hight) In 1996 my parents decided that they were ready to retire from the family business. Since I was ready to do something else for a living, we sold the company. I had recently got back building models after a 25+ plus year hiatus and decided to try that for a business. I chose the name Copper State Models (CSM) because Arizona is also known as the “Copper State”. The logo is the state’s outline with the state flag inset into it and a Fokker D.VII. At first I tried building for hire but soon discovered that I was too slow of a builder to make that work! A friend of mine named Bob owned The Model Car Garage (high end model car details) and was doing well with it. He became my mentor in starting CSM. I picked WWI a/c because not everyone and his cousin was doing that subject and I had a real interest in it. This was the beginning of the golden age of WWI a/c modeling. You had Eduard and Toko doing quality plastic kits so I saw a place for high quality details and put CSM in that direction. The hardest part of getting started was finding the vendors I needed to make the things I couldn’t make myself. Bob from MCG put me in touch with Tim for the PE (Photo-Etched parts- I.S.) artwork. We hit it off real well and he started drawing for me. PEC also came from Bob and for me they are the best PE producer in the business. Microscale has been doing quality decals for a very long time. They were close, good and willing to work with a small outfit like CSM. Laura and Vickie were absolute jewels to work with. Marty’s claim to fame was his magnificent hand carved wood props. I was buying props and corresponding with Marty by snail mail (no email then). Marty’s written English was in its learning stages and a friendship developed. When I told Marty about starting CSM, I had in mind selling his props as part of my line. He was agreeable and asked if I would be interested in kit masters. I said “absolutely” and he sent me the Do. D.I kit and that was the beginning of the CSM kit line. I started advertising in Windsock magazine very early. Ray and I became friends. He reviewed CSM’s products fairly and this was a huge boost to the company. He is one of the greatest supporters of WWI a/c modeling. Marty and I chose kits together based on interest and available documentation. We tried to pick kits that the “mainstream” model companies wouldn’t do. There was such a wealth of WWI a/c that has never been kitted in 1/48TH scale before for us to choose from. Float/flying boats and 2 seaters were our mainstay. I enjoyed my time setting up and running CSM. It was a great way to earn a living. With the passing of my parents I decided to retire and sell CSM. I would like to thank all the great vendors I worked with and my great customers all of whom I enjoyed dealing with. I would especially like to thanks my parents for their help and encouragement without which it never would have happened. I wish Ilya and Slava good hunting, God’s speed and all the success in the world. I hope they enjoy CSM as much as I did in their new venture. My advice would be to produce a quality product and charge a fair price and you will do well. Eric R. Hight Copper State Models Founder and Former President
  5. ziggyfoos

    AOA Decals 32-029: VMA (AW)-533 Hawks

    The white on the main sheet is also double-printed/layered since the tail markings are going on dark blue.
  6. Ditto. I'm really impressed with the fact that they're making one (and they're continuing with big and random WW1 surprises), but this one is much too massive and relatively boring aircraft to me that I'll most likely will pass this one. To repeat as said before, the lack of French aircraft is a bummer to me, I was hoping for a French biggie (or smallie...)
  7. ziggyfoos

    Paul Fisher is Safe

    Both great and awful news at the same time.
  8. Wow, another monster. Didn't expect the HP in 32.
  9. Thanks for the review. Minor correction, the part 2 sheet was printed by MicroScale not Cartograf.
  10. ziggyfoos

    New, clean topic: HB B-24 Test Shot Photos

    There's those really wonky misproportioned national insignia again from Trumpeter/Hobby Boss
  11. ziggyfoos

    He219 Restoration Progress

    Not sure about all aftermarket, but Master's FuG220's has the poles attached to the sides as shown.
  12. The VA-75 part 1 sheet (and the 1/48 and 1/72 A-1 sheets) is now in stock and shipping. Can order at www.AOAdecals.com
  13. ziggyfoos

    any interrest in F4U-5N decals?

    Have you tried Fantasy Printshop? https://www.fantasyprintshop.co.uk/ They can print low quantities if you're not looking for big run minimums like Microscale or Cartograf (250 and 300 respectively)
  14. ziggyfoos


    I'm in the minority here I guess, I don't care for it. Much prefer the S&G soft voice version.
  15. ziggyfoos

    Wingnut wings is developing three new kits

    Profiles and sprue/decals for the two Halberstadt kits are now posted on the WNW site. As well as CAD of the two Lancasters.