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  1. I am a member and although I can login and view anything, I cannot save a pdf to my PC. In order to do that, I'd have to pay. I was thinking that was what you were referring to but does not appear to be the case. I used to be a paying member but I'm just not in there enough to justify the cost. AirCorps Library is my go-to source for aviation prints, manuals and such.
  2. Not knowing how accurate you're trying to be, that Quickboost engine detail is not correct for any bubbletop P-47D (D-25 through D-40). It has a dual magneto and teardrop shaped distributors. All bubbletop P-47D's were outfitted with an R-2800-59, B-series (bullet shaped prop reduction gearcase) and a General Electric "turtleback" magneto system. What Quickboost gives you is the Bendix-Scintilla dual magneto ignition system. The red outlined areas in the image below are: dual magneto left and teardrop shaped distributors at right. Those are the offending parts. You do get the unpressurized tubular ignition manifold ring so you've got a 50/50 chance of that part being correct (I don't know if the -59 engine had the tubular or cast ignition manifold on it... I need to do a deep dive into the books to discover that) A representation of the correct R-2800 ignition system installed in the bubbletop P-47D's is shown in the bottom photo (note that this is not a R-2800-59 but has the same ignition system on it). Note the missing dual magneto between the distributors which in this case ARE the magnetos. A blanking plate would be fitted over the drive pad where the Bendix-Scintilla dual mag would otherwise sit. Again, not trying to poo-poo on the Quickboost upgrade but forewarned is forearmed. Sucks to be in an "accuracy" battle in a build only to find out when it's all completed that the engine is somewhat wrong. It's akin to using interior green in the P-47D cockpit only to find out when the cockpit is done that it should have been dull dark green.
  3. Maximum age for a U.S. commercial pilot in a FAR part 121 operation is 65. 121 operators are the big guys, United, American, Delta, etc.
  4. A shorted (shorted to ground) p-lead would be the same as an unshorted P-lead since the P-lead is a ground wire for the magneto.
  5. As a U.S. certificated aircraft mechanic for over 33 years, I have always avoided flying in these types of privately owned aircraft. In operations that depend on fees and donations to keep an aircraft flying, the first thing that’s sacrificed in tough financial times, wittingly or not, is maintenance. Aircraft maintenance is EXPENSIVE.
  6. Dark blue is correct. That color insert is another instance of “TAMIYA isn’t right all the time”...that goes for their A6M2 zero paints as well.
  7. Yeah, I’m well aware the blood glucose levels fluctuate in everyone. That is why the doctor tells me not to check my glucose within a few hours after eating because that’s when glucose levels are the highest. I check mine when I wake in the morning (fasting for 8-10hrs). My levels are around 130 with the metformin.
  8. He must be using a different unit of measure. Healthy blood sugar here in the U. S. is under 100. With medication, mine runs around 130. I’m not sure what the unit of measure is but I think it’s mg/L or something like that. A carb absent ketogenic diet is not necessarily the ideal answer for a type 2 diabetic. Low carb is good but I’ve heard that the best diet for a type 2 diabetic is a Mediterranean diet. I try (try being the key word here) to limit my carb intake to 100 grams or less per day and my weight is going down. Less is obviously better. Carbs are essential to life. You cannot live without taking in carbohydrates. I’ve heard people died from the Atkins diet which is basically devoid of all carbs. A low carb diet will eventually throw your body into ketosis but without the danger of a no carb diet. I experienced some rather unpleasant side effects from eating low carbs.
  9. I just grabbed all my work monitors, laptop, docking station, and my second laptop for another contract so I can work more effectively at home. The governor of PA has closed all businesses as of tomorrow.
  10. Here in PA, it’s not restricted to just to TP and paper towels. I just got back from my normal weekly shopping trip and my total grocery bill was only $42.17! Why? Because the damned idiots who’re in panic mode are buying everything they can get their grubby mitts on! Meat isles are pretty much barren, save for one or two unrelated items spaced at opposite ends of each refrigerated shelving unit..... Tuna fish is gone! People have lost their minds! No paper products at all.... the store has put up signs limiting how many of a given item may be purchased but from what I’ve just seen, that’s too little, too late.
  11. Yes, apologies; the dash two is the Erection & Maintenance manual. FYI: The dash four is the Illustrated Parts Catalog, the dash five is the weight and balance manual....
  12. Yes. If you have a dash two from any WWII U.S. aircraft, there should be a section on finishing and probably includes color coding for fluid lines and fittings. Recollection of colors is: oxygen - green, fuel - red, oil - yellow, hydraulic - purple. There are others, I just don’t recall what they are.
  13. Yeah, I got that too. I guess the stars were almost aligned as the question was asked.
  14. The oldest original kit I have in my meager stash is the original release Hasegawa F6F-3/5 in 1/32. It's molded in blue plastic and has the hollow rubber tires included along with a long-since-dried-up micro tube of plastic cement. I can't even remember what year it was from but if memory serves, I got it some time in the early 1970's and it's made it through 40+ years of my life without being built, lost, damaged or sold. I originally had two, which is why I still have this one. I built one as a kid and kept the other one for later... MUCH later so it turns out. I wish I still had my Aurora "Forgotten Prisoner" from when I was a kid too. I have the Polar Lights repop (which is pretty much identical except for the mfg logo on the box) but it's not the same.
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