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  1. Only my opinion but I am still very happy with the kit. It is excellent!
  2. I picked mine up at the weekend. Here are my thoughts! What a great kit! First of all though, this is not Tamiya, Trumpeter or Airfix! If you assemble kits then don’t buy this model! This is a builders model. I’ve not measured anything but the shape looks ‘right’ - and I’m not going to measure anything either, what I don’t know, I don’t know and I’m happy. Alan gives you some extremely well cast chunks of resin. This is a big aeroplane and the nickname ‘Brick’ is equally appropriate for this kit! I expect that a fair amount of scratch building will be required to add detail. I think that apart from the usual books, drawings etc (the Haynes Manual may be very useful! ) a copy of the Airfix 1/48th kit might be very useful. In addition I’d also get hold of a NeOmega cockpit (about £18 + postage) because that is also beautiful. I think these 2 3-D references would then be very helpful as reference when building Alan’s kit. Everything supplied is very well cast. The glazing is nicely clear and I am very happy with that. The cockpit is also very well detailed and it looks comprehensive. The undercarriage bay inserts look fine and you are given a pair of drop tanks, a body refuelling pod and another pod - a Palouste maybe? I haven’t checked. The wing panels feature perfectly cast vortex generators and the panel detail looks fine. Alan says in his instructions - which are also very adequate - that the fuselage half panel lines may not align perfectly but thats where another bit of modelling is required. Any downsides? I think Alan would agree that the decals aren’t great. They are not his strong point but this is described as a ‘Garage’ kit and it is. If you can’t be brilliant at everything, never mind. In truth, some would be very happy with the decals and others would resort to something else. Not a huge number of stencils either but I think I would resort to the Airfix sheet to see whats missing and how easily it can be produced. Maybe someone else could come up with a solution? So, is it worth £180 ? I think that the straight answer is ‘Yes’. Alan gives you something that no one else has produced. Will anyone else make a Buccaneer in this scale? Who knows but I wouldn’t hold my breath! And Alan tells me that he’s restricting production to 15 units and I think this is because of the cost of resin, mould making rubber - which doesn’t last forever - and the fact that it’s not easy to get good castings. Anything else? I hope the resin main gear legs are strong enough!! And, thank you Alan for doing a huge amount of work !
  3. Hi Tim PM on its way! Simon
  4. 3 colour schemes technically mark albeit 2 are very similar. No, its just to get a feel for the subject. There are no real AD5's to look at in the UK. Thanks Thierry, I'll take you advice! Simon
  5. I don’t disagree with you Jennings and I am overrun with books but whilst the Skyraider is an interesting aeroplane with a rich and long history, at this stage, all I want is some interesting and varied colour scheme information for a single build and these volumes are too expensive for that one task. I’m surprised there isn’t a single volume, either current or available ‘pre-owned’ for around the £/$20-25 mark. But if there isn’t, there isn’t!
  6. At £70 odd for the pair then I think not!!
  7. I think you’re right. A pity, I would have thought there would be at least one ‘Fat Face’ dedicates book, especially in the USA !
  8. Steve You are not wrong. Wingnut are as amazing in the plastic as they are in photos. You'll see it, and then you'll look at the HKM kit, then you'll know. It's as simple as that. Time schedules slip. It might be summer next year before you get the chance to buy one but its probably months worth of entertainment when you do. The nose section only kit will also be very popular I should think and far easier to store/display and a fraction of the cost. Simon
  9. Thank you for that. I'll have a look but it seems that there's plenty of info for the 'classic' single seat Able Dog! Where to find 'Fat Face info' eh?
  10. I'm very fortunate in getting my mitts on the Fisher conversion but, apart from the MDF on the Skyraider, I'm short of reference material for 'wide' Skyraiders. Can anyone suggest a good source please?
  11. I got a mail shot from Richard Alexander saying that they weren't happy with some of the test shots and wanted to get it right. Can't argue with that! its remarkable how the cash set aside for a Lanc this year has somehow found alternative things to be spent on! Modelling eh?!!
  12. Spot on!! Thats one kit worth getting hold of I think!! Simon
  13. I like Model Hobbies but that’s because I know the boss, Nick, and his wife and they are decent people. I am lucky because I’m a 10 minute drive away so I can pick stuff up and have a quick chat as well. But everyone must say it as their personal experience dictates.
  14. You know, this Photobucket thing, I really can't be bothered anymore! I found it hard work to upload photos because my PC was old and slow and I would lose an evenings modelling in the process so I don't care any more! I love to see other peoples work though!
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