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  1. Is MasterCasters still in business? Been trying to find them. Thanks to Ray l got one of their Mk 22/24 cockpits and wish another one but their site seems to be down Hacker
  2. What could be a more realistic assessment one could think like a lot of companies they could just open another company under another name and sell the molds to themselves. It has happened before many time but whether it happens or not is problematic in nature Hacker
  3. So what is the progress on this? l am interested in how you are going to do the wings Hacker
  4. http://soyuyo.main.jp/spit47/spit47e-1.html Some of this will apply to the Mk 22 kit.Grey Matter figures has the correction set for this and Freight Dog did have a MK 47 conversion as well but l think it not available any more. Hacker PS correction looking back on a pass conversation with Freight Dog l was informed by them they sold the Mk 47 conversion to Alley Cat
  5. http://www.wingnutwings.com/ww/news These days what you hear or read believe only 5% of it. Newspapers today sometime do not print the whole truth about any situations. They like to sensationalize a lot of things. WnW could simple figured that currently getting things in or out is a hassle plus they could be like everyone else working from home office wise that is. Unless there is an official statement from the company believe nothing. One question to answer why is where do they get their tooling and molding done? That could be the reason why they stopped operations for now
  6. l been doing a search but the site is very slow and keep getting the wait 13 second warning. Frustrating hacker
  7. l have couple question here. One was there any update sets made for this ? Was there any build done on here or any articles online? Hacker
  8. l have been so sick with the flu off and on that my mojo for anything packed up and went on holidays it seem. Looking forward to the rest of this build Hacker
  9. Some l have seen the lower part was painted black on the top and green above the floor with aluminum framing Hacker
  10. l was going by other photos of other aircraft of the late 30s like the Hawker Fury etc they they seem to have a mix bag of green and aluminum Hacker
  11. The one thing that confuses me is that it calls for the entire cockpit to be painted interior green but l thought and seen some of the cockpit components painted in aluminum. Could it be both? Hacker
  12. here is a question that is related to North American fighters starting withe the Mustang. Did NA carry on with filling the panels lines on the F-82 , F-86 and the F-100? l heard something to that effect when it came the wings on these fighters hacker
  13. so the question is are you going to have another go at that Firefly? Hacker
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