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  1. I disagree. The BoB trilogy will always be more famous than anything else, if, simply for the reason that it is immortalized in film. You aren't going to get orders from the world market with a niche model that will sell like hotcakes in NZ. Decal sets for BoB aces would make all three sell even better.
  2. I just hope they sell enough to continue with operations. Spit 1, Hurri 1, 109E3 (shush you!) should be a good leap out of the gate. I like/liked the idea of having a quality model company just across the Tasman.
  3. I joined their site because they were the only place advertising the part I wanted... And then got an e-mail saying that part was no longer available. But I'm glad to see you had a positive result.
  4. A friend at another forum showed me that his cowl fit OK. So, I must have messed it up somewhere. Current progress. Seam work and sink marks next before I add any more parts. The panels are doing all of the work here. I used a big blob of blutack to hold the motor in-situ while I glued the engine where I want it. The blutack is now a permanent part of the model. So... I guess we can consider this a what-to-do-if-you-screw-it-up post.
  5. After a bit of thought, I am prepared accept that perhaps there may have been a place where I lengthened the cockpit section somehow. But I cannot imagine where it may have happened. Operator error, so to speak. I have two options. I can either lengthen the cowls... it will be messy and time consuming. or... I can shorten the engine mounts. This will weaken the structure... but perhaps with some backing, I can make it strong enough to survive.
  6. Perhaps. I don't know. But at least it will be something that might be dependable compared to what we know isn't.
  7. So... tucking in again... I added MG 131's. I will later have to clip the breech ends to fit the rear cowl blisters. Oil cooler... not really sure if I needed it... joined the two rear-half blister pieces and cursed again having to fix that seam that has angered me on every 109 kit.
  8. OH no! That self-etching primer... I honestly think it's all BS... it always fails me. I think I'm going to decant some automobile primer next time I have metal parts to paint.
  9. Toe-may-toe, toe-mah-toe. I guess it all depends on how you learned. I doubt any grammar lessons are all-inclusive so we end up repeating what we heard from our parents or others. I will occasionally use words incorrectly on forums and social media for fun. What's life without comedy?
  10. Welcome back, friends. More fun and more... other stuff. Because the original kit is a G6, you have to swap to the N sprue to get the correct panel for the FuG 18 antenna mount. Note the clear part. I painted the backside of the clear part RLM 02. I will have to mask the other side, later. Unlike the first wing, I ended up needing a shim and had a small gap. I will fill the small gap, later. I don't know if the shim would have been required with the original G6 panel. Notice the two positions of the leading-edge slats. They are meant to be assembled so they can be positioned open or closed. But if you position them closed, some sanding will be required as the slat doesn't exactly match the profile of the wing. The upper side of the wings look serviceable. The position of the LG legs is non-negotiable. They almost lock into place, becoming wobbly if not correctly placed. I used BMF on the oleos. Added the engine. Just like the lg struts... fitment is non-negotiable. Ventral view. Next come two center-line belly panels. Fitting them left a question as to whether one might be too far forward or too far back... I really don't like ambiguity. Then the wings. Here is where it started to go belly up... I snapped the next two pictures before I knew I was in trouble. Everything looks alright. But I will end up ripping the wings off to push them in a little further after removing internal parts. This is the first kit I have ever built with separate wing root stubs. There are two sets for the front, and a single set for the dorsal. For the life of me, I could see no difference in the optional parts. When I added the forward wing root stubs, I could see that both wings were approximately 1/2 mm too far out. So, off came the wings... and it wasn't pretty as the glue had completely set. So... After letting the new wing arrangement set overnight, I added the dorsal wing root and a couple of shims... Trimming them down should be fun. Notice how prominent the forward fairings are at the wing leading edge. I don't think I can leave them like that. And finally, here is a view of the bottom. The small gaps I will fill with PPP. The larger gap, I will fill with black CA. I'll use PPP on the front gap, and then 60% of it should be covered by the ETC rack. Thanks for looking. Thoughts and comments appreciated.
  11. Language evolves. People create new words. I'm playing a FPS game called Verdun. In the past we would have said: "Laying in the prone position will improve your accuracy". But in the game they say: "Proning will improve your accuracy". Or you could come to Australia where many nouns are changed. For instance, Electricians are known as "Sparkies". there are many others...
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