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  1. youtube.com - SeaFire Wing Folding stonehengeairmuseum.org/seafire - 1947 VICKERS/SUPERMARINE FR MK 47 “SEAFIRE” Contacting the museum would be my first step in getting some good pictures and other details. Juraj
  2. They offer it in two scales: cozmicscalemodels.com/product-page/mondoshawan-6-resin-figure And they say it's ok to sell the physical product: Actually, I don't think it's too unfair. If I wanted the model (which I want), I'd need to download it and have it printed by some company I'd need to find. They are just saying: "We'll print it for you." Maybe I could find a better price, but with 6" tall figure printed in resin, their price won't be that much off, I guess. But probably having a link/mention of the original model and its author there would be fine. OK. Now I'll go and find someone to print it. Juraj
  3. Wow!!! Where did you get the model for printing it? I wanted to buy it in Telford, but it was sold out before I did... Made by cozmicscalemodels.com. Great job! Juraj
  4. aeroscale.net/news facebook.com/mikro.mir.dnepr Juraj
  5. Thanks for all the pictures. I see I have missed some things that were displayed on the tables. Again. I'll try to pick a few shots I made myself later. Now I need a piece of good sleep. Juraj
  6. Well, it was more than great. Once again. We have started our car a few minutes ago and are on our way home already. It's something like 2000 kilometres long trip. I'll see you there next year if possible. Juraj
  7. Dambuster Bouncing Bomb Tests at Reculver and Manston Juraj
  8. It should be availavle later this year, december. With deliveries to Europe in January. According to Neil... Juraj
  9. DBMK have just announced 1/32 Hawker Sea Fury as their next model. The picture will follow at WiFi will...
  10. There's still the option to wear a mask....
  11. Has this been mentioned here already, by the way? hk-models.com - The new announcement for the 1/32 B-25J Mitchell Strafing Babes on October. I wasn't around much lately, so I'm not sure. Juraj
  12. I'd like to see some pictures of the Star Destroyer (in proper thread, of course). I got my in-laws to buy me the LEGO Saturn V for my 50th birthday earlier this year. I'm sure they still don't understand... Juraj
  13. Just saw it in Vienna today: Magnificient. Juraj
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