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  1. Only those with a penchant for the bland.
  2. So, the modeller... if doing this particular bird ....would have to do the faux lighting around the back half of the lower wing kreuzen. Another neat variation to go with the presumably black and white Prussian fuselage band.
  3. Joe, you are a master of Auto-models! Great job on that T/A!
  4. Love the casting numbers. Did you use a number set, or shave some from a sprue? That thing is gonna be huge!
  5. I appreciate you showing the prep work for the new landing gear legs. Great effort!
  6. Don't get the Eduard 109. Unless you want to refer to it as Quasimodo.... or Igor:
  7. Now that is a great photo! It shows that the sunlight actually penetrated the factory finish.
  8. That one at least looks like him. My Göring figure from the WNW kit is just gonna be known as an unknown 'pilot'.
  9. That underside is really taking shape, Ernest. On my 109's I have been trying to master oil streaking coming back from the lower cowling. But helpful pics are so hard t find. This Ungarnische 109 hints at it: While this Emil which has the misfortune to be wearing roundels may be a bit too extreme...perhaps a Luftwaffe ground crew would wipe away some streaking occasionally : But unfortunately my skills have yet to produce a good outcome. My hands aren't steady enough to paint straight streaks. Keep up the great work!
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