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  1. Yes indeed, Happy Canada Day! Cheers, Tom
  2. That is a BIG improvement! Cheers, Tom
  3. Dennis, you’re making great progress, and I love seeing it come together! John, I don’t recall doing anything specific about the stabilizer fit in my build, but I might have thinned the interlocking tabs to improve it. For the instrument panel gap, I can barely see anything, and I built mine without the inner pane. Hope this helps, Tom
  4. Dennis, you are way too kind! John is correct: I just fitted the cowling. I love how your build is progressing! Cheers, Tom
  5. Karim, Truly, your work is always impressive! I love what you’ve attained with that wood finish, and the complete airframe is a work of art. Cheers, Tom
  6. Magnificent work and great attention to detail! Very inspiring. Cheers, Tom
  7. Tim, This is taking shape nicely! Cheers, Tom
  8. Me too! Wonderful work. Cheers, Tom
  9. Nice work on the office! And I love the tinted windows that Meng provides. Cheers, Tom
  10. Beautiful work! What is it with these helo builds that are currently under way? They are all fantastic. Cheers, Tom
  11. Brian, nice work indeed! It’s great to see your progress with this. Cheers, Tom
  12. They did not. However, they did add canopy masks. Cheers, Tom
  13. They did release color sets in 2006 for instrument panels: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/eduard-33012-ah-64a-apache-dashboard--607048 I’m attempting to reproduce this using my Silhouette editor. Cheers, Tom
  14. I have the kit, the Master cannon and antenna, and Armory wheels, but the holy grail would be the Eduard interior and exterior sets. I am curious if Eduard would re-release these, considering they released several sets for the Academy AH-1Z. Cheers, Tom
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