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  1. That's me, doing what I do best - sitting down. Fame at last!!!
  2. To answer each para in turn: So do I, and I agree; So do I, and I agree; I came to that conclusion a while ago, and yes, I agree.
  3. In my case, one doesn't. I must have seen less than 50% of the displays, visited nothing like all the traders, and just didn't get upstairs to the competition. The rest of the time was either manning the LSP stand or my club stand, or simply standing nattering. Every time I went from A to B, I'd bump into at least one person I know and we'd stop for a chat. And I wouldn't change any of it, it's what makes SMW so great.
  4. Do you mean First of the Few? Lesley Howard & Rosamund John as well as the great David Niven. An excellent film imo, albeit fictionalised in places.
  5. Coming along nicely, some great work there.
  6. A nicely done model, and it's always interesting to see the history, the story behind the model. To paraphrase a certain (science)-fictional emperor: now build a 109 and your journey to the aircraft side will be complete.
  7. They certainly were there. Special Hobby were in Hall 1, and I'm pretty sure HPH were in hall 2. As for the insurance, that sort of amount is, I believe, not an unusual requirement in these litigious times.
  8. Good to see you too Maru. Thanks for the birthday wishes, and hopefully see you at SMW next year - or even at Cosford perhaps?
  9. Good to see everyone again, although I didn't see "everyone", as I know I missed some of you: perhaps next year. I know it was cheeky to leave some 1:48 purchases behind the stand, but there was some 1:32 aftermarket in the bag as well, honest! My bargain of the day was a Dragon F-6D Mustang from the kitswap, and when I opened the box back at the stand, I found two decal sheets and an etched fret from the standard P-51D boxing in addition to the kit decals. There was also another decal sheet with some SEAC roundels and serial decals for KM545; contrary to what I thought, this was an RAF Mustang. Was it from another boxing, or what, I wonder? Even with all those decals, I had to invest in an aftermarket sheet https://www.kitsworld.co.uk/index.php?CATEGORY=3&SUB=4&THISPAGE=1&RADIOSORT=4&PICFILE=453&STKNR=453&STRH=3332&ORDN=2632&RNZ=573827 There was some great modelling on display, not just in the competition, but all around the halls. Superb show as usual, well done to all the organisers and volunteers.
  10. Thanks chaps, both look good, as do this set So it seems I'm OK for any RN Corsair variant. But then again, whilst I have a "standard" P-51D, there's the Pacific boxing with the F-6D parts and a nice Kitsworld decal sheet calling me. Decisions, decisions ...
  11. Well I'm off to SMW tomorrow with some money burning a hole in my pocket, so this thread is both timely and informative in helping me decide on a purchase. Although as for not needing aftermarket beyond seat belts for the Corsair, for me a set of RN Fleet Air Arm decals would be pretty much a must. Thanks all.
  12. Thanks Thierry. My mistake. I wonder if the new one will have all the necessary bits as well. I could be tempted as I do have a certain liking for the P-40.
  13. I do like a 109 in unusual markings, and that is a fine example.
  14. Fair enough. I don't have one, I was going by the sprue plans on the instructions.
  15. Are you sure? I've just checked out the instruction sheet on the P-40N https://www.eduard.com/out/media/11104.pdf It's got most of the parts such as the insert for the windows behind the cockpit, but there is only one rear fuselage/fin, sprue I. So unless I'm missing seeing it, there is no "short tail" variant, which means you can't do an E.
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