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  1. Do not worry. We are fully appreciating the fact you are actively supporting the kit industry. Thanks!
  2. I did not miss that but a conversion is not a correction! The canopy, fuselage cross-section, engines or cowlings issues are there whatever A-26 you want to build. This has nothing to do with a mark change. Obviously, if you consider that a B-26K conversion should also correct all the kit problems, this is quite different but even in that case we would still be far from 500 usd. Simply have a look at the price of full resin twin engine kits, they are noticeably cheaper (typically around half of that price).
  3. Hi Erwin, Totally stupid behavior from a totally stupid application. Norton made good utilities twenty years ago but now... You surely had access to thousands of http pages for decades without problem but http became the new evil... I'm working in cybersecurity for the last twenty years and can tell you this is just crap. That site does not even have dynamic contents! The only theoretical issues you could have are the inability to assess the authenticity of the site and the fact somebody can replace part of the contents while you try to have access to them. As this is
  4. Why? A set comparable to the Cutting edge 1/48th one would be sufficient. So, the cost could be around a maximum of 100 usd as the minimum set is: one larger rudder, a small rear fuselage tip, a small sheet of photoetched vortex generators, two main wheels, two propellers, two wingtip tanks, a bunch of small pylons and some small antennas. Obviously you can add some black boxes for the cockpit and rear compartment plus possibly some cluster or incendiary bombs as well as optional engine cowlings with the so-called Congo modification. However, this can stay optional. Accordingly I do not see wh
  5. Resin2detail released the bomb trailer but unfortunately it did not stay available very long.
  6. http://sheperdpaine.atspace.com/ Just go back in time!
  7. In spite of all the problems of the kit I would not be surprised seeing some improvement and conversion sets progressively released. Look at the B-24, the wing cross-section is clearly inaccurate and the turrets are awful. This did not prevent many companies from releasing quite a large number of sets (four companies for the cockpit, two for the LG legs, two or three for the wheels, one for the turrets, etc.) and some others are coming. We just need to be patient.
  8. A true hot rod! Is it only me but, from that angle, without spinners and with swastikas, she would look like a Me262 relative...?
  9. I have serious doubts regarding that as this would simply double the size of the existing book! Just have a look at the contents of the Daco book. Personally, I would prefer the new release to fill the gaps in the existing contents. There were multiple subvariants and modifications of USAF short nose Phantoms that were operationally used in SEA and are not even mentioned. Typically, all the items linked to electronic warfare or use of laser guided weapons are not covered.
  10. Yes but take care as the initial Hasegawa D9 released in the nineties was a limited series hybrid kit combining the wings of the very old F8 kit of the seventies with a new fuselage (with recessed scribing) as well as some white metal and photoetched parts. Avoid that one. The 2000s later release was far better (fully new kit) and has a classical STxx kit number. Have a look at the LSP database and you will see the difference.
  11. Sounds like a good idea to put one close to a bomber. I would.
  12. Note that if the bomb racks are very nice they are alas lacking the quite visible connecting hoses that you also find on the US MER launchers. Moreover cutting and cleaning the sway braces is unfortunately quite time consuming because of the way they decided to cast them.
  13. No but this kit is globally sound. Out of my memory, here's the list of most important issues: - The tail shapes are not fully accurate and the nose area is also a little bit suspect but this does not jump to the eyes. - The kit is not scribed on the sides, nor over the intakes (most panels are missing). - The front lg leg looks too long for a loaded plane. - No air intake channel - No wing movable surface - Fuselage structure requires additional tabs and ideally bulkheads as it stays flimsy and hence fragile when assembled ootb. - Accurate bit quite basic
  14. Two Mikes (now Phase Hangar resin) released nice resin wing gloves but it looks the reference was not (yet?) imported in their current range.
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