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  1. Your build continues to amaze - god I would love this a/c in kit form in 1/32! Regarding printing on an angle, I do that as a matter of course but have found issues with square/rectangle objects with flat sides or objects that are box-like not coming out particularly straight whereas if I do them flat to the print plate they come out OK but with more obvious layer lines. Do you think that is likely due to the "stock" z axis slide in the photon? I am really tempted to get that z slide upgrade you linked before but its spendy so haven't pulled the trigger yet....
  2. It is speculation based on that the original fabric and aluminum pieces that remain in museums from the crashed 425/17 have been closely examined and found to have a non-standard finish in that none of the typical factory applied dark green streaking or paint is present under the red on these parts as would be expected. This suggests the possibility 425/17 was a special build for von R from Fokker that was predominantly painted red at the factory similar to the later Goering DVII being painted white. An alternative could be that major sections of the aircraft were re-covered with new fabric and aluminum at the squadron or depot level perhaps due to damage and never saw the green factory paint, only red. It would seem maybe a little odd that the top ace of the German air force would be assigned a aircraft that had suffered that level of damage and repair but who knows? Or heck maybe the fabric and metal in the museums are excellent forgeries that have fooled the museums and WW1 Aviation historians for many many years.
  3. Yeah there are a ton of different profiles and opinions on von R's last Triplane out there. I intend to build it at some point and had taken notes over the years from forums etc. below but still there is a lot of opinion/conjecture I suppose.... Allan Teolle has conducted a thorough study of the port side fuselage cross at the RCMI in Toronto as well as a number of other pieces including an aluminium sample (red directly over the aluminium). A conclusion of his is that no streaky camouflage was ever applied although it has its normal under surface blue. It seems that this aircraft was built specifically for MvR. "We eagerly anticipated finding evidence of the streaked camouflage on both sides of the cross-field of the RCMI specimen. We anticipated that the camouflaged areas would correspond to the areas of darkened red paint. However, careful examination under the microscope failed to reveal any coating material other than the clear dope and red, white, black, and blue paint mentioned above. There is no streaked camouflage present anywhere on the RCMI specimen!" Ed Ferco's observation of the military number 425/17 on the fuselage which he claimed is visible when viewing the negatives of one of the photos As I have stated previously my personal belief is that 425/17 arrived from the factory in a red upper scheme with blue underneath and covered with normal stencils, at some stage prior to LeChelle the entire aircraft was painted red with the exception of its narrow bordered national insignia (as per the photos). --Langdon
  4. Agreed with John1 - I favor the Tamiya over ZM but wish they would stop with the bonus gimmicks (maybe they did? I don't think their Corsairs have that stuff?) I had the ZM and it did look good, but I felt it may be a more difficult build with all the internal stuff and such - sold it off.
  5. Yeah.. I thought the two G.1 were the oddest choice especially for a large expensive kit. I personally like them but just can't see those selling well at all. We will probably never know how they decided on what subjects to cover - I guess I had always assumed since PJ funded so much of it he gave them a to-do list and maybe this was a favorite of his but who knows.....
  6. Ha - totally misread this - pls disregard
  7. Excellent - I bet it will be hot seller mark my words! Yep, also I think announced years back by HK Model at one point? I live in hope one really actually comes to production in my lifetime but we shall see!
  8. If you could also do with the Malcolm hood a complete new state of the art 1/32 P-51B kit please?
  9. Hiya Tim - I would love to have any way to get the vac windscreens - would purchase two - my Grey Matter backdate set did not have the vac parts within it but I purchased years ago.....
  10. No but hey they have not not said that so anything is possible!!!
  11. Well gosh then Im sure its all peaches and roses at WNW and we will see 1000 new tooled kits out from them this year! Plus they are branching into inter-war, more WW2 plus adding jet age subjects - its amazing!!!
  12. Love the pit work here - just amazing colors and details
  13. I would definitely be on board for a couple early windscreen/canopy (I have also the Cutting Edge conversion and it was ALSO missing the &^%#$#@ clear part) and would even be willing to ship over the Trumpeter fuselage parts but I am not sure there would really be that much demand for this to make it worth your while?
  14. bummer on that - was hoping maybe a way to use the vac parts with this new kit. I guess wait and see if the next release has that canopy and it is mostly accurate or if aftermarket comes to the rescue but not sure there is much chance of that.
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