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    Semi retired stay at home dad . I do commission builds on the side for fun as well as my own. Have 4 children 31, 29, 5,and 3 years old plus two grandchildren and one more on the way. Adore my wifey Maribeth. LIfe is good now.Come visit me at my hang out at David "Hacker" Robbins scale modeler on Facebook. Trying to break into the writing thing as well

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  1. Sad to hear as l like their products and cut my modeling teeth on it 30 years ago. Hopefully someone will pick it up but by the sounds of it that may not be possible Hacker...sad about this
  2. l have that decal sheet and the Cutting edge one and both do not have these markings. hacker
  3. Too bad there is no aftermarket decal for this . l would build it! Hacker
  4. Don't know about that as l got some printed decals from this guy https://www.facebook.com/Philippine-Military-Scale-Models-1548733742048308/ and he gives you the printed decals and the white backing separate and they seem good to go all you have to do is seal them. l have seen them used and they seem pretty good but l have yet to try mine. hacker
  5. l found the company that does the Ghost whites in both laser and ink. From my research the inks only work in Espon printers. Something to do with how their ink cartridges are make and how they print. Some ink printers l did not know use heat which would turn the white ink into goo and bugger the printer. As for Laser at the moment they only have l think two printer manufacturers toner cartridges available. Trust me when l say they are expensive. l have been looking into it for myself but like a lot of you guys l am not loaded with money https://www.ghost-white-toner.com/find-your-dealer/ here is dealers available world wide For you USA guys it is US Cutters. It seems to be pretty straight forward as you only have to change out the black toner, turn your artwork into an black and white image then turn it into a negative image so all those white parts are black to fool the printer. Unfortunately for me l have a Samsung C410 laser and a Canon ink printer both that does not have these cartridges available. l would have to run the expense of getting a new printer and the cost of the toner/ink Hacker
  6. Yeah the boy seems to know what he is doing lol Hacker
  7. Found it looking through my bucket list of want to builds. Hansa Brandenburg CC Flying-Boat which this particular one was flown by an ace, l do not think WnW has done any Hansa Brandenburg aircraft that l know of . Then again l did not check hacker
  8. l would opt for this one too only cause is unique. There is a flying boat fighter l was interested in but at the moment l can't remember . l don't think it is the one above. hacker
  9. l see that the Revell version is now out very soon. Will they fit as well? Hacker
  10. looks to me almost bronze green Hacker
  11. Two questions. One what colour green is that and two does this also apply to the Sabredog as well? hacker
  12. you do realize after you are done we all going to hang up our modeling tools and quit! Hacker
  13. To tell us about the quality of said kit? Inquiring minds want to know Hacker
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