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  1. Lothar

    1/32 Revell GR4 Tornado

    Brilliant, top notch modelling - one of the best I've seen Lothar
  2. This model belongs to the best I have seen in this scale - what a stunner Lothar
  3. Lothar


    I'm glad all went well Brian. Speedy recovery and I'm sure you'll be fine in the long run, just don't overdo things. My wife smiled and nodded when I told her about your success. Lothar
  4. Lothar


    Brian, I hope everything goes well, but I wouldn't worry too much. My wife had this type of surgery two years ago performed by a well reputated surgeon who actually learned and studied this sort of minimal invasive method in the US. I almost fainted when I came to visit her on the second day after surgery and saw her standing on her own in front of the hospital smoking a cigarette. Recovery went smooth, however, she's still a bit limited in her movement - like lifting heavy fhings - but most importantly, she's free of pain ever since. Heads up, your doctors understand their jobs and know their business. All the best from across the pond Lothar
  5. Lothar

    Academy SUFA

    Bought two new ones just a couple of weeks ago from an ebayseller here in Germany. Got them for € 79 each because I bought two. Nice catch for me. Usually they go for over € 100 overhere. Lothar
  6. Lothar

    PSA - Save 15% on Ebay today

    IF, only if, you succeed, tell me the secret. There's a SWMBO here in Germany who would love you for that Lothar
  7. Yesss, please !!! Lothar
  8. Lothar

    P-51 B Mustang III

    WOW - I'm deeply impressed, this is top shelf modelling and finishing - hats off !!!! Lothar
  9. Lothar

    S-3B Viking - scratchbuilt

    PM sent, hope it helps!! Lothar
  10. Lothar

    F-104G Belgian air force

    Your foil work is simply outstanding, my brain refuses to understand how such a perfect result can be achieved !!!!! Lothar
  11. Lothar

    L-39 Albatros Romanian Air Force

    Such a beauty deserves more than 3 pictures - hats off Lothar
  12. Lothar

    Trumpeter F/A-18F Super Hornet

    +1 for Jake's book, it's indeed excellent and a must have reference. Lothar
  13. Lothar

    How To Build An RF-4B?

    You'll neeed the long nozzles for the last 10 airframes build, you can easily identify them as they are in the BuNo. 1573xxx range. All other issues have been dealt with in the posts above. Lothar
  14. Lothar

    Grumman F9F Panther Trumpeter 1/48.

    Now that's a beauty, excelllent finish too Lothar
  15. Lothar

    Beware naked images

    Stunning pictures Buccaneer and Lightning Bruntinghorpe ? Lothar