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  1. Welcome to the club, It's just a beautiful scheme!! Kent
  2. Yes this is how the windows are supplied with the kit, well see how the frames are fitting now... Kent
  3. Work continues fitting the glass/openings to each other. A tideous fiddly work, working one opening slowly getting the fit right. Micro Kristal Klear is used to glue them in place. The Aircraft Special on the Dragon Rapide arrived today, looking forward to studying it... Cheers: Kent
  4. Some more interior work... Thanks for looking: Kent
  5. I really have no idea why this is, I haven't been able to find this feature with other DH.89's. If I had to guess, it would be a feature of a very early DH.89 - This is a cutaway drawing of DH.84 with the two openings. This is the typical cockpit arrangement of the DH.89. The reinforcement 'bar' of the fuselage seems to be the reason for the odd door opening. The photo on the left shows the wall between the cockpit and the cabin is removed (the reinforcement 'bar' is the only thing left). Kent
  6. Hi, thanks for nudging me Richard! Wow this is a long time ago, as I remember it, I used the kit tyres and made a mold for a tyre without a cap. The tyre tread has been made with some thin plastic card, with some grooves added. A new rim was made mounting a piece of styrene in the Dremel and using it as a lathe. The bolts were taken from a pack of Meng Nuts & Bolts... After that i made a silicone mold and cast the five new wheels. Kent
  7. Thank you Kevin, I hope this was it, smooth sailing for the rest of the project, eah! Kent
  8. Phew, that was a tough one... Been working on the passenger seats trying to get them to look like the real seats of a DH.89 And no, I haven't been painting the 'sunrise' pattern on the seats... After much 'brooding' I came up with the solution of printing the pattern and seam's on clear decal paper. There's even is a little 'wrinkle' here and there. All in all I'm quite pleased with the result Kent
  9. Hello, is there any news regarding the DHC-1 Chipmunk kit? Kent
  10. Great photo Max. I'm not too worried about the PE frame, if it doesn't work to remodel them, I will have a go at casting them in resin. It' s fiddly but has worked before. Colorwise - I'm going with Oxford Blue, I like the name, it has a certain class to it! Same color was used on my Lynx. Kent
  11. Hi Max. Only if the 'Dominie' you will be building has the rear window on the starboard side... The bottom frame has a wrong 'inclination' I'm not sure whether the military version has this window? Kent
  12. How about this color scheme Max, is 'baby blue' any better than 'surf green'? Just kidding... I haven't been able to get much work done at the current temperatures here in Denmark, sorry were just not used to 25 degrees plus... Correcting the rear windows... Hoping the weather will turn, so that I can get on with the build Before moving on: I'm thinking of painting the cockpit light grey instead of british grey green... Would that be a no go? Kent
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