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  2. Where did this happen? Sounds like everything in storage was already in the US? What a serious pisser. You have all their contact information working for you, correct? I can't write about the current status of the US but it likely not the same as what you think it was when you left it.
  3. For what it's worth, the two kits mentioned are identical, aside from decals. The Revell of Germany kit has more precise decals, including cockpit placards, that are not included in the Revell USA boxing. The RoG decals, however, are not glossy which turns some folks off. The plastic, however, is identical. Hope this helps.
  4. Our Kit Database is a highly-valuable resource, and in many cases more reliable that Scalemates when it comes to LSP stuff. It is, however, sadly in need of some work, which has been planned for a long time, but I've just never found the time. That should be changing next year, and I'm hoping to really beef it up and bring it to its full potential. Kev
  5. Well, on a positive note, you made it back from Africa alive, which to me, is no small feat. It seems that there is no shortage of things trying to kill you on that continent, even makes Australia a little jealous...
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  7. Love what you did to the landing gear bay! Any updates?
  8. Really amazing work on your P-38, love it. Great weathering. P-38 really was the king in the Pacific. I've read in several places, the Air Force wanted to kill the P-38 as soon as the P-47 was ready, but General George Kenney practically begged William Knudsen to keep it in production. The battle for New Guinea is a really interesting long campaign, with secret airfields being built, decoy airfields to distract from the construction of the real one, and more.
  9. Wow, that is awful, Rocky. I have lots of interesting responses running through my head, but none of them are appropriate here. They probably would be in Texas though.... Tim
  10. Did they snatch that huge Tiger too?
  11. Prosecution, nope! One must be creative. The IRS allows you to send 1099’s for stolen property as long as it’s accompanied by a police report, Bingo! Why send them to jail? They would get three square meals and a bed to sleep in. Working for the government for twenty years is a far better punishment in my opinion. Good to hear from you Brian and Kev!
  12. Here's the public access kit database in its entirety, easily searchable too. (Not the admin link.)
  13. Well, I try to learn something new each day. I didn't even know there WAS a kit database. I am constantly referencing the reviews section when I find a kit, but this is new to me. Thanks!
  14. Yes it is. I just corrected that while you were asking.
  15. Link in K2's post fixed while I was typing this
  16. It appears that one (03944) is Revell USA while the other (85-5989) is Revell of Germany. Same kit, different marking options. Other than that, I don't know much about either. After viewing K2's link it appears I have the numbers reversed....03944 is Revell of Germany and 85-5989 is Revell USA.
  17. According to our own kit database, 85-5989 is one of the boxings of the new tooled kit. Revell P-51D
  18. Darn shame, Rocky, but it's still nice to see you here again. I'd not hesitate to prosecute them both.
  19. What a shame. No good deed(s) ever go unpunished these days.
  20. I know that the Revell Germany P 51D-5NA Early, kit 03944, is a decent kit, not Tamiya, but pretty good according to some. I have also heard that the difference between this kit and the "earlier" Revell P51 D is the decals, and they are both the newer mold version. My issue is, which earlier one is the similar one? My LHS has the 03944 for about $50, but another kit marked P51D-5NA, No. 85-5989 (which implies it's maybe a 1985 kit?) in a regular lift top box, for much less, about $31 out the door. I would like to make certain that this is the correct kit, meaning new tool but differing in decals? The pricing and the kit number raise my spidey sense. Thanks
  21. If you have all of their info, can you not at least prosecute them?
  22. Hey juggernaut, absolutely ask away I don’t have much experience in props so i was trying to use the graphics that came with the Exito decals as my guide. Looking at that 2nd pic from the top view, The very very center line on the booms seems to match it well but I think to your point there’s too much brown showing on the left and right of that. it didn’t seem that way before i put the flat coat on it…and then that rusty copper color really showed up. i have a 2nd one to do. My current thought process is to try a different blend of oils for a more tan look (just matching graphics at this point) and not let it get so wide. If that works out I may try and modify this. Your comment on the gray is interesting. Maybe just that would help it. Will give it a try when I’m testing out the mix for #2! By chance do you have any color pics? The only color ones i have are of the underside.
  23. Well gentlemen, After living in Africa, I am back in the US! I was looking forward to setting up my hobby room and enjoying semi-retirement, only to find that my entire stash of kits was stolen. Now you know why I am an angry person. Two people that worked for me unloaded my air conditioned storage containers and wiped me out. They literally took everything of value. Two 40' foot storage containers reduced to an 8x10 storage unit. Furniture, art, hobby stuff, massive steel workbench, all of my tools and even my great grandmothers iron skillet! WTF These two worked for me for years, I bailed them out of just every problem known to mankind and even loaned them a lot of money. I guess good deeds do not go unpunished? Its a real pisser. My paints and some of my hobby tools are still around, but not one kit! Every one of my reference books, gone. The entire series from Eagle books all signed by the great Luftwaffe aces, gone. The Monogram series with all of the original colors, gone. I do feel violated and they knew exactly what they were doing. Im sure some lucky folks got some great deals on EBay! Now I get to start all over again. I am happy to be back in Texas in the hill country. Rocky
  24. Humbling to see such photorealism, Jay. Amazing techniques and abilities.
  25. This is the one that caught my attention: I don't know if it's the same one?
  26. Thanks for staying on top of this Carl. Dave
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