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  1. Great job, and its nice to see the older Hasegawa kits too!
  2. Excellent in all respects. In answer to your question the Hasegawa kit is represented by Hartmann's Yellow 1.
  3. Here is a link for the Australian War memorial Me 163, there are several photos of the machine in its original finish. Me 163
  4. Ah yes, John Lennon's recruiting rhyme for another Lenin...
  5. I have made several purchases in the last two years and recommend them highly! They have different shipping options but I always go for the basic. Shipping from Japan to California about two to three weeks.
  6. Flickr has both free and pay options...
  7. Yes, the USMC did have a dwindling number of warrant officer pilots during this time.
  8. Turkey received 72 Fw 190Aa-3 aircraft which were constructed between August 1942 and June 1943. Certainly by August of 1942 the use of 74/75/76 schemes would have been standardized for several months. So it is almost a certainty that these aircraft were received in the mid war gray scheme.
  9. Here is a photo of Faber's A-3 taken after it landed in error at RAF Pembrey, 23 June 1942... The RAF Intelligence Report described the colors as dark green, light olive green and pale blue, consistent with 71/02/65. Here is a photo of a piece of the port side fuselage piece of an A-2. The item was recovered from a crash site and is in the possession of Jerry Crandall. According to Crandall, the colors are RLM 02 and RLM 71 on the outside and the inside is RLM 66.
  10. Erla machines had the distinctive spotted mottle using RLM Gray 04, and RLM 74 and 75. Wings were 74 and 75 and often featured a saw-toothed pattern between the two colors. Typically Erla aircraft will have canopy frame in the darker 74 with the panel in front of the canopy in the lighter 75. And remember there were always exceptions.
  11. https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/41612-f-15c-avionics-bay-color/
  12. Revell has only announced plans for the first quarter of 2020. Typically Revell announces its coming attractions in the last week of the year, so it is quite possible that we will see some new kits in 2020.
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