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  1. That looks real nice. Interesting engineering indeed!
  2. I’d like to see a 1/32 SM79 but that is more for the 1/32 topic area. Maybe a 1/48 Sunderland etc might be good too!
  3. Thanks. I’d like a B-24. Still sitting on the fence with the 1/32 HB.
  4. Should have been more specific- the B/ early Stuka.
  5. Thanks! Interesting. I built this over 20 yrs ago with little modelling experience and still very pleased with results (a bit of filler on the lower wing root aside- probably my jam fistedness) Have been out of the hobby for a while so thought it may be superceded by now but no! Might just have to wait for the wingsy to see if it trumps the Tamiya
  6. Great to know will go for Eduard kit.
  7. We have a B-17 will we see any more ‘heavies’?
  8. What’s your preferred kit for a mustang in 1/48?
  9. I’ve researched that Dragon (or subsidiary) and Eduard Kits are best options for the Messerschmitt 109e Trop. Anyone have any opinions on these or alternatives? Thanks, happy modelling.
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