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  1. It's an old American cartoon character (late '50s I think). Tom Terrific could magically change himself into anything.
  2. Hope for the best for them. I tested positive a little over a year ago. No symtoms. Apparently that means I have natural immunity. Had 2 shots anyway.
  3. Well with the advances in cinematography, this one looks much more interesting. When I saw the first one I was confused thru the whole thing. Now I have a bigger TV.
  4. Abuncha his work here : http://www.ne.jp/asahi/airplane/museum/Ecl-pln2.html
  5. Yes the nose was yellow and that's a rooster on the nose. Jerry's book clears it up.
  6. I don't think Kotare will be doing WWI , to many wires. Wires scare people. Even experienced people.
  7. I look at wartime pix and try to replicat what I see. If the white stripe is not acrylic, try to remove the wash with 91% alcohol. Be quick and don't leave it on for long as it does strip other types of paint also. You're having too much fun here Bill
  8. Hi Mathieu, which tool did you use for the rivets ? Thanks
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