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  1. Yyyyyyyyyyep! That is super duper spiffy.
  2. Wow, missed the finish on this one!!! Really great work, the water finish is especially nice.
  3. Yeah that's really shaping up to be a real winner!
  4. Wow, If the price is even remotely decent Id take one. Im not as big of a Munk fans as evident in this thread, but there are just so many cool schemes, and lest face it, its just a neat little bird.
  5. I kid, but great news, and an extremely good piloting job
  6. All you would need is a hosting site (Flikr, SmugMug, PhotoBucket <not my choice) and you can link to any picture Awesome news! Thanks so much for posting this and updating us, this is such a great thing to see.
  7. Oh yes, I would for SURE pic up a SPAD from them. A SPAD would also have to be on my want list.
  8. I still want my WnW Fokker D .VIII, and my WnW Siemens-Schuckert D.IV, then Im probably out of wants myself.
  9. Man, starting around .43 mark that is one HELL of a straight away! Mesmerizing at a sustained 225mph!!! Thats got to be a thrill
  10. I can only imagine what a WnW Macchi M-5 would be like......
  11. Wow, that is unique, I've not ever seen an oblique cannon mounted in that position (s) before. Cool!
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