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  1. Very nice! Ahh, the good old days when we were worried about the BMP.
  2. Hahah, that's cool. Love the placement of the Guard banners...lol Very nicely executed!
  3. File 404 not found for all of them bar the one you linked to your first sentence.
  4. Gazzas

    Revell A-400M

    Nice start, Chris! So, is this thing bigger than a C-130?
  5. Eek! That's so irresponsible.
  6. Thank you, Mark! I'll give this a go on my next 109. There are always more to do.
  7. Fortunately I'm still working. Though I partially envy those who are finding more bench time. I'll never be wealthy, but for the situation at hand, I'm in the right place. However, it is nice to see all of the activity at "works in progress".
  8. Amazing project, Richard! You had me intrigued at "COW".
  9. Those resin parts look awesome!
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