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  1. Curtiss employed Du Pont equivalent colors for British contracts. Du Pont No. 71-036 Cockpit Light Green was used on some P-40 production built to British contracts. The relic below is a P-40 control stick in what appears to be 71-036...
  2. De Havilland Mosquito IIF DD739 RX-X of No 456 RAAF Squadron...
  3. Monogram Close Up Me 262 Link
  4. Milliput can be can be contoured with a damp cotton bud (Q-tip) before it sets eliminating the need to sand.
  5. Have you considered Corregidor? When I was in the USMC I had a brief stay in the Philippines and was able to get to Corregidor Island. Being an island it has remained something of a late 1940s time capsule.
  6. Coupons are sent out periodically to news letter subscribers...I received one today giving a 20 percent discount on all Hasegawa items, through August 29th.
  7. Synchronization was accomplished electronically in this instance.
  8. Mr. Color Leveling Thinner and thin to consistency of skim milk. Regular lacquer thinner for clean up.
  9. Magnificent...very realistic!
  10. Along with several other Revell items...http://spruebrothers.com/
  11. Condolences to you and your family.
  12. I do not believe that the RLM assigned names to the colors or referred to them other than by their numbered designations. I have seen RLM 74 described as Dunkelgrau as well as Graugrün and Grüngrau. These terms are from the manufacturers or post war but not the RLM. I think that freshly applied RLM 74 was a dark gray with the slightest tinge of green. As the color weathered however that slight tinge of green faded rather rapidly, resulting in the dark gray seen in the photos and artifacts posted above. Almost without exception all the paints of the period were subject to weathering effects that effected their appearance, and in some cases even their effectiveness as camouflage. Remember the late war greens RLM 81 and 82, were developed specifically to address the weathering noted with RLM 70 and 71, which tended to rapidly weather to a dark gray.
  13. Antonio, your observations seem entirely valid to me, especially since your conclusions are based on the relic in your possession. I also think that photos can be relevant evidence and should not be dismissed out of hand. Rob
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