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  1. That was a fantastic journey you took us on Max, a pleasure to follow from start to finish and as most others already said - a stunner Lothar
  2. I admire your building quality despite your building speed. Speed and quality impress me!! That's gonna be fantastic model. Lothar
  3. ICM are definitely excellent in marketing research, product and design management. Their surface quality (I have a few of the 48 Ju 88's and He 111's) is indeed impressive. It's so convincing, that I've just ordered the newly released Bü131D with Cadet figures, and I will definitely get their CR42 once released - I have a passion for Italian interwar and WWII aircraft designs and camouflage and markings. I guess they have thought of me when they decided for the CR.42 Lothar
  4. You build terrific models - this one included - faster than I can open a kit and go through the contents !! Another beauty from you. Lothar
  5. I'd leave it as is, IMO it looks just perfect! Lothar
  6. Don't tell me, it was a pricey lesson I've learned......
  7. Yessssss, most likely I will not build it, but MUST have it just to have it Strange attitude - I know. Lothar
  8. Stunning builds, all of them, it's impossible to pick a favourite Lothar
  9. That's going to be a very ambitious project - and excellent work on the G.55 too !! Lothar
  10. Stunning build and paintwork - hats off!!! Lothar
  11. Fantastic attention to detail, absolutely fantastic Lothar
  12. Very rewarding progress to follow along - fantastic build !! Lothar
  13. That's indeed a very interesting build to follow ! Lothar
  14. Excellent build, paintwork and weathering - well done!!!! Lothar
  15. I visit other forums occasionally, but LSP has become the forum of my choice. I love the diversity, the knowledge shown and the objectivity and politeness here. Not to forget the useful help you get when you ask questions. Lothar
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