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  1. Well that's cool. This really seems to be where the hobby will be going in the future, and this has to be much easier than trying to do it all from styrene and plans like the old days. Matt
  2. That Japanese Sea camouflage really is just the best looking scheme put on a plane. And you did an incredible job with it. Matt
  3. I'm more and more convinced that you're not gluing this thing together, that it actually is being riveted together piece by piece. You can't fool us! Matt
  4. We thank you for your monetary sacrifice. Matt
  5. Our anthem still requires way too wide of a vocal range. Dang it Francis Scott Key requiring an octave and half at the bare minimum. Matt
  6. The world is a darker place without her. She was a true giant in the fights for equality. Losing both John Lewis and RBG in the same year has been pretty terrible. Matt
  7. Always exceptional work on unusual planes. Like seeing the Baby come together. What do the linen decals look like in person? They seem a little bit coarse on the screen, but they might be way more subtle in person. Matt
  8. Academy also has some of the Accurate Miniatures molds. The only AM kits that haven't been brought back are the F3Fs and the early Mustangs. Matt
  9. It's taking him so long because he's taking full sized rivets and is slowly turning them down into 1/35 scale rivets, for true accuracy. Matt
  10. Which carbon decals did you use? I've found Scale Motorsport ones are usually the best in terms of flexibility and strength. Not to mention that you can pretty much melt them to whatever shape you want with Tamiya X-20A, that's how I get them around winglets and crazy shapes. Matt
  11. The only reason we're down below 40ºc right now is because the smoke in the air is blocking out the sun. Matt
  12. Our AQI was above 350 today, and it looks like it'll be there straight through to Friday. Not to mention that another fire has started, and seems to be moving towards the already established Creek Fire, which would be awful to have it join it. Matt
  13. We're still in the hazardous air band. The Creek Fire looks like it's slowing, but it's still not contained at all. Hopefully no lives lost, but we probably won't know that for awhile. Everyone stay inside and stay safe from the ash falling. Matt
  14. Looks like just one so far in Washington. There was a flurry of reporting, but those proved to be wrong. Matt
  15. Yes, we've been covered in orange skies and falling ash for days now. The closest wildfire is about 30 miles away from me, they're hoping to get it contained sometime around October. Yes, you read that right. Matt
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