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  1. chrish

    HE-219 Revell 1/32

    Agreed! Ive got a couple finished and that wing seam is almost perfect. its coming along great!
  2. Thanks for looking and commenting i appreciate your kind words
  3. chrish

    DC Poison Ivy 1/4

    Agreed! I’ve purchased 10 figures from them, always a great experience, the kits are good (although all recasts of originals?) great pricing... pretty sure I’ve seen a Harley figure too! but takes about 4 weeks to arrive (in Canada) working on one of their kits at this very time.
  4. chrish

    DC Poison Ivy 1/4

    Great job! I’m trending towards these GK Kits as well, usually the fit is good to great and I can get on with the best part (painting) a lot quicker than an aircraft. The paint and shading looks great!
  5. chrish


    I cant wait to pick my nose....uh....
  6. chrish

    Grumman F6F-5(N) Hellcat Nightfighter

    Rey nice work being done here!
  7. chrish

    ZM Horten 229 1/32

    Gfhdjkhgfdj...... that was my jaw hitting the keyboard! amazing piece of work... humbled here!
  8. Well I'm calling the 110 finished, other than an antennae wire that is. I'll get to that...tomorrow? A few pictures and then that'll be all folks. Thanks for taking the time to look and comment on my build along the way. It's been appreciated! and the last picture is the newly completed Aims kit with the old Largescale Planes 110 in the background, a crude kit by comparison!
  9. Thanks for looking and positive comments friends, I do appreciate the time you take to look in on me!
  10. Yes, I bent twisted and convinced the mast to go straight...er a couple more pictures before I put the finishing touches...hopefully finished this week...maybe Gear covers installed and some dirt and oil stains added to the undercarriage.
  11. Built up and installed the array last night. In my infinite wisdom, I installed the masts before putting the aerials on them. The mixed up order caused some head scratching and verbal self abuse but ended up going together... not great but ok. The starboard lower mast (boom?) is slightly higher than the port side causing the aerials on that side to be slightly farther out compared to the top array on the same side, a quite difficult (for me) assembly to build in a symmetrical appearance in the X,Yand Z axis's. Some pictures. I'll probably end up breaking the glue joint on the lower port mast and try re-aligning it yet...it's the OCD.
  12. chrish

    The "wants" list...

    I closed out my “want list” years ago.... now it’s “I gotta have” list. Did anybody know, for instance, that Scratch Aeronautics is going to be releasing a couple of resin kit versions of the ATR 72? I didn’t either until laying on the couch one night sipping coffee and visiting model sites. Once I saw that...there’s another couple of models on my gotta have list...wait! What?! No way there’s a discount for pre-ordering...well, I’ll take two then at that discount price thank you! Gotta have em! so yes, I guess I too update that list as new releases become available.
  13. chrish

    New HpH DC-3 Pics up!!

    Next?..... super Connie!