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  1. If you don't have it yet, the Mushroom book is definitely worth picking up. It's a fantastic reference on the big Hind. Matt
  2. Fantastic as always Oliver! Hope I'll get to see this beauty at the end of the year at OrangeCon Matt
  3. Looks like the Mushroom Hind book Matt
  4. Definitely like the gray. The two tone brown though would look good on that Frelon.... Matt
  5. It's all available on Hulu for those that have it. Matt
  6. HobbyworldUSA is where I get all of my Mr.Paint stuff from, and their shipping isn't too ludicrous. Matt
  7. Incredible work. Had to have the same shoulder surgery done as you, it wasn't fun. At least it was on my left arm, so I could still function using my dominant hand. Can't wait to see the Albatros all done up. Spectacular like all your work. Matt
  8. Always incredible work. Almost a shame to see some of it covered up by paint, but I know it's accurate. Matt
  9. Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments on my build! Glad that people enjoy what I did with it. Still a lot of WnW kits to get through, and a lot to improve on. Matt
  10. The dragon was heard at the very end of the episode, after Misandei says Dracarys. So expect some flames to start the next episode. Matt
  11. Did find one, it does look like the earlier Razorback. The one from the 60s/70s was a bit more plump, and didn't have the black outline. Definitely a fantastic build though, don't let my pedantic comments distract from that. I doubt anyone but a hardcore Razorback would even know they've had different logos. http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/list_by_team/606/Arkansas_Razorbacks Matt
  12. What's the difference between dedication and insanity? Matt
  13. Hey Colin, Awesome job on the build. One question though. What year is the F-100 supposed to be from? That Arkansas Razorback logo didn't come around until 2001 is why I'm asking. Matt
  14. Saw it Opening Night, saw it again on that weekend, have plans to see it a third time early next week. Worth it every time. An excellent conclusion to the Infinity Saga. Couple of theater chains did all 22 movies in a row, would have taken 49 hours to get through all of them. That's dedication. Matt
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