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  1. Yes not just the exterior! Looks like the nose is detachable to show interior/ bomb details? Nice.
  2. I wonder if they’d do an early model Stuka?
  3. Seen worse...Maybe they will do later more stylish looking Italian a/c
  4. I guess there’s no point checking WNW site until after the 20th and they will probably have back orders to fill but it will be interesting to see the release schedule of 2020 kits and any new project reveals in the pipeline...
  5. Wonder if we will see a Fokker DVII OAW/Alb re-pop limited edition before mid year?
  6. Anything the French AND Americans flew they will kit so that includes SPADS, of course! And a Hanriot if they are doing main types a HD1 should be in the pipeline. I hope WNW and/or CSM bring out a SPAD and Hanriot soon so then we can be surprised by whatever comes next. Once they have got the Lanc out it will be WW1 business as usual for WNW.
  7. Go Copper State bring it out!
  8. Oh yeah ‘next year’ The Lanc has tied them down big time. They will be back on track with WW 1 after that.
  9. WNW will do it. Once they get their main projects finished this year expect more.
  10. Got the 17. Nice kit. Look forward to future releases
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