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  1. I wouldn't waste my money on metals stencils again. I have some, and they aren;t very helpful. Better off to get yourself a silhouette portrait and make your own masks. You can import scans of decal sheets or anything you can save as a .jpg into the silhouette program and cut it yourself. Things get dicey as they get small. though. Anything under 2mm is too small most of the time.
  2. Whatever happened to the Ramsay Bolton Hurricane movie?
  3. Nice work so far. I have this kit... But I hadn't considered and AM for it.
  4. "Hurry up, the Russians are shelling us again!" Reply: "Can't find the right sprue shots!" "Just put up anything!"
  5. Looks sweet! Too bad the canopy came out too dark for you... because it looks great!
  6. It looks brilliant! I would have never thought to count the stripes. Great job!
  7. I think the second one looks better. The main reason for this, is because the torso is quite straight. I think if he were reaching higher up, there would be more drop to the left shoulder.
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