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  1. I have also found that the Extreme Metal paints are durable, but I don’t have any AK Matt Aluminium (yet). I am going to try Tamiya Metallic Grey with a little Sky Grey on my paint mule, both on grey and black primers, but it won’t be for a while yet. Looking forward to seeing your results. John
  2. From ‘photos I’ve seen it looks like they used both sizes of tank. Interesting point on the colour, I’d assumed that the ‘ yellow ‘ones had been painted in the squadron colour, but maybe not. Have you decided on a metallic grey colour for the airframe yet? John
  3. I also have a Badger 200 airbrush, which is 30+ years old, I thought that they were pretty indestructible. I like what you’ve done with the anti-glare panel and the wheel wells. John
  4. Great ‘pit Antonio. I notice that you’ve shown more wear on the right floor panel than the left. I’ve seen this on many photos of Mustang cockpits, perhaps it’s because right rudder was used more than left to counteract the gyroscopic effect of the propeller. John
  5. I know the answer to the one about rivet marks on Mustang wings: “ That depends........”.
  6. I thought this was going to be the slow build!
  7. Me too. Also looking forward to some interesting photos from your collection. John
  8. Good luck with you first biplane. I can see that you’ve made a good start. John
  9. I wish I could find as good a photo of the original FF943 as that warbird, the only one I have ( taken from a distance ) makes it difficult to decide wether it’s a NMF or painted. Keep up the good work. John
  10. Good idea, I think I’ll probably do the same. Tamiya do a colour called “ Metallic Grey “ which I’ve use in the past for the centre section of the F-86 wing, so I think I will start with that as a base and play with it. I probably won’t be at the painting stage for a least a month yet so I’ll try it on my paint mule and see what happens. Thanks for the info. John
  11. An Interesting idea about them being painted, there is a certain uniformity under the grime to suggest a painted finish.Did your source specify wether the entire airframe was painted or just the fuselage if the wings were already lacquered? I’m building one of these in 1/48 and have a deadline to meet, it would certainly cut down on time not having to do a NMF then try to produce the oxidation effect. John
  12. I don't normally ' do 'biplanes mainly because of the rigging, but having seen your build I'm tempted by this, especially in 1/32. John
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