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  1. I don't recall seeing an F8F that worn and banged up before. I really like it, looks great!
  2. Wow... what a great build. I'm really liking that camoflage paintwork you did, very interesting. I've got a Me109 question that I can't seem to find the answer to, what is that long device protruding from the bottom of the left wing I see on many of these planes? Or is a secret and we're not supposed to ask?
  3. Guys, guys, guys... I didn't say the Corsair was boring, I said: It's been my favorite warbird since I first saw them zooming around on TV in the 1970's. But when in '44 the Navy painted everything that flew entirely DSB? Zzzzzz... Carry on with the awesome build!
  4. I'm really enjoying that replaced / mismatched port wing and the national insignia. As much as I am interested in the planes that fought in the SW Pacific theater, their paint jobs were relatively boring compared to what we saw on the ETO fighters. You are giving a "boring" plane a lot of personality, tremendous effort!
  5. Another amazing build of my favorite plane, fantastic work! The paint work on the left wing is brilliant, it's inspiring me to get my -1A out of hibernation. A suggestion, and I very well may be mistaken, but I'm fairly certain the rectangular openings on both sides of the rear fuselage didn't appear until later variants of the F4U and you may want to fill them on your -1A. I see the real Corsair experts are commenting in this thread, they will know for certain if -1A planes had them. Edit: I dug out my copy of Dana Bell's F4U-1 Corsair Vol. 2 because this was bugging me. On page 54 there is a pic of an FG-1D with the opening. The caption below states this an intake that is part of a carbon monoxide extraction system that first appeared on FG-1D BuNo 92341 and there was a retrofit order for older planes. F4U-1D / FG-1D variant started being built (if my reading is halfway correct) in March of 1944, 3 months after Boyington was downed. His Vought BuNo 17740 F4U-1A fighter could not have had the CO extraction system installed.
  6. As a long time F4U Corsair fan, I'm always glad to see and follow these Tamiya build threads. I'm really enjoying yours, spent the last 90 minutes or so reading most of it. I didn't read if had already been addressed (or I well may be wrong and it may be too late anyway) but I noticed that you may want to check the orientation of the magnetos on the R2800 engine. Something may have gone awry during their installation as they appear to be backward. Looking forward to the next step in the paint job, looks like it going to be great!
  7. Being acquainted with Citadelgrad from another forum, I'll be watching this thread with keen interest. I have the same P-47 kit waiting in the stash and am looking for ideas and inspiration. Great start, Bill! I like how you approached that ignition ring.
  8. Excellent build so far! I'm really looking forward to seeing what you do with that exposed accessory compartment.
  9. Wow, that is very simple to use and works great! I'd like to point some posters on the Camaro6.com forums to that tool. Those guys just can't not post life-sized images that throw the formatting out of whack.
  10. I've gone through all your pics a few times, and am more amazed each time at your work. That camo pattern you picked is beautiful!
  11. For some reason I posted the pics without having installed the pitot tube and radio antennas. I was particularly happy how the antenna spring turned out, but my camera wouldn't focus on it. With all the work I put into the cockpit placards, I really wanted to get decent pics of them.
  12. The weathering looks great! Very nicely done.
  13. Thanks Kev, I'd be honored to have it pub'd!
  14. 18 months after returning to model airplanes, I finally managed to produce a kit that wasn't a complete failure or utter embarrassment. Tamiya and Alclad paints, Barracudacals cockpit stencils (that I just could not get a decent picture of), HGW seat belts, Montex masks, decals are a mixture of Eagle Cals and kit decals, oil wash is Abteilung's Starship Filth. Gunfire and exhaust stains are pastels. The black walkway guides on the wings were painted using Tamiya Rubber. I intentionally left the rubber paint thin to simulate wear. The wear and chipping on the wing roots was done using the sea salt and hair spray method. It turned out heavier than I intended, but it's not too horrible. In reference photos I noticed some early Corsairs did not have a pilot's headrest, I also added the 3 supports for the turtledeck windows: I spent a good amount of time wiring the engine, but I just couldn't get a good shot of it. I gave the cockpit a good amount of weathering. The seat was chipped using hairspray method and Barracudacals stencils were applied. Again, I just could not get a clear shot of them. To add a little color and life, I made a folded map and put it on the dash to the right of the gunsight. I spent months working on this thinking it would never be finished, now I can't wait to start another one! Thanks for looking, Troy...
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