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  1. kkarlsen

    P51A hobbycraft 1/32 scale

    Very inspiring, just perfect, thanks for sharing... Cheers: Kent
  2. kkarlsen

    Most Wanted Poll / Wish List 2018 (and beyond)

    Don't know if it's the same list, but here you go... Blohm & Voss BV 138 Grumman JF2 Duck
  3. Yes I did, when I stumbled across this photo of a Me 262 'Waldfabrik'. Cheers: kent
  4. Thanks Alan. I will start another Arado Ar 234 B-2 build, sometime in the very near future. One of those found in Grove, Denmark on May 5. 1945, after the German capitulation . But right now I think I need a break and a slight 'change of view'. Ehhhmmm... Too many ideas to choose from Alan. Maybe I should do a poll, what would you be interested in following? Partly started projects/on the bench right now: Avro Lancaster diorama, vehicles and figures (1/48) 'Flying Circus' WWI diorama Fokker Dr I's (1/32) Fiat 500F - Italeri (1/12) Cheers: Kent
  5. Thanks everyone of you. If it had not been for the three months of 'heatwave' this build would have been finished much earlier... It was a tough one, but I'm happy with the result Cheers Kent
  6. In the spring of 1940, the German Reichsluftfahrtministerium's (RLM) Technical Office asked the Arado company at Brandenburg/Havel to undertake the design of a bomber/photographic reconnaissance aircraft to be powered by the new turbojet engines under development at Junkers and BMW. No performance details were specified, except that the aircraft should be capable of covering Britain as far north as the naval base at Scapa Flow. The design work at Arado resulted in the first design E370 (Erprobung). On basis of this design the first prototype Arado Ar 234 A - V1 (Versuchsobject) was constructed and flown for the first time on July 30. 1943. Later it was considered to use the less powerful BMW 003 turbojet engines in two more prototypes with four engines. On the prototype (V6) Wrk. Nr. 130006 four BMW engines was mounted separately under the wings, using the mounts for the rocket boosters for the outer engines. This was to become the worlds first four engine'd aircraft. Wrk. Nr. 130006 was given the code GK+IW and it's maiden flight was done on the 25. April 1944. The prototype of the Arado Ar 234 A (V6) Wrk. Nr. 130006 GK+IW with the characteristic 'take off dolly'... The base kit for this build is Fly Models Arado Ar 234 B-2. The build required some massive conversion to the kit. Fuselage was narrowed. The fuselage was later widened to accommodate the landing gear in the production models. Engine nacelles have a different form to fit the early BMW 003 engines. Landing skids under each nacelle. Complete 'overhaul' of the cockpit canopy and instruments. The characteristic 'take off dolly' had to be scratch build.
  7. kkarlsen

    1:32 scale SPAD XIII C.1 of Frank Luke Jnr

    Very nice job indeed! Good atmosphere... Regards: Kent
  8. Thank you Chris, I'm not sure about the 'screaming' though... On june 1. 1944 all of the BMW engines of the Arado 234 V6 suffered succesive failures after only 17 minutes of flying. The pilot managed to belly land the V6, but it never flew again... Regards: Kent
  9. Still some final things to take care of, but it's getting there... Cheers: Kent
  10. Test <img class="bbc_img" src="https://i.imgur.com/IgKSwWX.jpg"alt="IgKSwWX.jpg">
  11. So, time to get back to the Arado. For some reason I really do not like the decaling part. Even though I'm not sure how much stenciling the prototypes had, they're in place. Cheers: Kent
  12. Thank you for your kind words, gentlemen. I haven't seen any Cats build from this kit, other than the one from the HPH modeller + the cutaway kit? It was released five years ago, in 2013? Anyone have an idea on how many unbuild kits are out there? Cheers: Kent
  13. Thank you, well it's almost becoming a nice little tradition to finish the build off, with a photo shopped picture, bringing it into it's context. One of my fellow danish modelling colleagues has approved the picture 'he feels at home'... He originates from Greenland. Cheers: Kent
  14. What a beauty! Nice subtle weathering... Cheeers: Kent