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  1. It's always nice to learn something new. Don't hesitate to correct me anytime you see something wrong in my posts... Juraj
  2. I think I may put this here, instead of creating a new thread: aeroscale.kitmaker.net Cheers. Juraj EDIT: Just saw it it in the "Vendors" section... Sorry for the duplicity...
  3. aeroscale.kitmaker.net
  4. 9th – 10th November 2019 Scale ModelWorld 2019
  5. Amazing! Congratulation! Juraj
  6. It's looking really great! Looking forward to seeing it finished. Juraj
  7. The interior that we cannot see is looking really great!
  8. Well, something from the archives... I've visited my father today and he gave me this: A cutout from a nationwide newspaper, about 40 years old. And you can guess who's the boy on the right working on some nice LSP... Juraj
  9. Rich, I've tried to send you a pm, but couldn't get through. I've sent you an email then. Have you got it? Thanks Juraj
  10. I'm no expert, just trying to be helpful... It's probably totally different version... B-24M, A72-176, Werribee: Werribee_115_90019 by Juraj Jankovič, on Flickr More pictures here: B-24 Liberator Memorial Australia Inc. - flickr album Juraj
  11. It says SOLD now. For US $416.00.
  12. A lovely one. I really like it! Congratulations! Juraj
  13. Wow, that's a beauty! Congratulations! Juraj
  14. Wonderful piece of a model! Congratulations! And great photography too. Juraj
  15. I guess this is it: hmh-publications.com Juraj
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