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  1. For my part, I stick to what I know. I've been using Tamiya acrylics for over 20 years; tried other brands, and found I like Mr Hobby acrylics too. They work for me.
  2. A very nice model, beautifully built and painted. Love the unusual scheme.
  3. Great pics, thanks for sharing.
  4. Very nicely done Angelo. Trust we'll be seeing it next club night?
  5. Looks like a German engine, but it's not a Bf 108. Storch?
  6. Hi Tom. Look forward to seeing your work.
  7. Yep, same here, comfort all the way. I've not ridden any sort of motorbike since 1974 when I passed my driving test. If that makes me boring, then I'm boring.
  8. Exactly what I've always thought, understood, known. But I'm still curious as to why the kit instructions show the reverse on the starboard side: it really existed on this particular aircraft (albeit against regulations), or an instruction sheet printing error. I'm assuming the latter, happy to be proved wrong. Still aiming to do the kit, though.
  9. I've done the G-10, thoroughly enjoyed it. I had a little trouble with the wings-to-fuselage joint, but that may well have been my ham-fistedness rather than any fault of the kit. Looking forward to doing the G-6 in my stash. An interesting take on it, and one I'm inclined to agree with. Definitely agree 110% with your last sentence.
  10. That's definitely not 65/70/71 in the photos, as you rightly say. The kit's instructions specify the date of the profile as "France, June 1940", which would make that scheme likely. So assuming Revell are correct, apart from the "3U/GT" transposition, is the aircraft in the photo the same one after a repaint, or a later aircraft with that identity? The kit scheme is WkNr. 3063, can't see evidence of a WkNr on the photos. So I'd say: If the a/c in the photos is WkNr 3063 after a repaint, then the transitional scheme of 02/71/65 is quite likely. If it's another aircraft, possible but not so likely. Perhaps Radu has some more info from the photos?
  11. Thanks for sharing those photos Radu, that's useful. The kit decal option is in the earlier, 1940 scheme - 65/70/71 in a splinter pattern - but I think it's probably safe to assume the presentation on the starboard side is equally standard. Unless anyone knows different? ...
  12. I was just looking at the instructions, and was a bit puzzled by the colour profile for the ZG26 option. The port side view shows the code as "3U+GT", as one would expect. But the starboard side, instead of the same (ie with "3U" aft), shows it as "GT+3U". I like to think I'm not totally uninformed on matters Luftwaffe, but I've never come across this presentation before. So is this a documented permitted variation; a documented fact, but unauthorised generally, eg a mistake by the painter, or a "quirk" of ZG26; or an error on Revell's part?
  13. Nice, good recovery.
  14. That is rather superb, hat off to you. I can even forgive that it's not a Mighty Eighth bird.
  15. Very nicely done, and great presentation.
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