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  1. Nice work, Andy. Bummer about the Resin! Heartbreaking it is!
  2. Today, I can gladly say that the pilot is finished. I will give him more matte coat later. I am so afraid of fogging it up with over application that I'll go easy. I've also started to add the wing parts to the fuselage and prepare the movable surfaces by filling the gaps required for them to be moveable. Why Revell??? Happy modelling!
  3. Thank you Troy. It could be a lot more fiddly if you try to do things the way an engineer might. I've used a lot of Mk. 1 eyeball to make decisions. Eventually, sitting underwing in the display case it really won't matter as long as they don't fall off.... my biggest fear.
  4. Why has nobody said A5M Claude? Or Nakajima Ki-27? Heaps of them went 'that way'.
  5. Those will be some awesome looking birds! I like jets with their wheels up too! If there was a way to suspend them mid-air, I would do it. Just love an impression of speed and agility that a landed plane just ain't got.
  6. Whoa, that is some awesome looking water!
  7. Hello everyone! I've finally paint-tested the WfGr.21 rockets I've been struggling with. I may redo some things. My main concern is the adherence between the aluminum tube and the brass rods. CA doesn't make a good join, and the paint highlighted some CA blobs. I'm thinking of drilling into the missiles themselves and sinking longer brass rods into them. I also trimmed and sanded the upper wing parts and attached them to the fuselage. Happy modelling!
  8. Very nice work on the cockpit, John. I'm sorry about your loss.
  9. Looks great, Wolf! Love the subtle weathering. I've two of these to build... and if I can;t get the guns to line up right, I can look to your solution.
  10. Mike, it looks beautiful! Love how the camo came out! Good to see another PCM kit coming together.
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