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  1. Sky’s Decals also made an excellent Ayit sheet. There was an early release 32006, and a much more comprehensive later release 32028.
  2. Seems no new info since the initial announcement.
  3. I was hoping that Italeri releasing the F-35 would trigger someone to do a Raptor, but no joy on that so far. Possible that the fact that there is only one operational paint scheme and it’s flown by only one country is a negative for the manufacturers to consider taking the risk. It’s also a large aircraft. Not sure how the 1/48 kits sold, but I’m sure less than F-15s, F-16s, and probably even F-35s. To be fair to the old Testors kit, it was never meant to represent a F-22A. The kit was released in 1990, when the only thing that existed was the YF-22 that the kit represents. A “real” F-22 wouldn’t fly until almost a decade later.
  4. I never claimed it wasn’t bad communications on someone’s part, whether it’s the reviewer or KH, and I don’t feel the need to explain to you or anyone else. I simply stated that knowing KH is charging $50 for the figures alone, it was unlikely that a kit sold for $100 was likely to include the figures as a means of possibly indicating a way to tell whether a kit came with figures or not. I also tend to disbelieve that review on Amazon that the person got the figures. Likely, that person got a review kit and didn’t order it from Amazon like everyone else did. At this point, I’m not sure that any of the kits will come with the figures in the box, at least with the same 50005 kit number.
  5. And off we go into politics and social justice warrior talk.......
  6. You can go onto the USPS website, and if you know the package dimensions and weight, you can see for yourself what the P.O. will charge for shipping. Look at the options available and request that the seller use the option you select. Just be aware that the post office may not always allow cheaper methods like surface shipping to certain countries. Also, some sellers don’t want to send packages without tracking to protect themselves. Ask the seller for the weight and dimensions.
  7. Other that the review kits, I haven’t heard of anyone getting a kit with figures. According to KH, the figure set alone is $50 USD if you buy it from them. If you’re getting a kit for around $100, it’s unlikely it will come with figures.
  8. Geez, it’s almost worthless to give anyone here a heads up about any sale at Squadron because it just seems to bring out the haters. Assume that no one’s interested in a Tamiya F-4c/d for $86.
  9. I haven’t seen US vendors getting any of the new RoG kits. I think that the A-8 nightfighter was out before demise of Hobbico, so it’s likely old stock that was in the US already. Notice that LuckyModel is getting new Revell kits in. I guess they have distribution worked out for Asia, but still not the US. What’s up with that?
  10. Presumably the OP isn’t talking about the A-8 nightfighter, which has been out for a while, and can be built as a normal A-8. Assume he means the A-8 Sturmbock, which is due in May according to Revell. The main difference from a standard A-8 is the extra armor around th cockpit. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235014548-132-focke-wulf-fw190a-8r-11-nachtjäger-by-revell-released-new-boxing-a-8-sturmbock-in-may-2019/
  11. I’d imagine that ride-alongs for guests and student training are two different things. For a student, I’d wager he would normally be in the front seat since that would provide the view he would normally see when piloting the single seater, including the view through the gunsight or HUD for weapons training. Also the student would probably be doing most of the flying with the instructor in the back mostly providing guidance and only taking control as needed. For ride-alongs for guests, I’d imagine that the pilot would be flying from the front seat, mainly because of the better view.
  12. Which model D? Early Ds had 7.92mm MG17 wing guns. Later Ds had 20mm MG151/20s in the wings.
  13. What are the advantages of water soluble pencils?
  14. In 1/32? I haven’t seen any Mavericks from Brassin in the big scale. I know NorthStarModels made a nice AGM-65 with a single LAU-117.
  15. Are these different than Prismacolor colored pencils?
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