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  1. Phantom2

    Grumman F6F-5(N) Hellcat Nightfighter

    Thanks, Brian and Dennis! Happy you like it! Cheers! Stefan
  2. Phantom2

    Grumman F6F-5(N) Hellcat Nightfighter

    Some more work in the Cockpit…. I have cleaned up the joining surfaces from paint Seat belts assembled and some small details added; More to come soon! Stefan
  3. Phantom2

    Sponsors & Prizes

    Really Great Prices! Many Thanks to the Generous sponsors! Stefan
  4. Phantom2

    Rules of the Road

    I´m not sure what to build Yet, I have plenty to choose from, but this is a strong contender; Trumpeter´s Su-25 Frogfoot! Stefan It´s started, but just barely, much less the the allowed 25%. Cheers!
  5. Phantom2

    Piper-PA-18 Super Cub, wheels or floats

    Was it THAT long ago???? Time flies..... I fully agree with the move! Thanks! Stefan
  6. Phantom2

    Rules of the Road

    Thanks! Now I have a fair chance to get her done! Stefan
  7. Phantom2

    Piper-PA-18 Super Cub, wheels or floats

    Hi all! Well, I did start on this one, but I did´nt came far before the GB ended as I´m a sooo slow builder…. Revell´s thin and flimsy box is utterly worthless and protects nothing better then an envelope of paper would! Despite this the contents had managed to survive, except the windscreen! Instructions are as usually printed on Revell´s low-cost toilet paper, but they do their job alright. The Decals are very nice and gives you options for two aircraft; PH-PDL – White with Red trim (The one on the boxart) Or… HB-PQJ – Chrome Yellow fuselage with white wings and floats. I choose HB-PQJ for this build. Unfortunatley the windscreen did´nt survive but had a crack right trough, probably a victim of the very well-filled but unprotective envelope (”box”). Can´t say enough how I HATE this type of packaging! Oh, well, I have started the build with the interior. The white plastic makes my camera go wild, but here are some pics; The side panels and the ”cage”…. Wings, Floats, engine and interior just falls together…. More work on the ”cage”…. I panted the interior with satin black (Hu85)… …and Matt black (Hu33). The engine painted with Alclad Steel and a wash with my usual mix of oil-paint and white spirit. The landing gears glued in the floats… More to come soon…. Cheers! Stefan
  8. Phantom2

    Grumman F6F-5(N) Hellcat Nightfighter

    Some more fiddling in the cockpit…. A drybrush and some buttons picked out…. The Instrumentpanel from Eduard are just marvelous! I sanded down the frames to a more correct shape, they should be almost straight, not slightly rounded as Trumpeter have done them. More to come! I will not be done with this one either, I´m afraid, I tought we had one month left on this GB! Bummer…. Cheers! Stefan
  9. A very Nicley done kit, splendid! Stefan
  10. Phantom2

    Pretty P51 Mustang, not sure if it's a D/K

    That is one Happy Mustang! Stefan
  11. Phantom2

    Question Re: Trumpeter Mustang Mk III

    Hi Brad! Yes, the Aires Cockpit and wheelbay WILL foul each other! You have to sand the wheelbay roof paper thin and eventually cut about 5mm from the front of the cockpit floor (and sand the floor very thin too), to get it all in place, but It can be done! You´ll get a Malcom Hood (sort of....) in the "Ding-Hao" kit too, that´s the one I built. I also used; Eduard seatbelts and Instrumentpanel, Master brass barrels, Mastercasters Wheels, Quickboost Landing gear doors, propeller blades and exhausts, a spinner from the Dragon kit and decals from Kits-world, Dragon and the spares box (Stars´n´Bars). But I got my Shangri-La! Good Luck! Cheers! Stefan
  12. Phantom2

    Grumman F6F-5(N) Hellcat Nightfighter

    Hi All! There will only be one…. Time has come to glue the wings together! The fit between the center wing part and the tips were suprisingly good, almost perfect! But there´s no place for reinforcements as the split goes right trough the detailed wheel wells. Lifting this kit by the wingtips will be a big NO-NO! This is a large aircraft, The Hellcat has almost as large span as a Thunderbolt! Here you can see the split trough the wheel wells clearly; I used Barracuda´s lovely resin wheels, here they are cleaned up and painted Alclad Aluminium; The propellertips were painted grey, then white and finally yellow and then masked with tape; Then I painted the prop with Alclad Black Microfiller; Masking removed; More masking and now Alclad Aluminium on the spinner; …and the completely painted prop; More to come! Stefan
  13. Phantom2


    I would grab one in a flash! Stefan
  14. Phantom2

    1/32 HS293?

    Never seen any in 1/32, I have a couple to my He177 in 1/48 tough. Btw, the missile was controlled by wire from the mothership. Cheers! Stefan