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  1. There's that too Dave, but I can tell by listening to them, they do 'not' understand.
  2. Excellent finish John Welcome back
  3. Any relevant info on the FB page ? Do you have a link ?
  4. It's a 'no step' area. Just above it on the fairing is a little black stencil that says 'step here'. Lookin' great Alex. Very nice work
  5. Here's a sort of review with pix of the finished product. https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/hyperscale/hph-1-32nd-scale-sb2c-4-helldiver-t521851.html
  6. Don't know for sure Derek , but the British did 'invent' the name and they were used in other applications like retracting the step on Hurricanes.
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