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  1. www.facebook.com/ICM.Models icm.com.ua/aviation/ah-1g-cobra-early-production AH-1G Cobra (early production) US Attack Helicopter Juraj
  2. I don't have the model, but looking at the instructions, page 9 on top: Bottom pair should be part C47. And the top pair seems to be molded in part B14, the front cover. Hope that helps. Juraj
  3. facebook.com/dorawingsofficial Next version: Dewoitine D.510 (DW32003) Great artwork by Elena Stanilevich Juraj
  4. I've changed the title. One of the leaflet clearly says it's XII, although showing XIII on the photo. We'll be wiser soon... Juraj
  5. And the Stearman is shown with 1/35 scale there, by the way.
  6. facebook.com/RodenKits/ There also exists a version with different cover picture (showing Spad XIII, by the way): Juraj
  7. facebook.com/SilverWingsAircraftModels Juraj
  8. www.facebook.com/ibgmodels And they have listed this: 32002 – 1/32 – PZL P.11c Fighter in Romanian Service on their web site already. Juraj
  9. www.facebook.com/lukgraph Juraj
  10. icm.com.ua/news/ facebook.com/ICM.Models Download here: 2021 catalogue available! AIRCRAFTS AND FIGURES 1:32 SCALE NEW LSP products listed for 2021: 32023 CR. 42AS, WWII Italian Fighter-Bomber 32024 CR. 42CN, WWII Italian Night Fighter 32025 CR. 42 Falco with Italian Pilots in tropical uniform 32036 DH. 82C Tiger Moth, WWII RCAF Training Aircraft 32037 DH. 82A Tiger Moth with WWII RAF cadets 32044 J-8 Gladiator, WWII Swedish Fighter 32060 AH-1G Cobra (early production), US Attack Helicopter (100% new molds)
  11. MODEL KIT PREVIEW 2021 + New molds 1:32 NATO Pilots, Ground Crew and accessories are listed there: https://issuu.com/italeri/docs/previw_italeri_2021/8 Juraj
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