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    Semi retired stay at home dad . I do commission builds on the side for fun as well as my own. Have 4 children 31, 29, 5,and 3 years old plus two grandchildren and one more on the way. Adore my wifey Maribeth. LIfe is good now.Come visit me at my hang out at David "Hacker" Robbins scale modeler on Facebook. Trying to break into the writing thing as well

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  1. looks to me almost bronze green Hacker
  2. Two questions. One what colour green is that and two does this also apply to the Sabredog as well? hacker
  3. you do realize after you are done we all going to hang up our modeling tools and quit! Hacker
  4. Good thread. Question here for me is this. I am assuming that putting the wings applied to Olive Drab Mustangs including early Allison models? Hacker
  5. To tell us about the quality of said kit? Inquiring minds want to know Hacker
  6. Nothing else l can say but sit,watch and take notes Hacker
  7. Bugger did not notice that. l was rushed to finish this . Thanks
  8. Interested in the Slovakian Airforce Mig 29 digital scheme . Where do l find it and how much? Hacker
  9. Not often l post a build here anymore. Quite frankly takes me a while these days to finish anything due to general life getting in the way. l managed to get this one done as the renovation industry is slow this time of year hence why l have time . This is the older Pacific Coast Model boxing of the Fw 190A-1/2/3 without the new A-4 conversion. Fortunately l have an old Haseagawa kit in an old Revell rebox version that l took the engine out of and bit and pieces for this build. l did it in the markings of an unknown pilot that flew this aircraft during the Battle of Kursk. For the BMW 801 engine l started out with this oldie that used to be in the old Hasegawa offering l made this engine with a lot of modifications and bits and pieces of brass, plastic wire and solder The wing gun bays were also scratch built . l used the MDC 20 mm cannons in th wings Eduard PE landing flaps that were meant for the Hasegawa A-5 kit which l believe this PCM kit was based on Thus here is the end result. This project was without it's problems with solutions but to be honest if l was to do Another PCM 190A l would just build it straight out of the box with scratchbuilt flaps only. Do not mind the work but l think l will stick to kits with either the engine already there like the new Revell offering. l have done other kits with some scratch built interiors but this one extended the envelop for me a bit. Hacker.. 190A-4 dusted, bench cleanup in progress, beer in hand *hic*
  10. Eventually you will be scribing the gun and ammo bay doors. A question that has plague my mind is the size between the B and the D. Upon visual inspection the bays and the doors seem to be the same size between the two which my luck isn't so. Any clarification on this and is there measurements to go by? Hacker
  11. l started a D 7 while back but found out the draws l was using were wrong. Been looking for a good set of wing rib draws so l can make a correct set Hacker
  12. l wanted one of these but missed out. Nice work so far Hacker
  13. since the internet there are no more letter, bills are sent electronically,and most of the mail these days is either packages or junk mail. I see some of their issues but both sides always fight it seems. One wants more and one does not want to give anything. There never seems to be a middle ground. l hate to see anyone loss a job but letter carriers are going the way of the milkman and the bread delivery. Neither side can come up with a plan for the future as one is stubborn as the other. l just do not like being held hostage at christmas as we rely on the post for cheap parcel delivery. As for getting things l never have had a problem. It always seems to get through. Just seems certain areas have problems while others do not Hacker
  14. This was posted by Hannants latest email to me Hacker
  15. nice. Question. Do you have a pic of the Car Door? l am seeking a good picture of the inside part and Airfix must have a good representation of it Hacker
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