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  1. i have asked on SMPM but it's pretty quiet there i need a zoom call with someone who knows there sh*t lol
  2. hi guys and maybe @Thunnus in particular i have just unboxed a Portrait 3 but haven't actually cut anything yet so wondering did we reach any conclusions on this? also, some other *really* basic questions... I am using Artool Ultramask F506... do i use a cutting mat? i have a file to print some crosses - how do i know how big they will come out?
  3. That is quite the funniest thing I have read in ages!!
  4. thank you for the heads up tbh i haven't bought anything from Sprue or Barracuda in years now, but i am sure some still do shipping from Stateside is just crushing, and our beloved Royal Mail would screw us over for some additional tax collection charge blah blah I am sure some people will cite this as another indication that the world is ending because of Brexit, but the reality is it wasn't economical for a while lots of European retailers are doing the same btw because of the UK govt's insistence on VAT collection, and i don't blame them (Govt
  5. couple of things - i suggest getting this book if you want an excellent resource on early Hurricanes - if going for a feathered edge, depends on how tight you can spray - if considering scale, a feathered edge is unlikely to show up in 1/32 given limitations of one's ability to spray those tight lines - feathered lines may still be aesthetically pleasing, even if not entirely accurate (I certainly find them so) but definitely get the WingLeader Photo Archive book!
  6. thick wings = typhoon
  7. Yup I read all that and it’s totally misleading / confusing
  8. i have applied them over various decals with no ill-effects but I have been careful to not flood the surface, and have built up coverage. i have not applied a 'wet coat' over them. suggest trying on a mule??
  9. Hey @MikeMaben Came across this again and it has only just occurred to me what you wrote... can you confirm you are saying F-2s and F-4s only had quarter glass on one (port) side? Also re this (yellow 7) bird, I believe being an Erla F-2 it would have had (may have had??) the squared-off wheel wells...would you agree?
  10. challenging build, challenging paint scheme! There is something about those Italian birds that i really like. Also interesting re the MRP paints - I didn't realise they did specific Italian colours...I wonder if they change half way through just like the real thing? Feeble joke aside, can't wait to see more of this one. Nick
  11. as a (semi) relevant follow-up, as far as i can see the only one of these beautiful conversions that is still around on ebay (where AMUR Reaver sell their stuff) is the G-6/AS. I have one of the regular G-6 sets but am gutted i never picked up the Erla sets.
  12. @Jerry Crandall (or anyone else) did this new book get published yet?
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