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  1. SimonCornes

    Sea Vixen

    Thanks Kevin - PM sent
  2. Hello Frank

    Yesterday I heard about the PMC Sea Vixen for the first time - as a sale item on the Britmodeller website. I did a quick Google search and found both of your reviews on LSP and Hyperscale. As it seemed to be quite a buildable kit I bought the one on sale - which includes the decal sheet and all of the resin/metal? detail parts. I note how you had difficulty finding an accurate plan and had to re-profile the nose. I am thinking that that  the 1/48th Airfix kit may be a useful reference item as I think that looks to be a good replica. I notice that you moulded your own canopy. I was wondering if there was anything else you could tell me that might help with my build? I also wondered ion you might have any more of those canopies ? Of course I appreciate that it was 10 years ago that you built the kit but I thought that it was worth asking,

    Best regards



  3. SimonCornes

    Sea Vixen

    I have just picked up a PMC Sea Vixen and read Frank Mitchell's short build and review. Is Frank still a member of LSP? It would be very interesting to PM him for some extra information if he was, Thanks
  4. SimonCornes

    Harvard in RAF service

    Max, I think we're sharing the same boat!! Okay, noted, Brassin Mustang wheels required! I note you used SAC gear legs - are they essential? I was the kit gear was probably okay? I have mixed views about SAC. Sometimes it looks great and sometimes it looks very rough and I think it is more a matter of how good the kit original parts are. I wouldn't have thought that strength is problem with the kit bits?
  5. I thought about this last year with the HKM Lancaster as my largest model. That has a span of about 1 metre and its 66cm from nose to tail. So in Imperial you're talking 2 foot by 3 foot shelves. It would need to be at least 6 feet with around 10 shelves and built in lighting. The cost from a local company was about £1,000 and they wood deliver to the pavement outside my home then I would have t get it inside. The big issue is the footprint - 3 feet by 2 feet. Trying to find a free bit of wall/floor space in a UK house s not that easy. Add to that the fact that looking at models on the bottom couple of shelves would be a literal pain. Nothing more done yet but I hope to one day!
  6. SimonCornes

    Harvard in RAF service

    A funny think Max. I was looking at some paperwork I had clipped together for future projects and I found that I'd printed out your entire thread, plus a couple of reviews of the kit, back in April when the idea of a Harvard first hit my grey matter! I have to say that Alleycat canopy looks very nice! I sent Alec a message on Facebook last night but I doubt I'll get a rapid reply about availability although I see he is going to focus on castings of similar sizes and shapes rather than everything but he did mention the Harvard
  7. SimonCornes

    Harvard in RAF service

    Thanks Max - certainly has!!
  8. SimonCornes

    Harvard in RAF service

    Thanks for the input Max. In fact I havent actually got my bits on it yet but I'll post in thread the AlleyCat part numbers when I do have it. Of course the next thing is 'Which Harvard and when?" I don't know the answer to that. Do I want something in dark earth/dark green/yellow or something silver? Not sure, its just that I feel the need to have a Harvard so I'm an open book but the 32001 boxing seemed the most flexible for my intentions!
  9. SimonCornes

    Harvard in RAF service

    Having just acquired a Kittyhawk T-6 (Kit 32001) I know that there are numerous differences between the Harvard, I, II, III and IV but I was wondering if anyone can give me advice as to which of those versions can be built out of this particular kit box and what extras I might require. With the deal I have set of AMS blades, Eduard flaps and one of the A2Zee/Alleycat rear canopy glazings - but I'm not sure whichj one! This strikes me as an aeroplane which really reserves the Modelers Data File treatment - ie an idiot guide for me!! Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks
  10. SimonCornes

    Trumpeter MiG-29A

    Thanks for the help guys! I must say that I had not come across Cold War Studio before so that's a revelation. I see that the Avionix cockpit is no good for an 'A' - although it is listed as suitable for the A/K/M so I would be interested to know what is wrong? Also, because importing from the USA is getting so expensive, even though I've bought Zacto stuff in the in the past, I am more likely to use what's available in the UK so what do 'we' think about the Quickboost K-36? It looks good to me!! Thanks
  11. SimonCornes

