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  3. I’m pleased to report that our very first publication, Building Brick’s Sabre in 1/32 Scale, turns 7 years old today, and to celebrate, we’ve not only updated it to v2.1, but also reduced the price to just 12 Australian dollars for the next 7 days! The update itself consists of the usual tweaks to layout and typography, and is not considered essential. This a free update for all existing purchasers, and of course new purchasers will always receive the latest version of any of our books. In order to obtain your free update, simply re-download the book using either the original download link in your Order Confirmation email, or log in to your KLP account and download it from the Downloads section of your profile. If you don’t have either, please contact me and we’ll sort it out. And of course, if you don’t have this one, for the next 7 days you can purchase it even more cheaply than usual! Kev
  4. It is it mates! I sware ! Cheers from brazil to you all...miss you guys a lot!
  5. Here some " proof shot " that is the 1/32 hk b25j... oh god! I forgot today newspaper on it....save the dat folks! Enjoy....
  6. Some more.... its not so easy to build up this bombs....will be glued only after the sides are glued together, into the racks first and so...
  7. Old but good humm? Deeply sorry to let you all wait so long....my kid will be 9 years old this july 21...i will be able to update some and hopefully finish this...
  8. That sure looks cool. Maybe that can be my next lesser-known WW2 fighter build Matt
  9. Some more....im on the guns and managing work on nose leg with nose weight to prepare to close things finally...
  10. So lets try to move on....some view of how things(still) are....hope you guys like...
  11. Hi mate..sorry for the huge delay...i will try to keep things going now...
  12. 2006 KC, and 2013 Loveland, Colorado. I’d love to do it again, but I don’t see it happening.
  13. "The upcoming Fiat G.50bis kit will feature two aircraft of the Italian Air Force. Both interesting. The first of these will be the G.50bist/N, a prototype equipped with a landing hook. The Hooked G.50bis was to form the armament of the upcoming aircraft carriers Aquila and Sparviero. However, the Italians did not complete them. The second machine is the G.50bis fighter-bomber, equipped with pylons and bombs. Both the landing hook and the pylons and bombs will be printed by direct 3D printing. The new cover will have cat. number SH32089." There's also a decal sheet from Tauro Model, TM32-554, FIAT-CMASA G.50 REGIA AERONAUTICA.
  14. I'm glad waroff posted the drawings....I wish I could access them again but I'm unable at this time.
  15. Don't chicken out on us, we could make you famous on YouTube.
  16. That 700 brass is tough! Nice work!
  17. Why would that have happened, Ray?
  18. I've been to three; St Louis ('91), Dallas and KC. The show in KC was a bust for me though, as I arrived about two hours before the show actually ended!
  19. Given that its the largest single modeling event in the country, there's generally no telling what manner of cool stuff you might find.
  20. Yesterday
  21. IThanks Alex! I printed them out and the speeders turned out good with the exception of the wing guns witch at 550th scale they are so utterly thin they do droop a bit so I'll figure out how to deal with that. I've also got a plan for the ruby crystal and salt surface in the new base, as well as a hopefull solution to the salt spray of speeders as well. I picked this oval base up at Hobby Lobby (which was supposed to be one of those idiotic hanging signs to can customize, but I removed the rope hanger and screws holding it) and it was covered with THE most hideous looking wooden half spheres, which I promptly removed. The removal of said spheres caused some divots in the wooden base which I'll use some car body spot filler to fill. The base also has a nice 1/8" sunk area in the middle which I'll use as the resin fill area after the wooden filler/primer/paint.
  22. Tanya and I will be there vending again. We'll also have a lot of FlightLine Resin stuff at our tables. We're supposed to get a box from Sierra Hotel, but it still hasn't shown up!
  23. I should check in my kit but out of my memory the MLG doors are unfortunately not separate in that kit.
  24. Be easier to spot you if you didn't.
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