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  1. I'm pretty sure that's the blueprint that Arya gave him. Matt
  2. It's easier than you might think. After the restoration of the cathedral was done in the 19th century, they planted a grove of oaks at the Versailles Palace specifically for replacing the wood of the cathedral. They were ready for any eventuality. Matt
  3. Completely forgot to put this up when I finished the build, so here it is. It's the Wingnuts kit, which is fantastic quality like always. Added in the Barracuda resin wicker seat, and HGW seatbelts. Painted on the barcode on the fuselage. added Gaspatch turnbuckles, and a Taurus drainage pipe under the radiator. As always, let me know what you think Matt
  4. Watching Season 8 Episode 1 as we speak. Been a long wait for this one, don't want it to end though. And sadly Westworld won't be back until next year either. Matt
  5. All of those artifacts will be impossible to replace. Hopefully the shell survives, so they can at least rebuild. The cathedral that stood for 800 years may be brought down by a spark from a tool. Tragic and terrible. Matt
  6. Top 3: 1- WNW. Just joy all around 2- Tamiya- see above 3- HpH- yeah, controversial. Sure, they make you work hard to get what you want. But the results are generally spectacular Bottom 3: 1- Amodel- the subjects are cool, once you carve them out of the flash 2- Fonderie Miniatures- the plastic will randomly de-laminate while you're trying to rescribe. That's fun. 3- Lindberg- Will somebody PLEASE give us an updated kit of the Bleriot XIII so the Lindberg kit can be retired? Matt
  7. My will keeps wavering. I've got the Fe.2 in my cart, along with the post-war Bristol, but still haven't gotten them. Money is tight, so really shouldn't. Yeah, it's a fantastic deal, but I'll just have to live with the kits I've got. Easier that way that building more stash. Matt
  8. Woohoo! Got a Camel and Fe.2b that I've had my eye on for a long time Matt
  9. Just gonna point out that the first Duelist kit was of two kits in current production, and the other three have all had one kit that's still in production, paired with an OOP one. Matt
  10. If you don't break the probe off the tail, you didn't really build an F-16 model Matt
  11. Somebody accidentally put laundry soap in the dishwasher, didn't they?
  12. And just like the WW1 planes, it's a great size in 1/32 that doesn't require adding a new wing to the house! Matt
  13. An Australian, in New Zealand, complaining about immigrants.... Let that one sink in. Hopefully everyone on here from the Christchurch area has been able to get in contact with friends and family to confirm that everyone is safe.
  14. Can't even imagine something like that happening in New Zealand. Everybody stay safe, and make sure friends and family are safe as well. Matt
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