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  1. What squadron and what aircraft number do you fancy? Lothar
  2. That's more than excellent detail work, you're scratch building abilities leave me speechless Lothar
  3. What the others said, pretty fast now - a joy Lothar
  4. That's a piece of art - just spectacular. Your hard work did indeed pay off. Congratulations Lothar
  5. I can only repeat what others have already said: Fantastic build from the interior to the finish - top notch Lothar
  6. Stunning build, I really do love the finish, it adds so much life to this beauty Lothar
  7. That's the one I buy, no matter if I will ever be able to build it or not Lothar PS: THANKS for posting !!!
  8. Now ain't that a beauty Fantastic build in all aspects !!! Lothar
  9. Stunning build and finish Lothar
  10. Saw a Magister for the first time a couple of years ago at the Leeuwarden airshow, what an agile and yet impressive little airplane she is ! I did enjoy a fantastic display (including low level). Lothar (Posted this to figure out how to post pictures
  11. What Brian said, looking at pictures of the real deal you excellently captured the looks - beautiful build Lothar
  12. I followed this from almost the beginning and I enjoy every single step and its result Lothar
  13. Brilliant, top notch modelling - one of the best I've seen Lothar
  14. This model belongs to the best I have seen in this scale - what a stunner Lothar
  15. I'm glad all went well Brian. Speedy recovery and I'm sure you'll be fine in the long run, just don't overdo things. My wife smiled and nodded when I told her about your success. Lothar
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