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  1. Hi Any recommendations for sealing a combination of acrylic/ with enamel /oil wash? I assume a water based acrylic won’t work and will have to go with enamel ? thanks :D
  2. No one else mentioned this, so the good news: Roden’s bringing out their new and highly anticipated SPAD (xiii?)soon (April). It will be good so see some pics.
  3. Coming back to the hobby I’m pretty amazed by some of the best kit engineering of the last 20-25 years, and modelling results.
  4. The D7 top wing is pretty thick and struts delicate but the physics on the 1:1 is another thing. It has been mentioned MvR was a week away from getting this type, luckily for allied pilots he didn’t.
  5. Exactly! Have an interchangeable nose and everything else mentioned. Then AM for most differences- the rest you’ll have to cut and scratch or live with it. Win win for builder and HK - they will be a good return $.
  6. Probably why a lot of folks stayed away, even at RRP. An AM guy might come to the rescue with struts in a metal that isn’t white, needed on a few kits not just the more exotic ones
  7. Woo hoo! Ready to hit the slopes! I mean shelves
  8. The variants would be D and J with a few turret options (including a stinger tail gun? for L version) If HK scaled up the Hasegawa kit and added detail to replace the decades old Monogram then I think 99% of model makers would be happy. As mentioned everything else is aftermarket or ‘on desk’ modifications. So please keep entertaining the idea HK! Looking at the Lanc it’s great to see the quality, without the HB type ‘clangers’, and I’m very tempted...and maybe an ‘e’ version of B 17
  9. I’m guessing the. 48 17 and Lanc will be popular with US and UK markets among others more so than a 32nd scale kit Then as mentioned they could do a B 26 or one of many other 2 engine 1/32 and 4 engine 1/48 on people’s want list
  10. Only every time I Google reviews. No disrespect to Brett Green but personally not a fan of most unedited review videos. This one was fine but some (not Mr Green’s) are downright annoying. Have to constantly scrub through to get to the juicy bits.
  11. Yes Ju87 b please! - simple version
  12. Well today I bought some paints from the local hobby store but they are going on the plastic. Not sure about a scale modellers float in RLM and IJN colo(u)rs... Anyway to quote a drag queen I saw on TV - ‘To everyone whose still in lockdown there is a future ‘
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