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  2. LSP_Ron

    Traders Board BS going on

    The traders board is purged for thirty day or older content about once a month or a bit longer. The last one was on Jan 5th by me and there is no content of yours there or since in the trash bin. Its up up to the members who post there to keep their traders posts current by bumping them. It's not up to staff to manage this for you. And please use the PM function next time, the next time you publically call any staff member here a twit over this will be the last time the trader board will be available.
  3. Iain, i wonder if the wing conversion set you are developing could consist of a fixed rigid template that would glue to the fuselage with slots cut into it for the main (modified) spar to pass through. Instead of forcing wing in shape off the fuselage it could be done to a fixed shape on the fuselage. Juat a thought I’m sure you are way ahead of me. Ryan
  4. LSP_Ron

    Nice approach to "reality"

    That is pretty classy. News to me, thanks for posting
  5. Garage21

    1917 Sopwith Camel by Model Airways

    Before I start building the model, I've got to figure out how I'm going to fabricate the pieces that I'll need to build the model. One piece that has been on my mind since the day I decided to take on the Camel is the turnbuckles. There are over 100 of them used on the Sopwith Camel and the ones that came with the kit are not anywhere close to looking like what a 1917 turnbuckle should look like. Based on my research, the buckles on the Camel were pretty large (in both length and circumference) and were drilled for safety wire. Tonight I started playing around with different sizes of different metals to see what might work. The first picture is a close-up of a turnbuckle on the Sopwith Camel at the United States Airforce Museum (where I shot about 200+ reference pics). The next three photos show what the hand-fabricated turnbuckles will look like when I'm done. The prototype in the photos is a mess because I used super glue just to get a sense of scale and design. I also only finished one end because this is a design experiment. The ones that i'll fabricate and use on the model will be much cleaner (solder instead of glue) and will have links at both ends. The new nut in the one I built tonight is a 00-120 but I think I'm going to use 00-90's instead. Each turnbuckle will consist of 6 pieces and will be drilled out and safety wired (per the prototype). And i've got to make over 100 of these things!!! I think I know what i'll be doing for the next week or two. (The silver piece in the last photo is a "turnbuckle" that was cast in pot metal and included in the Model Airways kit.)
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  7. MikeMaben

    New to Airplane Models...

    Wow is that an old Kennedy box ? I have one my Dad left me. I think you're probably the only LSPer with their own CNC. I can't even comment on your capacity to turn out fine models without repeating others.
  8. mattlow

    Late War RLM usage of 81/82, etc.

    Looking on the 'funny' side of that premise, there were elements of the Nazi command, RLM and aircraft industry sitting down and submitting/evaluating designs for complex fighters and bombers powered by engines that didn't exist... so while I agree that there would be elements of adapting to the strictures of the strategic situation, there was also a lot of 'in denial planning' going on.... the 'new' hues could easily have been under consideration and production. Seems a bit crazy, but I think that's a good word to describe Nazi occupied Europe at that time... Also, to be appearing on aircraft in late '44, they'd have been in development for a while before that.... I'd be interested in seeing an RLM colours timeline. Do late war colours appear earlier in experimental test applications? I'm not sure where the various colours used on the Soviet front fit into this and of course Merrick proposed that RLM 81 qnd 82 were in fact re-introduced pre-war/export colours (was it RLM 61 and 62???). If paint was properly developed, would there have been time to identify the new strategic (defensive) situation the Luftwaffe found itself in and develop new colours as a response to that? If not RLM 81 and 82 may have been 'knocking around' for another use... maybe the predominantly low level fighting going on over the Eastern Front where camouflage against vegetation was more useful - this could then have been rapidly re-purposed to on the ground camo. I need to re-read Ullman, Merrick, Crandall and JaPo... Matt
  9. patricksparks

    1:18 Hobbyboss AV-8B Harrier

    Hope you are feeling well Harold !!!
  10. patricksparks

    HobbyBoss 1:32 Liberator GR Mk.VI - RAF Coastal Command

    I really like the way this kit looks , it is a great start.
  11. Joe Hegedus

    Revell P-51D canopy

    I had to shim the windscreen, too. 30 thou on one side and 20 thou on the other to get it to fit flush. Odd that I had no trouble getting the fuselage to close around the cockpit with no gaps in the centerline seams, but there looks to be a bit of a gap on either side between the fuselage halves and the cockpit sidewall pieces, but not enough slop there to squeeze the fuselage enough to get the canopy to sit even with the sides. Might have to look into Mr. Maben's solution and try sanding the sides a bit to get the back of the canopy to sit properly open. That way, as long as I get the forward end shimmed out enough to be in the right place, any further mismatch going back isn't going to be noticable.
  12. MikeMaben

    Mr. Paint (MRP?)

