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  1. Not crazy over the P-51 insignia.. but the rest is super cool !! Totally loving the idea and paint scheme. Brilliant stuff.
  2. I had pulled out some of my old Bandai armor kits for figures... the kits are great, the figures, not so much... So off to the model shop and got some Tamyia figures... I haven't done a lot of figure painting in the last decade or two.. much less in this scale.. but the old skills came through. Man the detail on these figures !!! All Vallejo acrylics... Things are coming along well... gotta tackle the bottom/ walker section next. Cheers for now, more in a few days
  3. Well, after a very busy week and my laptop dying ...it's update time !! Lots of putty and seam work... Had to add a thin bit of sheet to bring this side up to match the other side appearance .. Sanding and using extra thin glue to 'melt' some raised seams.. It's all worth it though.. primer coat.. this looks sooo good !!
  4. I grabbed one of the game figures.. nicely molded in one piece. But to my eye he seemed a bit big.. so I dug out one of my old Bandai kits and ... yup.. he's too big... scaled out to 1/46.. amazing what 2 points difference looks like ! So... with the scale firmly established as 1/48 It was time to start cleaning this puppy up, fixing and adding detail.. and seeing what trouble I can get into !! More in a few days !!
  5. The Dust game has several sides, Allied, Axis... and Zombies !! You can pick up figures and wrecked buildings, ect.. Me, I like the German stuff. This thing comes in 5 parts. The plastic is odd.. need 'hot' glues and super glue.. it's both brittle and soft at the same time but can be worked quite well with regular model tools. As I said.. the detail is quite nice.. It is obviously injection molded and just slapped together... Gonna need lots of cleanup.. The glues they used were not the best... Thankfully I was able to pop the two top hatches off without problem.. and some other parts as well..
  6. Hey all. We are off on an adventure... I'm going to do armor !!... The last time I did a tank was... 43 years ago !! Now before you get worried and think I've gone 'normal' ... This is NOT your normal tank... We are talkin' Luft 46 stuff here.. or as I like to call it, Blitzkrieg 47 !! A good modeling buddy on a FB modeling forum got me hooked on these.. he picked up 3 of these Dust Studio table top gaming miniatures and watching him build them got me all hot & bothered. They reminded me of the Bandai 1/48 armor I built wayyy back. They come mostly assembled and in Panzer Grey... The detail is quite good !! I immediately went looking and found this beauty... Imagine.. a walking heavy Panzer.. with quad magazine fed 88's !! So follow along if you dare.. vee ist goink to get silly !!
  7. Finally it's complete !! The lights are subdued as they would be in daylight over the city...but they show up. Low light shots show off the lights... A final beauty shot... The kit is great, just needs a bit more care than normal. It was a fun, fast build and came out much better than I'd hoped. Thanks for looking in !! Cheers Vaughn
  8. The ship.... I figured it would take weeks. I've seen and read of people driving themselves nuts trying to get the look right. I didn't quite know what I was going to do but jumped in and started. First, a wash of Tamyia flat black with a drop of dish soap to cut the surface tension. No effort to be neat or tidy, just slopping it on. Next a few panels were cleaned off.. nothing consistent, totally random. Many of the raised square details were cleaned off as well. Vallejo Air white was layered on a bit at a time... I just went with it, more white in places, less in others. The black wash gave the thin white a greyish tone. I was extremely pleased and surprised at what I was getting from this... It was better than I'd hoped for... and I was done in one sitting.. I was gobsmacked ! The colors are subtle and hard to photograph but look amazing in person.
  9. Painting... "we hates it precious !!".... but it must be done. A swirl of blues. purples and white for the base edges... Vallejo desert yellow and dark brown in a swirl pattern for the flat base. A name plate using a font I found on line, backed with blue, printed on photo paper, glued onto plastic and a raised edge from 1/16 strip added. Chrome silver from a Molowtow ink pen. One of my figure painting friends said I should add weathering/ staining to the walls of the city... I have some issues seeing slight color shifts so I did a bit but tried not to over do it. The city on the base...
  10. So... it's back to that base.... Time to break out the sheet plastic !! A 12 X 8 in sheet was cut, then framing with 1 inch edging. Angle supports added and edge sheeting.... Edges were sanded and another 12 X 8 sheet added to the bottom to stiffen everything up. Test fitting with the City... For the mount, a hole was drilled and then supports added for the rod.. sorry for the crappy picture, didn't realize till too late how blurry it was. Final fitting.. It looks pretty good ! You can see the rod is on an angle to get things looking right. And this shot was what I was looking for ! Just about perfect !!
  11. I'm afraid the model is too heavy for that, though if someone could figure out a way to do it it would look awesome. The lights are very convincing and subtle, not overpowering like fiber optics. Glad you are enjoying !!
  12. A neat bit of trivia... you will notice the port side super structure is highly detailed... Whilst the stbd side is bare... Fear not !! This was not a mistake.. this kit is faithful to the filming miniature .. they simply didn't shoot closeups from the stbd side, only using it for distance shots so they simply did not waste time detailing something that would never be seen on screen. There was some light bleed around the base.. Strips from thin sheet and more stretched sprue fixed that. For the side walls I clamped everything and ran extra thin into the upper seams.. area's were there were gaps were filled with more stretched sprue. The extra work paid off big time !! A few pesky pin holes here.. they will get the same treatment.. but now I gotta think about a base for this thing.... Came up for a name for the display... 'Shadow of the Empire'... but now I gotta think about a base for this thing !!
  13. The seams on the bridge need help.. lots of seams that just are not tight. pin hole at the rear of the bridge structure.. The neck... However, these are far from deal breakers... Stretched sprue to the rescue !! Nip off the length needed, lay into or onto the offending seam and dab with extra thin glue with a fine tip brush... Any protruding plastic or mess from the glue blends into the surrounding detail...
  14. The superstructure is a jig saw puzzle.. but typically goes together painlessly and looks amazing. Again, they give you stickers to block light bleed.. I used black paint instead. I was thinking about those red lights we see in close up shots.. came up with an idea of how to do it... stretched clear sprue pulled through from the inside till it jams... Nipped off and Tamyia clear red dabbed on the inside bit... Backlit by my bench lamp...
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