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  1. Agreed, it's not really worth getting upset over, it's the same manufacturing process they have had for their first release as well, and seeming for all releases after as well including the Lear and second run of the Viggen. I wasn't trying to make it personal, just passing along the info I was told. We're all here for the same reason, we like large scales Viggens.
  2. All I was stating were the facts; regardless if it hasn't started yet, there is a second run that will move forward for the Viggen. It's not like the company hasnt decided if it will make a second run, its already set it up and has production processing in place.
  3. There is actually two. The second run will be commencing as soon as this first run is finished according to JerMads.
  4. Same, same. I ordered pretty early in the first run, so hopefully should see it towards my birthday at the end of the month.
  5. Freakin amazing!! Things like this look terrific even at this early stage. Wonderful work going on here Ben.
  6. Lovely stuff Vaughn, all the extra effort is definitely paying off.
  7. Wow, excellent! The colors look spot on Karl.
  8. I do have to agree with John that profiles would be much better than a pic of the sheet itself.
  9. Lovely work! The canopy det cord looks really nice. I think that would be a perfect candidate for a Silhouette cutter mask.
  10. Last I went, we went to Air Venture 2015. It was a REAL blast, and got to see some amazing stuff for sure, including getting a LOT of pics up close and personal with the two Mossies that were there. I would have loved to make it to AV 2021, but like a lot of things over the past year and a half, it want in the cards this time around sadly. Take loads of pics for us!
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