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  1. That's cool. I have the king tiger. I'm with k2 with the jag tiger I like to see a kv2 or did they put one out lol
  2. Didn't he also have a cigar lighter installed also. In the cockpit think I read about it over on the Lemb boards I think. Nice looking build. Love the figure
  3. Nice I have the Bismark been thinking about a carrier. But also. Really thinking about getting there 1/48 scale u-boat talk about huge
  4. Doesn't peter. Aka airscale. Make an pe. Ip for this kit
  5. Well look at that outstanding love the weathering
  6. Hmm. All raw no paint
  7. That looks killer. But you didn't have to clean the beach for us. Lol. That one is a looker for sure
  8. Well Atlantis did get a lot of molds. Bunch of the 80s nascar stuff etc right now there doing a inventory of what molds they do have. Right now ppl are wondering if they got the molds for the invisible chassis that was rewall then revel lots of things are up in the air right now
  9. Wow the color combo camo is just outstanding. Nice work say that five times fast lol
  10. Wow that's so cool. Well looks like you didn't miss a beat there Kent
  11. Looks great. Love it. I think that loud snap was in your head because I bet that was all you where thinking about when you where doing it lol nice save
  12. Nice work I like to see different photos of the b-1a in different schemes
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