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  1. In stock at Megahobby in the US. https://www.megahobby.com/products/f6f-5-hellcat-aircraft-1-24-airfix.html
  2. I think the kit was only released a few days ago. Few people in the world probably have it in their hands yet, and unless one of them can build the kit in a day or two, I’m guessing no one has finished it yet.
  3. Page 8 of the Iwata manual. “The cutaway handle (#19) is a special feature on the Eclipse. Its purpose is to free up paint clogs that may have formed at the tip of the airbrush without removing the handle and the needle.” https://www.iwata-airbrush.com/mm5/graphics/00000001/ECL101-IM.pdf Which is exactly what I said in my posts in this thread.
  4. Yes, Live Resin does make a very nice M134 minigun set for the Blackhawk. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/live-resin-lre-35173-m134-on-black-hawk-window-mount--246286 However, it only comes with the large ammo boxes, similar to the ones in the kit. Those weren’t out yet for Operation Gothic Serpent. At that time, the boxes for the M134 were standard ammo cans, only larger and holding 1500 rounds. http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/239980-set-a-date-ammo-box-minigun-m134/ Fortunately, they are the same size as 40mm grenade launcher cans, except for the markings. Legend makes the cans. http://www-legend.co.kr/portfolio/8120/
  5. I’m just telling you what I use the cutouts in my Iwata HP-CS for. Whether or not that’s what they are really for, I don’t know. I pull on the nut and usually it’s tightened enough that the needle moves with it. If I pull on the nut and the needle is still stuck, then more disassembly is needed. Also, I guess you could tighten the nut if it came loose, but I’ve never had any need to do that.
  6. The only one who would reissue it is Revell and since they just reissued it as a high priced Tech kit, I don’t see them reissuing it again for quite a while.
  7. I rarely need to pull the needle out. Usually, it’s the tip of the needle stuck in the nozzle due to dried paint, not the middle part of the needle stuck in the body of the airbrush. Once you get it unstuck, you can either spray thinner/cleaner through the needle normally, or remove the nozzle and clean out the nozzle and the front end of the needle.
  8. If the needle is stuck in the nozzle due to dried paint, it allows you to manually pull the needle free without having to unscrew the rear of the airbrush.
  9. And that may not bode well for them deciding to ever do another non-WW1 aircraft.
  10. As a note, even if your kit does come with the wing mount cover in the box, likely it won’t have the aerodynamic covers for the wing support strut lugs at the bottom of the gear leg cover. I’m hoping that the aftermarket corrects this.
  11. It’s a nice looking kits as far as plastic goes. However, it’s too bad that KH had a disconnect between the people doing the box art and decals, and the team doing the plastic. There are issues building any accurate Operation Gothic Serpent bird from what you get in the box. In fact, there are some issues even making a non-DAP configured bird from what you get in the box.
  12. Concept Note has been out for a while. Picked one up from SB shortly after the kit was released.
  13. Assume it’s due to the addition of the six resin figures in the M kit. SB is showing $56 for the plain AH-6J w/o figures and $104 for the AH-6J with figures.
  14. In stock at Megahobby. May be a little cheaper at SB, but you’re still probably going to be paying over $100. https://www.megahobby.com/products/ah6m-mh6m-little-bird-nightstalkers-us-army-helicopter-1-35-kitty-hawk.html
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