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  1. not one typically to have open panels on builds but that is a fine looking engine for those that do go that way to display that. I am most interested in how they do the surface details of the overall aircraft - hoping they lean to the subtle side vs giant deep rivet divots everywhere - fingers are crossed.
  2. The RAF scheme that is one of the options in the box looks nice - I don't think I have seen one built up in that scheme yet and would love to see that myself - I think it would look pretty great....
  3. Above it is mentioned: MDC Cockpit is a must for a 1/32 P-47D. It has great detail and includes both corrugated and regular floor of the cockpit. So you should be ok using the set on a Bubbletop, right? It comes with both floor options.
  4. This is an excellent result - you pulled off that scheme very well indeed
  5. Amazing Intruder - love it! The display is also top notch!
  6. Vertigo purchaser here - works well enough, I also purchased it with the idea it would assist with lining up extra (biplane) wings and such vs. just holding the kit but I do really like that padded box solution a bunch.
  7. Anyone had any luck purchasing direct from the Infinity Website? I have tried but it errors out trying to use PayPal.....
  8. I feel that is likely that they will gate off parts and you will not get all parts for the different versions in a given boxing. I would vastly prefer getting all parts in one box to do different versions but it is what it is.
  9. My Bad somehow I overlooked that part I have had many purchases from Bob's Buckles in the past for pre-cut lengths of fine tube for buckles - not sure if he is still shipping to the USA but one could inquire https://www.bobsbuckles.co.uk
  10. I've purchased Albion Alloy stuff via Sprue Bros in the US - looks like they have a fair amount of product still in stock https://spruebrothers.com/by-manufacturer/albion-alloys/
  11. Only three built WNW here but no issues at all with the struts nor sagging of any kind on them after years. Wish I could say the same for myself
  12. Great progress on the conversion! I tried one years back and it was a trainwreck. Your efforts make me want to try again since it seems like despite a couple announcements no new 1/32 P-51B kit is imminent. Also just lots of great info and pics about the P-51B in this thread - I had thought the gun bay was the same dimensions between the B and D but clearly not. That last diagram really hits it home for sure.
  13. This is good to hear - really hoping you are able to find a solution
  14. Interesting subject - following along! Special Hobby did a Nieuport 11 and 16
  15. the work on that pylon rocks - good to see all that aftermarket and custom parts working together in harmony
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