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  1. Lol, as opposed to just being tied to a fixed target on an active firing range? Don’t give those French fighter jocks any ideas!
  2. Hey Pete, kinda OT but check out this picture of a couple of AH-6's flying this weekend as part of a large scale exercise down in VA. Note the guy in back! Dion't think I've ever seen someone in the back of an AH-6, the power these aircraft have is truly amazing. Also, note what I think is a new style SATCOM antenna on the tailboom, fed by an external cable. That might be applicable to your MH-6 build? The article this came from is here: Navy SEALs And Army Night Stalkers Captured In Amazing Photos During Virginia Exercise (thedrive.com) Lots of great pict
  3. Right? Same goes for those suits the Astronauts are wearing. Looks like they went to Tractor Supply and purchased a pallet of farmer's high-topped rubber mud boots.
  4. And I thought getting dropped for a hundred or so push-ups in Infantry School was somewhat tough. The French AF take hazing to another level. A pilot recruit was blindfolded and strapped to a target as fighter jets fired on him in a brutal hazing ritual, says legal complaint (yahoo.com)
  5. Lucky guy. I looked it up since I’m interested in doing a desert war subject as well. Prices on Amazon start at $575. Sadness...
  6. Centurwions! Monty Python - Biggus Dickus - YouTube
  7. I'm sure you won't have to wait long for the aftermarket folks to jump in. I'm pleasantly surprised that they included all the extra bits for the later version Snake (solid nose, twin weapon turret, antennas, toilet bowl, etc. Only thing I see that they left out was the XM35 20mm cannon, which is too bad, that's the version I was really looking forward to building. Looks like there is also plenty of room for the aftermarket folks to offer upgraded cockpits, weapons, etc. Hope we'll get some nice offerings from them.
  8. Yes (kind of). The Brits captured U-101 with an enigma machine but this movie seems to more accurately portray the capture of U-505 (and its coding devices) by a USN hunter-killer group.
  9. Chris, I’m not sure why this is such an irritant to you? SPR was a movie about a platoon of American Rangers. Most US troops in the ETO never laid eyes on British soldiers. The units to the left and right of them were US. It seems that you feel that unless British troops are made an integral part of every movie, their sacrifices are being ignored by those self-centered Americans. By that standard, should we also not also include discussions about and scenes including Russians since they did most of the “heavy lifting” in the war against Germany? None of the issues y
  10. It’s a story of a few US fliers assigned to the US 8thAF. It’s not a historical documentary on the allied bomber offensive. As such, I highly doubt it will spend any time on the RAF’s contribution to the war. Feel slighted? Simply find a Brit who will drop a quarter of a billion dollars on a miniseries devoted to Bomber Command.
  11. Never understood why certain outfits take this approach. A complete waste of plastic which does nothing but increase costs for the consumer.
  12. Good info, thanks very much. What do you think about the two shades of green from that recovered P-47?
  13. Hi Folks, I'm finally ready to start my P-47D build. Before I apply paint to that magnificent MDC resin cockpit, I just want to make sure I have my colors straight. As I understand it, later block P-47D's had the cockpit painted overall Dark Dull Green (DDG). While perusing the net, I came across a few pictures of the P-47D that is in the USAF Museum. From what I've read, it doesn't appear that the this aircraft's cockpit was restored. See below: Thoughts on the accuracy of this 'pit? Certainly the IP and black surfaces don't appear
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