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  1. Incidentally, you may notice there's no paint-created effect of lighter ribs under the wings: that comes after the black stripes.
  2. Well I'm back after a longer-than-intended break to let the oils dry; I picked up a Revell 109 in the meantime and I have the cockpit painted and fuselage assembled. No excuse other than I - oh look, a butterfly - get distracted sometimes. Anyway, with a coat of Tamiya X22 on the wood, I decided to get the wings painted. The scheme is white on top and CDL underneath, all with black chordwise stripes. First off I sprayed the CDL using my trusted Mr Hobby "Radome" (H318). You might think uppersurfaces next, but no. I've decided to use home-made masks for the wing roundels.
  3. We talk about hobby shops: I don't know what it was like other than in the UK, but in the late 1960s to mid-70s, many shops of different types sold a few kits. Toyshops, newsagents, even our local greengrocer had a few (I bought a 1/72 Revell P-51D, "The Millie P" with a red fuselage in that one. ) and many other shops. Woolworths in the UK had a deal with Airfix in those days as well. Even in the late 1980s, there was a shop in Huntingdon which sold mostly sports equipment and clothing, but had a hobby section too with a good selection of kits, not just the usual suspects like Airfix but b
  4. H J Walker iirc. They did mail order, but I did visit once. My own local shop was called C F Rogers; they had all sorts of toys, watches and models, both flying and our sort. They even had a small selection of decals, including the old ESCI sheets. This was late 60s to early 70s. Ah, memories!
  5. Memories: never did any of the above, but I did do an old box scale B-52 years ago Yours look really good.
  6. Alas, it would take me forever to trawl through these to find any mention: a quick flick through did not find any photos. However, try searching on "Tiger Moth" in the Aircraft Type drop-down box here: http://www.americanairmuseum.com/aircraft This turns up info on 19 Tigers, and even a couple of photographs: http://www.americanairmuseum.com/aircraft/20246 and http://www.americanairmuseum.com/aircraft/20257 (although it's in civvies not uniform). I rather think markings for DE745 are included with the Silver Wings kit.
  7. Mine's on order, I just need to decide on a scheme. I'm afraid I'm not looking at a captured Luftwaffe example: to answer @Jennings Heilig's query, I know nothing of any Tiggies with crosses. As for US examples, I'll have a dig in the Eighth and Ninth sections of my book collection and get back if I find anything.
  8. Great model. And 50 years is an impressive service record.
  9. Glad to hear that, as I have the DH.82A on order. My biggest difficulty is going to be deciding on a colour scheme: pre-war, early war, post-war, civilian, perhaps even G-APFU as in my avatar pic. I may even have to buy more than one!!
  10. I may just have to indulge ... https://icm.com.ua/2021/04/07/in-process-1-32-dh-82c-tiger-moth/
  11. I don't have one, but I vaguely recall looking at one once, and in my memory the wings were short and needed parts adding for the tips: almost as if Tamiya were planning for a RN variant (and please don't start a rumour thread on the basis of this post). Can anyone who has a kit confirm this or otherwise?
  12. I've done two Spitfires and a Mustang, and can only echo what others say about the fit and overall quality. I'll reserve judgement on the F-4 until I've done one, but I've seen a few completed models and they looked very good.
  13. If it's not a tip you want to use yourself, fine; but if it helps someone, then that's good. No need to be rude.
  14. That is very good, well done
  15. Thanks @MARU5137 just thought I'd offer this in the spirit of being helpful.
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