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  1. Speedy progress. Will you be just replicating the kit shapes or making them to a specification that you believe to be accurate? I’m not trying to be smart, just a genuine question since others have expressed doubts about the accuracy of the kit shapes. Next question: will you be including panel line / rivet and other surface detail, or will they be cast as ‘smooth’ forms and we have to add the detail ourselves? Orhers may have different opinions, but I would prefer not to have to add this myself. Kind regards Nick
  2. You lost me on the pairs bit. You won’t sell a front and a rear together, or you won’t sell two fronts / two rears together, or you just won’t sell anyone two turrets?
  3. I have just had confirmation from Eduard they will not be making replacement turrets: ”Hello Nick, we aren't going to make the turrets because there are clear parts. It's very complicated to mold them from clear resin without any bubbles and other defects. However, we'll release other accessories, such as pre-painted PE parts for cockpit, steel seatbelts, wheels bay, etc. Kind regards, Alena Čechová, Marketing Assistant”
  4. Awesome! love the figure with the cigar!
  5. There is no 109 out there in 1/32 that is up to Tamiya standards like their Spitfire, Corsair etc, so I would welcome a Tamiya 109 of any marque. i am sure I would not be the only one.
  6. I have asked Jay at Mastercasters and he said whilst he had considered it, Ali at Aerocraft models had told him he was going to make them so Jay is not starting anything... Ali is this true? Eduard have not responded to any questions btw so have nothing to add on that front...
  7. Looks awesome. To a Phantom novice, what makes this F-4J UK spec?
  8. I missed it. Please elaborate on on what moulds / tooling they destroyed?
  9. Some questions: does the wire wool stuff just rest on the model surface whilst you spray? Doesn't it blow around once you start spraying? Any movement of the ‘mask’ would cause a dragging / scratching of the paint and ruin the effect... so so how do get around that, and how do do upright surfaces?
  10. I can vouch for these! Printing looks excellent, nice instructions, and also reference pics online (his Facebook page)
  11. I do agree - I will definitely be giving this a whirl, if only for the fact it seems way easier than fiddling around trying to do a random squiggle myself!
  12. Yup, I believe that’s the one
  13. Great thread! I am interested in 2 seat variants that were not nightfighters, or at least didn’t have the radar arrivals attached. i think there were trainers? seem to remember something about the only one left being in South Africa (might be nonsense sorry!) anyway, that’s the variant I would like to model and would have interest in... anyone know now what parts might be appropriate for this?
  14. Looks awesome! however, it must be a colossal waste of paint no?
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