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  1. I have completed my build of the SZD-9 Bocian D sailplane. This is an Ardpol resin model in 1/48 scale. I added a few small details in the cockpit. The 2-place Bocian was developed in the late 1940s / early 1950s. The D variant was optimized for competitions and has held as many as 29 world records. Thanks for looking.
  2. I use an air compressor to inflate my tires. (I mean tyres). No way I could just 'blow them up'.
  3. Your fuselage planking is excellent. The whole display looks great!
  4. Emoji accepted. Thanks, everyone who commented and reacted.
  5. You wouldn't need all those cutters if you just twisted the parts off the sprues.
  6. Completed after 6 months - my Avro 504. This model depicts Avro 504, number 398, as flown by CW Wilson and Rabagliatti on August 25, 1914, when Rabagliatti shot down a German Taube with his rifle, while kneeling in the front seat, to claim the RFC's first air to air victory. I have used a Taurus Oberursel U.0, converted to a Gnome Lambda engine, a Copper State Models pilot figure, Airscale and Archer transfers, and a few Gaspatch turnbuckles. Everything else is made from elemental shapes of styrene, wood, and metal. There is a build thread here: I also have a more detail
  7. search on Bucker jungmeister walkaround find the net-maquettes.com result and look in there. Numerous pictures around the cowling.
  8. A couple of shots of the in-progress prop. Prop made by laminating layers of paper (report cover stock) with CA glue, then sanded to shape. prop hub (not weathered)
  9. Astounding! They even come back together! that French technology...
  10. That Clerget goes so fast it bends the prop! So, which of the two carousels are rotating the right way for the northern hemisphere?
  11. Hmmm... only $99 on Amazon. I don't get it. (And I won't)
  12. Thanks for posting, Craig and Kevin. And thanks for following, everyone that reacted. Craig, I really don't use any 'special' lathe tools, but I do grind them myself if needed, usually due to them needing to be small. In this case, the inside of the cowling was cut with a 1/8" square tool, high speed steel, with a rounded end. The tool holder set the tool at a 30 deg angle. The outside of the cowling was done with a hand file and a couple of hours. I can take pictures if you want, but the tool I used on the inside is a standard shape, just small. My lathe is one of those
  13. Last update for this thread. Upper wing pulley and rigging detail. Pitot tube detail. Engine mounted. Nice Taurus item. Tail rigging detail. Underside view. Lots of details. Only a couple more details and the prop to do, so it will be posted in the RFI section soon. Thanks for following along.
  14. Your project is really coming along well, Brian. I have one of these in the stash to do soon. Do the landing gear have a good, positive mounting point where the forward strut arms attach to the wing/fuse location?
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