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  1. They are usually very good at responding to customer service requests.
  2. Dave is correct as far as I'm aware. I've not heard Kev or Matty ever mention settings of that nature. As noted normally these issues are due to incorrect links to said pic or in some cases some browsers can block them. I've also had issues with gateway programs like ironport and the like blocking outside pic links .
  3. Have you tried changing cutting heads? There may be something contaminating the cutter head surface that might be dragging along the material.
  4. Indeed, nothing like it. She actually caused and accident while talking to some older dude in traffic at idle, when some kid in a truck came up behind him gawking at Belle and smashed RIGHT into the back of the gold wing the old dude was on. Sorry for the classic car hijack!
  5. Nice! What a lovely looking kit, and some great looking cars...... I've had a LOT of vehicles over my lifetime, but sold my 1968 Olds 442 "Belle" the year before last. Was sad to see her go...... MAN oh MAN, the sound that car made at idle alone was enough to make me fall in love with her.... Good luck with the 67 Chevelle!
  6. While I don't have one, I have heard the new tool Revell 1/32nd Huri is pretty nice. IIRC, one of our LSP own helped design it. (Sorry, looked for an LSP review but didn't see any off the bar when posting) https://www.hyperscale.com/2023/reviews/kits/revell04968reviewbg_1.htm
  7. Indeed, I found similar results with the "UV Tough" resin as well. I also purchased some of the ABS-like resin but have not experimented with it yet. I would have suspected similar results with it, as you found it seems. I think maybe those resins are more for larger prints that take a shape that needs more flexibility. Ive not tried them on anything large yet. I have noticed that the HS resin is significantly thinner viscosity wise than either of the other two.
  8. That seems to happen on an unusually regular basis in modeling for some reason. Maybe not four at a time, but we seem to get our share of 0 to 2.
  9. Yeah, my fork up was bad enough that I had liquid resin coming out of some of the printer vents on the bottom. I've still got to clean up the table the printer was on (parly how the disaster occured) and moved it to a smaller more stable end table, but I still have to clean the mass amounts of liquid resin all over the larger table where the printer used to reside. I also have to clean a lot of the IG-11/88 parts as they also got a lot resin on them. Not sure, might have to reprint some of those parts......IF the printer still prints.
  10. I'll also have to figure out a way to stand the speeders up without looking like they are being held up. I've also just had a disaster of EPIC proportions, all of my own creation. Suffice it to say I have managed to spill liquid resin EVERYWHERE, including all over and IN the printer. I've cleaned things up and the printer does seem to work, but haven't tried to actually print anything yet since the debacle and subsequent cleaning. There is no helping the outside of the printer, its now coated for life, but the printer LCD face and the resin tub seem good so we'll see how badly I forked up.
  11. I will have to do some experimenting with that, as you know when lol be key. I was even thinking about using some cotton or pillow fill, just need to do some experimenting on it. Also need to do some experimenting on how to do the blood red trails for all the speeders. We'll see how it goes.
  12. So did I......until I had a 1:1 with the VP of all operations and an HR lady last Wednesday. Apparently they started just cutting positions early, and mine along with quite a few others were on the chopping block first.
  13. Thanks Dekon! I'm hoping you are exactly right. As to the diorama, I'm thinking I'll likely try the assembly line method, and see if I can build all 3 AT-M6s at the same time. Similarly with the squadron of V-4X-Ds, just with a lot more if them. I'm thinking I'll also have to do some painting with the speeders still attached to some of their supports. Cheers!
  14. For those of you who have seen Star Wars - The Last Jedi, this will (hopefully) be a reproduction of the battle that took place on a long abandoned Rebel/Resistance base on the planet Crait. The New Order came to take the base with quite a few AT-ATs and a LOT of the new and MUCH larger AT-M6s. These "Megacaliber 6" 4 legged walkers were nearly 120f/36.5m tall and an imposing sight. At the battle of Crait, the Resistance took on the First Order with a squadron of V-4X-D ski speeders. These were nearly ancient land borne speeders that had a skid/stabilizer that dropped down to allow for maneuvering. I got the idea for this, after going to Hobby Lobby with the wife, and buying 3 Bandai At-M6, that were on sale for $9 each. They are right under 3"/70 mm. At that size they are roughly 1/550th scale. In typical Bandai fashion, even at this minuscule scale, the AT-M6 walkers are quite detailed, and a really good looking model: There is no actual V-4X-D ski speeder of any scale, let alone a 1/550th scale one. The V-4X-D ski speeder has an 11.5m wingspan, so in 1/550th scale that comes out to roughly .8323" or right under 21mm. So having my new Mono M5s 3D printer, I just decided after a couple successful test prints, to just print out my own "Reb Squadron" of V-4X-D ski speeders. I kept the first few test prints, and failures alike, as I plant to have quite a few, including some crashed speeders as well. Some prints were good and others failures, but I kept them all, as they printed out UNBELIEVABLY small and fairly delicate. I cut most of the really delicate supports off prior to curing, and actually ended up with some good ones. I found a simplified 3D rendering on line, one that was not super detailed, nor had any separate parts since these were going to be SO utterly small. I then fed that .SKP file into a freeware version of Sketchup, and exported it as an .STL file so I could import that into the Photon Workshop software and slice the files up. After this got fed into my 3D printer, I could slice it up for printing and export it so I had a squadron in a single go. The first test prints were all singles in case of failure, but they all printed HELLA small. Low and behold, even at only 20.9mm wide, it still printed fairly nicely:: After these few successful (and some not) prints, I moved forward with the "Reb Squadron" from the Battle of Crait. I now have a squadron of 12 1/550th scale Resistance V-4X-D ski speeders, and 3 destroyed/crashed (or soon to be) speeders: I just lost my job after 15 years, so Ive got some time to play with this stuff for a little bit while I find a job/career, so not sure how much time Ill spend splitting with this, as I have a few weeks of severance coming, and my wife and I are going to take a small holiday somewhere for a fall trip before I get back to work. Next trick is to figure out a base, size, configuration ect, ect. Cheers!
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