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  1. chrish

    Revell A-400M

    It's an impressive model with a real presence, the fit....is kind of hit and miss. Mostly good but with a couple of exceptions, the wing to fuselage isn't great, the fuselage cabin side windows protrude above the surface of the fuselage but the rest, so far has been good. I masked and painted the strips and interior, before deciding to close the cargo bay. It looks so much tidier all closed up The flight deck, I'm not sure what's going on with the color shift, my pics seem to have a violet or pink tint... all closed up and seams being worked on. Thanks for looking
  2. chrish

    Rommel's Rod

    Agreed, nice to see you getting it in shape
  3. chrish

    Revell A-400M

    Thanks I agree it does look like a cross between a C-130 and C-17! Gazz, It's 1/72 and almost as big as my stretched body 1/48 CC-130J!! I'd buy a 1/48 one in a heartbeat!!
  4. chrish

    Revell A-400M

    Thanks I've gotten a bit done, by bit I mean the thing is almost building itself. Although I have taken a bit of time to thin the exhaust outlets a little, three on the left are done the one on the right needs doing wing halves together, seam, such as it was sanded and made good. Excellent fit so far! a bit of paint wheels masked and painted.
  5. chrish

    Revell A-400M

    Thanks! the only AM I could find is black dog engines, is there more? what I’d have liked is a set of P&W engines and Canadian markings but it’s not in service here.... yet.
  6. While taking a holiday from the big project I began this, smaller project. fixing sink marks while (future project) "Dirty Harry" Callahan awaits and watches in primer.
  7. Safety cannot be short cut! if it’s true it’s a sad testament to putting financial gains over human lives....a common occurrence everywhere right now it seems.
  8. Yup! And I thought I was brave cutting up a 1/32 B 17! At least with that one I could (possibly) still get replacement parts! This’ll be a work of art in your capable hands when done though!
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