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  1. my 2020 last buit , a very very nice kit from fisher :
  2. and the last one finished in 2020
  3. thank's in this post : https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/86967-ju-87-g-2-hasegawa-132/&tab=comments#comment-1236771
  4. the year ends, here are the kits I made this year :
  5. I realized by looking at the photos, that I had forgotten to install them, it's done now
  6. my last built , a really very nice kit : voila voila
  7. absolutely not, I just made a passage of oil paint in the engraving
  8. hasegawa seems much fairer in terms of shape, but everything needs to be done to modernize it, the trump is more modern, but the back is really missing
  9. thank you for the comment, and indeed the trumpeter is really wrong on the back, but I did not want to make very big changes, a hasg and a trump side by side on the photo, and saw the difference
  10. Hello everyone, the latest kits from the workshop:
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