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  1. And I've just proved that, as here's a quick shot of the finished model, which metaphorically rolled off my line yesterday. I'll do some proper "beauty shots" in RFI soon. Eduard 1:32 Profipack from the box, and (very rarely for me) done as the boxtop option: Oblt Josef "Pips" Priller's machine of 6./JG 51, based in France in 1940.
  2. I have been known to describe myself to lay people (non-modellers!) as "one of those grown-ups who still plays with Airfix Kits". Seems we don't have a spare flying fig to give between us.
  3. I like a good Starfighter, so I'll be watching. Interesting photos, particularly the stencil almost top and centre of the first photo where it says "Munitionsladegerat": if you put a stencil on like that on a model, people would just think you'd been a bit careless.
  4. Happened to me at Telford one year, it concerned the colour on a Makin Island-based P-39. I'm afraid he got a good stiff ignoring.
  5. That is really unusual, I like it. Superb work as well.
  6. There's a lot of work gone into that; beautiful finish.
  7. True: when I was about 11 I did a free-flying balsa-and-tissue rubber band powered aeroplane, and it met a similar fate. At that moment I decided to stick to our sort of model aircraft. You have to feel for the owner.
  8. "You're not going to sabotage his aeroplane are you Sir?" "Of course not Courtney - you are."
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