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  1. Chuck, You are a man full of accumulated knowledge and modelling wisdom. I think I'm going to create a folder just for stuff you've written. Gaz
  2. Holy Smokes, Jay!!! That pylon looks awesome! That is some impressive shaping. Gaz
  3. I know I don't know copyright law... but it seems silly to me that a company could be sued for making models of somebody's gear. I mean... they're obviously not Goodyear tires. Just like your plastic P&W engine isn't a real P&W engine. But in this crazy world... you can be sued for anything! Those coolers look so much better than what was available in the past! Nice work! Gaz
  4. I would hate to see them go too... but if you must... Gaz
  5. Those tires look great, John. I'm a it confused: Good Yearn? Gaz
  6. I was going to do this then I realized my lap was covered with tiny green flecks of scotch pad. No way I was going to blow that into my paint. How do your avoid that? Gaz
  7. Love that chute, John! Engine looks great, too. Gaz
  8. I can appreciate that some people may already have pencils that will do the job. I however do not. So, this is a timely invention or reinvention. My wife's waxy set isn't much use.
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