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  1. Giovanni...I received your Wessex sets a couple of days ago and was more than concerned if I can assemble them, but your WIP is a great help!! Thanks for taking your time! The parts look great!!!!
  2. Well, "unfortunately" Jennings is right. The parts are perfect parallelograms and you can install them either way. I just tried it and it works.
  3. Let me take a look tomorrow Please send me a PM...to make sure I won't forget it. Alex
  4. This build was/is just a piece of art!!! What you have built out of some yogurt cups is unbelievable!!! Congrats!
  5. Fantastic!!! Those pods look great!! Can't await summer to end so we can enjoy more of your great posts Alex
  6. Oh boy...glad I don't have a SD. Otherwise I knew where my money would go right now The city looks great!!!
  7. Three good looking kits...great job!
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