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  1. I personally thank you very much! like you I (mistakenly) bought 2 kits (3 total) and ended up opening the spare kit “borrowing” a part from it and making a resin copy for the lost part. Long story short, I’m good. But thanks again!
  2. Now I’ve got to make room and toss out all my Hasegawa 109’s…..gotta be 7 built ones on the shelf. oh well, sacrifices must be made, I’m sure gonna enjoy building 1….or 6
  3. Having the Italeri F-35 A kit on the bench right now….the details do look sharper on the kit in these images, time will tell.
  4. Inspired by Cruzz's link to his build, I've added a few bits of wire to the payload bays. Not to the level of detail of his but a bit more than the kit. This is mostly wire left over from the build of my house when the builder brought in "phone land lines" and glued into the model; the intakes seams seem pretty good and my other project, brought about by a failed heat exchanger in my radiator allowing coolant into the transmission fluid necessitating a rebuilding of the 4T65E in my old monte carlo...like a model but bigger, dirtier and heavier Thanks for looking
  5. I doubt that’ll have any joy either. I lost a part for. B 17 F, my own fault and tried contacting HK to purchase the needed part…crickets.
  6. That’s freakin awesome! mine will never come close!
  7. Spurious markings, apparently we're buying the F-35 over the Gripen and super hornet (Boeing made the feds angry) So I thought I'd have some fun, a bit of imagination and make use of Canadian markings from a earlier project, a Kinetic CF-188... see the earlier 60 years of NORAD (with decals from Leading Edge Models) previously built.
  8. Back from the yard work here's a couple of images of the mask set I picked up so far the masks look excellent Thanks for looking
  9. I’m hoping that’s dealt with… Someone does….I’m on my deck having a Coors light watching my wife puttering in the garden right now (her hobby) so I don’t have access to the hobby room. But, I ordered from Hannants a die cut set of masks for the RAM panels, came with a very nice painting guide. I’ll post the information on the maker when I get back into the hobby room.
  10. Always nice (inspirational) to see guys tackle these difficult kits and make them shine!
  11. Thanks for the warning sir
  12. I had such a great time with the Tornado I jumped right into another Italeri kit Although....this will have Canadian markings. If/when I get that far Filling some sink marks here and there. Adding a bit of Eduard p.e. and off we go... Thanks for looking
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