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  1. Looking at the list, you've got a few Spitfires, as we discussed earlier, but all those listed seem to be Mk Vs or later. As the two stands I'm contributing to are almost next door, my personal logistics are a lot easier, so I can contribute a Mk II as well, of 312 Sqn, thus ensuring that the early Spitfires are represented, and also the Czech squadrons. Updated List: #1 Phartycr0c Tornado GR4 Op Telic #2 Phartycr0c Tornado F3 11 Sqdn #3 Phartycr0c EE Lightning F3 29 Sqdn #4 Phartycr0c Harrier GR7 #5 Phartycr0c Mosquito HK #6 Phartycr0c Hawker Hurricane 2B #7 Phartycr0c BAE display Hawk #8 Phartycr0c BAE display Hawk #9 Phartycr0c Lancaster? #10 Phartycr0c Tiger Moth trainer #11 Radders Lockheed Hudson 'Tigger Vac' #12 Radders Harrier GR.3 Revell kit converted. #13 Mike Tayt 1/24 scale Typhoon (Bubble Top) #14 Mike Tayt 1/24 scale Mosquito #15 Mike Tayt 1/24 scale Spitfire Mk V (Europe) #16 Mike Tayt 1/32 scale Hurricane Mk1 (Malta) #17 Mike Tayt 1/32 scale Hawker Hunter (RAE) #18 RoyBoy 1/24 scale Spitfire Mk V (Desert) #19 RoyBoy 1/24 scale Hurricane Mk IID (Desert) #20 RoyBoy 1/24 scale Typhoon (Car Door) #21 RoyBoy 1/32 scale B -17 Mk II 100 Group (Special Mission) #22 RoyBoy 1/32 scale Tornado GR1 (RAE) #23 RoyBoy 1/32 Meteor T7 #24 RoyBoy 1/32 scale Westland Lysander. #25 Lothar Bristol Fighter (Post War) #26 Phartycr0c 1/32 Spitfire Mkv (1944) #27 Lothar Bristol F.2.B #28 Mozart Avro Anson #29 Mozart Fairchild Cornell #30 Mozart Harvard #31 Elric Spitfire Mk XI pink [done] #32 Elric Spitfire Mk IX beer run [done] #33 Elric Spitfire Mk XVI [done] #34 Elric Wessex Hc2 18 Sqn [in progress] #35 Elric Hawker Fury I or II #36 Elric Harrier Gr3 #37 TomProbert Handley Page Halifax #38 MikeC Hawk T1 ETPS #39 Matt Low Hawker Hunter F Mk5 Suez WP130 #40 MikeC Spitfire IIa, 312 (Czech) Sqn P7834/RY:F October 1941
  2. Really nice Tempest - well done.
  3. That's really great, because my IPMS branch, Milton Keynes, is also in Hall 3, on block 3c. And look who's on the end of 3c: HPH. Looks like I won't be doing quite so much walking this year!
  4. Just received mine from Jadlam Racing; not quite £26.95, but not far off and still a bargain,. Great service too. Anyway: it's definitely the Italeri plastic, but no etch. Options for a French E, a French RD (not given as a decal option in the Italeri kit, but it could have been built from it) or an Australian O. The E, as we've seen, is a "special" scheme; the RD is camouflage; and the O is two greys with some colourful unit markings, c.1983.
  5. MikeC

    Monogram Piper Tri Pacer VH-OLD

    It's always good to see what can be done with an old kit; this one has scrubbed up very nicely. Well done.
  6. MikeC

    1/32 Italeri Cf 104

    Amazing work. Well done.
  7. MikeC

    1/32 Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IXc, Revell

    Superb, very well done. A Czech squadron in stripes has to be one of my favourite schemes on a Spit.
  8. MikeC

    1/32 Revell Spitfire MKIIa

    Very nicely done; particularly pleased to see that your pilot carried out the correct drills and raised the flaps after landing.
  9. I use this occasionally. It has an added bonus: depending on the brand of talc, it makes your model smell nice as well.
  10. MikeC

    Who will I see in Telford this year?

    I'll be there, I'm dividing my time between IPMS Milton Keynes and the 32 SIG/LSP stand, so hopefully we'll get to say hello. My ETPS Hawk will be on the table.
  11. MikeC

    Elan13 Miniatures 1/32 RAF pilots WW2

    I can certainly recommend these: here's my rendition of "My Big Brother's a Fighter Pilot", taken before I put him on a base. Apologies for the quick'n'dirty photography.
  12. MikeC

    Revell Me-262 B-1/U-1 Nachtjäger

    How did I miss this one? Looks great. Quite inspired me to try and get one of my own.