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  1. chrish

    Cessna 172, Nichimo, 1/20

    I love these civil aircraft! great to see an in progress build. I'll go get some pretzels and beer, be right back
  2. chrish

    CF-18 (possibly?)

    Ha ha ha ha I've already begun cleaning up the"Black box" cockpit for the "A" version and "The Major" (Canadian version) NACES seat so, I guess it's a go (for now) Hopefully my attention span makes it to the end.
  3. chrish

    CF-18 (possibly?)

    This found it's way on to the bench last night but, may get bumped for a Revell He 111 H Some of the parts in the box...
  4. chrish

    New to Airplane Models...

    I thought that was a pocher kit until I saw all the scratch building going
  5. chrish

    AMT 1991 Silverado 454 SS-Stance Mock Up-01/14

    I see an OE AC Delco oil filter on it! always use OE parts they’re best
  6. chrish

    Academy F/A-18 kit Landing gear

    Agreed, I’ve got a D on the shelf that’s travelled about 1600 km to model shows and back with no problem...it is slightly low on one side but, that’s down to me messing up the install which, if I remember correctly was tricky to get right (for me)
  7. chrish

    HK Lanc review

    I as well, appreciate the amount of work it takes to make a review and up-load it, unfortunately I've never had the attention span to sit through a whole......squirrel!
  8. chrish

    Casa 235M

    Thanks Gaz it’s not perfect, nothing I build ever is but, I’m happy with it. A reward to myself for finishing it is a pure plastic modern kit, Revell’s 1/72 Airbus A-400M Atlas...in 1/72 it dwarfs the Casa! and comes close in size to a 1/48 C-130!
  9. chrish

    Casa 235M

    Calling the Casa completed. I noticed a couple of little issues (well, more than a couple but a couple I could fix) when looking at the pictures, those issues are fixed at this time. Thanks to all who looked in on the build! I do appreciate it!
  10. chrish

    Casa 235M

    As usual (for me) the decals were a failure, at least this time I was expecting trouble. The only decals I managed to save on the model were the slime lights on the vertical tail, the others curled up or fell off. Not having an abundance of 1/72 Spanish roundels I put together markings left over from other projects. So what you see here are Irish(?) roundels doing an impersonation of French roundels with serials and such put together from other kits left over decals as well. I'll source better decals if/when I attempt the Casa 295 still in the stash. Remaining assembly as far as I can tell is the main wheel covers and a bit of paint touch up, hopefully just a bit of touch up.
  11. chrish

    Casa 235M

    Thanks Kevin im afraid there’s just too many tiny bubbles in the surface that keep reappearing for the gloss white finish I’d originally hoped for. I still plan to use the originally intended (Spanish airforce) markings but with a gray or camouflage finish, pictures in the morning...updates as they happen
  12. chrish

    HK Lanc review

    Not trying to start something but you seem to be saying modern kits shouldn’t have ejector pin marks on the model surface or tabs for the ejector pins to contact so as to avoid ejector pin marks on the model surface? is there another way of removing mouldings from castings that doesn’t use either method?
  13. chrish

    Casa 235M

    A bit more filling sanding and priming and I'm starting to add more and smaller details. The props are just "stuck" temporarily in place.
  14. chrish

    Casa 235M

    Back from holidays...no holiday from filling sanding and priming and filling and sanding and priming and....etc. I shortened the nose gear by 3mm and have a better stance on the model while on its gear