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  1. ericg

    Aviattic Ansaldo A.1

    So after spending a bit of time on the shelf of doom I was able to get back into this model with a fresh set of eyes. I think that rather than push on with something and possibly finish it and not be happy with it, giving it a rest for a while and doing other projects pays off. I should be able to get this one finished quite quickly. I simply don’t have time anymore to do in depth build logs, so I am posting pics of completed parts, with the occasional in progress ones. After stripping it back and sorting out the fuselage, I reapplied the wood grain decals. I am very glad that I did this as the important sharp edge is now there. Thanks to Richard for sending me out the new decals. The completed fuel tank which is highly visible on the bottom of the fuselage once fitted. I used a strip of bare metal foil which I burnished around the back of the leather padding behind the pilot. The small air intake which protrudes from the left side of the fuselage was a little thick, so I thinned the mouth of it and drilled it out slightly. Before: After: The kit tailskid was nicely cast in white metal or similar. I found it to be a bit too soft and it quickly bent out of shape once installed and then broke at the tip due to fatigue. Rather than try to fix it, I made a new one with the lower leaf made from a thin strip of brass for strength and then the other three leafs made from aluminium for ease of shaping. The new one is much stronger and gives me a lot more confidence of its longevity. The three piece cowl gave me all sorts of issues and was one of the reasons that I put this model away for a while. I am not a huge fan of having open engine panels as I like to admire the lines of a completed model with everything shut. I will compromise a bit and have the left front cowl in the open position. They are nicely cast but don’t fit too well, with the rear edge of the rear cowl not fitting flush against the fuselage. This required me to thin its edge and then cut gaps along the hinge lines of the access doors to ‘pull’ it tighter over the fuselage. I also had to sand the fasteners off and refine the lower edges. I replaced the fasteners with some Archer raised detail decals. The forward right cowl was then fitted, with approx .5mm shim added to the front edge, to allow it to overlap the radiator slightly. This was then significantly thinned to give it the look of thin sheet metal. Getting there.
  2. ericg

    Williams Brothers' Parasite.

    Hi Steve. Lovely kit. I built mine out of the box except rigging, decals and some scratch built seatbelts and it came up really good. Have fun with it. Eric.
  3. ericg

    Any LSP'ers going to QMHE?

    Yes it was Gaz.
  4. ericg

    Any LSP'ers going to QMHE?

    Hph L-39 Hasegawa P-26 Monogram Tri Pacer Williams Bros Gee-Bee A couple of Horizons rockets And a possible appearance of the Aviatic Balilla provided I can get it finished in time. see you there mate.
  5. ericg

    Any LSP'ers going to QMHE?

    I should be there. A 1:1 scale version of myself is due just after that weekend, so depending on his arrival, I will be there. If not, then my models will be courtesy of my mate Simmo.
  6. ericg

    Monogram Piper Tri Pacer Finished!

    Thanks Nick, loving the 717 mate. Although I am flying twice as much as I used to when I was on the Dash I am finding it far more civilised being above most of the weather and far less noise and vibration as well as having a hot galley, the list goes on.
  7. ericg

    Monogram Piper Tri Pacer Finished!

    Thanks very much for the nice comments guys. It makes the build that much better knowing that these old and unfortunately unloved kits are appreciated by you guys.
  8. ericg

    Monogram Piper Tri Pacer Finished!

    Sorry for the lack of updates, just finished this lovely model. I added the rigging, an anti collision beacon and the long antenna under the fuselage since the last update. Better studio photos soon!
  9. ericg

    Best NMF kits?

    Fisher X-1A.
  10. ericg

    Kitty Hawk has announced an Fw 190A-5

    I stand by my comment. I realise that I am slightly biased by my interest in esoteric subjects and really try to seek out different subject matter in 1/32 scale to satisfy my own modelling needs. I get that it might be commercially more viable for a company to do something ‘popular’ to generate more funds which hopefully may lead to R&D of subjects that I may desire. For this I guess I am reasonably happy. I don’t listen to commercial radio stations for the same reason. Mass produced music to appeal to the masses. I don’t object to others listening to it but it doesn’t stop me from rolling my eyes when I accidentally hear a song that sounds exactly the same as the all the others! What I don’t like is seeing the same subjects constantly regurgitated both here and at model shows. Seemingly built and weathered to the same (dare I say it ‘Spanish school’) standard with nothing really different to distinguish them from each other. All these 109’s and 190’s are all looking exactly the same regardless of manufacturer. This is an example of a kit release which has me rolling my eyes. boring, boring, boring.
  11. ericg

    Kitty Hawk has announced an Fw 190A-5

    Has to be the most yawn-worthy release of the year. Really? Another 190?
  12. ericg

    Monogram Piper Tri Pacer Finished!

    Here are some of the masks applied. The Oramask 810 makes it very easy to place each mask. I used Gunze Sangyo Sky blue with Mr Levelling thinner sprayed using low pressure for the scheme. MRP tire rubber was used so that it wasn't too black! Great success! A few areas of touch up around some of the raised detail (which I kept for the retro look) but overall, pretty happy with the models progress.
  13. ericg

    Monogram Piper Tri Pacer Finished!

    Onto the paint stage. I primed the model with my usual Tamiya grey fine surface primer, which showed up a few flaws that needed fixing with filler etc. I then primed it again with Tamiya white fine surface primer to give me a good base upon which I then sprayed a few thin coats of MRP white. I then started the fun bit! I selected a nice side on photo of the real aircraft which allowed me to be able to `copy' the scheme. Starting with the cool tail flashes, I used the draw polygon feature in Sillhouette Studio to find each point of the triangle and then used the edit points feature to adjust each line accordingly. I measured the size that I required the flash on the model using vernier callipers. I then drew a line corresponding to that size in studio and shrank it to fit that line. I used a similar process to do the registration letters. I left out the middle of the O and D, which I will explain later. Using the Offset feature (which is one of my more used features, think roundels, wheel masks etc) I drew an internal offset on the O and D, which replicates exactly the outer shape and can be adjusted linearly rather than try and do it as per the above step. I used the same process for the curved lines along the fuselage. These were a little harder and required a few cut and fits to get right. Here is the completed sheet, with masks for the wheels, fuel filler caps and the rest of the scheme.
  14. ericg

    DH88 - Aerotech

    Very nice X-15. I am extremely glad that my build inspired you to build yours to such a high standard and do all of the extra work to complete it. It certainly will make a stunning addition to your collection for sure. cheers, eric.
  15. ericg

    Mirage IIIS Swiss Air Force

    Great work! The brake chute housing was one of the harder mods I have done to a model so far and you have done a great job on yours. Eric.