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  1. thierry laurent

    Repopped Bf110C-7 ? ...

    Thanks for the correction!
  2. thierry laurent

    Repopped Bf110C-7 ? ...

    This re-release is also interesting for another reason: as far as I am remembering correctly, this is the first time both companies are collaborating since the late nineties when Revell released in Europe some German WW2 AFV kits that were sold under the Gunze Sangyo label in Japan.
  3. thierry laurent

    Repopped Bf110C-7 ? ...

    Revell never re-released the Matchbox Me109E. Does this mean there is now a high probability we will see a Revell Emil that would actually be the Dragon one...? I am wondering...
  4. thierry laurent

    New! Live Resin helicopter figures

    Exquisite but... I don't like when they use the same face for multiple figures! Is it so difficult to change them? This really looks like the attack of the clones! :-)))
  5. thierry laurent

    RAF P-51 1a

    The main problem of the kit is the far too thin and pointy spinner. It should actually be similar to a Mustang B or D one but with three propeller blade slots rather than four. Similarly the nose should be enlarged with plastic strip in front of the first panel line to mate the correct spinner diameter. Besides that, the kit is dimensionally sound. This is just a matter of detailing.
  6. thierry laurent

    The next WNW kit..? 3 wishes...

    Well, I do not want to rain on your parade but the development of the next WnW kits we will see started at least three or four years ago... So, if we are lucky we may consider such topics for 2022 except if they have already chosen them some years ago.
  7. thierry laurent

    Zukei Mura: a jet in 1/32???

    They already did but not in "our" scale! They just released a series of 1/48th scale Phantoms. So, there is some hope. Nonetheless, with the Toryu, Hs-129 and Fw-190 series, I think their pipe is possibly quite full for the following months/years...
  8. thierry laurent

    Any 1/32 Me 262 on the horizon?

    Well, We all have our favorite themes and one thing that does not annoy someone is a crime for somebody else! But to me, even if I am a true nitpicker, the difference stays visually negligeable as the Trumpy kit as a correct 262 stance. The kit has correct external shapes even if not fully accurate here and there, is quite detailed and sold for a reasonably price. Just compare it with the Hasegawa or the old Revell offers... ouch! The kit does not ask for a tremendous work to get a beautiful result. A picture being better than anything, just look at that comparison of pics coming from Doog's Models site: This is just a picture but because of the engine location, the intake looks a little bit too large! So, I am not sure the problem is only linked to the intake diameter. The Jumo parts are about 10% to 50% undersized and the compressor face is at least 5mm too far forward amongst other engine issues. Personally, if the engine is going to be visible, I will cross-kit Trumpy parts with Hasegawa ones. The new Revell kit will be a little bit better for (hopefully) a lower price. However, as most conversion kits have been tailored for the Trumpy kit and I do not think Revell will release a full series of 262 rare variants, this stays the best option for a recco, glass bomber or pulkzerstorer bird. Obviously, we may see new conversions but I would not hold my breath for that as it looks like such conversions were not really bestsellers. By the way, this is probably confirmed by the fact Trumpeter did not release more exotic variants whereas Hobby boss did in 1:48th scale. Last, a Tamiya kit would be beautiful but the price would be three to four times higher... So, if Tamiya releases one, I will get a kit without one second of hesitation but very frankly I would not wait for such a release to build a 262 as they do not seem to rely on any logic when one considers 1/32 planes releases... :-( Cheers Thierry
  9. thierry laurent

    New, clean topic: HB B-24 Test Shot Photos

    As we are discussing heavies, I'm waiting for the A-26. It is the only bomber that served during WW2 as well as the Korean and Vietnam wars. This size will be easier to manage! By the way, I would not bet anymore we will not see a C-47 before long. It will not be comparable with the Hph gem but will be far easier to assemble and probably cost one fourth or one fifth of the price...
  10. By the way, generally you do not need to buy them in other scales as it is not difficult to find good scans on the internet (possibly in the instruction sheets)
  11. Indeed, Iain! I did the same for some obscure or neglected topics. Many years ago I used as well a similar approach with scans of the instrument panel drawings in technical manuals. Copying Eduard items is often required for another reason: various parts are either too flat or thin!
  12. thierry laurent

    Corsair Rocket Details

    Hi, I did a lot of searches about the same topic some years ago. So you're lucky! This may help regarding the colors and markings: 5 inches HVAR rockets. USN HVAR color: flat grey motor tube and olive drab warhead. USAF was Oxidized aluminum tubes and olive drab warhead. Steel-colored fuze. Some examples of stencils: On the side of the rocket motor (Horizontal black letters) or on the warhead (Horizontal white letters without the first line: 5.0 IN. ROCKET BODY MKI): 5.0 IN. ROCKET BODY MKI BU. ORD. DR. No. 394567 CONTR NO. 5172 LOT 95 CDV INSP DMR On left side of the rocket motor (Horizontal black letters): 5.0 IN. MOTOR MK10 MOD.6 BUORD. DR. NO 656724 CONT. NO. 11098 LOT 147 H.B. On right side of the rocket motor (Horizontal black letters) or on the warhead (Horizontal white letters): GR MK.16 MOD 0 BLJ LOT 1952 AMM LOT NO. RMDA 1517-54 CODE 5.00 710-0600-J USE UP TO 120F ONLY or another one seen on the body right side: ROCKET MOTOR, MK 32 MOD 1 LOT: RA-H-1044 SAFE TEMPERATURE LIMITS -40 TO + 120 F On the warhead (Vertical white letters): WARHEAD, MK 6 MOD 1 TNT LOT:PA-E-1366 Note: Vertical means that the text is written perpendiculalry (to the rocket axis). And some other pictures: I hope this helps!
  13. thierry laurent

    New HpH DC-3 Pics up!!

    And I would not bet anymore we will not see a plastic one before long...
  14. thierry laurent

    New HpH DC-3 Pics up!!

    Well... it looks like my AC-47 project just vanished... :-( I am not willing to put such an amount of money for a model... Sorry guys!
  15. thierry laurent

    ALERT! Anyone heard from or about Paul Fisher?

    Jeez, I am really sad... At least, they are out of that hell. I hope he had an insurance that will at least give him the possibility to re-start something if he wants or needs to do it.