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    Modelling WWII esp Battle of Britain, North Africa and Czechoslovakia. Military history: mostly WWII, WWI and The Napoleonic Wars. In the "real world": going to gym (weights & rowing), tennis, rugby (used to play). Sport: rugby, cricket, American Football, tennis. At home: DIY, farming, gardening. And of course my wife whom I do not deserve, our 2 cats Spitfire and Hurricane, and our Light Sussex hens!

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  1. And me to buy one on eBay! what scheme are you planning jbrundt?
  2. That’s pretty stunning stuff I must say
  3. But why? I understand the issues with the canopy on the Trumpy bubble top, but I thought the razorback was fine?
  4. i like the fact that there are different options when going for the like eg sad, confused, thanks etc it is probably a good thing for the forum that the emojis don't stay in a permanent box somewhere though!
  5. keep going i would say yes it is worth the effort given what you are showing us!
  6. What he said their P-51 is a great kit, whilst their Spitfire IX is not the MkII fair enough - it’s really the only game in town so take it or leave it - but not the case with the IX
  7. As someone who knows their armour, that is just not correct. The Nashorn and Hummel are both based on the Pz IV chassis, but there significant differences in the fighting compartment, the gun itself etc. I do share your sentiments, however - basically nothing at all in 1/32 (or larger) aircraft, and in 1/35 armour a what I am sure will be a buildable kit, but where the DML kit is still the benchmark.
  8. WNW releasing a previously released kit and their already announced 0/400 thingy so basically nothing maybe the golden age of 1/32 is coming (has come?) to an end, and it's something we'll only realise when we look back in 10 years time... now where is my half empty glass? I need a drink!
  9. looking good i like masks and certainly for larger insignia and codes etc they offer a finish that decals just cannot match the downside is that 'heart in mouth' moment on each peel back of the masks for anything on an aggressive compound curve where the mask does not have much 'run off' I am now favouring kabuki tape masks over vinyl, which just don't seem to stick / grip as well over less forgiving surfaces looking forward to the next update Nick
  10. As someone who is "ambimodellerous" between WWII air and armour, I think things have moved on a pace from DML and AFV Club... For WWII, people are looking at Meng (as you say, especially as they are now Sherminating), but also Takom (best Panthers out there for me) and Rye Field Model (however inaccurate their Tigers are, they are more accessible than Dragon's are). DML has a massive back catalogue and will own the Panzer III and IV market for a while yet - basically no-one else has touched these yet. But Tamiya and especially AFV Club are complete afterthoughts for armour in my eyes...they might have a few good kits (applies to both), but they also have a huge amount of outdated kits that belong in the Stone Age (Tamiya!). Back to aircraft, it makes me realise just how good Tamiya's uber WWII kits are (no idea about their jets). Beyond a rogue WNW Lanc, there is nothing that is even the slightest bit close. And for all those "oh no, like we need another 109..." etc etc, well that just proves they know nothing about quality and accuracy because, last time I checked, no 109 out there of any variant is worthy to clean the shoes of Tamiya's Spit, P-51, Corsair and so on. [just a sour puss that they didn't release anything in our scale ]
  11. looks wonderful Gary yes have seen this on FB but who cares? thanks for sharing and as said above, you should definitely share stuff on here in future - we'd love to see it Nick
  12. would love to see how this turned out... or indeed if there is a guide as to what scoops need adding and where, and what (obvious / visible) cockpit changes are needed to make a FAA bird. for the life of me I cannot understand why Roy Sutherland at Barracuda never did this conversion
  13. Yeah but you guys had these things for years at $50 in the original Dragon boxings, whilst here in europe they were always closer to £100 / €100... you had had your chance
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