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    Retired oil worker, now able to concentrate on modelling, DIY, reading (Sci Fi, techno thrillers and WW2 history), motorcycle racing (watching) and restoring my own bikes.<br>Modelling: WW2 subjects, preferably RAF/FAA in 1/32 scale and 1/48 scale for multi engined aircraft.<br>WW2 military vehicles in 1/35 scale, mainly British army.

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  1. Time for the HGW wet transfers, and a big thank you to the clear tutorials that have appeared here on LSP for encouraging me to try them. Way back in 2009 I still did not like decals so I tried some Hobbydecal dry transfers which worked well, though the English was not the best, but they were hard to find so I was left with using decals. So I bought two of these, one for this build and one for a future SH Tempest build This is what is in the packet. Instructions As well as the instructions, there is also a very helpful video on the internet from HGW,
  2. Looking good, it's always nice to get to the paint stage. Cheers Dennis
  3. Saw the landing on another site and the pilot did a great job, hopefully the aircraft can be recovered and repaired. Cheers Dennis
  4. Hi I have done a few rebuilds and have variously used brake fluid, a dedicated paint remover from Hannants (modelstrip) and oven cleaner, they all worked using the same method, apply to the model place the model in a plastic bag overnight and away you go. They still needed some help using toothbrushes and such like things and for some strange reason decals were hard to remove. All the models I stripped were painted with enamels. Cheers Dennis
  5. That looks fantastic, worth all the work that you put into it. Cheers Dennis
  6. Thank you Derek and I always feel that a model comes to life when the markings are applied. Cheers Dennis
  7. Thank you for that, from a very unpromising it's begining to look nice. Cheers Dennis
  8. Nice to see some results emerging. Cheers Dennis
  9. Thank you Andy, I cannot take the credit for the smooth paintwork, that's down to the Xtracolor paints, they really do deliver. Cheers Dennis
  10. Hi Alex, this is the really scary part of these complex masking jobs, I am always a bit nervous doing them, but it looks like you have it well in hand. Cheers Dennis
  11. Thank you Andy and yes I'm now far happier with it and looking forward to getting some paint on it, just finishing off the sanding and re polishing. Hi Troy it will be finished off as LR*R, L1909, 56 Squadron at North Weald, this is the only photo that I have found, it is in the old Ducimus Camouflage and Markings book which I have found to be a very useful reference. Thank you Max, I must admit that I have heard of Brian Fawcetts stuff but have never fully investigated it, I will have to have a look. Hopefully I have got past the Bad and Ugly stage now and can start
  12. Gosh it's been a while since I was here, and apologies for the slow response Max, yes I use an airbrush and the finish is entirely due to the paint, Xtracolour which is my favourite, but Colourcoats comes a close second though it dries to a satin finish rather than a gloss. The Hurricane has been attracting most of my attention but I have been plodding away at the Tempest, I cheated and used decals for the fin flashes and as I was not happy with the underwing roundels they were sanded off and for speed I again used decals which is very unusual for me. Here's where we are now.
  13. Happy birthday, all the best Dennis
  14. Thanks Mike just a few bits to do and it can move on to the paint stage. Cheers Dennis
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