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  1. I read on another forum that the wing pads were at different locations on early vs late Dr.1s, so one would remove the set that isn't appropriate.
  2. They must have copied it off the WNW site. This one has the flare pistol next to the cockpit. It also says on the box 'This is not a toy', so it must be good. May just have to get me one.
  3. Post away, Ray. Thanks for all the gracious comments, everyone.
  4. Here is my latest scratchbuild, a Thomas Morse S4C, known as the Tommy. I think this is a significant plane as most WW1 aviators had time in one. This 1/32 scale rendering has a Vector resin engine and a turned aluminum cowling. Turnbuckles by Gaspatch and Eduard. Insignias painted on. Thanks for looking in. Comments welcome.
  5. Great result, Mike. I've been following this on the other forum and your detailing really brings this simple plane to life.
  6. Nice camo streaking on the other one. Good progress here. I, too, will be starting one next week, so I'll be following along.
  7. That throne in the office looks really....industrial!
  8. Looks like a nice, clean example. Nice engine. I'm used to seeing them all gunked up.
  9. Thank you to all that commented and left 'likes'. This was a slow build due to being lower priority, but I like the results and glad to have it finished.
  10. Who couldn't love a biplane? This is a Dutch trainer that was confiscated when the Germans invaded The Nederlands. Overall a nice build, but the soft plastic in the kit makes for very fragile interior tubing and landing gear.
  11. Thank you to all those leaving comments. Well Hubert, I may have screwed up by putting the tank and plating behind the pilot. I checked other pictures I have and none were as clear as the one you posted. A detail I overlooked, apparently. I wonder if the tank had to be moved when floats were fitted to maintain the center of gravity?
  12. Thanks, Kevin, and all those who dropped by.
  13. Guess its time for an update now. I have gotten some paint on the fuse and attached the landing gear and tail surfaces. Landing gear detail Currently finishing up some details on the fuse and working on the wings.
  14. I believe it's called Pledge Floor Gloss now. I'm not sure, as I still have two bottles of the Future and haven't needed to buy more.
  15. A small update Tail surfaces - the black hinges are simulated with tape. The control horns need to be installed before rigging can start. In the process of making metal panels for the forward fuse. Lots of small details to see to now.
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