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  2. Thank you VERY much for your kind words, guys. Much appreciated. Bye Fanch
  3. Sounds like a really interesting title ... I wonder how that differs from a Sniper or a regular grunt in internet terms?? I'd take it as a compliment and run with it ... whack up a new avatar ... maybe a winged dagger overlaid on an old school monitor/keyboard combo? the motto ... "By Mouse, By Keyboard" seems apt. Rog
  4. I can't be sure ... but I THINK Tony was meaning that he might be closer to committing to buying an AIMS conversion now that the donor kit is much cheaper than the original Dragon kits??? At any rate John designed his F & G conversions so that ANY of the Dragon kits can be used as a base - the logical solution. All the purchaser needs to do is advise John of the particular donor kit being used and he will tailor the parts included to reflect the kits' needs. Rog
  5. XP is in no way more secure than 10. Never was, and now it's gone out of support, it never will be.
  6. Thanks for the update im sure it will be worth the time and effort! thanks...
  7. Thanks Kev Now lets detailing the lower part of the engine: Also gear-bays detailing - imitation of leather covers for protection from dust and dirt: Add some missing rivets of the upper part of the wings: And the instrumental panel from Yaho is awesome : Cheers guys
  8. That looks absolutely fabulous, if you ever need the Eagle Squadron decal again there is one on Eagle Cal EC#158 I used it on a Spitfire not so long ago. Cheers Dennis
  9. That resin nose looks like a flawless casting, beautiful. Now I have to go read your review!
  10. Hmmm....... Do I really need to keep mine then..??
  11. Today
  12. Hello there, after a short break, there is a very little update. One thing that caused a bit headache here and at my other ongoing projects are the navigation lights. Now i got clear resin for my 3d printer, and printed some parts, that match up with the contours of the wing tips when viewed from above, but arr otherwise square. The actual lights are holes, which got some red/green paint inside. The parts are attached to the wing tips with superglue, and then get sanded down to match up with the wing surface. The printed parts are very easy to sand. I'll try to polish them to get a shiny surface. But I already got a nice result after covering the clear part with "Glue 'n' Glace", some kind of white glue. In the pictuer, the green light is just glued, while the red one is already sanded down. On the dark test-wing-tip, the clear part got some Glue 'n' Glace. I'll try this on the PZL 37, too. This might even be the solution for the Hampden One potential problem of those clear part might be some yellowing when exposed too long to UV light. We'll see how they behave over time. Cheers Alex
  13. I sat in the one at RAF Spadeadam whilst on exercise one. It’s a tank with blade, truly impressive lump. Steve.
  14. The UPS office in my town takes them back. Look for a office that packs and ships packages. Remember that it can be fun to rub a ballon inside the bag before you hand them off to the clerk. Rick
  15. I’ve somehow managed to miss this conversion being launched. I might just have to get one. It’s an ‘interesting’ looking creature. Will follow along.
  16. I really like the previous offering. I look forward to this one too. Rick
  17. IIRC AIMS offers a G conversion with the C varient as the donor kit. Rick
  18. Hello rick, welcome I,ll be at QHME again this year as well, did you go to PX Gazz?
  19. Hi Silhouette users! I've never considered buying a drawing to use on my Silhouette machine as I've cobbled together what I've needed so far. But I've found a place that has some cool and more intricate stuff than I could ever make on my own. My question is this: If I buy one of these vector drawings, can I just import it into my Silhouette, save it into a file and begin cutting? And should any vector drawing work? Thanks for your thoughts! Gaz
  20. Hello friends. I have added parts of my construction in the engine compartment that I have not seen in any model of the Stuka but in some real photo of it. Although I do not know if it will be visible when it is finished. I present the photos: And here is one of the real photos that I refer to: Source: WWW.WARBIRDSRESOURCEGROUP.ORG I hope I have done well.
  21. I have a Creality CR-10S for large parts and an Anycubic Photon for small, detailed parts.
  22. I have now received the box art photos for the FAA Pilot from Mike Butler in New Zealand Both pilot are now available on the Elan13 Miniatures website. I hope this series of posts was of interest to LSP members.
  23. Here is the new 1/24th scale FAA pilot designed to go with the new Airfix Hellcat. More pictures are available on the Elan13 Miniatures site www.elan13.co.uk Sculpted by Robert Lane Painted by Mike Butler
  24. I promised an update with modelling content within 24 hours, and here I am 22 hours later with exactly that! I have to confess that I haven't really achieve all that much, however, but it is at least something. The major element of this conversion is of course the new nose, which requires removing the corresponding sections from the kit fuselage halves. Below is a photo of the terrific one-piece resin replacement nose, which I borrowed from the review: My first task was to remove the substantial casting block, and happily the cut locations are quite well defined, which makes the process easier. It's a tedious process, but it's important to proceed slowly. I used my JLC razor saw in a stroking fashion to initiate and then deepen the cuts, with any tricky bits being handled by a #11 blade. Here's the result: Still a little bit of refining to do, but it's basically ready for business. The next task, and probably the most important one of the project, is to remove the corresponding sections from the kit fuselage halves. I used the same technique outlined above for removing the casting block from the nose piece, but the instructions here a slightly vague, and I managed to misread the supplied photo, and remove too much material from the forward wing root section: In the photo you can see that I've glued a section of styrene strip into place to compensate for the material I removed in error. Once this has set strong, I'll set about shaping it to fit the corresponding cut-out in the resin nose. I'll also be more careful doing the other fuselage half! So, that's as far as I got before running out of time. I'm slowly starting to feel like I'm shaking off the rust! For the next update I aim to have the other fuselage half cut down, and the mating surfaces on all parts fitting nicely together. It's really important to go slow here and get this part right, as the success of the project rests on it. Kev
  25. I think the plastic is down to the original manufacturer. The Revell repop of the ICM 1/48 RBT Foxbat, for example, contained corrected plastic nose parts but ICM likely had them in the works already. I haven't compared my copies of the 1/32 Italeri and Revell Mirage IIIE boxings, but am not sure anything was lost with the etch in any case. It's a shame Dragon never did a G, but having a Revell C repop — which will either disappear quickly or be heavily discounted at some stage — might bring an AIMS conversion slightly closer. Tony
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