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  2. Thank you all. The next project will be completing Wedell Williams 45 or Keith Rider R6 "Eight ball", I haven't decided yet. But I also dream this one: PZL P6, pilot Boleslaw Orlinski race in Cleveland 1931.
  3. nice build Bruce! like the finish jan
  4. Danny, where do you find such cool things? I don't want to buy one just interested to know. Congrats on the addition to your collection. Cheers Bevan
  5. I know about this article from Dana Bell http://www.clubhyper.com/reference/showandtell7db_1.htm and LSP thread not sure if it's what you are looking for HTH jan
  6. Different world, I cannot even imagine what the cold must be like. Yesterday a nice moderate 39 deg C for us. ( 102 F for the non metrics)
  7. Well done. One of the most beautiful planes for me.
  8. Splendid, many thanks for that, the stringer seems to be a very good solution. Best regards Hubert
  9. The wheel well looks fantastic. What are you using to replicate the bands on the heat shrink? Thanks, Greg
  10. PM Harold (AMS resin) on this site, maybe he is able to squeeze one more out of the molds. i still have decals and masks availible (with all their mentioned problems) https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/76769-any-interrest-in-f4u-5n-decals/&
  11. Today
  12. LSP_K2

    The cold

    My big plan for winter, is to stay indoors as much as possible, and do tons of hobby stuff.
  13. I like adding the detail even if it’ll never be seen again as I know it’s there, and the fun is in the building. I’m glad it is appreciated by someone though
  14. About two years ago, someone did a great post on the blue green mixed colors of the P-51, Lou IV. Could someone please post a link to that article.
  15. GDW

    The cold

    I really enjoy the seasonal changes and fall color here in northern Michigan but it's always tough to winterize the bike and put it away for six or seven months. The cold does mean more build time though!
  16. Gazzas

    The cold

    Yep... Air conditioners all working That's cars and house Pool: Clean and glistening BBQ: Always ready November thru May will have temps from 80 to 100 Fahrenheit with lots of Queensland sun. Long sleeves and full length pants: Not required.
  17. These are excellent! Once upon a time I started a PBY, someday I'll get back to it, really enjoyed seeing yours. Fantastic work here Giangio, welcome to the forum! Greg
  18. Thanks for checking in. It has been a while since I worked on this, but if I recall correctly, no. Cheers, Tom
  19. Love these models, especially the Emily! Buona fortuna with the XC-47C.
  20. I have been patiently waiting since August, I already bought their decals, now I just need the nesher parts.
  21. I read Samurai! in junior high school and that book left an indelible impression on me. The Bantom War Book edition, substituted line drawings for the photographs in the original publication of the book, which I discovered when I found an original first edition copy in a library. Given your interest in the subject, I would encourage you to find the earlier publication, the photographs might help with this project and they are fascinating images that flesh out the text. This build is a follow! Greg
  22. Thanks for sharing your build and the link! I haven’t seen this before. I will be watching and taking notes. Cheers, Tom
  23. Out of the ordinary , looks nice Bruce
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