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  1. Wow, the teal/black/nmf is really striking! Cant wait to see everything unmasked.
  2. Yes, you wont regret that purchase, they are surpemly nice in hand.
  3. Not just you! This came together amazingly fast IMHO. Great work for any amount of time, but really amazing for such a short time period.
  4. Neat! Are you doing an all NMF on the 182 or are you throwing in other colors? Looking forward to more
  5. Great work! I still have another Kingfisher to get meself.
  6. I have to say, I like Mr Color, and I have a lot of stock of it left, and yes it is easier to get for sure. But in reality, for me personally it hasnt been that hard to get the MRP paints I need. I've had a total of two back orders of paints I wanted but couldn't get since I started fully switching over to MRP. I'd probably be shooting Mr Color exclusively, but for me personally, I have found the spraying qualities and mixing consistency of MRP exceeds Mr Color. For me, the mix with Mr Color never turns out identical, and I do occasionally get a bit less smooth surface when I shoot Mr Color. I've still got a LOT of Mr Color and I choose MRP most every single time when I shoot through the airbrush. All mileage may vary.
  7. That really is the cool thing about MRP, since its suspended in a lacquer carrier it really bites into plastic and resin like lacquer, and maybe even better than then the MM enamels used previously.
  8. Fi-156 has long been a favorite of mine, easily top 10, maybe top 5. Such a long storied history, with very unique performance characteristics. The look of a Storch is unmistakable too.
  9. I dont have the kit yet, but do already have a set of Ali's gear inserts. What Andy and I were discussing was when Ali's clear resin turrets were going to be available. Looking forward to them!
  10. Hate Tamiya paints except for brushing. I've never EVER had consistant luck using them for the airbrush. M R P ALL the way for me; easiest and most silky smooth paint I've shot so far.
  11. 100% Max. It also makes us WAY more aware of other motorcyclists while we are driving on cars too.
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