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  1. Ukraine strikes again: aeroscale.kitmaker.net - Magister Test Shots Juraj
  2. It's set for April release according to their FB and aeroscale: aeroscale.kitmaker.net - Dewoitine D.500 April Release No price/pre-order anywhere yet though. Juraj
  3. I've just grabbed this, for a reasonable price: I guess it's an earlier edition. Is it? Juraj
  4. rafju, is that book available somewhere? or just ebay-like search is needed? Thanks. Juraj
  5. www.facebook.com/DoraWings Ready: Decals by Cartograf: I hope they will be able to ship it soon. Juraj
  6. aeroscale.kitmaker.net www.facebook.com/Kitty-hawk Not my cup of coffee, but it looks good. Juraj
  7. I'm not sure if these are the right words... but you have nailed it again, Peter! Juraj
  8. So then you may use the direct link, probably: AND10375 COLORS - FLUID LINE IDENTIFICATION It's under the STANDARDS category, which is very interesting. Juraj
  9. I was just checking out what's new at aircorps library and bumped into this: It says it was approved in January 1942, with last amendments in August 1949. There's also a second page with styles and sizes explained. I don't want to put it here in full resolution, there might be some copyright issues involved. But here are the colors that may be useful for WWII aircraft: Fuel system - Red Water injection system - Red/Grey/Red Lubrication system - Yellow Hydraulic system - Blue/Yellow Instrument Air Vacuum - Orange/Grey Coolant System - Blue Breathing oxygen - Green Air conditioning - Brown/Grey Fire protection - Brown De-icing system - Grey Well, I hope that helps. Juraj
  10. Outstanding build, report and model! Congratulations! It deserves better final photos, though, in my opinion. Juraj
  11. Some more goodies for the Gladiator (and others) on the ICM's way: www.facebook.com/ICM.Models - March 2020 Releases Juraj
  12. I bet you're going to repair that little crack in the canopy... I hope I'll be able to stare at this masterpiece in flesh anytime soon. November? Juraj
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