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    Retired oil worker, now able to concentrate on modelling, DIY, reading (Sci Fi, techno thrillers and WW2 history), motorcycle racing (watching) and restoring my own bikes.<br>Modelling: WW2 subjects, preferably RAF/FAA in 1/32 scale and 1/48 scale for multi engined aircraft.<br>WW2 military vehicles in 1/35 scale, mainly British army.

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  1. I will look forward to that, could be on my Christmas list. Cheers Dennis
  2. You have got that dead to rights, and it's not an easy build either. You have certainly captured that classic Hurricane look. Cheers Dennis
  3. This might tempt me, I remember building a 1/48 scale kit years ago, Monogram I think, mind you it still might not appear. Cheers Dennis
  4. Nice to see this one coming together as I have one lurking in the stash ! Cheers Dennis
  5. Well another "bump" in the road, I have used the HGW Wet transfers on a PCM Tempest and a PCM Hurricane with only a couple of failures so I was highly pleased with them. So I confidently set about the Spitfire's stencils, first I refreshed my memory on how to use them then read the instructions. So off with the paper, being very slow and careful, nothing appeared to have moved. Then I had to leave the bench for a day or so and this is what I found when I came back to start applying them. The "carrier" film had come away from the actual decals which meant there was no way to use them, I did try one but it was a failure, so they went into permanent storage. So having a second set of stencils I tried a different technique though the second set might have been fine, though the warning sticker was also on this set and I was not going to chance it. So I put my cunning plan into action, I left the paper layer in place and carried on as per instructions. It meant though that I could not see the stencil clearly when it was wet, here it is dry. And below is the same one wet, this meant that I messed up a couple of stencils because I could not see them clearly and they are a bit crooked. But I carried on and got better at it, note that I started on the underside ! Luckily it is possible to remove the paper if you are careful, if not it can be removed the next day when it is dry, and they look ever so good when they are on. So I am carrying on and it seems to be working and apart from the odd crooked one you would not know the difference in technique. Cheers Dennis
  6. It's a strange thing, I am very keen on Spitfires, and I have never built a 1/32 scale IX, sure I do have a Tamiya IX but that's too easy and I have a soft spot for PCM as they fetched out kits of subjects that I really like back in the day. If I did not build it then it would moulder away in the stash until my kids threw it in the skip when I am gone, I'd much rather build it and the other PCM's in the stash. I've already lined up the Re 2005 as the next build after the Spitfire IX. Cheers Dennis
  7. Glad you like it, I've ordered another piece and intend to mirror it all. Cheers Dennis
  8. No problem Rockie in fact I had forgotten to take a photo so thank you for reminding me, I think the mirror is an improvement and will be ordering some more to complete the job, the boss approves as well. Cheers Dennis
  9. That looks ever so familiar, they are fair kits and with some patience turn out nice, PCM got there first with a lot of their subjects some have still not been bettered. Cheers Dennis.
  10. That's a real work of art, the various finishes look really goiod. Cheers Dennis
  11. Great information, now in the memory bank. Cheers Dennis
  12. I'm in, toothpicks are my weapon of choice for all sorts of jobs including this one. Cheers Dennis
  13. That looks great, I'm dead jealous, I would love to build one but I do not have the room for one so I will just have to be satisfied looking at other people's builds which is fine as I do have a rather lot of unbuild kits calling out to me. Cheers Dennis
  14. Thank you, not sure about awsome though, just enjoy the build that is all I do, that's what it is all about, I look forward to seeing how you get on. Cheers Dennis
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