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  1. Terrible, catastrophe. If seeing the inside of this Cathedral was on your bucket list, it will be a while to tick it off. Bypassing the inequality of wealth debate...I seem to remember that the medieval technique for stain glass windows has been lost, but I'm sure they can do nice replicas. Apparently there are no oak trees now as big as they were then.
  2. With ya bro! I think some re-sellers will buy at this price but for collectors with enough in the stash it’s another story.
  3. There was different Gotha versions, so hopefully a new boxing will come out. Maybe with night lozenge. Will be more expensive than last release but nothing like prices on fleabay!
  4. Actually that would be great! Or a Macchi m5 vs Austrian Hansa Brandenburg or Lohner?
  5. Albatros D11 / D111 - they have common sprues. Have to be up there with SPAD / Dr1?
  6. Nice point. Much of the fascination comes from outside of modelling- his blockbuster movies etc.
  7. Well put. I don’t know his motives entirely but we have a great thing- a range of WW1 kits that may not have existed before. There could be an argument that he is creating a market, but there was already one waiting. We collect and stash kits, but an enjoyable hobby is the end result! Happy modelling and may your rigging always be minimal.
  8. Mr Shigeta of ZM, Masayuki and Shunsaku Tamiya, Peter Jackson and anyone else not mentioned, thanks for your dedication
  9. Nice choice! One day we might see the other triplane, the one with crosses...
  10. Its possible they are selling out quicker because they have a wider distribution network? But it depends how they manufacture. If they keep making orders until they decide to pull the plug on a kit, or just do a run of x amount and sit on them until they eventually sell out. No doubt they will turn up again but you could wait a while. People collect and pay crazy prices. Like any collectable it depends on a perception of rarity etc - how much you are prepared to pay for the OOP box and instructions. Apart from that its the same plastic from one re boxing to the next. All that guy can do is live and learn. The Re8 will sell out again sometime. Swings and roundabouts. The world economy is slowing down a bit so the recent 10 year sale could be an opportunity for them to move some dormant stock. That way they can clear the decks for new releases. So the SOLD OUT signs might be popping up a bit from now on? WNW have been going for 10 glorious years without any sign of winding down. But does that mean they won't change their business model? WNW may reinvent themselves by going into WW2 or doing popular kits in competition with other companies, but that remains to be seen.
  11. It's his call 100%. He may have plans for a Dr1 /Spad. Does he plow on without any interest in what the modelling market wants? No idea. The G.1. was a bold statement. Whether it was meant to be or not is another question.
  12. Good point. If an A/C has similar sprues then they are released in a cluster or over time, depending on the company. Only difference with WNW is that they don't reproduce the same boxing and you could wait a while for the next one.
  13. Not sure. I’m struggling to buy 1 on special! But there are modellers whose interest is early types of A/C and airmen like Boelke or Immelmann. I respect that, but can't really get excited by its 'look'. One person earlier said it would be easier to rig. Yes it’s a monoplane but the underside rigging looks fiddly. If you like these aircraft it’s a world of choice until they sell out...and re-release as a duelist or special boxing. Anyone made an eindecker? How does it compare?
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