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  1. Nice! It looks really great under primer...........Cons? Like as in your modeling setup, or cons with the Job?
  2. Well isn't that a little beauty!
  3. In a way, in the end it kind of is I found. I have experimented with both pastels and Tamiyas weathering pallets, and both similarly do change drastically when sealed with clear. That soft feathered dry look can change to an almost imperceptible change in tone only. I think the clear ruined (to a lesser degree) the weathering pallets too, and basically removed all of the effects the pastels/pallets were trying to achieve.
  4. How close is the D/N kit to being realistic for this OOB scheme?
  5. X2! That probably is one of the only solution that let you keep the super nice detail of the resin bay, while getting the correct outer well setup without any gaps. Well done man!
  6. The devil is in the details.................And that's a hell of a thing right there! Love it
  7. Thanks guys! I think ALL of this type of input is only, and can only be considered a good thing. A very good thing AAMOF, as those who are very concerned with total accuracy or those like Lothar who see things they cannot un-see, you can take it as valuable information to correct the things needed. Anyone who is Ok with certain details being off can take the knowledge and do, or not do anything they want including correcting or ignoring. That's why I love this place!
  8. Nice! Love the look of those MRP colors. They spray SO so beautifully
  9. Ive only seen that kind of thing at the larger shows, mainly the Nationals. Doesn't happen that often, and the last time I personally saw anything like that it was the 2011 US NATs. I find it quite entertaining! Most often than not the guys who do it seem like desperately lonely guys whos only concern/love/contact with anyone is through modeling, and they need to feel superior to someone in SOME aspect of their lives.
  10. Hrmmmm..............From what I have read so far, the kits seemed quite promising with what I though was fairly minor corrective stuff. Are there more major issues that I am not aware of?
  11. Really excellent work! Highly unusual scheme you dont see often
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