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  1. I did part of that exercise years ago. Initially I started from a Revell A and intended to use some of the elements of a M I got for a ridiculousy cheap price. Finally I used most of the M kit but all areas needed modification and the huge change is the central top fuselage. It is fully different on both planes. With the release of the Trumpeter A I would not recommend that conversion work to anyone!
  2. Well, anyone can love or hate a plane but the F-35 is the very last choice I would do to criticize any other western fighter ...! To go back to the initial question, it builds quite well and looks like a Typhoon even if some shapes are not really accurate (the rear fuselage being probably the best example of such issues). The Revell one is cheaper and more accurate but more difficult to build.
  3. The mess is also existent in the other direction. Four orders I made in December were unfortunately noticeably delayed because of covid. They are still 'somewhere' between UK and my home. I shouldn't pay any tax as they were ordered and paid far before the 1st of January. However, they were sent (or still have to be sent) after Brexit implementation. So wait and see...
  4. So go to Master productions or PJ models. Both of them are producing seated pilots. Miniart will also release some plastic seated pilots this year.
  5. My favorite ones: https://www.facebook.com/WingsCockpitFigures/ Hth Thierry
  6. According to the Book about Dambuster Lancasters, two wide welds were visible: a round one corresponding to the turret hole perimeter and a larger, oval one, corresponding to the fairing perimeter.
  7. My son would probably reply: Wonder woman.
  8. I got them for a cheap price because if they are not incredibly better than the Tamiya Merlins they are far more detailed than the HK Lancaster ones!
  9. Ouch! I got mine one long week after ordering... It is true the postal service is alas going bananas in the UK. The Covid and Brexit combination created a mess. I have currently four parcels floating somewhere in the postal ether between UK and Belgium for close to a month!
  10. So did I. Fortunately the HK release is very good!
  11. Hi Dale, Indeed the ammo shell chutes were opened in the lower wing. So you have to drill the two ones close to the pylon rear end, as showed on that plan. Hth Thierry
  12. No it is not (I saw one and have the CAM, CE and GT sets). It is far better than the CAM set.
  13. The Real model conversion is available, not expensive and covering the wing, nose and tail changes.
  14. This may help: https://realmodel.cz/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=flypage.tpl&product_id=553&category_id=46&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=79&redirected=1&Itemid=79 Thierry
  15. Haynes manuals were very useful when maintaining or repairing a vehicle asked for mechanical skills. When vehicles started to rely deeply on electronics, the situation changed noticeably. Not surprising
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