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  1. I think you are correct that the only visible difference is the lack of fuselage weapons on the G-8. The G-8 retained the bulged cover forward of the windscreen however. IPMS Stockholm has a good reference on Fw 190 variants....Fw 190 Guide
  2. Is this set based on the Alley Cat offering or is it a completely new?
  3. Even he had an opinion on the Eduard kit... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ndE06JfcWUA
  4. Here is an original Messerschmitt schematic... Black 6 does not have the cockpit fuel line, but the mounting holes for the bracket screws are still present. Incidentally NASM's G-6 is faithful to the original and has the cockpit fuel line. Perhaps Black 6 had its fuel line rerouted for safety reasons?
  5. The Revel G-6 is really pretty accurate but has three rather noteworthy blunders. The buele are too small, the cowling gun troughs are too close together, and the oil cooler has the wrong contours in profile view. On the plus side all the kits control surfaces are separate and two types of tail configurations are included. It has been rumored that the kit was also designed to accommodate the earlier G series machines without the beule (G-2/G-4). If so, it is almost certain the issue with the gun spacing will be addressed since the existing spacing is correct for the early G series.
  6. The official overall dimensions of these aircraft had been the subject of some controversy decades ago, but is established to certainty ... Length 9020 mm Wingspan 9920 mm Various measurements of surviving airframes have given a length range of 29' 7' to 8' ( 9017 to 9042 mm). All of Hasegawa's 1/32 scale F, G,and K kits are too short in length. The F kit introduced a lengthened fuselage, but it was still marginally too short, about 2 mm. The G and K version are something like 4 mm short. The discrepancy is small and very subtle. Unfortunately the error is not spread out over the length of the fuselage but confined to the area to the rear of the cowling and forward of the windscreen. As a result the buele appear too close to the cockpit on the G-6. On the F kit the error is really not noticeable, at least to my eye.
  7. Here is a link to a short color film documenting two different late model Bf 109s. The first is a G-10 painted in the standard grays and the second is a K-4 in the late war greens... Bf 109 color film
  8. Here is a scan of page 37 from Merrick and Hitchcook's Official Painting Guide to German Aircraft 1935-1945. The colors chips are based on matches to actual surviving aircraft, from the top a Me 262, a Do 335 and a He 162. Conceding to the limitations of color monitors etc., it is, none the less, illustrative the dark olive nature of RLM 81.
  9. I would describe RLM 81 as a dark desaturated olive, somewhat similar to fresh USAAF Olive Drab 41. I've seen models and artwork depicting late war aircraft painted with red browns and even shades of maroon, but I do not believe it to be close to historical reality, even taking weathering effects into consideration. Both RLM 81 and 82 were developed in response to problems the Germans were having with the short life span of RLM 70 and 71. The earlier greens (70/71) quickly weathered to a dark gray compromising their effectiveness as camouflage. RLM 81 and 82 were extensively tested and approved for introduction because of their documented stability.
  10. Remember that the RLM stated that delivery of color charts for RLM shades 81 and 82 was not possible and consequently there would be no acceptance inspection of the paint's shade. The RLM never gave the either shade a descriptive name, but only referred to the shade by its number designation. Messerschmitt used Braunviolet to describe RLM 81, Dornier called it Dunkelgr√ľn and Bloom and Voss used Olivbraun. Here is a photo of an Erla built G in the late war greens. RLM 81 can be seen forward of the fuselage cross. Here is a Do 335 with the late war greens. and Fw 190s...
  11. Can anyone direct me to a photo of this particular aircraft depicted in the Squadron P-47 Thunderbolt In Action?
  12. Check this out Bf 109 wing patterns
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