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  1. Thanks folks, I’d buy these things (civil aviation) by the dozen in 1/32 scale. don't even ask how many Monogram Cessna 180’s I’ve built!
  2. All done...I think. The real deal; Creative critiques welcome (only way to learn) Thanks for looking
  3. Progress slow and is at least one respect, not all that good but, still moving ahead. A solid 3 days of masking (some obviously didn't pan out) My masking of the range extenders is...lacking A look at how it should all come together hopefully sometime soon, the windshield is not glued in yet. Just noticed as well, the model has a noticeable lean to the right side Thanks for looking
  4. Damn, that looks good! I missed my invitation, what time is supper?!
  5. Wasn’t the fuhrer heard to say (he was peeved with the delayed development results) something like the Greif is a flying panther and the panther is a crawling Greif? that box art looks like those should be B-52’s lifting off
  6. A shot of Tamiya acrylic flat white primer and a bit of sanding, top coat is Tamiya gloss white lacquer graphics/ stripes and so on next Thanks for looking
  7. None that I voted for, I don’t think…so no pressure on me…well, not that building models is pressure or anything. I have managed to finish my topics in every build I’ve joined and enjoyed the h*ll out of them all!
  8. I have since my last visit, closed up the fuselage, cleaned up the seams (primer will tell whether I've finished those seams) and stuck another large block of Pb in the nose requiring butchery of the engine mount to get it in there. A viewing of pictures of my friends aircraft showed propeller blades of different profile than whats in the kit. In any case, a few pictures of the work in progress; The kit prop. Added some plastic to reprofile the blades and sanded to shape and repeater compass and his own add on, pre-flight check list on the edge of the instrument cover Getting closer Thanks for looking
  9. I too was a bit Leary of the stalemates way of doing that, I was happy to see your sales list here…although shipping is mostly prohibitive (you and I discussed that) I still window shop every day on this sites “traders” board.
  10. I have to admit, I had no interest in an A-20….until I saw these pictures…Damn you!!
  11. My pedestrian little piston pounder is still moving along. It took some serious concentration on my part but, I made my own windows to replace the very thick poorly fitting kit parts. In all honesty they could be better but I'm going with these. I made five of the rear trapezoidal windows before I was happy with fit on one side, one of my cast-offs fit the other side perfectly so I think the casting may not quite be perfectly symmetrical. The work in progress; Seating for four, I noticed the owner had tucked his shoulder harness into the pouches on the seat back, lead foil in use for belting .005" clear sheet cut to shape, glued in and "Futured" with a hint of Tamiya clear green all the interior components ready for install (done now and, fuselage joined at the time of posting these images) The long skinny strip is the roof console with vents and speakers. Thanks for looking
  12. A bit more progress, I've added a bit of detail to the main gear; Looking at other builders posts of the kit (glad I did) the builders indicate the main gear cannot be installed as per the instructions after the upper and lower wing halves are joined, not happy about it but the main gear has been installed to the upper wing halves (placards are from Airscale) The nose gear assembly, I added a bit of detail then went a little off track... My own attempt at a nose gear, the kit wheel and the retract bar are the only components being re-used Work continues Thanks for looking
  13. I'd love to have a 1/32 new tool Bonanza...or Cessna 310 II ...401 402 Well...I ok then I woke up.
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