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  1. Hi, No problem, I hadn’t actually realised it would go in a finished builds gallery! Cheers. Matt
  2. Well it’s finally finished! Overall a really enjoyable build. A great kit with some fit issues but excellent detail and brilliant value for money. I had to work quite hard on the scratch building and re scribing some panel details as I’m not a natural builder. Aftermarket was obviously the engine and also brass machine gun barrels. I should probably have used resin wheels. And I think Andy (monthebiff) mentioned seat belts and I regret not putting them in now but at the time I was pushing the build on and didn’t have any to hand and didn’t want to wait. What next? Well the airfix hellcat is only a week away! cheers Matt
  3. Hi I don’t have any pics of the process from this build but will put something together over the next few days to out line what I did, cheers
  4. Hi All, have applied a dark brown panel line wash and have shaded the paint with oils to give it some depth and then a final flat coat. Almost ready for final assembly! cheers Matt
  5. Hi All, After seemingly endless masking I’m almost done with the painting bar a little touching up. I used mr color paints and they were really great and performed faultlessly. Gloss coat next and then a few decals before weathering. cheers Matt
  6. Well after tonight’s session at the bench it’s beginning to look a lot like a ju88! I’m not out of the woods yet and it’s still a while before it sees any paint but I’m starting to put some major construction hurdles behind me. Cheers. Matt
  7. Thanks for the kind words and encouragement so far....the more I get into this kit I think I’m going to need all the encouragement I can get! The fuselage is now together and I’m struggling to get all the nose glazing on but I’m sure I’ll get there in the end. As a distraction I spent some time on the engine and firewall. I thought everything was going great and had the engine together when I realised the exhaust stacks were way too far inboard of the nacelle and that there is actually quite large boxy structures either side of the block which set the exhausts further outboard. Well out came the knife and after a couple of hours of hacking and grafting on of evergreen rod I finally had something reasonable. It’s not perfect but will pass muster to the casual observer I hope.....I guess these teething troubles were inevitable as the engine is from a bf109 after all! Anyway onwards and upwards and I had better get back to trying not to break the canopy. cheers Matt
  8. Hi Don, It’s all kit parts, the cockpit is almost a model in itself! Cheers. Matt
  9. Managed time to get a bit of paint on the cockpit. cheers Matt
  10. Hi it’s the Eduard bf109 engine.
  11. Ok I couldn't resist any longer..Im in! Ive wanted to build this kit for a while and there are a bunch of great markings so this group build is the perfect excuse. First impressions are its no Tamiya Mosquito, but then again it is 1/3 the price. You do get lots for your money, the cockpit is lovely and i think it will build up into a very impressive model. i have made a start and built the cockpit which is now ready for paint. i have also decided to modify the kit a little, the kit has no engines but i have decided to graft a resin one onto one wing. its not exactly the right engine but looks sufficiently like a jumo 211 to be good enough when I've finished...I hope! Cheers Matt
  12. So my 2nd Typhoon is now complete. Aftermarket resin seat, wheels, cannons and metal rockets were added and finished using Tamiya paints and oils for weathering. Which is my favourite of the 2? Like children I'm sure you arnt supposed to choose but for me as much as i love this one and it was the one i started first the desert scheme (see link below)just has it for me. What next? well definitely not a Typhoon! The HB B24 is calling me from my stash as long as i can come to terms with the turrets! my immediate problem though is what to do with 2x 1/24 Typhoons that won't fit in my display cabinet!! Cheers Matt
  13. The Car door is the first across the finish line in my dual Typhoon build. It has been a great kit finished in Tamiya and Gunze paints and oils for weathering. A take away for future projects is to dry fit every component before paint as this will make final assembly a little less fraught!! Cheers Matt
  14. Bit more progress on the Car Door Typhoon. The basic weathering is done...I still need to finish the exhausts and decide if i want to tackle any fuselage exhaust staining, though i can't find any reference picture which showed this was pronounced like other types of the period? Cheers Matt
  15. Slowly edging towards the finishing line with the bubble top. All the weathering is completed on the main part of the airframe, but there is still a mountain of stuff to do. Also annoyingly half way through painting the model developed a rattle! only when i unmasked the cockpit did i find that the gunsight had detached itself and found its way into the main fuselage!!! I thought there was a spare in the car door kit but no such luck, ill spend a bit of time trying to retrieve the original but i may have to scratch build a new one. Cheers Matt Ill check the trim tabs Steve thanks for the heads up
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