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  1. I'm looking forward to this project. I love corsairs. Good luck
  2. What a gorgeous drop tank. I really like what you are doing.
  3. I must be more than 6"away because I think it looks real great. Good job.
  4. Love all the decalling. I never applied lozenge but this looks great!
  5. Great progress. I don't think it's a shame all of this is going to be covered with paint. I think when it's painted you will still see it's a metal skin and that's very nice.
  6. sorry to hear about the trouble but the endresult looks great. Congrats
  7. Thanks guys. Brian, it certainly is an enjoyable build. The oddities can easily be solved so that keep things interesting.
  8. I think i said it before, beautiful!
  9. O wow, do you really need that much filler???
  10. It's all about a mindset. On every build I will see my mistakes to, but for every mistake i look for something that went really well. The outcome so far is that every build has more plus points than mistakes. That means i am overall happy with the buildquality and the things that went not so wel can be improved in the next build. With the things you are showing I would be very happy. Keep up the good work. Ferry
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