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  1. I really do like your paintwork. I think it's awesome!
  2. I think this is awesome! Nice plane, nice figures and nice details. I like the crab a lot.
  3. This is looking real great Andy.
  4. What a terrific build. You inspired me to put this one on my wishlist.
  5. Cool project. I think the nose may give some challenges. Good luck.
  6. Looking real good. The air intake looks real sharp.
  7. Nice start. The idea of pistons is great but maybe a bit overdone?
  8. Great! The black finnish looks fantastic!
  9. Thanks. I know i have to paint the tear drops on the wings. That's why I have primed them and not painted them clear red. Thanks for the reminder. So far I think it's a great kit. There are some challenges but that makes things only interesting.
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