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  1. That is Great news indeed, maybe WNW will eventually come around to some of the airplanes that I actually have an interest in. B.e.2c, Vickers Vimy, Avro 504, DH.4 and especially the Seaplanes, German Friedrichshafen FF.33 & 49, British Short 184 and the more obscure Curtiss F and MF flying boats. Sorry, but I have almost no interest in any of the fighters or the many German reconnaissance aircraft: Cheers Kent
  2. Thank you Anthony, I know there's a lot of extra work in this project, but I'm loving every part of it... Kent
  3. So, time to begin putting this 'baby' together... The passenger seats for the rear cabin. Two of the passengers in the chairs. The seats fitted into the cabin. Started the assembly and rigging of the tail too. This is my first time using GasPatch turnbuckles. They are indeed very nice, but tend to break, I will have to be careful using them. Cheers: Kent
  4. Thank you all: Richard, Andy, Rod, Miroslav, Ray, Mike, Mark, Gary and Robert. I really appreciate you nice comments! Some of you seem to put a lot of expectations into the diorama. I do not want to 'overdo' it, the main feature will be the planes, as I wan't it to 'mirror' the '74th Squadron' diorama. Here are some photo's I'm using as inspiration for the diorama: Notice the 'walkway' in the front, that would be a nice feature to add. I also want to add a lot of crew and ground personnel. This is a nice shot showing the preparations for a 'sortie'. A car like this, towing half a 'Fokker' is also in the making... You are very welcome to add your comments and suggestions Cheers: Kent
  5. Thank you Richard, appreciate the kind words. It will be some time before I can get to the diorama part, but this was a huge step in the right direction. Kent
  6. Hi Ryan, I haven't sealed the rib tapes. I think it might be a good idea though, if you could find a way to apply it without getting it all over the place. Cheers: Kent
  7. Trying to get the tail struts done... Again, they have to be scratched, none of kit struts are of the correct size, so I had to come up with a solution, adding some strength to the struts... Here are the different stages, brass rod on the left, some added styrene to the right. Cheers: Kent
  8. Hi Guy's - After finishing the 'skeletal' Fokker Dr.I - I've been working on a Fokker 'dreidekker' triple... Three of Jagdstaffel 11 (Richthofen's) 'triplanes' - They will later become part of a diorama counterpart for the '74th Squadron' S.e.5a. Fokker Dr.I's 477/17 - 502/17 - 588/17. I've taken some 'artistic' liberty's in displaying all three 'Fokker's with early German Crosses. A little list of what was done to 'fix' the Roden Fokker Triplanes... External corrections: Tailplane contur corrected Depression in stabilzer's removed Front decking corrrected with filler holes Gun blast protection plates Fuel tank and filler caps Engine push rods and spark plugs and wire Engine access hatch - scratched Inspection window in upper wing moved Viewable ZAK stamp and Werk nr. Axle wing corrected Wheel openings detailed Rib tape added to all wings Internal corrections: Machine gun boxes scratched Fuselage plywood sections scratched Pilots seat reworked with seat cushion Bulkhead reworked with string Linen cover for shoulder belts Machine gun and throttle cables Map case scratched Internal rigging Magneto + instruments Fuel pump Aftermarket parts: Aviattic rudder Aviattic cowling Eduard photo etch set Eduard Linen stiching Rigging: Monofilament fishing line for the rigging Infini Black Aero Rigging for control cables 0,12 mm steel wire for eyelets 0,5 mm brass tube Painting: Fokker bleached linen (homebrew) Fokker Turquoise Tamiya XF-23 Streaking camouflage: Windsor & Newton Oil. Raw Umber Green shade. Richthofen 'red' - Vallejo Cavalry Brown. Cheers: Kent
  9. Work on the tail.. I had to rework the rudder (someone had run off with the measuring tape ;-) After that the painstaking work of cutting and placing the masking tape. Rudder and elevators with a lot of eyelets added. The finished tail, now there's no way around it - I have to start rigging the beast... Cheers: Kent
  10. He, he, I'm still experimenting with all sorts of paint, mostly to cut corners. It's a little bit of everything, mostly acrylics. But I've used oils too, washes, even decals (for the dress pattern). Cheers: Kent
  11. Another possibility... Airco DH.5 with Le Rhône 9J Engine Cheers: Kent
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