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  1. If it had entered service, it would be crying out for a sharkmouth.
  2. MikeC

    ipmsstokholm.org down?

    Thanks: I'd still got the old site bookmarked and wondered why it was temperamental.
  3. MikeC

    Is WNW nearing the end of its run?

    To say nothing of a Siskin, Gamecock, Bulldog, Gauntlet ... I don't know why, but I'd really like a Siskin please Sir Peter.
  4. Well it ain't a Tiger Moth, but it's next on the list, so I'm a happy bunny. Now what about a PT-17 boxing? Am I correct in saying the only significant difference between the PT-13 and PT-17 was the engine, or is there more to it than that?
  5. MikeC

    My finished models 2018

    Absolutely superb. Just a guess, do you by any chance like Tempests?
  6. MikeC

    "Double Widow-Maker" (T)F104-G

    Superb Witwenmacher. I'm doing this one at the moment, just closed the fuselage up.
  7. MikeC

    Nürnberg 2019 LSP list

    It is rumoured that on getting out of the aircraft, he was heard to say "That's three hundred and two!", or words to that effect.
  8. MikeC

    Nürnberg 2019 LSP list

    Or a pre-war aircraft in Munich-period camouflage, or Battle of France ...
  9. MikeC

    Nürnberg 2019 LSP list

    Well I'm pleased to see a Gladiator; my only problem will be whether to do a pre-war aircraft, a Battle of Britain example (yes, they were used, look up 247 Sqn), or a met reconnaissance bird. Must ... resist ... urge ... to ... buy ... three ...
  10. MikeC

    The Bridge at Remagen

    What I found most intriguing was the way early B-25s in pre-war/early war markings turn up to bomb the bridge. Footage from 30 Seconds over Tokyo perhaps?
  11. MikeC

    Italeri TF-104

    Yes, that's what I'm going with.
  12. MikeC

    first and last built..

    Torches ... Light! Slope ... Pitchforks! Mob, right turn, quick march! Mind you, I have to confess that I prefer the fighter-canopy versions, and the B-57 is a really logical and pleasing layout. And the Beagle is certainly a good-looking aeroplane. Meanwhile, back on topic: My first was the Airfix 1:72 Bristol 192 helicopter, which I received from my aunt one Christmas in the mid sixties. I remember asking my mother, who had been a WAAF, which way round the fin flashes should go, so I can honestly say I did research from a primary source on my very first model. I was very proud of that, lack of paint, huge gaps, glue marks and all. Latest: Revell Hunter F6 in the markings of 111 Sqn, the Black Arrows.
  13. MikeC

    The Bridge at Remagen

    Yes, a good movie, it's in my DVD collection.
  14. MikeC

    1/32 Hasegawa Junkers Ju-87D Stuka

    Superb!! I was just wondering why the cockpit area was left un-whitewashed?