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  1. It's been awhile. Although I'm essentially done with 1/32, I finally got around to completing these USN H-60 release, and it expanded greatly since starting last summer before being put on hold. Now expanded to two large releases - plus full airframe data/stencil sheet. They're at the printers now so looking at a Q4 2022 release. Part 1 (AOA 35-003) covers the SH-60B, SH-60F, HH-60H, and MH-60R: SH-60B: HSL-43 Battle Cats (2011) HSL-48 Vipers (2013) HSL-51 Warlords (2011) SH-60F: HS-5 Nightdippers (2012) HS-11 Dragonslayers (2015) HH-60H: HS-5 Nightdippers (2012) HS-11 Dragonslayers (2015) MH-60R: HSM-46 Grandmasters (2019) HSM-48 Vipers (2018) HSM-51 Warlords (2022) HSM-70 Spartans (2017) HSM-73 Battlecats (2017) 725 Squadron [Australia] (2015) 816 Squadron [Australia] (2018) Eskadrille 723 [Denmark] (2017) Part 2 (AOA 35-004) covers the MH-60S: 2515th Naval Air Ambulance Detachment (NAAD) (2009) HSC-7 Dusty Dogs (2016) HSC-9 Tridents (2017) HSC-11 Dragonslayers (2020) HSC-12 Golden Falcons (2020) HSC-14 Chargers (3.5 options - 2014, 2020, & 2021) HSC-15 Red Lions (2 options - 2014/15 & 2015/16) HSC-22 Sea Knights (2014) HSC-28 Dragon Whales (3 options - 2018, 2019, & 2021) Additional images of the sheet and details at https://www.aoadecals.com/
  2. Scalemates entries are user created input, anyone with an account can create a new product entry, whether real or not.
  3. Plus I'd have to believe interest level for a large scale H-54 wouldn't be anywhere near the interest of 1/32 big WW2 bombers. For "big" helos, an H-3 or H-46 line would seem to make a lot more sense in large scale, at least those are relatively smaller, span large time periods, many countries/schemes possible, and being a Navy type would regularly also have blades folded to help display.
  4. 47 is still pretty short in length compared to the 54:
  5. Way too big. 2ft rotor span and even longer in length. As much as I'd like to see more helos in large scale (especially Vietnam), if this announcement is even true, this would be an easy pass for me for the size alone. The F-4 as large as it is, to put into perspective how big the H-54 would be in comparison: https://i.pinimg.com/736x/50/e2/b1/50e2b1041d6a2ff5bcfcbca3e2e89d8d.jpg
  6. As others said: it depends. The various types of warheads and fuses would result in different overall lengths of the complete "rocket". For example, the 5" Zuni could have possible warheads ranging in length from about 18" (general purpose) to almost 30" (anti-tank/personnel). Then add on different possible fuse lengths, ranging from about 5" (point det fuse) to over 9" (proximity fuse). Using the longest warhead and fuse would of course extend much further out of the pod than the shortest warhead and fuse. The 2.75" rocket would be same case in having various warhead/fuse lengths.
  7. Was amazed first time I saw that film, like a time capsule looking at those flight ops stuck between WW2 and the "modern" jet age. Pretty amazing the environment in those days for both the flight and deck crews.
  8. I kept a list in excel of many book series to note which books I have and what others are out there , this is what I had recorded for aircraft, armor, and ships: 5501 F-16 Falcon Walk Around 5502 A-6 Intruder Walk Around 5503 F-14 Tomcat Walk Around 5504 F4F Wildcat Walk Around 5505 PBY Catalina Walk Around 5506 B-52 Stratofortress Walk Around 5507 P-51 Mustang Walk Around 5508 P-40 Warhawk Walk Around 5509 F6F Hellcat Walk Around 5510 Fw.190 Long-Nose Walk Around 5511 P-47 Thunderbolt Walk Around 5512 B-25 Mitchell Walk-Around 5513 Allison Engined Mustangs Walkaround 5514 Hurricane Walk-Around 5515 Mosquito Walk-Around 5516 B-17 Flying Fortress Walk-Around 5517 A-10 Warthog Walk Around 5518 F/A-18 Walk Around 5519 UH-60 Blackhawk Walk-Around 5520 Space Shuttle Walk Around 5521 F-86 Sabre Walk Around 5522 Fw.190A/F Walk Around 5523 F-105 Thunderchief Walk Around 5524 Bf.110G Walk Around 5525 TBF/TBM Avenger Walk Around 5526 F-117 Stealth Fighter Walk Around 5527 A-1 Skyraider Walk-Around 5528 F-15 Eagle Walk Around 5529 AH-1 Cobra Walk Around 5530 P-38 Lightning Walk Around 5531 C-130 Hercules Walk Around 5532 SR-71 Blackbird Walk Around 5533 SBD Dauntless Walk Around 5534 Bf109E Walk Around 5535 EA-6B Prowler Walk Around 5536 UH-1 Huey Gunships Walk Around 5537 MiG-21 Fishbed Pt.1 Walk Around 5538 F-8 Crusader Walk Around 5539 MiG-21 Fishbed Pt.2 Walk Around 5540 MiG-15 Fagot Walk Around 5541 A-4 Skyhawk Walk Around 5542 Messerschmitt Me 262 Walk Around 5543 Messerschmitt Bf 109G Walk Around 5544 A7 Corsair II Walk Around 5545 F-4E Phantom II Walk Around 5546 MiG-17 Fresco Walk Around 5547 Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker Walk Around 5548 F-100D/F Super Sabre Walk Around 5549 OV-1 Mohawk Color Walk Around 5550 OH-58D Kiowa Warrior Walk Around 5551 Douglas A-26 Walk Around 5552 AH-64 Apache Walk Around 5553 E-2C Hawkeye Walk Around 5554 B-29 Superfortress Walk Around 5555 F-102A Delta Dagger Walk Around 5556 B-17 Flying Fortress Walk Around 5557 F-111 Aardvark Walk Around 5558 Macchi C205 Veltro Walk Around 5559 F-84F Thunderstreak Walk Around 5560 PBY-5A Catalina Walk Around 5561 F-89 Scorpion Walk Around 5562 Saab 35 Draken Walk Around 5563 Lancaster Bomber Walk Around 5564 Convair F-102A Walk Around 5565 F4U Corsair Walk Around ... there may have been a few more, especially after they changed their numbering system like they did with armor and ships? 