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  2. So far I spy with my little eye.............. - Roy - Juraj - Radu - Ade - Dany Boy? (im terrible at the connect-a-face to a name game)
  3. Hmmm... I think there are slight indentations molded at those spots. Could they be represented as holes? Anyone have any photographic representation of these ports? After the pre-shading has been established, it's time to apply the camo colors. The lower fuselage of White 8 appears to be the yellow-green variant of RLM 76 (aka RLM 84), in contrast to the standard light blue RLM 76 of the tail unit undersides. For this color, I am using AK Real Colors RLM 76 Late War Version, which is very similar to Mr Hobby Aqueous H74 Sky (Duck Egg Green), which I also have. The color is mixed with Tamiya Lacquer thinner at a 2:1 thinner-to-paint ratio and shot through an Iwata HP-C Plus airbrush. The color is built up slowly, keeping an eye on the pre-shading effects. I want to get to a point where the pre-shading is just barely noticeable, with the understanding that there will be more layers of weathering yet to come. I like how the AK Real Colors spray. They behave very much like Tamiya and Mr Hobby Aqueous and most colors feature a semi-gloss finish instead of flat, which helps reduce the amount of clear gloss that will need to be applied for the upcoming pastel wash. I am going to try and use a template for the demarcation between the upper and lower fuselage colors.
  4. I have a few places to (re)-visit when i finally get back to Germany. This will definitely make the list now.
  5. You're welcome! I have seen this Me-262 twice during visits to the museum, but it's current residence must be totally new. This plane was always at the old facility parked under a Me-163 hanging from the ceiling, not far from a V-2 and then just up the stairs, they have a Bf-109 Emil. This new Flugwerft Schleissheim looks gorgeous! Need to check it out!
  6. That's better, worth the effort (and sacrifice):
  7. salut tout le monde aller à la campagne sicilienne Bf110 C-7 Trop d'entretien à Gerbini en 1942 Le lanceur ventral ETC et les chars supplémentaires indiquent un bateau de patrouille côtière (quelques marques de victoire également) ou une escorte de convoi, bien que ce dernier rôle soit plus facilement confié au Ju88. bf 110 Dragon kubelwagen tamiya figurines tamiya, dragon, miniart.
  8. That is definitely not just you! You seem to get it where many folks around here do not. As I have said many times, building plastic models is first and foremost an artistic exercise. To do it right, you should be thinking like an artist...not an engineer.
  9. Thank you very much, absolutely brilliant! I'll add all of those to my picture then try to match something approximating to each dial from my various scraps of Airscale sheets for the supplied ones are not terribly impressive!
  10. hi you are right ,but nevertheless , did you ever try to drive your car on a highway ,at high speed, with your face at about 30 cm from the windscreen... scary !!!!! sorry to spoil this thread Alain
  11. You can see hints of lines\rivets in many photos, none in others. Regardless, a wing festooned with panel lines and rivets under a couple coats of paint is not particularly accurate. Having said that, I do agree that the chord-wise panel lines at the end of the wings and wing end caps were left unfilled, almost certainly because wingtip of removal during transport.
  12. All that stenciling is what absolutely makes the "look" of this aircraft. It would no doubt be a pain in the butt. I think the key would be to work in short sessions and forget about the finish line; just try to enjoy the process while listening to some music or something like that!
  13. That looks great, I wish now that I had painted the undersides of mine black it looks so much better. Cheers Dennis
  14. Hi Gaz, Just brilliant, a great build and what a spectacular presentation. Probably one of my favourite builds on LSP this year!! Now, if only a 32nd scale Dornier Do 217 series from someone. Regards. Andy
  15. This precise question has come up before and I recorded notes from an F-15 mechanic/maintenance guy who spent years crawling all over these jets. He said: "If FY80 or newer, the Bay 5 (area behind pilot) is white, not the weird blue/green metallic. However, the forward avionics bays are still the weird blue green color."
  16. You can see the lines in many wartime photos. I posted a few wartime photos above. You only need an open mind to see them. Radu
  17. Yet the majority of the latest "by the manual" restorations have very smooth wings. There are many, many "restorations" in museums that have very little in common with a factory-finished wartime P-51. Wear and tear surely reduced the factory finishes smoothness, but a couple coats of paint Tamiya's wing is not going to approximate the wartime finish.
  18. No, just going to throw something in there to upset the apple cart even more.
  19. All French aircraft were designated with Roman Numerals, the use of Latin numbers is due to the British (and later the Americans) using them in their documentation, which has been retained by English-language authors ever since. If you want to be strictly accurate, then using Roman Numerals is correct.
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  21. Thank you for the kind comments, everyone.
  22. Dial on the left of the 'vertical thing' is Airspeed 'vertical thing' elevator trim' Dial above the compass bearing is VSI (Vertical Speed Indicator) Dial on left of Engine boost is Cylinder Head temperature / Engine temperature Knob on the right of the hand is Carburettor heater red knob on the right of the carburettor heater will be the cut-off switch Levers on left of cockpit@ BL is blade pitch control, while G is (I assume) throttle that is all I can make out on this picture
  23. California Air Tools compressor, without a doubt. I own one. The quietest air compressors on the market. Also, I own an Iwata High Line HP-BH Gravity Feed with Micro Control for micro air regulation and am very happy with it. Well, actually I own 2. Other brushes come with larger reservoir cups for the big guns, like 4-engine bombers. Good luck. Sincerely, Mark
  24. Liking this a lot Max, very nice progress. Was hoping for RFI pics today though!! Regards. Andy PS. Looks like a real quality kit, Hoping Santa brings me one this year.
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