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  1. This is coming along beautifully; all the meticulous preparation seems to be paying off. Looking forward to seeing more.
  2. Oh dear, I've just had a look at the threads in question on said forum, I see what you mean. I have to say that LSP is my preferred forum, and the one I always look at first.
  3. Absolutely superb, that is wonderful. Well done.
  4. Great idea, good luck with it. Yes, I'm with you guys on that.
  5. Mention of subscription sites leads me to suggest a look at this one: https://www.scalemodellingnow.com/ All sorts of content, and all of it quality.
  6. Glad you came back and finished it: well done. And the reversed drop tank is a nice touch.
  7. Which, incidentally, is the same relationship that 1/48 has with 1/72.
  8. You could try this: a smaller forum, somewhat relaxed, and despite the name nothing to do with politics. https://brexitmodeller.com/forums/
  9. It had to be made slightly deeper to accommodate the Merlin; hence the "false floor" in the cockpit of the B onwards.
  10. Just a bit of an update: I clicked the links in my OP, and the Allison Mustangs are no longer listed by "Big H". But they're still on the wants list for someday.
  11. I did "Frankie" in 1:48 a year or three ago: I look forward to seeing how yours turns out.
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