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  1. Hi Jan, No not removable, but removing the locating lugs on the inside of the wings allows them to be fitted later and so make painting a lot easier! Cheers. Matt
  2. Hi Pip, it was a hand wheel. Cheers. Matt
  3. Hi Peter, national insignia masks were DNmodels. The rest is just lots of masking tape! The exception is the circles on the fin which are spare 1/24 typhoon roundel masks! cheers matt
  4. Hi everyone, been a while since I worked on the big b24, but I’ve had a bit of time over the past few weeks to move it on a bit. Nmf is finished and I used ak extreme metal. markings are all painted and I have gloss coated so decals next. Cheers. Matt
  5. Wow there are a lot of rivers to put on this kit! Getting there though and definitely learning a lot!
  6. Well I’m just about done with all the major construction and have come to a decision point..... do I rivet the airframe or not. I will think about it over Xmas as I don’t think I will get any more modelling done this year so it’s a decision for 2020. The turrets when together ok though there was a bit of trimming involved to get the internals to fit. It’s a real shame about the seams in the wrong place but after a while you don’t really notice anymore. wishing everyone a very merry christmas and a happy new year Matt
  7. Made a start on the turrets... avoiding the clear bits for now
  8. Thanks Andy, yes the Eduard cockpit looks ok, frustratingly it’s not exactly the colour I would have liked but for what will be seen it will do the job of making the cockpit look suitably busy when the canopy is on. If and when I do another I will probably go the air scale route as you are doing on your great build. Talking of which thanks to your tips in your WIP thread I’m benefiting from your experience and have omitted all the interior bulkhead detail aft of the waist positions and have considerably trimmed the over complicated structure for the ball turret along the fuselag
  9. The interior is done with the exception of the windows which are still to go in. I’ve only really painted what will be seen and even then I think that is wishful thinking in the nose and waist Gun position! Fuselage join next and then onto the wings. cheers matt
  10. Quick update as I have managed to get some paint on the cockpit. I’ve included some seat belts from my spares box and I’ve have used the Eduard pe set which looks ok but think the green is a little light, but as the cockpit will be quite dark with the canopy on I think this will be an advantage! cheers. Matt
  11. Hi Tom, good to hear from you and glad to have you along for this one! Cheers. Matt
  12. Thank you for the link, great info. I really like the cocktail hour artwork and is probably my first choice at the moment. Though the different nose turret and lack of a ball turret may be a deal breaker!
  13. Hi Ron, thanks for the info... I knew it was too good to be true! Looks like I will be getting a set of True details resin wheels for this kit! cheers. Matt
  14. Hi Andy, I had heard wheels were an issue! I’m using a set of Eduard B17 resin wheels I have spare which I believe are ok. And I got the true details resin wheel set for the B25 which has 2 nose wheels one of which I will use for the B24. I’ve not tried it yet but I’m hopeful it will work. cheers matt
  15. Hi I was thinking of either one of these from the new profimodeller decal sheets. cheers matt
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