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  1. Ha - wow - not really surprised I guess but was expecting something smaller lol
  2. petrov27

    Zoukei Mura in 2018 - Ki-45 / Hs -129 NEWS

    Yeah it seems almost a flat out miracle to have this subject in top end injection plastic 1/32 Anxious to get my hands on one...
  3. petrov27

    Aires Cockpit Fit Issues???

    True - but still even then Dragon was well regarded from their other kits so the hope was that P-51 was gonna be something great - at least that is how I recall thinking at the time - maybe that was unreasonable. Sorta surprised they never retooled that kit - shoot if they had redone the surface detailing that would have been a pretty big improvement. Probably too much $$$
  4. petrov27

    Aires Cockpit Fit Issues???

    I dunno - the Dragon 1/32 P-51D was a HUGE disappointment at the time. Their 110 is a good one though. As far as great manufacturers I feel like there are so many aircraft releases already out or coming out in 1/32 from top companies that I cannot keep up. I would also say that Aires has some really great stuff too - but I agree that they should be held accountable for their sets that do not fit. I'm probably a bit odd though in that hearing how bad the fit is makes me almost want to get the set and the kit to see if there is a way to make it work
  5. petrov27

    How About a F-3D/ EF-10 Skynight

    would buy one here - very interesting subject
  6. petrov27

    Squadron Flash Sale!

    True but not real keen on luggin the laptop into the crapper....
  7. petrov27

    Seat Straps - SPADS and Nieuports

    Eduard does have a set of WW1 French Seatbelts - not sure which are for SPAD and for Nieuport though https://www.eduard.com/store/eduard/seatbelts-france-wwi-steel-1-32.html The HGW Fokker DVII straps could be used for the DrI - they are very similar looking, at least to my eyes - that is my intent if I ever get back to that build....
  8. That turret looks to be coming together really well! Is there material that prints crystal clear that will be used here or will the print be used for a vac form clear piece(es)?
  9. petrov27

    Cessna O-2A `Jade 07' Masking madness!

    Excellent progress - really coming together great! You are really rockin with that mask cutter
  10. petrov27

    1/32 Do-335 two seater (from HKM)

    Huh yeah that is odd.... I know I was surprised to see the listing and at what seemed like a reasonable price even with shipping from Korea plus I think it was on one of those days where eBay had a discount offer running.... Shows in stock at Hobbylink Japan but the shipping would be painful there unless you are doing their private warehouse option and shipping many items together...
  11. petrov27

    1/32 Do-335 two seater (from HKM)

    B-6 been out for some time - I got mine off eBay in July....
  12. petrov27

    Copper State Models 1/32 Nieuport N. 17

    I believe there is a further RFC boxing planned with maybe different parts? At least that is what I recall....
  13. Received mine as well and can agree it is a fantastic set - really top notch! Highly recommended!
  14. petrov27

    New, clean topic: HB B-24 Test Shot Photos

    So anyone seen the B-24 at a "low" price in the USA yet? I've only seen list price with resin wheels thrown in as the "lowest" so far. Or is this off topic? I'm not sure anymore lol Reminds me of a little Monty Python.... M: Yes, but I came here for an argument!! A: OH! Oh! I'm sorry! This is abuse! M: Oh! Oh I see! A: Aha! No, you want room 12A, next door M: Oh...Sorry... A: Not at all! A: (under his breath) stupid git
  15. petrov27

    The next WNW kit..? 3 wishes...

    Guess: Breguet 14 Hanriot HD1 DH5 Wish: Spad 13 (I just dont think the existing Hobbycraft kit is all that great) Caproni Ca3