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  1. They issued a bunch of nice 48th scale kits that haven’t made it to 32nd.
  2. Hey Jennings, any interest in doing some decals for the Snake?
  3. A word of caution - I tried to do this on the WNW Albi cooling jackets and I burned a hole right through them.
  4. Bought some Mosquito carburetor screens from R&B back in Nov, no issues then. Hope they are still around.
  5. US folks can go to the link posted above. Amazing customer service. I’ve hit them up a couple of times for parts, they refused to take any of my money.
  6. I'm not overly worried. ICM is releasing a set of Vietnam era helo pilots and there really isn't that much existing 35th scale kit parts / aftermarket that are really applicable to the AH-1G, except maybe for a couple of M16's stored in the cockpit for the crew. Only exception would be if someone plans on doing a diorama with armor, grunts or other helos but I'd argue that would be very, very small percentage of the builds. As far as displaying it next to 35th helos, I came up with a good solution. I'll just display it next to my 32nd aircraft.
  7. With the passenger windows part of a long “strip” of plastic that fits into that slot on the fuselage exterior, are you required to mask off a hundred tiny windows?
  8. John1


    Pretty sure by then salmon primer had been phased out. Great picture Finn, now if we can only get a decent -4 in 32nd!
  9. Those Bolo instructions are amazing. I'd probably pay just for them. A huge amount of research went into these.
  10. They weren’t cut out for the stress of combat. When the shooting started, they lost their heads.
  11. Those are for the Airfix 24th scale kit. Thought we were talking Tamiya?
  12. As someone who has spent time in Houston, I’m not sure I’d look at that as a negative.
  13. First off my 9 year old daughter only being in school a couple of days / week with none of the normal activities a girl of her age should be partaking in. No soccer, Girl Scouts, gym or just running around outside with a pack of kids. It's quite sad. 2nd - traveling. She is finally old enough for us to take her out and start seeing the world. Made it to Munich just before the virus struck, had plans to go to Ireland last spring and London last fall. 3rd - just being able to go to my local pub, watch a hockey game and have a beer with the village lads.
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