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  1. There´s so many; We´ll meet again, Pathfinders, Band of Brothers, Secret Army, Piece of Cake are some of the more memorable series. Cheers! Stefan
  2. Very sad to hear! Clear skies, Dale!
  3. Hi! I remember reading in some modelling magzine that the flat floor was introduced somewhere around the -25 series. Take it for what It´s worth... Cheers! Stefan
  4. I love this one; Cheers! Stefan
  5. I´ll bet the Hs 123 is on ICM´s list, just wait.... I want that one too! Cheers! Stefan
  6. I´m eagerly waiting for these colors too! Cheers! Stefan
  7. Hi all! The armament consists of four 30mm cannons, those were done earlier; Now It´s time to get them in place in the nose; It was a very tight fit and a very fiddly jobb but the fit was superb and the parts just clicked in place when they were placed correctly. Now It´s completely done; It was worth getting the Brass! More to come soon! Stefan
  8. You certainly picked the worst of them all! The F-4 (1995) and the F-14 (1994) are oldest and the very first 1/32nd scale kits Tamiya made and they were actually pretty good when they were issued. But as compared with the kits Tamiya does today, they can´t hold a candle! When they issued the F-15 it was a giant leap forward and a much, much better kit and from the Mitsubishi Zero and onwards, they are the best kits you can buy for money and well worth every penny! Cheers! Stefan
  9. Happy Easter to all! Stefan
  10. Thanks all for the answers! Seem like It´s a "must have" as I love the agressor schemes! Thanks! Stefan
  11. Hi! Please excuse an "F-16 clueless" modeller... What´s the difference between this and the CJ (of which I have two unbuilt kits)? Just wondering if and why I should buy this kit also (don´t fancy the garish Thunderbirds scheme, tough....)? Stefan
  12. Tjena Robban! Nice to see You chime in here! I can understand that, even if I had my hopes on You! I already have the J8 sheet from Sten and that´s a really beautiful set, highly recommended to all! Take care of you and your family! Stefan
  13. I know that Jennings and I agree with you, but I don´t need the exact color, I just want to know that I´m in the right ballpark. It seems like I am and close enough is good enough for me! Cheers! Stefan
  14. If I know Robert right (the man behind Moose Republic Decals), he´s working hard at the moment on decals for the J8 and the J11 in 1/32, just give him some time! His decals are among the best on the market, printed by Cartograf and super-accurate! http://www.mooserepublic.se/product-category/decals-1-32/ You can try any of his sheets, I promise You will be satisfied! Here´s some more Swedish Decals sets; https://www.alfahobby.se/skala-1/032-2/ ..and ALFA Hobby is a really good and reliable store, I recommend them wholehe
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