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  1. My local The Works has the Haynes A-1 book in at £7.00, I can get you copy tomorrow if htey still have any in stock, or you can get it from their web site. If you have a local branch give them a try, but they can be a bit spotty with what they have. I'm after the Apollo 13 issue for example!! Tim in Bristol
  2. We need an FGR2 before any of those....
  3. What a crazy website shop. I gave up.... Everything I ordered it told me to reduce the number. Tim
  4. Ah, go on with you! Don't sell yourself short!
  5. ARGH!! I just finished scratchbuilding one of those!!!!!
  6. Can't you convert it to a different version yourself?
  7. If the cowlings are wrong, print some new ones. Isn't that the modern way nowadays?
  8. Matchsticks in the eyes!! You know what they say, snooze, you loose!!!
  9. Fantastic, just goes to show what can be done. If you do sell any, I'd be happy give one a good home and to do the final fettling!! Folks are too used to having stuff just effortlessly drop in their lap these days!! Awesome job!
  10. Indeed. There's me thinking I had this hobby sussed! This revelation shakes me to the foundations!!
  11. You are supposed to finish these model kits??!! Wow. You learn something every day, don't you ?!
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