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  1. Amazing. If you photographed it in B&W with an airfield background it would be difficult to distinguish it from the real thing. John
  2. Looks like you've killed two birds with one stone there. I remember thinking that the wings looked a little flat when I taped mine together when I first got the kit. Merry Christmas. John
  3. Like the colours. It looks like you're eventually beating it into submission. John
  4. Just had a big catch-up, I didn't realise how behind I had got. You're attention to detail is fantastic, the nose wheel leg is a work of art. John
  5. Hi, I think the Mirage 2000 is one of the most aesthetically pleasing jets ever built and I am seriously tempted to buy one of these to add to my two 1/48 examples so I'll tag along If I may. John
  6. Just had a two page catch-up, wonderful! It’s the first time I’ve seen the internal canopy frame represented on a Mosquito kit, I think it’ll make quite a difference to the finished item. John
  7. As above, I continue to be amazed by your weathering skills. John
  8. I have one of these also, so will be watching closely hoping to pick up some tips. I think mine will be finished as Bob Tuck’s machine. John
  9. Wow!! What did you use for the copper pipes? It looks like copper pipe to me. John
  10. Good to see this back, looking forward to seeing the camera bay. John
  11. Sorry but this is going to be too late to help you now, but here goes. I have used Mr Surfacer on the wings of a couple of Mustangs ( Dragon and Meng ) which had ‘ rivet’ holes. I used Mr Surfacer 500 brushed on thickly, and then rubbed down until just the rivets were filled. Very laborious and time consuming but it worked well. John
  12. This is just getting better and better. I was lucky enough to be allowed to climb into the cockpit of the prototype some years ago and the thing that immediately impressed me was the size of the rudder pedal structures. I had always thought that they were over-scale on most kits, but not so, I think they were built by shipbuilders! John
  13. You’re weathering is absolutely ‘ in scale ‘ I wish I could do that rather than my usual result of either too little or too much. John
  14. Great progress on the cockpit. If you deleted the sprue from the last photos of the seat it would be difficult to distinguish from a real one. John
  15. Great start, this is making me want to break out my Trumpeter P47. John
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