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  1. I want to build a 4 - bladed Sea Fury. I know that there were only 10 - TF895 to 904. They eventually got 5 bladed props but I want to be able to display an F.10 with an FB.11 and a TT.20 with the differences evident between marks. My main question relates to the propellor - in both 4 and 5 blade cases it was a Rotol unit but I don't know if the 4 blader was the same as the Tempest II. Can you shed any light? In addition, was it the same diameter as the 5 blade unit - I would expect the 5 blader to be a bit smaller? If anyone has a photo of a 4 blade Sea Fury that would be great. I have both
  2. I think I agree with everything apart from the golf - knackered my back 35 years ago and golf would be way too painful!!
  3. Ooh good - I'd almost forgotten about this!!
  4. Absolutely lovely. A really useful thread for the day I build mine! Should be pinned!!
  5. That looks like it could be very interesting but I couldn't get the film to run - I had to drag it along with the curser! I'll try again later!!
  6. Tnarg Just read all 32 pages of that build - good grief!! Well mine won't be that good!! But a lot of fun with a relatively small aeroplane. I'm hovering over one of those Vector engines!! Simon
  7. Thank you Tnarg. Rick, Lone Star don't list the cockpit any more but I notice his minimum order is $50 plus $10 postage - I think not!!
  8. Hi Mike, Yes 1971 I think. I have already found and downloaded the build by Ed Fuquay but I wasn't aware of any more? Simon
  9. That’s pretty much what you get with the Vector resin - engine including cowl but not cheap!!
  10. £32 plus postage - think I’ll see what’s in the box!!!
  11. Of course !! Thank you for that - now to see if he has any stock!!
  12. I've just picked up one of these kits and was wondering what improvements might be available out there? I see Vector did a very nice engine and cowl and Lone Star did a cockpit but is it possible to still get either of these bits? Are their any alternatives? I'm afraid that 'tween wars' USN aeroplanes are not my area of expertise so I thought I'd ask here!! Thank you
  13. I have a pair Iain so I expect I'll come knocking on your door in due course! I was just speculating this afternoon about making the outer wing panels detachable - like the WNW Lanc - but the Lanc has a natural dihedral break whereas the Davis wing is continuous so it may not work, having said that, choose a rivet line and it might be do-able? Certainly, a camouflaged airframe would make it easier. Simon
  14. There's more than a ring of truth about that I'm afraid! Plans should be made!! Have a codicil added to your will!
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