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  1. Hi Ian, How do I get hold of you re the 1/32nd SIG? You don't seem to accept PM's via LSP? Thanks Simon
  2. Yes. The cost was $40 including postage but it gives you maximum flexibility. Very easy to do, just contact Dave at WNW. You can't do a direct cost comparison because you cant buy the RE8 separately but, for me anyway, I got the Duellist kits for very good prices from my local supplier and spending an extra $40 was still going to make it very good value for 2 RE8's and 2 Halberstadts.
  3. I bought two Duelists sets and then the F sprue from the Halberstadt (early) boxing and the decal sheets from both Halberstadt boxings - an extra $30 plus postage but now I can build 2 RE8's and 2 Halberstadts with 'interesting' markings.
  4. I noticed in the latest issue of SAM that the Wingnut add shows 3 new releases for 201 which are not the Lancs, Pup or 0/400 so this may be one of them? I picked one up on eBay a few months back at quite a good price and I have an idea that the Hannover had sold out and wasn't generally available so maybe this is just a re-pop with new decals? Wonder what the other 2 releases might be?
  5. That’s an interesting thought Graham. I am looking at 1/48th profile drawings in the new Valiant Wings book on Griff Spits but the key point is ‘accurate’ isn’t it ?!! In truth I think outline is the key so I need to compare the drawing with a square on photo first of all. After that it’s checking the drawing for scale size - and I know how long the hing line is so it becomes a matter of ensuring that the drawing is right. After that it’s easy isn’t it? Ill see what I can do but, having that info, I might just make my own rudder.
  6. Has anyone produced a fin and rudder for this mark? I am contemplating making one from scratch but there's not a lot of point if its been done already! I am talking about the 'big' rudder with split trim tab. Another question, can you tell me how, aerodynamically, the split trim tab works? Why not have a standard one like virtually all other Spitfire marks? Thank you
  7. Any idea when this kit will be available in Europe?
  8. I’ve changed my mind, just to be contrary. I will go for the AA conversion as that includes the recesses for the wing radiators and at £30 plus postage, it’s a very good deal!
  9. I am feeling inclined to go down the Grey Matter route but to go for a Mk 18 instead then I’ll know the answer and have another mark!
  10. I’m after some opinion please. As the PCM kit of the XIV is becoming hard to get hold of there are 2 conversion options - AA or Grey Matter. Which is best? I have an AA conversion and it’s cheaper than the Grey Matter alternative but is the GM one better? I’m interested to know what you think! Thanks
  11. I now know how the rear gunsight/periscope work. Does anyone know if you can uplift pdfs ? I think this info is not generally in the public domain so I believe it would be a very useful addition!
  12. Nick - you are a star! I'll pm you my email address !!
  13. I'm building a started kit without the benefit of the instructions! Can someone who has there kit explain to me how the rear gunsight and periscope work please? I am also missing some of the resin so that makes it harder to work out but I can see in the box top illustrations on the 'web' that there is some sort of framework over the position of the gunsight but thats all I can see!! Help!! Thanks Simon
  14. The Paris fire service certainly did a great job and France can be proud of them. As for rebuilding in 5 years, that sounds ambitious but who knows. Full restoration is really the only way and where you get 13,000 oak trees from at short notice, I don't know! Bon chance!
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