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  1. No. Should I? Bit mystified at the comment, to be honest.....
  2. Subject matter rules... Brit subjects for me, and kit quality almost irelevant, if I think I can cope with the issues, it will probably end up in the stash. They are all grist to the mill.....
  3. I'd like a list of what you consider to make it a dog. If I stated that a Tamiya kit was a bag of snail slime, and then just left it without any justification, I bet you'd be cheesed off too. There are those here who might be prepared to sort out the issues, rather than just damn the kit and stalk off.... I'm not expecting it to be Tamiya-like. I'm expecting you to back up your assertion with some detail....
  4. Ditto likewise. And I live 2 miles away from Filton, so how do think I feel about it ??!!
  5. And? Come on, a list, please. Can't just say that and walk off.....
  6. My goodness, I only just bought one of his Terry-Thomas figures. Very sad news indeed....
  7. One day... It is one of Trumpeters better kits, no doubt, but there is a huge amount to really sort out. But definitely worth the effort. I keep telling myself that.....
  8. Sorry to hear about troubles with HIPS. I'm persevering with it, but haven't built anything that big yet... Cracking project!!!
  9. ... and I might challenge the contention that the Trumpeter Swordfish is a stellar kit!! But that, as the saying goes, is another story....
  10. I would be REALLY amused if Tamiya did a helicopter. They would be torn between doing it in 1:35 or 1:32, a terrible, rediculous, pointless problem dumped on the modelling world, 1:35 being one of the stupidest of decisions ever made in the modelling world, in my humble opinion! Made by..... Tamiya!!! Ha!
  11. Spotted at least 5 other members of our little Wiltshire model group, and others!! Looking forward to the fisticuffs in part 2.... Tim
  12. I'd better hot-foot it down to Yeovilton, then!!
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