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  1. Thank you! There is a lot of work to be done on the water base. I didn't know WOWS made model kits. I'll have to check it out.
  2. Hi Ernest, Thank you! I haven't seen those things you sent, yet. Transport is messed up here at the moment. I ordered some drill bits from the USA that took ten days to get from the US to Sydney, Australia. Since then, they have been sitting in Sydney for three weeks. I hope your parts are sitting there, too. I will continue to be patient. But eventually I have to complete the hull so that I can attach it permanently to the base. Gaz
  3. As mentioned before, I was going to add the rib tape detail to the cloth covered surfaces. Despite my best attempts, all of my strips are slightly different lengths. Most of them are meant to be 6mm. Not too bothered, anyway as my main desire was to keep them parallel. I doubt the small distances will show up once painted. I tried to do them as little groups of 2-4 decals. Enough where I could align them while all were still wet, without having to have too many to do at once. I stared with one decal on each surface. Th
  4. Can't trust spay cans. Dale. Sad to ruin some nice work.
  5. That Aussie finish looks brilliant!
  6. Well, this should be interesting, Dutik!
  7. Looking forward to those RFI shots. You really cranked this one out!
  8. I would... but I'm sure he has plenty of other pests who have asked him the same question. But thanks for the link... I'll check it out and see if he says anything noteworthy.
  9. If they aren't making new kits... Then it really doesn't matter to me. What is happening with Ronny Bar? Has he said anything at all since they sacked everyone?
  10. Looks great, Kent! Love the slab sided look of this fuselage.
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