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  1. Thanks all. I've got some more paint down, and things are back in black as it were. MRP-005 sprays amazingly well, especially for gloss black. I don't know if its supposed to be glossy, but it surly is. Unlike a lot of gloss blacks, it dries exceptionally fast, to a hard glossy surface. I start the rest of the masking for the OD tomorrow. Cheers!
  2. Also btw, thanks for all the various updates insights and heads up you give the community, very much appreciated!
  3. Indeed, Happy B-day! Here's hoping its full of things you love to do.
  4. That is awesome! My daughter is 25 and that's about what she weighs. So it is like losing a whole person! Congrats are in order for sure
  5. Looks good in primer! (or partial primer)
  6. Great idea of the size of this beast Mark!
  7. Thanks gents. I've pulled the black surround mask off the shark mouth, and have masked off the rear stabilizers and shot the entire thing with another coat of black Mr Surfacer 1500. I had a couple spots that needed sanding out and if you don't apply primer first MRP (especially gloss black) will show it ALL. Ill work on smoothing the one lone problem area out, and will shoot more MRP black tonight. By tomorrow after letting things harden off, I should be able to start masking for the OD! Cheers!
  8. Indeed it can. I started out making my own splinter mask set on my Silhouette, and did experiment with a rice paper tape mask as well. However, right as I was about a 1/4 of the way through it DN came out with their splinter set, and popped for it, knowing the $40 something would be way worth it after the time it took to make the set myself.
  9. Awesome! Really a great looking model that you done often see built. I've got one and a 202 in the stash to get to one day.
  10. Love it! The 335 is an excellent What-if subject as it fits with a lot of different time lines. Well done!
  11. Great work Dan. Remind me, are you using Fusion 360?
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