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  1. Hi everyone, Not to let a day off work go without some modelling, I cleaned up blemishes, added a little surface detail, and cut the masks for the markings. Here are the pics... and after that... the scheme! The underwing crosses are the full ones and I could have just used the decals... but where's the fun in that! The hollow crosses are the most likely decals to show silvering. So, they are my top priority. I'll also be using masks for the call letters which will adorn the fuselage and lower wings. as they are in black, I'll do them after the main scheme has been painted. The hollow fuselage cross colors are an educated guess. They aren't black but they are too dark to be 74 or 75. So, I elected to make them 66 Now... on to the scheme: I found this gem of a photo about three weeks ago. Of course, for discussion only. If you spend a few minutes with the photo you'll be able to delineate the RLM 74/75 camo scheme under the squiggles. At IPMS Deutschland, these squiggles are called - Arabesken.... a much more elegant term. There is some nice weathering up there, too. Fuel spills, and paintwear. Interestingly, the canopy still appears to be in a darker shade and definitely not RLM 76. I'm going to leave it as RLM 66. I have a theory that canopies were delivered to the main aircraft assembly plants in RLM 66 and, most often, weren't repainted. Here is a profile I got from IPMS Deutschland... again for discussion only. Thanks for looking!
  2. Gazzas

    The cold

    Yep... Air conditioners all working That's cars and house Pool: Clean and glistening BBQ: Always ready November thru May will have temps from 80 to 100 Fahrenheit with lots of Queensland sun. Long sleeves and full length pants: Not required.
  3. Thanks. Glad you can see it. As for great looking, I might offer some more insight on the plastic parts. The biggest sin (if you will) is that the cross section of the "X" shaped parts is tubular, not aerofoil. But because the plastic is the usual soft ICM stuff, they are too fragile for me to try to reshape. I tried, and they immediately began to bend away like they were going to separate from the main tube. That being said, I don't know how easy it would be to make the cruciform parts and then try to fit them into a 2mm (or smaller) tube or rod. Honestly, though. If we could get Pastor John to just sell the "H" shaped aerials as a separate part, it'd be great for other users of FuG 202/212.
  4. Lemme know if you can see these. The other post's images were uploaded to Facebook as it's quicker and easier than loading up to imageshack. I'm using Windows 10 and Firefox also. Gaz
  5. Thank you, Andy. I’m looking forward to some colour, too. I’ve got RLM 76 by both Humbrol and MRP. And they’re both a bit dark to my eyes. I can see the need to whiten them substantially. Thank you, Brian. I fear that for the mass of those who don’t delve deep into historical studies, the Dornier disappears after the BoB. It just doesn’t have the same impact on the historical record to make it popular. Maybe if there had been some in the Movie...
  6. Thanks Troy. Sooner or later I'm going to have to reveal the color scheme. Gaz
  7. Hi everyone, I'm still plugging along on my ICM Dornier Do 217N1 with the AiMS conversion to make it an N2/R22. I used 5-second fix to make the wingtip light covers. If you look real close you can see tiny bubbles inside. Pastor John even give you 4 extra aerials! How generous is that! With some effort I used the conversion to improve the kit's FuG 212 aerials. I think next time I'll use brass tube and rod and forego the plastic parts. They look OK without my glasses on. While I'd spend a lot of time working on engine and fuselage and lower wings I hadn't spent any on the upper wings. To my horror, just when I thought I'd get to priming the beast, I discovered two sink lines in front of the ailerons. It would have been less egregious had there not been to raised details on each line. Anyway...primed today and discovered a few minor blemishes. The propeller attaches to the nacelle by means of a beveled ring slightly smaller in diameter than the spinner boss. It's held on here with blutack. Gluing the beveled ring will be a tricky proposition if I want the propeller to spin. While the kit engines are available and not too shabbily detailed, the inside of the nacelles would require some love to make believable. Does anyone know the true color of FuG 212 aerials? Thanks for looking! Gaz
  8. Kids don't care about aerial wires.
  9. Dale, what you really need to do is to build him a 109 to go with it so he can run through the house making machine gun and death-plunge sounds as his chosen victor vanquishes the evil enemy. Great job, Sir!
  10. I have their 17Z bomber, too. It’s been sitting prominently in the back of my mind for a while, now. Thank you! ICM has really been productive with the German twins over the last few years. The level of detail is nice and the fit is exceptional in this kit. I can easily see myself buying more of them. As I may have stated before, their only detractors are the soft plastic, the occasional undesired texture, and placing all of the opaque sprues in one bag.
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