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  1. aeroscale.kitmaker.net - PZL P.11c Test Build Looks like their first venture into the large scale. Nice! Juraj
  2. Really eye-catching! Well done! I hope it's going to sell well. Juraj
  3. Thanks a lot to @DONG for the donation. It's always nice to find something that's coming from some distant place like Canada in the mailbox. Now I need to get the model to put the decals on. Thanks again, K2 and the rest o the gang, for making this happen! Juraj
  4. aeroscale.kitmaker.net - Whirlwind Nacelle Mould Slowly they are getting there... Juraj
  5. I've been lucky to spend a few days there last year. Besides National Museum in Moorabbin I have visited RAAF Museum at Point Cook and The B-24 Liberator restoration in Werribee. Both well worth a visit. And it's possible to visit them in one day, as they are quite close to each other. I think there are some shops right in the city, but I haven't visited those. Juraj
  6. They usually do publish their monthly newsletter in English and Russian language as well. So I'd expect it will appear in coming days... EDIT: From their FB page: Great news, by the way. Juraj
  7. Not that this is something to be jealous about, but I haven't find a better thread to put it in and didn't want to create a new one. So, I haven't done much when it comes to modeling during the winter break as we were away from home most of the time. But still I have managed to find something interesting, by an accident: And the weathered colors on the tips were interesting: Cheers. Juraj
  8. Kev, would you also move my thread to the WiP, please? I definitely plan to finish it, although I'm not sure of the decade that's going to happen. Thanks a lot! Juraj
  9. Wow, great start! You are definitely not wasting your time, Kent. Juraj
  10. Excellent! Congratulations! Juraj
  11. ICM's Gloster Gladiator Mk.I/II in Foreign Services decals are one sale already: Juraj
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