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  1. Wow looking good now cast it all in resin so we can all have one.
  2. Looking good tom love watching you work your magic on theses vaC kits
  3. Karim you knock These ww1 builds out of the park every time outstanding
  4. That came out great saw theses guys two years ago great show
  5. I like it it does seem to dark to me but my eyes are getting older then me
  6. Very well done. I think the green really adds to the over all scheme
  7. I like to here the story about those blue 109s but to cheap to buy the mag. Lol
  8. What a great idea think your on to something here
  9. Never knew you left
  10. That's easy aluminum tubing for the oleo just rotate it in the gear leg if you know what I mean
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