5601 USS Alabama On Deck 5602 USS Lexington (CV-16) on Deck 5603 Ohio Class SSBN on Deck 5604 USS Pamponito on Deck 5605 Elco 80ft PT Boat On Deck 5606 Nimitz Class Carriers On Deck 5607 Iowa Class Battleships on Deck 26008 Higgins PT Boat On Deck 26009 26010 USS Kidd On Deck 26011 USS Massachusetts On Deck 5701 M4 Sherman Walk-Around 5702 Sturgeschutz StuG III Walk-Around 5703 US Tank Destroyers Walk Around 5704 M3/M4 Half-Track Walk Around 5705 M42 Duster Walk Around 5706 M26 Pershing Walk Around 5707 US Military Motorcycles of WWII Walk Around 5708 Cadillac Gage V100 Commando Walkaround 5709 Sd.Kfz.251 Ausf D Walk Around 5710 GPA & DUKW Walk Around 5711 Pre-Standardized Jeep Walk Around 5712 M3 Medium Lee Tank Walk Around 5713 Panzer 38(t) Walk Around 5714 M24 Chaffee Walk Around 5715 M113 APC Walk Around 5716 M88 ARV Walk Around 5717 M7 Priest Walk Around 5718 GMC CCKW Truck Walk Around 5719 M5 Stuart Walk Around 5720 M3A1 Scout Car Walk Around 5721 M108/M109 Howitzer 5722 Valentine Talk Walk Around 27023 FT-17/M1917 Tank Walk Around 27024 M41 Walker Bulldog Walk Around 27025 Dragon Wago Walk Around 27026 M551 Sheridan Walk Around 27027 Hetzer Walk Around 27028 27029 M18 Hellcat Walk Around 27030 M8/M20 Armored Cars Walk Around 27031 Diamond T Walk Around
  9. Originally I planned to have several Fallon and Whidbey SAR options but including them would've taken up a lot more decal space and cut out several others for just one of them. Plus Fallon also would need all unique data and Whidbey would need several unique colors needed for the insignia (adding more costs that I wasn't willing to take yet for this sheet). Other than possibly one MH-60R exception, I had/have no plans to cover any of the special high viz schemes or test/aggressor markings.
  10. Yes 1/35, for the Kitty Hawk Navy H-60 series. Although the various S decals would also work for the Academy kit, with exception possibly of the HSC-22 option - I don't know if the tails differ much between the kits (I don't have the Aca kit). No, the F-4B decals I'm releasing are 1/48
  11. awesome build pretty rare (to me at least?) to see the T-28 actually built too
  12. Pretty unusual about the 1/35 decision, especially so soon after their first 1/32 release and from the same company. I didn't expect that one. I'm in the 1/35 scale camp for helos but the original 1/32 announcement was still great news to me and wasn't a deterrent to still pick one up in 1/32. But now releasing both scales and even before they released their second "late" 1/32 boxing seems like they maybe just muddied their own potential 1/32 sales? I won't be picking up that late 1/32 kit now (I would've before the news of 1/35 coming). I understood the research and parts breakdown is probably essentially the same to pump out both scales but still has to be a large expense to tool similar kit all over again with new 1/35 molds. Also makes things harder for aftermarket decals.... 1/32, 1/35, both? $$
  13. I have the USMC 1/48 F-4 sheets coming hopefully in Sept and I need to recover from those first so the H-60 sheet probably no earlier than October. Price TBD, need to get the final sheet layouts done and instructions complete before price is set.
  14. NY is the same thing. They returned two packages back to Italy this year (so far), the shipping got them back and there was no reason for return, they resent exactly as-is and they both came through no issues second time around. Who knows. Currently have another package from Italy that made it past NY at least and into NC in mid June, departed Raleigh and nothing since then. Local PO is useless. Submitted online search and just as useless (no response). In short, international mail is still up in the air. Sometimes it goes super fast, other times it's still at 2020 levels of 2-3 months transit time. Seems to be no rhyme or reason. I've had delays/sits both in the US and also other country's mail handlers.
  15. Sorry, highly doubtful. I'm not that familiar with HX-21, but the ones I've seen were very generic looking? Like any decal releases, there's a ton of possible squadrons and timeframes to include and it's just a matter of having to pick/choose. I already have I think too many to reasonably include and I tried to pick a variety of standard low-viz ones that some "flair" for interest.
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