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  1. Ya you're right, the RWRs were showing up in SE Asia. I got a late war RWR equipped one in the AOA decal sheet (the Playboy bunny exhaust scheme) but don't have it shown on the online scheme images, and forgot to show the rear "pods" in the printed instructions.... Excellent news for potential PAVE NAIL. Unfortunately I only see an X image at the moment though? Are you considering making the wing tanks too? I may have missed in in earlier posts, do you already have products for sale or a manufacturer name? Or are these more one-ofs sets you're making?
  2. This is that bad thread about the Tamiya corsair from the past that talked of ebay scams, and I suspect this thread is going to go down similar path.
  3. I never implied they weren't making profit or even hurting, and no I didn't know the exact amount, thanks. Because of all that profit that can came from the seller fees, they have that money available to offset losses from the scams. I highly doubt they don't factor in scam loss in their money outlook. All that sand you mention can add up to a beach in your coastline. So increase fees to make it smaller. Don't think a company, even multibillion dollar, wants to hemorrhage any money without trying to offset it. I'd think it's similar to increase in gas prices, ultimately that cost is passed down to the customer. The big companies don't just suck it up on their dime.
  4. Yes the buyer is protected by ebay/paypal in these cases to protect your loss, but the issue is that I'm sure ultimately ebay/paypal loss of money to these scammers is passed down by them to us by them increasing sellers fees and paypal fees. These fake sellers grab the money out of paypal account and disappear, so ebay/paypal give you your money back but they themselves probably aren't getting their money back directly. Besides the ridiculous unrealistic prices, the completely random other items being sold would also indicate that it's highly not legit. I can't imagine that the seller wouldn't research comparable prices before selling that much quantity of kits even if they didn't know anything about kits (even at double the cost they're listed at, they'd still be massive bargain priced kits). As well as having that much for sale with feedback of less than 100. I suspect that feedback was padded to make the seller look more legit before they start their rip-off phase.
  5. Dumb question.... can someone give a brief explanation on what this is in general that we're looking at? I've only been to the RAF museum there, so is this what's normally in the actual Cosford station hangers? Or is this some special thing going on base? There's still hangers each containing Jags, Sea Kings, Tornadoes, etc? Are these always sitting there?
  6. Maybe I missed it earlier, if there are aftermarket GE and PW intakes and exhausts, aren’t we still missing the lightweight gear and non-bulged doors to make an early GE or any PW version without having the T-bird boxing as a donor (or scratchbuilding)? I thought the AFV Club canopy have that multi-colored yellowish-golden tinting to it? Didn’t some use either plain clear or shaded also option, like the one in the Academy boxing? Coincidently, I saw just yesterday that their website said five vendor tables were still available so I asked about getting some but heard back this morning that they’re gone and are waitlisted.
  7. For me that link goes to an article about the "Royal Baby"?
  8. Under 4hrs left (78, 80, 80min for last three episodes). With the king getting shattered, along with the other walkers created under him, I'm not sure who would be above him still around since we saw his creation in the flashback, assuming he was the first. And Bran hadn't see anyone above the night king. Maybe you're right, but there's really not much time left to introduce a brand new walker plot or second batch of walkers lying in wait. I figured the focus for the final three is back on the throne.
  9. I think the walkers are done. There's only 3 episodes left already, this season is only 6 episodes.
  10. As mentioned, Harold (aka AMS Resin) has the 230g tank. See thread:
  11. USPS stopped international surface shipping option over 10yrs or so ago.
  12. US international shipping is very high. There is no "surface mail" option from USPS anymore, it's first class, priority, express (latter two even more $$$). Once the box gets too big/heavy, then the minimum method it can be mailed is by priority mail, which probably is what you're running into with the 1/32 kit you're trying to buy. You can use the shipping calculator yourself to look it up rates at usps.com For comparison, it costs me $20+ to send around only 10 ounce first class package internationally. Even one small decal sheet mailed in a rigid package is at minimum $13 (excluding Canada). Even internally within the US is high too considering the to/from and size/weight of object being shipped. An average size kit (not even 1/32) at 2lbs could cost $20+ easy to just mail from coast to coast within the US alone.
  13. Yes once you’re logged in paypal, there should be a “money”/“send money” option, then pay for “goods and services” and if there’s an option, also select requires shipping so your mailing address is also sent with payment notification to the recipient. During the send money screen it should be self-explanatory where you enter the email address to who you’re sending it to and also the amount you can enter. There will be an optional “note” section, if it were me, I'd also repeat your order there so they’ll know what the payment is for when they see it since it’s not using a shopping cart order system. I’d also send her an email at the same time saying/repeating that you’re sending/sent paypal payment as requested for x part(s).
  14. If not a 16D, then they should just discontinue their block 50 kit and release an all in one box to also include the block 32 sprues, that way any block C can be built OOB. But I'm hoping for that 1/32 Tamiya F3D Skyknight later this year. Or at least their 1/32 Beaufighter.
  15. You can still look at the page, not all Facebook pages require accounts to view. Like that one, it's public.
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