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  1. Vynce804

    A Wee Side Project: 1/24 Cardoor Tiffie

    Hi Tom, really great progress, you have left me way behind! I was wondering what your thoughts on painting the upper camouflage were? I know there is a hard demarcation between the upper and lower surfaces but do you intent to have a feathered or hard edge to the upper camo colours? cheers Matt
  2. Vynce804

    Airfix 1/24 Hawker Typhoon

    Hi Michael, thank you for the link to your WIP that will help a lot and your finished Typhoon looks fantastic. im building the bubble top version but still haven’t decided on markings yet. cheers Matt
  3. Hi I’ve used these paints quite a lot and have primed with auto primer from a rattle can and also Tamiya gloss black, and it has proved to be bullet proof with masking. As mentioned above I also de-tack my tape which may have helped. Hope you get this sorted as it’s great paint! cheers Matt
  4. So if you have been following my WIP you know the story. I originally built this kit around a year ago and i never really liked the final product so armed with a can of oven cleaner i stripped the paint off and had another go and this is the result. Im much happier 2nd time around, it isn't perfect in may respects but was a lot of fun to do and i got to practice a few new things along the way. I hope you all like it. Cheers Matt Before During After
  5. Vynce804

    A Wee Side Project: 1/24 Cardoor Tiffie

    Hi Tom, Yes how funny 2 Typhoons started within a few days of each other! Good luck with yours, you have made a tremendous start very inspirational for me. Mine is the bubble top version, but I have a car door kit in my stash so will be really interested to se how yours comes out. Are you planning to have all the engine covers off and gun bays exposed? Also have you a particular Aircraft, squadron or colour scheme in mind? Are you going to use much aftermarket? I also have the air scale decals, but am also tempted by the resin intake duct and I do like resin wheels! cheers Matt
  6. So for my next build i have chosen the 1/24 Airfix Typhoon. Its been in my stash a while and have resisted building it so far as its not my usual scale. Ive made a start but its early days , first impressions its a great kit, loads of parts and options and lovely detail. Its still pure Airfix and the feel and the look of the plastic takes me back to distant Christmas memories as a young modeller where the prize gift would be a large 1/24 scale airfix kit which would be built using tube glue and brush paint with Humbrol enamel and finish before boxing day was over! I usually close all of my builds and don't show engines..etc, but for this one i will buck the trend and have everything on show! Cheers Matt
  7. Vynce804

    1/32 Tamiya P-51D Mustang "Butch Baby"

    Hi, fantastic build and brilliant paintwork. I really like the look of the underside with the main gear doors closed. Thanks for sharing. Matt
  8. Vynce804

    Tamiya 1/32 P51D Mustang

    Hi, I picked out the rivets on the black I’d stripes with a light grey oil wash that I mixed from my oil paints. I have been experimenting with using different colours and intensity of washes over different colours on the airframe and I like the variation it gives. Cheers
  9. Vynce804

    Tamiya 1/32 P51D Mustang

    Hi, yes there is and the link is below. cheers https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/75746-tamiya-p51-mustang/&page=2
  10. Dear All, Below are pics of my latest build, Tamiya’s 1/32 P51D Mustang. It was built to represent a 353rd Fighter Group machine sporting the characteristic black and yellow checkered nose. I didn’t model any particular aircraft but instead took aspects of several and combined them into one fictional machine. The kit is fantastic with great detail and options, unfortunately I had to hide all of the engine detail as gluing the engine panels was the only way I could get a really good fit to allow me to paint the nose. The kit was OOB with the exception of the seatbelts. NMF paint was AK extreme metal and all other paints were Tamiya. Weathering and washes were oil paints of various colours. Small potholes on the way were problems with my first NMF paint job, which I had to sand off and do again Also problems with varnish coats which in the past I have always found to be bullet proof. I have tried some new products on this build and unfortunately I managed to have low tack masking tape remove a decal and some weathering even though they were covered by several layers of varnish…a new one on me and I think ill stick with my usual favorite products. Cheers Matt
  11. Vynce804

    Tamiya P51 Mustang

    Not posted on this build for a while but have been working on it steadily over the last few weeks. All that is left is to put it together, look out for it in the ready for inspection section soon! Cheers Matt
  12. Vynce804


    Great build. It’s always good to see an OD Mustang!
  13. That looks fantastic!
  14. Vynce804

    Recycling a Thunderbolt

    Hi, thank you for the info, I appreciate the time taken to pass this on to me. You are right I do quite a bit of research into my models and have Graham Cross ‘slybirds’ reference volume on the 353rd. Though not ideal it was a conscious decision to use the codes I did. I really wanted to model a YJ coded machine and in the end would have been happy with any of the codes you mentioned but after searching for suitable paint masks to use there just weren’t any and unfortunately a compromise had to be made. The alternative would have been to set the model aside and perhaps loose the momentum I have for this build at the moment. I never model an exact machine but generally like codes to match, this time unfortunately it wasn’t possible. At some point I’m going to have to produce my own masks as I run into this issue quite often! Cheers. Matt
  15. Vynce804

    Recycling a Thunderbolt

    Im on a roll with this model at the moment...it won't last! Ive have finished all of the chipping with a prismacolour pencil, it looks a little stark at the moment but from experience when i add filters, washes and oil shading it will be toned down a lot and will add a nice variation to the finish. I have included a picture of it with my other WIP my Mustang, its fascinating building these 2 iconic aircraft side by side. The P51 is beautiful and sleek whilst the Thunderbolt is quite brutish and both definitely suit there names...I was trying to decide if I had a favourite from the 2 but think i will wait till they are both finished...there is a way to go yet! Cheers Matt