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  1. Thank you Steve, there's always some detail you can't see clearly. These photos of the 'Silver Spitfire' are going to help me a lot!! Cheers: Kent
  2. Starting with the wings: The bottom wings have had all their shell ejector openings filled in. A couple of bulges has been replicated. Next up the top wing fuel tanks. The panel with the gun bulge has been replaced with a plain one without any bulges. The fuel 'cells' Closeup of the scratched filler caps. Cheers: Kent
  3. So the research of the cockpit has started... An iPad instead of a Gunsight! I have no clue what this is but I'm assuming it has something to do with navigation, I can see a Garmin! And.. perhaps I can have a little help here, with the box behind the head armor... The long range fuel tank filler modification... Cheers: Kent
  4. Although I have a lot of projects lingering in the background, I have decided to move this one 'up the ladder'. I really wanted to wrestle with this 'Silver Spitfire' when it went around the world in 'The longest flight. But now I have learned that it has come into Danish hands, by Blackbird AIR A/S in Billund. And I also know the danish Pilot who is flying it Casper (PEL)! At the Danish AIR Show I had the opportunity to watch the presentation of the 'Silver Spitfire'. Completely overshadowing the entire show for me, at least. A couple of years I was able to secure the decal from Draw Decal fro the Silver Spitfire. So on to the project, the Revell kit of the Spitfire Mk. IX will be the base kit for this build + the Brassin resin cockpit. But most of all It will involve trying to recreate the polished aluminium surfaces. There has also been a few modifications after it has been around the world. The long range fuel tank has been removed, and I can also see there has been a change of the rudder. I want to 'backdate' it to when it returning from 'the longest flight' back in 2019. Casper has promised me to go and have a 'look see' at some point in Billund Right now it is back in Chichester at the Goodwood Aerodrome for an overhaul... Cheers: Kent
  5. I have had contact with Spitfire.com at Goodwood Aerodrome close to Chichester. They provided me with this photo of the Long range fuel tank of their 'Silver Spitfire' renovation project. It's a modernized version of the first drawing of the tanks, close the one from the Tamiya kit. Cheers: Kent
  6. I'm having some issues with the Long Range Fuel Tanks of the Spitfire... I'm not sure witch Spitfire Mk the drawing here refers to? I'm guessing around Mk.XVIe'ish since these parts are from the Tamiya Mk.XVIe kit. So what did the Spitfire IX Long Range Fuel Tanks look like? Another drawing of a different Long Range Fuel Tank possibly a Mk. IX? The only photo I could find of a Mk IX with Long Range Fuel Tanks... I hope that someone can shed a little light on this subject? Maybe a photo of the Mk IX tanks uninstalled? P.S. (where is the oxygen tank) Cheers: Kent
  7. The red I used is Vallejo Game Color - Heavy Red I don't know if it's correct, I just went with my 'gut' feeling... Cheers: Kent
  8. I received the Special Hobby Grand Giveaway promotion kit late last year. And the build has been underway for six month's. I wanted to build something small to get me back in the ´saddle´ again, in fact I think it's the smallest kit in scale 1/32? It has been quite the journey, in the beginning I struggled a lot, and I had to take some breaks from modelling, waiting for some recuperation. But the last month I'm starting to feel like my self again. I am able to spend whole days at the bench now! Luckily I have almost no long term effect from my brain damage, other than some speaking difficulties and that will absolutely not deter me from modelling. The subject has been the A.186 of one Toné Hippolyte Paul Bayetto, of which there are some great photo's on IWM. The Vignette: The build: Many 'upgrades and a lot of scratched details, too many! But it involved a completely rebuild cockpit and an engine out of the spares box etc. A Tommy's war officers figurine has been adapted to look like 'Hippolyte'. It did the trick, and I'm up and running again Cheers: Kent
  9. Thank you John for your kind words! I hope there will be many more builds to come... Cheers: Kent
  10. I'm still spending a lot of time in the different wards at the hospital. But I'm finally picking up speed, it has been a long journey... The landing gear has been mounted, and a scratched access ladder. The scratched flaps and some of the decals have been applied. Cheers: Kent
  11. Wow! Tom this is great, wonderful! Cheers: Kent
  12. Wow that's some sci-fi stuff right there! I can't believe you are able to do this Anthony & Cameron. wonderful! Cheers: Kent
  13. A couple of days ago I received the book by Ron Stephano... What a treasure trove of information, every little detail is accounted for on the four R4D's Charlene, Korora II, Takahe, & Que Sera Sera... Some time ago I also managed to snatch up a copy of Operation Deep Freeze. An account of the early part of Operation Deep Freeze 1956-1957. Cheers: Kent
  14. I hate to spoil this for you guy's, but when ICM released 'UAAF Pilots' two years ago, it didn't come with a release of the B-25 or any other 1/32 USAAF bomber... Cheers: Kent
  15. Wow, that's some impressive stuff! Lidar Isn't that the technique used to scan Ancient buildings? I hope that I somehow can reward you with a decent result. Anyways thank you both Anthony & Cameron. Btw: I too have a son Anton who is 18 years old... What is it with these young men, the way they are taking off technically? I'm impressed!! Cheers: Kent
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