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  1. Well, it looks I'm getting older as I just found one in my files that was seemingly not in CONUS when the pictures were shot! However, if that was shot in SEA, this is a rare exception.
  2. They do not necessarily reply quickly but I always got a reply from them, typically from David Lajer. Hth Thierry
  3. I have never seen any doped F-105F used in combat in SEA. The ones that were used were either in standard camo, either in limited use wraparound camo (such as the Ryan's raiders bombers mentioned by Tony). If you want to build a non-SEAD F-105F used in SEA, a Ryan's raiders' one is a nice idea.
  4. No but it would not be short as the kit has been badly designed with misplaced seams. Not an easy build. Detail level is globally ok but cannot compare with what aftermarket companies released for that specific kit.
  5. It is possible to get a beautiful result from that kit even if it is full of inaccuracies. Have a look at the list I made with Ben Brown years ago. Ben is really the Supersabre expert.
  6. Yeah! Excellent as usual! Another one on my buying list with the prior one and the new generator. Please go on with such topics!!!
  7. Beautiful to say the least. One of my very favourite allied fighters of WW1. If I was not sure it was going to be released in plastic, this is one of the rare topics I would like to scratchbuild as well. This just stresses how brave you have been! Congratulations for that masterpiece! What did you use to do the cowling? Did you modify an existing one or vacuformed it over a wood master?
  8. Indeed! I also saw the actual kit and it looks terrific!
  9. A mix of very light gray or even white with aluminium will do the trick.
  10. Indeed, if David is mainly an AFV modeller, he also built a lot of airplane kits (mainly 1/32 ones). So, I would never say that I would not trust him as the guy does his best to get accurate references as much as possible for his kits. He's not perfect but does his best as most people are doing here!
  11. FYI, AIMS has released a very nice recco version conversion more or less two years ago! Moreover, S-92 decals were already released. The last produced set I'm remembering was released by one Eastern company named Kora: http://www.czechkits.com/132-decals-avia-s92-turbina-czechoslovakia-p-15543.html Hth Thierry
  12. For Bob modellers, there are two quite good Hurricanes Mk. 1 released by Fly and PCM.
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