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  1. reading that now is as confusing as when i first read it as much as i stare at those pics, I just can't see any blue maybe has something to do with being colourblind lol
  2. quite excited about this my first biplane since i was about 10, and it won't be a WNW kit
  3. sorry but that's utter nonsense check out vids on Doogs Models (Matt is a member here) on YouTube, or there is a tutorial from Will Pattinson also on YouTube - he specifically talks about - and demos - chipping MRP which is a lacquer
  4. hairspray technique 1 base coat / primer 2 your metaillic of choice 3 hairspray (look for a Mike Rinaldi vid on YouTube - he does it live in a shop and it is dead easy) - arm's length-ish and a few light passes; MR uses Tresemme mid hold i belive 4 top coat colour(s) 5 dab water on *lightly* at first with brush to start the chipping, and away you go Sprue just started carrying MRP btw MRP is notoriously hard to chip, but is consistent and controllable once you get it going it can also be chipped days / weeks afterwards hope this is of use Nick
  5. what do we know about that museum bird? is the turret original for instance?
  6. hi guys just stumbled across this - quite cool the picture and sound are very high quality and no bs music or idiot commentators in the background! https://youtu.be/CDeglorsv_8 not sure what engine is in the Fw190 / whether it is original? maybe if you have similar cool links post them on this thread? always gives me goose bumps! Nick
  7. looks real good i haven't seen one of these built up in a long while seat belts look cool children's scissors may actually be an awesome solution, assuming you don't want to airbrush? or you could try dress-making scissors, which may have a similar serrated edge? regarding the wingroot seams: i'd much rather have a black hole to fix underneath (not that yours is that bad) - trying to fix errors inside a right angle joint is one of the tediums of aircraft modelling that I wish manufacturers would find a solution for! thanks for sharing Nick
  8. Holy cow - diving straight in!
  9. wow that's crap! (and sorry for laughing but your description of their response was quite funny) i hope you can reclaim your money and that you don't lose out fingers crossed for you
  10. thanks for posting the floor plans - that gives me a nice flavour of what is there i never realised it is so much about the various local IPMS stands and their stalls
  11. yup painfully slow here too, so much so that it's actually not much fun trying to surf around LSP i know, first world problems and all that, but when LSP is the only forum with these issues, well you know the deal... i hope you get it sorted soon
  12. 1 you don’t need to lay down the paint in one pass 2 use MRP that’s all there is to say
  13. nice nice nice! definitely seeing yellow 12 Sturmbock in my modelling future! any chance you can point me in the direction of the photo(s) on which you have based the decals? hope they do well for you kind regards Nick
  14. ha ha I have no idea Graham, sorry i just saw Piotr post on FB yesterday / a couple of days ago saying people couldn't find him last time and that he was done - or something to that effect cheers Nick
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