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  1. Phantom2

    The next WNW kit..? 3 wishes...

    OK, I´ll play; Tiger Moth Dragon Rapide Avro 504 Bristol Bulldog (I want one INJECTED in plastic!) Stearman Hawker Fury Cheers! Stefan
  2. Phantom2

    Lancaster purchase

    Nope, too big and way too expensive.... The price and sieze puts it in the same league as the HB 1/200 warships (Tirpitz, Bismark, Hood), or the HK B-17 and the HB Libby (albeit more affordable) But.... I said the same about the Revell 1/48 B-1B Bomber but got one very cheap.... I said the same about the HK B-25 Mitchell, but got one for a very fair price I could not resist..... So If I find one at a good price, why not? It would be cool just to own one, even if I never build it (same goes for the most of my stash anyway....) Cheers! Stefan
  3. Phantom2

    Wolf Buddee, Congrats !!!

    Congratulations! Well deserved! Stefan
  4. Phantom2

    Omani Hunter, Call her done!

    Really stunningly beautiful Hunter! Stefan
  5. Phantom2

    Beaufighter: FINISHED.

    Excellent job and very beautiful Beau! Love it! Stefan
  6. Oh, yes, I love my stash, and I love buying new kits! I can´t tell exactly HOW many kits I have today, I stopped counting when I passed 500, and that was more then 10 years ago! But I guess I´m in the 1500-bracket by now... I can go down to my man-cave and just shop around in my own, well-stocked, hobby-shop for hours! I look in the boxes, fondle the sprues (almost never opening any bags, tough...), plan the build, how to paint and what AM I "need" for the build. A friend once said to me; "Buying a model is buying a dream, and it´s a dream as long as it stays in the box, once you start the kit, the dream vanishes into reality and that´s never as good as the dream". My wife said; "You look in the boxes so often, and when you actually bild the thing, you have already built it five times in your head" Makes that any sense to you? It really does for me! They know me well.... But this is what makes almost half the enjoyment for me with modelling. Cheers! Stefan
  7. Phantom2

    Grumman F9F Panther Trumpeter 1/48.

    Very nice build, Dale! Cheers! Stefan
  8. Hi! Love the theme! A year is a proper timespan for such a large build! Hmm, Tamiya Mossie, KH Bronco, Revell He111/88.... it will be hard to choose! Cheers! Stefan
  9. Phantom2

    Swedish AF decals

    Hi! As Dale said, the best Swedish decals around today is from Moose Republic Decals (Former RBD Decals), but they are mostly 1/72 and 1/48th scale. I know Robert and I can tell you that you cannot find better researched decals anywhere and all sheets are printed by Cartograf, so quality are among the best. If he is unsure, he´ll let you know and decide for yourself on the instructions, but he always suggests what he thinks are correct as well. I have almost all his 1/48th sheets and most of the 1/32nd sheets and I have used several sets and the colors are spot-on and they are very easy to handle. We are constantly bugging him for this and that sheet, and you can leave a suggestion on his site too. Flying Colors are almost as good as MR with spot-on colors, beeing well printed and they are easy to use too. Cheers! Stefan
  10. Phantom2

    RIP David Hannant 1930 - 2018

    Hannants have been my first stop for almost all my hobby supplies (except paint....) and I have been a long time customer for more then 20 years now. Always swift and reliable service and the occasionally error worked out with great service. Very, very sad to hear about David Hannant, may he rest in peace! All my condolences to the family! Stefan
  11. Phantom2

    happy B-day Out2gtcha

    Happy Birthday! Stefan
  12. Beautiful work! It´s almost a shame to hide it! Stefan
  13. Phantom2

    Grumman F6F-5(N) Hellcat Nightfighter

    Thanks, Gerhard! Stefan
  14. Phantom2

    Grumman F6F-5(N) Hellcat Nightfighter

    Hi all! The engine is completed and painted with Alclad Steel, Aluminium and details picked out in Satin Black (Hu.85). I still have to paint the exhaust pipes The Cockpit is painted US Interior Green (Hu.226) and the panels in satin Black (Hu.85) I used the Eduard Zoom Instrument panel, I could never paint THAT good! More to come…. Stefan
  15. Phantom2

    Kinetic 1/32 Kfir !!!!!

    Hi! I prefer and hope Kinetic will do the Kfir-family in 1/32nd scale, NOT Italeri or Kitty Hawk! I have the new Kinetic F-18C Legacy Hornet and the Su-33 Sea Flanker (both 1/48), both of these kits are just stunning, in detail and molding, and I dearly hope Kinetic will continue on this path. I can agree that the older 48th scale Kinetic kits are somewhat "rough", but they are still quite buildable, much, much better then some Kitty Hawk kits I have built. Just my 2 cents.... Cheers! Stefan