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  1. Lovely looking! I really dont think it makes it look any dirtier, but does make it look more detailed IMHO, as the wash seems to have highlighted the details in the riveting and panel lines nicely.
  2. Wow, cool what-if! It does change the whole look for sure.
  3. Good looking progress so far! Welcome to the forums BTW
  4. Wowzers! That is lovely for sure. The paint work is superb. Well done!
  5. If you are referring to the Tamiya rattle cans, they are acrylic lacquer, not unlike MRPs formula. Of course shot out of the can, there is much more particulate coming out. I tend to shoot base coats like that right out of the rattle can but have in the past decanted Tamiyas rattle cans. Its a whole other kettle of fish, that, so Id try laying down a base coat right out of the can on a test mule and see how you like the results. As to the spray booth I think its a very needed accessory if shooting anything other than water based acrylics (which I personally hate) in doors. There are also may DIY ideas for spray booths, that many members have come up with here on LSP too. Also many YouTube vids out there on it as well.
  6. Wow! How are you going to tackle the wingtips?
  7. As long as it's a pic of model radial engine, yes!
  8. Wow, real nice Woody! I love the fact that the rivets are readily visible, VS getting somehow hidden under paint/primer.
  9. Excellent!! If you need differentiation between panels, try graining the foil (in a single direction) on the ceramic tile before glue application. Looking forward to more!
  10. Agreed, things seem faster than they have in a long while
  11. Indeed, my brother has a 48th scale Dynavector Skyshark that is really lovely.
  12. It's always an utter pleasure to watch you work!!!
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