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  1. Exactly!!! They will likely sell a few of both....
  2. Fantastic work...... but you do know you can 3d print in HIPS, the same plastic all the kit manufacturers use for injection moulding? It will make working on your printed parts far, far easier! It will glue, drill, sand, fill, carve, groove, paint exactly the same way as kit plastic. Please, give it a try!!
  3. And now we have 2 families of Lancasters......
  4. Just a note that after some tiny adjustments to the lengths and a change of resin type, the latest set just dropped into place and the whole assembly became remarkably stable. I had to revise the cure program too to prevent bends appearing in the struts. Never easy, is it!? Anyway, I am now happy these work, so all kits sold from now on will have the resin ones included. I will be sending out sets to folks who have already bought a kit. The batch on the shelves right now already have the metal ones packed, so you will have a choice! Next batch, probably resin only. Right, off to print some more struts!! And thanks Iain for the build report, it doesn't look too bad, does it!?
  5. Wait 'til you see it with the dayglo leading edges on!!
  6. A few outlines maybe, but I usually find it is better, and quicker, to start again pretty much from scratch. You might get away with it from say 1:32 to 1:48, but any further, things look horribly chunky going to a bigger scale, or simply don't print if going to a smaller one. Look at Iain's P8 wing trailing edges, for example, he has a monster amount of material to remove, as the original files wee for a much smaller sized model.
  7. I think you will find almost every aircraft subject is esoteric for someone else!
  8. You cannot us one 3d file to print in any scale!! this is a serious fallacy about 3d printing. The data needs to be optimised specifically for the intended final size of the printed item, AND the intended printing process, because the limitations of the processes need to be designed in from the beginning.
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