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  1. I suspect that is a Revellism.... The airframe is not altered in profile up to the skirt around the base of the radome, as far as I am aware.... Tim
  2. Sorry I have been busy, and missed this until now. Cracking work, Anthony! Watching..... Oh yes! Tim
  3. At least it seems to have Bristol engines!!!
  4. Good try!! 1:32 was first. Sorry, pip-squeak 35th is the one that needs to clear off!! Seriously, I know, it is what it is. For some it makes no difference, some make anything that catches their eye, but for some of us, consistency in the collection IS important. It was just such a dreadful shame it went the way it did. And I just did crack, I bought a couple of Meng World War 1 tanks, one with a full interior, so even I am softening in my old age!
  5. But what I said was entirely true, wasn't it? If the numbskull who chose 1:35th had stuck with the already fully established scale of 1:32, EVERYTHING would have been completely compatible with EVERYTHING else. I stand by my comment. Stupidest decision in modelmaking history, bar none. In my humble opinion......
  6. Your membership card of the Wiltshire Scale Modellers is hanging by a thread!!!
  7. Just don't go there.... stupid piffling little scale! God rot the socks of the plonker who came up with that nonsense....
  8. I disagree. Quality has its price. You could argue that the prices were not high enough if the business failed for profitability reasons, although there is likely a lot more to it than that. But price was never an issue with me, bang per buck value was extraordinairy! However, subject matter, that I would challenge on numerous counts!! But this is all irrelevant now. Meng will recoup their out of pocket costs with the Dr1, and some profit I hope. But that will be it. This is a one-off, probably.
  9. Dave Bruce Crosby is doing another Mistel job with this kit...
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