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  1. I would suggest a patch section to repair damage ?
  2. I built Bandai armor waaayy back ... far too many moons ago. I had a diorama in mind and have been on the hunt for one of these truck at a reasonable price for some time.. finally got it. The kit is old, it's not up to todays standards but oh my is it nice. A coat of Microscale decal film over the 46 year old decals did the trick... yes those are the kit decals. Very few problems, no extra's added ... a fun nostalgic build.
  3. Thanks !! Oh ya ! That one is on my radar too !!
  4. Seat belts were made from masking tape & twist tie wire... Almost ready to close up the fuse but the rudder does not have a control horn so I made one from the framing of the photo etch fret... and with that.. it was time to start fitting things together... Feels good to be back at this.
  5. I was totally amazed.. and it wasn't all that hard.
  6. But... and there is always a but.. I found my beautiful aftermarket engine is too big in diameter for the cowling.. to get it to fit I'd have to remove about all the cylinder heads.. and I don't want to butcher it .. I tried thinning the cowling but the motor forces it to sit high and 'proud' ... So I've decided to set the aftermarket engine aside for this build and save it for another (yes, going to build another of these kits and really go to town on it !)
  7. So I figured.. nothing to lose.. and gave it a shot. And OMG.. it worked !! Placed alongside the motor it certainly looked the part...
  8. Wow.. has it been a year ?... I got bogged down by several things with this build and shelved it. The biggest thing for me was the prop, had no idea what to do. Well, recently I happened on a video that showed how you could do it with of all things, colored pencils and Tamyia clear colors..
  9. Just got back to finishing up the Tripe.. not great kits, but not bad either.... and no, not red potato colors on this one...
  10. Very sad news... https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-53091856?fbclid=IwAR3Oz6wjvibtJmrKuDt54AD1UJt1dG0deIBAiuhUW3OySUy2oqv7m60o_YI
  11. My kit arrived this morning.. 4 days by Fedex. I'm a happy camper !!
  12. I'm interested in a couple of sets as well... have the 21st Century kits.
  13. That was amazing and VERY interesting ! I'm glad both survived and had families. So many of these stories are lost, grampa's stuff in the attic thrown out because it's just old papers & junk.... Thanks so much for sharing this !! Vaughn
  14. Got the confirmation E mail today.. the kit is on it's way !!
  15. Not trying to stir the pot... I ordered a kit from WNW just as the shutdown and controversy happened. I figured one way or another that in time all would come clear. This morning I finally got an E-mail from them.. looks like they are shipping my kit shortly. ....." Hi Vaughn Due to the global freight issues we are experiencing, we are choosing to send your order via Fedex which allows for tracking of the package. This is at no extra cost to you as we appreciate the delay you have experienced and we want to ensure your order arrives safely at your door. To send a package via Fedex we do require a contact phone number. Could you please send that through to us and we can get your order on the way to you. We will then be in touch with tracking details. Best wishes Rachelle " In my dreams it's a positive sign they 'might' be coming back... in reality it's most likely they are just clearing the last orders from existing stock... but at least something is happening.
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