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  1. If the resin is not too old, you very probably have a problem of proportions. Typically for the yellow resin you have a whitish and a brownish components. The brownish is what allows the other to harden. So, if you use too much of the other one the chemical reaction is not fully efficient, resin cures slowly and stays softer. Typically you can assess the efficiency of the reaction by the amount of generated heat as the mix is curing.
  2. I ordered a discontinued Squadron Walkaround book in the US as it was cheap and fully unavailable in Europe. Its delivery is managed by FedEx but it is blocked in NY for more than one month without any reason...
  3. I purchased a lot of them from various modelling sources but the best ones I got finally came from an online German reseller specialized in... nail modelling! I got that tip from a close friend as his wife has that hobby for some time. By the way this is also an excellent source of good brushes for handbrushing.
  4. Yes! And the incredible part is the fact they still succeeded in adding some details! However, note some of them are more useful as more obvious than others on a kit. One of them being the seat cushion
  5. I recommend the use of oil paints if you want to handpaint wood grain. You will have far more control than with acrylics. Not necessarily a better option but an easier one. Note there are also excellent wood decals from Uschi, Lukgraph and others.
  6. Thanks to Mike Swinburne I should receive in some weeks one of the rare Holy Grails LSPs I was still looking for: a Collectaire 1/32 T-38! Yeepeeeee!!!
  7. My standpoint: Excellent. Even better than the prior Model Art about JSDAF aggressor Eagles. Currently the best source about that topic.
  8. Yes. Globally this is very similar
  9. I will get one without a second of hesitation as I do not want to build only the high viz schemes. Excellent Idea to cover the five released Navy kits as you will maximise the sheet attractivity. Wonderful! Last, it seems KH molds were negociated, weren't they? If that is confirmed I'm sure we will not wait long before seeing the helos coming back.
  10. Did you try to have access to other websites with heavy contents such as large pictures and did you compare access with different software (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, etc.)? I may be wrong but to me this may either be linked to the speed to download the contents (available bandwidth?) and/or to some weird behavior from your browser software.
  11. Hi. I know there were some panel differences but fortunately as there are still preserved SB2C-5s including the Smithsonian one, documentation about the cockpit is easily available. With regard to the bomb bay the situation is not that clear to me. I've read conflicting info about the reality of that modification. Have you good references to recommend about that?
  12. Sure! Look after item 313579926593 on eBay. This is indeed a SB2C-5.
  13. I just ordered a limited edition Mk.5 from the French distributor on eBay. It has a different spinner boss, a smooth pilot canopy and French decals for the Dien Bien Phu battle era! I ordered it as that was exactly the version I am interested in. The frustrating part is the fact I should get from Germany more or less at the same date the Navy one I intended to convert into an Aeronavale bird! So it looks I will need to ask my friends if someone is interested in a Navy Helldiver!
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