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  1. Your work and utterly humble disposition always make these a joy to follow. Your "need to improve" is better than my best. Matt
  2. It's just too good at this point. You could tell me it's a real Pavehawk, and I'd believe you completely. Matt
  3. Excellent. Looks like this area might actually be smoother than most of the other ones. It's certainly a labor of love though to build this Tigercat. Matt
  4. It wouldn't be an Italeri kit without some weird panel line mistakes like only doing lines on one side of a part but not the other. You're certainly fighting through the issues though, it looks great. Matt
  5. And without Dive Bomber, we'd still go with the thought that all pre-war aircraft were painted silver inside. And it was out of print for so long that people had forgotten about the Interior Green all over the planes. Matt
  6. Bridge of Spies, technically it's a military movie. Matt
  7. Yup. He's definitely about 6 glasses deep in the Lost Cause Kool-Aid. I am glad that the history community is moving on from his works, especially with such better historians out there. Matt
  8. It's getting a new version in the next year or so. Beneath Hill 60 is mine outside of 1917. Matt
  9. I'd really like to see someone take another crack at the Civil War, even Burns, without using Foote's Lost Cause sympathies. Ken Burns is only 67, he could do a second version of his docu-series. Matt
  10. I've seen guys use XF-67 for the green and XF-23 for the underside blue, but I think the green is a bit off. I'd brighten it up a bit to use it with maybe some XF-4 Yellow Green. Matt
  11. Okay, what is that plane in the last picture? Definitely never seen anything like it before. Matt
  12. E-mail, or Facebook works with Matt. I've used Facebook messenger through the Hobbyworld page, always gotten fast replies. I've been short bottles a couple times, they've shown up later on though. Matt
  13. The Tamiya F4U kits were an absolute dream to build. Matt
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