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  1. Hmmmm, nice idea. I only need to buy two more planes and maybe a warship in 32nd scale. the only problem with that is that a warship doesn't fit in the house. And i really don't want to buy another house so I'll stick with 1 plane. If that's ok?
  2. I hope you can fix the problem soon. There is nothing worse than tools that don't do what you want them to do.
  3. Wow, what a great landinggear and bays.
  4. Thanks for the tips Brian. I read your WIP 2 times and think it's a great guide. I will pay extra attention to the engine mounts and the outrigger floats. The x-braces look very fragile and I think I will replace them with some brass. I have the intention (don't know yet if I'm really gonna do it) of making a piece of a catapult to place the plane on so I dont have challenges with the wheels.The tip for the mainfloat to strenghten it is very usefull. I'll see what i can do. I'm really looking forward of buiding this one and I know that I have to temper my enthusiasm and dryfit everything carefully. And I will not make the same mistakes about the fuelcaps
  5. Ok ladys and gent's, Now that i have to wait to finish the swordfish it's time to start another animal, a kingfisher this time. When i saw this one for the first time I immediatly fell in love. What a beautiful airplane. It is my first Kitty Hawk kit so I don't really know what to expect. Off course I have read some WIP's so I know there are some things that require some extra attention. Bottomline is that it is just some plastic with a little PE so wat can go wrong? Of course i have some PE for this bird. In fact I have the Big Ed set and that is al the PE there is. I really like the PE but sometimes I wonder what Eduard is thinking. Flat ignitionwires?? In my opinion they can leave this behind. I have rather no ignitionwires than flat ones. I will use leadwire instead or copperwire. The color scheme I like the most is the one below. Instead of the yellow wings I will intend to paint blue wings, like the boxart. One thing that I don't know is what brand of paint Kitty Hawk uses for there kits. I will use Mr Hobby Aqueous but i would like to know if I have the correct numbers. Those anyone of you guys know what paint they use? I will keep you posted with weekly updates and hope to make this my best model (as I hope for each model ) Thanks for watching Ferry
  6. I'm impressed to see that the cameo also cuts platic sheet. I always tought it would only cut masking film. May i ask what the thickest sheet is to cut on the cameo?
  7. As said, the torpedo had to be replaced. First I had to make new proppellorblades. I found a nice picture on the web, and made a dxf file of it. I loaded this in the software of the millingmachine and then i had this little propellorblad. They where very small so i made quite a few off them. I made some smaller and shorter grooves in the torpedo and assembled everything. Eventually I got this. Much better then the first one if I may say so. Then I assembled the landinggear to the plane and the motor. Here are some pics. Now i can give it a wash and a final coat of matt. This week I got a reply from Trumpeter on my mail for a replacementsprue. They have the replacementsprue I need and with shipping it will cost me 10 USD. I think this is quite a lot of money but better expensive then not available. I decided to order the sprue and now I will see how long I have to wait. I will use the brackets for the torpedo so i hope the delivery is fast Thanks for watching Ferry
  8. What a great result. Very beautiful.
  9. That's a great office you made. I agree with you about the adhesive of the Eduard stuff. They would better make pe without adhesive because it doesn't stick very well.
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