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  1. Wonderful Kev! These kits really are quite a joy to put together in every sense. Maybe I need a quick Bandai build to kick start my own MoJo......
  2. Bummer Karl, I know the feeling. Sometimes it doesn't even take that much to kill MoJo. I'm in a hunt for mine for sure still............ Good luck, and hopefully you can find it again. Maybe try an ICM Cobra for a change of pace! Fun model to put together
  3. Hope its a great one gents! And hopefully spent any dang way you please.
  4. I have a close friend here in town who builds just like that and loves the research and story..... It's all good!
  5. I guess its each to their own, as this is the ONLY variant I have been waiting for, and to me this is a much more interesting model to make, as I find 0 interest in things that are more broadly used and much more widely seen. I have the earlier B-2 kit w/a Shatton B-3 conversion and its an amazing piece of modeling. If that kit fits 1/2 as good as their Ki-45 it will be a fun model to put together. All mileage will vary I guess!
  6. Lovely build Dennis! I think PCM put out some truly lovely subjects, and this one really came out nice.
  7. I have the same. However I still might buy the B-3 and sub in Shattons wonderful brass barrel.
  8. X2!! Been looking forward to this one for a LOOOONG time.
  9. Great show Kev! I love these kits and looks like this one is going together well despite any difficulties you had.
  10. lol - was thinking a bit more along the lines of sprue pics but hey, ho
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