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  1. I have it from the horse's mouth that HKM has no interest in pursuing a 1/32 Marauder kit. Red herring? Sure, it's possible. But it would be a first. Kev
  2. How so? All HKM has done is put a placeholder item on its website. The rest has been all us. There's been no announcement of an announcement. That, again, came from us. My understanding of the situation is that the U.S. distributor is holding a bit of sway in this area, and I know they've done the same with Kitty Hawk, too. If you doubt that importers and distributors really have this much power and influence, just think back to the Trumpeter Wildcat situation. Kev
  3. Mighty accommodating of you, Dennis! Kev
  4. I didn't say it does! Only that I'm not likely to know what it is (or be able to announce it myself) for a little while yet, due to the circumstances described above. Kev
  5. I'd have bought the DC-3 kit in a heartbeat had it been $200; even the fact that it was resin doesn't bother me. The poor sales of the HpH kit have nothing to do with the subject, and everything to do with the price—and to a lesser extent, the medium. Kev
  6. Nope. I don't even know if it has been sent yet. And I suspect that it may be some time before it arrives - especially since we're about to go back in to Stage 3 lockdown where I live. Kev
  7. That's fantastic, Si! I've always wanted to build this kit, but it's obnoxiously expensive here. Kev
  8. Howdy folks, Please join me in welcoming Ali and Aerocraft Models as our newest sponsor! Ali also has a Sponsor Forum set up, and will be along shortly I'm sure to welcome you all to it. Kev
  9. I think the latter point is the real reason that it hasn't been a great seller; that, and the fact that most of the online builds I've seen so far have reported multiple fit problems. Kev
  10. Wow, that engine is great! Where can we get one? Kev
  11. I honestly don't know what it is, or whether any of what I'm surmising is actually true. Time will tell! But my hope is that it's either a Bf 110G-4, or a He 177. If it's anything other than those two, then I'll probably be happy anyway. Kev
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