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  1. That's as far as it went, still waiting to come off the shelf... Fun to think about this project again. Like I said, Joes fine build of the Ryefield model caused stirrings.
  2. A test layout of the vignette. Some minor conversion work on the Verlinden figures.
  3. Reading Joe's (mustang1989) build of his 1/35 Ryefield Type82e Staff Car, got me thinking of something I started back in 2009. I took the 1/16 Revell split window Beetle kit and began to backdate it into a WWII Type 82 military Kafer, using parts from the Tamiya Kubelwagen. The plan was to make three vignettes, with the Eduard Schwimmwagen, Tamiya Kubelwagen and Revell early 1950's Beetle. Progress halted because I wanted to replace the molded shut grill on the deck lid with a photoetch one. Purchased a Micro Mark photoetching set, then realized that I was not up to the task of designing the necessary CAD drawing for the grill. Still hunting for the right person to do that! Anyway, a good start has been made, thought it would be fun to share it here for old times sake. The black plastic is Revell, the tan parts are from the Tamiya European theater Kubelwagen kit. Just like the real thing, Kubelwagen running gear was grafted on to the standard Beetle in order to increase ground clearance. There was even a 4WD version. The Tamiya kit also provided important interior parts specific to the Type 82 like the correct steering wheel, e brake and gear shift. I sincerely apologize for the low quality of the pictures, taken a long time ago. Large grooves where chrome trim is supposed to go were filled with putty. Note the grill below the split window. I would like to open that up and replace it with a photoetch one. The groove in the hood was so wide I glued a Evergreen strip in place before filling. My kit had a damaged body line along one side of the roof. The thin flange above the door was built up with Mr. Surfacer 500. If supported by a tape dam, it can be built up in a controlled way. Overall, a nice kit but the wheel wells are funky. Sheet plastic is needed to close off large openings behind the front wheels that you can see through if left as is.
  4. Yes, a very happy birthday to you sir and many more!
  5. This is a gorgeous model, well done indeed! I enjoy the many photos that really show the work. Sometimes people will post only three of four images in RFI, never enough in my opinion.
  6. Impressive Dan, looking great even at this point!
  7. Awesome! Flight deck is superbly done. I remember when you were asking about the JBD some time ago. Great to see the final result.
  8. Thank you for sharing your experience with MRP here and thanks to everyone else as well! I am beginning to use two airbrushes that are quite new to me, Procon PS-770 (.18mm) and PS-270 (.2mm). Really glad to have this thread to refer to as I start to gather info about this line of paint, to try out with the new equipment. Great topic Alan.
  9. Brian, have you experimented with dialing the air pressure way down, like below ten PSI? I have a few MRP Luftwaffe colors but have not played with them yet.
  10. All good, just wanted to get your take on the shape issues that you found while examining the plastic one in your kit. Some day, I will build a navy version.
  11. I have the 1/32 Wolfpack F-4EJ conversion. Glancing at the resin in the past, there seemed to be a subtle difference in shape between the Tamiya kit nose and the Wolfpack replacement. That lead me to pick your brain and see what you had to say about the radome in the Tamiya box, interesting for sure.
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