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  1. Regardless of any issues you've had John it looks terrific! Looks like the kit could benefit from the G-Factor treatment.
  2. I never actually realized my thickness was set like that, I might actually experiment with lowering that
  3. That might have been me John. I run Oramask 810 without the adhesive mat. It really works slick and doesn't take much force. I have a Silouhette Portrait (original) and for Oramsk 810 I use AutoBlade ("Ratchet Blade" on mine) = 1, Speed = 4, Thickness = 26, NO double cut, track enhancing checked.
  4. Wow these are SO great! Its like looking through a time capsule window. Thanks so much for sharing.
  5. I've talked to our secret manu, and I hope he can start prod soon! I think these will be a big hit.
  6. Wow, the scale fidelity on that seat and the rest, really looks great.
  7. Forgot to ask you Tom, what did you use to keep the nose cone on? Is it just pressure fit?
  8. Wow, that is seriously impressive! Really nice looking kit
  9. I myself much prefer the Uschi and Prym rigging, but I have had the same experience with the PE flat rigging. I tried about 5 different ways of trying it, and none of them kept the wire taught like I wanted.
  10. Awesome stuff Dan. For sure this the kind of modeling work that is not for the feint of heart!
  11. Ive had some of the best people in modeling try actual wire rigging, and very few have succeeded that I know personally. Maybe they are all doing something wrong, or maybe they are just that difficult to work with, but honestly having a wide selection of EZ Line of all colors, Uschi rigging of two thicknesses as well as flay Prym "knitting in" thread for the flat Brit rigging, I have my bases fairly covered, and to me the new gen elastic rigging is very forgiving. Ive got ham fists and would likely destroy wire or stretched sprue rigging a moment or two after installing it. So dont feel bad about the wire, I know Ive tried and made a complete mess when I did.
  12. Having read a little further in reviews of people selling the nippers I think I have figured out the diff............... PN-120 (Orange Red) is for an initial cut, out off the runners. The blade is thicker for the PN-120 and can handle a thicker cut. The GH-SPN-120 (Powder Blue) the blades are thinner so it's for a finer cut. So basically you get the red handled more beefier PN-120 are for the initial runner cut, and the more delicate and sharper GH/SPN-120 is for the secondary more precise nip to get any residual sprue nubs off before the X-acto or razor blade/sandpaper comes out.
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