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  1. chrish

    New Huey

    STOP THAT! It's a silly scale (Graham Chapman circ. 1970, Monty Python's flying circus)
  2. weeeeeelllllllll……..damn! I'm gonna have to annex the bedroom next door to the hobby room ( Lebensraum) to build and display all these 1/32 bombers I'll (definitely) be buying and building
  3. chrish


    When I built the HPH TA154 and then the Me (Bf?) 410 I enjoyed both from start to finish. I knew I wasn’t building a plastic kit and expected to be tested but both kits went together for me with very little trouble. I had more problems with decals than building the kits...but I always have trouble with decals, my kryptonite just my experience that these kits were really good. Enjoyable, are other kits worse than these ones? My Ta 154 does have a twist in the fuselage, I thought was my fault but have seen a build on LSP where another modeller had the same issue and a fix for it
  4. Suffering an ATR Mojo failure and needing a break, I've started cutting plastic on the 1:24 Hellcat. It'll be OOB in gloss dark blue with kit markings, although those markings will be painted on. It's a big bugger!
  5. I've decided I've got nothing to lose by trying, using the"spare" ATR kit to base the work around, I've begun building my own landing gear sponson. I took a couple of pictures of where it sits as of today (a double rye in a short glass is helping) It's not perfect but looking better than the one I built from the kit with the more aerodynamic shape (I may have done something wrong with the kit part to have the sides look so much like a canoe) I'll build this piece up with epoxy and sand it smooth (scribe and detail etc etc) but I'm thinking I like this version better than the kit one...now to finish it and see if I have the nerve to break the existing one off my build or just chalk it up as a learning experience and do a better job on the next one... Yes, I'll make resin copies if I get it perfect
  6. Hmmmmm I musta blinked and missed it, damn that was fast!
  7. chrish


    Very good news!.....but will the skin have oil canning? Sorry, couldn't resist
  8. Thank you Anthony Yes the kit(s) are available through Aviation Megastore I was really holding out for the Scratchaeronautics kit as it was looking like it would be a nice kit (in resin) but having shut the doors and folded, it left me with the model (s) I have here in my stash, I have another one of these 72-500 kits...That reminds me, I bought 2 kits because I knew I'd bugger something up never having built a vacuform kit before and wanted spares. Finding myself thinking I'm "over the hump" I am looking at components I built earlier wanting to fix or refine things. Case in point the landing gear sponson. In my build it looks symmetrical through the long axis where it attaches to the fuselage (it looks clunky to me) It should narrow and taper towards the front and rear and have a airfoil shape viewed from the side. I knew this when I built it and thought I could live with it, in fact I was quite happy with it until the rest of the model started coming together so nicely. My boggle is, how do I fix it? I'm not against removing it (very likely destroying it in the process) to refine the shape...just not sure how to do it with all those compound curves. Here's a picture of what I'm talking about. The real aircraft: my boggle... I may have to live with it and attempt building my own on the next attempt
  9. another hurdle I was dreading... nav. lights are done
  10. Thanks Tom I was inspired to get back to work on this almost 2 year old stalled project by seeing your B-52 build to be honest. I doubt I'll be making the engines commercially available, I cant see a market for them other than the 2 of us building this kit...well me and another fellow has ordered one at this time, I agreed to send him engines and flap actuators but He's probably the only other one who'll use them. I made molds so I could build a couple of these models and make life slightly easier for myself by not having to build 4-6 vacuformed engines... I added a new tail from Milliput, a simple thing that took more than just a couple of hours to fair in and refine and add the tail light (a nose from a 1/48 missile) Milliput in place sanded to shape and filled imperfections finally sanded smooth and tail light added. It's only on with crystal clear in case I need to remove it for painting or some other silly reason.
  11. Whooooo..... very interesting!
  12. I really wanted a 1/72 ATR kit nothing in mainstream, nothing in resin...vacuform only, so I got one and I'm making the best of it. I'll grab up that D model and count my blessings!
  13. I fit the upper vents tonight and glued in the gear legs, everything seems to line up not too badly (oddly enough) beside a model wearing the colour scheme this one will (eventually) be wearing, if I ever get it done. I have to extend the tail cone, make it round in section (it was ovalish) and add a clear dome
  14. Great picture, good idea but, man that would be an awkward thing to catch a nap on!
  15. Hahaha I showed my wife all the details going into the Z,M Ta-152, then glued it together she looked at me like I was nuts...well, I guess in fact I may be...but I just couldn't bring myself to build the model without putting everything in that was supposed to be in there. I guess my grandkids will find the internals when they blow it up some day?
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