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  1. LSP_Kevin

    Happy Birthday LSP Dan..

    Happy birthday, Dan. You are still missed. Kev
  2. LSP_Kevin

    1/72 Bandai Millennium Falcon, Perfect Grade

    That is gorgeous! Kev
  3. LSP_Kevin

    The Cat is Back........F-14 Tomcat

    Stunning work, Christian! Kev
  4. LSP_Kevin

    Revell 1/144 767-300

    Yep, they're from the FCM details sheet, which was quite good (unlike the Corrogard sheet, which most definitely was not). Kev
  5. LSP_Kevin

    Revell 1/144 767-300

    So, another build thread saved from the tyranny of Photobucket! I thought I'd done them all last year, but obviously missed a couple. Must build the other Revell 767 in the stash some day soon! Kev
  6. LSP_Kevin

    Polar Lights 1/1000 USS Enterprise NC-1701

    Thanks, Gaz. Hopefully you're seeing more than just 3 photos, however! Kev
  7. LSP_Kevin

    Polar Lights 1/1000 USS Enterprise NC-1701

    I discovered that I'd missed this one in the Great Photobucket Purge of 2017, so I've just reinstated all the images from ImageShack. Great to see this little build again, as I really enjoyed it! Thanks for all the great comments, too. Kev
  8. LSP_Kevin

    FG1-D VMF 351 USS Gloucestor

    Beautiful build, Tom! Kev
  9. LSP_Kevin

    AIMS Ju388 L1 conversion - She's got wings

    Great to see you back, Wouter. And that Ju 388 is stunning! Kev
  10. Welcome to the club! Kev
  11. LSP_Kevin

    Another Corsair: Tamiya's F4U-1D

    Can't help but get in line behind that statement! Kev
  12. LSP_Kevin

    Best early 1/32 BF 109

    Unfortunately for me, I have another Hasegawa and two Matchbox kits still in the stash! If I'm honest, I'm really looking forward to tackling them - though at least two of them will be conversion projects. I tend to get a bit bored with shake'n'bake kits. I built the Tamiya Zero around the time I was rebuilding an old Revell kit, and enjoyed the Revell project infinitely more than the Tamiya one. That said, I'm also looking forward to tackling my Dragon, Trumpeter, and Eduard kits. All I need is...more time! Kev
  13. LSP_Kevin

    Best early 1/32 BF 109

    The Matchbox kit is actually far superior to the Hasegawa one, and far more accurate, too. I'd say it rivals its modern counterparts in that regard. Kev
  14. LSP_Kevin

    Hobbycraft 1/32 Nieuport 17 and Sopwith Camel

    Coming along very nicely, Chris! Kev