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  1. Project 19/22 1/32 GWH model, Montex mask,Art Scale mask, Quinta Studio 3D decals, Eduard wheels, Tally-Ho stencil decals, all colours MRP
  2. Sorry, but landing gear is not planned. Now the latest news is the Radom for Mig-23 and we are preparing the missiles. R-23R/T R-24R/T R-60
  3. My Corsairy number 18. I will build two more F4U-1Ds this year, F4U-1 Maj. Owens, VMF-215, Munda 1943 1/32 Tamiya model, Barracuda wheels, Quinta Studio 3D cockpit, Maketar Mask, All colours MRP.
  4. Thanks all! Here are all photos from build progress. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?vanity=miloslav.hraban&set=a.6060977170586070
  5. Project 18/22 1/32 F4U-1D Tamiya. he Tamiya model will be converted using parts from the Trumpeter model. Barracuda wheels, Painting mask homemade, Aires propeller, Verlinden Cockpit, Quinta studio 3D cockpit, All colours MRP
  6. Project 16/22 1/32 Revell model, Eduard cockpit (ED 632022), undercariage legs (ED 632079) & exhaust (ED 632020), Eagle Cals EC#132, Barracuda gun cover, Aires bulges, All colours MRP.
  7. 1/32 Revell model, Eagle Cals EC#99, Barracuda wheels, Eduard cockpit, HGW Rivet set. All colours MRP
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