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  1. I like your idea and products! Do you consider shipping to Europe? And yes, stick with the name - it's different and I like it. Lothar
  2. You have proven your ability to cope with small mishaps quite a few times, I have no doubts at all that this one will be another easy one for you. Other than that, outstanding work in all respects, impressive build so far Lothar
  3. Outstanding work throughout It's been very interesting to follow along!! Lothar
  4. I love it, always had a soft spot for railraod modelling. I'm still dreaming of building a small bridge / tunnel section of rails somewhere in the Canadian Rockies showing just a CPR locomotive with two or three cars, nothing more. You've made an excellent choice and executed it beautifully - hats off !!! Lothar
  5. Better late than never, you'll solve that problem with the blink of an eye I'm sure Lothar
  6. Good to hear you're fine, to hear it's just a seasonal flue must be a relief
  7. Fantastic build, paintwork, weathering and excellent choice of markings
  8. You've tamed the Echelon Lightning, you're also going to turn this one into a beauty I'm sure Lothar
  9. I see Big H offers a set for Tamiya and one for Revell. The dimensions for the Revell set are as follows: I hope the above might be useful. PM sent btw. Lothar
  10. Just wow - most impressive paintjob and weathering Lothar
  11. Personally, I find the stats bar a nuisance and irritating - I don't want to know who got gold for the most posts in a thread etc., etc.,- but again, it's just me. If the majority likes it, fine - otherwise the upgrade makes for a very nice and clean appearance, picture posting from SmugMug tested and no problem at all. All in all Lothar
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