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    Retired oil worker, now able to concentrate on modelling, DIY, reading (Sci Fi, techno thrillers and WW2 history), motorcycle racing (watching) and restoring my own bikes.<br>Modelling: WW2 subjects, preferably RAF/FAA in 1/32 scale and 1/48 scale for multi engined aircraft.<br>WW2 military vehicles in 1/35 scale, mainly British army.

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  1. dennismcc

    New!! 1/32 Revell/Hasegawa Spitfire Mk.1a ( TuAF )

    That's certainly a different subject, I will be very interested to see this one through. Cheers Dennis
  2. That looks absolutely spot on, you just need to put up some Black and White photos to make it seem even more real. The kit was the first Trumpeter kit that I built and despite it's flaws I found it a really nice build and it still lives on in my display cabinet. Cheers Dennis
  3. dennismcc

    Hasegawa (old tool) grade up A6M5c 1/32 zero

    I've got fond memories of the old Hasegawa kit, though mine did not have the metal parts it was a nice build and you have done it justice. Cheers Dennis
  4. dennismcc

    A Wee Side Project: 1/24 Cardoor Tiffie

    I've still got a full set of masks that were issued by Mal at Miracle paint masks when the Airfix kit first came out, I'd nearly forgotten about them. Cheers Dennis
  5. Another Tamiya Corsair, I must get around to building one as they have a great reputation for being well engineered kits, I like the painted on markings approach, it looks so much better, looking forward to seeing more. Cheers Dennis
  6. dennismcc

    Frank, George's Brother

    Looking good, and very familiar as I'm just finishing the same kit, but in less quantities. Cheers Dennis
  7. dennismcc

    Large Scale Fokker

    Fascinating Cheers Dennis
  8. Modelling at it's finest, great job. Cheers Dennis
  9. dennismcc

    CAC Boomerang

    Looking rather nice, keep it up. Cheers Dennis
  10. dennismcc

    A Wee Side Project: 1/24 Cardoor Tiffie

    Looking good, I agree 100% with using paint masks, they look so much better. Cheers Dennis
  11. dennismcc

    Bf109 G6 JG300 Yellow 1 Manfred Dieterle

    This is looking good, the camouflage is one that i haven't come cross before so will be very interested to see the paint go on. It's amazing how you remember things, I remember building this kit after a string of old Revell 1970's era kits and it was a breath of fresh air but looking at your photos it would seem that by today's standards it is a bit wanting. Cheers Dennis
  12. dennismcc

    Bf109E-7/Trop Jg 27 Black 3 or 8

    Gosh this takes me back a "few" years, I can remember building this for a friend at work when it was a cutting edge kit. Cheers Dennis
  13. dennismcc

    Airfix 1/24 Hawker Typhoon

    Looking good, I can see my kit inching up the build list because of this build. Cheers Dennis
  14. dennismcc

    Bolingbroke in a barn!

    Great photos, thank you for posting them, just need a 1/32 kit now ! Cheers Dennis
  15. dennismcc

    Bf110G4 NJG1 1944/45

    That's looking great Max, have your eyes uncrossed yet from doing all the mottles. Cheers Dennis