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  1. Your kit is a Hasegawa multi media kit that appeared in the mid 1980s. The main air frame consisted of a new fuselage in plastic and the wings from Hasegawa's 1970s vintage Fw 190 A. The kit has nothing in common with the later tooled Fw 190 D that Hasegawa introduced much later. The fuselage has recessed panel lines, the wings have prominent raised rivet detail and rather petite raised panel lines. Even when first introduced the kit was a disappointment.
  2. Tamiya described the announcement as "Featured Releases-early 2021", indicating there may be another announcement later this year. So there is still a possibility of a new Tamiya LSP in 2021.
  3. As Damian states the early version of RLM 79 was very light and yellow. In the photo below the upper surfaces are 79 but the lower cowls are yellow...
  4. Since the original post concerned an aircraft and modeling it is more relevant to the theme of LSP than a lot of what is posted in the General Discussion. Also consider that the most likely source of new large scale modelers is someone who is already engaged in some aspect of modeling. Perhaps positive responses would help in recruiting new converts from the smaller scales.
  5. As far as 1/48 scale P-40 E my preference is Hasegawa. I suggest you check out Scalemates , for reviews and links to other P-40 kits.
  6. Fw 190 D-9 Werk Nummer 500570 of 8./JG 6 - "Blue 12" surrendered at F├╝rth. Short video here
  7. As Jennings said Mr. Paint is excellent, I also like Gunze Mr. Color. Both are available from Sprue Brothers, if you are in the USA.
  8. F through K versions are covered in Messerschmitt Bf 109 F, G, & K Series: an Illustrated Study, by Jochen Prien and Peter Rodeike. The book gives production batches by Werk Numer and documents the various changes during production.
  9. The scheme was employed on Macchi Mc 200 and 202s for sure. Check out Stormo! (a webzine devoted to the Regia Aeronatica). Here is a link to their page on RA colors and camouflage.
  10. Another purported shot of Blue 8 showing the spiral spinner...
  11. Another of Eduard's depictions... and two photos of the real thing...
  12. As a side note the aircraft also have the light colored gun troughs seen frequently during the period.
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