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  1. I think the left-hand pilot's left foot needs to be turned in a little bit, but it looks like it should all fit for you. Excellent progress, you're certainly not resting on your laurels after finishing the Pavehawk. Matt
  2. Wow, that is an incredible looking kit. The instructions are a gem as well. The other Gaspatch kits have all looked like top-notch products, good that they're continuing. Now, if only someone can get in their ear about producing a Breguet XIV to go with the Salmson. Matt
  3. Excellent build. Just a shame that such a cool aircraft is seen as the canary in the coal mine for Wingnuts. Wouldn't have minded just a cockpit only kit for the Gothas. Matt
  4. Awesome, thanks Mike! I'll have to go grab a copy of that PE set for replacing little details on WW1 builds Matt
  5. Always good to see paint starting to fly at a build. Especially when it's NMF like a P-47. Keep up the great work Matt
  6. That's the exact picture I was looking for. Little bit of Photoshop, and there's no way to tell the difference between this build and a real Pavehawk in theater. Matt
  7. Now that is something that I never would have thought of doing with a plotter. You really are taking the silhouette machine to new heights with this build. Matt
  8. Is there a generic PE set that you pull the control horns and fabric grommets from, or is there a specific set? Matt
  9. Nice. I did have the year right, I'll look forward to the Ferrari 85. Yes, the 185T would be great to have, especially with the early Benetton scheme. I think only the 184 is available in kit form right now. Matt
  10. Excellent! I was hoping someone would tackle the Lukgraph kit when it released, and you will definitely do it justice. I'll have to pull up a comfy chair for this one. Matt
  11. This definitely does seem like a pretty remedial kit, but it's nothing that you can't handle. And at the end of it, you'll have a pretty one-of-a-kind model, because I don't envision a ton of people rushing out to buy the W.20 kit from Omega for their shelves. Matt
  12. Thank you all for your very nice comments. This is a truly supportive community of modelers. I'm glad you all like the work, I'm really enjoying the kit, scheme, and the chance to try the new texture masks. They really have opened up some new avenues for painting and weathering. The tape is now off, so the camo scheme has been revealed. Now for some gloss, then decals will go next. Please let me know what you think of it. Matt
  13. Every update just gets better and better. That radiator is incredible. Matt
  14. Hellenic bird, always for the exercise in weathering. Matt
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