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  1. you'll not regret joining, LSP - for me it's THE place to go. My personal favorite would be the Eduard P-40. It's based on the Hasegawa P-40N which is a very nice kit, good fit, nice details plus you get all the Eduard goodies. I've recently built their P-40M and it was a no-headache-build. And yes, please post pictures of what ever you go with !!! Lothar
  2. Stunning build, perfect finish and photography too Lothar
  3. Beautiful build . Did you enjoy building it? These Hasegawa kits are really nice IMHO. Lothar
  4. What a beautiful war-weary warrior. Excellent weathering, I like what I see !! Lothar
  5. How can I determine what type of seat belt was used in a Spitfire Mk.IX around 1944? I know of three types of Sutton harness, the Q, QK and QS. Now what would be the correct one? I fancy the HGW belts, but I'm confused by the sheer number of their offerings. All help is appreciated. Lothar
  6. I pulled this kit from the SOD where it has been rotting for at least 4 years. It's the really nice Hasegawa kit with some Eduard etched parts, CMK resin bits (weapons bay), kit decals (except for the national markings for which I used home made masks from Tamiya tape), paints used were Gunze throughout: I hope you like what you see. Modelling isn't as easy as it used to be, hands have become shaky and eyesight is diminishing, but I still enjoy it. Lothar
  7. Wow, just wow - what a stunning build - hats off !! Lothar
  8. Stunning build, I love the paintwork and finish as well as the added details Lothar
  9. Excellent workmanship in all aspects, that's going to be a showstopper Lothar
  10. wherever you are or whatever you do, I DO hope you're well !!!!! Lothar
  11. Excellent build and finish, I love your choice of markings - beautifully photographed as well Lothar
  12. Could I use the Italerie Mirage III/R to build a Belgian Airforce Mirage V/BR? As far as I know both the E and BR used the Atars 09 engine, so the main difference would be the avionics/nose but since the reconaissance nose is used this could be ignored. Where am I wrong? Any help is appreciated. Lothar
  13. Looks promising Karl, can't wait for more progress Lothar
  14. I can't believe what I see - this is absolutely stunning Lothar
  15. Have a look here: https://www.ebay.de/itm/A-6a-Intruder-Resin-Cockpit-Details-fur-Trumpeter-1-32-Avionix-32061/283478335669?hash=item4200a020b5:g:OdgAAOSwBJpcxw~v It's reasonably priced. Hope the link works Lothar
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