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    Retired oil worker, now able to concentrate on modelling, DIY, reading (Sci Fi, techno thrillers and WW2 history), motorcycle racing (watching) and restoring my own bikes.<br>Modelling: WW2 subjects, preferably RAF/FAA in 1/32 scale and 1/48 scale for multi engined aircraft.<br>WW2 military vehicles in 1/35 scale, mainly British army.

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  1. dennismcc

    Revell Spitfire Vb - Finished!

    A really nice job, the Spitfire does suit the desert scheme. Cheers Dennis
  2. dennismcc

    Revell Spitfire Vb - Finished!

    That last photo of yours looks just like the wartime photo of the same aircraft, nice one Cheers Dennis
  3. dennismcc

    Bad news

    I can really feel for you on this as I have two older brothers and would be devastated if anything happened to them. Dennis
  4. dennismcc

    Revell Spitfire Vb - Finished!

    Nice fix on the windscreen, I was lucky enough to find the HPH fix for my Hobbyboss kit and it worked a treat. Cheers Dennis
  5. dennismcc

    Revell Spitfire Vb - Finished!

    This is looking great Cheers Dennis
  6. dennismcc

    Making an Gloster Meteor F-3 from HK's kit...

    My area of interest is WW2 and an F3 would be perfect, but I think I will just camouflage the HK kit bodge up the markings and call it an F3 Cheers Dennis
  7. dennismcc

    I hate the new software

    Summertime, outdoor work, motorbikes, days out, holiday = distinct lack of Dennis at the bench or posting. Cheers Dennis
  8. dennismcc

    P 80C szech model

    That looks great, not a jet fan but early jets seem to have more character, that one certainly has, great job Cheers Dennis
  9. dennismcc

    Hasegawa N1K2 George

    That looks great, masks are definately superior than decals, just a bit more time consuming and fiddley. Cheers Dennis
  10. dennismcc

    "Best" 1/32 P-39 ?

    I built the SH kit way back in 2009 and found it to be fine apart from the fiddley undercarriage (nose mainly) and the wing air intakes otherwise it was a good build. Here's the build thread https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/26399-special-hobby-p-39d-132-scale/ Cheers Dennis
  11. dennismcc

    Supermarine WALRUS by HPH

    Great build and a great finish, just looking at it reminds me of my childhood building an Airfix 1/72nd scale Walrus. Cheers Dennis
  12. dennismcc

    Mitsubishi G3M Nell Torpedo Bomber

    Wow, just wow Cheers Dennis
  13. dennismcc

    Recycling a Thunderbolt

    Great job on the cowling, most impressive Cheers Dennis
  14. dennismcc

    'Grace' type two-seat Spitfire in 1:32

    It's great when you get to that stage, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Cheers Dennis
  15. dennismcc


    The Revell kit is very old and basic, it can be enhanced with parts from MDC and modelling skills (re scribing), if by Paragon parts you mean the bubble canopy conversion you are probably better off buying the MDC resin kit. I've built both as I wanted a car door and a bubble top in my collection. Both are challenging in different ways but they are worth building, I would still be prepared to buy the rumoured SH kit though. My Revell kit was built in the 90's and rebuilt in the early noughties and I have a soft spot for it. Here is the build thread for the MDC Typhoon it also contains some photos of my old Revell effort, I cannot find the LSP build thread, there is one somewhere so it's the Britmodeller version.. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234950125-mdc-hawker-typhoon/ And here is the finished article, https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234972035-mdc-hawker-typhoon-finished-at-last/ Cheers Dennis