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  1. Unless you've got a photo of the seat in the specific aircraft, it's anyone's guess as to which seat was used. That said and to the best of my knowledge, the earlier the D block the greater the chance it will have a seat like the 51B.... not any sort of guarantee though. Use what you want, nobody will be able to prove you wrong unless they have a photo of your specific aircraft.
  2. Yes, it is but if I'm not mistaken (I haven't researched any differences between the two cockpits [bubbletop vs. razorback]), I think you might only need to change the aft bulkhead-armor plate...and use the corrugated floor of course. That and NO INTERIOR GREEN!
  3. Nice... I'll be in for two when they're available. Now, can you create the R-2800C prop reduction gearcase indicative of the P-47M with the correct magneto/distributor setup for the R-2800 C series engine (along with your prop, necessary for those who want to model a P-47M but only have the P-47D kit)? For that matter, what about a correct R-2800 B series prop reduction gearcase with the correct GE "turtleback" ignition system that would correct the abomination Hasegawa provides in their P-47D kits? If you're up for it, I've got the information and parts to help get it done.
  4. Where's that praying imogee??? If they do make one, I hope they do a J.
  5. Tango Papa makes some great decal film. I've used their clear decal paper for more than 10 years. It works great in the Alps printer so I can imagine it would work just as well in another printer too. Tango Papa Decal Paper
  6. Having built the Trumpeter kit, I would say no to both.
  7. I checked IPMS Stockholm in their UK paint section and they don't even list a CAB300/anything... Who makes the paint and/or what spec is it from? A CAB300 Google search yields absolutely nothing paint related.
  8. I have a DVD of the Belle that includes not only Wyler's Memphis Belle but also a lot of the unused film clips plus a lot of her stateside bond tour.
  9. Bang! $87 (including shipping) for the Red Barons Albatross...good thing I had some funds on my PayPal.
  10. Well, if they've fixed the aft turret and all the other offending issues, wings, engines, cowls, wheels..et al (I'm not fixing the wings.... I don't have that much time left on this Earth), I might think about this one but I think the money in my wallet is safe from being spent (at least for now). I'm not holding out a lot of hope for this guy.... but we'll see when someone has the plastic in their hands and can definitively comment.
  11. Guys, I may be preaching to the quior here but if aluminum has been anodized (not to be confused with alodine), it does not need a further coat of paint or preservative as the anodized coating is, in fact, corroded aluminum and acts as a protective layer for the underlying material (usually 0.003 - 0.005 inches deep). The fact that the relics have aotake on them is indicative that the parts have not been anodized but are more likely corroded from years off exposure to sources of humidity. In Scott's photos I can clearly see corrosion around the rivet holes and other areas.
  12. She's painted in RAF stock paints and was photographed on the Continent in 1945 I believe. Someone here made a model of her not too long ago.
  13. How about this photo: The lights are formation lights and are orange in color. There is another one on the aft fuselage area and two on the opposite side in the same location. According to my reference, these lights were installed on very few P-51's. Interesting to see that in another photo of this aircraft (and others in the 357th), the aft fuselage light is located dead-center in the fuselage star whereas in the above 4th FG photo (previous post), it's toward the rear of the national insignia. I looked for a TO for the installation but could not find one so it must have been a theatre or depot installation that was apparently an option as not all P-51D's seem to have had them. I have not found much on these lights but to be honest, I haven't looked really hard yet either. I do know I was not able to find them in the P-51D & K Illustrated Parts Catalog. If you look at the lower photo of Nooky Booky IV, you will see the forward fuselage light installed whereas the upper photo does not have it installed yet. https://www.cebudanderson.com/357profilenookybookyiv.htm REFERENCE: Kinzey, Bert.1997. P-51 Mustang in Detail & Scale, Volume 51, Part 2, P-51D through F-82H. Squadron/Signal Publications. Carrollton, TX (pp. 2, 33)
  14. Yes, the lights should be red, Amber, and green.
  15. I don't think these are formation lights. I believe they are identification lights. I cannot remember how they were used but my failing memory seems to think they were used in different combinations to ID either friend from foe and/or airfield ID to keep AAA gunners from shooting at them. Formation lights would be blue/purple. Of course, none of this I can corroborate at the moment; it's just my memory which I don't trust 100% any longer.
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