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  1. aeroscale.net/news/ - F-16AM Build Juraj
  2. Now, that's big and beautiful, isn't it? Juraj
  3. Well, it seems it's going to happen: ipmsuk.org/category/scale-modelworld Who's going to be there? What about the SIG32 table? I'd like to go if it will be possible. But that will depend more on the situation here in our country than in the UK, I think. Juraj
  4. I'm not sure if I can help but I'll try anyway. PM coming shortly your way. Some photos of your project would be great. But I can understand if you want to keep it off the public for now. Juraj
  5. facebook.com/LukGraph/ aeroscale.net/news/ Juraj
  6. Well, it looks like there's no option for shipping outside Australia there. I'd love to take a chance on some items, but... Juraj
  7. facebook.com/LukGraph/ A here's a previous post regarding Albatros: Juraj
  8. Every good news is good these days. I'll do my best to get there, if possible. Juraj
  9. Ammo by Mig Jimenez STAINLESS STEEL PAINT MIXERS Juraj
  10. That must be a baby Electra. You just need to feed it properly and it will grow. Juraj
  11. Wow! That's outstanding! And some marvelous photography as well! Congratulations! Juraj
  12. aeroscale.net/news/caudron-g-iii-sprue-detail Juraj
  13. aeroscale.net/news/albatros-c-iii-update Juraj
  14. I've just bumped into this very cool project. What a tremendous effort it must have been to create this. underwatermalta.org There are some minor errors there, I think. But the real fun begins when you load the VR models. Juraj
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