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  1. Some more work. But first, a couple more pics of Homer. Homer led the first airstrike during Operation Falconer 2003. Here he is before departing on that day. And here he is upon return from the same mission. Its stuff like the above that really make me strive to do the best that I can on each of my subject pilot builds. Early on in the build, I realised that there was a fair bit of stuff that was on Homers Hornet during his 2016 mission that I would have to scratch build, such as the BOL dispensers as shown earlier. Another feature
  2. Here is the test shot of the AGM-12C Bullpup that I have been working on. Still a little bit of refinement to go with how it all fits together but I am pretty happy with how it has turned out. I printed this at .02 layer height and will go down to .01 after I sort out the few small issues. Whilst it will be a shame to leave all of the rest of the pylons empty, the model will look pretty cool with two of these huge things hanging off the middle ones. After discussion with Tom, we worked out that he should have been carrying a pair of AIM-9B Sidewinders on the fuselage pylons during the mission.
  3. G'day Michael, Yes, the whole lot will be available for sale. Planned list is: BOL ECM dispensers (ready), ELTA 8222 ECM pod (70% done), ELTA pylon adapter (90% done), JHCMS Sensor (ready) and I will also do pre cut plastic card parts for the strengthening straps on the left side of each tail. Cheers, Eric.
  4. I design it scaled to 1/32 in mm and then print it directly as an STL file. I guess you could probably do what you said as there is a scale function in the program.
  5. Some more work. A small detail that is not featured in the kit or AIRES cockpit is the JHCMS magnetic sensor that sits on the left side of the canopy sill. This is a small cube mounted on a stand that measures where the pilots helmet is looking for missile tracking purposes. I set about designing one in in Fusion 360. This was a cool little project where I felt I learnt a lot about the design process. I am happy to make these available at a small cost for those interested. This design was then 3D printed. Fitted to the A
  6. Thanks guys. Some more work. A guy called Fancharello has made a stack of files available to download and print, including an excellent APU exhaust. These along with lots of other parts for the Hornet can be found here: https://cults3d.com/en/users/Fancherello/creations I printed the exhaust using my Phrozen Sonic Mini 4K. It has some really cool weld detail inside the hole. Here it is compared to the kit unit. Unfortunatley, I only discovered these parts after I had the fuselage together. Using
  7. It does produce lines, or more correctly layers but .01mm thick.
  8. Thanks very much for the comments guys. It takes about an hour. If I were to mass produce the panels I could fit around 15 or so onto my build plate and it would take the same time as printing one.
  9. So I am back into this project after a small break. I lost a lot of momentum when it came to doing the instrument panel. For some reason, I always get stuck with projects that there are no aftermarket parts for, and I wanted to do this model justice by getting it as close as I could. I just lost interest in doing the panel and felt that I needed a break from all of the conversion work. I was prepared to make the panel the fashioned way but when I started to research resin 3D printers and was looking into aquiring one, I decided to retire those hard won skills in favour of learning
  10. Thanks guys. One of the things about my builds is that I like to make them as accurate as possible according to what was carried on the aircraft during the mission that I am depicting. Homers jet was equipped with 4 x SAAB BOL ECM dispensers, mounted in pairs on the side of each of the outer pylons. I was keen to try my hand at scratchbuilding them, but decided to design them using CAD and 3D print them on my brand new 3D resin printer. I am making the ECM dispensers available for purchase and have a stack more Hornet specific stuff on the way. Screenshots o
  11. I fixed mine by cutting two circles from thin plastic card that matched the diameter of the rear of the spinner and the front of the nose and glued them to each surface and shaped each resin part to the plastic card circle if that made sense. That way, I was able to ensure that I was working with true circles rather than poorly moulded resin. As I pointed out earlier, this stuff shouldn’t need to be done!
  12. Maybe publicly complaining about it might save someone a huge amount of hassle as well as money, as far as I am concerned, the amount of effort to fix the part has greatly outweighed the convenience of it, after all, it was supposed to be a ‘correction’. Are we only allowed to say things about things if it is positive? There must be quite a few copies of this part out there, I would be very surprised if mine was the only one like it.
  13. I would assume that most of them will be like that unless they have updated their moulds. I have already fixed the one I have, which took a considerable amount of time and I am almost ready to paint it. My whole point is that the casting blocks are in a very annoying location and spoil the whole part.
  14. Nice job! I agree there. The whole point of the resin part is to correct the nose and they slapped a large casting block on it that is fairly difficult to remove. Add to that, the mould must be starting to wear out, as mine had a mismatch where the casting block meets the nose which has been a pain to fix as well as being significantly out of round. My spinner was also out of round. What should have been a great product has left me very disappointed.
  15. Thanks Andy, see my response to Ade above. All the rivets on the wing roots were sanded away and then re-done with the mentioned tool once I was happy with the fit.
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