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  1. Do they even announce new kits at model shows any more? These days, most big companies seem to announce via social media or websites instead of waiting for a show.
  2. Maybe when the pandemic started, no one really knew if there would be other kits coming out, or whether Z-M or other model companies would survive, and maybe it was better to have a one Hs129 instead of zero. Or maybe another reason, but it really don’t matter because it’s my reason, and I don’t owe you any explanation. You asked why someone would just want to buy a Mk 103 sprue, and I provided an answer. Why do you care why I bought the first kit?
  3. I know I’d want the sprue so I can build the first release that I have with the Mk 103 instead of the included MK 101. Before the “but the first kit only includes one decal option, and it’s for a Mk 101 bird” argument drops, I have other decals, or can make something up for a 103 armed aircraft. People have their reasons.
  4. Got mine today via eBay from Lithuania. Very nice kit. Just needs the guns and exhausts drilled out. Now need to choose the color scheme and figure out my paint situation.
  5. I’d say the Hs129 is the easier of the two. Smaller, single cockpit, and simpler engines.
  6. IIRC, the FMS spine of the Polish Block 52+ models is a little different than the spine on the Sufa. I believe that some lumps and bumps have to be removed on top, but it’s doable. Also, you need to use the extended parabrake tail, but I think that’s in the kit.
  7. The kit pod is the ALQ-87, which was only available in limited numbers in 1967. Here’s a thread over a ARC that has some good historical info on the ALQ-71 and -87 pods. http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/310065-eduard-analq-71v-2-analq-87-ecm-pods-kit-648-491-493/
  8. According to Scalemates, South Korean decals. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/academy-12128-rokaf-f-35a--1176318
  9. DN Models makes a mask set. https://dnmodels.com/product/ram-panels-paint-masks-f-35-italeri/
  10. Although I have the Meng (DSPIAE) cutters, I use the Tamiya Side Cutter a lot more often. I think at least as good, and quite a bit cheaper.
  11. In my experience, they are somewhat “flatter” than either of the other two, just a bit above PE. Plus, there’s also Eduard’s dodgy color matching.
  12. This article suggests that it’s a Yak-9M. Other sources say it’s a Yak-9D. http://vvs.hobbyvista.com/Research/Yakovlev/Storrar/ Of the two possibilities, the Yak-9M would be closest to the kit as that version had the cockpit moved back like the -9T. You would have to slightly modify the nose cannon muzzle part.
  13. Ordered mine from the same seller.
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