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  1. There's an aircraft in the picture???
  2. I think it's just taking off - looks as though the B-52's wheels are spinning rapidly, as you can't see any detail - compare with this shot of a stationary example. https://www.cybermodeler.com/aircraft/b-52/pages/frouch_b-52h_18.shtml As to why the undercart on the X-15 is down, I suspect some sort of safety procedure is the reason - raise the wheels when the carrier raises its wheels - but that's just speculation.
  3. That's really good. Just the right amount of weathering, and the weeds/grass in the joins between the slabs is a great touch.
  4. I'm afraid I'll be giving it a miss this year, for various reasons. Hopefully see you all in 2022.
  5. Coming along nicely. Nothing wrong with that, I do too, and I was born in the heart of B-17 country.
  6. Ooh, a Spey Phantom in what I call "proper" colours. It really is drawing conclusions with very little data and a large dose of optimism bias, but wouldn't that be great? Particularly if there's a recce pod in the box.
  7. Superb rendition, and a very unusual scheme.
  8. I visited the Thiepval memorial on the Somme in 2005. Over 70,000 missing are listed: my great uncle is one of those listed. Very sobering, andvas has been said, so well maintained.
  9. Worth a try, I should think. I have this kit so interested to see how you get on.
  10. On the other hand, I'm building a 1/72 Airfix Valiant, and that is big - much larger than many 1/32 kits. Great progress on the glider, look forward to seeing it finished.
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