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  1. Honestly after using MRP for the last few years, and then switching to some Model Air paint I had initially purchased for my HpH Walrus, I cant say it any better than Kev did. Adhesion can be a big issue too if you're not using a laquer based primer. Hand brushing? Very nice. Air brushing? Very problematic.
  2. 100% agree Jan. The adhesion that it creates allows most any paint to be used without any issues. Dries as smooth as a babies bottom!
  3. Well doesn't that just look marvelous! Really well done. Makes me want to get my own copy
  4. If so, might be worth spraying a layer of Tamiya fine white under the paint, then you could spray any paint you like.
  5. Looks good Kev...........I agree that any trepidation I have re: a build usually goes away the moment the main parts all start to click together, and you can see some major build hurtles clearing. Looking forward to more!
  6. I paid around $100 (actually a 1/32 Tamiya P-51D in trade), roughly about the same as a new 1/32 kit.......... I've been using it now for a couple years, and its paid for itself about 3 times over now. I dont buy custom decals or masks any more, and never ever worry about a kit that doesnt have the decals I want in it; I now just make up my own schemes on the Silouhette cutter. Honestly, for the price of 1 new gen 1/32 model, you can have access to any decal or mask set you want. Very much worth the price IMHO
  7. I agree, I built one of their 12th scale Ducatis ages and ages ago and as I recall after finishing it, I sat wondering "why cant we get this same treatment with our aircraft kits?!??"
  8. Honestly, I pictured Tamiya eventually doing all the mainstays in 32nd, F6F, P-47, Me-109, Fw-190 and maybe even P-38. Not sure any of that will ever come to fruition, but it always seemed logical for them in my head
  9. Just some lovely work going on Kev! The scratch-building effort here is really taking shape nicely. Im not usually one for dressing up the old dolls much these days, but having the Matchbox kit in my stash, I can already tell what leaps and bounds this will be over the basic kit.
  10. Wow, really missed the boat on this one! I think mainly its because you are using flickr, and my company has blocking software on my lt, that includes a block for flickr, so I cant see the pics when I look in sometimes. Having looked later last night after work on my own PC, the pics showed up, and low and behold, that is some amazing work! Looks really terrific, and having this kit in the stash too, I know how many hundreds and hundreds of parts there are to this thing. Well done!
  11. Guys, there really doesn't need to be any of the cheap shot stuff floating around. Really no need at all, as we are all in the same hobby and generally here for the same reasons, and it is actually all supposed to be fun.
  12. The Colonial Viper CAG/Jolly Roger decals are kinda funny
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