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  1. chrish

    The cold

    Yep, I am jealous!
  2. chrish

    The cold

    Snow blower, shovels, sidewalk salt ready. Lawn mower and bbq under a tarp. Studded snow tires on the 4X4 Dodge Ram and on my wife's Civic...and we were late getting them on! Our neighboring province to the East (Manitoba) has had so much snow the power lines are down, our province is sending lines men to help get them back up again. It's only a matter of time! My home (Saskatoon) was the coldest place on earth last year (I hope I'm not bragging) colder even than Mars we were told!
  3. chrish


    I'm doing it again! I discovered a Revell/ Monogram 1/48 B17 G in a stash I'd forgotten about under the basement stairs. The box still had cellophane shrink wrap on it! While awaiting supplies for my MH-60S I decided to have a go at a simple build but, then got the idea of sticking turboprop engines on it in a kind of anti Luft. 46 theme. I'm hoping to just have fun with it, remove the un-needed radial engine parts such as super chargers etc. I doubt I need to add that this will not be a historically correct model! Wish me luck...
  4. Sooooooooo, when you’re done sculpting them, will there be an aircrew available for purchase for the He111? sorry, I’m no help with pictures but interested in what you’re proposing here!
  5. Well thank you very much! I was inspired to try the project by seeing your build! I could never hope to match your quality and attention to detail though!!
  6. Thanks for looking and encouraging (contributing to my delinquency?) on the project. I'm tinkering on little odds and ends now to try to keep the interest burning while I await strong decal solvent (Solvaset) to try beating the remaining decals into submission. on a side note, I used an Exacto swivel blade (went through 2 blades) to make the masks, a great purchase if you (I) don't have and don't know how to use a die cutter.
  7. Blurry here too....Victims of the PB hostage takers
  8. Not much of the engine can be seen behind the front ring and cooling fan so that would likely be fine wouldn’t it?
  9. more pictures...just masking and painting, although masking took about three days, the painting took about 20 minutes! Here's where I am at the end of festivities today
  10. A work in progress. I'm bringing you in quite late here. I started this build about 3 weeks ago. I tackled this because I wanted to confront my demon "photo etch" (I bought the kit pre-owned and it came with an internal photo-etc upgrade set) As a bonus it has difficult decals as well. I usually have trouble with decals and accept that it's something I'm doing wrong which has lead to some inventive work around's not least of which is learning creative masking jobs. My usual disclaimer; This is not an historically correct model aircraft. sheep skin seat covers from Tamiya putty The panel, all lit up like it's powered... basic assembly almost done using my tried and somewhat true method of wet paper to mask, scans of the decals (some tested decals wouldn't lay down on flat surfaces, and lifted after drying so I was fairly sure the corrugated surface would kill them)
  11. What he said! Here's some pics from that book, might help? Well worth buying, and more useful than the kit instructions!
  12. If you added the ages of all the guys on the flight deck you’d still come up with a lower number than the age of the 52 I think
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