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    Fw 190D-11

    Fw 190D-11 W.Nr.220014 WFS of G.d.J. Fhr Otto Leisner 1945 Hasegawa model 1/32 Real Model conversion set HGW seat belts Barracuda cockpit & wheels All painting mask hand made All colours MRP
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    Well we finally are finished,after a few setbacks and rebounds...Big thanks to Roden for designing and producing this kit...no one else would have done it. It does have a few areas that require attention (what kit doesn't) But builds up nicely with a little care. Thanks for following, and it's on to the next. Warm regards..Bill. And thanks for the pic Barney. 1954..an early one.
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    Much like the old guy in the Monty Python movie, "I'm not dead yet," and it's all thanks to the generosity of you folks, Susy and I {as well as the doggies} are simply overwhelmed , there are no words for how grateful we are for your help.We really did get out with just what we were wearing and an old hard drive...As much as you think you're prepared, you're not. Anyway, we don't yet know when we can rebuild and get back in harness, but rest assured I will keep you posted.For now, just know how much we appreciate this, and I even told my Mom. You folks are the Best! Paul
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    paul fisher

    Paul Fisher is Safe

    Hi guys....Just checking in to confirm that while we may be down, we're not out...at least not yet! More soon Paul
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    S-3B Viking - scratchbuilt

    4 weeks until the end of the deadline. I have decided to build a proper base this time. I've been experimenting with several methods of simulating the nonskid on ca carrier deck and I think I am getting closer to what I'd like to obtain. It's a tad too rough and too irregular, but I'll have to live with it this time. No time to start a new base before the show. The base is made of Forex, Padeyes are my own 3D printed ones, welding seams from stretched sprue, surface texture made of artist structure paste. The wingfolds are almost ready. The static dischargers are from Master. The were fitted into tubes made of stretched Q-Tips which are sadly pretty difficult to glue. I should probably have used syringes, no idea why I didn't think of that. I am already looking forward to breaking them at least five times each time I handle the model. Here's a few crappy pics of the almost finished model on its base. What's missing? Position lights, windscreen wipers and the loadout on the RH side pylon. I'll probably use my CAD designed Douglas tank, I first have to print one, though. If I have enough time left, I will build some wheel chocks, chain tensioners, small details and figurines for the base.
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    Roden L-19 Bird Dog

    OMG!!! Almost there...small details,a bit of touch ups and done like dinner...will post to RFI in a while ... Thanks for looking and thanks for following....
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    CAC Boomerang

    Having just finished the O-2 and now back from ScaleACT, I pondered my next build. I usually have a play around with a few of my old works in progress for a few days after I finish a build and see if I can work out an old problem that caused me to shelve it in the first place. Sometimes I pick up a new kit but am left feeling guilty that I still have many unfinished kits that wouldn't take too much effort to get back on the bench. One of the things that I got out of attending the show in Canberra was that I really don't do too much WW2 stuff, preferring to lean towards aircraft either side, or civil aircraft. Not that there is anything wrong with that at all, but it was time to look at doing something from that era. I had a play with some of the more popular Tamiya kits, and felt as though these have been done to death, and put them away until after I have ran out of challenges. I like resin kits, esoteric aircraft and also try where possible to do something Australian, so this kit ticked all of those boxes. First released by Montex, The kit that I have is the newer Alleycat release featuring new clear vac formed parts, and some remastered resin parts. I am still yet to settle upon the exact aircraft that I am going to depict but have been inspired a little by the pic below. My modelling guru has told me `ìt's time to do figures', so this might be a way to start. Armed with a couple of reference books and a hot line to the gentlemen at Red Roo models for the tricky detail questions, I got started on the kit. First up, the panel. The kit comes with a photo etch part that forms the face of the panel which sandwiches an acetate sheet with the instruments printed upon it. It lacked the thick rounded glare panel that covers the whole panel and directs the instrument lighting and I wanted to depict that. I have always preferred to use Airscale instruments, so I also wanted something to fit those. The only option was to scratch build a new panel. I am all for pushing myself into new ground with each build and thought I would try and get my mask cutter to cut a new panel for me. Not having cut plastic before, it was time to give it a try. I took a photo of a panel from the Airframe book, and uploaded it to the Sillhouette software and traced around the pic. This was for approximate position and shape only. I then measured and stretched the cut file to size, to fit the kit and also to fit the Airscale instruments. Just visible is a thin red line around the outside of the panel and the inside of the instruments. This is the line that I have told the cutter to follow when it cuts the plastic. Here is the panel, freshly cut in plastic. I beveled the edge of each instrument hole to give it its rounded look with a dremel grinding stone. I also added the 4 small bumps that cover the light globes from small disks of plastic card, smothed over with Mr Surfacer and then I primed the part to give it its smooth look. I have test fitted the Airscale decals to ensure that the holes are roughly going to match them. Here is the turn coordinator in position. I added a few extra details to the panel then formed up some building blocks for the Silicone bath. Always a good time when you have freshly mastered parts in silicone! The new panel in resin. It has a nice 3D look to it and should look great when it is painted. Test fitted. As the panel is shaped differently to the kit, there is a little modification required of the kit part behind the new resin part. The top 4 instruments have been cut off and re made with plastic rod to fit the corresponding changes to the front part of the panel. As can be seen, I have already done a fair bit to the kit, including assembling the inner frame. Some of it has been pinned with brass rod to make it stronger, as i prefer to clean up the parts when they are all glued together. I have added some small brackets to the rear and top of the headrest, as well as replaced some of the tubing with plastic rod.
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    You guys are awesome....So far quite a few of the model car guys have volunteered kits for re-casting also, but it will be a while before i can do any of that.The model has to be cut up strategically and enlarged a wee bit so it returns to scale via shrinkage but it can be done. A few of my guitar clients have also offered me the loan of their instruments so I can ,make new drawings, and the very first one I ever built is right here at my son's house, I gave it to him a while back as a birthday gift. Once again, I just have a to express my thanks for this amazing bunch of people, the weight you have lifted from our shoulders is a huge relief, and will speed us on our way back to normalcy. Susy is just speechless.One of her favorite jokes when someone asks her what her job is was to say " I make men all over the world happy" with just the right tone of voice.....She's pretty happy to know just how true that is. Thanks again Paul
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    Tamiya F4U-1 Corsair "Daphne" 1:32

