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  1. Hi Guy, looking very nice! White is always a pain to paint over dark colours, and you have done a great job, do you have any advice? And which white paint did you use? Cheers. Matt
  2. Great work Chris, it’s really coming together. I especially like the way you have done the exhausts can you let me know what’s you did? Cheers. Matt
  3. Hi Guy, that is looking brilliant and a nice choice of markings. Matt
  4. That looks fabulous, the dry brushed silver is exceptionally effective. I have one of these in may stash so will be watching with great interest as your build progresses. Matt
  5. Hi Guy, looking great, and I have the luxury of seeing you tackle the dark blue paint first! Good luck! Matt
  6. Great start, the cockpit is excellent. I look forward to more updates
  7. The engine module is now completed, it’s had an oil wash but still needs more weathering which I will do when it is mounted to the firewall. The engineering in this part of the kit is very impressive and much of it clicks together without the need for glue. More airframe construction next! cheers Matt
  8. Looking good! I had trouble getting a good fit between the fuselage and wings at the front , yours looks like it went together really nicely
  9. A quick update, engine wiring is in and painted lots of engine ancillary components painted and I thought I was almost there with the engine and then I remembered I have to do the exhausts!! i made a start on the wing centre section and when I dry fit to the fuselage I’m not able to get a close fit at the front? When I offer up just the upper wings the fit is good so may attach them first and then mate the Lower wing centre section structure to them. cheers Matt
  10. Hi, there are no spark plugs which is a shame, although I don’t think my old eyes would be up to the task! Airfix do provide a wiring diagram to follow and that is one of my next jobs to do. Cheers
  11. Hi All, A little bit of engine progress, which is a kit in itself! cheers. Matt
  12. Hi Guy, I’ve been having the same Colour thoughts! I was going to spray mr color C365 but now I think that may be too dark for a scale effect, I have seen a Tamiya mix (50% xf17, 30% xf8. &20% xf2). But think this may be too light, I’m going to order Hataka DSB as this looks better, but would also be interested to hear your view of the MRP when you have it. Cheers. Matt
  13. Hi Guy, what a fantastic result, the engine looks stunning!. cheers Matt
  14. Hi, thank you for the kind comments and encouragement! Yes really cool scheme...there is so much choice .I think the only thing for me to do is build more than one!! cheers matt
  15. Hi Guy, your primer coat looks super smooth, do you mind me asking which brand you use? Cheers. Matt
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