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  1. Usually washes work better on a glossy surface and dry brushing works better on a flat surface. I would paint, gloss coat, wash, flat coat, then dry brush.
  2. Got my kit today. Only two weeks from Poland to the US.
  3. I think we only got a new B-17 because HKM scaled down their 1/32 kit. They could do the same with their 1/32 Lanc, but I don’t see anyone jumping on a new 1/48 B-24 or B-29.
  4. Looks like Megahobby is taking preorders. https://www.megahobby.com/products/fokker-dr-i-triplane-1-32-meng-models.html Shows US retail is $90, so street price ought to be around $70. ETA October.
  5. Is this being made by Special Hobby? Those sprues look very Special Hobbyish.
  6. Great weathering! Glad to see one built. After years of people complaining about all they had was the ancient Frog kit, I’m surprised that not many people have seemed to build the new tool Revell MR.3.
  7. I think you’ve found the type of business that will do that. Hope you get your money back soon.
  8. Those high prices only exist because they are believed to be OOP.
  9. A can of worms with this one. The Revell kit has better detail (except maybe the cockpit, which is weak and seems unfinished on the Revell kit) and is generally more accurate, but is a real bear to put together. A few people have pushed through, but for a lot of people, the Revell kit isn’t worth the effort. The plastic is also soft with the Revell kit, and I have concerns whether the gear will hold up in the long term. Having both kits, my reluctant vote is for the Trumpeter kit.
  10. I don’t think I’ve ever heard that the Z-M P-51 kit is easier to build than the Tamiya kit. It’s usually the other way around. One thing the Z-M kit has going for it is the price, but at the moment, the $99 shipped price on the Tamiya D/K kit moots that advantage. It’s hard to say no to the Tamiya kit at that price.
  11. They seem to have a very similar first time buyer code to and shop to this place: https://militarymodeldepot.com A friend tried to order something from and never got it. Said it was in stock, but wasn’t. Couldn’t get a hold of them. I personally think these places are all linked to Internet Hobbies, who has a bad rep. I’ve only used Internet Hobbies and won’t use them again. All based in PA, similar online stores, and similar stories under the “about us” tab.
  12. Are those pre made, or do you have to fold them yourself?
  13. Looks like they blurred the engine on this box art compared to the original art. Does it give a release date anywhere of either boxing?
  14. Sorry, we aren’t allowed to simplify it like that. We have to discuss whether it is the WNW mold, how they got it, financial details, where the engine comes from, the box art, problems with the CAD, etc.
  15. That depends. If WNWs was underpricing their kits because it was just a hobby for Peter Jackson, Meng might not feel the same way about it and expect the kit to make a profit. In that case, I can see a price increase being justified. I just wonder if the molds are in the final, ready to start production phase, or if they still have some minor tweaking to do, and if so, who’s going to do the tweaking?
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