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  1. Just a quick query to anyone who has recently bought stuff from MBK and who is based in the U.K. - have you been tapped for import duty and handling charges? Im looking at the Border-nut Lanc. The price says includes VAT so I’m wondering if they have an agreement with HMRC? If so then great, if not then a chance of a 20% extra!! Thanks Simon
  2. I saw a price of £700 mentioned on Border’s Facebook page. I’ve got to say it’s injected an element of doubt! Originally Wingnut were talking $400 and their prices translated to the same price in sterling. It’s a beautiful kit, I’ve seen the test shots at Telford and I think it’s light years better than the HKM alternative - but £300 more? It feels very uncomfortable for a box full of beautiful bits!! I’m hoping that the price point improves!!
  3. The Sterling price for Wingnut normally equated to the USD price by the time it got to the U.K. anyway but I wonder how firm that HobbyEasy price is?!!
  4. Me to!! And the HobbyEasy price of 4,300 HKD equates to around £400, which is the same price as the HKM kit and what Wingnut were suggesting a couple of years ago. Having said that Wingnut were also wondering about issuing it with 1 engine or 4 and whether to include full interior detail from nose to tail rather than in just the easily visible areas. No doubt the HobbyEasy price is just a marker until the RRP is actually known.
  5. Do what I did and use the very inaccurate single seat nose as just that - a nose on a stand as per full size practice - and have some fun with squadron heraldry! I'm actually quite happy with mine. The only thing that really annoyed me was only enough decals to do one Firestreak (or Red Top) properly. I cheated - only the outer/top part has there decals for the triangular optics! Go for it Iain - something is better than nothing, if only a decent canopy and windscreen!
  6. Wow, just seen the photos of the parts - and the decal sheet. That is just lovely!!
  7. Just ordered mine - ref 10970. Grief, does that mean there are only 30 left?
  8. I have a 3D printed TSR2 and the surfaces of that are like a contour map! It depends on how it's printed. 3D prints in resin are like anything else, pretty smooth but when they are laid up with, effectively, string the surface needs filling. Hopefully the Viggen will be much better than my TSR2!!
  9. I think that must be the arrangement with Aviation Megastore.
  10. It’s actually sort of better for us Brits as if they don’t charge at point of sale then the U.K. Revenue will charge tax plus a further admin charge so I’d rather have a price including vat before I buy. In this case, if I’d bought it from Paul I would have still had to pay tax plus charge and the postage charge, whilst not cheap, got the conversion to me very quickly. And no one has offered this conversion for sale on LSP for years and if they did, chances are it would be in the USA and not cheap. All in all I’m very pleased!!
  11. Just a quick thread to say how impressed I was with this retailer’s performance. A friend knew I was on the lookout for a Fisher RF-8A conversion and he emailed me last Friday to say this retailer had the conversion and so I bought it there and then. What impresses me is the excellent communication from AM along with details of the shipper - DHL - and they I turn we’re excellent in their communication. The parcel arrived yesterday and I’m very pleased to have it but it’s good to know how well a company performs especially when shipping to the U.K. so the VAT was included in the price and I could relax about not getting a dreaded vat and admin bill!! Great stuff!
  12. Thanks guys, I will be very interested to read what you think when yours arrives!
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