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  1. For modeling sales as the economy picks up or for people with time to model? It depends on a lot of factors and how people react. You can’t eat a LSP granted but looking at sales online, especially with the WNW tulip bubble things are going gangbusters in some industries and not so great in others.
  2. Thanks have that on the want list. Hopefully a few FWs later in the year
  3. I’d be happy to see a re issue of 1/32 kits. I guess a new release of a ki -100 or ki 43 or Pete or La 5 is too much to hope for? I feel like 1/32 is more popular now but if they decide to get out of large scale maybe Eduard might do some re boxing like with the p40?
  4. Tora, Tora, Tora is one I come back to. The opening of Saving Private Ryan and end battles are pretty full on. All Quite Western Front, Blue Max. There was a German one about the Eastern Front- don’t remember the name There have been others in which the battle scenes are good but the rest ...meh like RedBaron oh I really like both the Iwo Jima movies by Clint Eastwood.
  5. I’m not that huge on American stuff/WW2 but Band of Brothers was going eat IMO Documentary: The old ‘World at War’ Also didn’t mind the old BBC series ‘Wings’ about early WW1 RFC pilots flying Be2cs. Sort of British thespians hamming it up - but jolly good all the same old chaps!
  6. I hope they can get the production rolling again soon...
  7. Nice picks there! I seem to remember the Tamiya P51, 109e3 and Fw 190D being nice builds. It will be good to compare with the Eduard kits I just ordered in. Hey if I see the Catalina there I’ll know who made it ! What was it like to build? Thanks!
  8. ...or a Handley Page whatever-it-is... 32 might be niche but there are a lot of new kits getting pumped out in this scale, I think more than ever? 72 and 48 is the mainstream, but is 32 the new normal? Maybe, maybe not
  9. Bit of both. The technical/ mechanical aspects are least interesting- but are important to some which is fine. The buildability, and overall appeal is what gets me in but the detail in the research adds much more dimension. Sometimes I will do a build purely on its historical or personal significance. These aircraft sometimes have boring markings and aren’t your most popular types but they are the ‘vehicle’ for the stories behind them. If you know what I mean.
  10. Hi following on from the 1/32 discussion. Is there a kit or kits that stand out for you...?
  11. Vampire sounds good!
  12. Good to hear Hasegawa p40e is a good kit. Will try to track it down when they resurface. And def look at Tamiya mustang and Corsair. Thanks guys:D If Hasegawa do a Ju87B I’ll be all over that. It would be good if they do a ki 100 sometime (?)
  13. So is there a way of getting round the Eduard cockpit - resin replacement? the rivet details seem nice on the Eduard
  14. Hi, have to agree with dashotgun a bit. If interior details mean a fight to put the outside together I’d rather do without it. Although I am scratch building extra interiors/ using vacform for Monogram B-24 and would jump on an updated/ detailed kit in a sec.
  15. Such a variety of answers, very interesting. Some I’d never thought or heard of. Never considered a Trumpeter kit, but sounds like the Avenger is an exception to the rule. My Faves Tamiya / WNW. Im looking forward to a few Hasegawa kits from the naughies Ki 84/ Raiden etc( yes late to the party on these) and ICM Gladiator next Also Revell 1/32 Ju 87b Stuka I got for Christmas from Grandparents as a kid - First 1/32 kit, artwork and size really blew me away and had such fun building and painting it - so many raised rivets, so many memories.
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