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  1. Lothar

    S-3B Viking - scratchbuilt

    PM sent, hope it helps!! Lothar
  2. Lothar

    F-104G Belgian air force

    Your foil work is simply outstanding, my brain refuses to understand how such a perfect result can be achieved !!!!! Lothar
  3. Lothar

    L-39 Albatros Romanian Air Force

    Such a beauty deserves more than 3 pictures - hats off Lothar
  4. Lothar

    Trumpeter F/A-18F Super Hornet

    +1 for Jake's book, it's indeed excellent and a must have reference. Lothar
  5. Lothar

    How To Build An RF-4B?

    You'll neeed the long nozzles for the last 10 airframes build, you can easily identify them as they are in the BuNo. 1573xxx range. All other issues have been dealt with in the posts above. Lothar
  6. Lothar

    Grumman F9F Panther Trumpeter 1/48.

    Now that's a beauty, excelllent finish too Lothar
  7. Lothar

    Beware naked images

    Stunning pictures Buccaneer and Lightning Bruntinghorpe ? Lothar
  8. Lothar

    happy B-day Out2gtcha

    Happy Birthday Brian, make it a day to remember !!!! Lothar
  9. Lothar

    Grandpa again!!!!

    Congratulations, I hope mommy is as well as little Joshua - and don't forget - being Grandpa is the most responsible job on this planet Lothar
  10. A beauty - and what a beauty Lothar
  11. Lothar

    Junkers Diorama

    This belongs to the Hall of Fame for Dioramas - it's a pleasure to look at your pics over and over and over !!!! Lothar
  12. Lothar

    48th scale Wyvern S.4 - Westland's Bedeviled Dragon

    Three thumbs up and a deep bow - top notch modelling. Total Impression is just WOW !!! Lothar
  13. Lothar

    Tamiya A6M2 Type 21 - Mojo Reisen

    Fantastic build and finish - I love the light weathering and yet there's a lot of contrast - beautiful Lohar
  14. Lothar

    Rules of the Road

    Thanks !! Waiting for a few bits and pieces from BigH and then it's a go……... Lothar
  15. Lothar

    Revell F-4F Pahntom II GAF last flight

    Fantastic build Chris, in my neck of the woods things like tat are called "hammergeil" Lothar