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  1. Juggernut

    1/16 Trumpeter Panther G Released

    Oh boy, my favorite time period, the Ardennes 1944, 1st SS Panzer Kampfgruppe Pieper! This kit does not appear to have the heater on the cooling fan. A chin mantlet does appear in one of the sprue shots. I didn't notice any flammvernichter exhausts but I didn't dissect the sprue shots. I don't have many references on the Panther so I'll have to take your word as to when/what possible vehicles it might represent.
  2. Juggernut

    1/16 Trumpeter Panther G Released

    Let's hope so.... that's really bad.
  3. Just saw this at Sprue Brothers. Was immediately going to buy it but thought I'd better check Ebay first.... Glad I did, I saved about $50 over the SB price. Sorry SB, $50 has more value than your same day shipping is worth. To Zimmerit or not, that is the question... http://www.trumpeter-china.com/index.php?g=home&m=product&a=show&id=3237&l=en The link above is for those that are curious about this Large Scale Panzer (LSP's) .
  4. Juggernut

    New, clean topic: HB B-24 Test Shot Photos

    My biggest pet peeve is the poor choice of turret engineering. The are a few other aggravating issues but by and large, it's the turrets that will draw the attention. The rubber tires can be thrown in the bin and inexpensive aftermarket replacements gotten relatively easily. To my eye, those "divots" aren't that bad and the cowl smiles can be filed to shape. Those turrets on the other hand, are going to be a "gin-blossom" on this big bomber. I'll still by at least one copy of this monster if the price is right. At the current US pre-order price of $250, I'm out. If it comes in substantially lower than that ($150 -$175), I'll buy it. If the turret molding was better and/or if they retool them, I'd consider paying more for it.
  5. Juggernut

    Trumpeter Liberators on facebook

    Yes. The B-17G has a wingspan of 103' 9.4" while the B-24 is reported to have (I said reported because i have no information on this critter other than survey stuff) 110' 0". Slightly longer wing and much thinner in chord than the 17 but with a higher aspect ratio. Higher aspect ratio means they could go farther on less fuel than the 17.
  6. Juggernut

    Odd question re B-17 crew

    Later versions of the B-17G deleted the radio room gun as it wasn't really useful in MOST situations as it's cone of fire was extremely limited.
  7. Juggernut

    Trumpeter Liberators on facebook

    It's there. I runs longitudinally down the rear turret and is midway between the "representative" seams where the plexiglass was actually split. The front turret seam runs laterally across the turret... really, really sticks out. I sure hope these aren't the finals on the turrets. It would be relatively easy to mold the clear sections in 3 parts with seams falling where the real turret plexiglass was joined. I'm still getting one (or two...one of each). I'll have to take the word of those who know this girl,that the Davis wing is inaccurate. I don't have the resources to consult to confirm or refute that claim.
  8. Juggernut

    Odd question re B-17 crew

    That's the way the USAAC operated at that time, call it doctrine for lack of a better term. I can't think of an American four-engined bomber that didn't have a dedicated radio operator. I'm not saying the isn't one, I just can't think of one. I don't even know if there were American twin-engined bombers that didn't have a dedicated radio operator.
  9. Juggernut

    Making rivets

    Nice tip. I'll have to file that in my bag of tricks. Thanks!
  10. Juggernut

    Tokyo Hobby 2018 show pictures

    I hope HB re-engineers that Emerson turret on the nose of the 24J. The seam across the top (like the old Monogram kit in 1/48) will be horrid in 1/32. If not, we'll the aftermarket companies will have at least one area that they'll be able to "fix". If the nose turret is like that, I'll be willing to say the tail turret is the same. I'm still looking forward to this kit (and the 24D). It remains to be seen how they've handled the different tail turrets between the D and the J. Cursory views with the Mark 1 eyeball are no doubt pleasing.
  11. Juggernut


    Ditto. Wasn't going to be purchasing the HK kit as I'm not that interested in the plain-Jane bomber. The dambuster just changed all that and I'm in full-Monty.
  12. Juggernut

    I'm so excited I'm about to bust!!

    My Father had a rather large role in designing some of the "sensitive electronic systems" on Combat Sent and Rivet Joint Aircraft. I can't tell you which ones because he couldn't tell me... Classified you know.
  13. Juggernut

    1/48th Boeing B-52H Stratofortress

    Hey Tom, I've been lurking about since you've started this thread and I'm watching your progress... Nice job by the way. I have a couple questions if you wouldn't mind? First, noticing that you reinforced those wings really well, I can't tell from the photos but have you worked that characteristic "sag" from root to tip of the B-52 wing into your build? It just wouldn't look right with a bolt straight wing from root to tip.... Yes, the outrigger wheels will normally be off the ground if the aircraft is light. Having one on the ground and one off is interesting and from growing up on a SAC base, not uncommon based on what I've seen. Second, are you planning a chrome-dome era B-52H or a later one? The stubby nose kind of floored me as I'm used to seeing H's with the long, pointy nose.
  14. Juggernut

    Trumpeter King Tiger 1/16

    Yep, David Parker does a great job at building the kit.
  15. Juggernut

    Trumpeter King Tiger 1/16

    Which Archer transfers are you planning on using, the ones from the 501 or something else? I happen to know the guy who did the research for the 501 sheets for Archer. Greg Walden's book on the 501 is a good read too.