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  1. I think I may have mentioned that I was considering a purchase. After reading this and other threads here and on Scale Model Paint Masks, and after vacillating between the Cameo 4 and the Portrait 3, I've gone for the latter. It looks like it will do what I need it to, it's smaller, and I wasn't sure the extra features and facilities on the Cameo were worth the price difference. Looking forward to trying a few masks.
  2. This is great stuff, they look really good. I'm one of those people. I really do not like the current fashion for "weathered" profiles; it becomes more about the artist and less about giving the reader an informative reference.
  3. That's indeed a 748; I did not know the RAAF operated them. Found more info here: http://www.adf-serials.com.au/indexbak.html HTH
  4. That's interesting, I did not realise there were so few of them. Although we can bolster numbers a bit if we count the military derivative, the Andover: the RNZAF operated a number of ex-RAF aircraft for some years. But that's probably a bit o/t, sorry.
  5. Really sorry for your (borh of you) troubles, and glad she is on the road to recovery. The 748 is a classic, this looks like it's going to be an excellent model.
  6. Thanks Gents. Sorry, what you see is what I've taken. As I said, I'm not that good at remembering to do WIP shots.
  7. The last couple of weeks have seen setbacks like a broken strut; diversions like a HKM Meteor (also on the bench) and doing a bit of "due diligence" on a potential mask cutter purchase; and some real life stuff. So there has been slow progress, but progress nevertheless. To cut a long story short, she's now a biplane! OK, no more modelling today, that's going to need some serious setting time before rigging the flying and landing wires, adding the engine, tidying up the paintwork, weathering, and sorting out a base. Do I dare say the end is in sight?
  8. If you reproduced it in model form, make sure you've got a copy of that photo to display with it if it goes to a show.
  9. Having built the old Testors offering I can confirm that a 1:48 Blackbird is considerably bigger than a lot of the LSPs in my collection. Looking forward to this one.
  10. I've built the 1:48 one. It's an unusual breakdown but it works, and goes together well apart from fitting the cockpit and nose module to the main fuselage.
  11. No update today, I've been taking advantage of some good (ie not rainy) weather to paint my fence in 1:1 scale, and it's a long job. Sadly, none of my friends happened along, so I wasn't able to do what Tom Sawyer did.
  12. Looking good. I'm one of them: I learned that from a very experienced figure guy at my local IPMS club. He started by saying, "Look at that chap over there [other side of the rather large room] - can you see the details of his eyes?"
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