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  1. Damn it! I did not see that Hornet book!
  2. Any research of a term shorter than four continuous characters does not work. Quite often it is more efficient looking after the plane name rather than her numerical identifier if you use the built in search feature. Obviously this implies that name must be longer and this is alas not the case of the Uhu!
  3. The length problem may be easily solved if you simply use two missiles to create one ACMI pod.
  4. Here it is: http://www.profimodeller.com/detail/32026-tug/ Hth Thierry
  5. Hi Ali, FWIW, as you wrote, the Mototug already exists in 1/32 but not as a separate release. This is an 'accessory' in the Trumpeter Hellcat boxes and Profimodeler released an etched set to detail it. I guess there are people who have no interest in the Trumpeter Hellcat but would like having one. Cheers Thierry
  6. Indeed. Revell ones are far too large.
  7. Do not hope the kit will be modified because of a cross section or canopy shape issue. It won't. If you have any view on the amount of CAD and mold cutting work to correct that, you know this is not financially realistic. Too bad but that is a fact. They announced the release and will not postpone the release to mid-2020 to solve that.
  8. My question may look weird but why not getting the Hasegawa kit?
  9. At least you will get the Frenesi scheme in the box. I am still puzzled about the reason behind the fact this was omitted from the European release...
  10. So do I! In the worst case, we could ask John Wilkes to sell his vacformed parts as a correction set...!
  11. I have serious doubts about it as we saw test shots. This means the hardware to produce it is existing. In the worst case (a new company has often financing problems), they can collaborate or even sell it to another company.
  12. I love the one-0-wonder! This is my favourite century fighter with the F-100. The Voodoo was used over Cuba and Vietnam for many years. I think that a clever marketing would result in correct sales, more particularly in that period of low releases of large scale jets.
  13. It is a rectangle with simulated concrete surface, the correct thickness and the accurate recesses in the sides. I agree that personally I would scratchbuild them but I will not criticize the fact that others may like the "ready to eat" product...
  14. I have possibly more than twenty Skyraider books and can tell you there is no definite single source, more particularly for the fat ones. Try getting the Squadron Walkaround or the recent in action booklet. Quite cheap and many pictures. SAM publication is also re-editing their Skyraider book and it is also quite cheap. Hth Thierry
  15. Well if the release of a large scale T-38 is a clue, I would say probably not before 2050...☹️
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