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  2. From the frying pan into the fire. What an exercise in alignment. Good show, Brian. Way to persevere. Sincerely, Mark
  3. I attended a talk by Tom Neil, it was due to be him and one other but the latter couldn’t make it at the last minute. Tom, in his 90s, spoke for an hour and kept us all enthralled. A wonderful man indeed, he well deserved his standing ovation at the end.
  4. MikeC. Everything is Here.
  5. Oh, and the turntable is usually used for serving food.
  6. Thanks Simon, my Montex/AlleyCat Hawker Fury is next in line then! I think your family/father had something to do with the superb mouldings?
  7. Hi Ernest, thanks. I think you are right in waiting. This kit took so much time in filling etc., that I lost energy and time at the end. I think the Trumpeter 1/24 Mk.IIc Hurricanes are a big step up from this. I might add one to the stash (I always preferred the Mk.IIc anyway).
  8. 2015 Snugtop camper shell.' Any AC back there? Could be a greenhouse in that Tucson sun. Sincerely, Mark
  9. I am re-reading the book, The silver spitfire. I am enjoying it again very much. I would love to build this aeroplane. I've not found any photos. I like the author very much. He tells a very good story. I also liked him in the film, Spitfire, the plane that saved the world. Neil seemed a very good sort. A really nice chap. I was amused when he referred to the Fulham as an "utterly useless aeroplane." All help appreciated.
  10. That’s a useful reference Alain, well done. I presume the ICM kit will have the folded blind flying hood which will be “ahem” copied for future builds.
  11. "'Ere, 'e says 'e's not dead!" https://www.intriguing.com/mp/_scripts/dead.php
  12. Indeed Mike, could be very embarrassing otherwise in a loop! I read of one account where the slat control hadn’t yet been fitted so the slat wire was taped in place. On a solo aerobatic practice the pilot suddenly found he couldn’t move the joystick to the left, he managed to get down and immediately departed the plane for a stiff drink in the bar. It was found that the taped end had loosened and the slackened wire had wrapped itself around the joystick in the front cockpit!
  13. Hi, We are still working on the interior and schemes, hence it is safe to say that January will be a month of premiere. Simon
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  15. ...and they had to be locked shut prior to any aerobatics. Thanks Max
  16. Sorry I missed it, but what happened?
  17. Bah. The worst that can happen is that this thread might be revived in another 10 years or so... D
  18. Dandiego


    That is awesome!!! Thanks for sharing. Dan
  19. Thanks guys! Progress has been made on the build, albeit slower than I hoped. I spent the last couple of nights masking the canopy, and now it's ready for the paint shop. Now for a whole lot of white paint! I'll be laying down a good coat of Tamiya white primer then covering it with MRP US Navy White. Thanks for checking in on my build. Mike
  20. Well, its the 30th here, so I must be finished. Airfix 1/24 Hurricane straight out of the box. Funny kit, a but quite crude in many ways. Some of the fit is imprecise and parts are oversized/funny looking. Glad to have another one done though. See you for the next group build!
  21. She not only supplied the hunter, but also the bait. Your wife has style.
  22. Lovely. Are you gonna weather it?
  23. Beautiful build so far mate! Really nice work so far! I too am almost done my TF-104 build, albeit in Canadian markings! I love the German MARINE masks! Cheers Alan
  24. I would concur with Jack, above. It looks like a very good model of the Huey from where I'm sitting. I'm sure that a Huey expert could find some fault with it from two feet away, but they've not produced the perfect kit of anything, yet (I don't believe they ever will). Thanks for sharing with us. Chris.
  25. He's welcome to me thinky-organ. I'm certainly not using it right now... Chris.
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