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  1. They look fantastic! I've started using the HGW sets too, and they've been really good so far. Matt
  2. Great update! Who's seatbelts are those? Matt
  3. Awesome seat Mark! It really does look like an impressive kit. Matt
  4. Can't wait to see this one once the panels start going on. It's going to look beautiful. Matt
  5. When I hear Congo, I don't really think about needing de-icing boots. Especially since I think they usually operated at low altitude. Looks like a great project though Jennings. Matt
  6. That's looking really good Dan! Really awesome camo scheme on it. Matt
  7. Beautiful paint wok on this one. It's so clean and precise. Matt
  8. Great start Mark! Thanks for blazing the trail on this one, that is some beautiful detail inside of the intakes. Matt
  9. Awesome progress! I like the underside paint from the earlier post, looks very authentic. Enjoying this build immensely. Matt
  10. The Accurate Miniatures Avenger will always be my choice of best 1/48 kit, but that Su-33 does look pretty amazing. Matt
  11. The Chinook is about that size, isn't it? And there's the Trumpeter 1/35 kit. Matt
  12. This is definitely sounding like something I'll get. Now, hopefully a Po-2 gets released somewhere down the line. Matt
  13. I'm assuming that Shogun won the lottery, or discovered an oil well on their property. Matt
  14. Happy Birthday to an awesome member of this website. Matt
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