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  1. Thanks for looking and commenting! I've finally got the model up on its peg legs, masking begins now for the black trimming...
  2. some panel lines are showing and not enough weathering...hahaha
  3. Six buddies and I went to see an X co-worker at his new job in a medevac helicopters hangar, we all had our phones out to take pictures, he said whoa guys no pictures ok?...... not a single picture was taken. So, it can be done but human nature is an odd thing.
  4. Thanks! I agree, looks much more true to prototype than the mirror finish of the polished aluminum. Wings joined now and landing gear attached, should be on it's wheels by the end of the night...unless I do something else clutzy
  5. Very intricate and detailed work and with that huge glass house canopy you’ll see it all!...orrrr most of it anyway. Great work!
  6. Welcome aboard! It’s difficult for me to suggest topics kits or manufacturers.... but I’m sure a more helpful soul will help out...
  7. Thanks very much I did re paint the fuselage with airframe aluminum and I think the tone is more realistic... I was fitting wings and dropped one doing damage to it, two steps forward one step back...The wing has been re-glued, re sanded and should be (hopefully) ready for paint again soon The repaint on the fuselage;
  8. The kit does have nice surface detail I agree. I've put on a coat (or two) of Alclad lacquer polished aluminum and airframe aluminum. The fuselage got polished aluminum and looks like chrome in some places, too shiny! I'll put some more color on it (Airframe aluminum I think) later and hopefully tone down that shine! A few washes may dirty it up and help too??
  9. Love the "Aliens" reference. I too agree the moderators are doing a great job! It's a heavy load to carry with so many different personalities discussing subjects we have a passion for. I wouldn't be able to do any better! Nor would I want that load!
  10. That's great news! That Growler kit has been getting closer and closer to the top of my stash...I'll be in line for the G cockpit for sure!! Thanks for the hard work!
  11. Just a $.2c worth (again) I'm not sure where the debate is going but the original question was which Revell kit to buy...so that part seems to be the "given" in the question formula. The unknown question was; Spitfire or Mustang? I am bad for getting off topic many times too. I've built the Revell Spitfire and found it to be great bench time, so much so I bought another one. I can't speak for the Mustang...never even opened a box. Although, there was a (Mustang) build thread here some time ago where a modeller used the Revell wings on a Tamiya Mustang so the quality there should be pretty good too? Sorry, off my soapbox, back to work
  12. The black paint is Alclad gloss black base. This is my first attempt with this paint, it went on great.
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