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  1. So nice to dwell on and take everything in. Loads of excellent features and weathering to enjoy! Wonderful work here John, loved the build thread as well.
  2. All of the work here is just so beautifully rendered, from build to paint to post. Its a real treat to go over the thread multiple times and soak it in. Which flat clear have you used and how do you like to apply it?
  3. Wow! Big time progress and it all looks fantastic. It's good to see you on a roll like this.
  4. I was so pleased when he agreed to make these, then I saw them in person and was even happier. I am hoping Model Monkey will do a prop/spinner set too.
  5. Hi Stephen, these are mentioned in the thread below if interested: Jiri did a great job with these. He has also made a beautiful 1:24 Revi gunsight for the Airfix Bf109 E as well, just so ya know...
  6. Much appreciated Kevin, thank you. I look forward to seeing you and the rest of the gang in person! Won't be long, thanks man! Gazz, I am so happy that you have had some entertainment from the thread. I have hoped that it is not... B-O-R-I-N-G Glad you shared that, thank you!
  7. The right aileron developed a crack in it during construction. Sanding the repair removed most of the subtle rib detail, so I tried to replicate it with paint. Pictured below was my first attempt. The result was pretty good for a first try but like so many of my early attempts at a new technique, I overdid the effect. I have repainted the control surfaces and will do it again with narrower tape strips and a much lighter application of highly diluted Tamiya flat black. Tamiya tape over the tops of the control surface ribs. After airbrushing. Should have been more subtle... Heaviest amount of damage was on the elevators. Another first for me, paint chipping with a brush. I used Testors silver because I like how thin it is right out of the bottle. After it dried, I applied extremely thin Vallejo Model Color Leather Brown 70.871 over each paint chip. This knocked back the brightness and allowed for some variation in the look of the chips, via more or less diluted paint over the top. Again, I got carried away and applied to many but I think I can erase some by tapping thin basecoat colors over the offending areas. All great experience for the upcoming 1:32 version. I am definitely learning a lot from this project. I have managed to get some more things glued onto the model, like the antenna mast, which I broke off. Didn't take much effort and ended up being a good thing. I drilled a hole in the bottom and added a piece of stretched sprue in order to give the attachment piont enough strength to withstand the tension of the EZ Line antenna. It wouldn't have as it was. The add on armor for the windscreen was attached with Elmer's white glue and some old photoetch shoulder harnesses from the spares box have been added too. Prop, landing gear and belly tank are in place now. The control column, a casualty of earlier heavy handedness, has been reinstated as well. More to come! Thanks for dropping by and happy modeling to one and all, Greg
  8. Incredibly great work going on here! Love the beautifully rendered added detail. Exceptionally good.
  9. The added details on the armor are exceptionally good, great work there! I like the look of the MiG 21 too. How long is it?
  10. Ah yes, right. You meant members on Facebook! Der... Absolutely, that is being set up by Albert as we speak. I will inquire with him about the particulars, which I haven't thought about much (obviously), since I do not have a Facebook account. Sorry about the misunderstanding!
  11. Hi Gaz, membership isn't really a thing yet. Albert and I are considering the first twelve meetings as a testing ground for how we want to format the meetings. We are going to test out some ideas and use the feedback and recommendations from the group to dial things in. After our first year goes by, we will then formalize stuff and consider membership fees and and so on. Right now we simply want to enjoy getting together at a local venue and have fun doing our thing.
  12. Wow! Really good! I wish I could paint figures like this. Awesome
  13. 1" × 1" spray out cards of both manufacturers FS 35526 and FS 35109. The low grade cell phone pic is not good for seeing how they actually look to the naked eye, the MRP 35109 Aggressor Blue appears much darker than it looks in person. The Light Sky Blue 35526 is more blue as well. Below are the results of the AK Real Color 1st try. Yikes! Spray pattern not to tight on the top of the wing... Better on the vertical stabilizer and stabilator. I thinned the AK Paints 60:40 thinner to paint. Not really that much of a difference if building up thin layers at a time. The only stark difference between the brands, occurs if one is comparing fully coated, opaque applications. AK left side, MRP right. I don't think I could go wrong using any combination of these. What I decided to go with is the MRP Light Sky Blue and the AK Real Color Agressor Blue. Now, I need to practice, a lot! And I mean really, really put a good deal of time perfecting my ability to freehand a scheme like this on a 3" long model and achieve a excellent result. Later friends!
  14. Great job Gazz! In spite of the bumpy road, it sure is looking good. The end result will make you proud for sure.
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