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    My hobby interests are all over the map, being particularly fond of aircraft from the WWII, Korean & Viet Nam war era timeframes. I also have a "thing" for the Century series jets, as well as the first generation of jets. I'm also a BIG fan of all the attack aircraft types, making for a rather substantial swath through history regarding military aviation in general that absorbs me. Also a WWI aviation buff, being particularly attracted to the Fokker Dr.I and D.VII. Recently I have developed a taste for Hellenic Air Force subjects, specifically the Mirage 2000 (what a beauty), F-4 Rhino and F-16 Viper.

    As is probably well known here by now, I'm also a major fan of the venerable Hawker Typhoon; what a splendid aircraft!

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  1. Looks cool, very different from the norm. Nice job.
  2. Found this last night, threw it in the trash today, then fetched it right back out to snatch some photos, now it goes back in the trash. It, as far as I know, is the only remaining remnant of my never finished conversion to a Jagdtiger, of the old Tamiya kit. The entire upper hull, all scratch built, was certainly here when I moved in, but I have no idea where it is now. Either way, the Trumpeter kit made the whole exercise rather pointless, as the Trumpeter kit is far superior anyway.
  3. I agree. I have quite a few kits to gather this year, all of which are "grail kits" to me, for various reasons. I've added a few, but there's still more to grab, and out of financial necessity, I have to move slowly on this.
  4. It certainly is fun though, sometimes entertaining, sometimes informative, and sometimes just plain silly, but I rather enjoy it, regardless, as long as it remains civil.
  5. I haven't even gotten a 1:32 scale kit yet.
  6. What, no mention of dirt or filth?
  7. I'm pretty impressed with what I've seen of Meng kits so far.
  8. Guessing is as good a way as any. Just make your eyes happy.
  9. I have no idea, Brian, but the FS number could be a 2 instead of a 3, the 2 just meaning satin vs flat.
  10. Nice! Oddly enough, I was just searching for VF-84 Phantom decals last night. I thought I had a CAM sheet here somewhere, but darned if I can find it now.
  11. Yep, me too. Amazing how frequently I manage to skip the "finish project" part.
  12. I looked forward to this one for quite a while, but I must say that the launch turntable, which is what I really wanted from the kit, is a real letdown, lacking basic and absolutely needed items that would enable an authentic pre-launch configuration. The sad reality is that the diminutive 1:72 Revell/Special Armor turntable, still remains the best of the lot.
  13. Bad news indeed about the Dauntless gear, as I have a kit on the way to me right now.
  14. That's true of some car model molds as well; retooling to adapt to a new style year, leaving the original molds permanently changed, and the kits from the original molds, now demanding higher prices as a result.
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