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  1. Thanks, mate. LW pilots spent a lot of time at different levels of "readiness". Although he has a deck chair here, often they sat at cockpit readiness according to what I've read. Thank you!
  2. Thank you Antonio! I'm glad you like it. Thank you, Sir. A year ago I was saying the same thing about figures. I did a couple 1/16 scale figures which helped me to figure out where to put the oil paints before blending them in. This picture helped me immensely with the face. But I'm nowhere near as bold with the colors. Thank you! I've been trying to build a habit of putting figures with my builds to add depth, lately.
  3. Thank you, Mike! The pilot is probably my greatest success on the build.
  4. Thank you friends for your encouragements, photos, and tips that helped me to get through this build. The RFI is here:
  5. Hi everyone, Here lies my completed build. I hope you like it. Thank you for looking!
  6. I've been wanting to do a Luftwaffe IDS bird for some time. But I read a lot of negative stuff about the Revell kits. It'll be a bit more expensive here in Australia... but it's my hobby. I don't spend my extra money on much else... Though our 20th is coming up next year and we've booked a cruise. Now that will be expensive!!
  7. This build defeated my mojo for a while. But instead of binning it or putting it on the shelf of forgetfulness, I left it where I could see it every day. I worked on other things hoping that I could get back to it. I didn't do much to the main part of the build except give it a pin wash today. Instead of the usual black, I used tones from the camo scheme and then blended them in. ... there are also some pre-captioned photos of minor stuff that needed addressing, too. Thanks for looking! Happy modelling!
  8. Freehand mottling is the best. Once done painting, wet sand with some very fine micromesh (6k to 12K grit) held under your fingers. Don't use a sanding block. This will remove some of your over-spray and add some stress to the paint. Be careful not to take off too much paint. If you do, you can just touch it up with the airbrush.
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