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  1. I’ve had one of these for some time but havn’t got around to building it yet, so I’ll follow this if I may. John
  2. Great cockpit, I particularly like the floor, very realistic. John
  3. I have been using an Olfa scriber for 30 years or more, which has a blade very similar to the one in the old Tamiya scriber. It only comes in one thickness so you have to vary the pressure to achieve different depth/widths of panel lines, which takes a bit of practise. I did buy a Bare Metal scriber but it only lasted a year before the tip broke off! John
  4. I think I’d go for the last option. John
  5. Excellent! If mine turns out anything like that I will be more than pleased. John
  6. And that’s a “ ditto “ from me. John
  7. Also watching, with an Eduard/AlleyCat build planned. I like your approach to the cockpit. John
  8. Ah, the macro lens! The curse of the modern photo-posting modeller, I try to avoid using it. John
  9. I have quite a few Mustang reference books, but I find the two most useful for Korean War aircraft are the old Squadron ‘ Walk Around ‘ book and the Osprey ‘ Frontline Colours ‘ volume on the F-51 in Korea. They both contain period photos and prove ( for me anyway ) that at least some of the F-51s in Korea still had puttied and sanded wings as the chromate primer can be seen showing through the aluminium lacquer, particularly on the wing roots. I almost finished a Dragon F-51 a few years ago and used the above photos as my reference for the cockpit. John
  10. I like radial engines and that one looks perfect to me.. John
  11. I'll tag along if I may, as I'm planning a similar conversion but using the Eduard 109E-1 as the donor kit with the Alley Cat conversion. The Alley Cat set only supplies two panels to replace those with the underwing radiators rather than the complete lower wing mid-section like yours but otherwise is almost identical. John
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