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  1. Forget Moskit. The company disappeared many years ago. Another company named REXX is making similar exhausts but they are quite difficult to get and I'm not even sure they released Fw190 exhausts.
  2. One other noticeable remark: most IP updates I saw are incorrect! Modellers typically add plastic OVER the IP coaming whereas the airbag boxes were actually added in cutouts IN the coaming, just over the MFDs! This is a quite understandable error as there are very few pictures showing the slots between the CABS boxes and the IP coaming edges. From the top, they stay in the shadow and are consequently not visible. Here is one that shows how this should look like:
  3. Well, it is not too long. It is simply not used on the Buccaneer! The one in the Flightpath set in only intended to be used on a Tornado. Here's the Buccaneer adaptor. At least the original one as the one you showed as a more aerodynamic end.
  4. Unfortunately all of us building late RAF birds will need to do the same airbrake modification. I agree this looks more like armoring a T-34 tank turret in a Siberian factory than just adding some reinforcements to a plane! Regarding the pylons, I' currently refining the shape of a first one as well as the adaptor. I based my work on the TM view as well as the partly incorrect plans in the late Aeroguide. To me, the adaptor is the same length than the pylon bottom.
  5. I thought as well about a GPS but considered that the screen would be taller.
  6. Thanks Jennings! In spite of the thousands of Phantom pictures I've closely looked at, I never saw that.
  7. And here's a comparison from the front. Alas, I did not find anything better than this.
  8. Hi guys, Some people contacted me to know where they could get the Japanese saws I mentioned in some threads. I got one some years ago from Germany but the source vanished and getting them directly from Japan is not that easy. I finally realized we can get some from... Amazon! Yes, this is that simple as far as you know what you must look after. Do not simply search for Japanese saws but rather for a Z-saw or Dozuki saw. By the way, I got mine from Amazon France but it is also available from the UK or the US and very probably from their other sites. Just one remark: take care of the size! I ordered two different ones and one (actually made in Germany) is more relevant for wood working than modelling! Not a problem to me as I already used it to cut a staircase ramp for my mum but this is probably not what you are looking after as a modeller! The other one came directly from Japan. It is a little bit larger than my older one but has the same type of thin blade (0.15mm). Get one and you will never look back at your standard saws to scratchbuild or cut resin gates! Hope this helps Thierry
  9. Just to put things straigth: I'm not used to moan on LSP or anywhere else on the web and this was not my goal. That is also why I wrote I cannot personally complain that much as I explained. So, do not jump blindly to conclusions. Typically, most citizens are paying few or a lot of taxes and are gladly or reluctantly accepting it according to the quality or rather their perception of the quality of the public services they get. This varies a lot over the world. My country built the most complex administrative system you can imagine. I can testify as I've been a university researcher in that area many years ago. So I do not think I'm in the wrong seat to have a standpoint about that. Don't get me wrong, this situation has also very positive aspects: we kept a quite rich and peaceful country in spite of our ongoing internal conflicts and helped to solve many critical problems in the world because of our capability to create compromises in the most complex situations. This does not prevent the administrative situation is now not understandable anymore for most inhabitants and when saw from the other side of the world, we can only look as Martians! This is that last point I wanted to illustrate and more particularly to show to people who moan about their country how relative that problem can be. Just have a look at the last words of my initial post. I did my best to present that in a civil way but if anyone is offended by that, I have no problem to lock the thread.
  10. Yes it is. I agree regarding the use of the plural. However, this is so stupid for an accessory that cannot be used as such that I do not understand why they sell them as single parts unless to get more money. A pity.
  11. Well, we all know that and are regularly complaining about the load in comparison with the average quality of our public services. But when it is discussed by people from the other side of the world, it really gets another flavor. This makes you wonder about the fact what is considered as normal or acceptable may be very relative! Personally, I cannot really complain that much as, even if I'm paying all those taxes, I'm also one of the guys who is lucky enough to own a company car and from a taxes perspective, this is far better in comparison with the normal citizen...! By the way, it is quite interesting to see that all the people who are not in that situation are considering we have a not acceptable privilege rather than considering we are just paying a more reasonable amount of taxes! Again, according to the standpoint, things are quite relative! By the way, I did not want to open a political can of worms with that topic, I just wanted to illustrate how we see things differently according to where we live.
  12. It looks the situation is more complicated. Some views of "Prime Chance" Kiowas show that additional instrument on the coaming but other pictures corresponding to "Desert Storm" era seem to show another box with a larger width... Unfortunately, finding detailed pictures of Kiowas of that era is REALLY difficult. This was the pre-digital camera era and we are considering operations that were totally or partly classified years after they occur. The probability we will ever get correct pictures of such modifications looks alas very low. The two pictures combined hereunder clearly show a difference. I also found some images showing the boxes from the front of the helos but none of them is really good. And for sure, I did not have one picture showing the instrument face Useless to say some guesswork is required from a modelling perspective...
  13. Hi folks, Have a look at that: the Belgian car taxes system seen from California. Please use discretion as this video has some F-bombs in it and is NSFW The worst or best part is the fact everything they say is 100% true! Crazy world...
  14. Hi, A warning for the people considering the recent release of that True Details H7 seat based on a new 3D printed master: there is only ONE seat in the set! Go figure! As that specific seat was only used in a two-seater, I have yet to understand that. That release was not cheap and now I will need to purchase another one as the single part is useless. While the seat looks very nice, that business practice is debatable to say the least... Caveat emptor! Hth Thierry
  15. FYI, I updated the "Prime Chance"/"Desert Storm" information as I identified some additional features.
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