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  1. And if you scroll up a bit in the list, you can see the B (Bomber) and A (Attack) series. The categories were independent of each other, so it was possible to have two aircraft to have the same number, but be in different categories as shown by both the B-26 and A-26 existing at the same time.
  2. The B-26 Marauder was retired from service before the A-26 Invader was redesignated as B-26. They both weren’t B-26s at the same time.
  3. I think we’re really getting outside of the confines of a LSP discussion when we’re talking about car and motorcycle kits. It’s gone way beyond talking about (wishing for) a Tamiya 109 and into other things. Maybe this thread should be ended, or at least moved to General Discussion.
  4. I’d be very surprised if one ever came out. The kit has landed with a thud with it’s various issues. There would be a fair amount of work needed to convert it to a K model, on top of what’s needed to correct it, so it would probably be pretty expensive.
  5. Are these 3D printed? Most of the 3D items I’ve seen have a ton of little sprues attaching the part to a little “tray”. Almost all of the parts in the ResKit sets that I own have the parts attached to what looks to be conventional resin casting blocks. This is especially true for the exhausts.
  6. I use Solvaset and have no problems with Tamiya decals conforming.
  7. What we might now consider a “historic” mission was probably at the time considered just another mission.
  8. The current bid is already over $120.
  9. There are other reasons for not wanting to use lacquers besides specific medical issues or insanity.
  10. I don’t have a problem using Vallejo, Ammo Mig, or AK Interactive acrylics. Two things are that you need to prime first and also need to make sure to use the right thinner. The thinner is especially important for Vallejo as the Model Air and Model Colors use different thinners. I spray at around 15-20 psi and thin as needed (even the Model Air colors, which they claim are airbrush ready). There are also retarders or flow improvers that can be added to prevent drying at the airbrush tip. I also like Mission Models paints, which have a great finish. I’m sure that MRP is the grea
  11. I downloaded it. No problems. I really don’t use widgets or whatever, so much of what’s in it is useless for me. It really doesn’t change your “core experience” if you don’t choose to use the new features.
  12. Yesterday’s package from KH. Hopefully the MH-60S will be here soon.
  13. The F-14, F-4, and F-15 series all saw their first release before 2000. I believe the A6M5 Zero was first released in 2000, and was the first 1/32 prop fighter release. So for 2000 and later, it’s Zero F-16 Mustang Spitfire Corsair Mosquito
  14. Not sure how you can put this one back on topic since there is no Tamiya 1/32 Bf-109G on the way. It’s just the standard Tamiya wishing thread.
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