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  1. Great model of a classic aircraft.
  2. It certainly looks similar. I used to do my Air Cadet flying from Marshalls, Cambridge, with 5AEF: it's changed a bit since the 1970s (not least the new tower), but still recognisable enough for a hit of nostalgia.
  3. I thought it might be something like that. I love a model with a bit of an interesting/unusual/both story, and this is exactly that.
  4. Great model. Just wondering why it's wearing Luftwaffe markings rather than Finnish ones (noting that it is showing its Finnish serial number).
  5. He was in tha Aviator as Professor Fitz iirc. Now heading into the West - RIP.
  6. I've been to Norwich. B-24 country. A nice city with a good air museum at Horsham St Faith.
  7. A great model of a lovely aeroplane (I do like a Griffon Spit).
  8. I don't do resin myself, but it's a pleasure to see a WIP come together. MrsC and I had a trip with Classic Wings at Duxford a couple of years ago, here are a couple of photos from that, one of which shows yet another interior. It was taken from my seat, the door was on my left.
  9. As well as possibly comitting the offence of trespass (or not), the urbex guys make a mistake that really pains me: A hanger is for putting clothes on. What you put aeroplanes in is a hangar. Oh, and Hi Julien, good to see you over here,
  10. Deleted - posted in error.
  11. Very Long Range: they flew escort for B-29 raids on Tokyo from Iwo Jima (the B-29s were from the Marianas). This involved a 7 hour+ round trip.
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