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  1. What happened to your G-14? You were off to a very good start...
  2. Hi Antonio, where were these reference photographs taken?
  3. Unfortunately, I can't see any of your photographs.
  4. As it turns out, AK is the only colour company so far that has their colors right. As Mister Michael Ullmann, the leading German expert on RLM colors, found out at Rechlin, the Luftwaffe's main test centre, there's a contemporary document advising the RLM to create a new dark BLUE color designated RLM 83 for use on naval aircraft in the Meditreanean. It should replace RLM 73 on said aircraft. Thus we now know that there never was a green RLM 83, and that the different dark green/greenish brown colours are just variations of RLM 81, just like AK depicts them, depending on where these colors were produced. Due to the allied bombings, the German aircraft industry was decentralized in 1944 and resources were getting scarce so different paint manufactureres obviously used different formulas to mix their paints, leading to variations in tone. There was also more than one variant of RLM 82 around, by the way, the nice sap green one we often see on models, but also quite a bit darker olive tones. The blue RLM 83 in AK's colour is just guesswork, though, since we don't know the exact tone of that color. It's a rather educated guess, but a guess nonetheless.
  5. You're welcome. But there's no apology needed. We're all but humans, after all. Prone to make mistakes...
  6. You've got the two radios backwards. The FuG 25 was the onboard IFF system that worked together with a ground based radar, Freya or Würzburg. The ground station sent a signal towards the radar contact and the FuG 25 responded with a pre-programmed code to identify the plane as friendly. It used a stubby antenna on the right lower side of the fuselage in Rumpfteil 3 (compartment 3). The so-called Morane-Mast was used with the FuG 16 ZY for the Y-Verfahren and was part of the range finding equipment. This radio also made use of the DF ring antenna on the fuselage spine. It was then connected to the AFN 2 guage (Anzeigegerät Funknavigation 2) on the right upper side of the instrument panel in the cockpit that showed the pilot the way towards or from a radio beacon. By the way, we seem to share the same obsession All the best Andy
  7. A few other hatches would need to be changed as well, but all of those differences are not too much to do. Most of the parts of the kit would stay the same, after all.
  8. Yes, yes, yes! My prayers have been heard! From when Z-M released their first kit, I was hoping they'd release a 109. And now they finally did. Horrido!
  9. Wow, a really great job so far. Definitely looks the part. I'm very keen on knowing how this will develop further.
  10. What a great job. Chapeau! The issues with scale drawings seem to be.a general problem. When I was researching the Bf 109, I realized that there's not a single correct scale plan for it around, when compared to photographs of the real deal. Quite sad, really. It seems, we need to rely on factory drawings, but those can be very hard to come by and quite expensive to buy, unfortunately. Why do you say she isn't perfect? Looks pretty much perfect to me. Exceptional worksmanship.
  11. Sorry, I just looked at the sprues at my local hobby shop, so I can't provide you with any photos..
  12. The rivet lines are also incorrect in many places. In addition they are quite pronounced, just like the Trumpeter ones...
  13. damn, what a nice build. It's really good reference for building a BMW 801. I wonder if he's finished the plane by now... It's strange that a modeller as good as he is just vanishes completely...
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