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  1. For me Telford has always been a social event with unlimited possibilities to shop for every day stuff, specials, new kits, rare and hard to find stuff etc., etc., etc.. You can watch jaw dropping models in every corner of the halls, you meet friends from all over for a chat, for good laughs, for fantastic get-togethers, share an evening and a dinner with good friends, some conversations may end in the bar with different outcomes - but hey - as Radu said - you have to see it and be there to understand it AND to enjoy it. Lothar
  2. That's a fantastic build all around. If the exhausts do indeed fit as good and close as they should, I'll have to get me this kit as well - very inspiring !!!! Lothar
  3. I'll keep my fingers crossed for a speedy and fully recovery of the eye. Lothar
  4. Perfect result, I wish I had the gutts to do it freehand!!
  5. Thanks for posting, great to see these flying again. Makes my fingers itch to build another one. Lothar
  6. Thanks for posting the pictures, indeed a wonderful summary of the fantastic variety of models to see - wish I could have been there!!! Lothar
  7. Lots of AM to deal with, but excellent choice, I have a soft spot for the Growler. Good luck. Lothar
  8. Thank you Jerry, your description "blue green" in the "Yellow 10" convinced me. Very helpful, I think there's not too much I can do wrong mixing my own "paint" Lothar
  9. Excellent work and choice of markings - well done, love it!!! Lothar
  10. Simply beautifuly Tolga, your paintwork so far looks superior - it's hard to wait for more progress. Lothar
  11. Thank you all for your helpful and informative answers. I guess adding a few drops of RLM 76 to the "duck egg green" can't be that wrong - and you're all correct, prove me wrong Lothar
  12. I pulled a Fw 190D-9 with the late tail from the SOD, What puzzles me is the color call out for the fuselage sides which according to the instructions (color No. 26) is Gunze 74 "sky duck egg green". I have this paint but to me it looks just like the RAF Sky - that's why I bought it. Did the Germans indeed use an equivalant color or is this just a "close" call out? My knowledge is more than limited in this regard. Any hints or help would be greatly appreciated. Lothar
  13. That's the most wanted conversion for me these days - how much longer do I have to wait??? Lothar
  14. Not going to make it this year, the first time in 25 years.Those of you lucky oned don't forget to go for some Indian food, there are some above average Indian restaurants all around Telford - has always been a treat for me !! Lothar
  15. Terrific build - hats off!!! Very nice set up too!! Lothar
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