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  1. Oehmm, does it look like I'm keeping track of the cables? Thankfully the 'Dreidekker' hasn't got many cables to keep track of, so I just bundle them together with tape. So, after months and months of ridiculos detailing, this build is finally getting somewhere... All parts ready for assembly. Lower wing fitted. Struts and middle wing fitted. Top wing test fitted. It does begin to look like a proper little 'Dreidekker' Cheers: Kent
  2. So the assembly of the 'petite' Fokker has started... Starting out with the top plywood covering, adding the wooden sides. The top cover hasn't been fitted yet, the middle wing will have to go under it. A bit of a mess with all the loose rigging... The nice front cowling by Aviattic. Cheers: Kent
  3. My wish for a next 'Live' event would be to get to see an all metal B-17. Don't know why, an all metal aircraft just appeals to me in another way,. I would love to see either 'Sentimental Journey' or 'Yankee Lady'. Do you have any favorites? Cheers: Kent
  4. Thanks for the interest Gent's, but don't worry, it's just that I wanted to finish the Arado diorama for Kevin and the skeletal Fokker before AROS in three weeks time. Then I will be back full time on the Aeromarine, in fact I can't wait to get back at it! Cheers: Kent
  5. Yeah Baby, together with a late S.e.5a Wolseley Viper Kent
  6. OK, so I guess many of you, especially from the States, already have had this 'experience'. But being a bit sidelined here in Scandinavia, getting a close encounter with a real living 4 engine bomber, is a rare treat. On friday, B-17G 'Sally B' flew in from Duxford to be part of this years Danish Airshow and of course I had to come and meet 'her'. Please bear with me, I just had to share this truly awesome experience! Engine startup, wow what a sound! Nice atmosphere: A group of reenactors with Jeep's in front of 'Sally B'. Fun fact: The preservation society keeping 'Sally B' in the air is headed by danish woman named 'Elly'- Ellinor Sallingboe, wife of late aviator Ted White. In 1979 Elly Sallingboe and Ted White formed B-17 Preservation to operate and raise funds to keep the last re- maining B-17 in the UK flying as the USAAF WW II Memorial Flight. My favorite 'girls' - Miss Pick Up & Sally B 'Sally B rolling in from a very nice late evening airshow. Sally B Cheers: Kent
  7. I havent been able to find original drawings, so I've been using the photoetch set you can get in other scales as a guide. At the same time I have been keeping an eye on the photos of the 'Portalkran' in relationship wit the Jumo engine to get the size right... Brengun 1/48 'Portalkran' Cheers: Kent
  8. So, to finish this project has suddenly become much more interesting to me. Wonder why? The progress has been painstakingly slow with the amount of detailing required in every corner. The rib bracing tapes were done using Tamiya masking tape cut into very thin strips. They were painted in an off-white color, looks the part doesn't it? I wasn't able to fit the first fuel tank properly, so i had to start over, building one a little lower to fit everything within the framework. Additional details are scratched: Fuel gauge, filling caps, instrument with spring mount, map case etc... The top cover in place... The seat is in place with seat belts made from Tamiya tape too. The metal parts are Tom's Modelworks photoetch. Still some detailing left to the cockpit before I can move on to the MG installation. Cheers: Kent
  9. I'm still disappointed Wingnut Wings didn't bring the Vickers Vimy... It would have been a very appropriate way to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of British aviators John Alcock and Arthur Brown's first non-stop transatlantic flight in June of 1919. Well... four months are still left of 2019, who knows, right? Two more right? B.e.2c + Friedrichshafen FF 49 I guess the most likely will be the B.e.2 family as they are part of the Vintage Aviator collection Cheers: Kent Vintage Aviator B.e.2
  10. Thank you all... Your comments seems to indicate the mission succeeded. To make this diorama as life-like and realistic as possible. I also wanted to catch some of the atmosphere of the old black and white photos of one of Luftwaffe's base in Denmark. Unfortunately there are not many photo's from Grove of ground crew handling Luftwaffe aircraft. I'll leave you with this rather sad photo: When the Royal Air Force cleared Grove, they destroyed what was left in Grove. Among this was 165 aircraft, I can't help but think, what if... Today 'Grove' is Northern Europe's largest air base and home to 'Helicopter Wing Karup' of the Danish Airforce. I'm very much looking forward to next year, when the Danish Airshow 2020 will be held at 'Grove' Danish Airshow 2020 Cheers: Kent
  11. Thank you Lothar appreciate the kind words, it took me long enough... Kent
  12. Some additional closeup pictures of the diorama... Thanks for looking... Cheers: Kent
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