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  1. rafju


    PB4Y-2 plizzzzzzzz !
  2. rafju

    HKM 1/32 Lancaster Kit review

    With the "option": "best price guarantee" (detail through the add)
  3. rafju

    HKM 1/32 Lancaster Kit review

    Hi On pre order here: https://www.hobbyeasy.com/en/data/7vflo3dlqll6lhxk6dq3.html
  4. Hi And because you are in, why not a -7 parts complete re- issue? I know a lot of people waiting for an F4U-7 ;-) Thank you
  5. rafju

    HKM 1/32 Lancaster Kit review

    The Wings, the wings, the wings!
  6. rafju

    ZM has an update on its Fw 190 kits

    Thanks Kev! nothing new about the 2015 announced "basic serie"?
  7. rafju

    Great Wall Hobby P-40B Tomahawk in 1/32

    Hi Yufei Many thanks for all your very interesting info! and to continue with the WWII "B", why not to suggest to GWH for a P-51"B"? Something is telling me that a lot will be happy with... Thanks a lot Raf and no pb, i'll buy this new P-40B!
  8. And before - before - before, that "new" quizz, any news from the early FW190 please? Thx
  9. Hello For those first delivered in North Africa , tempted to say ofcourse: all U.S equipt, due to the high speed they were in operation: delivery mid December 1942 - "in action" start of January 1943.
  10. rafju

    1/32 Hasegawa P-40E Interior Update

    Wow! a ZM' proto?
  11. rafju

    Trumpeter 1/32 P-40F Soon to be Released??

    Hi Expected for december: https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10560137 https://hlj.com/product/TRP03227
  12. rafju

    Mirage IIIE References

    Hello with additionnal captions in English, but is that enough? by the way, what are you looking for? if we can of any help? it shouldn't be possible to scan any pix or drawings from the book due to copyright, but we can tell you...
  13. Hi Guy's just come to discover this: http://fighters.forumactif.com/t86669p50-un-sabre-dans-l-armee-de-l-air-kittyhawk-1-32 called Xtreme metal, wow! (enamel)