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  1. Hi Chris! Yeah, I know (I SHOULD have known) , I wrote it wrong, don´t know what I was thinking. ...but after all It´s much easier to spell "Russian" instead of "Czezh"! Thanks for the heads up mate, I have corrected it! Stefan
  2. On to the wings…. The small blue identification lights was painted with Tamiya clear blue and then I glued a small piece of Aluminium foil (shiny side down) as the reflector. Italeri made the wings in very conventional way. Two separate pieces on each side, that feels very ”old school” today when almost all makers would do a three-piece wing and avoiding too many joints. I have to say that all parts fit very well, tough.
  3. Thanks to all responders! Time for the next episode in my MiG-21 Story…. The engine is built up and I have painted the fan with Alclad Aluminium… The landing gear wells glued to the fuselage…. The nose gear done, just some hydraulic lines and paint left to do later…. The wheel wells painted and washed…. There´s not very much aftermarket stuff for this kit but I found som
  4. This is my favorite company for the moment, they have already given me two (soon three) of my hottest wishes, (The Gladiator, Pt-17 Kaydet and soon the Fiat CR42). I recon they will stick to smaller aircraft; Bristol Bulldog Hawker Fury/Hart family Avro 504K DHC-1 Chipmunk Strikemaster/Provost Tiger Moth ( I know Special Hobby have announced one, but I would prefer one from ICM) Cheers! Stefan E
  5. Hi All! I found this kit dirt cheap many moons ago, I couldn´t resist the crazy scheme and started it right away. But the build stalled after the nose gear bay and cockpit, don´t know why, really. The Czech Stress-Team was a unit for combat training, very much like the US Top Gun unit and have a similar job, training units in combat and tactics. I don´t know if they are still active, anybody here knows? Who can resist this grin? This is a really early Trumpeter kit and
  6. I had my eyes on this kit for this GB too! I´ll follow closley! Stefan
  7. Hi all! This kit is a really old one, I started it more then 10 years ago, built about 10% (cockpit & engine) and then I lost interest and It´s been floating around since then. So I´ll give it a go now! Cheers! Stefan
  8. Fit issues... On an Italeri kit???? Nah, You´re kidding! Stefan
  9. Hi all! Finally on her own legs, a bit wobbly, but much sturdier then it looks. I painted the underside of the wing WEM WWII VVS Underside Blue. The top side painted with WEM WWII AMT-4 Green…. I masked the pattern with masking putty and tape, painted with WEM WWII VVS AMT-6 Black, and I removed the tape and putty as soon as I could. If you let the black stuff on too long it creeps on to the newly painted area, not good!
  10. Hi All! Time for the exhausts! First I started with glueing the exhaust stubs with their flame dampeners (pointy ends). Then I could fit the lines between the tips and the correct cylinder, a rather backwards way of doing it, but It worked like a charm! This job was a very fiddly undertaking, but the parts fitted very well, so one piece at a time, slowly and steady…. Finally, all pipes in place! Some more paint touch-up and a final wash later;
  11. Air Intakes glued and painted…. Fuselage halves glued and the intakes glued, very, very nice fit here! The cockpit and wheel well glued to the bottom piece…. I´ll leave this joint unglued for now so I can get a good fit against the radome later. Ejector pin marks in the intakes,
  12. Hi all! I call myself a "butterfly-builder", I jump from kit to kit all the time. I always have 30+ kits started and about 3-5 "on the bench" at the same time, scale, subject, type and stage (of the build) is all over the place. I need variation or I get bored and nothing will be done, you don´t eat the same food every day, eh? On my bench right now; AMT Space 1999 Eagle Transporter, Eduard 1/48 P-51D Mustang (2x), Airfix 1/48 Tiger Moth, Eastern Express 1/144 Short Skyvan, Meng 1/35 Merkava, Tamiya 1/24 Mercedes SLK, Revell 1/48 Tornado IDS,
  13. The cockpit drybrushed with a dark grey (Hu.27)…. Side consoles drybrushed and glued…. A wash with my regular mix of artist oils (Lamp black/Burnt Sienna) and white spirit in the nose wheel bay…. The instrument panel painted with Alclad Black Microfiller Primer…. …and gloss coate
  14. Maybe ICM will venture to more modern times as the -50´s and -60´s some day.... I wouid love to get some smaller jets as a MiG-15/1719, F-86 Sabre or Fiat G.91, Tweet or or Strikemaster from them. Their current kits in 32nd are stellar! Stefan
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