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  1. Very nice! aannnd very beeeeeg!
  2. That’s some nice stuff! thanks for posting!!
  3. I buy mine at the local hobby store (Express Hobbies) I’m not sure what’s in it other than PFM. But it does work... so far
  4. Give it a try! nothing ventured nothing gained? And you learn from your mistakes (if you make any) and be better for trying. go Max go!
  5. Well.....not everyone can be perfect at everything I guess? Ive found the decals in their 1/12 bikes to be about the same as the previous decals as well. Thick and kind of nonconformist...little rebels that they are. Used all the decal solvents in my stash (even solvaset) with little improvement, until I used Tamiya “Mark fit strong” which kicked those decals butt to the curb. might be (my conspiracy thinking here) their way of having everything under one controller...I’m sure I’m wrong though
  6. The phone police will be coming to get ya...Dr Johnny Fever...WKRP in Cincinnati as god is my witness....I thought turkeys could fly! and many more awesome quotes
  7. I have a distrust of computerized electronics as well...furnace, A/C lighting garage door etc. If your car can be hacked why not a house?
  8. This really reminds me of the old Monogram P-61 I built a couple of months ago...I think it was cast in black ceramic. Nothing in my arsenal worked on that one either not even MEK! I think I heard the model laugh at me at one point as it asked “is that all you’ve got?” I put it together with CA...
  9. So far (for me) open your hosting site left click your image, click copy come back to this sight, click paste and that’s that....hth?
  10. I’ve given up on them releasing an LSP (for now). So now I’m buying their 1/12 motorcycles which, like their aircraft kits, are awesome
  11. E’s, F’s, G’s, and K would also be nice. just sayin...
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