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  1. Very cool! Reminds me of the “night fighter” scheme in the old Monogram 1/48 kit.
  2. AFV Club makes a sheet of the material. https://www.scalehobbyist.com/catagories/Detailing_and_Weathering/pc-panel-for-simulating-modern-hud/AFV0AC35201/product.php?pr=1
  3. There are two front IPs in the kit. One is for a A/B. The other is for the C/D. There are two different rear IPs provided, but both are for D models. One is for the Night Attack D, the other is for the the standard D. Neither are for the B.
  4. The main thing in the old thread regarding the cockpit is that the kit does include the A/B front IP, but not the rear B IP. There are also antenna differences, but all the parts are there, so it’s just a case of adding some unused parts, and leaving others off. For example, leave off the two white bumps on the spine just behind the cockpit, and add the inserts with the small antenna bulges under the front of the intakes.
  5. I ordered once from them, and while I eventually got what I ordered , I don’t think I’ll use them again.
  6. I have a couple of times with no problem. Just watch shipping.
  7. Sprue Brothers definitely had gotten some in, as did Scalehobbyist, but must of sold out of their initial batch.
  8. I believe that the Revell kit (as well as the 1/48 Monogram kit that it was scaled up from) is actually pretty accurate, but it represents a very early AH-64A (circa early-mid 80’s), so it lacks a lot of things added over the life of the aircraft. Things missing include the wire strike protection, including the frame around the gun, the disco IR jammer, and defensive systems like sensors and chaff buckets. The Flightpath set helps, but it seems like it’s a bit of a chore to build up, especially the IR jammer, and flat PE frame around the gun doesn’t look right. Verlinden also made a detail set, Cobra Company made an update set, and Master Model makes a nice M230 gun with muzzle brake.
  9. The sprues and instructions are up at Hobby Search. Like most KH instructions, you need to pull the color markings pages out since they are printed double sided and cover two pages, so the adjacent pages usually don’t match up. https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10658602
  10. Yeah, I know what the SB price is. I still think that much money for a 1/32 biplane fighter is too much, especially when armor kits with 3-4 times as many parts from companies like Miniart, Takom, and Rye Field Model are the same price.
  11. I’m sorry, but I think that a US MSRP of $92 for a small single seat biplane is ridiculous. I know people are going to bring up Wingnut Wings, but while ICM is very good, I don’t think they are WW quality. It’s half the price of a Tamiya Mustang. I’m not blaming Sprue Brothers because they don’t set the MSRP, but I think I’m priced out of this kit unless I get a deal, of get it from overseas.
  12. I use Imgur since it’s free. I don’t post enough pictures to make a pay option worthwhile.
  13. Yes, but I think they use the version with the flip out probes instead of the fixed probes on the headrest.
  14. I remember the P-61 being quite a bit cheaper than the B-24s. I’m expecting something in the $130-$140 street price range.
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