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  1. Hi Radu and we hope Revell too ;-) Rgds Raphael
  2. And please do not forget at an other forgotten pipe ;-)
  3. Hi You can try to contact Rust Usmanov rust1968@gmail.com The last time I did (2022/06), he was replying with: "PayPal is not working in Russia now"
  4. Wow, very beautiful paint job! I like the brown "chocolate" miam-miam ...
  5. Hi you can buy the english edition opus 1 here Messerschmitt Bf 109 - English Edition (caraktere.com)
  6. Hi Congrats! absolutely beautiful model! got a question: With the indicated period (mid june 1942) and after reading at the book from Air Power editions, I found at the n°16 aircraft (WNr. 10137) of H-J Marseille and the illustration are not given a red rudder, what do you think about?
  7. and what to say more now, that I've added all the documents...
  8. If this can help, (sorry in french but lot of pictures) dewoitine d520 - Rechercher (forumgratuit.org) interior cockpit => night blue, yess, perfect. and all the D. 520 files can be consulted here: Fonds Raymond Danel (56 J) AD31 - Archives départementales de la Haute-Garonne if you click on the "+" indicated by the arrow, you 'll get a list under avion D 520 the same with a click near "avion D.520
  9. "de satured" works to me , I like fadded effect much. perfect lines or detail of a model are often hidden under paint => "scale effect"
  10. Not a great "affair", we will have to play with masking tape when painting.
  11. Same here, ebay says no shipping to France, Please, are you shipping the bundle to France out of ebay?
  12. Hi All Yes Damian, perfect and great reference! => compressed air outlet Mk108 cannon. Thank You.
  13. Hi Gazzas Many thanks for posting your build and all the infos dispatched along ;-) as we can see through your cockpit build the Mk108 cannon blister, do you intend to add the compressed air outlet, starboard side aft of the last exhaust pipe? By the way, i've not seen anything about in the ZM instruction booklet? Thx
  14. In case of glueing with conventional plastic glue (cement), you can try to dip parts ( for a night or more) what is called in french "Essence F" . Sorry don't know for equvalent in english. Hope this helps.
  15. Hi J-C Mermet asked about, and his answer is: From July 1944 to March 1945 Erla produced => x2475 G-14 type equipped with 040 type front cowl and even 041 (some from Wnr.490335 and following built from sept 1944) wich is a variant with extended front oil tank .
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