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  1. Bit more progress on the Car Door Typhoon. The basic weathering is done...I still need to finish the exhausts and decide if i want to tackle any fuselage exhaust staining, though i can't find any reference picture which showed this was pronounced like other types of the period? Cheers Matt
  2. Slowly edging towards the finishing line with the bubble top. All the weathering is completed on the main part of the airframe, but there is still a mountain of stuff to do. Also annoyingly half way through painting the model developed a rattle! only when i unmasked the cockpit did i find that the gunsight had detached itself and found its way into the main fuselage!!! I thought there was a spare in the car door kit but no such luck, ill spend a bit of time trying to retrieve the original but i may have to scratch build a new one. Cheers Matt Ill check the trim tabs Steve thanks for the heads up
  3. Hi All, The main painting is now complete...wow that was a lot of masking! Both are now safely under a gloss clear coat. Decals next, then weathering. Cheers Matt
  4. Hi All, I'm well into paint with both of the Typhoons. I still have the wing invasion stripes on the bubble top and then finish painting the markings on both...but I'm getting there! Cheers Matt
  5. All the major construction of the Car Door Typhoon is now completed. I was worried that would get bored building effectively the same kit back to back, but glad to say bar the occasional 'ground hog day' moment i have really enjoyed it and it has provided new challenges that weren't encountered with the bubble top. Into paint next after a lot of masking, but think i may finish all of the fiddly bits like weapons, undercarriage etc first Cheers Matt
  6. Hi All, Ive finished painting the pilot figure. It was painted with Tamiya acrylics, so i made life hard for myself! Next time i will try Vallejo with some retarder in the paint which will hopefully allow me to blend the different shades more effectively. cheers Matt
  7. well I'm starting to make a bit of progress after quite a bit of head scratching and test fitting. The problem as I've mentioned before is the from cowl which is made up of 10 separate parts that have to be lined up exactly over a complex internal structure which also has to be lined up perfectly or it won't fit ! My solution was to join the fuselage and add the 3 upper cowling pieces, then build the lower cowl separately to include the radiator and associated structure. Then mount the fuselage and once that is on mount the chin portion of the cowl! evrything was stitched together using extra thin CA glue to ensure everything lined up before finally being glued with extra thin tame cement. The big decision i had to make was to remove the engine and all of the internal structure forward of the firewall...drastic i know but essential to get a good fit...i essentially turned it into a large 1/72 scale kit! Cheers Matt
  8. Thanks for the info Tom, especially the build sequence as I was wondering what order to do things in. Cheers. Matt
  9. ok I've been giving the front cowl some more thought and after taping everything together i think i could get a good fit, but also i can get a better fit by constructing the cowl and the fuselage together separate from the main airframe structure. So my current plan is to detach the radiator and build the cowl and fuselage before mating to the wings and internal fuselage frame..a departure from the instructions but think its the best route to making things fit..ill let you know how i get on! also have completed some more painting and below are 2 IP's the top one is from my original typhoon using air scales excellent decals and the 2nd one is using kit decals...you decide. cheers Matt
  10. Hi Tom, this is such a nice build and the fit of the components and the subtlety in the painting is very impressive. As you know I’m building the same kit at the moment and I’ve heard lots of horror stories about getting the complex engine cowl parts to line up. Did you have any problems or any suggestions on how to make this go smoothly? Thank you. Matt
  11. Thanks Tom, yes quicker progress as I know how much can be built before painting and what is visible when all closed up. The pilot is coming on and only have the arms to get right now! cheers matt
  12. Ok so ill run this thread as a dual work in progress for both of my Typhoons rather than have 2. So have managed to get a big chunk of the construction finished and managed to get some paint on the internal structure as well as started painting the instrument and side panels. Ive decided to add a pilot into the car door typhoons cockpit and have started modifying a resin pilot which is a major improvement over the one in the kit. Cheers Matt
  13. Hi All, I hope everyone has had a brilliant Xmas. Over the holiday i found time to finish the construction of the Typhoon, Ive got to say bringing the major fuselage and wing components together was a major challenge and came together gradually as i stitched it together over several days using various forms of persuasion! All ready for paint now, but as you might notice in the last pic and maybe under the influence of too much mulled wine I've decided to briefly stop this build and start my car door typhoon! It seemed to make sense as i can use all of what i have learned with this one to hopefully make quick progress and will complete this one all closed up and have some plans for which markings to do which will hopefully contrast nicely with my bubble top! Thank you for all of the kind comments about my work, its a real pleasure to be involved with this forum. Wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2019! Cheers Matt
  14. Hi Tom, congratulations on a tremendous build. The finish is superb and a model to be proud of. Thanks for sharing your hints and experiences along the way and i look forward to following your future builds. cheers matt
  15. Hi All, Hannants in the uk now have the Lanc in stock! cheers Matt
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