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  1. No plans, but the Wingleader publication on the Spitfire 1 is an excellent run down of the changes, when they happened, why they happened, lovely big photos of the mods, colour profiles very good reference for any Spitfire 1 project. www.wingleader.co.uk , Photo Archive Number 1 is the book you want. No commercial links, just a very happy customer, and perfectly times as my granddaughter, aged 5, bought me an Airfix Spitfire for Christmas ! Looks like I might actually have to finish a model!
  2. Rapid Prototyping, eh? The term means relative to making the thing from first principles, where instead of a week, you'd be looking at a month! None of these printing processes are very fast, especially if you want quantities of more than one. But they are FANTASTIC! And to make the most of them, learn some CAD and do your own designs. And none of that whiney ' Ooo, I can't' nonsense !! You are modellers! Download some free CAD software and give it a go. You might surprise yourselves. You won't surprise me! NOW! Go On! Git downloading and looking out some tutorials!! What are
  3. I have had the intake ducting designed for some time, but have never really been happy with the production methods. I can build the ducts on my FormLabs printer, so they will be smooth, but they will cost a fair bit! Anyone interested in that route, PM me. In HIPS, on the FDM machine, they are much less costly, but the surface is not brilliant, and smoothing them is very difficult.... They will be difficult to cast as well, making it a very labour intensive process, which makes them expensive again! iknow Iain hase been experimenting with solvent smoothing, and I have tried Vapour smoothing
  4. Phwoooaaar! Yes, I think that sums up my reaction! Happy Christmas Peter! Tim
  5. Pete, you are a modeller so halfway there already. Try the intro tutorials for something like www.tinkercad.com, just to see the basics. I think you will surprise yourself. Start simple.... You can move onto more capable programs later. Give it a go.
  6. Printing is the easy bit!!! CAD is where it's at.... Practise, practise, practise!
  7. Just remember who took the bullet for you all when the Italeri one hits the shops!!!
  8. I'l get one. Just watched the RAF Top Gun series, some excellent footage! Or should that be metreage nowadays...
  9. You flatter us all. Sales is what drives Tamiyas project plans. Across their ranges, not just one range of aeroplanes.
  10. This kit would almost certainly have been designed from data directly from the manufacturer, so I would be amazed if there are any serious outline errors.
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