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  1. Coming along nicely. Pleased to see nobody's called the nose art a sharkmouth.
  2. Things are a lot faster for me: using Firefox on W10. Many thanks for your efforts Kev, and hope the recovery's proceeding well.
  3. Let me see: 109, recce unit, beautifully rendered. Ticks all my boxes.
  4. MikeC

    Jedha city

    Great work, something very different. The Force is obviously with you on this.
  5. Two very good reasons I've not indulged.
  6. Well if we're talking real fantasy, it would be great to see a 1:32 DH Hornet.
  7. Very, very nicely done. An elegant-looking aircraft that still achieved much, despite its less-than-perfect engine.
  8. The good news is that this is now rapidly approaching. http://www.mksmc.co.uk/wp/home-page-of-milton-keynes-scale-model-club/modelkraft-2016/ The bad news - certainly for me - is that I can't be there thanks to recent surgery. Hope a goodly number of you can make it.
  9. Revell have, in a way - the oil cooler on the Mk II kit is more like a V. In any case, one extra part - oil cooler - in a Mk I/II kit, job's done. Now wouldn't that be a dream, although I heard the pig started flying training, but got the chop. (Sorry, one of my rasher posts.) A Vc would be good in 1:48 and 1:32.
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