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  1. Out2gtcha

    me 163 HASAGAWA

    Very nice!
  2. Out2gtcha

    Dragon Bf110E NJG 1

    Excellent Max! Really great work.
  3. Ill be at the Nationals in Phoenix, so Im not "planning" on anything but I know the way the NATs work, and ill probably end up having to ship stuff home.
  4. Out2gtcha

    Yak-3 Special Hobby

  5. Out2gtcha

    Subject vs Scale vs Time

    Its a thing I personally have. I hate, HATE having similar planes or from similar time frames or similar looks that differ in scale. I dont know what it is, but it bugs the @#&* out of me. The only way I ever switch scales is if Im super passionate about the subject and its either not available in 1/32nd or its just way WAY too big to be modeled in 1/32nd for me, or both. I guess some would call me a scale snob, but for me it has to do with displaying all my models together in relation to each other, and the size of them being in relation to their real size. Probably also has to do with my mild OCD.
  6. Out2gtcha


    Thasks gents! It all happened inside my glass and aluminum display case
  7. Out2gtcha

    Hasegawa N1K2 George

    That's looking excellent Kev. The blend job on the cowl.looks great
  8. Out2gtcha


    We have 4 animals, so hearing a "crashing sound" and having a few animals scatter is never a good thing in the house. When I heard this sound only 2 out of 4 were accounted for, so I figured it was probably a couple of cats getting into it. Nope. I wheeled around the corner from my living room to see a couple of awards I had place on the wall on the 3rd shelf, sitting on top of my B-25 Lady LiL at the very bottom of my display case....................but not before it bounced off of the wing of my OV-10D, which pushed it into my SPAD. Yay, a 3-fer. I have some repair work to do thats for sure, with the OV-10D taking the worst of it: Got the antenna and only 1 missile on the SPAD. Even in model form the Skyraider is a tough bird: The OV-10D got the worst damage by far. Itll take a bit to fix what was wobbly gear before the accident: The awards that fell have been there for nearly 6 years, but needless to say, Ill be taking the rest of the hanging ones down!
  9. Out2gtcha

    MiG-21 UM "Hungarian Air Force"

    Times TWO! That is outrageously good. The pictures are excellent as well.
  10. Out2gtcha

    Icaerodesign Extra 330-SC

    There are some spots that are going to need a lot of work....................... I got the red right (will need over-spray correction), but must have had the elevator off position when I did the blue: Lots of areas like the vertical stab to rudder area that will need over-spray touchups: The rear turtle deck, especially the starboard side is going to need some attention to correct the blue point and the red and blue transition areas at the back overall: The gear, wing root, forward fuselage stripes and especially wheel pant on the starboard side will all have to be fixed, as they are some of the worst areas on the paint job right out of the booth: The bottom had similar opportunities for leaking, bleeding and over-spray, but still turned out pretty decent: Overall, Im very happy at this stage, and feel like Im getting some actual progress made. There is still a POSTERIOR load of things to fix on the paint now, but at this stage with everything that has happened Ill take it. Cheers for now!
  11. Out2gtcha

    Icaerodesign Extra 330-SC

    Thanks one and all........................we have (to the degree I had hoped anyway) SUCCESS!! Again, the blue looks a lot lighter and brighter under my photo booth lights than it actually is, but the blue is a tad lighter still than Jeffs real planes blue is, but hey-ho, at this point with all of the potential spots to lift a mask, peel a corner, bleed or otherwise get over-spray, Ill take this result as a starting point for sure! It is a great base to start the touchup process, and I know I keep harping that point, but I guess with this scheme I anticipated 3 color airbrush touch up stage that will likely entail touching up all 3 colors by airbrush. It will take an extra bit of time but will be worth it in the end. Although the blue did turn out decent, as I had predicted, this thing will now need a lot of touch-up paint work for the blue, red and white. This is raw out of the paint booth, but you can see there are a lot of areas of over-spray, paint bleed and general paint scheme misalignment................. MORE.................................
  12. Out2gtcha

    Flat monofilament. Finally found some !

    Cool, apparently what I need to be finding is 2-4 lb test!
  13. I talked to his PR guy, and apparently its a specific "aerobatic version" of the Bonanza (whatever that actually means) with beefed up internal spars and re-enforcing plates, smoke/oil tank, back up controls and some other less observable differences.
  14. Out2gtcha

    Flat monofilament. Finally found some !

    How many Lbs test are .004" & .006 out of curiosity Bob?