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  1. On sale now: www.icm.com.ua - CR. 42 LW , WWII German Luftwaffe Ground Attack Aircraft (100% new molds) - Kit on sale, September! Juraj
  2. I do use this option for sharing photos from Flickr: However, I've just discovered you need to have it set as Public in Flickr. Otherwise it gives you only the link to the photo. Hope that helps. Juraj
  3. You only need to paste the part after [img]: https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50351734827_f85df629e0_c.jpg And here we go: Juraj
  4. And it's "official" now: infinitymodels.cz - LET L-13 Blaník 1/32 Juraj
  5. Now presented on their website. No release dates yet: infinitymodels.cz - Z-37 Čmelák 1/32 Juraj
  6. It's now presented on their website as being in development: infinitymodels.cz - DH-100 Vampire Mk 3 – 1/32 With different box-art to that presented earlier (as that one is for MK 5, I think): With few more pictures there. And stating they expect to release it this year, together with the MK 5 version. Juraj
  7. Just for my own, as I'm not a moderator here.
  8. Looks like the first option for sharing the picture in Flickr ( with f, t, bird, t pictograms) works. It gives you something like this: https://flic.kr/p/2j2nmGm And it looks like this when pasted here: Juraj
  9. Clicking the three dots in the top right corner of the post and choosing "Edit" option does work for me. Juraj
  10. I think there's some kind of that "what if" aspect in it. Something like those German planes that never flew but could win the war in a week or so, if it only lasted a year or two longer. And for others it's just a technologically advanced machine from the past, interesting enough to have it on the shelf. And in our large scale it should look almost like the real thing, which probably none of us has ever seen (not counting crappy old photography...). I'm looking forward to the builds by some masters here. Juraj
  11. aeroscale.kitmaker.net - Nieuport 23 Marking Options www.copperstatemodels.com - [PRE-ORDER] Nieuport XXIII RFC Service An illustration for the markings listed in the previous post. Juraj
  12. I see what you are talking about now. I think better position would be above the first/top post. The ideal one would be on the top, just besides the page navigation panel. But I understand that might be too complicated to do, or totally out of control. I'd also welcome some other color (dark/night) option for the site. But otherwise it looks fine here. Thanks for taking care of it, Kevin. Juraj
  13. www.facebook.com/JETMADS2016/ Can they really make this out of plastic? Juraj
  14. /www.facebook.com/copperstatemodels www.copperstatemodels.com - [PRE-ORDER] Nieuport XXIII RFC Service CSM32-005 Juraj
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