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  1. Excellent project! The F-4B is also my favorite mark. Some inputs : It's too late for you but there's no need to cut the bump in front of the MLG wells. You can simply sand them thanks to the plastic thickness! Airbrakes were not simply flat. They also had different structural details and holes. So, 'flattening' the kit part does not give a correct B airbrake. This is not that visible but I guess you prefer knowing it. There were indeed various RIO pit port side configurations as we had essentially there ranks of boxes. It is quite difficu
  2. Interesting observation! I never realized there was that integrated leader.
  3. Same in Belgium! I purchased many Hasegawa kits in a huge shop selling... wood furniture when I was spending my weekends in my grandmother's home!
  4. Your terrific work is clearly illustrating a basic fact: a conversion set to turn a US Phantom into a Brit one is pure non-sense if you do not want to get a caricature of a Brit F-4! There are so many differences that we are actually considering two different planes with common features rather than slightly different versions of one plane. Understanding that is the first essentiel step before cutting into plastic. Well done!
  5. Beautiful lines, multiple versions, many users, decades of service, some incredible schemes and several war campaigns... Why is that plane so badly covered by model companies and fully ignored in large scale...?
  6. Excellent choice ! This is amongst the very best Friedrich references.
  7. Excellent ! I will need four sets.
  8. Hi Jan. Did you have the time to have a look? Thanks. Thierry
  9. Hi Kevin. Thanks for that. It looks the OH-58D has yet to be published as well.
  10. Hi Maru. Thanks for the positive comments. I'm doing that occasionally (e.g. the Revell 109G6) and I just did it with the recent Academy AH-1Z. Cheers Thierry
  11. If they are recessed, simply use a grainer and then a blade tip to add the slot.
  12. Yepeeee! It looks a S is coming as well. The separate nose and TOW missiles are good hints.
  13. And the F-16 kits are the best 1/32 jet kits ever released!
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