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  1. Thanks Guy's. I noticed something funny, trying to wrap my head around the insides of the F-16. It's when you begin to get under the skin of a 'modern' jet fighter it's actually not that different from a ww2 aircraft. Yes there is a lot of electronics, but there is also piping, wiring, bulkheads, stringers, spars etc. And that is one of the things I love about modelling, getting to know how things work, why things look like they do, what is this thing doing etc... Cheers: Kent
  2. What ever photo's I could find online + 'Aircraft photo file - Lock On F-16 Fighting Falcon' from Verlinden and 'Uncovering the Lockheed Martin F-16A/ B/ C/ D' from Daco. Cheers: Kent
  3. Hi Max, I do love planning the layout of a diorama. It can be a loose idea in your head for some time, slowly growing into something more tangible. The 'process' can take a long time to evolve and this one in particular, has been 'in the making' since the 74th Squadron diorama some four years ago. As the resin figures are quite expensive (to my taste anyhow) I've been collecting them, little at a time over the past years. I 'got' the Model Cellar 'German pilot & Mechanic', the Copper State figures and the 'Richthofen' figure at Telford in 2018, when the 'idea' was still in it's infancy. Some of the figures i have 'acquired' have not made it to the diorama, they just have to go with the 'tale' I want to tell, so they are staying in the stash. Cheers: Kent
  4. I think not, Manfred Freiherr von Richthofen is the figure to the left with the 'Geschwader' stick. The diorama will depict the Jagdstaffel 11 (Jasta 11) some time before the death of Richthofen, when the 'dreidekkers' were still adorned with the Cross Pattée. The later Balkenkreuz was officially adopted in mid-April 1918 (about a week before the death of Manfred von Richthofen). So I guess around the end of March beginning of April? Hermann Göering assumed command of Manfred von Richthofen's JG I on 8 July 1918. Cheers: Kent
  5. I've been working on the diorama setup and finding the figures I want to use for the different 'poses'. 13 resin figures in total. Aviattic's 'Richthofen', four personnel from Copper State Models, five from Model Cellar and three Black Dog. Some of the figures have been reworked to fit the different tasks they are doing. Richthofen, pilots and personnel getting ready for a mission... Two figures handling/lifting the 'half' Fokker. A figure fitted as driver in the Automobile. This is how I imagine this part of the diorama setup. Two figures readying a Fokker. Cheers: Kent
  6. So three weeks into this build, I'm still cutting, sawing, drilling and scratching my way through the interior. Using a piece of plastic drain pipe from the local hardware store for the engine 'tunnel' - Fits perfectly! The pipe remodeled into the engine 'tunnel. The complete intake fitted. Openings in the fuselage + Aires wheel bay. Bottom. 'Furnishing' the bottom part of the engine 'tunnel'. Kent
  7. Thanks Brian! The prize I picked for the GB win: 'The Duellists' - Halberstadt Cl.II & RE.8 "Harry Tate" + extra sprues for other 'projects'. Yesterday 'Model of the month' prize arrived: 'The Duellists' - Sopwith F.1 Camel and LVG C.VI + extra sprues. So four new 'top shelf' kits+, no worries about running out of 'work'... Cheers: Kent
  8. Well that's probably true, in this case the engine wasn't replaced before 2008. Kent
  9. Yeah but I'm in contact with some of the people who has been working on the F-16's. The one I'm building is the only danish F-16 which had it's engine replaced by a F100PW220. Kent
  10. Thanks Dave, I'm already pretty sure, I will be at this for a long time... Kent
  11. Just a quick update on this build. Some aftermarket parts have arrived to use (or not) for this build. Aires landing gear bays. The engine and trolley parts from the Tamiya kit, was generously donated by Nick (Cheetah11). I will be using these parts to attempt to recreate the F100PW220 engine for this build. I've been cutting the kit to pieces and now I'm trying to get everything back together... I've decided to open up the right side of the model and leaving the left side intact (two in one model) For the 'maintenance side of the build, I've ordered some 'accessories' from Videoaviation. Cheers: Kent
  12. Sorry to hear this mate, hope we don't loose you for good? Thanks for your always kind and generous ways, from the beginning you have made me feel welcome at LSP! All the best: Kent
  13. Today the prize from Wingnut WIngs out of New Zealand arrived. What a nice touch, 'Certificate of Appreciation' from WNW's! - I'm genuinely humbled by this honor. Kent
  14. First small 'baby steps' on this build.. The Resin tail has been 'carved' out and I have started rebuilding the interior. Long ways still to go... Kent
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