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  1. Thanks gents! At this point no. The way I've designed things, the figures would be about 3/8" tall or so/ish and probably would be fairy folk or hobbit like in size, so might be a bit small for me to do what I want with them.
  2. Thanks gents! Bit more progress...... I got a few small details finished off for the cottage including the front door w/heart shaped window, the front "art piece" which is a Celtic heart knot on a flattened bit of clay. The 5 super tiny bits off to the left are some brass nuts I'm using to detail the timbers that hold up the stairs. I also got started on the bridge that will connect the two sides of the moon garden. It's just setting in position here atm. Here is a view of what the cottage will like like in its final resting spot as well as the bridge setting in position. I also forged on with more clay work and got the upper set of stairs done: Next I got to work on the VERY tiny little row boat and dock that will be at the lower section of the moon garden (eventually) in the resin water. The tiny little row boat was super fun to make, including a set of dinky leaf oars, a bucket and the tiniest little fishing rod ever If course you can't have a row boat with fishing gear and not have a way to board it, so whipped up an equally tiny little dock for it: I had to make some slight modifications to the moon gardens rock base but afterwards the little itty bitty dock fit snugly onto the rocks: More work continues tonight! Cheers,
  3. It really is a HELL of a nice kit, and even all that nicer by the price it can be had atm.
  4. Thanks Lee, I have in fact seen that place before but have not gotten a chance to visit. Definitely has a whimsical feel to it for sure! Knowing that I needed to start the lighting soon, I figured that meant I had to get the base squared away. I have not figured out 100% what I want to do with it yet, but Im about 90% there. I wanted a fairytale/whimsical look to the water surrounding surrounding the moon garden, so to me that meant some very vibrant candy like colors backed with some foil to reflect the light. This will be augmented of course with other things before laying down any colors. Once the moon garden is complete and ready to be mounted I will mount it permanently in the base and then will pour some blue tinted resin in for the water. There will also be lights around the outer edge around the inside of the base that will shine down on the foil. I purposely made sure the foil was wrinkly in areas as I didn't want things too smooth when representing water I also did some experiments with some candy purple and candy green colors. This is still all in play how I will do this, but will figure it out before very long. Lastly, we get to some serious progress on the cottage. I have finished all the basic painting. I have not done any detailing nor any weathering, nor inserted the multitude of wooden support beams. The cottage will get a layer of moss on a lot of the shingles on the roof, and the steps and horizontal surfaces will get a layer of static grass, flowers and mushrooms. (of which the wife loves) Each of the 11 windows including the heart shaped one on the front door I made but have no pics of yet will require insertion of windows I made earlier using thin clear plastic, hot glue and some paint (more pics on those later). With the tower roof setting on temporarily...........I will need to leave that off until I have the lighting for the cottage done. Thanks for looking in on me!
  5. Still moving on with more and more progress......... I got the entire cottage covered in MS 1500 black primer, and picked out a few choice stones for some gold/green and bronze highlights. These will be promptly covered up later...... Switching back to the base for a bit to work on some details. In this case I got the crystal "tree" made that will be lit up and placed along side the pool. I have also got the base made for an actual tiny tree made from CAT V wire that will reside on one of the rocks near the pool as well. I was going to make a GIGANTIC tree that would have sprung from the main moon part, but it was way too obtrusive and I didnt like the way it was looking, so I went the opposite way with it. This will eventually get coated in some drywall paste and then shaped, sanded, painted, then flocked and detailed. The tree will also get a bit of a soil base as well of course for ground cover, scrub, grass, underbrush ect, ect. Long ways to go More....................
  6. Agreed Max. I however am definitely no expert on them, but they seem reasonably close enough for me.
  7. Same! Just had to replace our dining room floor recently so looks like I might have to wait until it hits locally before I can afford to get it.
  8. Bummer Kev, well for whatever it's worth happy belated B day! I honestly nearly forgot my own this year. Guess it's better that the case of COVID-19 I got for my birthday last year!
  9. This I can see all sorts of sales for this including myself! I have the very nice 35th Academy Z Viper and this will go along great with it. I'm thinking a decent new tool LSP Apache is long overdue
  10. I wonder how early they will go... I would suppose that if the kit is as good as we all hope it is, a prototype boxing may even sell well, who knows.
  11. Lovely! As Andy said the colors are really great, not a scheme you often see.
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