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  1. Just amazing - such a great looking build! All the markings done via masks I think?
  2. Good lord no wonder the 109 had trouble with landing mishaps
  3. I would argue in many cases yes we are "missing" an actual good/accurate kit for many types but whatever.
  4. Yeah, a new accurate P-51B in 1/32 remains my top want. Still, haven't done a wish list in a while so here is my current: P-51B (I believe has been mentioned as in process by a couple manufacturers but nothing has materialized) A-20G (I know HPH/Infinity/HGW has mentioned one in process for years) Beaufighter (a new tool would be nice, again I think Infinity has mentioned on in process?) BV-138 (HPH maybe doing one?) B-26 Marauder Pe-2 Other "nice to haves" in 1/32 that would get my $$ -new tool accurate P-38 series -La-5, La-7 (Did the HPH already but would do another if avail in plastic) -F6F Hellcat (just a good accurate basic 1/32 kit in the Hasegawa style please) -Wildcat - Trumpeter isn't bad but showing its age, if someone did a new-tool accurate kit I would be in for a couple...)
  5. Sounds more like an affliction ha - like I have more decals than I have kits to apply them to - bad case of Decalcomania
  6. Yeah a little confused at all the kits that have been shown in progress by HPH then now Infinity. I feel like the A-20 was shown in progress like maybe five years ago approx? First was HPH, then HGW now Infinity? Haven't we also seen or heard of a BV-138 and a Beaufighter in the works as well with masters well underway (maybe just a fuselage for the Beau?) Surprised at so many irons in the fire so to speak. As Dave says above though I hope their next plastic kits improve on the Helldiver - while I have not built it myself every review or in progress I have seen has mention it is rough....
  7. Very interesting releases to be sure. I'm still a little perplexed at the 1/35th and 1/32 cobra releases though - while I know there is not a huge difference in sizes it is still noticeable and I was hoping the 1/32 cobra meant they were going that scale for additional choppers but maybe that was a mistake.
  8. Thats really coming together nice - well done!
  9. Neat to see the Mando in this fighter but it does not seem as practical a ship as the Razor Crest was. I guess this is the Mando's mid life crisis - kid has gone away to college, family sedan got wrecked and instead of replacing with a useful truck or SUV he gets a old hot rodded up sports car.....
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