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  1. spacewolf

    Lancaster today, Liberator Monday!

    This is like reading a good crime novel !!
  2. spacewolf

    Happy birthday Radu

    All the best !! Happy Birthday !!
  3. spacewolf

    LSP Christmas Raffle 2018

    I'm in for the first time.. donating these.. A-4 Skyhawk.. everything is there.. even the decals look good but it's old so I'd think new decals might be a wise choice. Comes with the book. And lastly.. Please include me in the raffle. Merry Ho Ho to all !! Vaughn
  4. spacewolf

    Christmas Raffle?

    I'll join in this year.
  5. spacewolf

    ZM 1/32 Horten Ho229..FINISHED

    Just caught up with this.. going to start my kit for the group build.. great inspiration !! Beautiful work and love what you did with just putting the lower skins on the wings !
  6. My post was partly pointed at your comments though not not just yours but the trend I've noticed here on LSP over the last couple of years. It's not that criticism of said kit/ company is what I can't stand, rather it seems you can't state your case and let it go. Certainly I agree that certain of ZM kits have issues, most kit companies have their jewels and their dogs... Revell, Hasagawa, and yes ZM. However It seems you have to have the last word and only your view is right. I agree your views are important as any others on the forum but to belabor the point time after time on a thread focused on this company and it's kits is boorish.
  7. spacewolf

    Make the others jealous

    In spite of the rotating postal strikes up here in the Great White North my group build entry arrived in just over a week from Volks USA !! I is a VERY happy camper.
  8. I'm not up on armor or ships, don't follow their forums but ya, Darren hit it.. just a short week or so ago in another thread people here were moaning and wishing for a new tool P-51 B/C... I anticipated a huge thread on this announcement. Instead we got crickets chirping and a few moaning and complaining about possible things that could/ might/ will be wrong with it... and vowing they won't buy it for various reasons. It seems if it isn't perfect out of the box it's trash.... how far the tone here on LSP has fallen from the times when correcting and scratch building was NORMAL to get what we wanted. Imperfections were diagnosed and corrected with help from many on here.. people made sets and made copies for others... it still happens but man the whining and moaning is getting irritating. If you don't like a certain manufacturer, fine.. no need to post time after time in a conversation on said companies releases how you won't buy their product and run them down.
  9. I find this all very odd and disappointing... For years people on the site have been moaning and wishing (me not the least) for a new mold, high quality P-51 B... and (me not so much) a 109 G... Now we have this announcement and it seems the rivet counters, the never satisfied types feel the need to trash the kits 2 YEARS before they come available. Cost ? too much they scream, Accuracy ? Flawed and unbuildable... Well, for me I'm thrilled beyond !! The P-51 is a dream come true and ZM has been getting better with each kit they bring out so if there are some issues I'm sure they will be minor and correctable with a bit of modeling skills and or aftermarket. I for one love the way they add in detail.. saves me endless hours of scratch building. The 109 G is another sure bet for me along with the FW 190 A4. I'm not in for the 1/24 Hellcat but I share the thrill for those who never dreamed they might see such a thing ! These are undreamed of days for those of us who remember what it was like dreaming of kits like this 20 or 30 years ago... mainstream 1/32 injection molded, high quality kits of our dream machines. We have various price and quality/ detail ranges...aftermarket all over the place, photo etch, decals and you name it... we are so d*mn lucky to be living right now. Yes the top end is expensive.. always has been that way... but then, everything of top quality always is... but man !.. 1/32 4 eng. bombers ?.. Who 10 years ago would have believed this ?... I'm not gonna get them but I'm in awe and thrilled for those who will get and build these big beautiful beasts. I'm gathering up stuff for the upcoming group build and am going to let people vent and talk trash if they must....whilst I build one of my life long dreams that just arrived in the mail. We can either inspire & support the community here by being positive and building, correcting what needs correcting and finding inspiration in each others work... or we set about destroying this community by trashing kits, companies and each other with thinly veiled, snarky comments. I choose to build and support. Vaughn
  10. FW 190 A4 and now the P-51 B/C... Oh man is I a happy camper !!
  11. spacewolf

    RAF P-51 1a

    I recently picked up the Hobbycraft P-51 1a ( kit # 1713 ) for cheap. While I am not a P-51 D fan, I do like the B/C marks and while this one is an A it does have British markings as they were used for ground attack and photo recon. I don't have any ref for this bird and was wondering if anyone could educate me in the shortcomings of the kit ( it looks not bad though simplified) and point me towards ref and upgrade aftermarket stuff. Thanks for any help
  12. spacewolf

    André ''Dora'' Dorion past away.......

    Sorry for your loss... this growing old sucks.
  13. spacewolf

    T-Stoff Factory

    Fascinating tid bit of trivia. Thanks for posting.
  14. spacewolf

    Airfix News Just in from Telford: 1/24 Hellcat!

    No, as I said the Hellcat is not my fav bird. What I was saying/ meant to say is that it shouldn't be too hard to backdate the kit to a -3 given the talent of quite a few of the folks here. If the aftermarket jumps on it and makes a conversion kit, all the better.
  15. spacewolf

    Airfix News Just in from Telford: 1/24 Hellcat!

    As a scratch builder/ kit basher I can tell you that having the kit 90% provided is a huge blessing ! Also, often the changes/ mods are often a lot easier than they seem. A bit of careful work and elbow grease is often all that's needed.