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  1. Dang it, you're tempting me into buying more than one. Matt
  2. Can't even imagine that wingspan in 1/32. It's what, 3 feet wide? Matt
  3. The DH.4 makes too much sense. Wingnuts has already tooled the wings, tail, and engines, along with most of the cockpit gubbins. Just needs a new fuselage. Matt
  4. Tamiya, Vallejo, AK Interactive, Lifecolor. All fantastic choices. Matt
  5. The Gnome boxing of the WNW Sopwith Pup has them Matt
  6. The Avenger and the Me-262 are definitely at the top. The Dauntless is right behind it though. Matt
  7. Gaspatch has a good sale going on for the aftermarket crowd Matt
  8. Would appear that the brown box Albatri and Pfalzes will be released early December, since November ends tomorrow, and they haven't shipped out. Not that I'm complaining, since I've got enough to build, but they may be cutting it a bit close if they do their normal Christmas surprise before going on break. Matt
  9. About time we get a vehicle in the 21st century that looks like something from a sci-fi movie. Somebody finally takes a bold stance on design. Matt
  10. Woohoo! Good to see a new project starting, and this one will have lots of space to make exceptional. Matt
  11. He's obviously a witch. We better get the dunking chair out. Matt
  12. It's so weird that all of the other stars are round, but the Earth just happened to be flat. What crazy design. Matt
  13. *looks at DH.2, Tripe, Dr.1, Pfalz, Se.5a.* Eh, there's a lot of overlap there. Matt
  14. I definitely need at least one of these. The Ansaldo version is calling my name, and my RNAS/RFC collection definitely needs one. Matt
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