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  1. I found a photo of the panel and stick and it is 'kind of' oval with the cannon button in the usual place and of course the brake lever on the side nearest the panel, like a Spit - and I don't think provided. But it still doesn't look quite right to me. But will it be noticeable? I wish they'd do the etch in nickel silver (like HGW) then you wouldn't have to paint all the strap fittings! I think I'd prefer lead foil with those fittings to make up a seat harness though but thats up to me!
  2. The Infinity kit has both the 3 slot or multi finned wheel centres
  3. It’s not a bad kit. Identical parts in both boxings and a resin compressor fan that’s not mentioned in the instructions! The one thing that got me was the nav light clear plastic split horizontally- and then I realised the plastic on the real thing is coloured !! Phew!! is the control column grip right - oval? I’ll have to check the references but I thought it would be round-ish ? It’s a pity that you don’t get bulged main gear wheels though!
  4. That is really useful - thank you!
  5. Thanks Thierry - I could certainly imagine Harold doing a couple of seats for Paul. But I thought Harold had effectively retired now? His website no longer works, only selling via Sprue Bros I think? Just had a look on their site - AMS Vought seat for early Crusaders for about $18. That is probably the one I have with the RF-8A conversion. As an aside, do you know of any images showing the double slotted slats deployed? I assume they will form a curve? I'm thinking if having the wings folded so I'm not sure if you can do that with the leading edge centre section jacked up and with take off flap and slat lowered?
  6. Thanks Pete, that is incredibly useful!! I also have an F-8J to complete from the same source as the decals, this one in VF-84 markings. When I acquired the part build I didn’t appreciate that it was based on the J variant so I can either finish it as a ‘J’ with sort of ‘retro’ markings or use a spare E to copy in resin a pair of E stabs and then there are the double slotted slats!! Never mind the Bullpup hump - even bigger on the J? Yep, I think I’ll do it properly as a J but with ‘allegedly’ retro markings!! And, yes, I need Sidewinder Y racks! It intrigues me how the Zunis on the lower adaptors sit at different angles when viewed from ahead!
  7. Sadly the Fisher conversion is like hens teeth but I’m lucky because I have an RF-8A conversion. I’m wondering if it would be possible to make a mould of the RF-8A nose to maybe half way back along the cockpit and then to transplant that onto an F-8E fuselage? I don’t know how the section changes moving backwards but I’m guessing it’s similar forward of the gun bays? I suppose it’s a case of smaller radome and correspondingly smaller front bulkhead but I’m not sure if the engine intake is essentially the same? The good thing is that I have the Zotz decals for the VF-111 jet so that’s a start. I could also copy the Vought seat that comes with the RF conversion. I’d appreciate your thoughts please!! Thank you Simon
  8. Well done Iain and Tim. I have a need for two, to! Now if only someone would make nice resin turret glazing we'd have a serious chance !!
  9. Thank you guys! The reviews Ive read say it isn't a bad kit apart from the cowl hinge line. When I get it I'll give it the once over but Id say that my priority is the seat harness although at that scale lead foil, etc may well do the trick. Weighted wheels would be my next 'wish' and I'll have look at Peddinghaus. I've used him before for 1/16 AFV markings but, in my opinion, he's nothing like the sort of decal manufacturers we're now used to - crude by comparison really and you have to know what you're looking at as no guide as such but I'll see what I can see on the website. Thanks again Simon
  10. Seems like it’s been forgotten by the aftermarket then? Would be nice if there were some decals maybe?
  11. Just acquired one of these but can anyone point me in the direction of any aftermarket please? I know it’s been around for awhile now so I understand if any A/m has dried up but if you can help with things like wheels, harnesses, decals etc? Would all be useful!! Thanks Simon
  12. Just a public 'Thank you' to Ernest who very kindly let me have his PCM rag wing Hurricane for an amount I can't disclose but what a great guy! Maybe I'll get to return the favour or do a similar favour to someone else on LSP in the future but its nice to be able to highlight a fellow modellers kindness. It goes a long way in this World!! Simon - who is very grateful!
  13. I finally got hold of the conversion!!
  14. Absolutely love that!! Mine is part of the second tranche but I suspect your build thread could become a standard reference for us all!! Great stuff!
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