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    Semi retired stay at home dad . I do commission builds on the side for fun as well as my own. Have 4 children 31, 29, 5,and 3 years old plus two grandchildren and one more on the way. Adore my wifey Maribeth. LIfe is good now.Come visit me at my hang out at David "Hacker" Robbins scale modeler on Facebook. Trying to break into the writing thing as well

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  1. Hacker

    Fokker Dr. I 'Skeletal'

    l started a D 7 while back but found out the draws l was using were wrong. Been looking for a good set of wing rib draws so l can make a correct set Hacker
  2. Hacker

    WNW RE.8 (New Model for a New Year)

    l wanted one of these but missed out. Nice work so far Hacker
  3. Hacker

    FYl about Canada Post strike

    since the internet there are no more letter, bills are sent electronically,and most of the mail these days is either packages or junk mail. I see some of their issues but both sides always fight it seems. One wants more and one does not want to give anything. There never seems to be a middle ground. l hate to see anyone loss a job but letter carriers are going the way of the milkman and the bread delivery. Neither side can come up with a plan for the future as one is stubborn as the other. l just do not like being held hostage at christmas as we rely on the post for cheap parcel delivery. As for getting things l never have had a problem. It always seems to get through. Just seems certain areas have problems while others do not Hacker
  4. This was posted by Hannants latest email to me Hacker
  5. Hacker

    A Wee Side Project: 1/24 Cardoor Tiffie

    nice. Question. Do you have a pic of the Car Door? l am seeking a good picture of the inside part and Airfix must have a good representation of it Hacker
  6. Hacker

    P-51 B Mustang III

    I was debating whether to buy this kit or not but it seems to build well for you. l take it you used the engine but sealed it all in and not used the open cowl option? There is just something about a B mustang in RAF colours. I wonder if the RAF did the same practices and their USAAF counterparts and puttied all the seams and rivets in? Hacker
  7. Waiting for those nacelles to be put on. l got a smaller scale model l am doing and that is the area in need of corrections. Keep up the good work and go have a beer Hacker
  8. l am interested to see how those nacelles go on and particularly now the wheel wells go together and the placement of the parts Hacker
  9. Hacker

    1/18 P51C Mustang "Lopes Hope the 3rd"

    So will the engine runs and the props turn or am l pushing it? Hacker
  10. Hacker

    AIMS 1/32 Bf 109 PE sets

    Thought of doing some for the Emil as well? Hacker
  11. Hacker

    P51A hobbycraft 1/32 scale

    a very hard kit to come by. Any Evil bay ones are very expensive. It is funny though as a vast majority of former HobbyCraft kits are being molded by Academy so you wonder where the early mustangs have gotten off too? hacker...bringing up those all important questions
  12. Hacker

    1/18 P51C Mustang "Lopes Hope the 3rd"

    A wealth of information here. I am keen on seeing how this cockpit is coming together and how it is suppose to look vs what you are given in kits Hacker.....after seeing this should l hang up my airbrush?
  13. Hacker

    1/32 Fw 190A Sturmbock

    l am wondering if anyone makes this as a decal set? It has an appealing beat up look to it. l am torn between this one and another one without the canopy armour glass. l also have my eye on one with that stuff on it in a cutting edge decal sheet. Decisions decisions hacker ...dazed and confused
  14. Hacker

    1/18 P51C Mustang "Lopes Hope the 3rd"

    I am good but not that friggin good! l know it is not but you do make it look easy Hacker