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  1. An F-22 would be great, unfortunately manufacturers are falling over themselves to provide us with 109’s instead!
  2. Very hard to answer. I am a subject builder, not a brand builder so it matters little who manufactures it but rather what the subject is. As as far as my favourites or least favourites, well, it is always the last kit I have finished. Difficult, over engineered, pricey etc etc.... the same level of passion goes into each of my builds and I will generally stick with something through thick and thin.
  3. Hi guys, Does anybody have have any good reference pics of the MK.2 as fitted to the Attacker, other than the stuff available on the Martin Baker website and the ejection seat site please? Hoping to get a good look at how the seatbelts and parachute pack interact. thanks in advance, Eric.
  4. Another small update. I have started to test fit everything to ensure that it all lines up and looks the part. I will start painting all of the pieces of the undercarriage, canopy and other parts now that I have the model mostly done to ensure that I put in an equal amount of effort and not just put these things onto the model at the end as an afterthought. I made up the deck landing sight on the nose from music wire and will electrify it with 240 volts to ensure that wayward fingers and camera straps at model shows are suitably rewarded with an unfavourable zap. To add extra visual presence to the model I have also decided to fit rocket rails and practice concrete warhead RP-3’s, so the search for reference to these items has begun. Will detail my efforts in doing these parts soon. The extra detailing that I put into the rim of the belly tank is quite visible in this photo and is well worth the effort.
  5. I reckon the Brengun set might work well, I used them in my Boomerang build. Eric
  6. Cheers guys. Thanks for your input Breaker, much appreciated. I do have my eyes on the marbling showing through and am blending it in with further post shading and effects. Finally decided on a particular aircraft, WP304 of 803 sqn whilst it was embarked upon HMS Eagle during the early 50’s. It didn’t last too long after this photo was taken. I made up the 109, J and the roundels on my mask cutter and sprayed them. I will do the underwing serials, and the smaller stuff a bit later.
  7. Good luck to you Jeff and I wish you all the best with it.
  8. I think the problem is that he has come up with a fix and made then for sale but now the thread has become his conduit for letting people know about refunds of shipping costs, eBay feedback etc.. As soon as someone politely mentioned moving it to the vendors board (where any self respecting modeller should check at least weekly to see all the great stuff that gets released there) he has flown off the handle and chucked a tantrum over it.
  9. Cheers Ray. Some more work. The kit comes with resin inserts to simulate the parachute pack and seat cushion, with photo etch belts. I reckon these were going to look a bit stiff so have started to create my own, adding a lot of extra detail to the seat. Here is the photo I am working off. I built up the pack and cushions from Tamiya two part epoxy and sculpted them in place. I will add some more detail before adding the belts. The large belly tank is a major feature of the model and could do with some extra detail. I added raised rivets to the entire circumference of the tank using Archer resin/decals. I painted the bottom of the model using black surface primer up to where the demarcation between the two paint colours will be, followed by pre shading the the top surface panel lines. I mottled the base MRP sky colour Followed by 3 or so highly thinned coats to leave only a small amount of the mottling visible. This assists to break up the solid colour. I have gone for a slight change in MK. No. As I really could pass up on the red nosed aircraft. I discovered that early model F.B MK.2’s had most of the features that I was looking for. The top side was masked and painted MRP Extra dark sea grey, with the red nose masked and painted Gunze ‘red madder’.
  10. Geez people make too much fuss these days.
  11. I put this model aside to concentrate on finishing my Boomerang. Now that project was completed, I am onto getting this one finished.My first task was to `lock in' the MK. number that I am intending on doing by filling and removing the 4 vents on the rear of the fuselage near the exhaust pipe that belong to a F.2/FB.2. This model will now represent an F.1. After sanding the wing to fuselage join, I masked up the fairing that covers the wing root and sprayed it with MRP fine surface primer to build up that panel and give it the appearance of an overlapping panel. I did a few small fixes and then primed the model with Tamiya fine surface primer, directly from the spray can. I have marked the model with lead pencil, identifying many small areas that will need rectification before paint. More soon.
  12. Close examination of photos revealed a small change was required on the underside of the fuselage. Italeri had the same layout of panels on both sides of the fuselage whereas the photo of the RAAF aircraft showed a very different story. Here is the panel in question, a double up of what it looks like on the other side. The excellent photo of the underside reveals a different configuration in front of the APU exhaust, with raised detail and shapes. I removed all of the raised detail and filled the panel lines. notice that I also continued a panel line through to the rear corner of the wheel well by scribing it along the raised panel that Italeri have in place. Using Studio, I traced the new panels required from the photo above and manipulated them to fit. I cut these from oramask to check for fit and did this a couple of times until I was happy. Once happy, I cut these on plastic card. I had marked the position of each part when I had the Oramask parts in place. This enabled me to glue the plastic card parts in place with Tamiya Extra fine. Primed.
  13. Thanks mate. Coming up with solutions is my favourite part of the hobby and it keeps me interested. I have completed preliminary design work of the logo on the exhaust FOD cover. Using studio software I traced each component of the logo individually based upon colour and then modified each part to suit the way that I felt the machine would cut it best. Here is the enlarged design with all the elements together. I then shrank the design to size the diameter of the outer circle to 17mm. Each part was separated again and placed into its own mask area ready to try and paint this. The design is pushing the machine to its limits, and these elements will need some tweaking to ensure that it sprays well. Hopefully it works! My idea will be to spray the yellow and cream of the circle and shield, black outline of the design, yellow cross with its dark yellow outline, outer yellow 3, blue wings and inner 3, yellow outline of the eagle wings and head and and then finally the white Southern Cross stars.
  14. Thanks. I spotted that. It is only on the port wing and I am looking for a pic to cross check what it is.
  15. I am not sure sorry. I am using .25mm card here. Hi Nick, using blade ratchet setting 5 with a force of 15. It cut through enough to be able to easily snap the parts out of the sheet with only a small clean up with a sanding stick.
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