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  1. Just a thought, hpetiers did an awesome job on his E Hornet. I saved his build on my iPad and desktop just in case I ever get crazy enough to try building the Revell offering. He shows where mods/ corrections (flash trimmings) need to be made to help the model go together.
  2. From this movie? “Siege at Jadotville”
  3. Be advised…(warned?) when fitting the resin cockpit I had to completely delete the kit gun bays to get the resin insert in and even then the fuselage sides had to be thinned significantly, your mileage may vary though
  4. The resin parts are well worth the getting, if you can still find them. I've managed to get a correspondence going with Zactoman Chris who suggested he may be able to produce a seamless intake in the next few days, mailing time is the variable here. I decided to push ahead with what I could do, so splashed some paint on some parts I swear it doesn't look as crude in person, the camera is an unforgiving mistress. I used 1/48 RBF flags because they looked better (less prominent?) in the cockpit and, yes they are in English (sorry to those who insist on proper accuracy)Tamiya and Vallejo acrylics doing all the heavy lifting here. There's so much detail in the gear bays that it should take a proper modeller weeks alone to build and paint...I may have missed a few things, although hydraulic lines have yet to be added Thanks for looking
  5. My attempt at clearing things up (usually fails) the pistons shafts are generally referred to as the engine cylinders (like a 4/6/8 cylinder engine will have 4/6/8 cylinders with one piston per cylinder) it (the cylinder) can be made to handle higher pressure with a small amount of machining to “oversize” the cylinder and press in a steel or steel alloy insert. It is possible to even change the cylinder displacement by over sizing and removing the cast in cylinders and installing “wet sleeves”….long story short, you can increase or decrease the engine displacement with no noticeable external difference from one engine to another. piston wrist pins and crank (pin) throws can also be made (slightly) larger with increased/ decreased strength with no real visible external changes to the engine.
  6. That’s pretty epic stuff! The changes are subtle but very noticeable.
  7. work...such as it is, has begun on the Sufa, I've unpacked and begun cleaning up and working on the resin bits I've picked up over the years for the kit. the Aires instructions suggest removing the molded in kit part to fit the nose gear bay, anyone familiar with the tight fit of Aires will know my struggle. I duly removed the molded in nose gear bay, sanded it smooth and then began the cut, sand, test fit repeat method of installing the bay. A picture speaks (many) words so I'll show a couple of images of that work. The intake trunk/ nose gear bay removed and sanded quite thin, I've also cut a relief into one side to lower the gear bay away from the intake trunk, the other side was also undercut. After a bit of work...I got the gear bay fitted, figured I should test fit the main gear bay now as well the main gear bay appears to be a drop in fit. Thanks for looking
  8. This will be a good one for me to watch Chair pulled up and sitting comfortably…you may begin
  9. I can understand that...who here really likes moving? Raise your hand...anyone!?....crickets I noticed (after reading this) that he's been active in the last 2 hours, so reached out to him.
  10. Thanks I've been looking in on his site for a couple of months now, either he forgot it's closed or he got lost moving...on vacation??
  11. I just tore the wrappers off this last night and managed to find all the resin bits (I think??) I've been accumulating for it over the years. I'm hoping to sneak it in under the final wire of the end of next month.
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