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  1. spacewolf

    1/32 Gotha G.I Scratch Build

    Love the way you build.. looks like a kit going together the parts are so clean. Hat is off to you !
  2. spacewolf

    1/32 Gotha G.I Scratch Build

    Good catch... I'm amazed that you have found this much photo ref. As for the plans, quite often they were just drawings someone did.. very few can be seen as anything more than a general arrangement drawing... which is why us scratchbuilders of obscure aircraft are always looking for more ref !!
  3. spacewolf

    1/32 Gotha G.I Scratch Build

    Oh this is sweet ! A joy to watch this coming together !!
  4. spacewolf

    1/32 Gotha G.I Scratch Build

    Sweet work, clean and neat. Looking amazing !!
  5. spacewolf

    2nd build in 30 years... Trumpeter 1/32 F4U-1D

    Beautiful work, love how clean and crisp the paint work is. A word about the heavy wash in the tail wheel area ?.. the prop wash, rain & dirt from tarmacs and taxiways, dust, ect would make the area dirtier than you might think.( I'm an ex aviation tech so I know a bit about the subject :-) ) Your wash might be a tad overdone but not by much. Finish this, have fun, learn... then dive head first into the Tamyia and have REAL fun !!
  6. spacewolf

    Bronco starts new line of armor...

    Got one just before Christmas.
  7. spacewolf

    1/32 Gotha G.I Scratch Build

    Scratch building at it's basic and best !!!
  8. spacewolf

    ZM He 219 'Uhu'

    Amazing detail, but then I'm building my first ZM kit as well. As Rick said, I haven't seen a build of this one so will be following along !
  9. spacewolf

    Do 335 B-2, Eastern Front What If

    Love the Luft 46 what if stuff ! I'll be following along !
  10. spacewolf

    ZM Ho-229

    With that decided I went to work on the rear parts.. And with everything trimmed and pretty much sanded I hope to get the thing together tomorrow night.. Unless I find something else I messed up....
  11. spacewolf

    ZM Ho-229

    Once things were dry I held the parts together to see if I could get away with leaving the rotor section out... What you see with the rotor section in... And with the rotors left out... Also, the first seams that need putty are inside the intake Painting the inner eng parts is not an option with everything so tight so I'm going to cut, fit and make it work. Once it's together no one will ever see it. ... and I'll be far more careful on the second eng.
  12. spacewolf

    ZM Ho-229

    Hey all ! Working away and this kit is sweet but it is not one you can rush !! Gotta read the instructions big time !! ... guess who didn't and screwed up ? I can 'sorta' save it but I'm a bit PO'd at myself. I had read in other builds both with ZM & Wingnuts that if something doesn't go together right it is most likely the builder did something wrong... so when I found the fit of the rotors, stators and compressor stage housing not fitting right I went back to see if I'd missed something... Ho boy did i ever..... The parts a subtly shaped and if they are not put in order properly AND facing the right direction not only will the rotor section not fit in right, but the compressor housing will not close !!... so, a bit of testing to see how to salvage this as there is no way these stators are coming out... First I put the front housing together.. first seems I ran into that needed work.. A very light sanding and a dab of thin hot glue took care of them. The nose cone was built..
  13. spacewolf

    ZM Ho-229

    Hey Wolf !! Glad to have you along !! It's a sweet kit, but oh man, you gotta pay attention !! I flubbed... read on !
  14. spacewolf

    Junkers D.1 from WNW

    O... M....G that's beautiful ! Love the cockpit work !!
  15. spacewolf

    ZM Ho-229

    A slow start for me... work, limited bench time... not to mention following the stunning projects everyone else is doing !!... anyhoo, Carl Otto is watching (upper right corner) so I'm building engines ! ZM is NOT your normal model company... you can tell by their literature and the quality of their kits... and the parts number count !! Yes, most of the detail gets hidden, yes it may push up the cost of the kits, but one can tell they LOVE aircraft and all the technical things.. they want to educate and inform the builder. I know this ticks off quite a few folks, but us AMS infected glue sniffers just marvel at these kits !! As an ex aviation tech I'm just stunned.... The spues holding the parts are very well thought out... with a good pair of nippers and a new # 11 blade parts come off with almost no cleanup needed. And, I might add... they sold out the first run of the kit. I unfortunately didn't get in on it so this is the second run.... no flash at all and almost no cleanup so far.. Push pin points are in area's that will be covered by other parts... So many small parts make things a bit tedious, but this is not a kit to rush... This is a model to take ones time with.. to savor like a good cup of coffee or a fine wine.. More in a day or two !!