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  1. Out2gtcha

    Wingnut wings is developing three new kits

    Go for Georges!!!!
  2. Out2gtcha

    Wingnut wings is developing three new kits

    I almost guarantee it wont be a DR.1, but with two current D.VIII models out, I have serious doubts about getting a WnW D.VIII either. I would buy multiples of each however if we ever got either.
  3. Out2gtcha

    Wingnut wings is developing three new kits

    Wowie! Can't wait to see what they come up with. I'm sure as normal, it will something no one guesses.
  4. Excellent work Kent! Looking forward to more of your magic
  5. Indeed, I just got done using some HpH (actually printed by HGW) wet transfers. they really worked a treat, and have near 0 appreciable thickness to them. I also found they seem to transfer better to a slightly glossy surface too.
  6. Out2gtcha

    1:32 scale Hansa Brandenburg W.29

    That engine is a little work of art! Great looking start
  7. Glad you and yours came through the storm well!
  8. Out2gtcha

    AIMS Ju388 L1 conversion - She's got wings

    Pure awesomeness..................cant wait to see the RFIs!
  9. Out2gtcha

    Happy Birthday LSP Dan..

    Blue skies Dan...............RIP
  10. Out2gtcha

    FG1-D VMF 351 USS Gloucestor

    Excellent! Really a well done and super colorful build!
  11. Out2gtcha

    Some gratuitous airplane porn...

    Great shots! I've always loved the Orion.
  12. Out2gtcha

    Another Corsair: Tamiya's F4U-1D

    Wow is that ever purty!
  13. Out2gtcha

    1/72 Bandai Millennium Falcon, Perfect Grade

    Wow! That is super well done. Congrats!
  14. Out2gtcha

    1/18 P51C Mustang "Lopes Hope the 3rd"

    Ever so well done and lovely as always Peter