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  1. Happy to see you back at it John! The -109 looks fantastic, and that's nice of RB to include that little cutout direction to account for the bigger wheels. Never would have thought of that. Matt
  2. Incredible work. A plane with a literal sofa in the back of it. The height of luxury. Matt
  3. Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy. That CDL scheme is calling to me. Matt
  4. That is a definite must buy! Will go great with my Pup, Snipe, and Camel. Matt
  5. Hey, nothing wrong with being 6'3". Just couldn't be a ball turret gunner Matt
  6. Man, that Blackjack is one beautiful plane. Made the Lancer look even better, and it looks so good in white. Matt
  7. Always exemplary work. Everything about your builds is fantastic looking, and so realistic. Matt
  8. Looks like the "Fist of War" stuff that Modelcollect has been coming out with in the last few years. Matt
  9. Woohoo! Those markings look good. Are those two Operation Torch options on the sheet? Matt
  10. Is this a hint Chuk? Something coming soon? Matt
  11. I've got the tram car in my stash, it is a rather incredible kit. It's got something like 1,200 parts, the suspension alone has pretty much every single part the real one would have. Hope you like itty bitty parts. Matt
  12. Very nice. How did the AK colors thin and spray? I've got a few of them to test out on some armor stuff. Matt
  13. I think they said in the email that the blue Bavarians boxing will ONLY be available from WNW directly. They must have a tiny number of those left that they're not shipping them out like they normally do. Matt
  14. I think somebody might be a fan of the Bf-109 Matt
  15. I can only assume there was some sort of micro-cracks or scars in it from the drilling, and the alcohol wiggled its way into them, and you see the end result. Matt
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