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  1. Well... after reading the thread I'm not feeling so bad. Started this old Airfix 1/24 190 A back in 2001.. did part of the cockpit and the rest sat in a box till last fall. Got inspired and am pouring tons of scratch work into it, hoping to finish this year.
  2. Trumpeter 1/24 BF-109 G 10 .. airscale panel and decals & placards....
  3. So glad he had the chance to see her fly again. Thanks for the story and video's.
  4. Did the old guy live to see her fly ?
  5. Trumpeter DB 605 1/24
  6. Resin2detail Oberursel 1/24 to the right. Clerget to the left..unfinished.
  7. Yes, the RTD engine is too big.. to get it under the cowl you have to leave off the cylinder heads.. only do the ones that are visible... ask me how I know. ... I suspect the kit was made in perfect 1/24 scale.. no allowance for the cowling. Most model engines are made 5 to 10 % undersize to allow for this... pity, it's a sweet model.
  8. I'm beating on the old Airfix 1/24 190.. I know the three main issues with the kit but need pointers on where to find info on the landing gear fix. Any help ? Thanks Vaughn
  9. I'm building the triplane.. builds well but needs aftermarket. It's based on a replica so the cockpit is a bit off, other than that it's a good kit. To really do it justice it needs MG's seat belts and some scratch building. I would suggest Archer Rivets 1/24 rib stitching. Cheers Vaughn
  10. I would suggest a patch section to repair damage ?
  11. I built Bandai armor waaayy back ... far too many moons ago. I had a diorama in mind and have been on the hunt for one of these truck at a reasonable price for some time.. finally got it. The kit is old, it's not up to todays standards but oh my is it nice. A coat of Microscale decal film over the 46 year old decals did the trick... yes those are the kit decals. Very few problems, no extra's added ... a fun nostalgic build.
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