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  1. It looks fantastic with the markings added to it. Have you thought about using a 2k clear coat like car modelers do? Could give the thing a super bright shine for all of eternity. Matt
  2. Looks fantastic Rick! The changes in the nose are subtle, but really do add a lot. Gotta love the industrial size option for adding epoxy. Matt
  3. I think they're re-releasing it because of the new Pup re-release that's coming out. Matt
  4. Simply sublime work Peter, as always. Matt
  5. Delightful work. Always like the personal notes and stories from the actual pilots involved. Matt
  6. They explicitly said this release would be for 2020. So it's just an announcement, definitely not a ready for release kit. BRANDENBURG! BRANDENBURG! BRANDENBURG! PLEASE! Matt
  7. BRANDENBURG! BRANDENBURG! BRANDENBURG! BRANDENBURG! If I try hard enough, it will come into existence. Matt
  8. I saw their chrome, just didn't know if it was spot on. I'll see how it looks on your build before taking the plunge. Matt
  9. Someone figured out that you don't have to pay for registration and smog inspection on it? New commuter Matt
  10. What color are you planning to use for the main body? I've got an MP4-27 in the stash, but not sure which metal shade would be best to replicate the shade of those McLarens. You have any ideas? Matt
  11. Thanks for taking this conversion on! Because of your work and sacrifice, one will obviously be announced as soon as you're done with it. Matt
  12. Ooh, just about painting time! Can't wait to see how that looks. The whole build is absolutely exquisite! Matt
  13. Welp, now I want to do one. Especially since the 956/962 had so many marking options with privateer teams. Keep up the great work! Matt
  14. Fantastic work! And it looks like you've got your helper in the back for quality control. Matt
  15. Been meaning to do it for awhile, but finally picked up a second airbrush. Been looking at the trigger type brushes as my arthritis gets worse, and I think it would be more effective for large coverage stuff like primers and clear coats. So, grabbed a GSI Procon Boy off Spraygunner, and with a nice discount, it was in my hands yesterday. Even though I got it for large coverage stuff, the test sheet really showed it can do incredibly fine work, and that's even without fine tuning the paint or pressure. Matt
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