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  1. It feels odd... and a bit frustrating to have to clean up parts I've already made ! .. and ya.. resin bits that big can be easily warped by slight variations in the rubber.
  2. Early aileron counter balance was a bit longer on the F1 and on the DR 1 the shape of the inner trailing edge was changed to give a slightly larger area.
  3. Thanks everyone for the kind comments !! Ringleheim, what did you have in mind ?. This is the second city I've done and they certainly seem to strike a chord with modelers. What subjects were you thinking of ?
  4. Yup ! Me too. The box art was cool, the kit was 69 cents, glue was 5 cents, paint was optional and so were the decals !
  5. Thanks for sharing the journey with me and to those who are going to get one of these I simply can't wait to see what you do !! Cheers Vaughn
  6. About 8 hours into the build... this was where I lost track... we are painting buildings... White, light grey, red brown, yellow, light blue, concrete, washes, touchups, enamel gold for the domes.... this took several sessions of at least 2 hrs at a time... but came out pretty much like I'd hoped... And before I knew it.. it was done.. this morning around 9 am....the sun rose over Jedha City...
  7. And, just like that.. it was paint time... total about 6 hrs into the build. Vallejo air light & dark brown, white and a bit of grey... Just playing... haven't done ground work in decades.. And within an hour or so... I had the look I was shooting for in my minds eye back in March when I started this mad project.
  8. The next evening I sanded down the putty and did a bit of re sculpting with files and sanding sticks. Another primer coat, a bit more sculpting, then some putty just spotted on and spread around to roughen up the surface.. Shot coat of primer... Lets play find the seam... :-)
  9. First real issue.. one of the sides was a MM short.. not sure if one side warped a bit or not. I thought about using the hot water method to bend one side but decided not to.. as Londo Mollari would say.. "It can't be that bad..." The city plate needed a bit of careful sanding to get the wall seams to close properly. My kit took some time and I finally got a bit frustrated and filled the small remaining gaps with super glue. Once everything was securely glued I slathered on a bit of putty and went to bed.. 3 hrs into the build.
  10. It is a resin kit... and had some typical issues. The main spire was bent, the two shorter ones were 'short shot' and there were some airbubbles in some of the buildings.. Sorry for the crappy pics. The shorter spires I just filed to a flat surface, nipped off a bit of sheet, superglued them on and sanded to final shape. The taller spire I simply broke off and re positioned... Buildings that were a bit rough (6) got some putty.. Some primer and it was done.. all of about 90 minutes work. The main temple had a few air bubbles.. nothing bad at all.
  11. As most of you know I was challenged to build a master for a kit of Jedha City by Jimi of JPG Productions to go with the upcoming Bandai 1/5000 scale Star Destroyer due out soon. Being that I was thinking of building one for myself it didn't take much arm twisting. It was a first for me making a kit for production but worked out really well. Jimi unveiled it at Wonderfest and it has been well received. He sent me my copy just last week.. it arrived Wed evening and I finished it this morning (Sunday) !! The box is of reasonable size.. the kit was well packed in peanut foam, the city plate & spire were in a ziplock bag. 4 parts, keeping it simple. I wanted the kit to be like the Bandai kits.. go together simple & fast, look good and the real challenge to be painting/ weathering.
  12. With that little trick out of the way it was on to edging, filling and touch ups... A good set of files and some fine sand paper works wonders.. The lighted 'eye'... this is what the lump of resin looked like... just won't do !! A bit of sanding and a drill bit cleaned things up nicely... simple fix.... twist tie wire wrapped around drill bits and a bit of superglue.. works a treat ! So there ya go... having fun and working towards a unique model. More in a few days !!
  13. First thing was to check the fit on the 'head' insert ... not so good.. A bit of sanding got me nowhere... then I saw why... can you say mold distortion !!?? Rather than sand & fight with it I quickly decided making a part from styrene was a MUCH easier way to go.. out with my trusty circle cutter... Making a hat as it were.. A bit of sanding the seating area (it wasn't exactly circular) and the new part fits like a glove..
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