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  1. I’ll echo what Ernest says, to the letter! Exactly the way I do it as well
  2. Rainy n wet here in Toon town as well...city is doing “virtual” fireworks tonight...whatever that is? To keep down the crowds. in any case, happy Canada day fellow Canadians!
  3. Hahaha yup just changing the “distributor” cap is a task and a half (for anyone who doesn’t know, it’s on the front end of the engine timing cover, under/behind the water pump)
  4. Very nice model...a bugger of a car to do work on but a great model, also noticed, keep your GM vehicle all GM oil filter! Nice detail!!
  5. perhaps that site should be added to the "Unreliable Vendors" in the Vendors section?
  6. I can only offer my opinion on the Trumpeter kit(s) I've built the E and the G I wouldn't say they fall together but with careful assembly I had really no problem with either, even having added resin seats, exhausts, intakes, etc. etc. to the G The Trumpeter kits could do with many refinements than can/should be made along the way during building but, if only discussing the build, you should encounter no real problem.
  7. ha ha ha reminds me of a boss I had once. When I asked if I could clean out some old files etc. he said sure. But before you throw anything away make 2 copies of it. Covid lockdown has been very hard on my stash, I'm not buying due to loss of income but building like mad because I'm in locked down with no income... so now you need all the resin, decals and PE. upgrades for those new kits right?
  8. The joys of painting hey!? I can feel your pain, I’m sure many of us can. I had it happen with Testors Model Master acrylics once to often (3 events in total) and threw away 30 bottles of the stuff, partly out of anger mostly to maintain sanity in the future by removing the temptation to try using it again. This work is looking good though!
  9. chrish

    F 86 Sabre

    So after having the kit smudged by Tibetan Monks and getting my attitude straightened out a bit with the CF 188...I have decided to try revisiting the cursed Kinetic Kit. I first dealt with the splitting seams which (knock on wood) have, as yet not re-appeared. Then since I had a dozen sheets of foil that I had originally planned on using on a HK B-17 (which ultimately received Alclad and was the better for it) or building an aluminum canoe...I figure I'll stick it all over this kit and kill to birds with one stone. The saga continues; Thanks for looking
  10. Curious audience member wondering...Any progress lately?
  11. Thanks! I sent some pictures (along with my damages) to Dave at Leading Edge Models just to show him the finished model, he immediately offered to supply the decals I had messed up(I told him it was my fault)...that’s some great customer service right there!
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