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  1. It is not really possible to take a 6-gun Mustang wing and turn it into a 4-gun wing by just changing the gun ports in the leading edge. The 6-gun wing has six spent ammunition ports, different ammunition doors and the 4-gun wing had a landing light in the leading edge of the port wing and a different wing root leading edge. The shape of the wheel well was slightly different. Unfortunately there is nothing in the ZM Mustang D that hints at a B. However, the President of ZM announced that they are planning a B at some stage in the future. HTH Radu
  2. I find that a toothbrush wet with a few drops of water works the best and it does not scratch the surface. The problem is finding an "old fashioned" plain toothbrush without all the rubber bits that modern toothbrushes come with, but you can still find them around. Radu
  3. My point is that 15000 per hour on fuel is insane. it does not matter who said or why. It is stupid. Radu
  4. It is bad journalism because he did not question it. A claim of 15000 euro per hour in jet fuel should start ringing alarm bells, raising red flags or any other metaphor you like. Taking that as a "fact" is stupid. Radu
  5. Insane fuel costs is bad journalism. I do not have a "hot take" about the hazing. Radu
  6. Nope! Aviation fuel is not THAT expensive. See this https://www.flightdeckfriend.com/ask-a-pilot/how-much-does-jet-fuel-cost/ “15000 euro per hour in fuel costs alone” to run a Mirage means that either someone is ripping off the French Air Force or that article is written by someone who just did not understand how aircraft work. That aircraft is expected to get off the ground. In order to take off with 15000 euro worth of fuel (you calculate the weight) on board a jet would need to have the same wingspan as a B-52 to generate enough lift. 15000 per hour may be the total cost, including m
  7. According to the article the cost of running a Mirage is "15000 euro per hour in fuel alone"? What the heck is that jet burning? I thought it was kerosene. We use kerosene for heating around here and the current price is 340 euro for 500 kg, 0.68 euro per kg. At this rate 15000 euro worth of fuel is 22000 kg. Where does a Mirage carry that much fuel. This is on par with the cretinous claims of "tens of thousands of tons of CO2 expelled by an airliner in an hour". These guys need to check their figures. Radu
  8. I have the book on German projects and I took the photo. I have almost all the Monogram books with a few exceptions. The following books need to be added to your list: - "The Koller War Diary" by Richard Smith. I do not have this book. - "Luftwaffe Colors Vol 2" by Smith and Gallaspy. This is a reprint of the Kookaburra Books edition. I do not have this book. Please note that although the Kookaburra series of books on Luftwaffe colours also included a Vol.1, in as far as I know the first volume was never printed by Monogram. - "Luftwaffe Colors Vol. 3" By Smith and Gall
  9. Very nice model, I like it a lot! Radu
  10. I had Sesame Beef in Japan. It is delicious. Radu
  11. Miles Davis said: "It's not the notes you play, it's the notes you don't play". Sometimes there is beauty in the stuff you do not see but you know is there. Radu
  12. I was reading the May 2021 Eduard Info newsletter and I found out that Petr Dousek has passed away on 14 April at the age of 55. This was also discussed on a Czech model forum: https://www.modelforum.cz/viewtopic.php?f=1020&t=139750 I met Petr in Prague a few years ago and for many years I supplied him with "cogs" for his Rosie the Riveter tool. He was a very skilled model-builder and a good business man. May he rest in peace. Radu
  13. Ah well, if we are to continue with the "burger allegory", this thread is not about burgers. This thread is about steak. Radu
  14. ZM released a 1/32 Hs 129 in November 2019 in Telford, but it became widely available in early 2020. In the second half of 2020 ZM issued the 1/48 F-4 EJ Kai Phantom "Retirement Scheme" special edition and in the next couple of months they are launching the "regular" edition of the same kit. They have not been that quiet at all. But you are right, they are working on new kits and it is all hush-hush. Radu
  15. Good to see that the masks worked out well. This is such a beautiful model! Radu
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