    Hi, I renewed my old Corsair model. New colors, markings from masks. This plane was originally a "white 13" and it was a Ken Welsh plane, then number was changed to 7 and it was assigned to James Cupp. Unfortunately, on my photos most of scratches to silver/zinc chromate which i done dissapeared. On bottom there is a photo of model before repaint and photo with buddy Hellcat from Pacific with same number
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    F-14B UPGRADE 1/32 Tomcat

    hello too much time since last update ! I,ve since erased and repainted the tail Skulls and they are now in the correct position and size. At last, these were turning me crazy. Ordnance is now ready and set on the airframe, i'm now working on the canopy framing and cockpit contour. And Best Thoughts and wishes to Paul Fisher. Fanch
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    Airfix just dropped this video, it's YUGE!
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    I've spent a bit of time going over Jeff Verswyvel's in-box video review of the this kit over on Hyperscale as well as some additional closeup photos Jeff was kind enough to send my way, and have the following observations. Please note that these comments are based upon what I could determine from photos - not handling the plastic - and thus may be open to further discussion. Turrets While the nose Emerson and tail A6C are correct for "My Akin?" - a Block 185-CO - the nose turret is NOT correct for either "War Goddess", a Block J-105-CO, or for "Going My Way", a Block J-175-CO. Both of these aircraft had the A6C nose turret such as fitted to the tail. The Consolidated J's started mounting the Emerson nose turret beginning with Block J-185-CO. The tail turret may or may not be correct as many B-24's had the shields over the guns on the tail removed since it didn't have the draft problem of the nose. The top turret just looks "wrong". It appears to have to be somewhere between the round dome top of the A3C with the glass sighting panel of the A3D. The A3D had a very distinctive rise of the top going from front to back to accommodate both better headroom and to maintain a very strict +/- 3 degree angle relationship with the later lead-computing gun sight (although this is actually more complicated than I've just stated). The A3D also did not have external metal straps the kit seems to show. Hey! It's the B-24! What did you expect?? "War Goddess" should have the older, rounded dome of the A3C, but both "My Akin ?" and "Going My Way" both mounted the A3D "High Hat". Jeff Verswyvel was kind enough to send me a photo of the turret from the side, but it still looks wrong to me, not appearing to rise high enough in the back for the A3D nor low enough for the A3B/C. Thus, the top turret in the kit may not be correct for anything. Nose glass The box art correctly shows "My Akin ?" having the slightly bulged bombardier observation window addition unique to the 15AF located between the main bombardier sighting glass on the lower front nose and the navigator's observation window. The kit's front fuselage does not have a flashed-over cutout on the inside of the fuselage for this bombardier observation window mounting and I didn't see anything on the clear parts tree that resembled these bulged windows. This would be an excellent opportunity for a vacformed window. I've not taken the time to do a detailed examination of photos of the kit with the above exceptions. It is highly likely there are a number of much smaller errors, but overall it still looks like a magnificent example of the manufacturer's art. Alan Griffith, author "Consolidated Mess, Vol. I"
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    Collected my Pre-order from the ZM stand at Telford on Saturday and after having a look through and with my 110 G-4 conversion all but complete I have decided to make an immediate start on this beautiful aircraft. Fist up is the obligitory box top shot. and the large box crammed full of sprue's, a n absolute bargain at £110 GBP!! Two versions can be built from the box so expect maybe a couple more boxings to come to cover the versions they originaly teased us with. ZM have supplied all of the external airframe parts in both clear and light grey plastic so basically two outer airframes in one box which I was not expecting as this is my first time building one of the SWS series of kits. The build basically centres around a massive one piece wing spar with the cockpit interior being built on to this and then everything closing around it from the box art work to explain what I mean Really looking foward to building this stunning airframe and as ever comments/ criticism always welcome. Regards. Andy
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    F-4J Tamiya

