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  1. Dear All Learning a lot from the K-4 with this outstanding WIP, many thanks to All By the way, I've always wanted to know what is written in japanese through this underside plan view attached to the Model Art famous book #290 Bf109 G/K Augsbourg Eagle, does anyone of you could be so kind to translate what is red surrounded ? TIA- Raph
  2. and Barracudacals too: http://barracudacals.com/proddetail.php?prod=BR32123
  3. Hello From the link below, please go to page #5 and scroll down : Nine years after…?
  4. Hi All what an interesting thread, great job John @Thunnus, love that! Vincent, I remember reading in a Kagero book (TopDrawings 67) that those air bottles used by the Mk 108 were in the opposite wing which contain the O2 bottle, you can confirm about all please. TIA - Raph
  5. https://hlj.com/1-32-scale-mitsubishi-a6m2-zero-type-21-dys40247 and what is said here https://hlj.com/shizuoka-hobby-show-2019-report?utm_source=HobbyLink+Japan+Newsletter&utm_campaign=09283e34a0-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2019_05_09_08_13&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_baa74bea0a-09283e34a0-225539805&mc_cid=09283e34a0&mc_eid=c8709431f3 "First up is a model for all you big-scale aircraft fans out there, a 1/32nd scale Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero Type 21, which comes in three versions to choose from. And for the more advanced modelers, they brought out a new engraving tool so you can bring out the most detail in your project."
  6. Thunnus one more time, be careful with drawings view, i'm not sure that the actual radio/first aid kit hatch was not rectangular? possible and again Vincent will give us a reply ;-) I'm thinking what we can see on scale drawings are an effect of drawing as the fuse is somehow conical.
  7. Hi All @Thunnus, about colours, I'm thinking this video recently posted by Brett through Hyperscale forum, can be of a good inspiration for such a build: (look at the seat colours)
  8. 1/32 Tam: 1st rumour: bf109 G-6 2nd rumour Ki61 3rd ? i think we can do better and get x3...
  9. Hello @Thunnus: do you remember these x2 build threads? Following the info from Vincent, about the wing contents… through this drawing, the hatch named oxy filling must be round, and under the left wing (normally called "portside") what is the 2nd hatch filling for? compressed air tank or ?
  10. Hi Thunnus Great, i'll follow your build, very exciting, as I've a great interest in the K-4 too. About the wings , you're right and I think there is only additionnal hatches underside each wing as on this last version, some O2 and air comp tanks moved into these. But we can count in Vincent Kermorgant aka Vincent /MDC to give us more precise info. ;-)
  11. Hi Just asking him recently with no response... Gone through PayPal in the hope to get a contact, and immediatly, with no more info (why?) Jay refund my order. Story ended.
  12. Hi Bill To your first Q, I would say G-6, reffered to the logical production, as the G-14 is a G-6 improvment (MW50 boosted) But I'm sure some other knowledge are better than mine ;-)
  13. Hi Robert Great work! nice finishing! got a q: which corrected spinner did you use? Thx - Raf
  14. Hello We can found at some build thread through the forum about these Trumpeter Bf109, some G like this one: which I can supose is very similar to the K model, and they look good - apart needed a new spinner ;-)
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