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    Modelling WWII esp Battle of Britain, North Africa and Czechoslovakia. Military history: mostly WWII, WWI and The Napoleonic Wars. In the "real world": going to gym (weights & rowing), tennis, rugby (used to play). Sport: rugby, cricket, American Football, tennis. At home: DIY, farming, gardening. And of course my wife whom I do not deserve, and our 3 cats Spitfire, Hurricane, and Monty!

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  1. DId they? Oh right, didn't realise. I actually bought a Trumpy P-51 B cheap the other day (yea, yeah I know, it needs to be cheap because it's rubbish lol) I wonder how many outside UK have any interest in the Brit Phantom? Commercially, P-51B is a no brainer. For something larger, the He177. But come on, just end the suspense!! Nick (secretly loving the suspense!)
  2. Just get on and announce it for God’s sake. all this announcing an announcement is bs
  3. thank you for the update i hope this does well for them, and that it prompts further releases that have been mooted...
  4. hi guys i have Crandall's volume 2 where he refers to volume 1 for a full profile of the Fw190 D-9 with Ta152 tail Brown 4 apparently it's on pp284-5... can anyone help with the upper surface colours and pattern and anything else relevant mentioned in the book? i am asking because i understand this information supersedes that given in his EagleCals instructions https://www.ultracast.ca/product-p/ec32_126.htm cheers Nick
  5. wow hard core stuff Thierry! i confess this is exactly the sort of modelling i try to avoid because i am rubbish at it can't wait to see more thanks for sharing Nick
  6. can't find the aerodetail books on amazon or ebay at mo
  7. are you able to share the knowledge with a few pics?
  8. the thing i most want to do - and am most frustrated by - is understand what is accurate or not, and if so where and by how much that means i can decide with all the info available problem is most reviews are bs, and are just 'a peek in the box' at best, or more cynically just an advert masquerading as a review (I speak as someone who did a lot of in depth reviews) my thresholds for accuracy vary according to subject my Tiger tanks need to be spot on, but my EE Lightnings not so much (just as well!) my P-40s... well, I'm just trying to figure them out
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