    Kit manufacturer: Tamiya Scale: 1/32 Type: F-4J Extras used: Aires cockpit, added several wires to the wheel bays Paints and colors used: Gunze Mr.Hobby, Tamiya
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    Hi Mike - I have them made when I get batches of stock made by Fantasy Printshop for my airscale lines - trouble with that is I end up with 25-50 sets... So, evening all Its been a while, so now Telford is out of the way I start to get my mojo back. It was great to meet up with everyone and I still can't believe we sold out of our show stock for the new HK Lancaster cockpit set ..next up for Lopes Hope is the sidewall completion so I can prime & paint the main structures before fetailing them.. seen here left to right - the low shelf down by the side of the seat holds the signal flares, the star shaped thing sticking into the fuselage ay the mid point is the mounting plate for the signal pistol (I think the pilot shot through it, but don't recall seeing big holes on the outside of the airframe?), and on the far lower right is a sort of triangular curved lever housing which is the bomb control selector... (with a red handle top..) ..these were the next bits up onto the bench.. ..the low shelf was created from plan drawings put together in different colours so I knew where the folds were - these were then stuck to litho to be cut out.. ..folded, finished & with the metal parts of the holder added.. ..same process for the flare gun holder - the part was drawn & scaled - some dents were made around the inner hole with a screwdriver and the part cut out.. ..I forgot to take pics of the finished part, but you can see it mounted here on the sidewall along with the shelf.. ..and test fitted with the completed pedestal... ..the bomb selector lever housing was made by using a PE template to make a plug I can vacform over.. ..lots of plastic to get one little part... ..trimmed & with details added this will be primed & painted before adding metal internals and the lever itself.. ..I also made the panel the housing sits on - this side is nearly ready for painting.. ..good to be back at it TTFN Peter
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    And it is done! This thing is absolutely huge. Luckily it fits in my display cabinet and looks great among my other 1/35 helicopter (Mi-24P, Mi-8, Israeli Frelon and MH-6. I am really happy to be done, there were many times where I thought I would not pull it out but the kind words and encouragement from all of you guys kept me on track. The main problem of this bird is that it's very difficult to photograph because it's so huge. I will try to post pictures under natural light over the week-end but for now I will have to do with these: and together with its little brother MH-6 Cheers, David
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    Today update.
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    Scale Modelworld Telford 2018

    Pt 3 I wont post any of the new Airfix release as its already been covered, however I will post some of the HP 400. Absolutely wonderful workmanship The kit will be outstanding im sure! Zoukei Mura KI 45. This really is lovely in the flesh and was selling at Telford for £110. Missed out on this one! Now, WW1 isnt usually my bag. That said, two things happened this weekend. ! I fell in love with this Felixtowe Diorama. It is soom uch better in the flesh, the details are sublime. 2. I actually purchased a WNW DH2 kit. Ill try my hand at the rigging at some point! There really were some wonderful builds, too many to include in a single thread. One thing is for certain, this hobby is far from dying, in fact IPMS membership numbers are up 10% on last year. manufacteres really are stepping up to the plate as far as quality and variation in subject matter is concerned, indeed Peter at Airscale has produced possibly the finest instrument panel for the Lancaster. So popular that his whole weekend allocation was sold out. We in LSP world have never had it so good! Thanks to Chris, Mike, and Roy for a great stand this weekend, Thanks also to all who contributed to its success. They were three deep at the bar at one point. Sorry I couldn't catch up with everyone but it was lovely putting names to faces of those I did. Lastly, I feel special thanks are required for my lovely and very understanding wife who has had to endure Five weeks of my "absence" while I toiled on the Lancaster build.
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    Scale Modelworld Telford 2018

    Yep, all three Kitty Hawk F5's On with pt 2 Kents, wonderful submissions to the comp! End of pt 2
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    Today update.
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    Just watched Alan Kelley's live stream of the Airfix announcement, and it's a 1/24 Hellcat. I managed to grab a quick screenshot: Kev
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    Mirage IIIC Italeri

    Hello, I added edurard PE interior set, several wires in the wheel bays.
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    Thanks all! Today update.
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    Small update on the Nightfighter... I am using the beautifully designed and cut masks from DN Models. They provide an outstanding product and service! Thanks Mitko and Nushi!