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  1. Different engines, Hispano in the Tripala, Merlin in the Buchon. Buy with confidence, these are excellent. Suggest metal UV legs as the weight goes up a little bit, and the gun/rocket/ service decals are an add on set, but the castings and masters are some of the best I have seen. Got my guns and rockets arriving tomorrow!
  2. I just spent my first day corona furloughed, so in between sorting a whole load of other, um, stuff, I finally acquired...... A CLEAR WORK SPACE !!!!!
  3. I've spent less than that on a car. In fact, zero. Never owned a car.....
  4. Oh, indeed. I'm not complaining, far from it!
  5. Indeed.... Why wouldn't they!? F3 might be beyond, but I would hope all of the GR1 based types will be possible. After all, that was the entire point of the original aircraft!!
  6. That Swordfish needs a lot of work to make it really good, but it does form a solid foundation. Which is enough.....
  7. Two Matildas in one pass?? I don't think so!!
  8. https://docplayer.net/44062970-The-air-britain-militarv-aviation-historical-quanerlv.html
  9. Not just my cup runnething over, now the saucer is too......
  10. Exactly so. Which is almost certainly what Italeri are incorporating. I can't think they would design a kit for just one version, when so many other options are possible with just a handful of alternate parts, just as Revell did. How far they go of course, is up to them, but I can't think they wouldn't do Italian and German versions as well as RAF ones...
  11. Jennings, you miss my point entirely....
  12. Tired of 3d printed parts!!? I won't offer then!!! Tim
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