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  1. Even at this early painting stage she already looks like a contest winner Lothar
  2. Looking into the cockpit, have you considered the HGW seatbelts? I love them and BH have them.
  3. Oh so true Max, and then there's some nice weather with other things to enjoy.......
  4. Looks more than promising so far, she'll turn out a true beauty I'm sure.... Lothar
  5. What's the scheduled start date for your build Max? You know, impatience can ruin one's day....... Lothar
  6. That's not the vac kit Max, no way - looks to good to be vac formed plastic Lothar
  7. Excellent build Tolga, everything looks spot on Lothar
  8. I've gotten an appointment at the local hairdresser 2 weeks after they've reopened and asked them if they had a shearer available that day. After the cut prices on the wool markets were in free fall. But it felt so good not to look like a Tibetian Terrier anylonger. Lothar
  9. Here in Germany wearing a mask plust "social" distance in public transport, stores and crowded places is still mandatory. On the postive side, borders within the EU are open, restaurants and hotels did open again, you can have vacation within the EU, but still, those rules still apply in every EU country (maybe except UK). I'm stuck with COPD but wearing a mask in public doesn't cause any problems for me - except that my glasses fog easily. One big advantage: I wear a mask and glasses while driving and I can speed on highways without any risk - if they take a picture of me it's their turn to prove that I was the driver . Another positive aspect, Covid is not on TV 24 hrs a day as it used to be.
  10. The only effective method I know to protect OTHERS is one or two teaspoons of castor oil before you go out. You don't dare to cough or sneeze no matter where you are or go.
  11. You do indeed waste no time Kent, I'll follow this with great interest and I'm sure it will turn out another showstopper!! Lothar
  12. What a stunner !!! This is definitely the best model of a T-33 I've ever seen I've very much enjoyed your WIP, so many things to learn from!! Lothar
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