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  1. Ok but what is the purpose comparing test shots...?!? They are just prototypes.
  2. Indeed! The problem was not that the opening was oval rather than round. The issue was that the edge arc was irregular. So, I sanded it to get something that looks more like the full scale one!
  3. Indeed! This is not easy. As much as I can, I'm avoiding tweezers to do it. And when I'm using tweezers, I'm quite often putting making tape on the ends to have a better grip and avoid the flying part syndrom! Not perfect but that works!
  4. Weird world! I just got books sent from Japan... two days ago! Saying I was surprised is an understatement!
  5. Ok. Now I'm understanding. You mean each outlet has a drop shape. Well, this is indeed possible but looks quite complicated to me for a retrofit modification. What would be the benefit of such a shape...?
  6. Mmmmmhh, no, I do not get it. I'm just seeing half a circular ark close to each cone opening and it looks you can close the circle under the cone. So, this is why I'm assessing that to be a round hole. What do I miss?
  7. As I was trying to know how look like the wing heating outlets, I made the half-cone-shaped covers. I considered different approaches and finally used small sections of plastic tubes. When they were cut and I had obtained satisfying shapes, I glued each part on a thin sheet of plastic (coming from my famous Strawberry blue tray!). Then, I added the rivet lines and finally cut the parts out of the sheet. Last, I used a round file to open the bottom in the sheet and sanded the edges with fine sandpaper. Another problem is close to be solved. Jeez, I never thought I would have to scratchbuild so many parts on a 'simple' Spitfire!
  8. Thanks Ernest, Quite often the problem is not the scratchbuilding process itself but the preparation work: How to replicate a system? Using which material or combination of materials? How to divide it into different shapes easier to scratchbuild? How designing the parts to be able to paint them? etc. etc. To me, these are the actual scratchbuilding challenges!
  9. Thanks Don! Indeed, even if the Mk. I TM view is a little bit blurry, it seems indicating the most logical option is the right one: just a round outlet and very close to the edge of the cover. Thierry
  10. My Me108 kit has no grainy surface...!
  11. If it is a twin and they want to rely on correct existing information, this is indeed probably a Beaufighter or Me110G as both will be good sellers. With regard to the availability of the AIMS conversions, we should keep in mind the development of such a kit is asking for some years whereas the resin set is quite recent.
  12. Hi Quang. Some metal colors are actually slightly transparent and in that case using a gloss black layer improves the light reflection of the metal layer. I once saw a P-51 for which the modeller had used gloss black for the fuselage and a fine grey surfacer for the wings before spraying alclad. I was surprised by the intensity of the difference between both painted areas. Thierry
  13. A bad boy would say this was actually normal considering the British weather...
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