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  1. scvrobeson

    Mojo gone missin...

    Get one of the Toons kits. Those little Meng and Tiger kid kits are tons of fun, and can help get the mojo flowing again. Matt
  2. scvrobeson

    1/18 P51C Mustang "Lopes Hope the 3rd"

    STARTING to look busy? It's amazing that you are this good, and this humble. You are truly an artist of the highest order, with I'm guessing an army of elves to help with tiny parts. Matt
  3. scvrobeson

    Some new Il-76 decals (1/144...)

    Fantastic! Need to grab a set of these for that Iraqi scheme Matt
  4. scvrobeson

    AMC Dh.9 WNW

    Thank you all so much. You are all so kind to my build. Just trying to do my best on these WnW kits. They really give you everything you need, just need to put it together without lighting it on fire. Matt
  5. scvrobeson

    CAC Boomerang A46-217 “Hep Cat”

    Now that is fantastic. Being able to print up your own masks has to make everything easier. And your little tweaks definitely make it look like a Boomerang you shrunk down. Matt
  6. scvrobeson

    1/18 P51C Mustang "Lopes Hope the 3rd"

    Every time I think you've outdone yourself, you find a brand new level of model building. I'm going to need to see some identification, since I'm convinced you're not from this planet. Matt
  7. scvrobeson

    1/32 Trumpeter Me 262A-1a "Yellow 3"

    Brilliant! Really digging the paint work so far. Can't wait to see what the whole thing looks like. Matt
  8. scvrobeson

    'Grace' type two-seat Spitfire in 1:32

    You've truly made it your own, and have a one of a kind Spitfire build. Definitely something to be proud of Iain! Matt
  9. scvrobeson

    AMC Dh.9 WNW

    Work has been continuing on the Dh.9, and it is officially on the home stretch now. The rigging it about 98% complete, and then it's just finishing up the Cooper bombs, and the little bracket that holds the extended exhaust pipe on. Then one last dusting of Semi-Gloss, since WW1 planes were not flat like their later counterparts. They were glossy at the beginning of service, and became maybe semi-gloss or satin as they weathered. Matt
  10. scvrobeson

    Aeromarine 75/Curtiss F-5-L (Highball Express)

    Great catch. That's why you're the master builder, and I've still got glue on my fingers. Matt
  11. scvrobeson

    Aeromarine 75/Curtiss F-5-L (Highball Express)

    Forgive the question, but it looks like only one fuel tank in that reference photo is enlarged and oblong. The rear tank looks like a standard issue Felixstowe tank. I could just be looking at it wrong, wouldn't be the first time. Matt
  12. scvrobeson

    Mr. Paint / MRP Paints?

    He's pretty much the only guy for MRP and Zero Paints in the US. Same with Drooling Bulldog. And he's a good guy that'll answer most questions. Even said he's put aside a bottle of Zero Pink Primer from the upcoming order so I don't miss out. And he accidentally sent me 2 bottles of PRU Blue that had been backordered, and let me keep the 2nd bottle. Good guy. Matt
  13. scvrobeson

    1/18 P51C Mustang "Lopes Hope the 3rd"

    If anyone needs me, I'll be going back to LEGO. This stuff is just too cool. Matt
  14. scvrobeson

    AMC Dh.9 WNW

    Thank you very much, both of you. I'm still working on this one, just doing the tedious wing rigging. Not really work to document, but I will once the wings are done being rigged. If my eyes have uncrossed by then. Matt
  15. scvrobeson

    F-15c Desert Aggressor

    I've seen this one at the airport a few times, sadly it's been painted gray recently. Both the blue and brown aggressors got overpainted. Matt