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  1. A recent software update to the forum deleted the ability to use BB code in favor of direct link.
  2. No pictures are visible. You need to use direct links to the images. The BB /img code no longer works.
  3. Also, the M deleted the upper fuselage air intakes, which probably changed the shape of the LERXs, the vertical tails no longer have the dispensers just in front of them, and doesn’t have the air brake between the engines.
  4. From the sprue shots that I’ve seen, it’s a simple scale up of their 1/32 kits with no added detail or any corrections.
  5. Big discussion on Hyperscale. Some people say that Squadron is claiming that the website is down for rebuilding from scratch, and should be back in a week. Others are saying that they’re done, based on the recent 70% off inventory clearance sale (not that they had much actually in stock anyway). Squadron has been going downhill for years, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they were done. Very little in stock, and high regular prices. Seemed more a seller of books and supplies like paint, rather than kits and accessories in recent time. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happe
  6. Not entirely sure what this means. Does it mean that the kit you reserve today will have parts and markings for both the C-21A and U-36A, or that the kit comes only as a C-21A and the conversion to a U-36A will be available separately?
  7. HK because it’s a simpler and easier build, and I don’t like the transparent plastic fuselages in the ZM kit. The ZM kit does have more detail, although much of it goes unseen, if that’s your thing.
  8. I was wondering about that myself.
  9. Looks great! How strong are the main gear legs for supporting the model? With their multipart construction, and being angled out from the well, I’m concerned they might not hold up in the long run.
  10. So, are people pre-ordering on the website, or is this a Facebook thing only for orders?
  11. Where’s the price? I can see that you can add it to the cart, but it’s for $0.
  12. Is the top photo real? It looks a lot like it’s from a DCS flight sim game or similar.
  13. Hobbycraft/Trumpeter did 1/48 Panthers, but just -2/3 versions, not the -5. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/trumpeter-02832-f9f-2-panther--104839
  14. Cyberhobby. The main nit is that the instructions aren’t clear in some areas.
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