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  2. I can't say I disagree. I've yet to see a kit in all my years modeling, with so many instruction notes on removing or cutting down OOB parts just to make the kit fit.
  3. Looking for a photo source for the fuselage formation lights mounted in the P-51 Mustang. Attached link of Kit Carson's P-51K Nooky Booky IV is claimed to have been fitted with the fuselage formation lights but I am not seeing them, can anyone shed some light, no pun intended, on the subject? Thanks, Kirk https://www.cebudanderson.com/357profilenookybookyiv.htm
  4. It's been a while but I managed to get some time on this 109 between work and a skiing trip. The Barracuda exhausts were trimmed to fit an I replaced the straight heat shield on the starboard side with 0.2mm styrene - the Hasegawa pat for copmaprison: The port side with the kit part thinned down significantly (just thrown into place): Afterwards I painted the canopy's inside and went on tih preparations for painting. First some Alclad primer for the resin parts: As my airbrush was already loaded up with the (thinned) primer I decided to give all seams and rescribed lines one layer. Well it seems there's plenty of cleanup to do: The starboard side will be fixed with a small amount of CA - the port side and some underwing panels will require more love: Cheers Joachim
  5. Converting an AGM-84 Harpoon may be easier than starting with a Kormoran.
  6. This will be great to see David. You can see the difference in the quality of the mouldings between the two kits. Carl
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  8. For me first ZG76 Haifischgeschwader, than Wespengeschwader ZG1. Both looks fantastic !!
  9. as it stands i think they should withdraw the kit from the shelves there is no way someone without much experience could build this out of the box, i think ive taken the easy option of in flight, looking at the gear bay and the gear itself, i dont think it will build at all, i did have a 'play' before i closed the gear doors, there were so many bits fouling each other. i have a contact via the revell reviews and i will be speaking to him when the build is complete, ill link the thread aswell
  10. Almost seems like this was started at some point in the design of the kit, then dropped an taken over by a different "team" and they forged on making corrections in the instructions to correct things they knew didnt fit in the actual kit, instead of redesigning the molds.
  11. Here's the GT Resin exhaust (on the right) compared to the kit one. This is from my slat wing E build a couple years ago. Carl
  12. cheers guys, im not the best modeler in the world and funds are limited, so when i spent this much money on a kit i have to keep going interestingly for my forum we get review samples from RoG like the Bell x-1 i reviewed the other day, however RoG arnt releasing this to reviewers, this is the first time in at least 10 years revell have said no to reviews of a kit. I think they already know how bad it is
  13. I forgot to say, you are indeed doing great work here! Making the proverbial silk purse and all
  14. Im with Brian, this is a hot mess and I will be passing on this kit. You're doing great fighting this beast, keep it up!
  15. I know I've said it before, but YIKES. This is a big ol mess.
  16. Found it No one was more excited than I was at first! And then no one more disappointed.
  17. so before i go on a mass filling and sanding spree, i thought id install the nose and it didnt fit at all..... (sadly i forgot to take photos) but its not as bad as it seems, the whole thing is obstructed by the rear wall of the cockpit tub, you need to remove 3mm from the top and each of the corners, as per the photo (everything above the blue lines) once that is done it all snaps in place pretty well, the seam in the side wall, would be noticed on a static build and would need either filling and sanding or a insert made, however in flight with a pilot it cant be seen sadly when you turn her over.... a chasm appears on either side, more filler please!
  18. No experience fitting just yet, but the S cockpit set has a "floor" which the real 104 does not have. Ryan
  19. Unbelievable. This classic kit deserves such a nice make over. You have certainly boost all our interest and happiness into today’s realm. Well done MM! Now we need some nice Decals for this beast. Way cool. Troy
  20. Absolutely astonishing that they were passed on to his widow in the first place and that they have been kept in the family. Cheers Dennis
  21. Thank you, Clark. The port is made quite simply - it’s just a case of cutting the basic shape and then lining it with plastic card. I’ve got more to make so will endeavour to take some pictures of the process and post for my next update. Ha! If only! The next job is to get the bays finished off and the gear installed - not really looking forward to that to be honest but fortune favours the brave!
  22. Oh shame! I'll have to put it back on my wishlist again. Never mind there's always hope I guess!
  23. Hate to be the bearer of bad news Roy, but this was covered on an earlier thread, and IIRC, it was confirmed to be in 72nd. Misprint I believe.
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