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  1. Please do a quick Google Images and look carefully at the photos. That "oil canning" effect can actually be considered a "standard feature" on the Lancaster, it is so visible in so many photos. Radu
  2. No one is trying to "prove you wrong". This is nothing personal. It is a historic truth as evidenced by countless photos. There is absolutely no evidence that the 262 was "taped". Tape is present is a few places, most notably where the tail unit meets the fuselage (usually depicted as a raised "cranked strip" on models) but the majority of panel joints on the rest of the airframe are not taped, not even puttied. While it is possible to argue that the rivets may not be entirely accurate on scale models because they were flush and they should be smaller than usually depicted on models, it is wrong to state that panel lines were obliterated. All photos show clearly that the panel lines remained visible all the way through production. As I said before, when researching the Revell 262 we had access to 5 separate airframes and a mountain of orIginal data, so I am speaking from first-hand experience. Radu
  3. Actually, in as far as I understand from my chats with Richard Alexander, they also plan to release a "cockpit section only" kit. This may be a limited edition. Radu
  4. OK! This model is not mandatory. Radu
  5. Right now I am writing from Dubrovnik. From my hotel balcony I can see three large cruise ships moored in the harbour. There is a brand new airport nearby that appears to be very busy. Coaches keep arriving around the clock. The city looks like a stadium just opened its gates after the cup final. There are thousands and thousands of people arriving here every day, most of them drawn by two major shows: Game of Thrones and Star Wars. All shops are full of anything you can think of with GOT and SW emblazoned on it. Some of this stuff is cheap tat, other stuff is eye-wateringly expensive. All sells. In a sea of people shouting "shut up and take my money" the one saying "I won't buy it because some detail is off" is the strange weirdo. Where am I going with this? When the Dambusters movie will be released, this kit will be purchased by the shipload by collectors, fans, and, last on the list, maybe, modellers. WNW has nothing to worry about. You won't buy it? Fine! Please step aside to make room for the thousands who will. Radu
  6. Looking forward to it! Last year's meeting was a great laugh. I will also do a "talk" on how models are designed, mostly talking about designing injection-moulded plastic kits but also about 3d-print-to- resin models. This will take place on Friday morning from 10 to 11 in room 13. Radu
  7. What do you mean by "beltless" seat? This has been discussed elsewhere. The kit seat is perfectly fine. Radu
  8. I don't think the "oil canning" is exaggerated. I saw the plastic parts at two different shows and the effect is actually quite subtle. Maybe it is just the lighting that makes it look too pronounced. Radu A quick Google reveals plenty of that effect, anyway. https://pin.it/yucshwapn4hgjz https://pin.it/ufprh6ejnqm3x4
  9. The difference is everywhere. Whatever Hasegawa gives in the F kit has nothing in common with the seat used on the E. Compare it with the photos and drawing above: The photo is from this link: http://www.hyperscale.com/2010/reviews/kits/hasegawast31reviewbg_1.htm Honestly, and I keep repeating myself, the seat in the CyberHobby Bf 109 E is perfectly fine, there is very little (if anything) wrong with it. HTH Radu
  10. I would leave the seat as it is. Please do not look at that Quickboost resin seat in the original post as a "yardstick" to measure the "accuracy" of the CyberHobby kit seat. That resin seat is so wrong, it does not even look close to the real thing - just compare it with the photos. I would not lose sleep over 1 mm at the top of the seat. No one can see that "problem". Honestly, the kit seat is fine. By the way, I looked at the seat in the Hasegawa Bf 109 F and it does not look loke the seat used in the E, plus it is split right in the middle and that will be a hard seam to clean. Radu
  11. Trust me, the seat is fine! It may look narrow, but IT WAS narrow. This was discussed here before, with more photos: You can safely leave the seat as it comes in the box, it is perfectly fine. HTH Radu
  12. I would leave the kit seat as is, no need to modify anything. :-) Radu
  13. I fear that the "seat is wrong in the CyberHobby kit" is another one of those "internet wisdom" memes made up by people who have no idea what they are talking about, which gets regurgitated over and over again until it becomes "fact". The list is long. :-( The seat in the CyberHobby 109 E is actually quite good out of the box. The seat was narrow at the top. The seat was not armoured, so it did not need to be wide enough to cover the entire width of the back. It was narrow at the top so that the pilot could turn to look back without being "poked" in the ribs by a wide seat back. That resin seat in the OP is actually very wrong in many ways. See some pictures here: HTH Radu
  14. Sorry, I found these photos on my hard drive and they came from the internet. I have no further info on them. Radu
  15. Here are some photos of the starboard side: HTH Radu
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