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  1. Thanks that’s awesome ! Great advice will try that for exhausts for sure!
  2. Sure does! Thanks! Do you seal the pastels?
  3. Thankyou so much for your reply Highlander! When you say turpentine substitute do you mean just plain old turps rather than the real artist turpentine ? I mainly want to use oils for washes- engines, interiors and blended weathering on WW1 a/c canvas and metal. Thanks again:D
  4. Thanks! I think I saw some Pledge at the supermarket but didn’t buy it because it had a yellowish colour. I will go back and if clear will get it.
  5. It seems ‘Future’ is a US brand. I can’t seem to get it online without paying big prices. Can anyone recommend its equivalent or alternative? (I’ve been using clear acrylic gloss so wanted to try Future because people recommended it) Thanks!
  6. Similar to the oils topic: any recommendations for pastel brands and techniques? Thanks!
  7. Does anybody have a recommendation for oil paints. Brands, dilutants, retarders etc. Do they need to be sealed before painting over? etc. Thanks!
  8. I think my stash just lost 50% of its value. But if retailers offer heavy discounts I might be tempted to resume my normal programming...until the reality of the end of days sets in again
  9. Looks like Weta workshop has pulled the plug on their Wingnut line. Makes sense, cutting back in these times I guess.
  10. This thread is a great relief to what’s going on
  11. Enjoy your bench time whatever you choose (and cooking for/with the wife.) If you're not sick enjoy the time out!
  12. https://chaser.com.au/national/laxatives-sell-out-as-hoarders-try-to-make-use-of-excess-toilet-paper/
  13. Thanks! In the 90’s I sent off for some parts for a pro- modeller B24 not expecting anything and they sent a sprue free posted at their expense to the other side of the world. I was so impressed!
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