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  1. If the parts are printed in HIPS, which is the same plastic that injection moulded kits are made from. AVOID PLA AT ALL COSTS!!!! You cannot chemically weld PLA in the same way you can with HIPS, only physically bond it with glues like epoxy or acrylic adhesives, which rely entirely on physically gripping the parts together. No where near as strong as a chemical solvent welded joint. Excellent work Iain, but then that goes without saying!!
  2. Yes, on the pic with the big drop tanks. A right mix, I can see the one on the boom has what looks like a yellow ring around it, but the white is too wide for a C1, closer to a D type. Looks like a C under the wing, but very odd, to my eyes!! Oh excellent work getting the kit into shape, by the way! Bought one on Saturday, so watching with great interest.... Tim
  3. Hi folks, just a note to say all the prototype parts I had have now gone to new homes, so hopefully there might be another build or two on the forum over the coming months. I won't be printing any more, not for a while at least. I am taking a bit of time off while I relocate the work room, as our younger daughter and her partner moved out to their new house a couple of weeks ago, so after redecorating, I finally have some space in the house to work in. But it will take a bit to sort it all out! I will have a bit of a clearance sale too shortly, I have a lot of other parts that some might find useful rather than binning them, so watch this space. The T31 Glider kit remains available, either ping me directly, or look on eBay. Tim
  4. Well done Reimund! Perhaps folks can see now why I have been so reluctant to progress this project to a commercial product, it requires a great deal from the modeller, I have have been extremely concerned that folks would buy the parts and expect it to fall together. I have tried extremely hard to get this to 'work' and I know Iain Ogilvie has been championing the project for ages (read that as metaphorically kicking my ar*e on numerous occasions!! But, I am just not happy about taking folding money from folks for parts that I can't back up, in the way that I most certainly CAN stand behind the T31 glider kit. They are chalk and cheese, and while I am extremely proud of the T31 kit, the F3 set just makes me knot up inside! Sorry, Iain, and I must say I am extremely grateful to Iain Ogilvie, and the handful of others who are tackling this with some of my F3 parts, but I really have run out of steam on this now. That said, if anyone does want to tackle the project, I am happy to send them a set of parts, as you see them here and on Iain's Magnum Opus, FDM printed in HIPS and not that dreadful PLA (sorry to bang on about that, but really, 3d printerists out there, PLEASE do yourselves all a favour and sling any PLA you have in the river, and replace it with High Impact Polystyrene, HIPS, it is the same plastic that your kits are moulded in, so all the aggro you get trying to glue, fill, sand, polish, paint that awful PLA, completely vanish!! There, rant over... for now, anyway!) Drop me a line and I can box up a set for you, I'd ask you cover the postage to wherever you want them sent, and, if you like what you get and think it will be a fun project to stretch your talents, then send me a kit or decals or something, 1:32, British service, in return, and I will be more than happy! I can ping you my current Hannants wish list if you need inspiration!! If not, bin it, and we can both put it down to experience!! Looking forwards to seeing Reimund finish this project, and thrilled Eduard are prepared to run us off some F3 specific markings, that really is going the extra mile for the hobby! Tim, Bristol, UK
  5. I'd be interested in at least a couple of sets too! Thanks for your efforts in this matter!
  6. www.elan13.co.uk do a nice pilot figure in a solar topee hat, perfect for this! Lovely project!
  7. Exactly!!! They will likely sell a few of both....
  8. Fantastic work...... but you do know you can 3d print in HIPS, the same plastic all the kit manufacturers use for injection moulding? It will make working on your printed parts far, far easier! It will glue, drill, sand, fill, carve, groove, paint exactly the same way as kit plastic. Please, give it a try!!
  9. And now we have 2 families of Lancasters......
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