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  1. A-2/-3 => ZM Ooooooooooooops, Sorry, not still there.
  2. Hello M. Modeller Great, thanks but I would have like a different scotch tape than a kabuki ( =Tamiya) for the sticky test. This is a too much more recommended product for not peeling off the modeler paint.
  3. Hi All, About how to get this finishing polish on brass or any alloy what do you use for? after eliminating burrs... polishing sponge? of which grind? any company? Who knows this product? https://www.modeldesignconstruction.co.uk/finishing-products/134-super-shiner.html https://www.modeldesignconstruction.co.uk/finishing-products/3-2-way-polishing-block.html are they correct and smooth enough? And through "Flex-i-file"any recommended products? Many thanks in advance Raph
  4. Antonio you can read at a build here: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/airfixtributeforum/airfix-2017-messerschmitt-gb-dave-s-1-24-emil-buil-t50839.html and don't forget the book "Classic aircraft N°2 Me BF109 E-B, Their history and how to model them" dedicated to the 1/24 Airfix, 1972 ;-)
  5. Hello don't know but if this can give some help: https://www.dassault-aviation.com/en/passion/discovery/3-view-drawings/
  6. Yes Kev, i.e the TA 152 has been reboxed also by Italeri, Hasegawa.... Mold time line can be seen here: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/trimaster-ma-9-ta-152h-1--122226 In any brand, it's a very good kit.
  7. Trimaster certainly Michael, very nice model ;-)
  8. I'm in for one/two sets here - Thanks This is because I don't remember exactly at something from Hobbydecal in the stash but x3 kits are confirmed present ;-)
  9. One more "master" model Mr. Baron! terrible! I love that ;-)
  10. Hi Tim very good work and pictures, I love that, ZM approach is like building an actual plane! different from the other but very interesting! Have fun and many thanks for posting Raf
  11. Hi Great build and painting on that one! The Storch is one of my all time favorite, but for the 1/35 we really need a new pair of wheels. I know that it exists a replacement set (Mastercaster's production?) but never success in getting one. If anyone can help? TIA
  12. Hi All, John, Some look at my doc and: in centerline position the RP-35 tank is the RP-35/2 dimensions are L=5060mm x diam.690mm the support pylon is Alkan type 910. If this can help. (I just sent you a message because i've this drawings: pylon and tank RP-35 in 1/36th upscale to 1/32, I can send through an email.) ;-)
  13. Very cool Etienne, Thank you very much and count me in as customer ;-)
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