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  1. Well, I completely missed that in my conversion of the 1/48 scale Monogram kit! Kev
  2. Excellent work, Vince! Were the exhaust scoops on the fuselage really different sizes port and starboard? If so, I never knew that! Kev
  3. Those exhausts do look challenging, Brian. You must be exhausted! Kev
  4. That is crazy good, Mike! Superb rigging. Kev
  5. Just moved this over to the GB at Craig's request. Kev
  6. Nice work, Kirby! I vividly remember scratch-building these same flaps out of Evergreen sheet styrene for my Revell Zero build - which is getting on for 15 years ago now! Kev
  7. Wow! 2022 is raining proposed kits already! Kev
  8. Nice project, Richard! You don't see enough of these kits built. Kev
  9. Brilliant! Appreciate you posting larger photos too, Mike. Kev
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