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  1. Thanks for the advice Woody, I'll give it a try on my next project and we'll see what happens. Most likely, it's some sort of a ID10T error and I'll be right as rain on the next try.
  2. Not that I'm aware of. I doused the prop in rubbing alcohol to clean it off just in case there might have been some mold release on it or something. On my second attempt, the primer stayed put while the Mr. Color scratched off... Never had that happen to me before. I had never used a Mr. Color paint before even though I've had them for a few years now. Maybe it's gone bad but it didn't appear that way when I was preparing it.
  3. Yes, the acrylic lacquer... I thought it was strange as well. I've never had any issues with the aqueous stuff.
  4. Here's a question about something that happened to me while using Mr. Color on my last build (Ki-44). I mixed up a batch of color using Mr. Color leveling thinner, a tiny bit of Mr. Color thinner and Mr. Color prop color (Japanese). I did not prime the plastic before spraying. I sprayed the kit prop with it and let it dry. A week or so later, I was able to scrape it off the prop with my fingernail; it hadn't adhered well to the plastic. I thought to myself that I had done something wrong but a second attempt (after removing the paint and adding primer underneath) pretty much had similar results. I was able to use the prop but had to be careful not to scratch it. Is this normal for Mr. Color paint to be that delicate?
  5. Very nice! I wish I had those plastic forming skills. I just butcher the plastic to some shape that "resembles" what I need and go with that.... Now if I were able to do what you do, I'd be much better off. Care to share how you design, cut and manufacture such things like the hatches, vents, and the loading/unloading ramp? I'm quite sure there are a lot of us who'd benefit from such a tutorial (for lack of a better word).
  6. Done! Thanks for reminding me. I would've forgotten.
  7. Just a plug for the upcoming PennCon model contest. This year at the Eisenhower Complex in Gettysburg, PA. I'll be there. Hope you can make it; the more the merrier. Lots of vendors but I don't have a list of who though. Added bonus: If you're coming from anywhere but the south, you have to drive through the Gettysburg National Military Park (aka battlefield - Pickett's Charge) to get to the Eisenhower Complex. Central Penn IPMS
  8. Nice....Ahem..... tallboy next? . Might make me want one of those HK Dambuster Lancs.... Just think, a Tirpitz killing (well, kinda) Lanc....nice.
  9. Vegas Baby, Yeah! (Best Austin Powers voice)
  10. The judges will do that. Ok...enough banter...PIX OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN!
  11. Well, at least two of the four I'm looking at are currently represented on the kit marking options; Kempf and Voss... Now all I need to see is VonTutschek and the Baron's 152/17.
  12. I don't know about the rest of you but I'm stoked about this release. I can think of at least two or three aircraft I'd like to portray in 1/32, one of which is the Baron's 17/152 (or is it 152/17?). I hope they can keep the price under$90 but I'll not complain too much if it's not. I'm expecting it to retail for around $99 US not unlike the D.VII that was recently released. Ugh, my WnW stash is growing and I haven't even looked under the box covers of most of them. Unlike the 1/32 B-17's and B-24's, I KNOW I can fit these into the display cabinet!
  13. If your wheels are resin, I'll second the lacquer thinner treatment to remove enamel paint. It works great and won't damage the resin. It'll wreck styrene so never use it on that... I also thin my enamel paints with lacquer thinner. It works a helluva lot better than mineral/white spirits and is WAY cheaper than Testor's thinner/brush cleaner. It also has the benefit of making the enamel paint flow much smoother with less thinner (at least that's my experience with it). No ill affects whatsoever. Just don't ever put paint thinned with lacquer thinner back into the bottle (as most of us probably already know), as it'll ruin the rest of the bottle...eventually. You'll be left with a semi-solid bottle of goo which is absolutely useless. I wouldn't recommend using it on acrylic paints of any kind without experimentation first.
  14. I'm jettisoning (aka trashing, binning, or your choice of refuse container) my Roden Dr. I as I ran into fit "issues" and boxed it a long while back. I'll keep the decals and possibly the instructions (for decal placement).
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