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  1. Fantastic this is being so popular, bodes well for the other versions, and of course for some more subjects from this period. Being a Brit I'd love to see some Hawkers, Bristols, Glosters etc, but I bet the Curtiss and Boeing types from the 20's and 30's would be just as popular.
  2. CA?! You were lucky..... Nitrate dope and talc in my day!
  3. I must have looked at hundreds and hundreds of Tornado pics, but of course the aircraft is so busy underneath, no picture I have found shoes the ALARM inner adapter clearly! None!! Not one!
  4. Nice one, Centurion! Like it, like it!! Those inner ALARM pylons had me stumped, the adapter tips over at about 45 degrees, so the fins end up pretty much vertical/horizontal. The inner missiles are a few inches, may be 12 or 18, further forwards than the outer ones, and I have not yet been able to track down some real adapters to check. I wonder if RAF Stafford have a pair, perhaps? Anyway, cracking model, very impressive!
  5. CoughSplutterCough!!! That's coffee all over my monitor! I will take 6!!!
  6. Is there a tweak list anywhere? Asking for a friend.... Tim
  7. Same that they don't do 1:32 aircraft....
  8. If Airfix release anything 1:32, it will be a car.....
  9. Thanks! It is indeed, and the lighting in the display makes it really difficult to take pics the show exactly what is going on, what with the overall lighting being really dark, while the mercury lights in the roof are blinding. I must go back again with the kit parts in hand, and compare like with like...
  10. I have to say the thought of a 1:32 Pe 2 has me interested! Waaaay out of my usual sphere of interest, but quite the most handsome aircraft of its type from WW2, in my humble etc etc... 2019 has been a dreadful year in so many ways, but in the 1:32 kit world, we seem to be entering a golden, no, platinum age! Here is to 2020, even if in the 'real' world events are sour and curdled, at least we have some fantastic projects coming down the line, and the promise of even more extraordinary products following on. Happy New Year, us lot!
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