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  1. The C upgrade started in the mid-late 2000s IIRC, so the Red Fox A-10C cockpit would only be applicable to an A-10 upgraded to C standard. Before that, the A-10A cockpit would be more correct.
  2. Sould be pointed out that this video seems to be from someone with a connection to, or sponsored by, Ammo of Mig. Red Fox sets are distributed by Ammo of Mig, and now have the three bullets logo on the packaging. I’m not sure if there is a bias or not, but people should be aware. Also, the RF sets usually don’t include sidewalls or seatbelts like the Quinta sets, nor do they include things like throttles and pull handles that some Quinta sets do . That said, the quality of the detail on the RF sets is quite good, and I’d say generally on par with Quinta. I personally think do get a little more bang for the buck with Quinta, but Red Fox does some stuff that Quinta doesn’t (or hasn’t yet).
  3. Does the lower right front IP decal, where the caution and warning lights are, come with the green and yellow annunciations like shown in those photos? That doesn’t look right. The photo of the set on the Red Fox page don’t show them lit. https://www.rfstudio.hu/termek/187 Also, for anyone in the US wanting a source, Andy’s Hobby HQ is now carrying the line. They are priced a bit higher than on the RF page, though.
  4. I’d agree with that. It also may be why the first batch was pretty small and the kit was a little hard to find at first. They got some kits out just to get them out by a certain date.
  5. That’s true, but it can’t shrink smaller than the size of the mold while it’s still in the mold, unless it’s a simple part that’s solid. It seems unlikely that that a very large wing part can shrink enough to be noticeably smaller than the other wing. If it was popped out of the mold too fast while it was still semi-molten and still shrinking, there would be other signs on the parts, like being warped, I think.
  6. I don’t think injection plastic shrinks like resin can. It’s injected into the mold and either fills the mold completely or it doesn’t. If it doesn’t fill the mold, you get short shot parts. Fortunately, no sink marks that I can see on mine, just a surprising amount of flash around the wheels for a brand new mold.
  7. Red Fox Studios makes 3D IP decals for the Trumpeter kit, both for the -F and -G (which is basically the same as an -F with the ACS rear cockpit). https://www.rfstudio.hu/termek/209 https://www.rfstudio.hu/termek/208 Rhino Modelworks made seamless intakes for the Trumpeter kit. They sold on eBay, but I don’t know if they are still in business.
  8. Seems that would be limited to those who owned or had access to a particular book, as well as having a decal sheet with the markings for one of the aircraft in the book.
  9. Yeah, although there has been a lot of stuff made for the old Revell Apache kit over the years, there are a few notable exceptions. Cockpit detail is one, and another big one is the lack of aftermarket decals. Other than a Dutch Decals sheet, I think you’re pretty much stuck with the kit decals. I’d love to see someone like Quinta Studios or Red Fox do a 3D decal sheet for the kit. Another thing that would be great would be a 3D printed wire strike protection frame around the gun. I think it’s in the Flightpath set, but it’s in flat fiddly PE.
  10. There was a pilot’s IP in the Cobra Company update set (later re-released by Lone Star Models). https://www.scalemates.com/kits/lone-star-models-lsmcc-32007-ah-64a-apache-update--1201212
  11. If we’re talking “we did that not too long ago”, is the current Target for Today GB really different than the Iron Rain GB of 2018? It’s not always easy coming up with something new, but not so esoteric that there are few kits out there for people to build.
  12. How much difference is there between the first and second editions of the book with regards to content? TIA.
  13. Next build is Blue Box of Happiness (Revell kits).
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