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  1. First update of 2021, ssllooowly the Rumpler is taking shape.... The 'darkened' floats with the subtle hex pattern visible. The floats are in place. Wings have been masked off for the shading of the ribs. Cheers: Kent
  2. Did you find the Jasta 11 Dreidekkers? Diorama...
  3. Thank you Ernerst, the 'Portalkran' was scratched... Crane build at the bottom of the page...
  4. 2020 was a rollercoaster ride with great up's and subsequent declines... All at the same time. The worst and the best year in large scale modeling. 2020 started out very good with the finished Aeromarine 75 build and the Hydro Monoplane I around February first. Then the Corona virus hit and Wingnut Wings crashed. At this point the stock was pretty thin regarding WNW's kits, only 3-4 in the stash. So I started 'collecting' what I could get my hands on without having to pay extra. I finally managed to finish the Fokker Dr. I Jasta 11 Ro
  5. Thanks all, I had the fortune that one of my Danish modeling colleagues had the Logbook of OY-DIN. He scanned some of the pages... nice makes everything a little more real! Cheers: Kent
  6. Thank you Max, appreciate it. I'm happy Lukasz put out this kit, it's just so beautiful! It's a rather special build to me, not too much aviation history in the immediate neighbourhood Kent
  7. Passed the Gl. Rye Aerodrome the other day, almost nothing has changed since 1938! December 2020. Cheers: Kent
  8. Final build of 'Annus horribilis' 2020 (horrible year) For the rigging I've used Prym elastic tread and a couple of flat fishing wire. Scratched access ladder. The passager figures, will have to wait till next year... Cheers: Kent
  9. Shading of wings etc.: And assembly has started.... Cheers: Kent
  10. Thank you, I haven't seen those before. I will have to improvise, maybe I can even avoid turnbuckles altogether... If there are any closeup photos of the covers out there, it would be very much appreciated thank you! Kent
  11. After a lot of cleaning up the wings were ready for painting. The silver doped paint is a mix of aluminium and some light grey. A coat of Future to protect the 'silver dope'. The letters are painted with Tamiya 'Rubber Black' Ready to mask off the ribs and add some 'shadows'. I noticed something odd with the anchor points of the rigging, Does anyone know what is going on? Cheers: Kent
  12. While waiting for some deliveries, I decided to revive the DH.89 build. The nacelles are assembled, I was able to add some details to the fuel tank caps. Parts for the nacelles in various stages. Nacelles painted in the night blue color. Parts ready for assembly. Continuing with the wings... Kent
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