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  1. Nice, talk about a snub-nosed fighter!
  2. Yes classic!: https://www.rare-planedetective.com/mobile/product.aspx?ProductCode=afx590t4&404;http://www.rare-planedetective.com:80/product-p/afx590t4.htm=
  3. Or ‘trilogy’ set with Voss and 2 Se5as?
  4. Yes another historically important type widely used. The Ca4 had a wingspan slightly bigger than the Felixstowe! Ca3 (above) and 5 about 75cm Wingspan
  5. Or FF 33: Both this and Be2 were widely used in WW1 and you’d have to say they will come out...
  6. Good observation. Yes as mentioned, looks a bit Roden...ish. Maybe like you say it’s unfinished and will be filled in later.
  7. There was another famous flight in 1919 involving a Vimy: https://www.greatairrace.com.au/history/ The air race had other types such as a Blackburn Kangaroo, which might also make a nice kit: But 2 Handley Pages!..those folding wings solve part of the problem of how to store or display the beast...and adds interest to a boxy looking rear end
  8. Dr1 box art added... http://www.wingnutwings.com/ww/110AB9B325D342BA8D8187E99D96104A Looks a bit Roden...ish. Maybe a first draft?
  9. Yes! Macchi, Lohner, Hansa-B flying boats please!
  10. Enough just to keep us interested... I wonder also if it’s to keep some company in China (or elsewhere) from ripping off the design. Although I guess they could just wait and do it later if they dared. Must be hard for start-ups to protect intellectual property. Luckily 1/32 WW1 Kits is a select market and it took an individual, Peter Jackson, to make it possible. Echoing a previous statement I hope WNW and CSM liaise so they don’t end up doing the same kit like a SPAD or Hanriot.(As long as at least 1 of them does!)
  11. Yes please! Maybe they will bring out a duellist set with 2 new kits. Why not?
  12. Their pre order backlog will be daunting. The logistics of storing such a large production run and getting it to market might delay new releases but hey, we finally got Dr1’s! Well by this time next year anyway...
  13. Yes. There is a lot of detail going on. It looks almost challenging to put together, but well worth it. A bit of a masterpiece in plastic engineering. I wonder how they will do the clear parts with the frames? I look at that and back at my HB Liberator and feel slightly deflated. What a difference in quality...oh well...
  14. Also I'm not that into WW2 anymore but holy crap Batman, that Lancaster is looking amazing! Big technology leap from the HP 0/100!
  15. Update: CAD images of Dr1 - A lot simpler than the Handley Page!
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