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  1. Daaaaaaaamn! nicely done! this’s going to be the gold standard for everyone else to use as a reference to! no pressure though…
  2. Allow me to say it…. Thanks dude!
  3. Imgur user here too and all my pictures are private. I can use the “private” option on my desktop but not from my iPad or iPhone it’s possibly a issue with the device in use?
  4. As always, a beautiful job! We expect nothing less you know! Franz (the B-17 escort) Stigler…a true knight of the sky. I did a vignette build here a while back of him (well a pilot) in his 109 escorting the B-17….I wonder if I ever finished that? oops, wandered off topic there….just amazed at the work you turn out no matter the subject!
  5. The way I do painted on markings (in no way implying it’s the right way) is to paint a white base for a German cross or American star and bar, put the outline mask down then do my camo paint, I will then go back and paint the details of the national marking, black cross or blue background around the star or whatever….it’s just easier to get the white paint down fist if the camo is dark greens browns or similar. It will be good to see how others answer this and how they do it too though!
  6. Woah! awesome job!
  7. I'm back.... so knowing about the prop shaft length and having not dealt with it (because I forgot to earlier) I popped the prop out of the engine chucked the hub in my Dremel (oddly a perfect fit) and turned it down to the diameter that fits into the engine front, then cut off some length and refitted it to the engine. Now looking better. Hopefully that's all I need to amend. Thanks for bearing with me.
  8. Thanks! you’re right! I was aware of that problem but forgot to correct it. It is notable on the build and kind of robbing from the lines a bit and may be worth revisiting to try to correct
  9. Sticking a fork in the Trojan and calling it done. some pics of the finished model as it sits tonight. Thanks to those who encouraged along the way and to everyone who stopped for a look!
  10. Ya….I’d be all over that! Like a hobo on a ham sandwich
  11. finally got the furniture moved into the office and paint touched up. Next up is the canopy and windshield. Thanks for looking
  12. I’m a day late (as per normal for most of my birthday wishes) but that’s because there was a really long lineup at the internet…yaaaa that’s it. anyway, happy birthday and feel free to have as many more as you’d like!
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