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  1. The tarp is a fact. It only covers the fuselage to frame 7 and only part way out on each wing. I don’t even think it went as far as the ammo bays on either side. So the wings will be faded as well outside of the area covered by the tarp. Tomorrow, I will scan a couple photo from a book I have showing the fade pattern on the wings and another showing dekes with tarps on them.
  2. I have this kit as well....it looks like the parts fit very well. I'm looking at acquiring another Mk V reference...this one being Panther External Appearance & Design Changes Damned teenie image but this is supposed to be a fantastic book about the Mk V.
  3. Battery venting is normal but the gasses (Hydrogen) should not be corrosive as they are processed through a sump jar containing sodium bicarbonate (for lead acid batteries) if a little electrolyte makes it through to the sump jar. Gassing is normal during battery charging. Battery electrolyte (sulphuric acid in lead acid batteries) leakage (sans any battle damage) however, is not normal and would not normally leak out the top of the wing in spite of the lower air pressure than is found inside the wing. Battery electrolyte leaking comes from over servicing the water level in the battery and s
  4. I flew MMOG WWII combat flight games (Air Warrior 4 Windows, Air Warrior II, Air Warrior 3, Aces High, Aces High II) but this DCS is freaking awesome. Many of the jets have clickable cockpits that allow you to start from a cold, dark aircraft and most of the knobs/switches are functional. The WWII fighters have functioning cowl flaps, and other things (like gun heat)...and if you forget to turn something on you need, it freezes at altitude or something else that depends upon that box, doesn't work correctly, if at all. There are some limitations to what you can carry (as far as
  5. When I was young, I was grooming myself to be a fighter pilot...then life happened (high school) and I screwed it all up. Now the only combat jet I get to fly is a virtual one. On the plus side, I don't risk my life or anyone else's and I'm type rated in the F-16, A-10C, F/A-18 and soon to be F-15E. This was a training lesson in DCS: F-16. I have NO idea why they load Mk 84 pig iron on for a basic fam flight training mission in a block 50 Viper. I was gonna push the emer jettison button but there might have been c
  6. I thought the same thing but didn't post anything figuring you'd take care of it...and you did.
  7. Ruth Bader Ginsberg , United States Supreme Court Justice, passed away today at her home from complications associated with pancreatic cancer; she was 87 years old. Know of her or not, she was involved in most, if not all, Supreme Court decisions, some landmark decisions, in one way or another since 1993. It's a sad day in the US for any of us who even remotely follow US jurisprudence. I personally admired her for her tenacity and dedication to her profession. I never had an opportunity to meet the lady but we, in the United States, are better for having her on the Court.
  8. I seem to have read in an article someplace that Sir Peter said that if/when WnW ever stopped being, for lack of the more appropriate term, "fun", he'd close the doors and apparently, that's what happened. I don't believe it was ever about the "business" for him but more about his passion and interests. Of course, nobody will ever know unless Sir Peter comes right out and says it but that is what I've read. Let's also be honest...Sir Peter was NOT in it for the money.
  9. Well, to use your terms, the vertical portion would be grey and the lower part, parallel to the wing would be bare metal.
  10. This is another fantastic build Milosalv. I love zeroes, even though they may only have two or three color scheme variations.
  11. There is at least one member here who is, as far as I know, a former USAF F-16 pilot. I don't know if I should volunteer his name or not but if he sees this thread, I'm sure he'll respond. There are also some aircraft maintenance people here who have worked on high-speed jet powered aircraft and may be able to answer your question, if we knew what it was.
  12. And the overarching theme in the subject posts is color, not materials.
  13. Precisely.... The below screen grabs are from the P-51D floor (part numbers may be different between B and D) but the process and the materials are probably identical.
  14. Black flooring (wooden on some warbird replicas - not authentic) Boxes behind the cockpit are generally black radio/battery and associated equipment.
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