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  2. Have bought and paid for mine from Hannants. I expect it to ship soon. I was worried about the cost of shipping the kit and all the detail parts from the UK to the USA. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be— about $50. Really looking forward to this one! Now bring on that Val! Bill M.
  3. Timmy, Thanks for the suggestion. Lots of great stuff in that video. Jeff
  4. Just spent over half an hour catching up on your build, astonished by every step. I love the logical sequence, and how you decide how to proceed. So much to learn from following this! Great choice of a beautiful aircraft too. Richard
  5. I think you nailed the tight feathered edge. It’s very subtle even when you look close. Your method worked really well. Richard
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  7. That is plenty! Wow, this is such great work! I just got caught up again on your build and glad I did. The scratch-building and meticulous attention to detail is amazing (and a little crazy ). As someone else said above, your choice of unique subjects is always fun to follow. Richard
  8. Very cool project with lots of extras! This will be fun to follow. Richard
  9. Thank you Jeff! Building the cockpit is one of my favorite tasks in assembly, and I wanted to capture the detail included in the kit before it all gets sealed up. Cheers, Tom
  10. Zip Kicker by Zap. Does an excellent job of cleaning and smoothing scribed panel lines. Zip Kicker ever so slightly melts the plastic. Often what you can’t get out of the lines is plastic “dust/shavings” that are still attached to plastic. Zip Kicker literally melts it away. If you get too much on the surface, leave it until it dries, don’t touch or wipe it off. Because it gently softens the plastic if you touch it you can mar the plastic. If left alone the plastic hardens without issue. 7:37 mark you can see it in action. Timmy!
  11. Genie missile installed in the weapons bay. Doors have been installed. Starboard side door may need some adjusting. Falcons ready to be decaled. That is all. Dan
  12. Nice work, just one small question - how do they operate the elevator? I see control cables for the vertical fin, but none for the horizontal stab.
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  14. Superb work Tom! That Cockpit looks fantastic. Cheer's, Jeff.
  15. Really excited to see this one come together. I've been thinking about attempting the Spit V conversion with the same items. Cheers- Jeff
  16. I've finished most of the cockpit after detail painting and adding the decals with MicroSol and MicroSet and pushing them down with a dampened Q-tip. I still need to add the flat coat and gloss the dials/screens and add a few of the more delicate levers, but that's about it. In my opinion this kit doesn't need help from Quinta! I also added the decals to the ejection seat, some of which could host a dance party on the head of a pin. Until next time! Cheers, Tom
  17. sorry, i agree to disagree on this one.....
  18. Did not someone post a photo(s) of JR’s kit wing, the Revell B and the new Revell P-51D wing? Same discussion IIRC. The weapons port insert on the kits was to avoid gun hole alignment issues.
  19. OK, I took advantadge of the Sprue bro. sale on PE and got 109E LOOK inst. Panel, an interior set for my trumpy Hind, and the interior set for my 1/72 Emily, one of 3 1/72 kits I own. They had Lock-on books on sale, and got: Hind, Apache and MiG 29, all decent basic detailing guides.
  20. Amazing work Peter... simply jaw dropping.
  21. Why do we need any film? I’m more than happy that a British writer and director may create a new movie about the Battle of Britain.
  22. Is the one in the port wing a detection patch but those red sections on the starboard repair jobs maybe? Regards.Andy
  23. It definitely works for me John and always happy with the way the Tamiya acrylics go down! My next step is to try your method of a chalk mix for the panel lines etc, its the first time trying this so hopefullyI will get a good result. Regards.Andy
  24. Okaayy... eleven feet - that might fit in the hall alongside the stairs...
  25. 1/72 Saturn V Rocket is 1.5 meters (59.04 inches) tall. 72/32 = 2.25 x 1.5 = 3.375 meters ( ~ 11 feet) in 1/32 Dragon 1/72 Saturn V Apollo Rocket
  26. So, my initial work on this build is to focus on the wing and converting the A wing to the B wing. All in all not to difficult with some filling of various panel lines, shell ejector chutes and one 303 gun port. The Eduard exterior set is really nice and covers the lower wing including wheel bays and radiator/ oil cooler. The wheel bay parts are a little tricky to fit but make a big difference to the look of the underside. I then opened up the wings to accept the 20mm Hispano's as well as adding the ejector chutes next to the wheel bays. Next u
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