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  1. Hi all! Well, the left nacelle in place, no gaps here…. But a really ugly gap here… …not very tidy in the front section, but the rear part became quite good. I´ll fill that gap in the front with pieces of plasticard later, that´s an easy fix and I´m very satisfied so far. Time for the next wrestling match! This time it was almost a perfect fit, only minor adjustments needed. Even the underside turned out really good! Minimal sanding required… More to come… Stefan
  2. Hi all! The plastic in this Revell F-5E; ..is indeed an identical Repop of this Hasegawa kit; Exactly the same sprue layout and the typical Hasegawa-looks and ”feel” of the plastic. Only thing that differs are the decals, Revell gives you not only the Swiss (boxart) option, but two Agressor options, one from Nellis AFB (three-tone blue/grey) and one from Alconbury, England (three-tone Brown ”Snake”), Hasegawa gives You three options from VFC-111. Revell have a long history from re-popping original Hasegawa kits (and many other brands) but I have never seen any cheap ”knock-of” in a Revell-box. Cheers! Stefan
  3. Yes, the holes for the wheelbays were 2-3mm too low, I cut them out so I could get the nacelle in the correct position. I removed the locating pins and let the depression in the fuselage guide the nacelle. I can´t understand HOW I got so wrong, You can´t seat the wheelbays wrong in the nacelles either! Oh well, problem solved, let´s move on! Many years ago I bult the old Kopro kit in 1/48th and I got a serious case of dejá vu when I saw the Trumpeter kit! Yep, Trumpeter kopied the old Kopro 1/48th scale kit and made their own 1/32nd kit from that, albeit more detailed. ...but the Kopro kit do have the missing pylon! Stefan
  4. WOW! Beautiful, just beautiful! Pure inspiration for me.... Cheers! Stefan
  5. Thanks to all who corrects and add on to the list! Keep ´em coming... Stefan
  6. How could I miss this one! Your build is utterly excellent all the way! I get a lot of inspiration from Your build! Cheers! Stefan
  7. Hi all! Time to get the fuselage together! The fuselage halves fitted very nicely around the cockpit, I had to shave off a smidgen in the forward corner of the tub, then everything fitted perfectly! Minimal sanding have been required so far… The fuselage and the engine pods are done and sanded…. Just to slap it together then, or… NO WAY, a monumentual WTF moment ocurred… What´s this???? It differs several millimeters here??? Not better on the underside…. The other side was much better, but still far from good…. Topside on the right nacelle fitted OK, at least something good… OK, let´s get some serious tools, brute force and elbow grease out and get to work! I had to cut and juggle around a lot and this was the best I could get on the left side… A rather good fit on the topside of the nacelle but a rather nasty gap at the front on the bottom. A lot of Tamiya Thin and squeeze together hard with a pair of clamps and a lot of tape. Let´s see how it turns out when dry! Cheers! Stefan
  8. Hi! Here´s a list of Trainers available in 1/32; MiG-15UM Tr MiG-17 Tr MiG-21UM Tr MiG-29UM Tr, Rev Nanchang C-6 Tr Yak-18 Tr Su-25UM Tr Su-27UB Tr SNJ/Harvard KH T-2 Buckeye SH T-28 Trojan KH F-5F Tiger II KH BaE Hawk T.1 Rev T-45 Goshawk Kin Tiger Moth Rev, Bronco Silver Wings Super Cub Rev Bird Dog Rod Cessna 0-2 Rod Bucker Bu-131 ICM TF-104 Starfighter It Willow ? Jap. early WWII Trainer Bristol Bulldog SW (Resin) I´m sure I have missed several more. Cheers! Stefan
  9. If I like a subject, I´ll build it, scale do not matters! Stefan
  10. All suggestions (Eastern Front, BoB, Cold War) are fine with me! For the last slot It´s WWI or Trainers/Two seaters for me! Trainers are often very colorful and there´s more of them out there then You might believe! Cheers! Stefan
  11. Hi! If you ask this on the IPMS Stockholm forum I think You´ll get more answers. https://www.ipmsstockholm.se/phpBB3/viewforum.php?f=2&sid=4bfeb24eceeee65baa7b1e432b99c416 You can write in English, most Swedes can read and talk English. Cheers! Stefan
  12. That´s a real oldie! It´ll be fun to see what you can do with this old dog! Cheers! Stefan
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