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  1. Hi Dansk, I made masks based upon images that I found of the real aircraft and cut them using my Sillhouette portrait. It took me many goes at it spraying it on scrap plastic before I was happy to apply it to the model. The black outline of his lower paws were drawn in using a .003 fine liner texta. Eric.
  2. Hi Reserve, Thanks! I didn’t do a WIP for this one, or a few others over the last year, was having a break from doing build logs on forums. Eric.
  3. All good points, but I have built many resin kits over the years and have plenty of experience with biplanes. Out of all the kits that I have on display, this one is the one that has sagged. I did notice that even though the parts were supported with integral metal rods, the top wing was particularly flexible. Just something to be aware of that’s all.
  4. Hi folks, here are my completions for the year of 2020. a fair bit of variety, with mostly 1/32 scale but a 1/8 engine, a couple of 1/4 panels, some 1/72 rockets and an odd scale figure thrown in for good measure. I am yet to get some of them in the studio for proper pics but that will come soon enough.
  5. Looking great mate! Good to see you have made all this progress since I visited last week.
  6. Looking really good. One thing to note, my one that has been finished for a couple of years has pretty major wing droop and that is in a glass display cabinet, away from heat and light. I know the wings have metal rods through them but they have sagged considerably since it was finished and does not look good at all. I used EZ line to rig it. Eric.
  7. Thanks for the comments guys. A small update. Whilst work progresses on the model, I am taking care of the small details. The propeller spinner is very poorly defined and is in need of refinement. I had considered cutting it off and replacing it with some turned material of the same shape, but was able to cut the spinner edges with a no.11 blade and then deepen the line with my razor saw to clearly define it as a seperate part.
  8. Thanks guys. The big job of doing the windshields was always waiting for me at the end of the build and was something I was going to have to face to get this one finished. The kit comes with a farily nice front windshield but the framing is a little off, as the real aircraft does not have a framed windscreen, just a piece of perspex draped over the roll bar. The rear windshield that is contained in the kit is wrong for the earlier version of the aircraft that I am depicting, so I needed to find a solution. The great thing about modelling is that you can make it as compl
  9. Getting closer to the finish line. I set out to use my mask cutter to fully paint all of the markings on this model but am having trouble with getting the smaller circle in the roundels correct. For some reason they are cutting out of round, so I went with the kit decals. The first of the smaller roundels broke up when I went to remove it from the backing sheet, but luckily the rest applied nicely although a fair bit of caution was used. They are very brittle but settle down great using Microsol/set. I made up a mask for the serial number and sprayed it with MRP tire rubber. I set
  10. Great project! Will watch this one with interest. thanks for sharing.
  11. Some more work. The cockpit access doors are softly moulded and could do with some definition. I was tempted to cut these out and position them open but resisted. i scribed down each side of the doors to define them a little better. The cowl needed a bit of work to smooth it out and get the panel lines consistent. I sanded off the original fasteners to assist with this and then replaced them with some raised surface detail decals from Archer. Once the model was primed, I painted it with Tamiya AS-12 straight from the ratt
  12. Some more work. After just finishing my heavily modified S.E.5a, I am now full steam ahead on the Magister. I didn’t like the photo etch pitot tube as it is too flat for this scale. I bent some .5mm brass rod to shape and soldered them together and then used some aluminium strip for the bottom section. I have made the pitot removable for transport. It is now far stronger and more realistic than the photo etch item. The engine is fairly nice, but as not much of it is visible, I didn’t spend too much time on it. It would ce
  13. Looks great. Probably something I would have considered if I had seen it before I had finished my 108. Someone really needs to do a fix for the leading edge slats for the kit though, for me, it was the biggest disappointment of the model.
  14. Some more work. There are a couple of areas of this model that need attention. The leather crash padding on the front of each cockpit is not very well moulded, with them having undercuts as part of the way the kit has been designed. There is an opportunity to make them a lot better, as they will stand out when the model is finished. I filled underneath each pad with superglue/talc mix. I also built up each one to make them a bit more prominent and then sanded them to shape. The wings have the rear seam line well forward of the trailing edge a
  15. I left a couple of parts out as well. Some more work. As I am now modelling an earlier mk. no. aircraft, I had to come up with a solution for the new tailwheel yoke which is attached further back on the sternpost. I made up a new yoke from a section of flat brass and tube with plastic card details. I soldered the brass pieces together and in total, the new part not including the tailwheel is 8 pieces. I also cut the tailwheel down the middle and added a shim of plastic card to increase its width slightly as I reckoned it looked a bit skinny as supplied in t
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