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  1. Fantastic build and finish! Should be proud to have that on your shelf. Matt
  2. Great progress! Looks like the windscreen might need to be checked though, it looks a bit wide. Tried sending you a PM, but it came back with an error message that you can't receive them. Matt
  3. Always sublime and inventive posts Peter. Love watching your process as you create a new model from nothing. Matt
  4. Great decision to rivet it. It looks much more purposeful now. Matt
  5. Makes sense that their very first kit would have some mistakes and errors in it. I'm sure you'll tackle them without issue though. Matt
  6. Awesome progress Patrick. Really looking forward to seeing how it looks printed. Between your build and Craig's, it's cool to see two different early Forts on the board. Matt
  7. Wonderful build Rick! It looks awesome, and I'm glad to see it cross the finish line. Can't wait to see what's next. Matt
  8. That propellor is spectacular. How did you do it? Matt
  9. It looks awesome Dan! Glad to see how well your scratch work is coming along on this one. Matt
  10. Come on PZL.23 Karas. That would be all sorts of awesome. Matt
  11. Ah, that answers my questions then. Thank you Matt
  12. Looks great Mike! Did you have to bulk up the tail skid at all, or does it hold the weight without issue? Wouldn't want to risk a collapse down the line. Matt
  13. Brilliant work John. I'm so glad that you're still able to work on a model Matt
  14. One of these days, I'm going to have to rivet a kit. Your work always makes them look better, and more authentic to my eye at least. I know it's not for everybody, but I like the way it looks on your builds. Does doing the pastel wash at this point cause any issues down the line when it comes to paint? Does the detail ever get filled in? Matt
  15. Brilliant work so far. Don't know how I missed this one so far. I do enjoy the mismatched nature of so many late-war German aircraft. Mat
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