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  1. A must have for me! I just Love those small colorful trainers! Stefan
  2. That would be the Typhoon, and it´s on It´s way, but we have to wait, I guess. Cheers! Stefan
  3. Hi! I use Alclad Clear Cote Gloss before the decals and Satin after the decals, even on a metallic surface (usually Alclad Aluminium etc) and have never noticed any reduction in the metallic sheen or "feel". Cheers! Stefan
  4. Thanks Tom! It´s a really great little kit and the fit have been perfect so far! Cheers! Stefan
  5. Hi all! The Cockpit painted with WEM AMT-11 WWII VVS Interior Blue-Grey.... Wheels painted WEM WWII VVS Underside Blue… Some hatches and covers painted with the same color…. The inside of engine covers painted Alclad Aluminium and the gear doors painted with WEM VVS Interior Blue-Grey… The gun barrels and the sway braces painted with Alclad steel and the engine ignition ring (?) painted with Alclad Aluminium…. The engine painted with Alclad steel… More to come soon…. Stefan
  6. Hi all! The cockpit glued to the wing and painted with Alclad Black Microfiller (ABMF) primer…. The top wing is done, the bombs assembled, the small windows in the wheel bays glued in and masked off and the prop ready for paint… The remainder of the cockpit, engine, hatches etc, all primed with ABMF… The inside of the fuselage also got some primer…. More goodies have arrived….. More to come soon…. Stefan
  7. Hi all! I´ll jump in with this..... I know it can be a tough ride, but I just love this Aircraft! Stefan
  8. It´s possible.... I have just done exactly that..... ... It certainty requires a lot of cutting and fettling indeed, but it´s doable! Cheers! Stefan
  9. Thanks Brian! I think the color is spot on. Just remember to give the bottle a THOROUGH shake before painting, and shake it between refilling your paint cup, the pigments sink really fast! Stefan
  10. Hi All! More seam-job, It never stops… Looking better…. The Radar pod masked and more primer… Painted in Glossy Ocean Blue, MRP-14… Marvellous paint! It goes on very easy and super smooth and dries with a slight satin sheen. I expected some problems with how well it would cover the black primer. No worries, it covered perfectly well and I used only 1/3 – 1/2 a bottle, much better then I expected! More to come! Stefan
  11. Hi All! The stabilizator and the bracing assembled…. One thingie to note, the braces fit better on the opposite side compared with the instructions! Right or wrong (me or ICM ?, I dunno know) but I placed the parts where they ”wanted” to sit. I trust ICM´s outstanding engeneering here…. Hope I got It right.... The rudders mounted with a bit of ”swing” to get some interest…. Very nice fabric texture... More to come soon! Stefan
  12. Hi all! The cat is painted with Alclad Black Microfiller primer…. The radar pod was white, so that´s what I painted with Alclad White Microfiller Primer….. More to come soon! Stefan
  13. Thank You very much, MARU! I lost momentum with the kit, but soon I´ll get some paint on her! Stefan
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