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  1. Northrop Gamma... ...if I ever win the lottery!
  2. Those fuselages are Army Quartermaster Olive Drab or Light Blue. The film has color shifted and is has affected the blues quite a bit. The original Light Blue did have a significant green component, however. Here is a shot of a Light Blue P-30 and and Olive Drab P-26 from the same film. There is still a lot of color shift but the Light Blue is a more evident...
  3. That old Hasegawa kit has really stood the test of time, it is still a great kit!
  4. Cool. Very diverse product line.
  5. Here are some screenshots from a home movie taken in the 1930s...
  6. Here two illustrations of 27th Pursuit A/C from the old Profile Publication on the P-12E...
  7. Don Greer's box art for Classic Airframes...
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