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    Modelling WWII esp Battle of Britain, North Africa and Czechoslovakia. Military history: mostly WWII, WWI and The Napoleonic Wars. In the "real world": going to gym (weights & rowing), tennis, rugby (used to play). Sport: rugby, cricket, American Football, tennis. At home: DIY, farming, gardening. And of course my wife whom I do not deserve, and our 3 cats Spitfire, Hurricane, and Monty!

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  1. Check out Blancolirio on YouTube...
  2. Iain is a *super* talented modeller, so you should take in what he says I guess my take would be that I think MRP enables the less good / average modeller *be better* "great" modellers could probbaly churn out awesome results even with sh*tty paints sadly I am not one of the greats (lol), but i can give you first hand testimony that it has raised my game no end ever thought a Luftwaffe mottle was a no go zone? I did... but not with MRP! anyway, best of luck whatever you choose
  3. willing to bet a 'virtual beer' it's not a re-pop of SH - short run is not Revell's style I do hope it's new tool as I have no interest in short run anything, and no interest in Roy's nose correction given it looks a beast to cut from the cast block
  4. is this known / old news? kit #03851 https://www.jadlamracingmodels.com/revell-03851-hawker-tempest-v-1-32-model-kit/
  5. can you elaborate on what the size differential is / why the Eduard ones are incorrect?
  6. great! as soon as the P-40 and spit ones are done I’ll place an order
  7. hi DB, I hope production is going well! do you plan on doing legs for the Hasegawa P-40 range at all? (sorry if already announced) do you have a rough time frame for the Revel Spitfire MkI/II and the Trumpy P-47? Kind regards Nick
  8. Looks very cool! got to question why posting it on B-M though...wasted on them
  9. Did I read somewhere recently that the Hassy P-40 range is being re-released, it did I just make that up? cheers nick
  10. thanks for your work Kev wish you all the best Nick
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