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  1. Hi Thierry! I have already glued the cockpit parts together and I chose to do It without the armor, so I have to live with that. I have chosen QW o B, August 1940, is that the same aircraft you will do? Spitfires are a minefield of versions and options, but I never get bored! I´ll keep a close eye on your tread! Thanks for your input! Cheers! Stefan
  2. Hi Thierry! I have re-read the whole tread, from page 1, ...wow, what a splendid job you are doing! Cheers! Stefan
  3. Thanks all! The aircraft I´ll build Is a late Mk.Ia, so no flare rack on the seat, no armor behind the pilot, no crowbar on the door, but with later antenna, a DeHavilland 3-bladed prop and later style canopy. Really a mix between versions! Mike; Nice picture and It sure looks like a Mk.I! I´m quite certain that some Mk.I´s got the flarerack retrofitted, but who knows... I really appreciate your input, many thanks! Can´t find the original IP, but the decal sheet looks corrected! Cheers Stefan
  4. Me too.... I need the variation... Stefan
  5. Thanks guys! I was going for an aftermarket IP (Eduard) from the start too, but I was surprised when I saw that Revell didn´t bother to correct the kit before release. Cheers! Stefan
  6. Yes, You have to be very careful if you use liquid glue, It´s very easy to melt the plastic! I cut the BarracudaCast parts from the blocks, sanden and glued in place. Revell`s own parts can´t compare…. More details glued to the right fuselage half…. On the left side we get only one part… All lightening holes were drilled out, a very boring job, but well worth the effort in this scale…. The seat comes from Quickboost, originally destined for a Mk.IX, but the only thing I had to do to backdate it was to remove the cartridge holder. The seat itself was almost unchanged during the whole production. BarracudaCast`s seat was just as good, but came without molded seat belts. I prefer to pant the belts myself, I have never liked the etched variant very much. Then I glued the seat to the frame, It looks a bit rough now, but some super glue and paint will fix that. I drilled out the holes on the rearmost frames too, I have to get more really small drill bits. The forward bulkhead with the blank, homemade Instrumentpanel I made myself. Yes, Revell supplies an instrument panel in the kit, but it´s MIRRORED! Revell even supplies a decal for the IP, mirrored that too, completely useless! With a piece of plasticard I made a new, blank IP with the original as a template and threw the original in the garbage bin! I will use an Eduard etched panel instead. The rest of the parts fitted without any problems. The cockpit dry fitted… More to come soon! Stefan
  7. Really nice legs! ...and I agree about Revell´s awful wheels, they look nothing like I have ever seen on a Spitfire! Cheers! Stefan
  8. Thanks guys! I have built lots of short-run kits so I´m quite used to cutting and slicing in the kits I build. But I understand, It´s not fun cutting up a new kit the first thing you do, but it´s a necessary evil in this case. In this case the very soft plastic makes it even more scary as It´s very easy to cut away too much. Cheers! Stefan .
  9. Hi all! ”Everyone” knows you´ll always start with the cockpit, but NOPE! I´ll start with the wings! Revell have made several errors and simplified too much, incorrect shapes on the coolers, cheated with the intake/outlet ramps to the large cooler and the wings have metal ailerons, not fabric as it should be. Barracudacast saves us with this little set; Here you´ll find everything to fix the errors in the wings, new coolers and fabric ailerons. Here You can see that the wing surface is flat where it should have a slightly recessed duct. First I chain-drill along the perimeter with a 1mm drill-bit… Then It´s some carving and cutting until you get a nice hole… The cooler waits in front of the wing…. The plastic are scaringly soft and It´s very easy to remove too much, tread easily! Barracuda´s parts are a drop-fit, as usual… I glued the cooler from the inside and used generously with CA, I´ll take no chances getting the parts loose! A test-fit of the top wing parts showed that I had to remove a little plastic here too. More to come soon... Stefan
  10. Hi All! The smaller outlets are glued from the inside…. They will interfere with the lip on the wing so some have to be cut away. The power-egg painted…. I was very skeptical to this spindly landing gear, will it hold the model? Exhausts glued to the engine cowl…. More to come soon…. Stefan
  11. MRP have not made any spcific ship-colors yet. But you can try Soverign Models Colorcoates (former White Ensign Colorcoates), they are enamels, but very high quality and the range is vast. https://www.sovereignhobbies.co.uk/collections/colourcoats-sea Cheers! Stefan
  12. Thanks guys! Ernest, that makes it for me, I´ll do "The Virgin" from 616 Sqn.! I have most of the Barracuda stuff and I plan on robbing the correct prop from a PCM Hurricane (that kit have all props included; Watts, Rotol, and DeHavilland), if it fits.... Stefan
  13. Damn! The kit is almost done, only a few more days, but I´m lagging down with the write-down! Ah, well.... Please move to the WIP section! That so typical Russian Green are laid down, WEM WWII AMT-4 Russian Green; The poweregg then painted with WEM WWII Russian Underside blue, and I have started to mask for the cammo; The top wing primed with Alclad Black Microfiller; I masked the cammo with rolled sausages of masking putty and tape, painted and removed the masking before I even rememberd to take som pics, DOH! More to come soon! Stefan
  14. Tanks for the heads up, Fanes! I´ll look into that... Stefan
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