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  1. Quit patronising me! As clearly shown in this thread, your drawing is wrong. Don't be rude ro me. Fix your own mistakes. Radu
  2. I agree! I thought this thread answered the questions. However, it was Jennings who chose to revive it a few hours ago by re-posting his drawing. Radu
  3. Hi Chris, Please read the thread. All answers are there. My advice to you is to look at all photos, including those posted in this thread. My own personal advice (and please feel free to ignore it!) is to coat the wings with a couple of generous coatings of a 50/50 mix of aluminium and light grey paint to simulate the lacquer. Panel lines stubbornly insisted on showing through the putty and you can see them in wartime photos if you are ready to see them. I do not want to "touch" Jennings' drawing. It is his duty to set the record straight and he should! Radu
  4. No one has ever disputed the NAA document! Your "interpretation" of the NAA document is not entirely right. You should also look at all photos, including those posted in this thread. Read the thread. It has been proven (and accepted even by the OP) that some of the panel lines that you marked as "filled" in your drawing have never been filled. You value accuracy, so please look at all the data. Radu
  5. I have the Proxxon tool and I use it a lot. I also "customised" some heads to get into odd or tight spaces. It is ideal for sanding filler-filled ejection pin marks in tight spaces. Radu
  6. Jennings must amend his drawing to better reflect the truth. Read this thread. I repeat what I have said before: look at all photos, look at all existing aircraft for how the wings actually looked. Radu
  7. Sorry for your loss, Jennings. Radu
  8. incredible! There is a rich variety of other skills involved too! Radu
  9. The licence is needed when a trade mark is used. A model manufacturer can recreate a scale "representation" of a real thing without any restrictions. That is pretty much the same as making a sculpture, painting, photo, etc of a "real thing". Any such design is an original artwork, just like making a model of, let's say, the Eiffel Tower from scratch is the property of the artist who created it, not the Gustave Eiffel company. However, if the model manufacturer wants to use a trade mark such as Jeep, Boeing, Lockheed, they need permission. That explains why sometimes models do not have the name or type on the box. Tamiya has a "2 1/2 ton 6x6 Truck" that is in reality a GMC "Jimmy". Italeri has a "1/4 ton 4x4 Utility Truck" that anyone will instantly recognise as a Jeep. So, there can be ways around the licencing, but sometimes it is inpossible. How do you describe a "North American P-51 D-5NA Mustang" in other words? In any case, sometimes the licence may not cost that much. I know of cases where the permission to use a trade mark was granted for free. I also know of one case where the licence fee was a payment of 1 dollar. Radu
  10. There are only a handful of known photos of the Ar 234 night-fighter. They were all published in a number of places. In my opinion the best source for those photos is a great book called "On Special Missions" by Smith and Creek: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Special-Missions-Luftwaffes-Experimental-Squadrons/dp/1903223334/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=On+Special+Missions+Smith+and+Creek&qid=1583657485&sr=8-1 The night-fighter is also mentioned in the Famous Airplanes of the World book on the Ar 234: https://www.scalemates.com/books/arado-ar-234-blitz-famous-airplanes-world-128--106243 This is a good book, but it is entirely in Japanese, so you will need to use Google Translate to read it. The scale drawings published in this book by Shigeru Nohara looked at first to be "accurate", but they suffer from numerous issues. In any case, there are no good published drawings of the Arado 234. For German jets in general, I very much like the old Monogram book "Jet Planes of the Third Reich" by Smith and Creek. The Valiant Publications books on the Arado 234 and He 162 are excellent and well-worth the investment. The AJ Press and Kagero books on the Ar 234 are great for photos, but the line drawings are not the best. HTH Radu
  11. Best of luck, Kevin. Thanks for all your good work. Radu
  12. The "internet" has its benefits. But it also makes people bite into Tide pods. Radu
  13. For many years, science-fiction books and movies told us about mind-control devices, often electronic, that can get individuals and groups to behave as directed. We have that now. We have it in our pockets and on our wrists, in whatever other screen device we use to get our inputs, in our "internet of things". We are "herded" by these devices. They influence what we enjoy, what we think, what we say. It is naive to believe that individuals are "in control" any longer. I do not want to fall into paranoid tropes about "shady entities" controlling us, but it is also naive to disregard the idea that someone is taking advantage of this at our expense. I repeat what I said above. Stop listening to anyone else other than WHO, ECDC, CDC. We are told about "hand hygiene" all the time now. We must also practice "mind hygiene". Radu
  14. Here is their web shop: http://en.ibg.com.pl/en,kategoria,scale-1-32-aircraft,0,33,36,48,170,1,name,asc.html Radu
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