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  1. Gazzas

    Dragon's Sturmpanzer IV- 19/Dec/18

    Hi everyone, Just a small update as I wanted to show the results of a modified method of doing the zimmerit. The left image shows the rear of the fighting compartment done the other day. The right image is from last week;s work: The main difference between the older and newer technique is that instead of letting the lines dry before I remove the excess, I remove the excess while it is still moist. It is a bit more tedious because instead of working 4 to 6 lines at a time, I can only work with one. What this new method does, is to prevent the extra chipping that happens when the model paste is dry. Bear in mind, that this drying period is only a few minutes while working in an air-conditioned space. Spent the rest of my effort for the day attaching the upper works and populating the exterior with small bits of plastic. I wanted to show it now because once I add the opened hatches, some of the zimmerit detail will be hidden. Thanks for looking! Gaz
  2. Gazzas

    Bronco 1/35 Staghound

    That's just awesome!
  3. Gazzas

    Dragon's Sturmpanzer IV- 19/Dec/18

    I build primarily German stuff but occasionally venture out of that realm. One thing for sure... I find it difficult to stomach two Panzer IV chassis in succession.
  4. Gazzas

    Dragon's Sturmpanzer IV- 19/Dec/18

    I had a similar plan... but have decided I'm too lazy and like too much variety to stick to that many panzers.
  5. Gazzas

    How You Feel About Documented Builds

    Some great responses! I appreciate every one. Almost half of the voters (47 %) are purely interested in documented builds. While almost a third (29 %) will go there own way. The remaining quarter (24 %) either use kit or AM decals or will extrapolate. The greatest single response was almost 30% where people don't want to build a scheme that has been 'done-to-death' by other models yet a historically correct scheme is desired. Granted, these answer are only half-a-day after posting the poll. It'll be interesting to see if anything changes. Gaz
  6. Gazzas

    1/18th scale JSI F-14B Tomcat conversion

    Wow! What a fantastic looking build! totally impressed! Gaz
  7. Holey Smokes, that looks brilliant! Gaz
  8. Often when I start researching a build, I'll discover that a few (or many) other people have already used my desired scheme. This often really dampens my desire to use that scheme. I regularly find myself looking for that rare gem that looks really cool but hasn't been put online by a bunch of other people. It pretty much keeps me from buying aftermarket decals of otherwise cool looking aircraft or tanks. Part of me wants my builds to be unique. But sometimes there aren't enough documented possibilities to suit me, even though I know that a certain unit had 30-some-odd flying machines of the same type at the same time. I have only seen three documented examples from that unit and time period and too many others have modelled them. That leaves me some extrapolation, or plain old guesswork. I'm curious about how the rest of you feel, so I made a little poll. Thanks for participating! Gaz P.S. I'm not sure how the only question got marked as #2. But I surely don't want to type it all again. Thank you for your forbearance.
  9. Gazzas

    Casa 235M

    YOur angles look great... but man, I don't think I'll ever take on a full resin kit. Gaz
  10. Gazzas

    Dragon's Sturmpanzer IV- 19/Dec/18

    Great photo! For me, neatness is not really the issue. For me, the issue is: "does it look like it was done by an in-scale" being?" I'm trying to use the same approach when I airbrush.
  11. Gazzas

    Eduard Bf109G-4/Trop - cockpit on hold

    Welcome to the Forums Joachim!
  12. Gazzas

    Dragon's Sturmpanzer IV- 19/Dec/18

    Hah! You are correct. Might just have to start buying the decals. Gaz
  13. Gazzas

    Dragon's Sturmpanzer IV- 19/Dec/18

    No worries. If I find myself ever in need of another method, I'll give it a whack. Now... how are you set for the Panther and StuG patterns?