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  1. Well, you've brought the"under the roof" storage to perfection! But you can still build a separate den for the models. Who needs garden, anyway? Juraj
  2. ...set to be released on November 8th, 2019 Quite a lot of aircraft in there... www.imdb.com - Midway Juraj
  3. Hmm, the test fit of the front part on the first page looks fine... I'm sure you can solve this! Juraj
  4. Ehmm, Peter, there's something new and shining flying over England these days: G-IRTY by David Whitworth, on Flickr But I think you're not thinking about your next project yet, are you? Juraj
  5. I-16 type 10 on sale now: www.icm.com.ua Juraj
  6. I think you could put some ropes under the roof to hang all the sprues there. So you can get rid of all the boxes... It would require some sort of systematic approach though to be able to find the right sprue within a reasonable time. Maybe it's not such a good idea... Juraj
  7. Airfix - Grumman F6F-5 Hellcat The wait is over...
  8. Thanks for the replies! One more question: Attending an AFL game on the MCG stadium in Melbourne... is it worth it? I'm not the greatest sports fan in the world, but maybe this could be some experience... What do you think? Juraj
  9. Wow, wow, wow... Congratulations! Juraj
  10. Really beautiful, Iain! An excellent build and result! Congratulations! Juraj
  11. Great looking model and excellent pictures! Congratulations! Juraj
  12. Wow! Great looking submarine! I'm glad you have found some piece of motivation. You do inspire me... Just keep it flowing! Juraj
  13. Bump! Just a month left... I'm getting excited, slowly... Any more advice? Do the locals usually hurt aliens trying to drive on the other side of the roads there? Anybody interested in a meet-up? Thanks for looking. Juraj
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