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  1. I'm working on the cockpit last. The design work is being done on a spare fuselage section. First step is to cut away the nose gear mounts in order to get a full-depth cockpit. Next step is to cut the foam canopy rails off leaving the forward and aft cockpit sections separated for now. I want this process to be repeatable, so that requires that I cut the parts off in a simple way with minimal "carving". My goal is to print up a cockpit tub that slips in to the foam fuselage as one piece. For this reason I'm leaving the foam side wall thickness as is. The foam walls are thicker than scal
  2. Nice spars! That's a great idea using stir sticks. Man, that things huge.
  3. This looks like a great way to fix the misshapen inlets found on most (all?) A-7 kits. I wish I had thought of this when I started my A-7F project. I've put a lot of conversion work into it but it still has the misshapen inlet.
  4. It looks like the new design main landing gear will survive the stress test, so I'm printing a new right main gear. Here is a photo of the old design compared with the new design currently being printed. The thicker walls and more solid infill will hopefully hold up even when the model is jostled or moved around a bit.
  5. While the left main landing gear undergoes the slow-motion stress test I decided to finish the propellers. Here's a photo of the new right prop compared with the non-scale prop that comes with the kit. This prop is for static display only. It uses the original spinner. The prop installed: For static display purposes the prop should be set to "flat pitch", which is not possible with an off-the-shelf prop. Home-made decals are used for the data stencil, Hamilton Standard logo, and the red stripe. The left prop
  6. I've installed the new left main gear without finishing the painting. I figure it's no use wasting time on it now if it might fail. The problem with this testing is that the last gear unit took about three weeks to fail, so now I have to wait at least that long. With all the external stores attached the weight on each main gear is 1.43 kg (3.15 lb). This weight is without props, and without any cockpit enhancements, which together will add more weight. I printed the gear standing in the upright orientation. This is to minimize the surface deformities (any surface touching the
  7. The attempted repair of the left main gear failed, so I've printed a new version. The new one has the beefed-up area mentioned two posts above. The original part was printed using the default Cura slicer settings, so for the new one I increased wall thickness to 4 and increased infill percentage to 40. Here's a photo of the broken gear showing the internal structure. You can see the walls are thin and the infill grid is mostly empty space.
  8. Working on scale static display props for the Bronco. Here's a photo of my first attempt at printing the right prop on my FDM printer. I was hoping to print the prop in one piece, which would be convenient for me Unfortunately the FDM print didn't turn out very well - the blades are just too thin, leading to ragged edges. I then decided to try printing them in resin, which is a bit tricky since the blades barely fit within the build volume of my printer. I did get one blade to print, sort of. Some of it was mangled because of support failure (my fault), but the remainder shows me that t
  9. Two steps forward, one step back. The OV-10 came crashing down one evening. Fortunately it only fell about one inch before the external tank cushioned the fall. The cause was a failure of the right main landing gear. Here's a photo of the failure: I hadn't expected this type of failure. Fortunately I was able to bend the strut back into position, glue a spare piece of resin across the weak area, and just to be sure I also glued the strut to the gear doors. Here's a photo of the repair: I then opened up the mesh in my CAD app and ad
  10. Thanks for the explanation! I wasn't able to figure it out. Normally I would use https as my protocol, but I originally set up Dave's Hangar as a place for my flight simulator models, and the integration with FlightGear Flight Simulator required http protocol. I should check to see if that's still required.
  11. Hi Rich! This a project in two phases. Phase one is dressing up the airplane while keeping it flyable. To return the airplane to flyable condition you'll need to: 1) remove the static display landing gear 2) extend the original landing gear 3) remove the new external stores (they're too heavy) 4) install the original props 5) re-install the control horns and pushrods for the control surfaces I don't intend to fly this airplane, but I wanted to design the dress-up parts in a way that could keep the airplane flyable in case someone wanted that
  12. Just testing the ability to link to videos here. This is a short video of me putting the left main landing gear into the OV-10. http://www.daveshangar.org/photos/OV-10A/Static-Display-Gear.mp4 Here a still capture from the above video: In this shot you see the original propeller. I'm working on a replacement propeller as this one is the wrong shape and size. The correct propeller is bigger, has square tips, and is set to flat (zero) pitch. In the background you see a spare fuselage in the original livery. I'll be using this fuselage to desi
  13. Nothing. I don't even breathe. I should probably concentrate on breathing properly though.
  14. I use Vallejo acrylics. I've found Burbank House of Hobbies to be a good supplier.
  15. Progress on the 1/9 scale foamie OV-10A. Antennas are all done now. Oil cooler doors installed. Here are some comparison shots with the 1/32 OV-10A. Still haven't started on the cockpit interior, and I need to install pitot tube and clean up the landing light. Also haven't installed the brakes on the main gear yet - I just need to paint them white and glue them on. As for the propellers, I'm going to try to print up a set. The original landing gear are still installed and are in the retracted position. So, this mod
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