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  1. are you saying that these BoB Spits did not get heavily weathered, and did not see wingroot chipping? I am not sure I followed exactly what you were saying
  2. I may have posted a moan here I can’t recall about the underside engine cowl being moulded as 2 parts I have consulted my Monforton “Spitfire IX & XVI Engineered” and confirm this cowling is indeed two pieces the (carb?) intake however should not have a split down the middle so you just need to be careful which seam you decide to fill Hope this helps
  3. I remember a 1/48 kit I had and the undercarriage and wheel wells were just so bare I’d be interested to see what they have done in these areas compared to some detailed pics of the real thing best of luck with the build
  4. how did Airfux make their 1/72, and MPM / HPH whoever they were at the time make their 1/48? having the real thing to laser scan is ideal, but I don’t think it’s necessary to get something that’s accurate (and more accurate does not mean a 100% replication of every detail). i actually have mixed emotions about this though - I really *really* wanted one of these in 1/32 but just *not* resin I always thought this was a natural choice for HKM and that it would be a massive seller for them opportunity lost I guess
  5. Thank you @Troy Smith and nice to see you here
  6. nothing wrong with a viewpoint!! I couldn't disagree more IPMS winners - indeed most IPMS entries - are just not weathered that much at all; the focus is on having your wheels 100% straight and if not you're in the bin and that's that, so I don't think entries and winners are any kind of barometer for 'what's going on in modelling' that being said, the majority of finishes I see are plain, unweathered, and just scream 'plastic toy' to me; unless you are building from a specific reference that shows straight out of the factory, that's just not how the thing looked - and even then if you get a sharp enough image you will see the finish is rarely if ever 'plain' i've seen the whole "no crew chief would allow x y z to fly like that" arguments and frankly I think that's b*llocks. for every clean bird I've seen (and it probably only appears clean because the pic is not sharp enough), I've seen far more that look like someone with grubby shoes just walked all over them - funnily enough because that's exactly what happened. i guess the irony is that many build clean because they are unsure how to weather, or are a bit scared to attempt it - I was definitely in both these categories - and yet to achieve a clean build that doesn't look like a scale model kit is actually harder in my view by all means build whatever makes you happy - it's meant to be fun - but aircraft get filthy in many areas; not mud build up like tanks filthy, but filthy nonetheless just my 2p of course
  7. there are strafers on eBay shipped for £180
  8. thanks for the sprue shots...looks very good at first glance need to save my pennies
  9. Paintwork looks beautiful i didn't follow the build so sorry if this was already covered but it looks like there were some issues around the nose area? 262s are tricky because of the putty regime used / not used....what you should be seeing vs what you choose to depict etc etc, but I really really like the look of this. The only paint work / finish i'm not convinced of is that NMF underside, and the depiction (I think) of the wiggly / non-uniform putty along panel lines, when you can still see the panel lines through it (I have no idea exactly how I'd tackle that btw, so it's not a criticism, but rather a recognition of how tricky it is to get to look right). Good to see decals and stencils not being an issue; between OneManArmy masks and HGW wet transfers our lives are being made so much better! Thanks for sharing a great looking 262 - I hope mine will look as good when I finally get round to making one. Cheers Nick
  10. I use MRP - spray from the bottle, but you can add a little Mr Levelling Thinner if you like. Matte for final finish or semi gloss etc as you wish. I also really rate the Gunze GX with UV Cut (I forget the numbers) - again thin with Mr Levelling Thinner. I have also heard good things about the VMS varnishes which are acrylic, but I am strictly lacquer these days unless I have cause to use Aquagloss to protect my paint from super strength decal softener. HTH
  11. yes! Eileen gets the Thunnus treatment! Re the props, I suspect you may want the input of @Juggernut but from my feeble memory / knowledge of the Jug, these razorbacks would have started with the so-called needle prop, which is bottom *right*, but they were exchanged / upgraded in the field to broader chord props so the other one may be what you can see in some pics (sorry I have forgot all the correct nomenclature). also interested in what you will do with the wings? the P-47 had a similar putty protocol / smooth finish to the P-51 I thought, but somehow it generates little discussion and is rarely depicted as such. happy to be corrected by @Juggernut but also very much looking forward to this build! #popcorn etc etc etc
  12. Thanks Radu, that’s fair enough. interested in whether the cockpit detail on the test shot is what we should expect in the production kit, and if it is whether you think it’s up to an appropriate standard even if the kit does turn out to be dirt cheap.
  13. super sweet painting and weathering, and also great pictures! you'll see barely 10% of that cockpit and interior stuff though right? seems such a shame looking forward to seeing what you can do with the bits we will see cheers Nick
  14. first up I am pleased to see this - it beats the shortrunniness of the Fly and hard to find PCM - and it will no doubt come at a good price the cockpit - 1/72 has put out an APB, since Revell clearly stole the detail and finesse from that scale! But tbh i'm not super concerned about that, laughable as it is I will be more interested in whether the dihedral is build error - come on guys get someone who can f*cking build the thing and avoid all this hoo-ha - or whether they goofed; I think the former, given Radu had a hand in designing this I thought? Also on whether they have made the kit not a complete PITA to build. But overall, Revell really don't help themselves
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