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  1. MikeMaben

    RFI - Extra 330 SC - N73KG

    Maybe you could loan me a coupla cups Very pretty Brian. Congrats
  2. MikeMaben

    Another Corsair: Tamiya's F4U-1D

    It's got wings !! Nice work Tom
  3. The really dark heavy stainage on LW fighters was due to the use of nitrous oxide injection that started 'during' the war. Notice not such heavy stains on early a/c like Es. I read some where that LW pilots didn't like to use it unless absolutely necessary as it left a long plume of black smoke behind them , easy to spot from a distance. Notice the (allied) bee art is painted 'over' the stainage.
  4. MikeMaben

    Alaskan plane stolen..crashes.!

    The fighters (2) were from Oregon's ANG. It took them 7 minutes to get to the area. Apparently Washington state's ANG consists of a refuelling wing near Spokane. Nothing was reported as a shootdown on our news. I doubt they would have because he could have crashed into a populated area. He was over the water much of the time and while clear thinking and communicating with the ground, he knew he wasn't going to land. I think he crashed into the island because he knew there was almost no one there. (8 or 9 scattered houses). I too believe he must have had some experience with flight sims. The startup procedure on those a/c is not something that can be guessed at let alone getting one off the ground. Gotta feel sorry for the guy. Lucky it wasn't some nut terrorist.
  5. MikeMaben

    Bad news

    Sorry Harv, not much one can say , hang on to the many happy memories.
  6. MikeMaben

    Messerschmitt Bf109 F-4 by Trumpeter

    Here's a guy who backdated to an F-4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xiF0quKaYU&ytbChannel=null
  7. MikeMaben

    Hasegawa N1K2 George

    Soldier on Kevin !
  8. MikeMaben

    Alclad help

    They also have a Dull Aluminum ALC-117. You could try mixing a little with your other color(s).
  9. MikeMaben

    Spitfire Vb SAAF Libya

    Have fun Marc