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  1. Man so sorry to hear this - sucks big time. Regarding tests - yeah get those scopes done early especially if there is ANY family history - I was due to get my first at 50 but should had them at 45 (at 49 got sick and sure enough was all cancer'ed up down there....)
  2. Below was my attempt - the announcement of the Airfix 1/24 kinda took the wind outta my sails though Ha - disregard - I don't know what I was thinking - I did not use the Hasegawa fuselage - I was just trying to correct the Trumpeter kit But, that said, after narrowing the Trump fuselage I fit a "spreader bar" of heavy sprue-rod inside the fuselage at the wing-root to force it just wide enough so that the wings still fit without major putty work - that may be the way to go for fitting the Trumpeter wing to the Hase fuse....
  3. Amazing - I get this in the email just because I checked out the ebay link lol. Shoot its a huge bargain now! Free Shipping!
  4. Ahh - cool - no worries Yeah seeing both companies doing the same subject is worrying but hopefully not going to happen too often...
  5. The CSM Nieuports are very fine kits - really top notch - I am baffled at these negative comments telling them to get out of 1/32
  6. pretty confident we will see a new kit of the XIII before too long.
  7. is your regular airbrush clear an acrylic or something you thin with water? Just thinking that might be causing issues with inkjet but not certain. I am pretty sure some folks do have success with homemade inkjet based decals but I have always had a laser (got an amazing deal years ago on a printer that was being phased out....)
  8. I use a color laser to print, sealed with two coats of Model Master sealer for metalizer in the can. 1st coat of sealer is very light, 2nd heavier.
  9. Yeah good pics of this one are hard to find. This one below is painful as it is super large but still too crappy to read the canopy sill crew names. At least I think the wording on the splitter plate is more clear - "Bard" I think?
  10. So have we proven yet that Dragon was correct with their panel line trenches?
  11. Yeah why yank the sprue and limit what you can build like that? I know, they want you to buy multiple boxings but I am not gonna by three of them and I cannot imagine very many folks would. Also, given that in some of their kits they put so much extra plastic (unseen internal bits, entire extra clear fuselage sprues in some cases) it seems super petty to do this with the gun option and hold it out like that. Don't get me wrong - I am very happy to see ZM take on some more unexpected offerings like this aircraft and the Nick, maybe there is more to the story here, again I will wait and hold off to see what they do in the future boxings.
  12. Huh yeah its odd that they have a separate sprue for the 103 and didn't include it then especially given the pre-release stuff and the gun barrel set reference it being included. Wonder if there was a last minute change of plans or something. A little frustrating - I was eyeing purchasing the kit but now I think I will hold off till it is clarified what other boxings they release in the future.
  13. The 103 appears in the brass barrel add on set. From watching a unboxing video it also looked like there was a sprue for bombs and the rack.
  14. Well in around 2008, I would have never expected we would EVER see any 1/32 two seater WW1 aircraft done in my lifetime (at least in top quality injection moulded kit form) let alone things like the Gotha, or the Felixstowe (good lord when that was announced from WNW I was incredulous.) I really think most of the subjects you list will get done by WNW over time (especially the DH4 and BE2.) The reality is that even with PJ's backing, doing more than two or three all-new subjects a year is probably their max? The SPAD XIII kind fell into their "we wont do kits that were already done by others" initial stance but that may come in time as well now, or Copper State I could see doing it (really their Nieuport 17s are excellent)
  15. Their A-6A/E Intruders are pretty solid jet kits Aside from their early working hinge gimmick, the revised Wildcats are also not bad
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