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  1. A WCMD is just a CBU (i.e. CBU-97) with some precision guidance added. It also retains the CBU identifier.... CBU-97 with WCMD guidance is now called a CBU-105.
  2. Rock band from the 70's....one hit wonders.
  3. Porters five forces apply to the modeling business as well as any other business.... Specifically, the cost of kit production from concept to distribution is very high. These include licensing fees which can also be costly and may not be granted which could end a kit before it starts. Not every company can weather these ever increasing costs not to mention the return on investment expected. That may be why an announced kit never materializes.
  4. The soundtrack for the movie "Gettysburg".
  5. The last new release from Hasegawa was awhile ago and I think it was the A6M5c kit which was released in 2016...getting on five years ago. That's extremely quiet for what used to be an almost annual 1/32 new tool release. Most of Hasegawa's stuff of late has been reissues with different decals. They have been releasing other new stuff so I'm wondering if they're turning down the burners on the airplane kits (I haven't seen a lot of new 1/48 from them either but haven't really be paying that much attention to 1/48).
  6. That's not what he originally wrote.... What predicated my post was "Saving Private Ryan".
  7. Look at the SOW forum in the sponsors area. He posts instructions on that very subject.
  8. Well, if it matters, Priller’s 190 wasn’t an R-2 variant and wouldn’t have the outboard 30mm cannon. It would’ve had the 20mm cannon instead (unless they were removed). The underwing details for the 30mm cannon vs. the 20mm cannon are quite different. There’s also no armor plate on the sides of the fuselage. This Revell kit is the R-2 Sturmbock aircraft which was a dedicated bomber attack aircraft equipped with additional armor plating on either side of the cockpit, additional armored glass on both the windscreen and on some R-2 aircraft, armored glass on the sides of the canop
  9. That should be Lear 35/36...
  10. I already have those publications but thanks for the info.
  11. My favorite P-47???? The 63rd FS, 56th FG P-47M's. Unfortunately, the P-47M did not carry bombs or rockets so it really doesn't fit into the group build theme. As for the D, there are loads of markings that are really nice and it's hard to find any one favorite.
  12. Oh yes....a LOT has changed since Thorpe's two volume series was published. Not everything in his works has been superseded but enough so that it makes Thorpe's works a secondary source and a good reference to have when quoted by other authors such as Mikesh.
  13. I think it’s nice. It has the flexible ratlines like the bigger ships, sails, and its old enough that the Revell instructions have painting instructions for each step and numbered, written assembly steps. It’s not a big model but it seems pretty good. Since it’s not a big model, it’s pretty simple. I think the hardest part will be painting it in the colors called out. Note that nobody really knows what the original Mayflower looked like (paint) but the model is based off the builder plans for the Mayflower II. If you’re after one, be careful as there’s more than one version
  14. I have the 1/96 USS Constitution as well as the 1/96 USS United States, and the Mayflower, all Revell kits.
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