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  1. Hopefully it's something I don't want. Otherwise I'll have to buy three. Or maybe they were the ones doing the contract work for the WNW 0/100.... or whatever nomenclature goes with that kite.
  2. The colors are pretty simple. RLM 74, 75, and 76. Shades of all three can vary. Personally I would go with this one. The colors look more true to my eyes.
  3. Me too. Lotsa stuff didn't get done while I was whiling away the days playing IL2 Sturmovik online. Shooting down your foes, or trying to get revenge on that 13-year-old that just kicked your ass is too addictive.
  4. Brian, Love it! I'm glad that you finally presented it to us. My first foiled aircraft was a razorback in that same livery. How did you go about masking over the foil to avoid foil lift. And as Trak Tor said... those first four look real! I believe that is the greatest compliment we modellers can ever receive. Gaz
  5. Excellent job! Which parts did you find most difficult to cover?
  6. Excellent! Beautiful job on a great scheme!
  7. Sorry fellas. Your tubby, stubby, old fighters are the antithesis of elegant. This aircraft has all of the aspects of the word 'graceful'. The B1-b Bomber.
  8. Thank you Chuck. I look forward to seeing your endeavor.
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