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  1. Hi guys, Finding it harder to get my usual Gunze and Tamiya paints as well as MRP paint here in Australia. Most of the shops in my area stock Vallejo and I was seeking honest opinions as to what they are like. cheers, Eric.
  2. Not sure if it has been discussed anywhere else, but working on the new kit, It is made of ABS (or something similar) and normal styrene glue will not work on it. I was a little suspicious of the plastic it is made of when the sanding dust smelt like the same plastic that I use in my 3D printer, ABS. This was confirmed when parts that I thought were glued together started to fall apart or pulled apart with ease. I used Revell Contacta and Tamiya Extra thin, and both of these failed. I have subsequently started using glue that lists its ability to bond ABS plastic and h
  3. Seconded only to the AK Interactive fiasco of the last few days, this is possibly the saddest thing I have read about our hobby in my 10 years of being active in it. Do we not appreciate skill and talent anymore? How about we just forget about entering models that have been lovingly crafted and presented and just chuck pre made die cast models on tables, with the winner decided by who was able to get theirs out of the box quickest?
  4. I am with you on that point mate. I judge at a few shows and if someone uses these then they better make sure the rest of the model is up to the same standard that’s for sure. I am with Starfighter here. These products take all the skill element out of building models and consign it to ‘Peeling and Sticking’. Yes they look great, but should someone new to the hobby use them? NO! Go and build up your skill set first.
  5. I agree with Ben here. You have a fairly relevant point Vince, Although I will argue that most of the aftermarket that I have used recently has required lots of work to get it to incorporate into the intended kit seamlessly and then on top of that, requires more attention when painting than the original kit part to look decent. They require a different skill set. It is pretty hard to argue against using these parts as they are really nice and do look very good. At the end of the day though, that flash cockpit isn't really your own work though is it? That expen
  6. Pretty soon, all you will have to do is pull a completed model out of the box and put it on display without the horrid experience of actually building it!
  7. Something a bit different this time. I picked this one up at the Scale model expo in Adelaide when I happend to be on an overnight there for work a couple of years ago. I wanted to do something a bit different without too much stress so chose this. A very enjoyable build. This will be an excellent companion to the new Wingnut Whinge Fokker DR.1 which I dont have yet.
  8. This model was built to represent a very new aircraft as flown by 3 SQN Royal Australian Air Force. Modifications/additions Scratchbuilt throttle. Scratchbuilt exhaust and intake FOD covers. Enlarged exhaust pipe. Scratchbuilt seat cusion and seatbelts. Some addiditional panels applied to APU area. Modified the wing flaps to pose them down. Eduard AIM-120s and GBU-12's. Scratchbuilt canopy seal. Eduard RBF tags. RESKIT wheels. Paint and finish. MRP Camouflage Grey with HAVE GLASS matt varnish.
  9. Thankyou very much for all of the kind comments guys, it is much appreciated. Hi Collin, I use the `hairspray method' to simulate the worn down paint and then airbrush a very thin mix of Zinc Chromate paint around the edges of the worn areas, and then use a Prismacolour silver pencil to add additional scratches. Hi Ade, thanks. This was one area that I placed additional work into as I know it is an area that people familiar with the kit would look for being a known problem area. Cheers, Eric.
  10. Thanks mate. I did it in black and white as well but felt having my model in colour and him in the original format had more impact.
  11. Here is my completed RAAF P-40N, depicted in the last months of WW2. This aircraft was originally flown by the C/O of 75 Sqn, Squadron Leader Clive Toldhurst but appeared to be taken over by Squadron Leader Alan Thomson after he was posted to 75Sqn, becoming the acting Commanding Officer. I managed to find a fair bit of information about Alan, including many pics of him flying `Hep Cat' (G) and also many pages of his logbook. I have spliced these pages together, made them clearer and have included some of them here. They show the many combat missions that he flew in it and show his affection f
  12. Yes, that sounds like a great idea. I might do the same.
  13. Some pics of the Gloster IV. Overall a very enjoyable build, giving me yet another unique model to display in my cabinets.
  14. Very nice work, and the conversion set looks great. I am tempted to get one. I am fairly certain that my subject pilot for my SAAF IIIC mirage build flew Cheetahs as well. cheers, Eric.
  15. Thanks for the info Nick. I did check out the Tornado already and saw that they sorta suited my needs although I would have to modify the attachment point. I guess I will need to make copies of them anyway for the double Sidewinder mounts on my own F3 conversion. I was being super lazy and was hoping to get away without having to do that just yet! BTW, it is a Navy jet mate. Cheers, Eric.
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