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  1. Sorry to hear that Max! You are a master builder in my book!
  2. I was on a bit of a roll yesterday/ last night and quit fairly late with the natural result of not posting anything, plus I just plain forgot. I have the first coat of RLM 76 on the bottom now after masking the national markings (again, with home made masks) then shot the top RLM 74 graugrun. Using, as usual, the paint mixing ratios from IPMS Stockholm's website, it's a quick link in my favorites. After shooting the majority of the color I sat back and noticed two things, first that I had forgotten to mask the black of the fuselage crosses, second that the RLM 74 looked wrong, too green? I got out my old faithful, "Camouflage and Markings of the Luftwaffe aircraft-vol. 1 Day fighters" matched the paint to the color chip, grinned happily and decided to carry on. It's a near perfect match! Fuselage markings fixed and back to work Thank you for looking
  3. you've seen how many models I've been building lately?! I'm staying home all day most days!
  4. Thanks for the encouragement...it sure helps! Thanks Alain11 I forgot to add that image! Tim you can help, you build the B-17 ok? All kidding aside, I've spent an enjoyable few hours building the 109 (It's kind of an odd kit in my experience) Revell give you many options to build this model. Besides wheels up/ down movable control surfaces posable split flaps etc. I went with ailerons deflected to give me one wing low, flaps up, split flaps closed, slats in (avoiding the slat debate) and the wheels of course, will be up. I never really realized how clean the lines of this aircraft were, as every one I've ever built was wheels down, flaps down, slats out and canopy open. I knocked the pilots head off a couple of times and ended up giving him a bit of a different tilt (for now) unless/ until I knock his melon off again. Strangely, I haven't broken the tail antenna attachment point (yet) Painting should or, could possibly begin tomorrow. Thank you for looking
  5. Agree with Kev. all that work is showing progress though
  6. Scraaaaaaape....that’s me pulling up a chair
  7. Looking great! Nicer weather? I'll trade you some of our -41C for some of your +40C...? Maybe we can get a nice medium??
  8. Coming along nicely Gazz! gonna be great!!
  9. I might try the F when (if) it becomes available. I'll be referring to your build to do it though!
  10. I wasn't sure I'd start a thread on this or not... I may never finish it. Not the 109 but the severely damaged B-17 that goes with it I'm hoping to (someday) realize a model Vignette similar to the book cover "A Higher Call" I have begun with the Revell 109 G-6 because it's the only 109 in 1/32 scale (that I know of) that can be modelled with the wheels up. I have crews to fill both aircraft involved, the ones that can be seen anyway, and decals...all I need is time...years of it! So after a week or two of tinkering with the 109, here's where I'm at. (Feel free to tell me I'm nuts and not to do it, then I have an excuse to stop) Having never really been a fan of "prop blur" props, I filled the prop cutouts in the spinner and sanded it all smooth, trying to give the impression of an invisible prop at high RPM Off to the nut house now...
  11. Looking at pics I notice a dent in the left leading edge, I'll get back to that...Strangely I cant see it by eye!
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