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    P-47 D25-D28 Engines

    You might find this thread interesting, Tolga: http://p47.kitmaker.net/modules.php?op=modload&name=SquawkBox&file=index&req=viewtopic&topic_id=127149&page=1 All the engines (including differences in magnetos) installed in each variant, even includes the part breakdown for Hasegawa 1/32 kit & Tamiya 1/48, pretty comprehensive. cheers!
  2. TAG

    Bf 109 f4 trop 9./JG 27

    FCM Decals have a 1/32 sheet with Gelb 7 from 9./JG 3, flown by Oberleutnant Viktor Bauer, apparently based in numerous airfields in Russia in 1942. Here's a link, just scroll down to sheet number 32024. Bauer's kite had the same scheme as von Boremski's Gelb 4, and despite the aforementioned asymmetry there seemed to be a definite pattern applied to all the Trop Friedrich's delivered to the "Udet" Geschwader, apart from a few minor discrepancies between machines, naturally. I found these photos on the Asisbiz site, for comparative purposes. Note that the general outlines for the overlaying coats of 75 and 70 over the original 79/78 follow a similar design on both sides. Gelb 4 starboard Gelb 4 port Gelb 7 starboard Gelb 7 port Hope that helped!
  3. TAG

    Eduard 1/32 P47D Thunderbolt “Dottie Mae”

    Great start, just a quick heads up: you've installed the control stick backwards, the trigger on the grip should be facing the front of the cockpit. Looking forward to seeing more, cheers!
  4. TAG

    Hobby Boss 1/32 B-24J - Initial Observations

    Dear lord, it's a MASSIVE honkin' kit!
  5. TAG

    Hobby Boss 1/32 B-24J - Initial Observations

    comically oversized box aside, the sheer size of the parts is pretty astounding!
  6. Airfix just dropped this video, it's YUGE!