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  1. Thanks to guys here who treat members with respect. Hopefully others will demonstrate better behaviour. This was a genuine suggestion from experience. Not negative toward OP. Final general sage advice: If you don’t like a thread topic you’re on get off it and get a life. Heed the siren call of your stash or ‘shelf of doom’ Pup out.
  2. Don’t forget Bunyips and winter is coming ...White Walkers... But yeah don’t buy Forsters beer...
  3. Peter Jackson’s exhibition and aircraft museum are a must...and Hobbiton. The food and scenery in NZ are excellent. Geez guys. The only thing you might get bitten by in Oz is a mosquito in summer like anywhere.
  4. Mike, As you mentioned unmoderated thread snipers will eventually bring an interesting (or controversial depending on your viewpoint) topic down. Probably best to put your time into something else or limit use of the site for build displays and questions about technique (which seem generally supportive.)
  5. So what I’m reading here is an admission to online bullying and a small group ‘baiting’ other members.
  6. Catch the ferry to Watson’s Bay (near Rose Bay) and grab fish and chips at the Pub next to Doyle’s seafood restaurant with locals and tourists. (Catalina flying boat that use to fly from here is at the technology museum.) Unfortunately only one centrally located hobby store (in QVB building.) Hope the weather is good for you! PS The B24 museum is a bit of a trip from central Melbourne but IMO totally worth it.
  7. Well maybe in the right lighting after a few drinks... But not even then for the Fairey Battle I’m afraid!
  8. Beats me why Tamiya or another company hasn’t done a new B17/24 in 1/48. Or re- done their Lancaster.
  9. Have to agree 1/32 IMO is almost museum scale. A 100 cm wingspan is not a miniature. That said 1/32 is a very good scale for fighters If they were going to do another 4 engine bomber (which they won’t, I think) then I’d vote for a B24 as an alternative to the HB offering.
  10. Nice predictions! So if they do a Pfalz 3 then Se5a could be in a duelist/ Aces boxing... I thought there might be a Pup / Gotha duellists set coming, maybe it still is. The rockets can be used on quite a few a/c. We are still to see other home defence types like the Sopwith Comic, Be2e and Dh4.
  11. Good to hear. Lucky they used the strong box. Felixstowe box might survive but smaller kits usually get crushed. My expectation now when buying direct is they are kits for making not collecting. I ordered the USAS version at a good price for the plastic and Clerget engine. Ironically it is the only one to arrive in near perfect condition! Don’t worry we all have those moments of double ordering ;)
  12. Interesting scheme with rockets for a lot less than eBay. Glad I was outbid on the last RFC Pup that came up. Wonder when we’ll see a re-box of the Pfalz and Se5a?
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