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  1. Thar's remembering me what happened when a steel ball contained in the spray bomb , (after opening by cutting the bomb to get the maximum of paint), that ball felt down into the jar with the NOT degassing paint... The paint not degassing is rather "ticklish".
  2. Wow! top notch I like so much ;-)
  3. All documentation available !!! a PC-6 Turbo Porter
  4. Got the book, great source of inspiration! And high quality again, still have the Bird dog one! Like them and looking forward to the next. Thanks Kevin and the authors!
  5. Thierry this is a new "low cost" Revell choice to represent the main wheels In the original release #4792 from 1989 (ouch!!) there were vinyls tires. Nice kit.
  6. the K, the M, AND the F version.
  7. ok thanks got it Happy modeling ;-)
  8. Hi Lee when I look at your last pix, what i can say is that german camo is very efficient (lol) very good job so far and i remember an article from an old modelling magazin (Airfix?) with the same subject but in 1/32 Thanks for sharing Raf
  9. Hi All @lain it also exists x2 other available french books : http://master194.com/livres/appa/b26/index.htm http://master194.com/livres/appa/b26-2/index.htm
  10. Wow, thanks, great new from Model Monkey!
  11. it is a link to a FB page inviting you to join a private group called "thunderstreak and Thunderflash"
  12. Even such colored looks like a winner
  13. Love the box art, only engine sound is missing ;-)
  14. Hello Ade Something which can comfort that there was the fuel pipe in the pit is describe in the WWP book which cover the G-2 now at Hendon museum. - by the way, outstanding place, plane and… book ;-) Citation: "Because the fuselage fuel tank lacks the fuel pipes, this aircraft had not been equipped by complete fuel system after the crash. This piping was attached to the starboard wall above the radio panel by the straps. Tha only remnants of these straps are the holes in the upper canopy's rim." Hope this helps.
  15. @Mustang JBB Interesting, of course, but Sorry, but why not sharing here? Thx Raf
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