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  1. I also need to thank you for chiming in and offering your advice, Brendan, which I rudely neglected to do in my initial response. I certainly didn't mean to sound churlish - just frustrated! If anybody knows of a tool that can cut steel guitar strings cleanly and accurately, please let me know! I have a Xuron tool that will cut them cleanly enough, but not with any precision (the tool's 'cutting' blades are in the order of 3mm thick, so you have to have at least that much clearance around your cutting point to make the cut at all). Kev
  2. That's exactly what I did. The problems with this approach turned out to be many, but mainly due to not being able to cut the guitar string flush, cleanly, or to the length required. Subsequent attempts to file them down only caused undulations in the surrounding resin, which now looks dreadful up close. Other issues were caused by my drill bit wandering and causing the resin to splinter (due to there not being a whole lot of margin for error), giving rise to messy repairs and crooked placement. This approach would have worked much better with standard styrene rod; even brass rod would have be
  3. Latest update run and done. Kev
  4. Thanks, Damian. I'm using Foliage Green from a local brand called SMS: https://www.scalemodeller.com.au/products/premium-foliage-green-30ml?_pos=1&_sid=998fa110c&_ss=r I'm pretty sure they have some distribution in the US now. Kev
  5. Thanks, fellas. I've been quietly chipping away at this one, with a little bit of success here and a little bit of failure there. Such is modelling. My first task was to finish off the cockpit by getting the instrument panel installed: Apologies for the sanding dust, which I didn't even notice until editing the photos. Thanks, eyes! I've cleaned it all off now. While waiting for that to become secure, I turned my attention to the engine. I assembled it, gave it a quick squirt of Mr. Surfacer 1500 Black, drybrushed the cylinders with Humbrol Polished Alumini
  6. Hi everyone, There's been a minor point-release update to the forum software, which I'm hoping to install in the next few hours. It should only take a few minutes. I've already installed it on the SMPM site, and there were no issues or major changes. Kev
  7. Mike, I'm going to take an educated guess that Chrome is blocking the images because they're hosted on a server that doesn't use SSL, as all your image links begin with http rather than https. Google has been threatening to do this sort of thing for some time now, and other browsers will eventually follow suit. It's in your best long-term interests to either get an SSL certificate installed on your server if you can, or relocated your content to a host that uses one. Kev
  8. I think they're second-rate for airbrushing, compared to what you're used to - especially MRP. They're usable with a bit of work, but only if you can't get the others you've mentioned. Vallejo is my go-to range for brush painting, though. Kev
  9. Welcome aboard, Dan! Your last name isn't Andrews, is it? I've just moved your post here to General Discussion where it more appropriately belongs. Some of your images aren't showing for some reason, unfortunately. Kev
  10. Nah, you just license them the designs, plus a tiny percentage of each unit sold. Let them sort out the mass production! Kev
  11. Haven't had a shipping notification yet. Are they actually in production, or have I effectively pre-ordered without knowing it? Kev
  12. Looks good, Mike! I think you should team up with HobbyZone and get them to offer these in their range, instead of their space-inefficient MDF versions. Kev
  13. Looks fantastic, Mike! Would love to see larger photos. Kev
  14. Thanks for the kind words, Matt! May I quote you on the website? I'll have a word with John and see what he thinks about the Revell 262. Kev
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