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    My hobby interests are all over the map, being particularly fond of aircraft from the WWII, Korean & Viet Nam war era timeframes. I also have a "thing" for the Century series jets, as well as the first generation of jets. I'm also a BIG fan of all the attack aircraft types, making for a rather substantial swath through history regarding military aviation in general that absorbs me. Also a WWI aviation buff, being particularly attracted to the Fokker Dr.I and D.VII. Recently I have developed a taste for Hellenic Air Force subjects, specifically the Mirage 2000 (what a beauty), F-4 Rhino and F-16 Viper.

    As is probably well known here by now, I'm also a major fan of the venerable Hawker Typhoon; what a splendid aircraft!

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  1. I ended up with a bit of a mismatch between the hull rear plate and superstructure sides (my fault), so here I’m using some Tamiya white to correct that. (This obviously needs a second coat, then I’ll be done.)
  2. As it turns out, this system (that I finished building about a year ago), is more than capable of running it, but I doubt I'll bother.
  3. There's a list of desired minimum specs suggested, here.
  4. It's a mix of both, with an emphasis on the history, development, tactics, etc. I snatched it from Amazon, for what I thought was a decent price (or I wouldn't have bought it). Many of the photos were of no help to my specific questions, but a couple were. As it turns out, a ton of good data is available on V2rocket.com
  5. I'm certainly no expert, but none that I've ever seen. As you point out, most of what is or has been available, is very limited in scope. If you're referring to this Squadron/Signal book, I can't begin to imagine why it would be expensive at all.
  6. During strafing missions, which I just loved, as frequently as not I'd fly straight into the ground while I was busy blasting stuff,... not cool.
  7. I flew air sims for a while, mostly WWII stuff, but quickly grew weary of getting killed all the time.
  8. No, but even if I were, no woman is ever going to tell me what I can or cannot do.
  9. I vote for a G too (as opposed to a G-2). G-6, G-10, G-14, any of these would be good by me, and I'd do my best to snatch at least one.
  10. I don't, but I never let that stop me from acquiring more,... ever.
  11. I imagine a group of pals sitting together, grilling some burgers and swilling down some happy juice. I also imagine suggesting that we must stick to one topic of conversation and one topic only. I can also imagine getting chased after by some guys with a butterfly net.
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