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  1. kensar

    Hasegawa Nakajima Ki 84 Hayate

    Very nice build here. One question - there is a lot of paint chipping on the bottom and almost none on the top. Was the paint on the bottom more prone to chipping?
  2. kensar

    Anyone heard from SW lately?

    I have just received a message from SW. They are very busy with the Yak-9 project, hence the delay in replies.
  3. kensar

    Anyone heard from SW lately?

    Yes, I replied to an email thread that was started earlier, so the address is correct. I also PM'ed him through this forum. Still no reply.
  4. Don't know if this lack of communication is typical and I know they have been working on a new release, but I ordered an engine and haven't heard anything from them.
  5. Excellent scratchbuilding!
  6. kensar

    Monogram Piper Tri Pacer VH-OLD

    Very nice build, Eric. I like it very much.
  7. kensar

    ICM Bücker Bü-131D "Red 102"

    Nice result, Jan. I see you've added some detail parts - nice touch. I have the same kit on my bench currently. Did you find any specific problem areas?
  8. kensar

    LS-8 sailplane completed

    Thanks for all the comments and 'likes'. I used Tamiya pure white spray can for the color and Future for a clear coat to seal the decals. We got through the hurricane without much fanfare here in western NC. The eastern part of the state took a hit.
  9. RoG 1/32 LS-8 sailplane completed while waiting for the hurricane rain to get here. This kit sat on the shelf for about 8 years until I found something suitable for the pilot figure. It is a re-posed slot car driver figure.
  10. kensar

    Is there a site giving 2nd hand value for kits?

    Checkaflip does all the work for you.
  11. This is a low parts count model with most of the work in the cockpit. It sat idle for years until I found a civilian pilot figure, which is a 1/32 slot car driver figure from Immense Miniatures. It's the first figure I've done, so take that into consideration. Thanks for looking!
  12. kensar

    1950 Ford pickup hotrodded

    It has a Ford V8 with Ardun heads.
  13. kensar

    1950 Ford pickup hotrodded

    I got inspired to build this after seeing one rotting away in a neighbor's front yarn (this is North Carolina). Took this pic before the kudzu claims it. So I found this kit. What a box of horrors. After a lot if work and scratchbuilding... The bed has strips of walnut veneer in it. So, I guess it turned out okay.
  14. kensar

    ICM 1/32 Bucker Bu131 Dutch version

    The fit is very good. Being a new tool, the detail is crisp and sharp. Minimal cleanup is needed. One gripe I do have is the plastic is extremely soft. This makes the fuse tubing parts very fragile and easily broken when removing from the sprues and when handling. The locating pins are very small and this makes for minimal gluing surfaces and low bonding strength in some joints. But overall I really like this model. Relatively low parts count for the detail. And it's a biplane!
  15. This is a short build thread for a ICM Bucker Bu131 in 1/32 scale. I haven't seen one finished yet but one or two threads were started. I have decided to do a Dutch training version. The plane I will model was captured by the Germans when The Netherlands were overrun. The overall color was a turquoise blue/gray shade. The aluminum parts appear to be a natural aluminum finish based on the photo. I have enhanced some details and will try to make the cowling removable to view the engine.