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  1. Thanks Lud, The grey parts are bare plastic parts I stole from a Tamiya kit in order to turn a -5 into a -15. I want to make clear that I'm not criticizing the use of black base as it can be used just fine as demonstrated by Eric's models.
  2. Black is not required to base silver. I think it has become 'preferred' because Alcad recommends it for their paints. I think the reason for that is that a gloss black surface is great for detecting surface flaws. The surface finish is what changes the appearance of the silver finish. If you apply a solid coat of silver, the base coat isn't going to show thru anyway. When I look at NMF a/c I see more white in the reflectivity than black or dark colors. I primed my Mustang in MRP surface primer and applied some disruptive greys and blues to break up the monotone. My point is, it's not the color of the base coat, it's the surface finish from matt to polished gloss. hth
  3. Hit the plastic with a super fine abrasive sponge or steel wool.
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