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  1. Is there an issue with page 3 of this thread? Every time I go to page 3, the screen goes blank after a few seconds, and a message pops up that there is an error on the page. I’m thinking it may be something embedded, either a picture or a video, in a post that’s crashing the page. Edit: Never mind. May be something with the Safari browser on my iPad. Doesn’t seem to do it on my iPhone. Also getting similar “repeated error “ messages from other sites, but again only on iPad.
  2. GBs are usually 6 months long. In any case, the dates are posted in the first post of the GB calendar thread.
  3. I believe the F-15E Bunker Buster kit actually comes with two complete clear sprues because of how they implemented the seekers for the new new GBU-15/AGM-130.
  4. Just got the kit in from Italy. It’s pretty much as discussed above. The main change is a second nose gear leg that has both front and rear scissors, which according to Italeri is supposed to be only used for the newest (2009) Italian bird. The circular black disc cover is also added, as mentioned by JayBee. The plastic IPs haven’t changed from the ones originally released In the GR.4, so you are expected to modify them for the IDS. Fortunately, they’ve changed the PE fret, and have added the round center display, as well as the earlier displays for the upper corners for the front IP. A little flat, but at least it a little better than just decals after you scrape the relevant areas off of the plastic panel. For the upper part of the rear IP, some mods, cutting and using different parts for two of the options, and some scratch building and a decal MFD for the newest Italian aircraft (similar to the later Italian option in the ECR kit). For changes to the center area of the lower rear IP for the same late option, you’re limited to just decal replacements, which looks very tacky on a kit of this price and level of cockpit. No changes for weapons, so you’re pretty much on your own for early last century IDS aircraft. The only A-G ordnance listed for use are the HARMs and 2000lb JDAMs, and only for certain decal options. Like the ECR kit, you only get the standard drop tanks and the non-RAF centerline pylons. Edit: looks like they also added parts for the early center top display of the rear IP with the two large circular instruments on top.
  5. Something like this? https://dxmdecals.com/shopping/ols/products/132-jasdf-f-15jdj-aggressor-decals
  6. Here are a couple of good closeups from Prime Portal. http://www.primeportal.net/hangar/howard_mason5/f-4e_munich/ The fasteners in the darkened area next to the exhaust plume seem to consist of a screw in the middle of a large thin washer. The washer seems dished inward around the screw. The screws on the vertical sides and aft of the hook appear to be screws with a large thin flat head (part of the screw itself). Also a few dome head screws.
  7. Check out the instructions, especially Step 10 for painting the weapons bay. https://www.scalemates.com/products/img/8/6/2/1442862-26-instructions.pdf
  8. Always a chance that Takom or Meng could do an A model in the future.
  9. https://www.themodellingnews.com/2022/11/sprues-colours-test-kit-build-paint-of.html#more
  10. Because of the avionics bays, converting either a D or an E to an A will be difficult.
  11. Looks like the “Christmas Special” P-40B boxing is up for pre-order at Hobby Search. https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10938184 Still not seeing it at HobbyEasy.
  12. Looks like preorders are up at HobbyEasy. $68 for the kit, but another $60 for shipping. Yikes! Think I’ll wait to see what the US prices are.
  13. The Mk.1s had a shorter nose due to using an earlier version of the Merlin.
  14. Guess the second secret Tamiya kit has finally been announced. 1/48 M8. https://www.themodellingnews.com/2022/11/preview-new-m8-in-48th-from-tamiya.html#more The Tamiya 1/32 LSP wishing will have be continued to next year at least.
  15. I’m sure that they’ll be doing multiple versions from the mold. That’s just how they chose to do the build. The kit may simply have flashed over holes in the wings that need to be opened for the two extra wing guns. Not worried that it won’t be a IIb.
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