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  1. The HP 0/100 has been pushed back to early 2020, so at least that expense is postponed until after Christmas/New Year! I wonder if they'll have a end of year surprise as in previous years?
  2. So would you notice the scale of 1/35 vehicle next to a 1/32 aircraft much. No idea. Just askin’...
  3. Or humidity for SE Asia? Can’t hide that seam line though...
  4. They will do what they want when they want. Nothing is set in stone. If you compare the manufacturing complexity of the Dr1 to the Lanc you can see why they would not take on too many large WW2 projects. Also they have quite a few WW1 types to bring out in many different combinations so there is no need to replicate WW2 subjects, unless PJ wants to of course.
  5. Pics of WNW kits including new Tripe at Telford in this post: https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/77640-telford-2019/page/9/
  6. I think the C111 and Breguet will be out sometime. They still have a backlog of 2 seaters.
  7. HD1? Yes was going to mention, has to be. Main type and put the no French/Italian/Belgian line to rest.
  8. Thanks for this tribute. We live in good times. I think all those you have listed will eventually come out as well as a few others.
  9. Moveable re/movable wings is a great idea, assuming subject/ display-storage space, cost, kit quality etc factors all align. In this case no.
  10. Like the camo option at $10 less. I've got many unused decal sets in the bank don't need more...
  11. Looking forward to this one. No howlers on the CAD. I hope they (or someone else) do a Lysander next...
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