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  1. Looks very detailed. Just have to wonder how many of those hoses are going to get broken in the box or during removal from the sprue.
  2. If you use thin liquid glue like Tamiya Extra Thin, one of the negatives of glueing while using tape is that the glue can flow along the seam under the tape and leave a mess where the tape was.
  3. I stand by my comments and have nothing more to say on the matter. Feel how you like.
  4. Um, no he’s not farther out. At 8 seconds in the video, the aircraft passes directly over two surfers in the water as you can tell by the shadow. Also, when it finally hits the water, you can see a bunch of people in the water further down in the path, including some that are clearly farther out than the aircraft. It looks like if that aircraft had stayed airborne another 100 feet, there would have been casualties. As far as when the prop stops, you land, the video doesn’t show how much earlier the problem occurred, and how much time and control ability the pilot had to put the aircraft do
  5. This all seems valueless speculation to me. The kits will either come out, or they won’t. Until it happens definitively, we won’t know either way. I will say that no one here knows much about JETMADS, and speculation on production costs seems mostly on what it would cost someone to do something similar based on the business model of their choosing. How you think it works could be wrong. Maybe it’s really a small group of guys who have real jobs and only do this part time and as a labor of love, so that there are no wages. Maybe one of them has a job with free access to CAD sof
  6. There have been mentions of the SPACE decal for the GR.4 in one of the big Italeri GR.4 threads. It’s a nice set, but I think the raised knobs and details are a little shallower than the Quinta sets that I have. Price is good, though, and it includes a small PE set with seat belts and a couple of other cockpit details. Interestingly, Eduard also just released a Löök set with colored resin IP parts (but no side consoles) to compete with themselves. For some reason, the panel color on the Löök set is a lot lighter than on the SPACE set.
  7. Mine arrived today. Lots of parts, especially for the cockpit. Fine surface detail, but limited run assembly with just small nubs to attach the tail planes instead of the conventional tab, no locator pins, and the wings butt up against the fuselage with just a spar for alignment. Just a heads up, if you’re used to Tamiya kits, this one will take some work to get together as it’s kind of old school short run. Now just need to wait for the detail sets to come in.
  8. In another thread, they say they match the colors to the paints listed in the kit instructions. That’s why the first iteration of their 1/32 F-117 cockpit had a gray background IP instead of black, which is the actual color. The Trumputer instructions said to paint the cockpit gray. They released a newer version (called “late”) that fixed the colors.
  9. That’s because the Mad Max plane was a Transavia Airtruk, which was developed from the Waitomo Airtruck.
  10. Unfortunately, that thread itself doesn’t really contain much useful info. The sub forum has a little more, but I’m not sure if it’s been updated to included having to use the direct link instead of BB code. https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/forum/91-posting-images/
  11. My pre-order is on the way from ArtScale. The invoice breakdown was 77.87€ for the kit, 2.72€ for PayPal, and 12.87€ for shipping.
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