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  1. A little progress on the Aeromarine. Started getting my head around how to tackle the wings.. Two sets of upper wings... Lower and middle wings ditto.Trying to figure out where to cut to get the extra feet of wing with... Creating a master for the larger wings struts. I'm planning to cast resin copy's with a 1 mm brass rod in the middle, to add some strength to the struts. Master is ready for mold making... Btw. came across a very nice photo of the F-5-L - Large enough to see some nice rigging details... Cheers: Kent
  2. Trying to get this one across the finish line... The 'Portalkran' is painted and weathered. So are the accessories. The 'Rasensteine' have been cast in resin. The pattern becomes visible, when they are put together. Started working on the water drain of the runway. I will need about 55 cm's. Figures are primed before painting. 1 Pilot + 4 Ground Crew... Cheers: Kent
  3. It's really not that heavy, 1 cm thick concrete approx. 50x50 cm's 5-6 kg's? I will put it on the scale once I get it home.... Kent
  4. Concrete was poured a couple of weeks ago, moment of truth turning the slate over from the mirrored pouring... The result is better than I expected, no big air pockets or anything... The division of the concrete slabs have been made with a hobby knife. Some nice irregularities add some texture to the concrete... Surface detail... That's it for now: Kent
  5. The wood grain of the wings is done, continuing with the control cables... Cheers: Kent
  6. Just to document the tedious work of puttying and sanding trying to get a descend finish, the white primer reveals EVERYTHING!. But she's getting there... Cheers: Kent
  7. Progress on the little 'Fokker'... Oberursel engine ready for installation. Some of the instruments are done. Parts are beginning to come together. Thanks for looking: Kent
  8. Looking forward to following your Cat build Jan! Cheers: Kent
  9. Must be something in the water 'downthere' ? Kent
  10. Unfortunately not, they will eventually do some surveys at Grove, but for now I'm just going with my best guess, 'rule of thumb' or whatever, to get things going... The old concrete today... Danish workers pouring the concrete at Grove. By august 1940 the runway's were ready. Cheers: Kent
  11. Time to pick up this build, I still need to make the diorama base. Initially I just wanted to do a base with some concrete and grass. Then I got to thinking, maybe it would be possible to incorporate some details that would resemble some characteristics of 'Fliegerhorst Grove'. So I contacted a fellow modeler/historian Dan, who has been researching some of the German installations during the war. He could share some interesting information on the runway's and aircraft revetment hideouts at Grove. One detail is the rainwater drain of the runways... Another detail, are these special concrete slabs, used with the aircraft revetments and in other places. These concrete grass slabs 'Rasensteine' are still lying around in many places, and are even being sold off second hand... An idea for the garden perhaps? Of course I could not resist this. I have been working on a master for the 'Rasensteine', which will enable me to cast as many as I will need... This is the sketch I'm working from. Using aerial photos from 'Grove' for the concrete parts and a proposed layout of the 'Rasensteine'. For previous dioramas I've used plaster or sandpaper, but this time I will try to pour the runway with real concrete... Lets see how this turns out, just had to try... Cheers: Kent
  12. Exquisite craftsmanship Peter! Cheers: Kent
  13. Tsk, tsk, I found it funny to display the work like this. I'm actually doing five engines at one time, for a larger 'Flying Circus' project... Cheers: Kent
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