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  1. hello alain, I swear I opened the box yesterday afternoon, I tested the chipping mig, I'm not very satisfied, it looks like a tank thank's yes It's the truth
  2. the last kit out of the workshop, I started it yesterday:
  3. the red no step on the flaps is upside down, and exists only on the left side ... but not painted on this version
  4. F 100 +F 16 = a relaxing montage without taking yourself seriously :
  5. thank's, no i did it myself
  6. thank's tamiya can TS 30 for the wings K KOLOR chrome for fuselage and different shade of alclad
  7. another mustang ... enjoy
  8. the conversion is very easy and quick, I opened the box of the kit on Wednesday, just cut the location of the rear windows and put the other malcom hood, a seat, a bit like the mechanics of the time did
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