    Trumpeter MiG-29A

    The huge box turned up today and I have been trying to find a review of the kit, so far without success. My starting point was a Trumpeter MiG-29M, bought a few years ago, along with an Avionix cockpit. I subsequently discovered that this was not the standard every day, common or garden variety of MiG-29 that I wanted and so I waited until the A model came out. I sold my 'M' for £55 at SMW last year but hung on to the cockpit as I understand its essentially the same for the A/K/M varieties? Now I have my A I was wondering what, if any are the major issues? I have read some threads on LSP but haven't really been able to get the bones out of what needs to be done to make the kit 100%. In truth, that may not matter to me because I believe I now have a much better starting point than the 'M' kit so I am broadly happy but I would be grateful for some condensed opinion please. In terms of markings, the kit Russian AF markings look quite attractive but then I also like the Luftwaffe markings and also the Polish markings, especially those with the large squadron badge on the centre section. Any guidance/opinion would be much appreciated Thanks Simon
  12. SimonCornes

    Where to start with Uschi woodgrain?

    Guys Thank you very much for your opinions - yes Kagemusha, that is a damned good idea! At the moment I am thinking off purchasing decals just so that i have then in stock - experience tells me that what is available today may not be available when I actually want/need it so I'm thinking about laying up 'supplies'. I had a look at Ushi's site and the Ronny Barr set for the Albatross would make good sense but they also do some more generic sheets but I don't intend to buy one of each at 15 euros apiece!! Having said that, I'm in no immediate rush so an e-mail to Uschi is going to be task number one I think! Thanks again Simon
  13. Only a quick query. I think I would like to get hold of some of this but when I look at the website there are numerous sheets so where do you start? You might wonder why I want some? well I have a Green Tail Trilogy set of WNW Albatri and other, both German and British machines that may benefit from this stuff either n the inside or out or for cockpit floors/instrument panels. I won't know until I try but at 15 euros a pop I would rathe buy themes useful set too start with - buy which one is it? !! I notice they do a 'mini' sheet so that may behest but I would appreciate your opinion, Thanks Simon
  14. SimonCornes

    Fairey Swordfish Mk I - paint query

    I now have my Warpaint out so all is well!! So we know that the Cerrux (thanks for the spelling correction Ian!) goes onto the metal parts. Intriguingly the illustrations in the Warpaint suggest virtually as far back as the vertical panel which is virtually level with the rear end of the gunners position although the illustration also shows stringer details for that panel - which would indicate fabric. I imagine the auto slats on the upper wings would also be in Cerrux then but the lower fuselage around the hook area seems to be airframe silver. I fancy an Ark Royal machine with the red and blue stripes of 821 with torpedo fitted and wings folded. Sounds like a plan!
  15. SimonCornes

    HK Lancaster.

    I will have to have one and I'm as excited as everyone else! I'm intrigued by the possible price though when you look at the B-17 and thats currently listed at £310.00 with the Big H. To me, the B-17 has extra turrets and a waist area. The Lanc has virtually everything in the nose then mid upper then tail so you could argue that there are fewer parts in a Lanc kit than a B-17. But then maybe HKM don't expect to sell as many Lancs, worldwide, as B-17's? Hopefully we'll be looking at circa £300 though which means 'well worth buying from Hannants on pre-order', assuming they will give the usual 10% off RRP and it should be free postage as well. But then I consider the forthcoming Hobbyboss B-24. Their Black Widow is listed at £145 compared to £215 for an HKM B-25. I suppose its David versus Goliath really with HKM versus HB/Trumpeter. I expect the B-24 will be around the £250 mark and will be a hell of a kit but it is intriguing to compare similar aeroplanes kitted by different manufacturers and asking why the prices should be so far apart. At the end of the day, I will spend the money and suck it up and be glad for it!!