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  1. Academy F/A 18 Revell He 111 HPH Me 410 HPH Ta 154 Academy for a needed subject, great kit that’s easy to build with many options and good detail Revell for....well, the same as the one above I guess HPH for giving me a great chance to learn new media with a nice result at the end.
  2. My dear old departed dad used to buy ship plans and build wood model sailing ships plank on frame type models, (we’re Newfie’s) he frowned on my interest in plastic “toys” as they required no skill or imagination to build. He was a true master at building those wood sailboats and 20 years later when I finally started building models I wasn’t ashamed of having seen he was quite amazed at the detail and work involved in actually building a plastic “toy model” Ive kept all the ships I could after his passing and they always get more attention and praise than my models and that makes me proud
  3. Good start on that antenna. I used more putty fairing in the Steel Beach one I did manage to find. Coming along...
  4. Nice tutorial on corrections! I have one in the to do pile so I’ll be sitting in on the build
  5. Nice! I built this kit last winter, got almost all the aftermarket I needed from Hannants. Not sure they still have stuff for it and the hump on the spine was a really bad fit as well, might be a blessing you can’t get one. You could probably scratch the ecm bumps quite easily yourself. I’ll be pulling up a chair for sure!
  6. Since lockdown I’ve built almost 1/3 of my stash (more than 30 models) and used over 25 bottles of paint and 3 bottles of glue...models that were supposed to see me into retirement. I’ve actually begun throwing away built models from the display cases to make room for new ones. Buds that model have been buying as they build but I’m out of work (seems like years now) so watching my spending but, once I’m back working I’ll need to replenish my stash as well
  7. Heller 1/72 CL 215 l Broplan 1/72 Vac. ATR 72 300 home made graphics etc. B Lindberg Line 1/48 Deperdussin Thanks for looking
  8. I hadn't’ noticed the shortfall of kits lately, I wonder if it’s everywhere? We have a real problem getting paints and glues here right now. I did build 4 Ju 88’s (only one from the box, thanks Aimes)...still have an A4 in the stash I’ll probably never do
  9. THAT! is freakin awesome!! brings back the memory of the smell of burnt rubber from smoke shows and drag races...when we all owned muscle cars. Side story; had a buddy put a 429 SCJ in a Bobcat...or was it a Pinto? Can’t remember now but it was lime green hatchback. He offered me a ride, I jumped on that opportunity! he dropped the thing into gear and squashed the loud peddle and at that moment I realized the passenger seat was missing a couple of bolts, the front two! My seat flipped over rotating like a F-18 going ballistic! I ended up with my head on the back seat looking up
  10. Usually quiet time in the hobby room, at work I was in a shop between two large maintenance hangars with a crew on one side that liked country music and a crew on the other side that liked rock, both crews used my outside shop walls to mount their sound systems so, my shop was full of loud country- rock music all day. I hate country music so when no one was around I’d shut them down. One AME suggested he’d turn me to a country music fan, I replied country music makes me want to kill puppies. so yes...hobby room is quiet time
  11. I remember a (I think it was Airfix? P-40??) new release being shredded by the "red marker brigade" over on another site who's name rhymes with...wiper-shale. pages and pages of this and that issues that ended up with folks being banned and hating each other....So much for a camaraderie building fellowship of scale model builders sharing ideas that turned out to be. I agree, though this is just my opinion... That it's nice, even important to share problems or shape issues when building a given subject. Although no one elses opinion on any kit has swayed my buy/ don't buy decision (other t
  12. 4 iwata brushes 2 badgers, worn the chrome off my favourite Iwata CR where my thumb and forefinger rest and there’s a high water mark in the color cup where I’ve worn off the chrome right down to the brass, (mixing paint in the cup) never use either one of the Badgers anymore
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