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  1. Have finally got around to taking photos of my finished L-39. It was up there with the harder of my builds so far and that is why it spent 5 years partially completed, or should I say, on the shelf of doom! Additions. Master Model Pitot tubes x 2, Master Model Static wicks x 5 Scratchbuilt: Anti collision beacon on top of fuselage, Anti collision Beacon on bottom of fuselage, GPS antenna in front of windshield, Nose and main gear down indicators, Red and green Nav lights on wingtip tanks, Clear light on tip of tail, Horizontal antennas on top of tail fin x 2, Rudder and aileron actuator rods, 3 x radio Antennas (2 on bottom of nose and 1 on top of fuselage), 2 x Canopy stays, Metal foil seatbelts with kit photo etched buckles, Nose sensor probe protective cover, Blind flying hood and actuator, Exhaust pipe lip, Ejection seat wiring, Canopy rear view mirror. Gun pod cover hinged as I couldn't decide whether I liked it opened or closed! Finish: Custom masked roundels and serial numbers, Kit stencil data
  2. ericg

    Monogram Piper Tri Pacer VH-OLD

    Thanks for the comments guys. Glad to see an old model appreciated!
  3. ericg

    Cessna O-2A `Jade 07' Gear doors

    I finally have this model in Primer. This has enabled me to uncover numerous flaws, due to the rough nature of the kit surface, some workmanship issues and the terrible fit of the side windows which will require a fair bit of effort to fix! As per usual, I highlight where fixes are required with a lead pencil.
  4. This is my Monogram Piper PA-22 Tri Pacer. This vintage kit was manufactured from 1957 onwards and is listed as 1:32 scale although there is some opinions that it is 1:33 or 1:34 scale. It was close enough to meet my needs however and when I saw the kit for sale at a model show, it immediately appealed to my esoteric taste in large scale model aircraft. The kit boxing that I have appears to be similar to the earliest release of the kit, although it was still shrink wrapped and in excellent condition for its apparent age. The decals were not quite up to scratch and having a mask cutter, I set out to find an appropriate and attractive scheme upon which to apply to this model. I wanted to have it retain its classic Piper looks but have a modern take on it. The one aircraft that was jumping out at me was VH-OLD, a Western Australian based Tri Pacer. I was able to tick a few boxes here; Australian subject, beautiful retro scheme, great Rego (with the emphasis on the OLD part!) and of course some nice clear photos of the aircraft which would enable me to use my Silhouette Portrait mask cutter to full advantage. I recently made contact with the owner of VH-OLD, Philip Maley and he was able to send me a comprehensive history of the aircraft which I have partially reproduced here. The aircraft started out as VH-RST, purchased brand new by the Royal New South Wales Aero club in Bankstown in 1958, where it was unpacked from a shipping crate and assembled. It then changed hands in 1963 and became VH-BST, based in Queensland where it also carried out flying school duties. Sometime after that it then moved to Western Australia where it was owned by various farmers. During this time, it was repaired after striking a sheep in 1969, and then unfortunately being blown over on its back at Wongan Hills in 1981. The aeroplane was then comprehensively restored by Mr R. Devenish to the state that it is in now, then passed along to another owner before being purchased by Philip in 2006 where it has been ever since. (photos from the Geoff Goodall collection) Some historic images of the aeroplane: As VH-RST As VH-BST at Wongan Hills During restoration: After restoration: Whilst wanting to keep this model as out of the box as possible, there were a few details that I felt needed to be added. I was keen to retain the retro look and feel of the original release as I know that a lot of the older generation of modellers would have cut their teeth on these kits many years ago, and it was important to me that it would bring back memories of a far simpler time in modelling to someone who had built it in the past. The openable doors had to stay although I filled and rebuilt the hinges, losing the `snap fit’ nature of them. I retained all of the raised detail. I scratchbuilt: exhaust pipe spray deflector and torque link behind the nose wheel tail bumper anti collision light bell cranks to the ailerons and rudder with corresponding rigging antenna wheel covers landing lights. pitot tube diagonal bars inside cockpit seatbelts from metal foil. tailplane rigging with knitting in elastic I flattened the kit tires to simulate the weight of the aircraft. The model was finished with Gunze Sangyo acrylic over white Primer. Enjoy!
  5. ericg

    1/32 ZM Horten 229 / Eday 2018

    Excellent work Karim!
  6. ericg

    L-39 Albatros

    Lovely model Florin. I have just managed to photograph my own one in the last few days and will be putting it on here soon. Having built the model I know how much work has gone into it and you have done a great job. Cheers, Eric.
  7. Here is my recently completed Balilla. No major additions or modifications apart from EZline rigging and Bobs Buckles Brass tubing turnbuckles. Many thanks to Richard and his crew for producing a fine kit of a rare type. A comparison to one of the reference pics that I used: Two Italian fighters, different era!
  8. Thanks guys. Thank you for the feedback it is much appreciated. The model has been photographed under strong light so the contrast of the panel lines shows up a bit more in the pics than what it does in my display cabinet. cheers, Eric
  9. ericg

    Roden L-19 Bird Dog

    Really nice work. Having wrestled with the kit I know what a pain it can be and you are doing a great job. cheers, Eric
  10. Here is the Aerotech resin kit. built over 2 weeks from the box with a few additions. 2 Aerotech Shneider Trophy designs. Very different concepts. Some comparisons to the real thing:
  11. ericg

    Hasegawa P-26A.....Finished!

    Just got around to taking some good pics of the model, see here! https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/77099-hasegawa-boeing-p-26a-34th-pursuit-sqn-march-field-1934/
  12. I built this kit from the box apart from the following. EZ Line rigging and antenna wire Flattened tyres Yellow Wings decals (roundels and stencils only) Opened cockpit door. Finished using Gunze Sangyo and MRP Paint.
  13. ericg

    Cessna O-2A `Jade 07' Gear doors

    I have been doing some work on the rather poorly defined bottom of the fuselage. This area will need some work if you wish to better depict the fact that this is a retractable undercarriage aircraft as Roden have done a terrible job of both the main and nose gear doors. The nose gear doors were very shallow and in some areas non existant. Before: I shaped some thin aluminium strip in the shape of one half of the gear doors to use a template to re-scribe one door, then turned it over to to scribe the other side. I ran my JLC razor saw down the middle. After: The rear section of the fuselage requires the most work with the gear doors not even depicted at all. Before: After. I also carved out he small vent facing aft. I also added brake lines and scratchbuilt the small flipper doors that cover the gap in the fuselage once the legs are up and out of the way.
  14. ericg

    Meteor F.8

    Hi James, I built the F8 a few years ago here: https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/52641-raaf-gloster-meteor-f8-finished/
  15. ericg


    Yes but HK have always been out there that they wanted to do it. For a lot of modellers this will be a once in a lifetime purchase. HK have primed the market for a long time for people to gear up to buy a Lanc that is now about to be released on the market and WNW have I think steamrolled over the top and will take a lot of wind from their sails. This is a bad thing for the modelling community in general.