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  1. Gazzas

    Meng's Me-410 B2/U2/R4 21 Oct, 2018

    Thanks guys! Appreciate the quick replies. Gaz
  2. Gazzas

    Meng's Me-410 B2/U2/R4 21 Oct, 2018

    Hi all, A lot of effort the last two days to get her together: The underwing rockets turned out to be a lot of work and still need some loving. With the Oleos shortened, it reduces the angle AoA quite a bit. She has big balloon tires, though. Now I'm debating... Attach the canopy before or after painting... What do you think? Thanks for looking! Gaz
  3. Gazzas

    Chinese Nationalist Kawasaki Ki 48 Lily

  4. Gazzas

    US Navy T-38A Test Pilot School

    Beautiful clean work!
  5. Gazzas

    1/48 eduard SSW D.III

    Excellent job!
  6. Gazzas

    Meng's Me-410 B2/U2/R4 21 Oct, 2018

    Hi Flounder_al, Thank you! I'm enjoying the challenges of the new airframe, so it's a nice journey of discovery. I didn't know there was a Hasegawa version, too. Hopefully when you build yours, I'll get to see em'. Gaz
  7. Gazzas

    Meng's Me-410 B2/U2/R4 21 Oct, 2018

    I don't like working with vac form. I'd hate to have to resort to it on any kit, though I have in the past.
  8. Gazzas

    I love Scotland.

    I love the pipes and drums. A credit to your nation. But your anti-German attitude Sucks. Gaz
  9. I never got into Star Wars as much as I did Star Trek. When furballs with spears beat trained soldiers, the shark had not only been jumped, but netted, cooked, tinned, and fed to the more imaginative.
  10. Gazzas

    Meng's Me-410 B2/U2/R4 21 Oct, 2018

    Thanks Rick! I like twin engined fighters a lot, too. I have a Dragon 110D-1 I'm going to convert into a D-2 (hate the dackelbauch), and a Revell 110G-2 Also waiting in my stash. The kit is nice, and fit has been good, but a complex canopy assembly lurks in my future. I don't know if the canopies hatches will fit well closed, so I'm steeling myself for an open canopy. Just to give you an idea, the canopy is seven separate pieces, with a molded on roll-cage structure. Gaz
  11. Gazzas

    Eduard BF109 E-4

    That's a sweet paint and weathering job, Tim.
  12. Think of it as a blessing in disguise: You'll no longer be terrorized by the Mad Riveter. I can't say more with getting into politics... and I already got 'pruned' once this week. Gaz
  13. Ivan, it's great to have you and your knowledge in the forum. Thank you! Gaz