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  1. Thanks, Kevin. What did I miss in the posting?
  2. I have gotten the lower wings to a point where I need the fuselage to align some details, so I have started on the fuselage. The seats are mounted on two rails running through the fuselage. The seat backs are aluminum and the rest is wood, except for the control stick assembly. The basic fuse sides. Don't know why these links are showing and not the pictures?
  3. Thanks, Kevin. I was wondering why it wasn't working.
  4. I have made the tail surfaces by laminating 0.010" skins embossed with the rib detail onto 0.020" cores. I have cut the ailerons free from the wing and made the pulleys for the aileron cable system. The ailerons are operated by an external cable system. The pulleys were made on my lathe. Thanks for looking.
  5. Thanks for all the kind comments, everyone. I think this is working out to be the best scratchbuild I have done yet.
  6. A small update. Still working on the wings. The upper wing roughed out. More progress Tips are made from laminated strips and sanded to shape. Reginald is waiting patiently.
  7. Starting my 4th scratchbuild - a 1/32 Avro 504. I have chosen to build one of the early 504s, specifically, one piloted by CW Wilson when his observer shot down a German Taube to claim the RFC's first air to air victory. Here is a picture of an existing 504 similar to the one I will be building. I have started with a Taurus Oberursel U.0 converted to a Gnome Lambda. A simple conversion as the bolt pattern on the front of the engine needs to be changed. The engine is larger than that of my reference drawings, s
  8. Just finished this AMT Havoc. A somewhat difficult kit because of warped parts and sketchy attachment points. Aftermarket wheels and gun barrels. Some stenciling by Foxbot decals. The main markings are the poor kit decals that are dot matrix printed and off register, but appear accurate. Overall not a bad shelf model of a under-recognized aircraft. Thanks for looking.
  9. What time did it hit? I must have missed it. In western NC.
  10. I use them for shims and for mixing epoxy glue on. Also put drops of CA glue on them to dip applicator tip into.
  11. Awesome build of a Fokker, Gazz, as is that model fly on the wing.
  12. Thanks for posting the comment, dodgem37.
  13. Thanks to all who left comments and reactions. This was an enjoyable build with a few challenges, but nothing overwelming. The light weathering doesn't show up at all in the photos. The black color makes the white very bright.
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