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  1. Wow John, nice job, i like ! at this stage of the project, that's all I can do to help =>
  2. Email sent and pr-order done, Cooooool, Thanks
  3. Don't worry Radu, it looks like an outstanding model! And thanks Vincent to push the limits, this is a great service to anyone as Radu said, wants to hyper detail his model. By the way just come to order mine from Domino model in Belgium right now (announced for September) but I want to reserve a (my) place in the container Many thanks guy's for all your knowledge!
  4. Hi All not sure to well understand so I ask for: is that the same project? Thank You
  5. Dear All, Here in France, we have the chance to be in touch with Jean-Claude Mermet, who is wellknown from a long time for his knowledge about the 109, and author of many detailed books, publications, articles, etc... With the following link, you can find at a (french, sorry) forum where he is given his technical opinion about the ZM model to be release. and argue with illustrated original documentation. Jean-Claude Mermet = "Jicehem" (591) 1/32 infos sur futur 109 G-14 Zoukei Mura (forumactif.com) Hope this is of a great interest for you all. Rgds
  6. Terrific! "the beast"! perfect build, congrats!
  7. Hello Mike yes thar's what I noticed first as I didn't recognize the Trumpy front ring cowl. Did you modify the existing one? or redo a complete new one? I'm a bit surprise as it doesn't exist a corrected one?
  8. Up to this day, summary of the parts and instructions, waiting for the last one: The Old Man Blog No.116 - The instruction manual (Japanese version) for the SWS 1/32 “Bf 109 G-14/U14” is completed!! Part 1 | ZOUKEI-MURA (zoukeimura.co.jp) The Old Man Blog No.117 - The instruction manual for the SWS 1/32 “Bf 109 G-14/U14” is completed!! Part 2 | ZOUKEI-MURA (zoukeimura.co.jp) The Old Man Blog No.118 - The instruction manual for the SWS 1/32 “Bf 109 G-14/U14” is completed!! Part 3 | ZOUKEI-MURA (zoukeimura.co.jp) The Old Man Blog No.119 - The instruction manual for the SWS 1/32 “Bf 109 G-14/U14” is completed!! Part 4 | ZOUKEI-MURA (zoukeimura.co.jp)
  9. Hi not only the P-40"M', if you take a look at all these masks: Art Scale Kit - vše pro modeláře | Vše pro modeláře Art Scale ;-)
  10. IF different ones needed, a MFH range exists: Model Factory Hiro P1089 Clamping band 1/20 1/24 - black type - www.a, 12,00 € (autographmodel.com) Model Factory Hiro P1087 Clamping band (1/12) - black type - www.auto, 12,00 € (autographmodel.com) Model Factory Hiro P1086 Clamping band (1/12) - white type - www.auto, 12,00 € (autographmodel.com)
  11. Trumpeter have also a set which are nice tools, great range of different shapped one's.
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