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  1. That pattern was called 'poached egg' by the allies. Green all over with light tan splotches with brownish splotces inside that. The splotches were freehanded with soft edges. I've never seen it that intense, usually more spread out but I suppose it was possible. Go for it Rad !!
  2. Thanks Max, it's the old Fujimi with a few details changed. Nice pic of that area. Hi Harry, the leading edge of the flaps were just a small curvature, no big gaps. hth
  3. Nope, I have the Revell kit , ZM kits are a little too much for me. Have fun.
  4. Yep, what Don said, I have a boatload of hardbound Finescales from the early years. Back when the internet was new, some guy emailed me and said he knew a guy in Italy who wanted the first 2 years. I think he paid $200 plus shipping. That box weighed a ton (OK half ton) . If your club doesn't want them then nobody else will either. Just recycle 'em.
  5. It can be done, not too difficult as I recall (back in the '90s). Careful cutting and some reshaping/thinning inside of the bay that the lower leading edge of the flap goes into the rear gear bay. 1/48
  6. Not knowing how big your teeth are, I'd bet you could handle it. Here's a rundown...
  7. He also did a full cockpit set and some drop tanks. Most of his stuff at Sproobros is out of stock but as has been said he 'may' be able to restock if asked. He's on FB under Harold Nonya also hairold@frontier.com Looking good Sean
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