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  1. I bought it off of Amazon. A four-pack of various diameters of lead wire for fishing lures. Just want online, damned if I can find it now. Cabellas has a nice set, just search under Fishing > Fly Fishing > Flys and Fly Tying and you'll be good to go. Never going back to copper or stretched sprue, this stuff is great.
  2. Nice fix there. As others have stated, very disappointing that this issue made it into production. At least there appears to be a way to address it. I'll be saving that post for future reference.
  3. Crap, just saw this post. Woulda swung by and checked it out and then made another pilgrimage to the Spare Time Shop in Marlboro. Hope it was a good show.
  4. There is a small subset of 109G-6/14's that went through a rebuild process (probably due to combat / landing damage) late in the war and came out of these mom-and-pop refurb shops with some truly wonderful paint schemes. Yellow 5 is but one of them. Here's another example. If we ever get a G-14A/S, I'm going all in on this baby. BTW - the Profile Paintshop I linked above has a very large collection of very well done, well researched profiles (mostly 109's). Very much worth grabbing a cup of java and spending an hour or two checking it out.
  5. Here's one of my favorites. Mainly because I built her a few years back. Labeled a G-6 but later info I found said she was actually a -14. A few more profiles of G-14's here: The Profile Paintshop: Bf109G-14
  6. Amazing work. I’m in awe of modelers who can pull off burnt metal finishes like yours.
  7. The nose looks way off. Kidding lads, put the pitchforks and torches away.
  8. I'd be interested in seeing pictures of seatbelts with those large numbers printed. I'm just saying that I've never seen anything like that posted before. If you know of any pictures that back up HGW's interpretation of those markings, please feel free to post.
  9. Awesome pictures, thanks for posting. Not sure about those HGW belts. Never seen ones with markings that large. Also not to get too nerdy but I believe the number is a parts number, so it would be identical on both belts (as in the picture above).
  10. How common where those seatbelts with the printed numbers on them? I've seen many pictures of authentic seatbelts and don't recall those bold numbers being present. Was that a late-war thing?
  11. Starbaby should have his own podcast. The guy is a mix of comedian and ultra-nerd, subject matter expert. Love listening to him.
  12. One of the cleanest SH’s out there. It’s a brand new Block III, one of the first to make it a fleet squadron.
  13. Fascinating subject you picked. Are there any other pictures out there of this aircraft?
  14. I'm hearing rumors that Tamiya may have another kit up its sleeve besides the P-51K. A new tool Spitfire Mk 1!! How amazing would that be. Then, if they can just get a 109G-6 released, the trifecta would be complete! Let's all keep our fingers crossed.
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