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  1. My 0.2cts thoughts: any 1/32 Tamiya model will produce doesn't matter … for Tamiya ;-) as any will be a worldwide success.
  2. The website of a Fouga' fanatic ;-) http://www.avonds.com/ with a lot of info Inside (actual & all scale)
  3. rafju

    me 109 k4

    Hi Hayaman if you wish , take a look at this outstanding build:
  4. rafju

    me 109 k4

    Hello Hayaman if not done, LSP propose to you a good article here, the tweak list about the Hase K-4: https://www.largescaleplanes.com/articles/article.php?aid=2755 Hope this helps first. Rgds
  5. Wow! terrific! sorry if not understand from the beginning, but got a question: do this will be present in the Airfix box content? Thank you Peter.
  6. Hi Thank you Fanes with sharing to all here your building pb! your detail pix are terrific! that is very constructive to all of us who have the same kit in the stash and want to decide what AM parts are needed or not for this model ;-) ! By the way, thanks to the specialist(s) with correct replying! That is why I love LSP. raf
  7. Hi All one more time, but one time per year ;-) 1/32 scale and I directly go into: - Pilatus PC-6 Turbo Porter - Mirage F1C All the best to everyone!
  8. Hello Jim if this can of any help: https://forum.model-space.co.uk/default.aspx?g=topics&f=62 rgds Raph
  9. @ringleheim Great film, Great Birds! Awesome! Thanks for the link ;-)
  10. From what can be seen, I would say more precisely a Fairchild PC-6 C2/H2 Heli-Porter due to her 575-shp AiResearch turboprop engine but a it's a "Porter" and that's what I love! As many others, I can only hope that she will arrive in the 1/32th scale. Congrats!
  11. Hello The Bell X-1 is noted "Rebox (Updated/New parts)" through Scalemates: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/1181826-revell-03888-bell-x-1 any more info?
  12. Hi All Nige, don't you know that 1/16 Danburry' Mint model replica of the WWII Willys Jeep? https://www.diecast.org/diecast98/html/asp/list_reviews/reviewpix.asp?id=DM904+++++++ I've one and what I can say it is the best model I've seen.
  13. Exciting Raffle again this year! Many thanks to all the LSP Team, you are the best! with again Special Thanks to => K2 ;-) Viva el Forum!
  14. Hi Joe Terrific detailing job, congrats! but please, in such a world, it's terrible what I've to say and that makes me cry ... As the pilot seat looks a bit over thick, did you think of an other replacement part?
  15. That is, to my eyes, not so far from an actual plane, Thanks a lot! Waiting for the "D" model! https://metrohobbies.com.au/hobby-boss-1-32-consolidated-b-24d-liberator.html
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