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  1. Hi Lee The subject of paint is for the most part preference based. These days there are more paints available than ever. Basically it will involve answering some questions like, are you or your environment sensitive to smells ? Is cost an issue ? Most of us just try what is easily available and see how we like it. Acrylics ? Lacquers ? You'll hear pros and cons about everything but experimenting is pretty much the best. Have fun
  2. Jay and I went round in circles here on the forum. I think it was one of those 'discussions' about who is and who isn't qualified to critique other people's models. I emailed him to explain my position and he sent me an explosive response (kinda like yours). It's ancient history now and all was well in the end. I think he just has bad days as do we all.
  3. Yes yes , smashing I 'must' say !
  4. Be interesting to see the chrome effect Paulo
  5. Hey Bill , it appears that rod pivoted on brackets that were permanently attached.
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