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    My hobby interests are all over the map, being particularly fond of aircraft from the WWII, Korean & Viet Nam war era timeframes. I also have a "thing" for the Century series jets, as well as the first generation of jets. I'm also a BIG fan of all the attack aircraft types, making for a rather substantial swath through history regarding military aviation in general that absorbs me. Also a WWI aviation buff, being particularly attracted to the Fokker Dr.I and D.VII. Recently I have developed a taste for Hellenic Air Force subjects, specifically the Mirage 2000 (what a beauty), F-4 Rhino and F-16 Viper.

    As is probably well known here by now, I'm also a major fan of the venerable Hawker Typhoon; what a splendid aircraft!

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  1. I'm strongly considering snatching the Eagle Editions book on Hahn right now, while I'm still in the mood.
  2. I just discovered that EagleCals makes a 1:32 sheet, and they refer to it as an F-2. Now I just need to chase down a Hasegawa kit, looks like.
  3. Actually, I had several of these kits at one time. Some of them depicted red and some were orange, like this one, but none (that I recall) were the correct yellow.
  4. That's most certainly the one. I was thinking (after the fact) quite possibly an F4, despite it being labeled as a G. And yes, Hahn was the pilot that I couldn't remember, so thanks a bunch for that. Without using the link, here's the photo I have. I used to have the box, but managed to lose it over the years.
  5. Two (of several) new 1:48 kits now added to the stash. I can't seem to resist these two types.
  6. OK, fellas, here we go. Many, many moons ago, Hawk had a 1:72 model of a Bf 109 (F?) that was depicted with a red nose and hawk on the cowl. I've read over the years that this interpretation was completely bogus, but I'd still like to do a tribute anyway (in 1:32, naturally). So, pilot name, if known (I think he was pretty famous, just can't remember the name), and was it in fact an F model? Thanks a bunch,
  7. Yes, I'd forgotten about that, even though I have a copy (hardbound) sitting here.
  8. It's much like the Apollo program, I suppose. Once we'd actually done it (put a man on the moon), further audience enthrallment seemed to drain off quickly, with many just eventually seeing it as mundane and routine.
  9. Excellent news. I like the dual mantlet options too. I never seem to grow weary of StuG stuff.
  10. Some excellent stuff here, and lots of it too. Thanks, Kev.
  11. I hated to have to resort to this, but because I simply cannot find my other set of these, I grabbed another.
  12. And with a big ol' gun too!
  13. I don't have any reason to believe that the nose (fake) windows were painted in oxygen blue. The only time I've ever seen any reference to them at all, is on box art and color profiles, and I can't really say that any of those are near accurate either.
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