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  1. This is a very welcome release. I would not mind a new 1/32 Loach to go along side it please
  2. So far I would say the WNW Pfalz DIIIa - just a brilliant kit all the way and just looks great built up
  3. Wow I had not seen the DSPIAE or heard of them - very interesting product line there
  4. I have had decent results with the below product though it has become a bit spendy (I think I bought mine like 10 years ago for half what is now listed as) https://nwsl.com/products/the-true-sander
  5. I think this direct link may work (or is it not a good idea to direct link?) Never know....
  6. Maybe this is sorta similar to the Meng Fokker that was released recently - you could get it as low as $36 from places like Lucky Model but in the states it was/is like $90 from some retailers? Still even at the "low" price of $250 mentioned above that seems like a lot for a kit that looks decent but at first blush not "hyper" detailed in 1/12. Wonder if Meng was raked over the coals to get the licensing from Ford for it or something and that is the reason for the expense?
  7. Ha sure, but honestly I am stunned to see five votes for the same subject (Pe-2) already - that is pretty rare on these wish lists with everyone throwin in their unique rare subject Fairey Fartbat requests
  8. I would be on board definitely for a Pe-2 - sign me up
  9. I guess my irritation/issue overall is not that it can't be made more accurate by a "real tough-guy elite modeler" and dirty kit assemblers should just go cry in the corner, its that this is a $150+ kit that is such a low effort from them I have so little inclination to reward them with my cash. Maybe y'all are making big $$ in the current environment and dropping $150 on a kit is pocket change, but I expect SOME level of quality/research/accuracy for that money.
  10. Just brilliant build and finish - cannot say enough how much I like what you have accomplished with this F-4EJ - amazing!
  11. Sure http://www.wingnutwings.com/ww/productdetail?productid=3205&cat=1 http://www.wingnutwings.com/ww/productdetail?productid=3203&cat=1
  12. I have not got the thing built but working on it. My impression was that these would not right themselves when assembled given the thickness of the plastic and the shortness of the span (say vs. the Felixstowe where the span and weight of the plastic would correct the position) so I removed the warp.
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