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  1. My condolences to you and your family. Stefan
  2. Beautiful decal sheet and interesting options! Kabuki-tape is the perfect material for the masks, never liked any vinyl masks! But, 1/24 is too big for me, I´m sorry to say... IF you scale this down to 1/32 I´ll buy it in a heartbeat ! I have a Trumpeter -5N (1/32) on the bench and a new sheet with decals/masks for a more appealing option is really needed. I really like the #64 with it´s white and yellow markings.... Stefan
  3. Hi all! I don´t have a SOD, more of a ”must-finish list”…… Here´s some of my ”must finish builds”… Revell BaE Hawk T.1a, OOB William Bros. Curtiss F9C-2 Sparrowhawk, OOB Hasegawa A-4E Skyhawk, Avionix Cockpit, Aires wheel wells, CAM Decals… Trumpeter Grumman F6F-5(N) Hellcat Nightfighter, Eduard Etch, Master Gun Barrels, Master Wheels…. Hasegawa Nakajima Ki-43 ”Oscar”, Eduard etch…. Tamiya McDonnell F4-J Phantom II, Avionix Cockpit, Mastercasters Wheels, Eduard Brassin exhausts and etch, CAM-Decals. Eduard Messerschmitt Bf109E-1 ”Profipack”… Hasegawa Northrop F-5E Tiger II, OOB… There´s more, but those are the ones that have have ”slipped out of the boxes”! Greetings! Stefan
  4. That stunningly beautiful Iraqi scheme is for me! I must have these decals AND a kit to put them on! Thanks Jennings! Stefan
  5. Hi all! Late as usual, but here´s my build for the twin-einginge GB; It´s slightly started, tough. Here´s what I have done; …and there´s a LOT still left in the box; Hope it´s OK, I´d say around 25% done. To be continued… Cheers! Stefan
  6. A correction, that is NOT a Camel, It´s a Sopwith Pup! Stefan
  7. Thanks Gaz! My very first attempt at rigging.... Actually, It´didn´t look took too shabby 35 years ago, but It have sagged during the years. Stefan
  8. Hi all! I Really can´t remember exactly what kit I built as my very first, but it was probably something that came in a cornflakes box! But Airfix series one was a staple since I was five and when I could afford it, or as gifts at birthdays and Christmas, the larger, boxed kits. During the -60´s and -70´s I must have built my way trough the whole Airfix-catalog. I grew up in Airfix-territory with the occasional Matchbox, Frog and Revell, never saw any Monogram, AMT, Hasegawa or Lindberg until much later. Tamiya was an unreachable dream for many years, until I made my own money (no, not THAT way!) But the OLDEST surviving kit I have is this little Fiat G.91 Gina, Airfix series one; Airfix Messerschmitt Me262A-1a; …and Airfix series one Sopwith Camel; …and this is my most recent kit, the AMK 1/48 MiG-31 Foxhound; Greetings! Stefan
  9. For the brush; Note; I only use enamels! Humbrol, the OLD, good stuff that smells like paint should! (I´ve been a Humbrol guy since day one!) White Ensign (now Sovereign Hobbies) colorcoates Xtracolor, whenever I can get hold of them! Revell, If I can find them For the Airbrush; MRP; My new favorite color brand Alclad; for primers and metallics Cheers! Stefan
  10. Happy New Year to all of You! From a windy, wet and 7C warm (!) Linköping, Sweden! Stefan
  11. Merry Christmas to all of You! Stefan
  12. Sorry, but I can´t help you much as I live in Sweden, half a world from You. I suppose some of our American friends can help You. Cheers! Stefan
  13. Hi! I found this; Here is the accepted reference from Mr. William Reece. Aug 05, 2011 #2 Grumman TBF-1 / TBF-1C, Avenger. Cockpit: Exactly like the Accurate Miniatures instructions show. FS 34058 Bronze Green forward from the bulkhead with the window (in front of the turret). FS 34151 Interior Green for the rear crew areas. Light Gray (Grumman Gray) inside the cowling, (FS 36440 is very close) and accessory area. The stainless steel Dishpan firewall was unpainted and often quite bright. Torpedo bay: FS 34151. Remember on all of these a/c the general rule is that the wheel bays, landing gear struts, wheel centers, landing flap bays, etc. are the under surface color. On the Avenger the inside of the flap itself was the upper surface color with the inside of the flap well on the under surface of the wing being the bottom color. Eastern Aircraft (GM) TBM-1, -1C, TBM-3C, -3E Avenger. Cockpit: FS 34151 Interior Green. This also included the crew areas and fuselage interior. Early TBM-1s and 1Cs had cowling interiors like those of the TBF-1 with Non-Specular (flat) Light Gray from the firewall forward except for the dishpan. Later production aircraft would have had everything from the inside of the cowling all the way back in interior green. The landing gear and bays were the undersurface color, i.e. Insignia white bottom would be white. Glossy Sea Blue TBM-3 a/c would have GSB landing gear and flap interiors. The inside of the flaps would be similar to the TBF-1 above. Good Luck with Your Avenger, It´s a BIG bird in 32! Stefan
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