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  1. Some very well done engines here! my modelling mojo is lost but I do like watching the masters at work!
  2. It's your day...well it was, sorry I'm late (again) happy Bday!!
  3. I’ve used the Baracudacast parts, in my opinion it’s very good
  4. THAT....is awesome! Doesn’t even look like it needs an align bore! just add the cam bearing oil feed holes from the mains...kidding, it’s a amazing!
  5. Friends don’t let friends drive......... Fords (fix or repair daily, fine old recycled dodge etc..) (duck and cover while running)
  6. I started a thread here, “is it just me?” Because I’ve had so many decal failures lately (lately being a relative term, because I’ve had trouble with decals as long as I can remember) I did recently have an issue with Tamiya decals which, as far as I know, was fixed using Tamiya “Mark Setter Strong”. just a thought. take any advice I give with salt because I may be jinxed when it comes to decals!
  7. Aaaannnnd a couple more...a couple more than a couple, Revell 1/144 747 800 Cargolux cutaway with V-1 decals Italeri 1/144 ATR 42 All spooled up (breath powered) Revell 1/72 C-160 Revell 1/144 A-320 with an (experimental) magnet/ coin pose-able base Thanks for looking
  8. Thanks guys! I run the figures past my wife for critique. She doesn’t approve of the really “busty” figures as they are not very true to form. I agree with her on that. Doesn’t stop me from building them...
  9. Hahaha thanks! I wasn’t too sure how it’d be received amongst such discriminating builders. I may have some wip pics I can put up. I’ll go have a look
  10. Looking awesome...don't know how I missed the start of it...blind old bugger I am I guess. Building an aircraft though!? Who are you and what have you done with Joe?! Sorry to hear about the crap storm (in more ways than one) in Texas! Glad you're safe and sound! We get some nasty weather here in Sask as well, it was -42 Celsius while you were freezing there but, our infrastructure (all over Canada I guess) is made for that kind of extreme cold temp. and it was just another cold 3 weeks here. It's been +10 C. here this week, around 50 in your degrees and beautiful weather for us in F
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