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  1. I think I'm going to need this. Hopefully in not so distant future... Juraj
  2. That's looking great! But the deck landing sight on the nose is missing already... Really excellent job done there! Juraj
  3. That's some great looking model! And fantastic pictures too. Congratulations! Juraj
  4. Still looking more like a submarine to me, but looking great anyway! Keep it coming, Kent! Juraj
  5. Congratulations! Epic build! And model too. Thanks for the detailed report. Looking forward to some great pictures. Juraj
  6. Congratulations to another great looking P-40! Juraj
  7. Wow! You can make a living with this, for sure... When you stop doing other things you do so well... Juraj
  8. Great build so far. I know it's not easy after such a long time... Juraj
  9. MosonShow Just a short report from this event, probably the largest one in this part of the world. There were really nice things to see and buy, as usually. I haven't brought my big camera this time so I have only a few mobile pictures, especially form LSP area. A majestic HpH's C-47: And some stunning scratch-builds: You can find many more pictures from the show here: eastmodels.sk Their aircraft gallery: eastmodels.sk - Moson 2019 aircraft gallery Juraj
  10. That's looking great! I do like it. Juraj
  11. That's looking fantastic, Peter! Really something to be proud of. Well done! Juraj
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