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  1. Brilliant news Iain. I'm not sure how many sets I need but it is more than one (Probably 3 or 4) and I will be happy to take a couple of sets of B-24 wing parts too - when they are available!
  2. Thanks for all the opinions guys and the reference to ARC, which I have looked at. Very interesting photo on there of a MER being loaded onto an A-6 and a note of the distance between the top lugs (onto the pylon) - 30" so about 23mm at 1/32. I am thinking that I will put a 5mm extension into the Eduard part. The problem is to decide where and what detail to lose! Simple matter of making a silicon mould, casting a section of MER and then cutting it into 3 x 5mm lengths and doing all 3 MER's in the box, otherwise I will forget when I get around to my A-6!
  3. I daren’t go down that route!! I certainly hope they are! No doubt the same as all of their Mk 117’s but then this is Trumpeter/Hobbyboss!!
  4. Thanks Ray, to be fair, the Trumpeter stores look okay on the racks, except that the bombs on the sides are attached horizontally whereas they should be angled downwards, which is why the Eduard rack looks great!
  5. Good afternoon the LSP Collective. I have acquired a pack of these beauties but seem to recall reading somewhere that the rack is a bit short? Indeed if I compare it to the rack included with the Trumpeter 1/32 F-105 then I would say that the Eduard rack is 3 - 4mm short. Firstly, is it short or is the Trumpeter rack long? I have to say that half a dozen M117's on the Trumpeter rack look right whereas the same on the Eduard rack look way to close together. If the Eduard rack is indeed short then what is the fix? I am thinking of cutting it in half and then using one end to make a mould so that I can cast maybe 1cm or so of 'rack' in resin to then insert between the Eduard halves. Does that make sense? Secondly, for a Thunderchief with the rack fitted on the centreline pylon, I assume that you use the airframe attachment lugs (choice of two sets) that would mirror the sway brace position on the Trumpeter C/L pylon? I'm not 100% sure about the position of the rack relative to the pylon but maybe if I used the same position as the kit one, after I've extended it - if thats whats required - it would be correct? I look forward to receiving your answer, before I get the razor saw out!! Thank you Simon
  6. Interesting to see the intake interior is EDSG. For my 1/48th Bucc I have the intakes in either white or Light Aircraft Grey. Can't remember which now. Are the FAA museum right? I must look further up the thread for that photo of the lovely EDSG Bruntybird! Just looked - white! That's either correct (and the FAA Museum are wrong) or white so that its easy to see the occasional tool kit lying in there - a la Vulcan!!
  7. Just tried the facebook link - doesn't work!!
  8. Definitely agree - Alan knows his stuff! I think I'd have one of the new Airfix 1/72nd Bucc to hand to compare it to as they will have ladar scanned a real machine but I would put money on Alan being right!! He's that kind of guy> Simon
  9. Thats great. Now all we have to do is brace ourselves!!!
  10. You’ve got it in one there Thierry, an incredible effort by Alan to give us this - we should be very grateful - and I think we are!! Simon
  11. Palouste air starter pod. CMK do one in 1/48th Simon
  12. Well I am after the other one - with FAA markings!!
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