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  1. $128 a pop for each is a pretty good deal it would seem to me
  2. I agree with you both actually. Most all the things Bob pointed out are true, with the exception of the outright cost IMHO. Ive used Mr Color for years, and it sprays wonderfully for sure. My only issue was ever inconsistency, as in thinning inconsistencies. One of my grumbles about MRP (the fact that it was pre-thinned, as cost isnt really a factor at this point) is now is one of the things I love about it. I used to go through a lot of Mr color thinner bottles, and I find that I go through thinner much less overall since switching to MRP. With the addition of the paints being handled by SB.com, it takes care of another. If the mix is just perfect on Mr Color, it can spray just as nice as MRP overall. However getting there I have found is the issue. No muss no fuss with MRP I have found, and now I love the fact that I can just open a bottle of MRP, shake it and put some in the airbrush and go..............and each and every time you know the mix ratio will be exactly the same. Dont get me wrong I love Mr Color too, as it brush paints very well, and is smooth as glass and quite bullet proof. To get around the brush painting thing with MRP, I just take a bit of the color I used and want to touch up, and put it in a medicine cup, and then another in a bit of water on a candle warmer, and it generally thickens the MRP paint right up so you can brush it.
  3. Its no more or less safe than any lacquer based paint. That is to say, you need very adequate ventilation, breathing equipment or both. An evacuation setup for fumes and particulate can go a long way to keeping yourself safe while spraying. Of course applying a bit of common sense when it comes to where you spray goes a ways as well.
  4. Oh yay! Probably not up for any guessing games, as this lot is usually Johnny-on-the-spot with that kind of thing. Looking forward to seeing what it is! Any new release in the king of scales is a good thing in my book
  5. Good to know they were there at least. Im actually surprised they were not there in a vendor capacity. Did they say why they were there as visitors/spectators only? Pure curiosity
  6. Wow, the micro TV monitors are amazing looking!! Where did you find them?
  7. Low blow Wolf for this midwestern steak eating boy!
  8. Unfortunately I'm very aware of that and its my main point all together. I flew actual quarter scale R/C with my dad for many years, and that "expression" is one of the if not the largest pet peeves of mine in all of modeling. Specifically when it comes to anything other that something that is a forth the size of the real deal. Unlike every other term in our hobby, somehow 1/48th got associated with that term, when it had no association to the actual meaning of "quarter scale". 1 quarter inch is NOT quarter scale; its one quarter inch scale, big difference. Quarter scale is the same as any other scale, its size is in its name; in this case a quarter or 1/4th if the real thing. Just like "half scale" is just that, one half of the 1:1. In my book scale is science and for me the terms aren't interchangeable.
  9. Would love to attend, but San Marcos is as far or further from me as Tennessee was/is. Ill have to pass until Vegas hits................then Im down.
  10. This is the only newish dedicated Spitfire movie I can find on NetFlix
  11. Wow, that is amazing work!! Definitely continue with 32nd, as it seems to pair well with your skills.
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