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  1. Both well-chosen schemes. For more background on these aircraft and NSG9, I can recommend the book Ghost Bombers by Nick Beale.
  2. Good work Max. I've got one of these to do, I trust it's OK if I take notes?
  3. I'm with Kevin too. Is saying that I'd also like an Me 410 (recce version of course) far enough back on topic? Or to go slightly further, a Dinah would be good too.
  4. I've used Vallejo and Vallejo Model Air; my main problem is that they seem to have a rather short shelf life, particularly once you open the bottle. I've given up on the metallics: they look good once applied, but next day the black undercoat is showing though: you seem to lose a lot of the metallic pigment in the curing.
  5. You may want to rethink the abbreviated name for the UK market, or you might find it affects the bottom line, and you'll have to butt out of that market. (Alpha romeo sierra echo in the UK refers to a body part that across the pond you call an alpha sierra sierra.)
  6. From the depths of memory, I seem to recall a red/blue roundel under the starboard wing, with grey serial numbers. But I have no documentation to back that up.
  7. I did fly in a Blanik once, so I'd be tempted.
  8. You think correctly, it certainly depicted a Mk 5. I'm in for both when they appear.
  9. I assure you, it's not just you.
  10. Here's another I've just thought of that fits in very well with biplane fighters of the 1930s-40s; the Czechoslovak equivalent to the Gladiator: the Avia B.534. Some may say it's a relatively obscure aircraft, but it was a lovely-looking machine, especially the open-cockpit variants, and it did serve with the Luftwaffe, and a few other air arms, as well as the pre-March-1939 Czechoslovak Air Force. <Edit> It does also have a unique claim to fame: a IV serie. version, flying for the Slovak insurgents, shot down a Hungarian Ju 52 in September 1944, thus achieving the last ever
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