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  1. No if you are concerned about the surface of any model you should address it with sanding
  2. exactly yes i know i can scroll on past and all that, but the whole point of this site is that it has a focus on LARGE SCALE planes seeing more and more small scale stuff here which dilutes the offering if i want to look at 1/48 or smaller (which I don't!), there are plenty of other places around the net
  3. that's just about the best the price for in uk I think do you have a website / facebook group btw? (not really interested in this kit but given the price level others may also be interested in what range you sell...)
  4. go on, I'm all ears...* *we are talking about airbrushing
  5. looks great! slightly concerned by all that putty on the top of the fuselage - what happened? what is going on with the starboard side of the fuselage just ahead of the cockpit? is that a giant piece of PE? the wing struts give me great cause for concern - how positively do they locate and how did you line everything up? I just know I am going to break them when i build this, especially as I have spent the past few weeks literally bouncing my P-47 around my desk as paint the thing and it hasn't minded one bit!
  6. i agree whilst it is damn funny, i think any search engine will block that one out straight away so, humour or money...your choice
  7. certainly no danger of overspray there Dennis! Joking aside, looks great! I know what you mean about pulling the masks off - it's like Christmas morning when I was a kid lol
  8. however hard it is to get MRP, they are worth it unless you have a specific medical issue that precludes the use of lacquers, you'd be insane to move to anything acrylic, especially vallejo
  9. wow i never thought I would see that written in an online forum
  10. Out of interest what were you expecting? as someone who now uses masks for every project, I am blowing £25+ a go. so, probably after 4-8 projects and I am flat on the ‘trade’ my time to learn vs click and pay and it arrives are the only things stopping me but after my current project, I’m done paying for custom masks
  11. Looks wonderful John. you should have knee ops more often
  12. I have the kit and it does indeed look lovely i am still a little disappointed that they did not try to come up with a more creative solution for the wing strut alignment - especially those over the fuselage. I’m looking forward to that about as much as the rigging
  13. Harold, You still doing Hurricane seats in 1/24? Anything else for this aircraft? Cheers Nick
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