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  1. Hi "The tires had a silver color as a result of a heat-resistant material being impregnated into the rubber during construction AND painted on the exterior surface." B.F Goodrich tires. This is from the book "VALKYRIE" D.R. Jenkins T. Landis - Specialty Press - p.199 Very, very nice book! Hope this helps
  2. Thank you very much, "training aircraft" , that's sounds (very) good to me. In the stash, one 1/32 Tam box is "shuddling"
  3. Hi All Always been fascinated with this Lindberg artbox from the great artist Ray Gaedke: For a project concerning the plane, just wanted to ask: could this colour scheme have actually existed during WWII? Many thanks in advance Raf
  4. Hi All About books on the subject: This one is also of a great interest: (but in french) "Magister dixit". L'Histoire du Fouga et de ses dérivés. | Avions-Bateaux.com Mise en page 1 (avions-bateaux.com) and I would recommend the book from Joe Maxwell and "Radub": Fouga Magister by Joe Maxwell, Radu Brinzan | Book (diecastmates.com) As many here, can't wait for the kit!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Hi @Thunnus With some after market parts?
  6. Hello Pascal Beautiful! Congrats and the movie:
  7. Thanks a lot Paolo for checking that dimension. The measurment and what is seeing through your pictures is confirming that all is correct. (too narrow on the ground modify the perfect general appearance) Thank you and congrats!
  8. Wouhou! love what I see! got a question please, does the wheel track 105.6mm is correct in that 1/32 kit? (from what I read in an old Profile'booklet, actual plane 11feet 6inches - 3.38m) Thank you.
  9. H Mark If this can help, some "braided line" exists in different scale, I found them looking into model car accessories, like that one: Top Studio: Pipe - Silver braided line 0.6mm (ref. TD23201) | SpotModel
  10. Wow! outstanding!!! @LSP_Kevin Kev, please, would like you to add a new emoticon: "Love" (like is not enough) Thx ;-)
  11. MDC has some good parts in their catalog: https://www.modeldesignconstruction.co.uk/54288-32nd-scale
  12. Hello Some interesting detail inside this "photoscope": DHC Beaver (renaissance-models.com) a french beaver'lover ;-) Raph
  13. Hi Michael I think you'll find what you are looking for here: Kitty Hawk Mirage 2000C 1:32 - Ready for Inspection - Aircraft - Britmodeller.com "I think the best option for french Mirage 2000C are the HATAKE colors C037 Light Gost Grey and C027 Intermediate Blue. " The model is absolutely Beau Ti Ful !!! ;-)
  14. I like all posts through this forum but in particular like that cool one's, I'm calling "neo-retro" ;-) (certainly because some like are staying in the stash...) Let' go and happy modelling!
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