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  1. I think some of the high-end machines have already achieved this to a large extent. Kev
  2. I didn't vac my front seat either, Paul - just built it up out of styrene strip and sheet. I also co-opted the pan from the kit seat and built everything else around it. I then used plastic strip to form the upright curved section of the seat bucket itself, followed by lots of filling and sanding! I thought I had photos of it in the making, but couldn't find them. Here's the finished article in primer: It's not super accurate, nor was it the easiest way to arrive at this result, but I certainly learned a lot by trying it! You can see that I also failed to account for the slots that the control cables go through. Kev
  3. So, a mere two weeks later, and we're on the upgrade merry-go-round again! I'll try to get it done over the weekend. Kev
  4. This is something I actually butchered on mine somewhat, and I'm hoping it's not too obvious on the finished model (if it ever gets finished). Kev
  5. And there we have it - a full airframe! Amazing. Good luck with those engines, Tom. Looking forward to seeing how you do it. Kev
  6. For me, the Bulldog would have to top the list. Kev
  7. Awesome stuff, Vaughn! I can't believe how massive this thing is. Kev
  8. Wow, that is utterly fantastic! Congratulations on a fine model. Kev
  9. Is it because you've become that way yourself? Kev
  10. That's a good tip, Chris. And yes, it is indeed unfortunate that the passing of time hasn't been kind to many of these older threads. I'm currently in the midst of a long-overdue cull of the LSP Discussion forum, and many otherwise useful threads have had to get the chop, due to broken links and missing images. It's really just the Internet's version of entropy. Kev
  11. Welcome aboard, Chuck! I've just moved your post here to Aviation Discussion, where it more appropriately belongs. Hopefully someone with more knowledge than I will be along shortly to answer your question. Kev
  12. Fantastic work, Karl! You really can't tell that this isn't a mainstream injection-moulded kit. Kev
  13. Alex: firstly, sorry to hear about what you've going through, but so glad your wife is recovering. I had a similar experience back in 2017, so I certainly understand what you're going through. Secondly, your new build is coming along nicely! I'm not familiar with either this aircraft or that kit, but they both look pretty decent. Looking forward to further progress from you on all fronts. Kev
  14. Frighteningly good work, Martin! Your close-up photos just look so realistic. Kev
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