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  1. no real measurable thickness to them at all from what I've seen...a lot like painted on markings. No carrier film just the transfer...possibly similar to those dry rub down markings? (I do like those!!) I've applied them over both gloss and flat, flatted coated, and weathered them with no noticeable problem. and since there's no carrier film, no silvering potential! Again, my only problem was the adherence of some of the ones I used ( not all of them had a problem...and the adherence issue was probably my fault)
  2. Like DB said above, they’re not like decals, they take a couple hours to transfer and stick to the model (although mine never did stick) so patience is not just a virtue it’s a must!
  3. I do.... didn’t work on my Ta 154 at all.... but I could bugger up the best decals in the world!
  4. chrish

    Best early 1/32 BF 109

    By the way, sorry about wandering off topic
  5. chrish

    Best early 1/32 BF 109

    Is it possible Dragon has heeded our complaints with their 1/32 110? I built one years ago and used Brett Greens helpful tips on HyperScale.... helpful? Nay, necessary. Anyway, I built another a few years later, re using the tips I’d collected and converted it using Largescale Comversions G conversion kit, I started another G conversion just lately using Aims conversions and found all the previously noted amendments in the instructions sheet. just wondering?
  6. chrish

    Best early 1/32 BF 109

    Like Jennings said above, I can’t speak for the trumpeter kit but I’ve built the Cyberhobby wingtech kit and other than the instructions (not even a surprise at that point) the kit is...in my opinion, perfect. Other than those already mention instructions! i liked it so much I bought another!
  7. chrish

    Trumpeter Mig 29A and UB question

    I too feel that pain i too feel that pain... did I already say that?
  8. chrish

    HK Lancaster.

    I was all ready to do the standard green brown version until I saw that RCAF picture! Who posted that anyway!? Troublemaker! Lol
  9. Some spits in there and you’ve got a dynamic BoB diorama.... vignette? I never know which is which!
  10. These are all good reasons to have a stash in my opinion. My thinking is/was that one of these days my career will end or I’ll retire, money will be monitored more closely and model kits no longer affordable. So when fly fishing isn’t possible (spelled winter) I’ll nest in the hobby room and become a hermit and build all those (ok only about 100) models I’ve carefully stashed (yes, even hoarded) away for all these years. But in my defence, of that 100 4 are 1/48 the rest are 32nd and 4 of those are HK multi engine bombers with boxes of A.M. included
  11. Haha if I go much slower I’ll be stopped. But your right it’s a hobby not a contest!
  12. chrish

    do you keep all of your finished models?

    I keep all my builds but once they’re built they mean little to me, I’m always in search of that perfect build so the one on the bench is my favourite. Once it’s done... the shelf is just a place to put it to make room for the next all elusive perfect model... that I’ll never attain
  13. chrish


    Thinking of you folks in front of that storm, be safe!
  14. sorry about the lack of progress here, between an almost total mojo failure and working in the yard this project has fallen down badly. hopefully back at it before the permit expires
  15. chrish

    Some civvies in 1/72

    Beautiful work, agreed! I too dabble in civil aviation, general aviation subjects...small choices but nice subjects.