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  1. spacewolf

    Aratech Repulsor 74-Z Military Speeder Bike

    The Bandai kits are jewels... putting them together is a dream they are so easy. Seams vanish with little or no filler.... the real challenge is painting them.
  2. spacewolf

    Dieselpunk BF 109

    Thanks Shawn
  3. spacewolf

    Dieselpunk BF 109

    "meats"... ?.... Glad I'm not the only one who makes that mistake around here ! .... as for what it will look like ?... much like it does now but with a coat of paint..... seriously it's odd.... but that's what I get from the original art work. I may decide to change it a bit after I get some primer on it.
  4. spacewolf

    Dieselpunk BF 109

    Now for the nerve wracking bit... the canopy needs glass.... clear sheet styrene cut and carefully sanded to a press fit... superglue and future to seal and polish. Everything positioned and the canopy taped in the open position... And just like that..... it's time to mask off the canopy & headlights..... and do the prime, fill/ sand/ dance !! Tune in next time.... we might even have paint on it !!
  5. spacewolf

    Dieselpunk BF 109

    The headlights were made from rocket tips and some thick plastic I had... They certainly look the part methinks !
  6. spacewolf

    Dieselpunk BF 109

    The saddle tanks on the side had me puzzling for a bit.... they are not exactly what is in the picture that Matt drew but they are close... For fun I tried making fasteners... a bit of sharpened brass tube and the sharpened tip of a jewelers screwdriver... came out ok I think.
  7. spacewolf

    Dieselpunk BF 109

    I hate doing things the second time.. in reverse... so had to force myself to do the side details.. At VulCon I had a table set up to build and display ... and finally the fighter got her fins on ! Scribing and riveting... To get her to sit level the lower fin had to be extended a bit
  8. spacewolf

    Dieselpunk BF 109

    So kids, far too long sense there was an update ! Hold onto your hats, we are on the home stretch ! .. Things have been busy here, what with going to the science fiction convention in Vulcan Alberta... And meeting Rekha Sharma... ..plus work, hobby build dates at the local hobby shop, ect..ect..ect... Ok... enough excuses !! on with the build !! Frames were cut out for the windscreen.... And with some jiggery-pokery and a bit of grumbling it came out not too bad...
  9. spacewolf

    Dieselpunk BF 109

    Thanks ! "suitably busy" was the idea... I think it looks pretty good.
  10. spacewolf

    Dieselpunk BF 109

    Thanks ! Not sure what it is, things just sort of come to me and amazingly, seem to look half decent !
  11. spacewolf

    Dieselpunk BF 109

    Thanks Kev !
  12. spacewolf

    Bad news

    So sorry for your loss... this growing old and losing friends and family sucks.
  13. This one looks repairable... thankfully only injuries this time. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/plane-crash-sends-5-to-hospital-after-abbotsford-airshow-1.4782382?cmp=FB_Post_News
  14. spacewolf

    JU-52 crash

    Sad news.. https://www.cbc.ca/news/world/swiss-alpls-small-plane-crash-1.4774829
  15. spacewolf

    WNW Albatros DV 'Richthofen'

    Indeed he did. I had the great luck and honor of meeting him at his home in the late 80's. He talked about this with great pride, keeping those young, green pilots alive for their first few missions was one of his happiest memories as well as the humor of the tricks they pulled on the Russians.