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  1. Stunning model! What a lovely camo scheme
  2. Hi Bevan! That is very handy. I’ll definitely give it a go on the next mottle I do, this one already has some markings on now. I had a quick look at those builders and it blew me away! So much talent. Thanks for the heads up! That’s great to know, thank you. I was also considering the Mr. Hobby Procon Boy Platinum FWA, I have read really good things about this brush and the price seems to be modest too.
  3. Thanks for the tip Gaz! That is quite handy to know. I'll give it a go on the Me-262. That is a beautiful Bf-109 you built! I love the paint scheme.
  4. Haha, thank you! I’ve done some large scale armour before, but planes are a whole different beast! I glued the cockpit to one side first then sandwiched it between the fuselage halves. The upper cover beneath the windshield I added after the fuselage was together. It didn’t have a lot of surface to bond to and that seemed easier. You can quite easily insert the cockpit from below though if you wanted to avoid any damage while sanding the fuselage, which needed quite a bit of filling and sanding in my case, though this was most likely due to my own inexperience.
  5. Lovely mottling! It's good to know the MRP paints are better for that. I plan on getting a better airbrush this month too. I have one of the Revell 1/32 Spitfires I can use as a mule, I plan on getting the Tamiya Spit, and only have so much display space.
  6. The main bulk is done now, lots of little bits to go on after I get some gloss, decals, and weathering on there. As much as I like having hatches open, might do a few more closed on the next one!
  7. Thank you! Still learning the ropes. Aircraft are a lot less forgiving than armour! HM Hobbies is going to be getting a big order from me come payday! I want to try out MRP on the Me-262 I have waiting to be built. Might do a scheme with less mottling though!
  8. After a bit of a delay, and getting so into the build I forgot to take more photographs; here is the Fw-190 with some paint on. It’s not the best job, I’m still learning (constructive criticism always welcome!), and I made a bit of an error with the landing light. Having seen one on the clear sprue I cut out the space for it before I realised the F-8’s didn’t have them! I patched it in, but it showed up under the paint. My story for the plane now is that it had a replacement wing from a night fighter and the ground crews removed and covered up the landing light. I masked the crosses as I thought it would look better than decals, and I’m happy with them. I’ll use decals for the numbers and side crosses, though they’ll have to wait for the gloss coat to go on. Definitely going to swap away from Vallejo paints though, they are a pain! Now for pictures!
  9. Hey everyone, I am hoping to use your collective wisdom and see if anyone knows any good sources for fine lead wires (or copper, or brass if it’s workable) in the UK? Much appreciation in advance! Sophie
  10. Haha, I always like a new toy! Vallejo can be great, when it works. Most of the time it spits, spiderwebs, or just doesn’t do what you want it to. I think I may buy some of the MRP paints, I only seem to hear good things about them. I have been using Alclad’s primers and aqua gloss. Do you know if there’s any risk with those and MRP? Or do I need MRP’s gloss coats?
  11. Excellent! I might just go for that one. It seems to be a bit cheaper than the H&S too. Thanks for the advice! Hi Nick! Thanks for the advice. I have a couple of cheaper Chinese airbrushes that are on the whole great for large spraying, primers, and gloss coats. I’m mostly after something for fine work. It is interesting to hear the H&S is fragile. I Was intending on that, but if the Iwata works just as well I may go for that.
  12. That is interesting to know, thank you. I will look at the Iwata. I read they can be a pain to clean though? I Didn’t realise the H&S was so fragile! Might be one I look at later for just fine work. Do you fin the 0.35mm needle does fine for most delicate work? Can you get finer needles for the Iwata if needed?
  13. Might have to pick one of those up for next time. Need to get a better airbrush too, I’m looking at the Harder and Steenbeck Infinity CR Plus. Seems to review well. Might swap to MRP paints from the Vallejo I’m using now too
  14. Thank you! I should have some more pictures to show by this weekend. I haven’t had a lot of time for models recently, but I should hopefully have a long weekend to get some of the Fw-190 done, including my first attempt at mottling!
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