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  2. wow, wow, a lot of work, excellent results, how long it took you to finish this beauty, very well done
  3. Thanks! I've dealt with the fuselage seams (actually Tamiya putty dealt with the seams) and set that component aside for now in order to work up the nerve to cut the left horizontal stabilizer off and add flack/ shell damage. I also made up some ribs and spars (short pieces to protrude through the break) out of .010" sheet plastic. the part I'll be using getting a bit of detail work added I've roughed up the break, it'll look rougher with torn spars and stringers hanging out, and I'll completely delete the elevator from this side, with no hinges there'd be nothing to hold it in place
  4. Thank you sir! I was hoping you'd notice!
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  6. In January of 2019 I tried an experiment to try and match fifteen different paint mixes to the paint applied to two Zero artifacts. These were skins from the tail cones of Mitsubishi A6M3 32 s/n 3285 and Nakajima A6M2 s/n 6345. The paint used was: Polly Scale Concrete Polly Scale USSR Topside Green Tamiya XF-76 Tamiya XF-76 / XF-49 (2:1 ratio) AK Interactive AK-2062 J3 Sp Lifecolor UA 039 (FS34201) Lifecolor UA 019 (FS30277) Lifecolor UA 755 Model Master Acryl Armor Sand (30277) Model Master SAC Bomber Tan (FS34201) Model Air CamBeige 023 Hemp Model Air 71.311 IJN Ash Grey Mr. Color 60 RLM02 / 336 Hemp (1:1 ratio) Mission Models MMP-107 J3 Hai-iro Lt Grey Mission Models MMP-110 J3 J3 SP LT The artifacts were partially wet sanded with 3000 grain sandpaper to remove any surface oxidization. The area I matched to is circled on the artifacts. The matching was done and the photos were taken in direct sunlight. It should be noted that the match was for full scale colour – for scale colour the matching paints should be appropriately lightened. The best match for the Nakajima color appears to be first Lifecolor UA 039 (FS34201), second Model Master SAC Bomber Tan (FS34201) and third Mr. Color 60 RLM02 / 336 Hemp (1:1 ratio). None of the paints were an exact match for the Mitsubishi sample. On this weekend I picked up some Model Air Tan Green 71.023 Hemp. It is said on the bottle that it matches FS34201, but it is not anywhere close to the other two paints described as 34201. It is much too green and much too dark. Ryan
  7. Ah, I see you've amended the first post to reflect that this now is indeed a WiP thread, so I'll move it to the correct forum. Kev
  8. Wow, this is awesome! Time for a WiP thread? Kev
  9. As promised, more pics of the progress:
  10. Hello all- Tamiya Rubber Black followed up with a dry brush of MM Gunship Grey enamel makes this stuff pop.
  11. Posted in pdf format: https://www.scalemates.com/products/img/3/3/3/543333-44-instructions.pdf HTH, D
  12. Great looking model Q. I especially like the added touch of the hand crank.
  13. Thanks Chuck, very appreciated from a superb modeler like you, we are working both for NAA aircraft at the moment cheers thanks John for the info, there is a new Alclad decals in the market, coincidence? https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/PF32412P?result-token=mBaQK&fbclid=IwAR0v6EtqXi2X4XmsWFtM9X8zJLffqbX-ZTdVfoXWJy-4LYraxRZMGCsWD84 I have not update since it's been boring stuff and not much visual, lots of sanding and filling rivets/panel lines... still more to sand and prime ahead but getting closer to the paint phase, most of the "silver" paint has been striped using superglue cleanner, I find out by accident, it works fine and does not damage the plastic, the wheel bay will be closed since is the position depicted in the image I'm rendering, so that excuse me from losing my mind with those pipes and wires detailing also a big shout to my friend Mathieu who kindly sent me stencils made in the silhouette for "Ferocious Frankie" markings, cheers
  14. Wow, very impressive! Classy as classy gets. ICM definitely has a winner on its hands.
  15. Very nice work! Are these decals from the box or after market?
  16. Most excellent!! Great to see this one back Tom
  17. Very cool. I was not aware of this guy before, but look like some very good figures and equipment for modern era dioramas
  18. Buying one - you are a brave man indeed . I'll have some more photos uploaded shortly although they are hardly exciting.
  19. An origami class at the local junior college should be a requirement before Z-M lets anyone buy those flaps. Cheers, D.B.
  20. I guess we can hope to see Dr1’s and HP’s at Shizuoka hobby show and releases in the first half of this year. Fingers crossed anyway. Oh yes then there’s the Lancaster...
  21. Ah indeed - thanks Nic, I thought they were related! I’m only about 60 minutes north of them and have never been. Some day, you’re right - I should go! jimbo
  22. Pe Flaps are a pain in the a¥£€ but looking the part
  23. Thanks for your reply Dave very informative about the process. I guess initiative is always helpful on the factory floor!
  24. Stephens International is the distributor, MegaHobby is the online shop, and AAA Hobbies is the actual store you can go visit. It is all in the same building. You should go check it out.
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