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  1. The Chippie has been called "The poor man's Spitfire". Good news about Robin. I'd like one of these, a good few flying hours with 5 AEF in the 1970s should be enough to overcome my usual avoidance of resin kits.
  2. Superb work, with some amazing detail. You almost expect the figures to start moving.
  3. Thanks Max. I'm actually sorted now, as I put the same question on FB and got a couple of suggestions; I went with Artool Ultra Mask. However, thanks for the thought.
  4. Hi folks, Looking forward to SMW, and seeing everybody again. Unfortunately, neither the Swordfish nor the Ship's Camel I promised have even been started yet, and even if I made a start this minute, there is no way I'd finish one. Sorry. I have plenty of excuses, such as real life getting in the way, health issues for both MrsC & myself; builds for magazines; and frankly diverting down "rabbit holes" such as Tamiya's delightful, but alas not 1:32, new Spitfire Mk I. So I've got no chance of finishing anything new for this year, but I checking my "back catalogue", I can offer an Ar 196A in Romanian markings. Would that be of interest?
  5. "A thing divine, for nothing natural I ever saw so noble." (Miranda, Act I, Scene 2, guess which Shakespeare play) There is some brilliant work here, really looking forward to seeing the finished article.
  6. Formidable, je l'aime beaucoup.
  7. I have the Alley Cat C to do, so I'm watching with particular interest. Look forward to seeing the finished result.
  8. I grew up in a little village two miles or so from RAF Shepherds Grove. Why is this relevant? Shepherds Grove was where the first USAF F-86s in the UK were stationed, the 116th FIS I think. My late father recalled stopping the van he was driving to watch "a long stream of Sabres" (as he put it) as they arrived. Ever since that, I've always wanted to model an F-86A in the appropriate colours, which were quite colourful. And without wishing to sound ungrateful, what do we get here? Another F! A large scale F-86A would be amazing.
  9. I thought I'd have a go at making my own roundels to spray rather than use decals. I acquired a pack of Frisket film sheets, dug out a pair of compasses, a P-cutter and a ruler, reached into the depths of my memory to recall geometry principles. I also reached for the appropriate Tamiya acrylics, and off I went. All was well until I tried to lift the first element of the masks off to spray the next colour. The Frisket claimed to be "low-tack". I guess "low" is subjective, but these stuck fast, and when they did come off they left a sticky residue on the model. I'd stored the pack of masking sheets flat in a drawer, I don't believe I subjected them to unusual coditions eg excessive heat. So the question is: what product would you recommend? And the supplementary would be "Anyone (UK only to avoid excessive postage) got a use for a pack of 8 Frisket sheets with one part-used?" Tia for any advice. Here's the product I used. https://www.everythingairbrush.com/masking-mats-knives/frisket-film/original-frisket-film-matt-sheet-15-in-x-10-in-380mm-x-250mm-pack-of-8.html#product_tabs_review_tabbed PS: The model is a Fly Hurricane, and I've reverted to plan B - decals.
  10. Wot, no RAF Mk IV option? I'll keep looking for a Hasegawa one and hoping for a Tamiya. Well a chap can dream, can't he?
  11. Not my cup of tea, but happy for all those who are pleased. Now what about that Avro 504 series?
  12. A recce 262, and some markings - my happiness will be complete.
  13. Sorry to hear that; safe and swift journey.
  14. I'm doing the new-tool 1:48 Spitfire Mk I atm, and I absolutely agree on the fit - the upper wing-fuselage joint, which is the true test of the fit on any Spitfire kit, is absolutely perfect. They really need to scale this one up as well.
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