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  1. Guy Martin..... Some excellent Tiger Moth stuff, and I am only 10 minutes into the program!
  2. A pint!? That's very nearly an armful!
  3. Wow, very impressive work here!
  4. I'll drink to that.. mine's a pint...
  5. Very nice, completely Tornadoesque!
  6. It would be easier building this full size, you know.... Wonderful. Just wonderful.
  7. Yes... I'm no engineer, but I know who Marc Brunel was too....
  8. What happens to cause the failure?
  9. HIPS!!!!! H I P S !!!!! HIPS HIPS HIPS !!!!! High impact Poly STYRENE !!!!! H, I, P, S! What have we got??!! The PERFECT printing material for making 32nd plus model aircraft!! Do not mess with ABS !! Am I getting boring? Good!! Use HIPS. Please!!!!! Tim
  10. My work here is done.....
  11. My late father flew on the Deux Ponts to Toulouse a few times... I still won't have enough space for it, but all power to that man's elbow!!
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