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  1. Just got back from dinner out with my lovely wife, and we brain-stormed about the question in the OP. Here are the possibilities we came up with. 1) Your mask is on backwards/inverted 2) Your mask is not covering your nose 3) There is a funny/notable design on your mask 4) It's all in your imagination 5) Those people are not as good as you are 6) They don't know why some people are wearing masks suddenly 7) They know something you don't 8) They have murderous intent That's all we could come up with. Who knows what the real answer(s) are.
  2. I haven't worn a mask yet. Maybe some day if we have a real pandemic I'll wear one.
  3. Thanks guys. One thing I forgot to mention is the difficulty of matching the home made decals with the paint. The orange is supposed to be a pumpkin color - in my build the decal orange looks right, but the paint is a bit reddish. It also looks redder in some of the photos than it actually is. The dark blue wasn't bad, but the bright blue on the tail was tough. My blue paint is a bit more purplish than the decal blue.
  4. There's a retired F-15A at Nellis AFB that has been painted in a left-right scheme. The left side is in honor of the victims of the October 2017 shooting from the Mandalay Bay hotel. The right side is a tribute to the 70th anniversary of the USAF. The airplane is rolled out for air shows only, as far as I know, so I've gotten plenty of photos of it at the Aviation Nation air shows. The kit is a 1/48 Italeri F-15A/C. Modifications include removing the antennae from the rear fuselage boat tails, and cutting off the center boat tail that sits between the nozzles. Also the flaps and ailerons were cut off and re-positioned. I was hoping it would be a quick and easy build so I could concentrate on the decals - but the kit fought me the whole way (when I wasn't causing enough trouble for myself). Paint is Vallejo Model Air for the most part. Decals home made. I stuck a bit of toothpick in above the front tire to keep the strut from bending - not sure what I'll do for a permanent solution. A fellow in my scale modeling club is planning to build a 1/32 version, which I'm sure will put this one to shame -- Dave
  5. I've had a kit on order for some time. I'll post here if it comes in.
  6. I've been applying Mr. Filler with cheap paint brushes that I throw away after use. As long as I can get cheap packs of brushes from China this plan works, but if that supply stops I'll have to figure out how to clean the brushes. Any ideas on how to clean the brushes?
  7. Complete except for the pitot tubes and 4 passenger seats (and maybe the parachute/sun shade). Some notes: 1) The kit's forward cabin doors are molded in too low. Door should be 4 or 5 mm higher. The rear doors are OK. 2) Main color of airplane is Vallejo 71.296 (Curtiss Grey / USAAF Light Gray) 3) Red trim is Vallejo 71.003 (Red RLM23) 4) Sand color is Vallejo 71.075 (RAL.1001 Elfenbein / Sand (Ivory)) 5) Chromate green color is Vallejo 71.006 (Light Green Chrm.) 6) Green pipe color is Vallejo 71.007 (Olive Green) 7) 3D printed: skids, ladder, large and small drums, tool boxes, and a tool to make the footprints in the sand. 8) Decals home made on inkjet printer 9) In the movie the condition of the right prop changes from scene to scene. I made it intact and feathered. 10) The airplane in the movie has short exhaust stacks, so I shortened the kit stacks. 11) Scratch built: battery, flood light, doors, wires, windscreens on Phoenix, cargo door hinges 12) Don't know where the glass/plexi used to make the windscreens came from. From the C-82 cockpit or cargo? 13) Trying to get the decal red to match the paint red was a real bear! I got kinda close. 14) In the movie the Phoenix doesn't have the two top-most cowl flaps - discovered too late. 15) Items scratched built but nearly impossible to see: Coffman starter, water container in cabin.
  8. About 95% complete now. The base is 14 by 17 inches. Still need some details: 1) battery, wires and flood light on top of cockpit roof 2) Some more framing on the windscreens on the Phoenix 3) wires, tubes hanging out of the broken bit of the wing and fuselage 4) four passenger seats leaning against the fuselage under the stub wing I still haven't decided if I should install the parachute/sun shade on a pole. I was planning on making it out of a white latex glove, but those are so expensive right now.
  9. Well, when it outgrew my work bench I banished it to the garage work bench. The cockpit windows problem was solved recently when Click2Detail sent me a clear part (free!). At this point I need to sand and fill the wing seams, which is going to take a lot of time around the engine intake/cooling inlets. Once I'm satisfied with both wings then I'll join the wings to the fuselage and do some more filling. After that - preshading and paint. In the mean time I'm working on the Phoenix project - a conversion of the Anigrand C-82 to the Phoenix from the movie "Flight of the Phoenix" (1965). P.S. I picked a good time to retire
  10. Beautiful A-400M! I hope you can take a break from painting propeller blades for a while.
  11. My NB-36H project has been banished to the garage as it's outgrown my workbench, so in the mean time I'm working on a diorama project. This is the Anigrand 1/72 scale C-82 resin kit converted into the Phoenix. I love modeling with a hack saw! Scratch built most things except for the skids, ladder, 55 gallon drums, 30 gallon drums, and tool boxes which are 3D printed. The full diorama base is going to be about 15x18 inches.
  12. I've been seeing chatter on Zuckbook about these Quinta decals. Looks interesting. They are now selling on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Quinta-QD72005-1-72-Pe-8-TB-7-3D-Printed-coloured-interior-for-Zvezda-kit/164128484835?hash=item2636d1ede3:g:~jAAAOSwbAhecTsK I don't know how they do these 3D color printed water-slide decals.
  13. Looks terrific! A reminder - they were probably flying with some right rudder. (I don't think that was depicted in the painting.) Also, I saw the painting shows an ADF "football" antenna installed. I don't know if it's correct or not, but if you need one I just printed up a batch and would be happy to mail one to you.
  14. Yes, please take a short break and continue with this amazing project! I'm hooked on it!
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