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  1. That looks really fabulous, Michael. And not too expensive... Thanks. Juraj
  2. Well, that looks interesting. I'm not sure we are fit to climb that. The Pylon Lookout is another option... Thanks for that. Too far away, I'm afraid. HARS is on my list for Sydney week so far... I'll make some photos of that for sure. Juraj
  3. Calling the other side of the World! I've got a short trip to this part of the planet scheduled for July (1 week in Melbourne, 1 week in Sydney). I'll be accompanying my dear wife on her business mission there. But there will be some time reserved for my aviation hobby for sure. I've got most of the things planned already, but any tip or advice would be appreciated. Australian National Aviation Museum at Moorabbin airport and RAAF Museum + The B24 Liberator Memorial are on my list. A few things planned for Sydney too although the Fighter World will be out of reach, probably. I'd gladly meet some of you for a pint or two. And having a local company on the Museums visits would be excellent! So if you've got something interesting on mind, just reply here. Or send me a PM. Thanks a lot! Juraj
  4. Congratulations! It's looking fabulous! Juraj
  5. Wow! Four rows radial rotary engine! Juraj
  6. Undercarriage Brass insert set for Hobby Boss B-24 Liberator aerocraftmodels.com Juraj
  7. Ok. Seems to be working now. Thanks. Juraj
  8. I don't know if it has something to do with the upgrade, but... We have had this "problem" last year, when we were encouraged to fill the Calendar section. And it was solved then. Now I have added a comment to the next event here: https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/calendar/event/112-go-modelling-2019-aut/ But it doesn't appear on the home page. There are still 0 comments for the event there. So nobody is aware of it until he goes directly to the event page. Thanks. Juraj
  9. Good luck and steady hands, Iain! Juraj
  10. Great job done on that 3D model, Peter. Juraj
  11. That looks wonderful! Excellent! Juraj
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