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  1. This is just bloody brilliant !!
  2. spacewolf

    Dieselpunk BF 109

    Many thanks for the kind words.. and there is no inspiration at all. I think it will remain as is.
  3. spacewolf

    Dieselpunk BF 109

    It's 1/32 of course !! And as for adding pods ?.. been looking at it and rather negative to the idea.
  4. spacewolf

    WNW Tripe, D.H.2, and Fokker E.II out!

    My Tripe and DH 2 are on their way to me.. !! Can't wait !!
  5. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/09/29/opinion/sunday/in-praise-of-mediocrity.html?fbclid=IwAR3voAuTNf2-WUbHh_kGOdKElXMtPCfuUsn0JzdN6sis5h4defb45XSRzzI
  6. spacewolf

    Atmospheric BBMF Lanc clip

    WOW !!!... Thanks so much for posting this !
  7. spacewolf


    This is the live version and I much like it more than the official video... this is powerful and I think suits the lyrics better.
  8. spacewolf

    Dieselpunk BF 109

    That's two words words.. Question is..where to place them ? ...
  9. spacewolf

    Dieselpunk BF 109

    Actually.... there should be. They were not in Matts first sketch.. But I later found a more refined version he did (that I didn't care for as much) that had guns in the lower radiator area... I may yet put them in but my modeling mojo is flat at the moment.
  10. I have just finished my Dieselpunk fighter and made rivets for the first time. Knowing not everyone follows the 'Other Than' forum I thought this might be of interest to the larger group. Rivets are common on most machines but are difficult to represent well. What I did seems to have worked well and I hope that this might be useful to those looking to dress up their builds. I had made 'saddle tanks' for the sides of the ship but they seemed bland, no detail.. I thought about straps or filler caps but decided on rivets. Archer makes raised rivets on decal film but I wasn't sure if what they had would work so decided to try making my own. I had an old computer connector in my parts box and using a 1/2 mm drill in my pin vise made a shallow depression in the soft metal .. you can just see it in the upper right hand corner.. Using scrap strip and sprue heated with a candle, the hot plastic was pressed against the metal and this was the result... I made lots and it was good I did.. these tiny things are 1/2 mm dia and 1/4 mm deep.. they vanish without leaving a trace quite often !! Each one was nipped off carefully with a new # 11 blade, speared on the tip, touched to a drop of super glue and carefully placed.. I didn't measure, just MK 1 eyeballing it all the way... A VERY light sanding, primer and paint... pencil graphite and clearcoat... If you can do photo etch this is no more difficult. It takes time but is easy and the results look VERY good. I hope you guys & gals find this of use. Cheers Vaughn
  11. spacewolf

    Dieselpunk BF 109

    In the rush and turmoil leading up to the finish I realize that I missed something. I had thought the 'saddle tanks' seemed a bit bland.. they neededed some type of detail.. I thought about straps, fillercaps but then thought rivets would look cool and 'steampunkish..'.. but where to get rivets ?... nothing for it but to try making my own. I grabbed a connector that I'd snagged from a garbage bin for the wire and as it's soft metal thought it would work. I used a small drill to create a divot in the metal. you can see it in the top right corner... Then using scrap plastic and sprue heated with a candle I pressed the hot plastic against the metal and got this raised impression... 1/2 mm in dia. Lots N' lots of them... Each one was nipped off VERY carefully with a new # 11 blade, speared and just touched to the surface of a drop of super glue, then placed on the tank.. no measuring, MK 1 eyeball all the way.. a VERY light sanding, then primer, paint and some pencil graphite I think they came out good. It wasn't hard, just tedious.. If you can do photo etch, doing rivets like this is just time consuming. The process ensures that all your rivets will be the same and careful placement will make them look good. I hope this was helpful.
  12. spacewolf

    Dieselpunk BF 109

    Thanks Mark, it is indeed. Far to young and full of life to end this way. She was an amazing modeler, talented engineer and a very 'real' person.
  13. spacewolf

    Dieselpunk BF 109

    Thanks Shawn. It's one I'm very happy with. I just wish she could have seen it.
  14. spacewolf

    Dieselpunk BF 109

    I had been playing with a back story for this ship, but the way things fell out I was just too stressed and bummed out with Kaitlin's passing that I just wasn't in the mood to write till now. So...... With the rise of the industrial age in the late 1800's and the discovery of anti grav early in the 1900's WW I came to a very different conclusion. The Imperial powers fought themselves to a stand still and shocked by the bloodbaths of the early land battles agreed to a truce in place that developed into an uneasy peace. Germany conceded some of her land gains in France but held onto most of it. The German Imperial government stayed in power. The revolution in Russia failed and the leaders were shot, the German problems with communists in the Fatherland was dealt with violently and decisively. The rise of national socialism was just a minor fringe group that sputtered and went nowhere. With everyone dissatisfied war was inevitable and in 1939 France declared war on Germany to get her land and peoples back. Russia, ever the troublemaker supported France and England with her strong Imperial ties within the royal families reluctantly came in on the side of Germany. Much of the anti grave tech had been developed and the Fokker 109 E had become one of Germany's best fighters of the late 1930's. Women had successfully fought to get into the new Luftwaffe and this fighter, flown by Oberleutnant Eva Hartman was part of Jasta 26. Her cousin Kaitlin Perks had been a Sgt. pilot in the RAF and had fallen early in the conflict in a wild dogfight with a French fighter. They had been close friends and had both been 'airplane crazy' sense childhood. Eva painted Kaitlin's name on her Fokker and was determined to get revenge. Germany had held onto it's African colonies and with the Russian aggression, fighter Jasta's in North Africa were staged forward through Turkey into the fight. This sun bleached, sand scoured but very nimble and dangerous fighter is soon to take to the 'killer skies'...
  15. spacewolf

    Dieselpunk BF 109

    Thanks Kev.