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  1. masks boys, custom masks no need to go hunting for decals!
  2. Revell kit has its sights set firmly on mediocrity, and barely hits that target I think the general expectation from this new company is Tamiya level (WNW kits are for the most part very simple, although perfectly fitting etc) I am certainly expecting this to be a MkI that is to the same level as the Tamiya IX or VIII Price wise, anything under $150 and they get my money if it's as good as the Tamiya IX Super excited!!!!
  3. hi any ideas as to what markings are in the new boxing? scalemates doesn't have anything yet... thanks Nick
  4. hi, i've just stumbled across these and am very interested nearly all my air subjects are determined by whether HGW makes wet transfers for them so this may broaden my horizons! stencil data, bomb / kill markings would all be very good fits for this if the technology allows - even if you avoid silvering, there is still the ridge of the decal film to contend with so I'd be very interested to see what you have / what your plans are kind regards Nick
  5. nice one - hope it works out well for you user friendliness suggestion: the ability to have waaaay more products per page rather than keep leafing through different pages would be a welcome bonus no idea how difficult / costly this is, but for me being able to wheel up and down a big product line saves so much time PS any B-24 re-stocks coming or has that ship sailed? Nick
  6. As long as it’s not in f*cking 1/35 scale I don’t care lol
  7. hey Dennis go with masks for everything but the phantom decal please! it is only fair to do your build justice! for masks, you may have some off the shelf options by Maketar and you can buy direct or from Hannants - if you do, make sure you choose vinyl rather than kabuki as i think they will be much easier to manipulate especially for roundels if not, you can try TopNotch - they do lots of RAF stuff and if they don't have your codes already, they will do custom made; advisable to provide them with dimensions just to make sure you are both on same page or... possibly the best long term solution: get yourself a silhouette cutter! build looks great - very interested to see how you cleaned up the seam line / filler just behind the front turret - that didn't look fun at all! hope to see more soon Nick
  8. Hey Kirby hope you are well any more progress on this you can share? Nick
  9. i think to get a better idea we need to know what primer you are using, what psi, and how far away you are spraying, are you wet coating etc etc
  10. Awesome news! you will have a customer once those are ready!!
  11. MRP have a whole range of whites and off whites and you will find that even their very light greys will look good in insignia, but yes of course you can mix MRP with MRP. I cannot speak to mixing non-MRP paints; someone has probably tried it over on SMCG, but personally I’m in the ‘but why would you’ camp on that!
  12. Yes you can And welcome to the world of MRP!
  13. Is there a cheaper ‘just what you see’ alternative to the Vector engines?
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