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  1. I have a pair Iain so I expect I'll come knocking on your door in due course! I was just speculating this afternoon about making the outer wing panels detachable - like the WNW Lanc - but the Lanc has a natural dihedral break whereas the Davis wing is continuous so it may not work, having said that, choose a rivet line and it might be do-able? Certainly, a camouflaged airframe would make it easier. Simon
  2. There's more than a ring of truth about that I'm afraid! Plans should be made!! Have a codicil added to your will!
  3. I think it was a common problem - aerodynamics over practicality. Like the Magister - came equipped with spats, whipped off by the ground crew as most airfields had grass runways and all manner of gubbins must have clogged up the spats.
  4. Now that’s unusual!! I have an MMP on the Gauntlet (with Gladiator I think ) plus an copy of Fighting Colours!! Silver or camouflaged? There’s a question. Probably silver so the prewar Glad follows on.
  5. Agreed but whenever I've bought kits from outside the UK, particularly the USA, I've always felt that all local taxes have been applied stateside before the kit lands in the UK. I know that Hannants always show prices with and without tax so the same should apply for imports from the EU but will they? If the VAT equivalent in the EU is 20% then I wouldn't complain, the postal admin charge is what it is and there's not much we can do but at least its a fixed amount - but I'm not sure why its sometimes about £8 and other times around £12? Is it based on the value of the parcel? Yes,
  6. I have the Duke Hawkins book. Certainly helped clarify some colour queries that the instructions don’t help with, in fact they mislead !
  7. Absolutely great. I have a 'C' and a 'D/N' to build. Your work is inspirational!! Anything else to be wary of? Cheers Simon
  8. Let's just hope we can order it before the end of the year - whilst were still in the EU!!!!
  9. Right, fair enough - not an early Christmas then!! Keep plugging away!
  10. Iain, there may be queue forming already of people who wouldn’t mind one of those, well actually 5 I think!! Simon
  11. Could be a useful book. Sound like there will be a lot of photos but not cheap at £25!
  12. I picked mine up last week from Clifton Curios. I've had a look at the bits and noticed some damage which I imagine happened before the parts were bagged because there is no damage to the box. By 'damage' I mean that the trailing edge of an elevator half has been dented - so a fill and sand down job - and something 'circular' has hit the inside of one of the spat halves creating a white stress mark on the outer surface and a bit of a bulge - not a big deal but maybe indicative of a bit of rough treatment at the factory? The instructions are okay although the shoulder harness is sh
  13. Hi Pete, Don't forget that the real det chord is a pale grey colour.
  14. Well done Ali, I have also experienced your work, either as Aerocraft or Alleycat and I know that if you say your going to do something then you will but you won't release it until its right, and thats the only way to do it. You could probably have a lot of fun making corrections for Trumpeter/Hobbyboss products but no point in doing things that the likes of Eduard already have in the pipeline. I have a J and a D Lib that will need decent turrets so they will definitely be worth waiting for - and there no need to rush as I suspect the kit will be around for awhile! Very best regards
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