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  1. Stunning work Brett!! Absolutely love it I really must get one of these kits.
  2. Sometimes life gets In the way of model building! Hope I can see some more of your Corsair soon! I was a bit wary of doing it, but it came out as you said. Just metal looking. I wanted a bit worn and used.
  3. Sorry for the long delay! I finally got some paint on the Mustang after a few false starts. I’ve never done a NMF finish before. It didn’t come out as metallic as I would have liked, but it’s not a bad try I gloss blacked it with Mr Color gloss black and used MRP super silver on the wings and MRP white aluminium on the fuselage. hopefully I can do a better job on the Thunderbolt I have on the go.
  4. I would love a decent injection moulded C47. It is such an iconic plane and it would be great to have one in 1/32 packed with paratroopers!
  5. That is one beautiful cockpit Brett! Fantastic work!!
  6. Interesting idea. I normally just get a set of vinyl masks for canopies. Those cotton buds look useful though, thanks Those silver decals would definitely be useful! Thank you very much The black bands are tubing for fly fishing. I’ll take a picture of the package when I get home. The white wire is also for fly fishing.
  7. Thanks for the tip! I’ll give it a go with the foil on my practice kit. I did read an article with the technique you mentioned and the result looked great. For the mustang though I think I’m going to go for mrp metallics.
  8. Glad to help I was thinking of trying bare metal foil on my thunderbolt. How did you find using it?
  9. Simply beautiful build! Something appealing about a Mustang in RAF colours. How does this one compare to the Tamiya kit?
  10. The silver bands? To do those I just paint tamiya masking tape silver. Nicely self adhesive
  11. I like adding the detail even if it’ll never be seen again as I know it’s there, and the fun is in the building. I’m glad it is appreciated by someone though
  12. A little more done this weekend. I finally got the wheel wells plumbed up! They are not 100% as the originals, but capture the spirit I think. Also they’ll rarely be seen anyway. I hope you like them
  13. That is usually the problem, but sometimes they show hits but it is indeterminate whether they were exploded or not. The records were only kept as well as they could be.
  14. Most of these style of maps are based off WWII bomb plot maps produced at the time to keep track of bombings. A lot of these are usually available in local archives/national archives. I would be wary of using them for exact hits though as they are notoriously inaccurate. There are many misplaced or missing hits. I had to use these extensively for my masters thesis, and it proved a pain to find proper information in the exact information. It is also a problem as an urban archaeologist, we frequently come across unexploded ordinance. They are useful for seeing the general areas that were hit though and as a good starting point for research.
  15. Wonderful work Brett! I love the chipping on the seat, is it done with chipping fluid or a sponge? Would you recommend any upgrade parts for this cockpit, or is it good oob?
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