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  1. Hi there, I was another lurker for many years and finally decided to join recently. I think I probably missed this 'til now because you weren't posting due to your back injury when I joined. I do like Mustangs ( almost as much as Spitfires ), so I'll be following closely from now on. The spinner spiral is amazing. Hope your back problem is sorted. John
  2. Me too please. You can't have too many Mustangs ( unless it's Spitfires ). John
  3. Looks good to me, I didn’t realise that you could insert the tailwheel bay/strut after joining the fuselage. That’s something worth remembering, as I am prone to knocking off sticky-out bits. John
  4. Every time I look at your cockpit I see more small details that I’d previously missed. Your painting of the seatbelts is superb and to my eyes far superior to the seat/etched belts option. Keep up the good work. John
  5. Great cockpit and fantastic figure painting. For such a big aeroplane it doesn’t look like there’s much space left in the cockpit once the pilot is in place. John
  6. I ‘m surprised about the Yahu panel, the ones I’ve used so far have fitted well. I prefer them in 1/32 to the alternatives because the instrument faces have numbers that you can read. John
  7. Great start. I like the Yahu panels because you can actually read the instruments, yes they are too shiny but that is easily remedied as you have shown. Now that you’ve got Antonio onboard you can expect some interesting ‘photos, I think. John
  8. Another Condor Legion ‘109, I’ll tag along too if I may. John
  9. Lovely cockpit. You’re really motoring along with this. John
  10. Good start. I like you’re solution to the cockpit position, I’ll borrow it for mine if that’s OK with you. John
  11. Looking great so far. I’ve always thought that the bottom of the cockpit in the Revell kits is not curved enough, but I think that your painting technique will give it more depth. I don’t see the emergency undercarriage lever on the starboard side yet, is it included in the kit? John EDIT. Just remembered that you are using the Brassin cockpit. The bottom part still looks a little ‘ flat ‘ to me compared to the 1/48 Aires sets so my comments above still apply.
  12. I agree with R Palimaka on your weathering skills. A great result and lots of useful tips for those of us with one in the stash. John
  13. As an old aircraft engineer friend once said to me, “ there’s nothing wrong with brute force as long as you know how much to apply, and where to apply it,” as he tapped home the top strut bolt on a Piper Cub with a hammer. John
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