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  1. This thread should be in general discussion
  2. The Hasegawa’s are the ones for me. Is the D9 on the same quality level as the F-8?
  3. I think another member (Juggernaut?) mentioned that this part sits above the seat which with an amount of pressure would break it. Hopefully it won’t be too hard to fix?
  4. Oh no I’ll have to check now!
  5. Big box. Never built a jet but I am almost tempted by this one because I’ve heard it’s that good. Got the Zero though, very nice indeed.
  6. Well done good luck enjoy the build!
  7. So to sum up Tamiya from 2000 has done a new 1/32 aircraft kit every 4-5 years on average and they won’t be doing a 109g ?
  8. I bought some of his B24 stuff years ago. Sad.
  9. I could have got this mixed up with Avenger, maybe
  10. I missed the whole Accurate miniatures thing but a modeller told me their Helldiver was an excellent kit. Did their molds get re-popped or did they disappear in a train crash or accident at sea? Just wondering
  11. Good points. Maybe they would have eventually bought a lot more stuff out including a Rumpler floatplane. Like you mentioned. Ah well. It was what it was. The more obscure projects probably bled money, he lost interest and maybe other factors like use of NZ taxpayer funds killed it off. And Covid was the final straw and used like with companies everywhere to slash staff or close down completely
  12. You make a good point. How much it was $ viability and how much it’s CEO (Sir PJ) just pulling the plug because it was no longer fun is still largely unknown.
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