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  1. And remember, you are now looking at airframes that are 70 years old!!! I expect I will look a bit creased and baggy when I am that old, especially considering all the sresses and strains I have been suffering recently!!
  2. Not personally but there are several in the group. I'll ask about at the next Super Sunday meeting...
  3. Never owned a car. Always had bikes. Take some advanced training if you need some confidence boosting. I observe with this lot, although I don't do as much as I used too, but training, and then coaching others, is a fantastic way of raising your awareness, and hopefully, safety, without denting the enjoyment. https://www.bamo.org.uk/ Came away a few days ago from Frasers of Gloucester with a new Versys brochure and price list! Wondering how good I'd look in green?
  4. You sooooooooo need a motorcycle in your life!!
  5. Yes, the decals are fantastic! Worth the tenner each I paid for a couple of the kits alone!
  6. You might want a VentAvia or similar in the end gable, my shed gets ROASTING hot inside in summer, with a similar amount of insulation. Only needs to be on during the day, but it keeps it a good 10/15 degrees cooler when the sun is beating down..... Mine is on a timer plug, so only kicks in at 9am, goes off again 8pm. Cost a few pounds at my local Screwfix.
  7. ... and my point is, the contention that Brit subjects are boring colourwise, is boringly wrong. I get bored hearing it. Very bored indeed....
  8. 1:35 never made any sense whatsoever, from the exact moment the decision was made to use it, rather than 1:32. Everything in 1:35 since that moment, everything, has been rediculous!! I agree, there is a staggering amount of amazing products in 1:35, but they are still rediculous. In my humble, very very humble, opinion..... Rediculous.
  9. There is a fabulous conversion on line from a Tamiya Spitfire, awesome indeed. And yes, it was a LOT of work.... http://soyuyo.main.jp/spit47/spit47-1.html
  10. Oh yes. And red, and slate grey, and high speed silver, and dayglo orange, and Golden Yellow, and light aircraft grey, and black, and desert sand, and pru blue, and clear doped linen, and PC10, and white, and bare wood, and battleship grey, and....... Your point is?
  11. I would know!! Deep down, in my heart, whatever smiling platitudes and excuses I might make, whatever cover ups, and cunning ruses to force the perspective, use dinky little crew figures, paint it in pale colours to make it look farther away, I WOULD KNOW IT WAS.............. WRONG !!!!!!! And anyway, I wouldn't have it in the house because I only collect RAF and FAA types.
  12. I understand those bits will be ready shortly, it's the one I'd like to do as well, having seen a real one in Madrid a few years ago...
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