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  1. wow love the A-6 - fantastic build and finish!
  2. definitely cool - orca are really magnificent creatures. I know they are not known for attacking people (in the wild anyway) but if I were that swimmer I probably would need to hose out my wetsuit after such a close encounter....
  3. what ever happened to the A-20? I thought that would be the first from them for some reason
  4. Calm here but no cases yet in my state yet and mostly normal though the subject dominates conversation at work and about everywhere else. There was a story about a local hardware store breaking up boxes of cheap masks and selling them for 10 bucks a piece but I think they stopped that right quick when it got them on the news and some really negative attention....
  5. sorry to hear of this loss - RIP yes please get checked and checked early if you have any family history. As noted the prep is not fun but it is bearable (I have done it five times since 2017 including last week) and the procedure as BiggTim notes is a breeze as you are knocked out during....
  6. well I posted my list below Nov 2017 so how are we doing 2 years on? P-51B - a couple firms have mentioned doing one but nothing yet to show A-20 - thought we would have seen this one by now.... B-26 - nada Kate - nada Val - its at least on one firms planned list but we shall see Halberstadt Cl2 - WNW DELIVERED! Hanriot HD1 - nada though I feel very possible a 2020 kit might show Nieuport 17 - CSM DELIVERED! Additions: SPAD XIII (i have the old 1/32 kit but a new tool WNW or CSM would rock) BV138 (heres an odd one but it would be cool in 1/32) BP Defiant
  7. Fantastic build and great finish! I love seeing these lesser known aircraft and kits being completed!
  8. Looks like a early incomplete demo kit for a show? Condition: Model is very neat / structured in detail - was only set up for a trade fair - unpainted - missing parts / minor damage / reworking possible or necessary ...
  9. very cool indeed. Towbot was interesting as well - first step towards astromech droids
  10. Man so sorry to hear this - sucks big time. Regarding tests - yeah get those scopes done early especially if there is ANY family history - I was due to get my first at 50 but should had them at 45 (at 49 got sick and sure enough was all cancer'ed up down there....)
  11. Below was my attempt - the announcement of the Airfix 1/24 kinda took the wind outta my sails though Ha - disregard - I don't know what I was thinking - I did not use the Hasegawa fuselage - I was just trying to correct the Trumpeter kit But, that said, after narrowing the Trump fuselage I fit a "spreader bar" of heavy sprue-rod inside the fuselage at the wing-root to force it just wide enough so that the wings still fit without major putty work - that may be the way to go for fitting the Trumpeter wing to the Hase fuse....
  12. Amazing - I get this in the email just because I checked out the ebay link lol. Shoot its a huge bargain now! Free Shipping!
  13. Ahh - cool - no worries Yeah seeing both companies doing the same subject is worrying but hopefully not going to happen too often...
  14. The CSM Nieuports are very fine kits - really top notch - I am baffled at these negative comments telling them to get out of 1/32
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