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  1. Okay so a 3 week wait until they are likely to start shipping. I appreciate they’ve had some understandable hold ups. I wonder how long it will take to ship the first 500 kit sets that have all sold before they can even start on the reissue orders?
  2. Has anyone received a kit yet? If not then when are deliveries expected? I have an idea that a financial commitment will be required for the second production run next month so will that also be delayed by 3 months ? It would certainly be interesting to know where we are.
  3. That's some beautiful work Vaughn. Luckily I enjoy scratchbuilding - proper modelling in my book! Grey Matter are based about 30 miles away from me - as the crow flies - so maybe I'll take advantage of some of their gear legs - and resin tyres. The cockpit looks fine. I see Eduard do some placards as well? I suppose it would be nice if there were some aftermarket decals to. The sheet I have has obviously got damp at some point in the last 40 years but it looks broadly okay but there are no red stencils for the drop tank - maybe they were include in a more recent issue? I'm on the lookout for copies of the later decal sheets for things like that.
  4. I built the Hurricane back in the 70's ands I renovated it about 10 years ago now and its still great - better than the Trumpeter alternative IMHO. The 190 arrived yesterday and, apart from decals which show that they're 40 years old, the plastic looks absolutely fine. I have copies of some build reviews so I know that I have to lose 5mm between the front and rear of the engine and I can se why the rake of the main gear legs might be wrong - because they were produced in the days when Airfix gave you 'working features' but that can all be attended to and the result can be very good so I'm happy. Just need some HGW fabric seat straps and maybe some instrument panel placards and dial faces. All available but I think my first stop will be to get a copy of the Valiant Wings book on the radial engined FW-190. Then I'll put the kit in the loft and forget about it for 5 years!!
  5. Thanks Nils , yes I've seen that on Ebay - its a Grey Matter conversion. Ray, I think that GM also still do the Rutman stuff but I'm wondering how much I can actually use of the Airfix kit. Apart from instrument dials and harnesses it might be case of looking at, say, a Revell I/32 cockpit and engine and then improving the Airfix parts using 1/32 references. I was just looking to see what references I had on the Fw-190 and I seem to have diddly squat - although maybe not too much point in going overboard in that respect right now. Sometimes its better to work out what you actually ned first but I'm surprised theres nothing like an MDF on the Butcher Bird. Maybe Valiant Wings do a book. I have seen a review on LSP so it may be the one you refer to Nils - worth downloading and printing off as a reference for the cardinal points - like shortening the engine 'egg' by 5mm or so! Cheers Simon
  6. Thanks Paul - that could be interesting. I’ve found Eduard etch instruments and placards and Eduard or HGW straps. Also Aber and Master barrels. Did anyone do aftermarket decals I wonder?
  7. I’ve just acquired one of these via ebay. I know if it’s poor fit reputation although mine is an original boxing so it might be better. My question is whether there is any aftermarket available for it - decals or resin/etch ? Many thanks Simon
  8. No. they're not wing checkers are they? They are nearer to grey/silver in colour than the roundel red or white. Maybe the fabric has been made good prior to the checkers being applied? That sounds like a plausible excuse maybe? Possibly served with a different squadron with wing checkers which have been painted out? The service history for both airframes says they started life with 56 Sqdn (19th May 1936 to July 1937) though. As for the gun troughs, top and bottom, I'd say they are polished metal - similar shine to the fairings between the top of the tailplanes and the fin? The panel immediately in front of the cockpit also looks like polished metal to me
  9. Actually, the important thing here is that HMRC did not charge Vat nor the post office add their handling charge and Simon confirmed that that had all been handled at their end. In these new 'post-Brexit' times it is reassuring to know that the price you pay Silver Wings includes all of that as I'm sure some people in the UK might be reluctant to purchase in case they get a big, unexpected and unwelcome bill to pay before the postie will hand their parcel over!!!
  10. Well thats what I'm looking to get hold of. I have asked my 'friendly neighbourhood internet based supplier' to get hold of an AIMS conversion from Big H - to try to avoid the postage as he orders stock from Big H weekly - and then 19 Squadron would be my chosen unit for a Mk I I think !!
  11. I thought they were externally the same Max, thanks for confirming. I wonder if an enterprising manufacturer will produce just the Watts airscrew and spinner and maybe alternative markings? I fancy a Mk II in markings I saw in MJF Bowyers 'Fighting Colours' half a lifetime ago - mind you, easy enough to cobble together appropriate markings I would say. And then a 'silver' Mk I. Seems like a plan to me!!
  12. My pair arrived yesterday and very much up to scratch. I have the Mushroom book on the Gladiator and Gauntlet and fancy a Gauntlet I - which I think is just a 2 bladed prop? For the II I fancy the Phoney War camouflage finish.
  13. I think this thread has run its course and should be locked now - what more is there to say? Sadly the eBay madness is likely to continue.
  14. I would be interested to know how the Meng decals compare. I expect Meng would have been making the plastic for Wingnut anyway so I wouldn’t expect and difference in quality or texture but I suspect that Wingnut would have jumped on the banana shaped wings. Maybe Meng will put it right the next production run?
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