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    Modelling WWII esp Battle of Britain, North Africa and Czechoslovakia. Military history: mostly WWII, WWI and The Napoleonic Wars. In the "real world": going to gym (weights & rowing), tennis, rugby (used to play). Sport: rugby, cricket, American Football, tennis. At home: DIY, farming, gardening. And of course my wife whom I do not deserve, and our 3 cats Spitfire, Hurricane, and Monty!

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  1. Looks great those stencils look like they produce great results but I don’t like the inability to see exactly where they are going down and also I’m not sure (easily) how can do you the multi part ie 2 (or 3) colour masks given the Tamiya / kabuki/ washi tape material? interested in your thoughts and experience thanks for sharing Nick
  2. Hi Thierry, I don’t doubt their presence, but don’t recall colour pics - can you point us in the right direction? thanks Nick
  3. Really love the overall look Pleased you fixed the cuffs personally I think the panel lines are a bit overdone on the wings - and this is without getting into the whole puttied over discussion - but the rest looks great Nick
  4. Great technique with those files - looking good!
  5. Bruce ‘spinning plates’ Crosby
  6. What’s the scheme going to be Bruce?
  7. Thanks for the very detailed explanation Bruce, much appreciated - looking good. @Thunnus I think the tone of Bruce’s response to your picture shouldn’t be construed as rude - he just knows what he’s talking about.
  8. Nice one Bruce. looking forward to seeing this one come along
  9. Resurrecting this from the deep, does anyone make a correct bomb cradle for the Ju87 B in 1/32?
  10. Hi Andreas, you are clearly very skilled with an airbrush and some of the effects are either very subtle or show great detail, or bits of both, for example the exhaust stains however for me the panel line ‘quilted’ effect (preshading?) is the dominant thing I see on the model itself; for my personal taste it’s quite exaggerated and - in my opinion - doesn’t look that realistic i do like the figures and the whole scene makes me think if you shot this in black and white it would like quite evocative of original photographs Thank you for sharing and I hope you take my critique in the constructive way it was meant kind regards Nick
  11. PVA glues don't usually have a whole lot of 'grunt', so whilst they *can* work, remember if you want something that isn't going to fly off if you sneeze within 50 feet of it, just use non-blooming CA glue. There are many types / brands out there. HTH
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