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    Retired oil worker, now able to concentrate on modelling, DIY, reading (Sci Fi, techno thrillers and WW2 history), motorcycle racing (watching) and restoring my own bikes.<br>Modelling: WW2 subjects, preferably RAF/FAA in 1/32 scale and 1/48 scale for multi engined aircraft.<br>WW2 military vehicles in 1/35 scale, mainly British army.

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  1. They are all gone, the last one was used as a company hack but was scrapped, there is the Whirlwind fighter project which is attempting to build a full sized replica, see here https://www.whirlwindfighterproject.co.uk/ Cheers Dennis
  2. As usual, modelling perfection, love it Cheers Dennis
  3. Nice one Iain, I've got a trio of PCM kits to build next including a Hurricane so this is very timely for me Dennis
  4. That's a subject that I have always wanted to build, look forward to this Dennis
  5. A bit of thread drift here but it's still RAF heavies, if a 1/48 scale Halifax or Stirling appeared I would buy one. Dennis
  6. More info and photos here https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235018807-mitsubishi-a6m2a-zero-greys/ Cheers Dennis
  7. Yes and sadly we will probably never know but the photos do show the effect. Cheers Dennis
  8. The Tamiya 1/48 scale Lancaster is one of the reasons that I got back into modelling (the Matchbox Spitfire 22/24 was another), however I have had a couple of the Tamiya Lancasters in my stash since the late 80's without building them. So a new 1/48 scale one would not appeal to me, then again a 1/32 scale one does not interest me either as it is too big for my collection despite my interest in the subject matter. Cheers Dennis
  9. Thanks for that it's jogged a memory in the old brain I remember reading an article about different degrees of paint fading due to the aircraft having tarpaulins draped over them, must find it again as I usually save such articles. Cheers Dennis PS found one http://www.aviationofjapan.com/2008/05/two-tone-zeros-over-china.html
  10. Another modelling masterpiece, that is an amazing paint job, really well done Cheers Dennis
  11. Yes it is a very happy modelling moment, mixed with a tinge of relief !! Cheers Dennis
  12. OK I must ask what is the story behind the aft fuselage colour, I've just googled it but did not get an anwer. Cheers Dennis
  13. Looking good Kev, what would life be like without these "challenges" for us to overcome. Cheers Dennis
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