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  1. rigor

    Ok guys

    Thank you
  2. rigor

    Ok guys

    I need to in large a bf 109 flight control petal from 1/24 to. 1/8 what would be the. % to in large
  3. This whole thread . lMAO
  4. rigor

    Aims/Revell 1/32 Ju188

    Wow is right. Great paint work.
  5. rigor

    1/32 Me 323 Gigant announced?

    Question is. Who's gonna be the first to build this monster
  6. rigor


    I have to say I been ordering from squadron for years not any more there web site is trash brings me everywhere but where I want to go
  7. [quote name="Martinnfb" post="1047670" timestamp="1527864215". The best part for me is the wear and tear on those planes. Not a square foot of consistent shade or finish. Total weathering overkill. . Perfect
  8. rigor

    Golden Arado 196 A-3

    Like to see the judges faces on this one
  9. yup your so right on that
  10. rigor


    Well we are adults so we should know right from wrong
  11. rigor

    Photobucket surrenders?

    . Yea that's the suck part of it all the good old build threads gone. Sorry but screw pb
  12. Ok Brian look. Leave the jeep alone. Send the gf to work. And let's see that big kitty lol
  13. rigor

    The Man who buries Planes.

    He's nothing but a moron