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  1. Both the -/C and the -/-D/N are on top of my "need to build" list and should circumstances allow this thread will be my bible for the -C. Hats off - exemplary explanation and "how to do it right" work steps . Lothar
  2. Thank you all for your good wishes. Just was released from hospital ths morning. I took a dive down the stairs on 1st of Jan. resulting in a fractured sacrum plus 3 fractured vertebraes which they tried to fix in a 6 hr. surgery. SWMBO now has all the reasons to call me Mr. Titanium. Imagine, more than 3 weeks with no chance to visit LSP - pure horror !!! Again, thank you for your good wishes and remembering me Lothar
  3. Mostly Oldies (60/70/80) but all overtuned by my own cursing about the BS I'm about to create Lothar
  4. Luckymodel presently have 2 Mirage 2000D/N in stock: https://www.luckymodel.com/scale.aspx?item_no=KH32022 Lothar
  5. It's been nothing but a real pleasure to know you from the very first day, in good and bad days! Stay strong! Lothar
  6. This is my none native English speaker's interpretation: It's all about a football game England vs. France at the Twickersham stadium and the English team was expected to trash the French team. In the end, either team could have won the game, so the English became pretty nervous and bummed. If the above is correct, I apply for a job as a Kindergarten teacher on a Scottish Island with no residents at all Lothar
  7. I'd love to participate in the "Air Superiority" GB with either a Mirage 2000C, resp. Mirage 2000-5. Now here's my question: Could both versions be wired for the Air Superiority role with only air to air missiles? Somewhere in the deepest dungeons of my ageing grey cells I seem to remember that this was actually more a task for the 2000-5. If yes, what squadrons flew the -5 in this role, I know the "Cigognes" did, but I need to get the Berna Decals for this squadron (which I actually like a lot) - the new Renaissance -5 cockpit is also already on its way. Out of the box the -C would of course offer the easiest solution because I could use the kits IP with using some Eduard printed instruments. Any comments are very much appreciated. Lothar
  8. My fingers itch, but I'm not certain: Would a Mirage 2000C equipped with only AtoA missiles fit the bill? Apologies if this question sounds stupid Lothar
  9. Beauty, stunning build, excellent finish and choice of markings Lothar
  10. I don't have any reference material on the Tigercat -zero, zilch, nada, njente - and my WWW search didn't show the results I was hoping for, so I guess my best bet would be to adress my questions to the experts here: 1. Did the Tigercat (all versions) have counter-rotating or clockwise turning props? 2, Would the F7F-3N (nightfighter) operationally ever carry HVAR rockets? Any comment is highly appreciated. Lothar
  11. Can you see that little guy a bit further down the track with the black/white checkered flag? No idea why I can hardly wait to see this beauty waved off and finished Lothar
  12. I love this thread Olivier, so many excellent ideas and lots to learn !!! Lothar
  13. What he said, I don't think it can get any better than that
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