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  1. Love it! Looking forward to this one my friend
  2. I like it! Looking good man
  3. Looking good Dan! This will definitely be a unique one on the tables when done. Either that, or you will have taken one for the team, and they will immediately release an IM 1/32nd scale F-106.
  4. Yep, bit of a shame, as the ZM kit is pretty nice, and you really dont see them built that much.
  5. Same here, he taught me everything I ever wanted to know about models, and instilled a distinct love of aviation in me.
  6. Same, no way I could go for grey with that lovely tri-color splinter scheme out there! However, for me having seen SO many Felistowes at competitions in the past, some well done, some not so much, the Felix really doesnt have that much of a presence for me at shows any more, rare or not. The Viggen for me will have way, WAY more presence on the tables.
  7. You could say "Draco" (currently being rebuilt after a 2019 crash) could be the Viggen of the civi sector..............
  8. Im no SME, but Id venture to say someone round here knows something about the Bu 131A /Ki-86a and or has a decent pic of now the engine panels open.
  9. Great! I really love the little Fi-156. Looking forward to more!
  10. I always think of this video when I think of the Viggen and its brutal looks, power and astonishing agility
  11. Maybe Peters Race 80, back from the Dec 6th Whats new? https://www.klp.com.au/product/building-race-80-spitfire-mk-xive-in-1-18-scale/
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