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  1. I have order no.11012, 30/8-21, , so It´s soon one year anniversary, and still waiting! But remember, this second run is made in parallell with their other kits and these goes first and the second run Viggens comes when they have the opportunity to do them. It will take time and Jetmads were very clear on this on their site when I orderd, so we can only wait. I don´t doubt about it , It will arrive, some day soon! Cheers! Stefan
  2. Can´t wait for the kit to be released! Stefan
  3. Mange Tak, Thomas! I´ll try that tip some time! Stefan
  4. The fit was quite good, but the left hand side had a gap. Super glue, clamps and 24 hour of drying time solved that. I installed the belts before I closed the fuselage, but I forgot to take any pictures. The seat belts come from a generic 1/32 Eduard set, a Sutton harness for the front seat and the backseater only got a lap belt. Instrument panel installed…. All handling was a bit brutal on the panel so I had to replace some of the decals. The stabilizator had a stellar fit and the side rudder was also glued in place at different angles to liven it up a bit. I glued and masked the small window I the rear of the fuselage. I also masked the side window panels and glued the landing gears. The landing gears also fitted very good, she´s coming together fast now... More to come soon…. Stefan
  5. Hi! I don´t have exactly that kit, but I have built a couple of KH`s kits, the Jaguar and the Su-17, and I have many more in the stash. The fit and detail are generally good to very good, but can vary a lot between kits. Read the building instructions VERY thorughly BEFORE you start building, think trough the buiding order and build it as You see fit, just treat the kit as a Short-run kit. NEVER trust the instructions and check the part numbers, KH are notoriuos for "forgetting" parts, mixing up left and right and the build order are often.... strange. Use common sense, think it trough, go slow and you will get a fine replica, but you gonna have to work for it! Stefan
  6. I used the Black Box cockpit in my ongoing Phantom II build. Just follow the instructions in the BB set and remove the indicated plastic and It will fit like a glove (mine did anyway). It was the easiest resin cockpit to fit in any model I have ever done, and I have done quite a few. Stefan
  7. Smartly done! Yes, I would guess the cardboard pieces was MBK´s idea, and they worked perfectly! Stefan
  8. My kit arrived from ModelBau König in Germany a week ago in a enormous box; Inside was another large box; ...and inside this; The box is not only among the largest i have seen, but It must be the most crammed box ever! ...and below the very well padded clear parts was a note that they had inspected the clear parts for any defects. All clear parts was as good as they just had been removed from the molding machine! Outstanding service from MBK, Germany! Don´t try to stuff everything in the box so the lid closes, that´s impossible as you can see! There´s two cardboard slices on each side so If you put everything back in the same order as you remove it, it will fit (almost)! I have never seen a kit in this quality before, the injection molded parts looks as if they were 3-D printed or resin, they have pushed the limits for IM far with this kit! It wasn´t cheap, but I have to admit that It´s well worth the money! Here´s many hours of sheer bliss! Stefan
  9. The Instrument panel was OK, let´s see what I can do with it. Lousy picture, but You can see the details… I painted the IP with Alclad Black Microfiller Primer, glossed It with Alclad Clear Cote and let It dry a few days. My secret weapon here are Mike Grant´s Instrument decals. Here are lots of instrument dials and placards, but every item must be cut out separately. They look very good indeed! When the IP was througly dry I could paint some more switches and dials. Not too shabby, after all! I let the IP dry and glued the cockpit cage to the starboard fuselage side. When dry I could close the fuselage, almost perfect fit here! I´m very impressed by this kit, it´s old but the fit is pretty good overall! More to come soon! Stefan
  10. Maybe You could use these? They are intended for the TSR 2 but It´s a "what-If" anyway. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/xtradecal-x48-068-tsr-2-what-if-pt1--120952 Cheers! Stefan
  11. Brilliant scheme and outstandingly well done! Stefan
  12. That goes for most modern aircraft, I agree with You to 100%! Stefan
  13. Hi and thanks to all! More Black primer and now I can add some missing parts, first a desert airfilter from Quickboost… The fit was outstanding and as in most cases with QB parts, they fitted with minimal work… Next detail to add was the ”gunboats” under the wings, once again BarracudaCast parts, perfectly done and outstanding fit…. This set also included two sexy metal barrels from Master…. …and they fit perfectly against the wing and the simple instructions are crystal clear where they will go. They are handed so be aware! Bad (I know, I know...) photo, but I can tell You that the detail on these are outstanding, as always with `Cuda parts! More to come soon! Stefan
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