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  2. My wine glass is mostly empty, however, my Meng Dr.I glass is mostly full. I looked at the photos of the test shot and think it loos fundamentally good. For example let's compare to the grainy surface shots of the new Eduard BF-108. I think this engraving looks much nicer. Yes it is a quick and dirty build up. But when you look at the engraved detail, the fit of the panels, how the fuel tank fillers merge nicely with the cowling, or the fit of the anemometer to the wing. It really does look fundamentally sound. They could put snoopy markings in the box and I would not care. We know Pheon or Aviatic can supply proper markings for this thing. So I have no worries there. Give me some descent directions and I will be enjoying at least one of thee on my shelf.
  3. Back from my first trip since Feb to visit family, and while back up on work, took a few minutes this evening to check out those amazing Model Monkey exhausts and get the AMUR resin flaps attached (AGAIN). I keep grabbing the wing, and the flaps, and they are not exactly attached THAT strongly... Those exhausts are amazing - just look at the bolt detail on the exhausts. These may be a little dusty in the photos. I've already test fitted the exhausts through the shrouds. I'm wondering how much paint I'm going to scrape off getting the exhausts through the shrouds. Hopefully the flaps will stay attached this time, but the detail in the AMUR flaps captures the tin canning of the flaps perfectly. Ok, that's it for now! Chris
  4. Personally, from the descriptions of what it might be, and what it probably isn't, along with my recent experience with a recent HKM kit, I'm likely to buy it.......this seems kinda fun to me, even if it is our own doing. But then again, I enjoy a bit of a guessing game.
  5. Conducted a few tests today. First was figuring out if the Mr Hobby lacquer colors that I purchased for the Shiden Kai would allow hairspray chipping. On my paint mule, I sprayed a base coat of Tamiya AS-12 Silver. Over the tail, put on a layer of MIG Scratches Effects liquid and forward of that I sprayed MIG Heavy Chipping Effects. Once those dried, I sprayed the tail with the Mr Hobby Kawanishi Cockpit color and then the Mr Hobby Kawanishi Dark Green forward of that. Just to compare the different greens that I had on hand, I also sprayed Mr Hobby Aqueous H-59 IJN Gloss Green and Tamiya XF-11 IJN Green. Using a stiff paint brush dipped in water, I was able to created chips on the Mr Hobby lacquer colors fairly easily. But I didn't quite like the way the Mr Hobby Dark Green sprayed. For one, it was dead flat, which I'd prefer not to deal with over the whole aircraft. Someone also question the accuracy of this particular color. I'm no expert and doing some internet research and finding some articles on Shiden Kai colors by Nick Millman didn't clarify matters conclusively. So... I'm decided on which green I'll be using to paint the exterior of the aircraft. But at least I can move forward on the painting of the cockpit. I conducted another test with the Galaxy Tools riveter. Compared it with the RB Productions Rivet-R and Rivet-R Mini, all of the tools set at 0.75mm spacing. Ignoring the crookedness of the lines, all of the rivets looked about the same, which is a good thing. From top to bottom are: Galaxy Standard, Galaxy Mini, Rivet-R and Rivet-R Mini. I also confirmed that the Galaxy Standard and Mini wheels in the 0.75 spacing are exact matches. I can re-trace the rivet line I made with the Galaxy Mini with the Galaxy Standard and riveter will put the points exactly in the rivet holes along the entire length of the line. The Rivet-R and Rivet-R Mini aren't exact matches. By carefully placing a point on the Rivet-R wheel into the hole made by the Rivet-R Mini and running it along the rivet line, you are making new holes by the time you get to the halfway point. Seems like a minor point but having exact matches eliminates at least one of the headaches I've been experiencing when riveting.
  6. Would love a 110 G4. But not holding my breath. love all their stuff so whatever it is I am sure it will be a nice kit. paul C
  7. Doesn’t look like WNW quality but it does look better than the Roden kit. The glass is half full
  8. My completely uneducated guess is that it’s not going to a large 4 engined bomber in the same vein as their B-17 or Lanc. If it’s a twin engine, I see it as twin fighter as opposed to twin bomber. That would be keeping with the simple scheme as you wouldn’t have to deal with a full fuselage interior, bomb bay, or turrets. I wouldn’t mind seeing a P-38 series, preferably the early F/G/H versions like the 1/48 Tamiya kit.
  9. I'm hearing a Victor. But that might just be the voices in my head.
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  11. chrish

    F 86 Sabre

    So, after 2 weeks of off and on work and 5 sheets of foil, I finally have what looks like a chrome plated F-86. Alclad woulda been so much quicker! Oh well...I can begin decals and weathering now. I should be able to use any weathering medium available on the model and not worry how it affects the underlying finish. Still in progress; Thanks for looking
  12. I have it from the horse's mouth that HKM has no interest in pursuing a 1/32 Marauder kit. Red herring? Sure, it's possible. But it would be a first. Kev
  13. A great site, I really liked the section on USN EW systems used during the Vietnam War.
  14. Correct me if I'm wrong, but you are all modellers right? You can take a lump of dodgy styrene and turn it into a masterpiece simply by the application of a sanding stick, glue and a touch of paint. So, here we have a 1/32 Dr.1 from Meng out of WNW. Really, what is there to complain about?
  15. Given what seems a preoccupation with WWII multi-engined craft, including the rather odd choice (as I see it) of the Do 335, I'm going to guess B-26 Marauder.
  16. Simple kit, WWII subject. Can only be a Gloster E.28/39
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  18. The Polish (caughtinthemiddle) guy who designs decals for some of HKM's WW2 subjects seems to know what the kit is, according to his post on BM in the rumourmonger section. But then he might know and not be behind the decals. I'm guessing Bf 110 G-4 or another nachtjäger but it could be a wild card like a Petlyakov Pe-2, Lockheed P-38 or Bristol Blenheim or Beaufort — but I'd go nuts for a Convair Six. Tony
  19. If it has two small RHAW antennas on the trailing edge of the vertical stab above the rudder, it’s a Kai.
  20. And it is proven scientific fact that the human memory is almost completely incapable of remembering color, or subtleties of color, even when someone actively *tries* to remember color. Numerous studies have proven it. Which is why I laugh when people say “Yeah, but the crew chief said it was...” The aircraft I soloed in in 1980 was a 1978 Cessna 172N, registered N128ER. Ask me precisely what color it was inside or out. Not a clue. I know the ERAU fleet scheme was basic white with blue trim, but that’s all I can tell you.
  21. How so? All HKM has done is put a placeholder item on its website. The rest has been all us. There's been no announcement of an announcement. That, again, came from us. My understanding of the situation is that the U.S. distributor is holding a bit of sway in this area, and I know they've done the same with Kitty Hawk, too. If you doubt that importers and distributors really have this much power and influence, just think back to the Trumpeter Wildcat situation. Kev
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