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  1. Just saw this. It is such a powerful presentation! Your build and photography is exceptional. Cheers, Tom
  2. I love both your build and the airframe! Beautiful work. Cheers, Tom
  3. Great progress Brian! That cockpit is looking really good. Cheers, Tom
  4. This is looking like an epic build Cal! What a great subject. Looking good so far. Cheers, Tom
  5. I just visited Damian’s website and saw he and his wife have COVID. I wish them both a safe, rapid, and full recovery. Sincerely, Tom
  6. Just got caught up Woody, and you are off to a stellar start! Cheers, Tom
  7. Haha that’s great! I’d love to see more builds of this kit, and you’d do a exceptional job. Plus I’d love to see IBG release more kits! Cheers, Tom
  8. I saw your announcement on the website. Damian, I wish you and your wife a full and rapid recovery from COVID. Sincerely, Tom
  9. Thank Thor! I love it as well. Not too late to get the kit! Cheers, Tom
  10. Yesterday I assembled the wings. The kit provides a few options: one, two, or no bombs per wing, and the presence or absence of wing guns. I'm building mine with no bombs and the guns. The kit provides locating holes for the machine guns; don't use them because they won't line the barrel up with the hole in the wing. Instead, the kit instructions show using a photoetch frame for the guns, and an outline on the lower wings for placement. I used this and the barrels will line up. I'm using the Master barrels so I've cut off the kit parts. The Master (AM-32-120) set also includes the ring and bead sight and a detailed venturi tube. The wings fit together really well, but I removed the locating pins to make it easier. The photos show the unsanded wings just placed on the fuselage to show how well everything goes together: Cheers, Tom
  11. Thanks Alex! You wouldn’t be sorry. Cheers, Tom
  12. Brian, It would be great to see you work your magic with this kit. Foiled perhaps? Cheers, Tom
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