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  1. Sadly, the USA is the last place I'll order from. Often, the shipping for a single model is close or equal to the cost of the model. Germany is almost as bad with the UK hot on it's heels. But shipping from here ain't cheap either, especially if a carton crosses the 1Kg line. Sent my dad an Akubra hat one year and did a double take when Aussie Post told me the fee. But... my wife showed me a picture takenon the inside of a Chinese Postal shipping place... people were actually walking on top of the mountain of parcels they had to sort. Luckily none of the people in the picture looked like beefy ex-linemen who'd gone to fat...lol
  2. Orthochromatic film used during there era gives lots of possibilities. Anything from Yellow to black...lol
  3. Thanks Kevin, I was trawling through BNA's paints and was surprised to see how many military colors were available in their acrylic lacquers range which I've been curious to try out. But then I noticed the bottle looked different from the one that ppl were picturing on threads here. They're certainly a bit more expensive than the old bottle of Tamiya, though. Added to that will be shipping... I might as well buy enough bottles to get past BNA's free-shipping total...lol Gaz
  4. Thanks Ron, that's awesome! That's slightly more than half of the average annual income for 1945, Brian! Thank you!
  5. Heh... thanks for the info Brian. What I should have typed, was "What would he have paid at the end of 1945."
  6. The title says it all. Is this the stuff many of you are currently enjoying? Thanks! Gaz
  7. Wow! More great photos! Thanks! It makes me wonder: "what would a guy have to pay to buy a war-surplus aircraft?" I know that after the war, they were just pushing them off the decks of carriers into the sea.
  8. I just wonder if WNW will build enough for everybody that wants one. Imagine what an OOP WNW Lanc could command on EBay....
  9. That is fantastic! Love the camo... and the wear on the camo. Sweet!
  10. Wonderful Job, Iain! Certainly a stand-out in any crowd.
  11. Truly no kit is perfect. I have a lot of worthless WNW lozenge. And I have posted an entire thread about their hideous Albatros D.Va spinner. But they still make great kits even if some things are wrong. And they may draw less criticism due to the fact that their only competitors build models that many hold in the same regard as soiled nappies. And while we Ooh and Ahh over build logs and wood grain, nobody is giving WNW the same scrutiny that Eduard's oversized BF109G6 in 1/48 scale of yesteryear got. We are fortunate to have WNW. But beyond reproach? Gimme a break!
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