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  1. Great subject Peter, have fun building it. I see you using carbon fibre rod. Do you glue this with regular CA? Or are you using something else?
  2. Looking good Kevin. Thanks for the tip on the WD40 and the cottonbud. I'll certainly give it a try.
  3. That is some real nice lozenge. Great thinking of painting it instead of using decals.
  4. Great work Ben. I think the contrast made with the liquid mask just looks fantastic.
  5. I really love it when people are a bit strange. Especially when they detail bomb bays. Beautiful build.
  6. Fantastic work. I love the creases in the linnen
  7. I can only agree with Brian. I think it's a nice kit but it needs some attention when assembling. Looks good so far
  8. Using the wash is a very good tip. But what to do before painting? Do you clear the model with a cottonbud to clear everything or do you spray over the wash?
  9. Wow, it looks fantastic! Now we can really see how big the B17 is. I like the idea of the not visible spinning props so you know the engine is shot down.
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