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  1. The problem with Future is that it is too thin to be a filler. It tends to self-level very well, even if you spill it on.
  2. So.... When Luckymodel first announced the pre-order for the Fokker, I didn't hesitate and ordered one. A month later, I ponied up for a second by pre-ordering from a guy in my club who is a Meng distributor. The guy in the club notified me yesterday that I can pick mine up at our club meet on Saturday. Albeit decidedly more expensive than my Luckmodel pre-order.
  3. Now... what does overtrees mean? I've seen a few WFI saying they had overtrees kits.
  4. Well... that's another Eduard kit that has fallen further down my 'must have' list. What's wrong with the original stuff? More and more I find Eduard my least favorite model company.
  5. I'll go for more spare time. As for the sky falling on this hobby, I don't believe it. The sad tragedy of this hobby is the numbers who pass away before they can build everything they bought.
  6. It would have been interesting to see how it would have went had they stuck to frontline fighters and the few other highly desired types. Hopefully Roden will decide to make better kits.
  7. Well... I hope that someone is developing it, and I hope it comes in the next year or two. Real tired of hearing: "109's are done to death". Maybe they were done to death for you. But every 109 kit I've seen needs some AM to make it right. And while you were perhaps getting done-to-death in the last 40 years, some of us weren't modelling. So, please just consider that many new models are made for others and not for that guy that has everything. I've got the Revell G6. I've paid twice as much for AM as I did for the kit. And there is more that I could have gotten. I've go
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