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  1. Cobra Company did some but getting any of their items from Lone Star could be the scenario of the next mission of Ethan Hunt...
  2. Indeed! I progressively got all of them as I was hoping someone would finally release a large scale kit. It looks this was the right thing to do as some are now out of print. By the way, the Lela press French big book is the only one having a serious coverage of the IAF Fouga Magisters.
  3. The MMP Book is also recommended: http://mmpbooks.com/shop2/fouga-magister.html
  4. Well. It is essentially a matter of planning to assess what you will keep from each kit. When I measured them years ago the surgery did not look very risky. Do not take for granted aftermarket always means complicated to do oneself with basic tools. This is far from being true. I have seen at least three recce kits made that way by different people.
  5. I'm sure this somewhat strange recommendation is coming from the need for late J79 exhausts.
  6. I made a quick search and found the book here : https://www.aviationmegastore.com/walk-around-fouga-magister-individual-fouga-magister-aviation-books/product/?action=prodinfo&art=183044 hth Thierry
  7. Yeah, indeed! Too Bad. I was with my son and decided very late to go there as normally I was not available. I also missed Olivier (I saw his Kfir).
  8. I did not discuss that but I do not think his idea was to move the molds. This is not a normal practice. Another problem is the very, very high cost of storage in China. This is not fostered by the authorities either and results in direct shipping in normal conditions. In Covid situation this lack of stock worsened the availability of many manufactured products as there is no buffer to absorb production issues.
  9. Yes Andy. I will try to find a little bit of time in the next days to cover that book and the new AIMS Spit sets I got last week.
  10. Mid-2021 prices to get a container from China were still eight times higher than they were before the Covid... This will change but will take time and very probably we will never go back to 2019 status.
  11. You can combine the Tamiya and Revell exhausts. This is how some corrected exhaust masters were made for the Tamiya kit! Use the Tamiya part with some heavy sanding of the external side of the parts to make the exhaust internals and use the Revell parts (heavily sanded on the internal side) to make the external skin of the petals.
  12. By the way, the curator of the Stampe & Vertongen museum published a very nice 64 pages Fouga Magister walkaround book of the flying plane they own. I purchased it yesterday from the IPMS Antwerpen stand for 15 euros. Highly recommended !
  13. Hi folks. Just to inform you a little bit, the Daco Fouga is still coming. The process is long and was noticeably delayed but it did not vanish. This is the Nationals in Belgium this weekend and not surprisingly this was the most discussed topic on the Daco stand where the sprues and test shots were still exposed.
  14. To give you a simple reply: where do you think this 'new' nose as well as the Blackbox set were coming from ...?
  15. Do you really believe WingLeader will release a Book covering the lightweight Mustangs...?
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