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  2. Hello ! We did a first 1/18 print on a new printer, here is how it comes out after...25 hours printing in hi-res. cheers Norbert
  3. hmm got me thinking now.. I did a Spitfire, am doing a Fury, so in lineage terms the next logical would be an early English jet.. if I think about that it might be a Meteor, but if its NMF a Lightning perhaps - plenty of time to ponder.. ..the CA is AK Black Widow - i got some as it is paired with a debonder which previously I have not managed to have much success with - seems ok but i am quite wedded to Zap-aGap.. Peter
  4. thats a really good idea Jens, and in fact i did try it number 8 here.. 7. is bare metal foil with tabs added 8. is archer /HGW forget which rivets and i have forgotten 9 and 10.. ..either way, I think the best bet is just decal strip, otherwise the effort vs effect just starts to get silly i will continue to experiment until happy Peter
  5. https://www.scalemates.com/products/img/0/9/5/162095-19-instructions.pdf
  6. Technically they don't. WOWS is World Of Warships and its a game. The Grober Kurfurst on that looks very different to this one. I built a Richelieu in a WOWS scheme a while ago using the Trumpeter 1/700 kit. I love the game. Its very addictive
  7. Astonishingly good! If you need some representation of stitching under the rib tapes, could you apply Archer rivets first and then a strip of decal film? The HGW rivets will probably be too "flush" to give definition.
  8. Yes and depending on the time frame, would be either the LAU-7/A-5 (038) or LAU-7/A-6 (039).
  9. Same here Peter (has to be a 1st generation jet of some type). Jaw-droppingly astonishing work Peter Did you use J B Weld or coloured CA to glue your ribs to the brass elevator sheet? Cheers Derek
  10. Those suggested colours look very effective for sun faded and used/worn colours (equivalent factory fresh Celomer colours would certainly look too dark - I have studied the Greek M2000 aircraft, and the same applies, even though theirs are very well looked after). Good luck Derek
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  12. Or perhaps Revell? (we can hope!) Derek
  13. Yes, good to see some mistake Peter, in the future I will have to limit my comments to emojis. As many others have said before, there are just no more superlatives left in my limited vocabulary. Perhaps I could use some German ones, for a change ... And I really wold like to see an early post war jet in NMF from you. Rainer
  14. Alain, many modelers try to cut vac-form parts to fit. I used to be scared of it too, but then I discovered to cut until almost 1mm away from the part, and then using wet&dry sandpaper to remove the rest to get a snug fit. Cutting it all the way is too risky.
  15. Ha! I've spotted a mistake! The clock is set to the wrong time! You're human after all Simply amazing work, Peter - this is so inspirational. Tom
  16. I've lost mine and the only ones I've found on the web are a bit blurry. I especially need to see the pilot details.
  17. At the risk of stating the obvious, a lot of kit manufacturers go through business problems and either bounce back or not . Airfix being the obvious one to me as a Brit ; huge in the 70's, went bankrupt in 1981, sales declined in the 90's , with Humbrol bouncing from owner to owner until going bust in 2006, now under Hornby it's turning around and looks like it will be around for decades to come, even if it resembles little of the company I knew as a child . Stay optimistic, my feel is those moulds will see the light of day again .
  18. The saying is a very somber: never forget. However you can celebrate history through art. Enjoy it. Maybe you can make me smile when I feel like crying. More Pictures!
  19. Thanks Thor for the appreciation of this project and the compliments for the execution of the same George Thanks for your attention and for your time. I hope that the Gustav will take off early and go to fight in the North where his squadron are waiting for him. George
  20. The trouble with some of these short run kits is that the characters doing them are one trick ponies, they might have a vac former and can whittle a bit of wood or have a laptop and can get 3d printing done by somebody, or can't cast in resin to save their lives,You not only have to have the kit which we have but you've got to know how to use it and also be able to create 'model' parts that are not just the real thing scaled down. All our undercarriage parts are white metal or pewter but not the chewy bendy stuff. So when somebody says they're going to make a kit and the only CAD you ever see
  21. okay , thank you for the reply !!! well , I am not " enthusiast " about the vac clear parts , it's always tricky to cut it off the sprue , especially the windscreen which has a "tight curve" .......as well the canopy , but , that can works !!!! Alain
  22. morning everyone thank you so much - very kind Hi Rainer - thanks for dropping in I guess it's never say never - I have toyed with the idea as early jets lend themselves so well to NMF finishes - I might well do something in the future.. Hi Clark - yes, thank you, i have a subscription and was very pleased to see it thanks for the offer though right, picking up where we left off.. Elevators were cut from brass sheet and scored for rib positions.. ..ribs & leading edges added
  23. Those links both work Nick, thank you. I’ll be looking closely at your list to see what’s available from Abe books for instance, and might well look in on 3 March. This is a very poignant date for me, the night my namesake and father’s friend was killed in a Lancaster along with the entire crew. Always a bit choked up that evening.
  24. It's a bit like when a band splits up, you can still buy their old releases, which may stop being produced, might in time see the release of some recorded, but unfinished material, completed by record company choices, might even see the band reform with new members. The back catalogue could be sold to different companies, repackaged and released again. The WnW's situation isn't unique, it isn't set in stone, and there's more than one way to look at it. I doubt very much that Peter Jackson knows what's going to happen with WnW's. I still have the Dambuster
  25. It is disappointing not to be able to share the old books. Most are first hand accounts written just after the war. Here is another of my google website with just a list of books, nothing to download. Maybe it works? https://sites.google.com/site/naomitheaviatrix/further-reading/air-transport-auxiliary Many new books are available including one just out January 30. I encourage buying as many of these as possible from atamuseum.org. They are also selling online lectures of original content. On the third at 7pm will be: Aircraft of ATA – The Good, the Bad and
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