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  1. Another try. I hope this helps a little: DH-89 "Dragon Rapide" serial R5922 restoration Some more pictures here: www.google.com - DH-89 "Dragon Rapide" And this one might be useful as well: Juraj
  2. Kent, I've tried to search Flickr for you. No luck with the interior. But... David Whitworth has two interesting albums: DH.89A DRAGON RAPIDE G-AGJG DE HAVILLAND He is also visiting Duxford on daily basis, so may be it's worth to ask him for a few pictures. He's a nice chap. Although I'm not sure Duxford is opened these days. And here are some more pictures that might be useful: Juraj
  3. And this is another one - MODEL KIT No 32052 (the one above is numbered as 32050): www.icm.com.ua/news - Stearman PT-13/N2S-2/5 Kaydet, American Training Aircraft What are the differences besides the engine? Juraj
  4. https://translate.google.sk/?hl=sk&tab=rT#view=home&op=translate&sl=pl&tl=en&text=Czapla Something like "Tchapla". Means Heron, in polish. Juraj
  5. What's so funny and confusing about Boeing 307 Stratoliner? A beautiful machine: With some nice options for markings: And there's even a choice for those with limited space: Juraj Juraj
  6. And it's 9 months already since the first idea. Just enough time for a new model to be born... So here we go. This is the prototype of the fuselage section I've made for Jan, so he can adjust his house for building the model: And here's the render of the part which reveals the type for those still in doubt: So, HKM, what do you say? Juraj
  7. I'm tempted... But I'd need Jan's agreement on it, as it's essentially his idea and project. And still I'd bet my best shoes that it's not the one HKM have worked on. They are not that crazy! Juraj
  8. Jan, you know it's going to be Boeing. The civilian one. We have discussed that a few months ago. And they could use some parts they have made already too. Maybe I should post some renders... Juraj
  9. www.italeri.com - 2515 - Scale 1 : 32 F-104 STARFIGHTER A/C aeroscale.kitmaker.net - Starfighter Re-Released Nice. Juraj
  10. aeroscale.kitmaker.net - Second Kaydet Release Planned Juraj
  11. aeroscale.kitmaker.net - Fokker Dr.1 Limited Edition Juraj
  12. So here is WNW's Dr. I as presented in Telford last year: Scale ModelWorld 2019 - Telford The sprues look similar to me... Juraj
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