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  1. Patrick nice. Are these going to be masters for casting ?? I'll be more then happy to give you my cash
  2. Good show Vincent if I may ask how come your not doing pattern work. You really go good work
  3. Same to you. Did the fam thing. Now I'm just waiting until tomorrow when all that candy goes on sale. Yummy lol
  4. Don't think I've seen one with the engine exposed. Good show
  5. Just wow. And welcome aboard
  6. Geez Carl you going for how many I can build in a year. Good show
  7. Thanks for sharing. That he 111. Is awesome
  8. A real pleasure watching this build Tomasz thanks for sharing. Great creatively on the base also. Hope you share your next build with us
  9. Cool I'll grab another one. And paint it hemi orange why because it's fast lol that should stir things up no really it's the right color lol.
  10. Love the coffee can idea might have to try that
  11. What about make the top of the fuselage removeable just in that. Spot. Or after you remove that spot vac a clear peice from that peice
  12. You guys ever seen the show were two billionaire's restoring panthers it's called tank overhaul if your interested
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