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    My hobby interests are all over the map, being particularly fond of aircraft from the WWII, Korean & Viet Nam war era timeframes. I also have a "thing" for the Century series jets, as well as the first generation of jets. I'm also a BIG fan of all the attack aircraft types, making for a rather substantial swath through history regarding military aviation in general that absorbs me. Also a WWI aviation buff, being particularly attracted to the Fokker Dr.I and D.VII. Recently I have developed a taste for Hellenic Air Force subjects, specifically the Mirage 2000 (what a beauty), F-4 Rhino and F-16 Viper.

    As is probably well known here by now, I'm also a major fan of the venerable Hawker Typhoon; what a splendid aircraft!

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  1. I really like the J2M in that book. Thanks for taking the time Kev.
  2. I myself have several books on the Titanic (with more to eventually be purchased), and any of them would have benefited Trumpeter immensely in the design of this kit. Why they wouldn't consult some of the gobs of reference on this ship, is beyond me, as the Titanic is perhaps one of the most documented ships ever.
  3. Yes, it does now appear that the bow angle is messed up; what a shame, but probably fixable.
  4. Aside from the battleship-like armor belting look, I rather like what I see so far.
  5. How cool. I'll look forward to seeing some reviews.
  6. Oh yes, aftermarket tracks alone frequently cost more than the armor kit they're going onto. Add in stowage, ammo, barrels, P.E., crates and whatnot, and it can cost way more than the kit itself.
  7. I like it just fine. Looks real good to me.
  8. I reviewed the G-6 (here), and while perhaps not as photo heavy as some reviews might be, certainly seems to cover the majority of the bases, I think.
  9. Congrats, and enjoy the kit.
  10. Interesting stuff. Thanks for taking the time, Kev.
  11. Still a workable kit though, and in a great scale too.
  12. Oh yes, and I have many of those references already. Thanks, I'll check it out.
  13. That would be great. While I already seem to have plenty on the A and perhaps even C, I have virtually nothing on the G's. Terrific. I appreciate it, Dean. I really have no idea.
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