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  1. Looking forward to the Spits. As far as I know Kotare don’t have a wealthy backer so their decisions will need to be sound
  2. Curious Does anyone know how ICM is placed these days are they still able to get kits out?
  3. I share the same pipe dream! I’d even settle for a new one in 1/48! Yea Someone needs to take a bullet for the team and almost finish a scratch built one and it will become a reality.
  4. I think some of these might pop up from Kotare /ZM / someone else. The Hasegawa P40 was re-released through Eduard. If it’s just a matter of doing a fuselage for a B/c Mustang then maybe. I’m not up on WW2 airframe specifics Id like to see them do a Japanese subject like Ki-100 but hey that’s just me. I’ve got a feeling Kotare might dip the toes in here if no one else wants to do LSL Japanese subjects (except ZM of course but they will be tied up with 109s and 190s for a while) Would have been great to see a 1/32 190 from Tamiya but again JMO
  5. Do ICM and Roden produce and ship from Ukraine or like other companies are their moulds in China? Just curious… Also what is happening there should never have happened. Stay strong and brave Ukrainians!
  6. Engine, no engine. As long as the hood fits down ok. I like what Tamiya did with their 109 g. Can’t go wrong with that engineering
  7. What he said. Do a handful you won’t get overwhelmed with posting or do 15 at a time but don’t say you’ll post for a week.
  8. ‘Aching for a Ju87 b ‘ And no not the Trumpy or ancient Airfix…
  9. Pup7309


    Not unhappy with the Lancaster but probably the cease and desist from WNW. Also not dishing China but even if P Jackson owns the moulds and IP would that stop a company there, especially if they were owed money from using them, and could turn a buck or two? Not saying we’ll ever see them popped again, but don’t totally rule it out
  10. Pup7309


    If I remember correctly Border said they had access to WNWs moulds but who knows. After the Lancaster they might think twice about this, If there is any truth to it
  11. Have to agree Special Hobby might be doing one in the future Relating to this announcement: CSM you are knocking it out of the ball park at the moment- keep going!
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