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  1. The smoke ring camo is extremely easy to do. Just dab on the paint in the pattern you want using one of these brushes.
  2. Italian Duilio Fanali was a Spanish Civil war veteran and was in Libya before finding himself on Sicily flying bomber escort missions to Malta in the plane I have depicted here. He has 4 victories to his credit, along with many assists. He was the commander of his unit on Sicily. He flew #155 from October 1942 to April 1943 when his unit upgraded to the C.205. The kit is the Hasegawa Macchi C.202. I also used the Eduard wheel well kit, resin wheels, and Stormo decals. The smoke ring camo was brush painted. The kit has relatively few parts, but builds up nicely. I hope you enjoy the pictures. Thanks for viewing.
  3. Thanks to all that posted. That's a good idea, Pete!
  4. A fine looking FW190. Subtle weathering really makes the colors stand out.
  5. Yes the wing is warped. Something I didn't really notice until it was too late.
  6. I present my Albatros D.III here. I wanted to build a subject that has a lot of woodgrain, as I wanted to try wood grain decals. The Albie was a natural choice, but I couldn't decide which one to depict, so I decided to make a factory fresh bird, hence, minimal weathering and bright colors. I scratchbuilt the wheels and the prop and added numerous other details. The base depicts a factory floor. I hope you enjoy the pictures, and comments and criticisms are welcome. Having trouble posting pictures, so I'll try to add more later.
  7. An awesome build, Przemol. Great wood tones with subtle woodgrain.
  8. Separating those seat belts from the supports looks like a dicey proposition. I'm interested to see your notes on working the 3D resin stuff. Is the resin flexible in any way?
  9. Here's a few cockpits from my WW1 scratchbuilds. Thomas Morse S4C Hanriot HD2 Fokker V23 prototype Avro 504 These are scratchbuilds so you won't see another one like any of these.
  10. Completion Day has arrived! The fit on this kit was excellent and the decals conformed to some very curved surfaces, but with some setting solution, all went down well. The Immense Miniatures figures were reposed without too much trouble. This was a fun build for the group build. Enjoy the pictures.
  11. A version of Art Scholl's Super Chipmunk would be awesome.
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