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  2. It's often a case of trial and error and many years of getting it wrong. The key thing is to have a guide for the scribe that doesn't move all over the place, and for that I use Dymo tape. I also only do light passes with the scriber - this way if it does slip it doesn't do too much damage. Each line you see scribed onto the model is approximately 5 to 7 lighter passes with the scriber, rather than just one or two hard passes. Thanks for the link, Paul - I was aware of the Vector set but it'll set me back a hefty sum to all four engines. I think I have a cunning plan to make something passable using the Hercules cylinders and some plastic pipe for the engine core. The reduction gear housing on the Pegasus is smaller than the Hercules but I may just have to use what I've got. It's going to be very dark in the nacelles, and as long as the number of cylinders is correct I think I can 'fudge' the rest. All the best, Tom
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  4. Hmmm, good luck with that! I assume you’re looking for accurate overall drawings of the whole aircraft with dimensions etc? That’s the Holy Grail, none apparently exist, or at least not in my experience. I have access to machine production drawings of every individual part right down to nuts and bolts, but not a general arrangement drawing amongst them…..and there must but a couple of thousand!
  5. Jennings, about the VF-114 bird if I may. 1) What does the dual star motif by the fuselage national insignia represent? 2) I assume the Pukin' Dogs logo on the fuselage a remnant from an earlier attachment? Mark Proulx
  6. "Ben, you do not need another F-4B. Ben, you do not need another F-4B. Ben, you do not need another F-4B." Gotta keep repeating that to myself.... Ben
  7. I think some of the high-end machines have already achieved this to a large extent. Kev
  8. A nice selection. Difficult to pick a favorite! Mark Proulx
  9. Just curious, but does anyone have factory drawings of the Tiger Moth? Or can point me in a direction where I might find them?
  10. Thank you, indeed it did pay off. And yes 3D writing opens up new possibilities. I only hope that technology advances so we can get rid of those pesky ridges on those pieces, and then the technique wil unlock the full potential of the 3D printed parts. But it usually only takes some sanding sticks or sandpaper to get rid of them so no problem
  11. Hi All! OK, the Green dielectric panels are masked and painted (WEM Soviet Wheel Hub Green), as is the rear steel section (Alclad steel). The front part of the fuselage are painted with US Light Gull Grey (MRP-98). When the paint had dried came the most exciting part of any build, removing all the masking! It took a while, lots of tape to remove, and here´s how it turned out... The red wheel wells really stand out... .. an almost soft transition between the colors, perfect! More to come soon! Stefan
  12. I agree - very few would have noticed that - but now it’s out and we everybody here know it …. Finally they are not „really wrong“ - only the level of detail is not that precise BTW was it you looking for details of the mud guards? Still an Open issue? Regards, Nils
  13. Is the box watertight/waterproof? If so fill it with water and measure the water. Or was that what you meant about measuring? Maybe I’m just all wet…again.
  14. Great work, Tom. Congratulations on this milestone. Sincerely, Mark
  15. Some more F-4Bs (coming in 1/48 for the new Tamiya kit)..
  16. Why has nobody said A5M Claude? Or Nakajima Ki-27? Heaps of them went 'that way'.
  17. Wow, its bits of aftermarket like this that make me want to go out and buy the kit they were made for, not buy the kit then buy stuff for it after! Do you have any plans to for the F-15E MSOG vents, Tamiya don’t include them with their kit.
  18. Those will be some awesome looking birds! I like jets with their wheels up too! If there was a way to suspend them mid-air, I would do it. Just love an impression of speed and agility that a landed plane just ain't got.
  19. Hey, you got a response from them, that’s more than I ever did. Luckily my packages were insured so I got my money back from the booking company I used who then subcontracted to Shitney Bowes.
  20. With a chain of Airfix Victors for the in flight refuels?
  21. Whoa, that is some awesome looking water!
  22. I'll just leave them as-is. Very few will ever even notice that they're wrong.
  23. Yes that are the little details… It is never too late - only harder. The top hinge pins are not the deal. For the others I would suggest to use a long drill set. I got a drill set from Ø0.5mm in steps of +0.1mm til Ø2,0mm. Each drill is 100mm long and smaller Ø-drills are a little „flexible“ so to say. You can drill „around the corner“… for the lower ones. Or you drill out all the hinge pins and replace them with scratch build brass tube ones.
  24. Did not know that we had bright yellow Coast Guard birds. Just used to the white and orange. Matt
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