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  1. Looking great Matt, this is shaping up beautifully!
  2. Man, we've all been there! Your heart just sinks and the light dims in the room. I have a pre flight checklist before working on a model and one of the checklist items is to make sure that I've pushed the waste basket all the way under my work bench. So glad you found it!
  3. Such great skill on display. It's true, the cleanliness of the work makes it look like it came out of the box this way! Wow, just... wow.
  4. Hi Mark The springy rods the mud flaps hang from, come pre formed in the kit. There are 1447 tan plastic parts on 35 sprues. • 89 clear plastic parts on 3 sprues • 51 Rubber tires • 6 Rubber suspension air bags • 157 Photoetch parts on 11 frets • 31 Metal parts • Various metal springs • String for the cable on the winches • Metal chain • Metal pins for movable steering parts • Different sizes and lengths of vinyl tube The kit has roughly 1800 parts in total.
  5. Time to start attaching the multitude of small external details to the model. The fine photoetch brackets that anchor the mud flaps to the frame are just to tiny to keep them secure (at least for a movie miniature). The contact area for glue is much smaller than the head of a pin. I did bend to shape and attach the PE kit parts but my hunch was correct. The slightest bump and they pinged right off. Solution was simply to glue styrene strip to the model and drill a #74 (.0225) hole in the top. A much sturdier mount for these exposed and vulnerable PE parts. I snapped the pictures below, right after gluing the straps that the flaps hang from, to the rods extending out from the mounts. When the super glue dries, I will fold over the other sides of the straps and glue them to the front of the mud flaps. Next up, more fiddly stuff.
  6. Cripes A'Mighty that looks good! Fantastic actually! I really like this Don, well done.
  7. I remember this one Mark, glad your back on it! I have enjoyed the thread from the beginning and the way you show how you do what you do. Looking forward to more.
  8. Wow, very Nice! Great job with this all around! I think of 1:72 figures as super small. How tall is a 1:144 soldier?
  9. Beautiful, very well done and a real pleasure to just soak in the good photography!
  10. The clear parts do look good! It is really great you have pushed the model along to this point. Sure has been a lot of work but now the mojo is back and light is visible at the end of the tunnel. The refinements to the cockpit take the already very good front office to another level. It can be scary to redo highly visible detail so it's nice when you get an improvement like that without accidentally damaging the surrounding work. Hell of a job here Brian!
  11. Now that's some modeling! Excellent creative problem solving Dan.
  12. Pilots and cockpit look really really great! Excellent work
  13. Man, those helmets, beautifully done! And tiny, they look great no mater how close the camera gets. Top notch. You should be a figure painter.
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