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  1. Yup.. full interiors, torsion bars, engine, transmission, seats, shells/ racks... perhaps not up to todays standards but pretty impressive. Pics of the instruction sheet from the Tiger.. not bad for 1970
  2. For those interested here is a full scale build... a treasure trove (a few hundred pages) of info & pics for those interested in details !! Thanks to The Aerodrome !! Much of the info can be used for most Fokker aircraft. http://www.theaerodrome.com/forum/showthread.php?t=24887
  3. And here we are... still working on it ... I found that in a few spots I hadn't mixed the putty enough and it stayed soft, so had to gouge out the soft part, make up more putty and re do it.. (I'm up to 5 boxes of putty now)... but I'm reasonably pleased at how it looks and the way the seams fit.. So there you go... Tune in next week to see what happens ! Hopefully I won't have fallen off the mountain !! Cheers
  4. I was still slogging along with the city construction.. As the city 'plate' was just 1/16 sheet I added a 1/16 doubler to stiffen it and hopefully avoid warps in the casting process.. I'd work on the mountain, then switch over and do a bit of building on the city... Fitted together it's a solid structure. It will be heavy enough and have a big enough 'footprint' to make a stable base for the SD.. or can be a stand alone model in and of itself. If one wanted to light the city with fiber optics there will be room...
  5. I had no idea what I was doing.. I used my fingers, scrap bits of plastic, water and a brush to help sculpt and blend the putty constantly going back and looking at the pics from the movie.. the stone was different on either side.. one side looked like the untouched mountain, the other looked like stone had been cut away.. I was really thrilled at how some parts worked out.. this will look amazing once painted by someone who knows what they are doing !
  6. So kids... It's 'that' time again !! Armed with a couple of boxes of milliput I set about attempting ground work for the first time in decades... First I had to think about support and how to do it... I eyed up pics of the stonework around the city walls and cut shapes for both ends of the city, then glued the walls onto sheet... The idea was to try and keep the seams as tight as possible for builders. Then eyeballing the pics I mixed up milliput and started playing...
  7. Thanks Carl.. and no.. no plans to make one twice the size !! There are pics on line of an Asian modeler who scratch built one for the Zvesda kit and someone else who did it for Randy Coopers kit.. wonderful madness to see !! Ya it was neat to see the ships actually showing their potential. I wish we had more stories around the lead up to a New Hope.
  8. NOOOOOOO !!! As Opus would say, "no, nope noppitty nope" !!
  9. I managed about a square inch a night... It was daunting and making it up on the fly.. trying to do variations so it wasn't just the same type buildings over and over. It was a challenge but fun. One mountain coming up !!
  10. Much as I'd like the credit, those pics are not my builds.. I snagged them off the net for ref to this conversation. Waaaaayyy back when I was 16 we didn't take pics of our models... I had about 14 or 15 built... all long gone now. I have probably 10 kits I've picked up, should give one a go soon, see what I can do now as compared to then.
  11. Thanks for the info.. beautiful collection !!
  12. Sweet builds ! What kits, paints, exc.. ?
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