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  1. SimonCornes


    I really thought that it was a ruse by WNW but if its true, well, I don't think I want to afford the $600 odd price that it would likely cost, based on how much the Felixstowe costs and how much there is in that box. I will buy an KHM kit but it occurs to me that WNW might be useful for 'extras'. What do I mean? Well we know that the HKM kit is an early Lanc - fuselage windows, small bomb aimers bubble, small astrodome but both needle and paddle blade props. I only intend to buy one Lanc kit so I'm not bothered about a Special. I'm not sure about how good HKM are at supplying spares but I know that WNW are very good. I'm sure that if both companies have put in the amount of effort required to produce an accurate Lanc then I might just use WNW as a source for a glazing sprue - which might have the later glazing and typically - going by the existing WNW kits - costs $10. I may also consider WNW gun turrets if they are better than the HKM bits but it could be a case of buying the cheaper HKM option and then using WNW as an aftermarket supplier? I wonder how WNW would stack ups against Eduard and Aries/Quickboost?
  2. SimonCornes

    Italeri TF-104G

    I agree, the USAF box scheme will be my default if nothing else comes up but I'm surprised that there aren't at least a couple of sheets of USAF aircraft out by now. As with the A and C models, there were some very colourful squadron markings.
  3. SimonCornes

    Italeri TF-104G

    Brian Is it worth looking at the Hasegawa sheet for their JASDF F-104? The Victory sheet is quite expensive and not available from Hannants and relies heavily on the kit stencils if the stencils supplied are anything to go by. Ideally Microscale should do a bespoke set! Cheers Simon
  4. SimonCornes

    Italeri TF-104G

    Hi Don It seems a bit strange that there is no decal sheet for this kit yet, especially from the USA, which would be logical. Maybe there are several in preparation?
  5. SimonCornes

    Italeri TF-104G

    I recently picked up one of these kits and fancy the USAF markings, although I know that this aircraft was used to train non-USAF pilots who were going to fly the 'G' model. I was wondering what the options are for producing a genuine USAF jet? I assume we're talking a 'D' ? I further assume it would have C2 ejection seats? Maybe needing a jet pipe for a 'C'. Then what about markings? Maybe this has all been covered off before but I am not aware so please forgive me if it has!! Any thoughts/opinions would be appreciated, Thank you
  6. SimonCornes

    Sea Vixen

    Thanks Kevin - PM sent
  7. Hello Frank

    Yesterday I heard about the PMC Sea Vixen for the first time - as a sale item on the Britmodeller website. I did a quick Google search and found both of your reviews on LSP and Hyperscale. As it seemed to be quite a buildable kit I bought the one on sale - which includes the decal sheet and all of the resin/metal? detail parts. I note how you had difficulty finding an accurate plan and had to re-profile the nose. I am thinking that that  the 1/48th Airfix kit may be a useful reference item as I think that looks to be a good replica. I notice that you moulded your own canopy. I was wondering if there was anything else you could tell me that might help with my build? I also wondered ion you might have any more of those canopies ? Of course I appreciate that it was 10 years ago that you built the kit but I thought that it was worth asking,

    Best regards



  8. SimonCornes

    Sea Vixen

    I have just picked up a PMC Sea Vixen and read Frank Mitchell's short build and review. Is Frank still a member of LSP? It would be very interesting to PM him for some extra information if he was, Thanks
  9. SimonCornes

    Harvard in RAF service

    Max, I think we're sharing the same boat!! Okay, noted, Brassin Mustang wheels required! I note you used SAC gear legs - are they essential? I was the kit gear was probably okay? I have mixed views about SAC. Sometimes it looks great and sometimes it looks very rough and I think it is more a matter of how good the kit original parts are. I wouldn't have thought that strength is problem with the kit bits?
  10. I thought about this last year with the HKM Lancaster as my largest model. That has a span of about 1 metre and its 66cm from nose to tail. So in Imperial you're talking 2 foot by 3 foot shelves. It would need to be at least 6 feet with around 10 shelves and built in lighting. The cost from a local company was about £1,000 and they wood deliver to the pavement outside my home then I would have t get it inside. The big issue is the footprint - 3 feet by 2 feet. Trying to find a free bit of wall/floor space in a UK house s not that easy. Add to that the fact that looking at models on the bottom couple of shelves would be a literal pain. Nothing more done yet but I hope to one day!
  11. SimonCornes

    Harvard in RAF service

    A funny think Max. I was looking at some paperwork I had clipped together for future projects and I found that I'd printed out your entire thread, plus a couple of reviews of the kit, back in April when the idea of a Harvard first hit my grey matter! I have to say that Alleycat canopy looks very nice! I sent Alec a message on Facebook last night but I doubt I'll get a rapid reply about availability although I see he is going to focus on castings of similar sizes and shapes rather than everything but he did mention the Harvard
  12. SimonCornes

    Harvard in RAF service

    Thanks Max - certainly has!!
  13. SimonCornes

    Harvard in RAF service

    Thanks for the input Max. In fact I havent actually got my bits on it yet but I'll post in thread the AlleyCat part numbers when I do have it. Of course the next thing is 'Which Harvard and when?" I don't know the answer to that. Do I want something in dark earth/dark green/yellow or something silver? Not sure, its just that I feel the need to have a Harvard so I'm an open book but the 32001 boxing seemed the most flexible for my intentions!
  14. SimonCornes

    Harvard in RAF service

    Having just acquired a Kittyhawk T-6 (Kit 32001) I know that there are numerous differences between the Harvard, I, II, III and IV but I was wondering if anyone can give me advice as to which of those versions can be built out of this particular kit box and what extras I might require. With the deal I have set of AMS blades, Eduard flaps and one of the A2Zee/Alleycat rear canopy glazings - but I'm not sure whichj one! This strikes me as an aeroplane which really reserves the Modelers Data File treatment - ie an idiot guide for me!! Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks
  15. SimonCornes

    Trumpeter MiG-29A

    Thanks for the help guys! I must say that I had not come across Cold War Studio before so that's a revelation. I see that the Avionix cockpit is no good for an 'A' - although it is listed as suitable for the A/K/M so I would be interested to know what is wrong? Also, because importing from the USA is getting so expensive, even though I've bought Zacto stuff in the in the past, I am more likely to use what's available in the UK so what do 'we' think about the Quickboost K-36? It looks good to me!! Thanks