    Hobbyworld is for the most part a one man operation. Matt Bole runs it and sells a boatload of paint brands and other products. He orders in large quantities but as you can imagine, the popular stuff sells out fast as he's the only US seller of MRP (so far). In the US you can get up to 10 pounds of paint for a flat $7.20 so ordering larger quantities is the best option. (10 pounds is a LOT of paint !). He does have a family to take care of so he can't be on everything immediately like Sprue Bros . So basically we have 2 individuals we're dealing with when getting ahold of MRP paints in the US, Rene Molnar and Matt Bole .
  13. Dave Williams

    Some disheartening news from Revell

    That is simply the last price they had when it was in stock. Doesn’t mean that a restock of the kit would be at the same price. Might be. Might not. Currently the price of the kit on Revell’s web Page is 40 Euro, which is over $45 USD, so I’m think the next batch imported will be priced higher.
  14. Just discovered the similarity between the "official copy" of the P51 Manual and the SWS approach to their P51 assembly instructions,........very nice......
  15. nmayhew

    HB B24 discussion: AM and fixes.

    Ok but don’t spend too much time doing it You should be devoting your time to a B-24 decal set
  16. Out2gtcha

    How would YOU do this camo?

    Yep. It seemed a ridiculous thing to call a paint an ink, but that very thinnest out of the bottle that I complained about, is one of the things l love about it now after getting to know the paint.
  17. dodgem37

    1/32 B-29?

    God Almighty, Tom is good. Sincerely, Mark
  18. MikeMaben

    How would YOU do this camo?

    I remember that discussion , people thot I was nutz for suggesting such a thing. I like to wear a nitrile glove on my left hand and start on that to make sure I've got a nice flow before hitting the surface. I wear gloves anyway. Good luck Brian. Just have fun and remember , the more you do it the better you get. Mottles 'are' actually fun once you get the hang of it.
  19. RonGUSA

    HB B24 discussion: AM and fixes.

    My bad your right 36" for the front.
  20. CANicoll

    Some disheartening news from Revell

    The Revell P-51 seems to be back on back order, but is till listed at less than $25 from SprueBrothers and Scale Model Hobbyist. Would be VERY Interesting to get the fillet tail. If I could get that NOW I'd do Duchess Arlene on that kit rather than the Tamiya kit. Chris
  21. jimbo

    HB B24 discussion: AM and fixes.

    FYI Ron, the nose wheel is 36” dia. per the chart Iain shared as well as the B-24 erection and maintenance manual someone else shared in his Coastal Command Lib build. jimbo
  22. RBrown

    Bf 110D-3 w/DB 601N engine fuel type

    The DB 601N required C3 fuel.
  23. MikeMaben

    Some disheartening news from Revell

    It's closer to $45 now. They have everything they need for the filleted model except maybe decals. I'm looking to Special Hobby to fill that role (fingers crossed).
  24. jimbo

    HB B24 discussion: AM and fixes.

    Thats it! Thanks Iain!! Jimbo
  25. RonGUSA

    HB B24 discussion: AM and fixes.

    B-24 tire dimensions Main - 56" x 16ply Nose - 30" x 10ply The mains are the same size as those on B-17's.
  26. Garage21

    1917 Sopwith Camel by Model Airways

    A NOTE REGARDING THE HAYNES SOPWITH CAMEL OWNER'S MANUAL This publication is a solid tome of content about the Sopwith Camel and it does contain more than a few good reference photos. To call it a "Owner's Manual" however is a bit of a reach. As a publication, it does a good job of telling the story of the Camel and it nicely chronicles the construction, restoration and resurrection of two Sopwith Camels over in the UK as well as the historical significance of this plane in the context of WWI and aviation in general. It does not however contain the detailed, mechanical diagrams, reference material or photos that I had hoped it might. You can get this book for less than $25 on Amazon, and at that price it's not a waste of money. But if you really want to get into the kibbles and bits of the Camel, I'd say that your going to find this book to be a bit lacking (as I did). Having said that, i'll be purchasing a set of the Sopwith Camel blueprints available at Sopwith Camel and Pup Blueprints (thanks Bill) in order to capture the tiny details that make this plane so cool. AND ONE MORE THING... Due to my arthritis, old-man's vision and a desire to create a working Clerget engine (at least one with functioning pistons), the stand-alone display engine is going to be done in 1:8 scale.
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