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  1. Meh it depends on what plastic you use in your goo evergreen is apparently the worst stuff to use (sorry I realise that doesn’t help you now) because it’s soooo soft sprue goo should yield excellent results if you use a standard Hassy or Tamiya sprue; am sure others may be good but I would steer clear of companies with sh*tty soft plastic like Airfix or Revell...obviously evergreen is like that and then some i realise CA is used effectively by many, but its strength is its weakness ie it is always much tougher than the surrounding plastic and that can lead to sanding away said plastic when not desired; it is also just too hard to scribe for many people. sprue goo - if you get it right - is the only thing that’s exactly like the surrounding plastic because *it is* the surrounding plastic and now back to the master’s work...
  2. As much chance of finding a Tyranosaurus Rex as a Rexx exhaust... Joking aside, Rexx seem as elusive as Moskit Hannants continues to list them as future release etc but I have never seen anywhere with them in stock
  3. I wonder if we will get a Hs126? I think I did one from Matchbox in 1/72 in about 1980
  4. Looks beautiful as always, but is that drop tank on back to front?
  5. Techniques for techniques, I cannot recommend the Facebook group Scale Modellers Critique Group highly enough if you really want to learn new stuff and challenge why you have always done the stuff you've done this is definitely a place to look it's a bit of a zoo, but it's also very fair; bs will be called out on anyone, whoever they are it also covers all modelling genres and scales (1/32 is reverently referred to as "manscale" ) Air modelling Britmodeller is pretty mickey mouse in my view - people are still stuck in the 1980s, and think there is nothing outside of Humbrol enamels and Airfix in 1/72 Hyperscale is perhaps a little more progressive but it's still a zoo and dominated by small scale But...they both have one or two - and I do mean just a few - real SMEs depending upon what you are after, so I tend to follow what they post / search their stuff when I want something LSM: well, lots of LSP guys who left here can be found there, and let's say no more - there's plenty of room on the internet for everybody Armour Missing-Lynx if you are serious about armour research and serious about armour modelling; nowhere else even comes a distant second Track-Link is busy, but has such a shitty default presentation it's a joke - you have to click on each post to see it (I'm not kidding) PMMS for reviews, but the guy has had mental health probs and the website's updates come in and out for months at a time; shame - I always aspired to be as good a reviewer as Terry Ashley when I was reviewing cheers Nick
  6. may i make a suggestion re the decals? concentrate on squadron markings, nose art and the like I don't see much value in churning out roundels and codes as expensive decals when so many people can make their own these days, or easily get hold of them from others with silhouette cutters etc that way you're going to get much more squadron coverage all the best either way
  7. very interested to hear what your MRP problems were exactly?
  8. masterful as always! i had forgotten how soft and retro the plastic moulding looks on the Z-m 152 kits (I have had a few but never built them and sold them on) can't wait to see more
  9. the Italians had a few 'hump back' fighters which I don't find very appealing but this is an attractive airframe for me the kit looks like hard work and not something I'd be interested in to build, but you have mastered it beautifully looking forward to seeing this weathered and completed thank you for sharing Nick
  10. Nice! I see ICM is bringing this out as a 1/48 kit soon...
  11. wasn't offer only open for a short time ie expired before the OP?
  12. Thierry, is there nothing that you don’t know?
  13. sorry to hear this could you post some pictures of the parts / areas you are having issues with? Cees may be able to help given he fit the parts ok it seems? cheers Nick
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