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  1. A quite amateur one. Not a ton of watches in my stash, but I've been dreaming of a Breitling B50 for years. I simply cant justify the price
  2. Very sad to hear this, he was involved in some incredable moments in history.
  3. 200% brother..... On both accounts.
  4. That really is quite good. Really is an extremely attractive model!
  5. Looks great! But yes, IIRC I think Richard is correct in the landing gear fairing was plywood and made in an upper and lower half sections
  6. Does sound like an adventure! Poor doggo, hopefully after things settle down he'll get better.
  7. I've got the HpH 410, and no it will not easy. A nice kit, but I know HpH kits well and it will be a daunting and complicated build. I too would JUMP on an IM HpH 410.
  8. Lovely! I know how hard these HpH kits are to take though to completion. Well done!
  9. Hrmmm that odd. Just recently had some decanted Tamiya AS-12 in a glass jar mixed with some Mr leveling thinner and ever since my Iwata has been spitting out what now is textured paint. I'm going to have to tear it down completely. Not sure if it just went bad or what.
  10. Thanks John. This one didn't feel like there was much effort exerted but the outcome is acceptable. The kit is really superb.
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