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    Modelling WWII esp Battle of Britain, North Africa and Czechoslovakia. Military history: mostly WWII, WWI and The Napoleonic Wars. In the "real world": going to gym (weights & rowing), tennis, rugby (used to play). Sport: rugby, cricket, American Football, tennis. At home: DIY, farming, gardening. And of course my wife whom I do not deserve, our 2 cats Spitfire and Hurricane, and our Light Sussex hens!

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  1. Thanks Iain re Novus, do you go through all three grades, or just use the finest grade?
  2. is this what Jennings is having a world of trouble with?
  3. soooo...Hobbyboss have sent replacement turrets out to retailers it seems i have just had a message on FB from the Model Kits for Less FB group of which I am a member, and from whom I bought my B-24 They have them in stock and are shipping to those who purchased the kit originally I asked them to post pics but not sure if they are going to that is literally all i know
  4. i'm only interested in the WWII version, but service was rather limited and so are photos...would be grateful if anyone who is like minded could post some WWII A-26 pics on this thread...
  5. wow this is hard core stuff i admire your confidence and resilience as much as your modelling skill thanks for sharing
  6. beautiful NMF finish - looks exactly like it's come in a time machine straight from WWII!
  7. the decals look stunning - I always wondered what this scheme would like in the flesh i am still trying to work out how to model these NMF birds and get the right level of realism in the finish, but just to my mind however the finish looks a little too clean if something was really beaten up it's almost easier - you just go to town, but when the aircraft were new NMF and probably very well looked after, I am still looking for the best way to replicate what we see thanks again for sharing I have a few of these Trumpy kits and this certainly makes me want to build mine!
  8. nmayhew


    and yet Graham at Iconicair says exactly the opposite ie it doesn't necessarily *have* to be like this with resin kits.... I have read enough on here to know that irrespective of the subject, I would never touch a HPH resin kit; I'm not that good a modeller, and my life is too short and I have too many kits that I really want to build. I am open minded about HPH's foray into the injection moulded world, but am hoping for something better than Fly's Hurricane for instance (again, life too short etc etc).
  9. nmayhew


    hopefully we will see some more close-up pics of the Helldiver so we can make a better assessment
  10. It's a 'meh' from me on the Gator stuff - it really has no ability to hold anything that 'doesn't want to be held' so if something fits perfectly, yes it will stop it falling off (providing it weighs less than a gram or two, but that's fair enough), but if you want a positive hold look elsewhere just my 2p
  11. i love this thread - so many funny comments Dean, where do / did you get all the Rexx exhausts? I thought they weren't actually around yet...I have never seen any 'in the flesh' / in a proper review etc
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