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  1. Wonderful work Brett! I love the chipping on the seat, is it done with chipping fluid or a sponge? Would you recommend any upgrade parts for this cockpit, or is it good oob?
  2. Thank you Antonio! Those pictures are great. I think I’ll keep it green for now as it’s all glued together now, but I’ll know for future builds. It’s a beautiful kit to build, just goes together so well. I look forward to seeing yours Thank you Kent I don’t like to hang around, haha. I’ve already gotten started on the gun bay and wheel well. I want to get them mostly done today. Thank you for the link. I am using my paint mule to do some experimenting with the paints to get the right finish. MRP sprays so well, and I got an H&S Infinity which helps even more. I’m thinking of using the white aluminium on the main fuselage and the super silver on the wings. Thanks for the encouragement guys. I’m really enjoying this one, and it’ll be nice to have something allied to go with my mini Luftwaffe!
  3. lovely tip, thank you! I’ll give that a go on the next one
  4. One more post for today! I have managed to finish the cockpit and it’s side walls. The barracuda parts are fantastically detailed but a few of mine had some minor shrinkage. The cockpit placards and stencil decals are lovely and a great bit of detail. I thought they were writing but have a similar block letter style like the Eduard pre-painted parts. It may not be 100% accurate (mustang fans, please forgive me!) but I’m loving the detail! First the cockpit. The hgw belts are great as always. The barracuda seat is nice but not much more detailed than the kit part, though the backpad is much nicer. As is the mustang standard I did the work black showing wood underneath. The wood texture is the decals that came with the seatbelts. The barracuda battery and radio are definitely worth the money though! The gun sight has been left off till I put the armoured glass in later so I don’t break it off. The sidewalls are a wealth of wonderful detail, even oob, but with the barracuda resin and decals they get taken to a new level. I still need to semi matt coat them and add a little bit of weathering. The photos tend to show up little flaws that are either not visible to the naked eye, or will never be seen once finished. Hopefully tomorrow I can seal up the fuselage and get going on the wings and wheel bay. So much detail to add!
  5. They do need a little work to improve as Out2gtcha said. I used some mrp semi-gloss on it and a couple of extra placards from the barracuda set. On the next one I might try adding some airscale bezels for a bit more depth. Thank you very much
  6. I think they might be baying for my blood! All my aircraft are fictional I’m afraid. I like them to be unique. Thank you! They are great panels. I used a drop of super clear III in them and they came out nicely. I’ll have to try the uv feel next time though.
  7. The main Panel is made by a company called Yahu, but I enhanced it with some switches and the weapons panel from the Eduard interior set. I hope you post your Mustang, I'd love to see it!
  8. I have been cracking on with the kit over the last couple of days and have a few more bits to show once they are nicely dry and weathered. For now though I have the oil tank and control panel to show. The yahu panel is lovely, since the photo below I have given it a semi gloss coat and a touch of gloss in the dials.
  9. I have recently finished my Ar 234 so now I fancied doing some Allied aircraft for a bit of a change. To start them off I thought I’d work on my first Tamiya kit, and it is a lovely kit! After the frustration of working on the Ar 234 and Fly’s lackadaisical sense of proper fit or instructions Tamiya’s kit is a dream. As always I’m not modelling a specific machine and I’m doing a fictional paint scheme. I am adding a lot of aftermarket to this one as well, including: Eduard’s Bid Ed set HGW belts and wooden floor CMK wheels (still not sure about these) Aires M2 .50 Cals Eduard ammo belts HGW wet transfers for markings and stencils Yahu control panel Barracuda seat, cockpit upgrade set, cockpit side walls, and placard decals. Ive never done a NMF before, so this should be a learning experience. Has anybody done one using MRP paints before? If so, any tips? I have been using a combination of Brett Green’s How To Build book and following Chuck540z3’s “kicked up a notch” build to help, along with a ton of internet reference photos. Without further delay here are the first pics, shots of the completed Packard Merlin; i added the various wiring and piping needed along the sides as well as the Eduard crank arms and scratch building ignition rails and wires. Sorry for the photo quality! Hope you enjoy the thread and I’ll post some more soon
  10. Wonderful work! Such beautiful detail. You’ve inspired me to pick up one of these kits. Can’t decide between the birdcage or the 1D.
  11. I put one in my recent 262. It’s a lovely panel with great detail and fit quite well. I did use the CMK cockpit. The rlm 66 on it is a bit lighter than the mrp colour though.
  12. Still choosing that one! There is a lot of variation out there! Fun is the way to go, no point getting too stressed out building. Thanks for the hint on the floor panels. I have the wood floor decals that came with the HGW belts and they seem to stop where you said. I plan on keeping the rivet and panel detail on the wings and using a very subtle wash on them as they are more visually interesting. I’m not too far from Duxford, I’ve been meaning to go for a while. I’m not building a specific plane, going my usual ‘historically plausible’ route. Thank you for all the help though! Just got to finish the Arado 234 and wait for the aftermarket bits to show up for it! Ooh, they look good! Your build is a beautiful Mustang. Thanks for the advice
  13. Spectacular work! That cockpit is shaping up to be a beauty, as will the whole build! The level of detail is incredible. With regard to the MRP colour, does it look odd sprayed? I found a few of their colours looked a bit out, but were fine when clear coated and weathered.
  14. I am having a read through that thread and it is a mine of valuable information! It is wonderful he went back and corrected the thread too when he found things wrong. I tried to find the How to Build book, but it seems to be out of print now. Nowhere seems too stock it. I will look at the other recommendations and thank you for the offer of drawings, I will take you up on that Also thank you for taking time on your coffee break to reply! Thank you Radu! I’ll look at getting those books. I’ll also try to avoid the errors that have crept in!
  15. I have a Tamiya P-51D and as it is a lovely kit I want to super detail it. Does the collective wisdom of the forum have good recommendations for reference materials, be they books, sites, magazines, etc? Thank you in advance and sorry if this is the wrong forum for this. Sophie
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