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  1. Yes, that's exactly what you should do - a Ki-44 would look spectacular
  2. I'm hoping the front row seats haven't all be taken by now. Excellent choice of markings for this build. I had the pleasure to see a Polish Block 52 Viper in Tiger Meet markings at the meet at Cambrais: I'll definitely follow this one with immense interest. Lothar
  3. In this case you should stop playing around with plastic kid's toys
  4. Not only French modelers...... and a Rafale immediately after that !! Lothar
  5. Thanks, now I'm getting it - insider talk and language !! Lothar
  6. Excellent progress, cockpit looks fantastic - keep on going !!! Lothar
  7. Pardon my ignorance, but what the heck are "mopar heads"? I've read this thread as thorougly as I could but I guess I'd understand more from two people talking Souaheli to each other Lothar
  8. Fantastic build, finish and choice of markings Chris - hats off!!! Lothar
  9. That's indeed an impressive set up for your SH. Will look stunning once finished and with the model in place. Congrats!!! Lothar
  10. Pitty, I don't do any form of FB by principle, but so be it Lothar
  11. I use regular printer paper cut in very thin stripes. I glue one of them in the correct length in place and then apply very thin superglue on to the paper. The paper soaks the superglue like a sponge and hardens the soft paper. Looks very convincing - at least to me Lothar
  12. Those wheel bays look spectacular - tremendous result. Also the air scoops. Wish I could achieve similar results with my abilities. Lothar
  13. I just hope that there's still a front row seat for me to watch your progress. I hope to learn a lot from your progress - thanks for posting Excellent idea to get some AM GBU-12. Lothar
  14. That's an ambitious project that'll keep you busy for a while with all the aftermarket stuff. Will follow with interest Lothar
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