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  1. Could be a useful book. Sound like there will be a lot of photos but not cheap at £25!
  2. I picked mine up last week from Clifton Curios. I've had a look at the bits and noticed some damage which I imagine happened before the parts were bagged because there is no damage to the box. By 'damage' I mean that the trailing edge of an elevator half has been dented - so a fill and sand down job - and something 'circular' has hit the inside of one of the spat halves creating a white stress mark on the outer surface and a bit of a bulge - not a big deal but maybe indicative of a bit of rough treatment at the factory? The instructions are okay although the shoulder harness is sh
  3. Hi Pete, Don't forget that the real det chord is a pale grey colour.
  4. Well done Ali, I have also experienced your work, either as Aerocraft or Alleycat and I know that if you say your going to do something then you will but you won't release it until its right, and thats the only way to do it. You could probably have a lot of fun making corrections for Trumpeter/Hobbyboss products but no point in doing things that the likes of Eduard already have in the pipeline. I have a J and a D Lib that will need decent turrets so they will definitely be worth waiting for - and there no need to rush as I suspect the kit will be around for awhile! Very best regards
  5. Amazing - I’m pretty sure the Airfix 1/48th Bucc doesn’t need nose weight. Would be interesting to know how much weight you will need to get it to balance? I know yours is a Martel carrier but I wonder if you could put weight in the slipper tanks - depends on how much needs to go in, hence the question about nose weight. It will be good to see the latest pics!!
  6. I registered with Hannants to be advised about that - didn't get a thing from them by way of notification ! I'd rather not know what they had as they failed to put me in a position to buy anything !!! Not pleased!! But great that LSP is back, feels like an arms been removed!
  7. Guys, I have to say that I'm a bit hacked off that this thread has not stayed on track. Overnight I got something like 15 new posts - all of which I looked at in case there was something new of interest about Wingnut kits - instead,it was just chat about previously owned cars. You might've enjoyed it but it wasted my time. Consequently I will now switch off the notification for new posts on this thread and I've done what Pup7309 suggested and set up an account on WW1aircraft models. If you want to char about off topic matters then maybe use should start a new thread?
  8. Totally agree. I'm not precious about boxes or instructions, in fact I've downloaded all of the Wingnut instruction sheets for kits that I might like to build one day but don't have now, just in case that resource disappears. It costs nothing but time and computer space so I would recommend it!
  9. Thats my guess, at least in the short term but the moulds will always be there - unless they get junked. My understanding was that Sir P had the moulds made out of the best material and they must have thousands of sprues left in them - who has seen flash on a Wingnut kit?
  10. Re-popped by Hannants a couple of years ago and sold at around £50 apiece I think it was. I assume Hannants sold out eventually?
  11. I'm with you on that Thierry. If we had the money to get a production run - and assuming Sir P was no longer involved so it was just the liquidators you were dealing through, if not the manufacturers in China directly. Logic says you'd want to make a profit so you'd go for something popular, like the Fokker D.VII or Albatros D.V/Va and you'd have maybe 1,000 kit sets produced and you'd also choose a decal set - maybe not a Wingnut sheet - for each and then you'd see how well they sold, maybe with a simplified instruction sheet and box? And you'd take it from there on the basis tha
  12. Lets not get excited - this is an Egg Plane!!
  13. Thank goodness for that! Based on the number of kits produced I'd imagine that the Albatros D.V, Camel and Fokker D.VII moulds would be more 'worn' than most in view of the number if variations offered by Wingnut but I can't recall ever seeing any sign of flash on a Wingnut sprue so the moulds should be good. I suppose there are lots of possibilities - limited runs of the more desirable kits at exhorbitent prices maybe? Or maybe high volume production at the 'cheap as chips' price bracket? I wonder how much it costs to do a run of, say, 2,000 kit sets of a
  14. As long as the highest bidder during the carve up doesn't want the moulds for their scrap value, ie to melt down!!!
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