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  1. Thanks much guys !! Vaughn
  2. Hey all, just picked up the Tamyia 1/32 birdcage Corsair. Any idea's/ thoughts on upgrades for it ? Cheers Vaughn
  3. Give largescaleplanes.com a shot.. think you'll be happy there. Vaughn
  4. Not too late to fix !! Thanks for the great help !!
  5. Wow.. many thanks !! You guys are the greatest !! I'm doing the 1/24 Trumpy G10 and scratch building most of the missing detail. Here are a couple of pics..
  6. Thank you all so much for the replies and the comprehensive info ! Many thanks and Happy New Year !! Vaughn
  7. Yes, unfortunately that's how it was in the movie... the good thing is that from anything over 12 inches away you can't see the detail anyway :-)
  8. Aye, that is the one pain of the kit. If I were to do it again I'd rig a remote switch.. taking off and putting back on the structure is nuts. I gave the clear parts away tp a chap in my local model group.
  9. Hey All Happy New Year. My question is, what color would the wiring for the cowl guns on the 109 G10 have been ? I've been looking everywhere and no joy. Cheers Vaughn
  10. Just back from seeing Midway.. not bad at all. I think for the general public who are not aviation nuts it is a perfect blend of story, action and history. I personally enjoyed the depiction of the Japanese side of things. Yes the flight scenes were way too unrealistic... but still they got the general point across. I predict a few more SBD's will be on the contest tables in the coming year ! :-)
  11. Not crazy over the P-51 insignia.. but the rest is super cool !! Totally loving the idea and paint scheme. Brilliant stuff.
  12. I had pulled out some of my old Bandai armor kits for figures... the kits are great, the figures, not so much... So off to the model shop and got some Tamyia figures... I haven't done a lot of figure painting in the last decade or two.. much less in this scale.. but the old skills came through. Man the detail on these figures !!! All Vallejo acrylics... Things are coming along well... gotta tackle the bottom/ walker section next. Cheers for now, more in a few days
  13. Well, after a very busy week and my laptop dying ...it's update time !! Lots of putty and seam work... Had to add a thin bit of sheet to bring this side up to match the other side appearance .. Sanding and using extra thin glue to 'melt' some raised seams.. It's all worth it though.. primer coat.. this looks sooo good !!
  14. I grabbed one of the game figures.. nicely molded in one piece. But to my eye he seemed a bit big.. so I dug out one of my old Bandai kits and ... yup.. he's too big... scaled out to 1/46.. amazing what 2 points difference looks like ! So... with the scale firmly established as 1/48 It was time to start cleaning this puppy up, fixing and adding detail.. and seeing what trouble I can get into !! More in a few days !!
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