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  1. Holy moley! That is one sweet looking build! What an eye-pleaser!
  2. What a great build! Love the paint job. Is the 75 over the 76 or is the 76 over the 75?
  3. That is a beautiful looking cockpit. All of those shapes really make it interesting.
  4. Nice work! I've got the Revell 1/48 262 that I'll start in March.
  5. That's a true beauty, Joe! You really have a way with giving them a great stance so that they look a lot less like a model and a lot more like a real car. Gaz
  6. I can’t admit to being enthusiastic about this release. But I am glad it will make someone happy. I think ICM have decided to strike before our aging fingers get too cold or turn to dust. For surely in 20 years very few will remember it. A perfect illustration of why Il Duce should have retired in 1939. Ugly little plane.
  7. Looks beautiful, Joe! That engine bay looks clean enough to eat off! Gaz
  8. Very nice work all the way through!
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