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  1. i am slightly disappointed by the absence of locator pins - all that beautiful surface detail and that can't tool some holes and pins that match up? maybe that relegates me to the status of 'not a real modeller', who knows? it probably wouldn't stop me getting a kit of what i consider a must have, but if i was on the fence then for me it would be a pass life is just too short and i find myself enjoying painting more and more, and construction, sanding filling, filling sanding less and less Nick
  2. interesting approach if one is looking for the very fine and very varied chips that i see with traditional hairspray technique, i don't think this gets you there as the results - especially on the prop blades - look somewhat crude and the P-38 looks rather 'blobby' but this is still another string to one's bow as it were, and no doubt has its place when HST is not appropriate thanks for posting and if you can get the Infinity to perform, then you are without doubt, a cut above where I am lol (used mine a handful of times, promptly sold it and went back to m
  3. yes they are planned - everyone keeps asking them (including me) they have a facebook page where you can see product news etc i am sure once 'out' they will make their presence known to us all!
  4. Still not convinced it doesn’t have the usual Airfix trenches for panel lines that are so prevalent in their the small scale kits. The usual nostalgia crowd will buy it in droves I’m sure so I think (and hope) it does well for them, and they can use the money to release something else in a proper scale.
  5. nostalgia and not much else i guess being outside the US, this doesn't really mean much - i only know the Squadron flyer because everyone used to moan about it!
  6. er no, i mean a correction for what you can see through the wheel well, which is A LOT, although technically it's not the engine, but certainly is a whole lot of 'stuff' something that doesn't mean a full on everything out and naked as you have with the full aires engine etc oh and a wheel well correction that actually fits would be good too lol
  7. I am talking about an engine plug - something that you use without having to build the thing completely opened up
  8. I think making add-ons for Tamiya kits would be a nice easy win, and there are a number of Merlin related kits you could augment I don't see the point in this - just buy the Tamiya kit! More generally, one aircraft that is **just crying out** for an engine plug is the Hasegawa Fw190 Dora! Why no-one in 20 years (yes it probably is that long!) has done anything for this kit is beyond me - maybe it's too difficult? And as D.B Andrus alluded too, stuff that actually fits the donor kit would always be welcomed Wishing you all the best
  9. Sorry this should be the link https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/hyperscale/looking-for-photo-not-profile-of-fw190-d-9-wnr-500-t522728.html
  10. Hi guys thanks for your replies - sorry I have only just seen them (and your PM Adam - thank you). there was a fairly lengthy exchange on HyperScale where Jerry C was good enough to chime in and Steve Eisenman posted scans of the aircraft in question Here is a link http://looking for photo (not profile) of Fw190 D-9 WNr 500645 - yes the one with the Ta152 tail The conversation goes a little off piste, but the main thing is the pictures are there (and now nestling on my hard drive for future reference). Kind regards Nick
  11. Good afternoon, I am looking for a photo (not profile) of Fw190 D-9 WNr 500645 - yes the one with the Ta152 tail. It is depicted in EagleCals #58 as Black 6 from III /JG 2, and it mentions a (colour) photo from John Quint as being the source. Unless Google is playing a trick on me, I cannot find this picture anywhere, but usually these things have a way of 'surfacing' once a book is published. So has anyone actually seen it, apart from Jerry C? And if you have, can you post it here in all its glory for the wider world? Kind regards,
  12. hi guys, winding up lead wire to simulate springs and wotnot is a huge PITA and I never get it to look convincing anyway, so I saw these and wondered has anyone used Albion Alloys turnbuckles as insulators on antenna wires? TB2 which are 4mm long and TB1 which are 3mm long cheers Nick
  13. MRP is sold by Sprue Bros and another online place that escapes memory - proprietor is Matthew Bole I seem to recall though https://spruebrothers.com/paint/paint-enamel-lacquer/mrp-mr-paint-lacquer-line/ there's got to be one that is close enough to use in that lot!
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