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  1. Thanks, Kevin, and all those who dropped by.
  2. Guess its time for an update now. I have gotten some paint on the fuse and attached the landing gear and tail surfaces. Landing gear detail Currently finishing up some details on the fuse and working on the wings.
  3. I believe it's called Pledge Floor Gloss now. I'm not sure, as I still have two bottles of the Future and haven't needed to buy more.
  4. A small update Tail surfaces - the black hinges are simulated with tape. The control horns need to be installed before rigging can start. In the process of making metal panels for the forward fuse. Lots of small details to see to now.
  5. Nice progress, Mike.
  6. Continuing with this build... Skinning the turtledeck with 0.010" styrene. Longerons are embossed into the skin. Tail surfaces made. Hinges are metal eyelets. A hinge rod will pass through the eyelets to assemble them together, as on the real thing. Attached the fuse bottom, which is vacuum formed. Fuse sides. That's one way to skin a Thomas.
  7. Finished this simple resin kit. I like these 1/48 Ardpol sailplane kits. Too bad they appear to be out of business. Thanks for looking.
  8. Just a brief update after a break for the holidays. Added longerons to the fuse bottom, as they are visible through the cockpit opening.
  9. Nice Albie. Especially considering its your first WW1 plane. Rigging done well!
  10. I believe that was a Bucker Bu181. My Eduard Bf 108 - to whet a few appetites.
  11. Update Making slow progress on this as it is not my top priority build. The recent progress stems from receiving a Silhouette cutting machine for Xmas and had to try it out, making painting masks for the number '75' for the fuse. Dutch roundels are from DutchDecals - very nice decals - opague and reacts well to softening fluid. Will need safety harnesses to continue with this one.
  12. I want a house hippo! And don't tell me a 1/32 LANCASTER is more 'reasonable'.
  13. So, has anyone actually completed their Bucker yet?
  14. An update - the pilot has a place to sit now. The seat cushion is from Milliput, the leather covering on the back and the seat belts are masking tape.
  15. Very nice scratchbuild, West. I, too, am interested in sailplane models and built the Revell ASK and LS-8, but I have found many more subjects in 1/48 scale. I also agree with you - the modern 'glass slippers' are not as interesting as the vintage and classic designs.
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