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  1. I use that "Expo" type of paint booth. It works great, but it's a bit small for 1/32 scale models. The filters are expensive, but you can get cheaper household type filters and cut them to size.
  2. I don't think supersonic passenger travel will ever be economically competitive with subsonic travel, but the very rich will find a way to make it happen for themselves.
  3. Here's a color corrected and enhanced version of the first photo. I'm no expert at this, so I may have done it wrong. Anyhow, enhancing the blue saturation turned the sky bluer, and also the more distant of the two P-26's.
  4. Interesting variation in the green colors on the fuselages. Looks like at least two types - forest green and olive green.
  5. I print both laser (black toner) and ink jet (CMYK). For paper I use Experts Choice. I use a first coat of spray enamel just to seal the ink and prevent it from smearing or being dissolved (wicked up) by the decal film solution. After applying the solution I'm expecting it to lay down pretty thin, but it looks too thick and I get thick and stiff decals as a result.
  6. I've been treating my freshly printed decals by first spraying on a couple of light coats of clear enamel, then when dry applying a coat of Microscale Decal Film. It's been working OK, but I think the decal film might be too thick. Maybe it's getting thicker over time? I see that it contains Propyl Alcohol, so I'm thinking I might be able to restore it to proper consistency with some IPA. Has anyone successfully thinned the decal film solution? Or, am I barking up the wrong tree?
  7. I just watched a cheezy old sci-fi film from 1960 called, "Beyond the Time Barrier", on TCM. There's an airplane in it they call the X-80, which is just a modified F-102 (and sometimes an F-106 in some of the stock footage). It looks like the airplane is a basic F-102 except for the stabilizers that fold down from under the wings. IMDB link. To me the only interesting thing in the film is how it foreshadows the look and feel of the first Star Trek series that followed 6 years later. -- Dave
  8. I think there's room for the fan and LiPo's. Here it is next to a 1/32 Tiger:
  9. Sounds like a great project! Sorry I don't much, if anything, about the E-1. I see Collect-Aire makes (or made) a 1/48 kit. If you start work on the E-1 I'd love to follow. -- Dave
  10. Yes, it reminds me of my two current vacuform projects, except this kit starts off a light-year ahead. So far the only thing that looks like a big problem are the panel lines - they look like canyons. The model will have to be resurfaced and scribed. -- Dave
  11. I don't know. I did open the box and have a look. The kit doesn't have a lot of pieces. The main components are held together with metal screws. The tires and pilot figure are molded in black rubber. The intake trunking is long, but not full length. It comes with a lead weight. Overall my impression is that it's useful as a starting point for further detailing. It looks like a scaled-up 1/48 kit. I'm be 3D printing some things for it. Other than the inlet cover I can't think of any component that is missing, but I'm sure some of the parts could be replaced with more detailed versions. -- Dave
  12. The modeling community is all abuzz in Las Vegas because a new shop opened up today, Hobby Island. Today is their "soft opening", and they'll have a grand opening later in the month. Hobby shops have a hard time in Las Vegas. Many have bit the dust over the years. I went to the soft opening today to support the new business and came away with a kit. I have a habit of buying large kits even though I have no place to put them. I built a 1/32 scale F-86 when I was a teen, painted up like my father's F-86F that he flew at Soesterberg. This one will be the same. It's not in the build queue yet. -- Dave
  13. Great video! Yeah, I think if it was live audio all you'd be able to hear is the wind hitting the microphone. -- Dave
  14. Thanks, all. Yes, this paint is supposedly thinned already, and it looks thin, but not enough it seems. I'll try the leveling thinner. Maybe living in a very dry climate is making it worse?
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