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  1. Out of the ordinary , looks nice Bruce
  2. Started with the -3s so safe to assume they were on the -5s as well. hth
  3. leiven , we like models of people too. Not much but hope it helps.
  4. Oh good ! now you'll have lots of time to wander around taking pictures Lots o' pictures ... we like lots o' pictures
  5. It is small , as in nearly indistinguishable ...
  6. Why do I feel like I'm playing 3 dimensional chess ?
  7. What makes you think they are ignoring anything. Maybe they just want their model to represent the vast majority of photos of open slats. When seperate slats are offered in a kit they almost never fit closed anyway. Slat jamb mods are too much trouble for most . If there was a lip at the top of the slat jamb, it would cause a airflow disruption that wouldn't be wanted.
  8. They're called pinking shears .
  9. 10:00 PM Sunday night and everythings cruising right along for me.
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