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  1. Actually Hasegawa is offering a single version. The useless fuselage parts are the ones belonging to the original G6 release. BTW they are not in my two releases of G10 kits as there are holes in the sprues where they were located. The so called G14 AS released by Hasegawa is again the same kit but with other decals.
  2. Why...? I do not think this can me meaningful as they depict two different G-10s: Amur corrected the Erla nose whereas Hasegawa made a MTT one.
  3. Finally, I found one picture: http://www.americanairmuseum.com/aircraft/18902 I will use such bombs on my Droop Snoot kit!
  4. Jeez... what a monster! No doubt you will have to fold the rotor blades!
  5. The set is exquisite! However, if I can recommend a basic packaging improvement: please put the canopy in a different bag as mine arrived with microscratches made by the rocket launcher tubes edge as well the small etched frets. Thanks T.
  6. You are right! This is indeed the best option.
  7. Actually, the angles and locations of the front and center (between the seats) components of the IP are noticeably wrong. I think somebody attempted to correct that in a WIP some years ago.
  8. Take care as the quite expensive Avionix set adds small details to the kit pit but does not correct any dimension issue!
  9. It depends. If the problem is just a lack of shine dip it in Future as Jennings proposed. Otherwise, you will need first to polish the part. There are various products that may be used such as Micromesh ones.
  10. You can also graft the spine of the Revell PF on a Trumpeter MF. I know it as I did it. This is far from easy but possible with the help of a lot of plasticard. The main problem will be the canopy as if it is similar to the MF one, it has no rear view mirror. The Revell and Trumpeter kit parts have a hole there to receive the mirror parts. There is alledgely a picture of a Vietnamese PFM with a MF canopy but I am not convinced it is not an error as you only see the front of what could actually be a MF.
  11. Well, the practical life of engines could be noticeably lenghtened according to the metal used for some components. The problem of wartime ones was the fact some rare metals were not available anymore for Germany and accordingly they had to use far less resistant ones for critical parts. This was documented during the war. So, it is possible to rebuild far more resistant engines. However, are they going to be reliable is another question...?
  12. So did I for the same reasons! Too bad...
  13. Hi, I know this is somewhat a taboo topic but does any of you have any information regarding the use of such incendiary bombs by pathfinders such as Mosquitoes or P-38s in Europe? To me this looks like an obvious way to mark an objective for bombers. However, the information related to such infamous bombs is skinny to say the least and generally there are just mentions of their use by large bombers over cities such as Hamburg or Dresden. Actually, I was thinking about putting too small M47s under the wings of a P-38. Thanks in advance. T.
  14. Indeed! I would not be surprised as I just bought an old Revell P-38!
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