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  1. Gazzas

    Is there a better phone view?

    Kevin, That is what I'm seeing exactly. It all just feels very squeezed up. Crowded. Like I have to take an extra step to get anywhere. Gaz
  2. OMG Kevin, Every time I come to this site on my phone while on smoko or lunch I want to tear my eyes out. Please tell me there is something I can click on to get the same view I'm getting with my PC. Gaz
  3. Gazzas

    F4U-5N, Guy Bordellon, Korea 1953

    Looks fantastic, Karl! Gaz
  4. Gazzas

    Icaerodesign Extra 330-SC

    Brian, That looks stellar! Gaz
  5. Gazzas

    Wingnut’s Roland D.VIb has sold out

    I snoozed on one... It took me a seeming eternity to find one that wasn't priced at crazy cost. Worse yet, when I finally got it, it came from the US so I got to pay those shipping rates. I'm still ashamed of what I paid for it... But now it's mine!!! Gaz Mine! Mine!! Mine!!!
  6. Have you tried Oramask 810? Much nicer than paper.
  7. Gazzas

    Subject vs Scale vs Time

    I don't like a kit that takes too long to complete. It's like spending quality time with your family: You eventually get to the place where you want it to be over.. If I have to super detail everything and the build takes too long, I'm gonna lose interest. 1/48 is good for quick satisfaction. 1/32 WNW... always a slog for me as there is just so much that I haven't learned yet. As for 1/32 109's... my favorite plane... there are a lot better 1/48 109's than there are 1/32 109s. Gaz
  8. Except for WNW I have no plans. I have 38 kits, and that should keep me busy till something else I want comes along. What I really need to get is display space that doesn't collect dust. Dang Ikea stuff lets the dust in, and in many places, the panels don't even touch. I'm good at rough carpentry. But making it both square and pretty... I don't have the tools. My current display was made from junk lumber and a sheet of acrylic bought at Bunnings. Gaz
  9. Gazzas

    Kitty Hawk has announced an Fw 190A-5

    You can't win this argument. Too many of the protagonists think that their wants are more important than the rest. Let them keep blowing that horn. Nobody that is producing kits is listening to a handful of people on this website when there are millions of potential model buyers in China and Japan. Gaz
  10. Gazzas

    1/32 Revell FW-190 F-8

    Just awesome Jeff! Gaz
  11. Well, then it's good you're showing it to us now , then. It looks great, btw.
  12. I try not to allow models to stall. Except for the Eduard kit, I've only allowed one to stall, and it eventually went into the bin. If a kit goes over a couple of months, my interest starts to fade. Gaz
  13. Richard, Sorry to hear the build is stalled. I just restarted a stalled build that was waiting on replacement wings from Eduard. That wicker seat is amazing! I love what PE can do for a kit, but man it is always a struggle for me. I think I rarely use more than a third of the parts. For the Dr. I the parts that 'sold it' for me were the throttle quadrant and the crescent for the cowl. Gaz
  14. Gazzas

    Another WnW Junkers D.1

    Looks great, Andy! I like the subtle weathering on the ridges. Gaz