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  1. Cool Kev who makes the deck section
  2. That thing will take up half of a table at a contest
  3. Cool. What's the deal with the white cowl ?
  4. Plus some me109S and hawker typhoon to
  5. Yes I have a couple plus 5or6 p-51 also everything is packed up at the moment
  6. Nice work Dan love theses builds looks like this thing is gonna be huge
  7. I'm confused why decals before foil but then again I never foiled a plane before am I missing something
  8. On a side note just check out the seat looks nice but how did squadron claim to be one of the besT online hobby stores
  9. Wait what, what you have that's 1/1
  10. Very cool love the gear Got a couple of theses still trying to find to me a more instesting scheme then red 12 or 10 starting to think I never will
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