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  1. The cockpit looks very good all put together. I'll have to remember your tweaks when I get around to mine. Are there not cockpit access doors on the side like on the Spitfire, Hurricane, and early Typhoons? Matt
  2. That's a super scaled back line, and I'm just going off what the hobby store owner said. Said they can't get any new Model Master stuff in, so the few bottles left on the shelf were it. Matt
  3. Because production of them seems to be completely done. Pretty sure Testors has discontinued their enamel paints. Matt
  4. Watch out though, both of them have issues if you want to fit the engine and the cowlings. Matt
  5. I think there's a Mr. Color equivalent for 34079. I want to say it's #309. Matt
  6. That's one heck of an update John! Looks really good with the paint applied. Matt
  7. Definitely the right call as things get worse. Just means everyone will have more time to finish their builds for Nationals in 2021. Matt
  8. I think the Mk. II kit comes with the other gunsight options. Matt
  9. It looks real sitting there in that profile shot. Always top-notch work from you. Matt
  10. Great work! Never seen those louver decals before, those are definitely interesting. Matt.
  11. Glad you're enjoying it. The engine looks great. Building and staying out of the heat. This is supposed to be our first week completely over 100, I'm sure it's the same down by you. Matt
  12. *Drool* Excellent paint work. Sure has a commanding presence there in silver. Matt
  13. Excellent. Guess they couldn't make it too easy for you by making it fit perfectly. Matt
  14. Holy poop! A Rapide and an S-38? Kent, you truly know how to make me happy. Great work so far, looks like the Lukgraph kit is a pretty good one with just a few things to fix and improve. Matt
  15. Excellent work Mark. Is the camo from a mask set, or do you need to cut out each square yourself? Can only imagine my eyes going completely screwy if I tried to do that all by hand. Matt
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