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  1. Hey it's saving me lottsa money. Many a kit I 'haven't' bought because of ridiculous shipping fees
  2. Oh dam , does this mean we can't swear and scream at each other anymore ??
  3. Looks great Bill. Maybe just me but the shots look kinda dark
  4. Loading up on a comprehensive library can be (is) expensive. I like to use Google Advanced > Images , which can be very helpfull. Have fun Al
  5. Haven't seen it yet , but it'll be tough to beat the original (in my mind ). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JARn16yojbQ
  6. Aries does a complete cockpit for the Ki-84 , nice , but maybe not fat enough ??
  7. I shoulda posted this too. It's the differences between them : https://www.silhouetteamerica.com/software/silhouette-studio-features-comparison-chart
  8. ...and upgrades on sale : from a site called Swingdesign
  9. Wonder how many rubles that would set me back ??
  10. It's a ZSK 244A Bomb Arming Panel mounted under the center of the IP.
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