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  1. Again chuck nice work as always you guys just blow me away. I guess that's why I'm a lucker
  2. Johan Produce the best car body's on the market
  3. Oh man. I would of taking off your hands. Not just the parts also the box. The one I have seen better days
  4. Ok Kev . Tony Nancy front engine dragster. California charger . Don garlits funny cars Hawaiian charger chi-town hustler gene snows revell snowman and the revellution funny car. Like Ron said fun thread
  5. F35 short legged Wierd we have them here in Vermont flying around
  6. Well. Then all I got are a few 70s revell 1/32 kits. P-47 corairs p38. Etc and some old revell 1/16 scale dragsters
  7. That thing has mad max writing all over it
  8. Thank you Kev for all the hard work it's been 10 years how time flys hope you pop in a say hi from time tO time best of luck where ever life's brings you
  9. Great pic. Shawn. Swamp thing. Love it
  10. I guess sue Boeing for a crappy products
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