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  1. Thankfully high and dry at AOA post-Florence. But these part 1 sheets (and the 1/48 and 1/72 A-1 sheets) have slipped to October as a result of the storm.
  2. ziggyfoos

    1/32 MK83 bombs "slick" body

    Yes, use the cylindrical fuses on the right not the cones on the left, and they should have only one yellow stripe. The two stripes denote the thermally protected (the rough coating), since these are the slicks they should have the one stripe.
  3. My area in eastern NC was (and is still) very heavily affected by Florence. For those that already ordered the part 1 sheets - thanks, but there will unfortunately be an unexpected delay in getting those sheets out for obvious reasons.
  4. Yes that is the same. There is only one gun option for the AV-8B. Not sure about 1/18 kit, it is included in their 1/32 kits though, sort of.... it is very poor, as I recall it assumes both halves have guns and the crossover is pretty flat. I can't imagine their clunky 1/18 kit improved it even if it's included.
  5. One side is the gun pack, the other the ammo pack, and a crossover fairing.
  6. ziggyfoos

    Switching scales?

    I like common collections and am somewhat rigid on scale depending on subject matter. I do have groups across different scales but don't like to mix/match between them, I will always try to focus on scale depending on subject (aircraft in 1/32 followed in 1/48, armor/vehicles in 1/35, ships in 1/200, space in 1/72, etc). Sometimes though I'm "forced" to go to different scale due to size/availability which I'm not usually thrilled about within same subject, if I can help it, I'm sticking to same scale. Most of the time it's an all or none approach for me, I don't do one-ofs in a scale. If I do one subject in one scale then I would "have to" do others similarly to go along with it in same scale. Example: there are 1/48 kits of both the AC-47 and AC-130 but no 1/48 AC-119, so I can't complete my collection in 1/48 so I ended up dumping the AC-47 kit (but kept the AC-130... for now).
  7. ziggyfoos

    Any Korean War F-51 Mustang Decals Out There?

    They're still available, Hannants show they have 3 in stock.
  8. ziggyfoos

    Any Korean War F-51 Mustang Decals Out There?

    AIMS Decals 32D005 - Korean War Mustangs
  9. Now in stock and available for purchase at www.AOAdecals.com
  10. Part 2 is now in stock and available for purchase at www.AOAdecals.com Part 2 is printed by Microscale, Part 1 and the new A-6 stencil sheet are printed by Cartograf and should be in soon so I've also enabled pre-ordering of those two.
  11. ziggyfoos

    Not my stash, I promise!!

    That kid must've had a stash inheritance. There's hope for all our stashes, they will live on.
  12. ziggyfoos

    F-14A bu/no 158988

    Probably overall 36440 light gull grey. That photo mustn't be from the same period either as the milspec decals represent either (different camo as noted, the fins markings, the black around the cockpit, no carrier on outer tail, etc)
  13. If you're looking for USMC in Vietnam, you're in luck since every overall scheme of all four of the Marine A-6 squadrons are available in 1/32 decals: Zotz has -533 in 1972-73 AOA has -225 in 1969-71, -242 in 1966-70, and -533 in 1967-69 & 1972-73 in sheet 32-001, and -224 in 1971-72 in sheet 32-009 Since you want USMC in Vietnam ERA and not necessarily Vietnam, there's also upcoming AOA sheet 32-029 that has three more -533 schemes in between their SEA deployments and also immediate post deployment.