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  1. Hmm that's actually a good question, I will have to go on another 'fishing expedition'
  2. Grumman J2F Duck... Cheers: Kent
  3. Wow those massive wings looks impressive Tom! Cheers: Kent
  4. Yes they are decals, printed them myself, but it was 'hard work' the get them to settle. Next time I will use my masking method for the floats. Some last detailing: Wing fuel tank. Compass The wings are finally done, I had to do them twice because I had an accident with some 'alcohol'. I'm quite happy with the end result being 'prototype' decals and all... Cheers: Kent
  5. The printed naval hex sheets from Lukgraph have arrived... Tests to see how the decals react to different pre shading colors. So with the pre shading color in place... Progress of the decal'ing of the fuselage. The light grey is also Lukgraph's decals. The colors could be tweeked a bit, but overall I like the result, not too stark in the coloring. The floats with a darker version applied. Cheers: Kent
  6. Finally got around to work on the seats for the T-33... (Some floatplane always seams to block any progress) ' It was far more complicated than I initially thought, but now I have a pair of useable seats. Maybe there is hope now! Kent
  7. Well it's all part of the process. 'God forbid' building a kit OOB... So on to the 'surgery' - Superimposing the different tails on top of each other, Doesn't look too bad. No trouble at all, fortunately the new shape is not too far from the kit tail planes and smaller A little progress on the floats too... I've replaced the struts with massive brass ones, drilled far into the floats. That's the way I'm used to do my scratched floats, adds a lot of 'rigidness' to the structure. Cheers: Kent
  8. Thanks for your hard work Kevin!
  9. Ha! I just noticed - The elevators have a different shape!!! Some more to fix...
  10. Well this built It's turning out to be the same story as usual... I decided to built the kit out of the box and now I find myself rebuilding, scratching and 'hacking' my way through this kit!! Now I'm using the time waiting for the Hex decals to do something about some of the issues with the floats... Doesn't look like much, but the 'nose' has been widened to make it less pointed. They have also been shortened to get the right shape of the front. Found this photo of the construction of Friedrichshafen floats, showing the 'step's and the reason why the 'stringers' are placed where they are. The bottom has been fitted with new 'stringers' and i have created the sharp steps of the floats. The fuselage is coming along, with some minor altercations to fit the MN 1247. The forward engine 'ventilation? has been removed, those in the back have been 'opened' to an earlier version. Four small vents have been added to the front of the cowling. The propeller and the spinner have been painted. I've also started on scratching the converted radiator of the CHFT version. The tail part have been cleaned up, pre shaded and fitted with brass rods to have better control for fitting. Cockpit coaming done and the ring from the HB W.29 has been fitted to fit the new observers seat. Cheers: Kent
  11. Thank you for your kind comments, Glijn, Mike & Tolga, appreciate it! Kent
  12. Thanks! I've added a new 'header' pic with a background... Thanks for looking: Kent
  13. So the next step will be the 'dreaded' naval hex camouflage... I suspect the FF.33L later batches being some of the first to be camouflaged with it? As I understand some of the Naval Hex patterns were 'painted' on in the beginning. This photo seems to support that, looking closely at the pattern there is not only a difference in direction but also a difference in size of the pattern. I believe the naval hex fabric was used on the fuselage and the wings Hex Pattern painted on on top of the previous color? At least that's the theory This 'pattern' has obviously given me some 'headache' but luckily Lukasz Sznajder has come to the 'rescue' and offered me some assistance, printing hex patterns in different sizes, and I am looking forward to be trying them out on this built. Cheers: Kent
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