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  1. You wanna know what I secretly desire.......? WNW Boeing P-26.
  2. What took so long??? Great news.
  3. Advice on travel to Australia? Go to New Zealand.
  4. It is a fantasy. Look at the canopy and wing guns.
  5. Hey mate. Your family has been on my mind. I hope...bloody hell where am I going??? Mate all I can meaningfully say to you is this. Over the days since I responded I have been thinking of you and your mum. Things will happen, I am helpless. I am thinking of you in your distress. I wish all the happiness I can imagine. ( tell your mum some bloke in Aus wishes her well)
  6. Hi Brad. Sorry to learn of this. Does the hospital offer WiFi? (More than likely no).
  7. Please accept my most sincere best wishes.
  8. NOTE: Germans are always trying to pick up Aussies. I think it is because every single one of us is a BRONZE GOD. What kind of food mate? And the wine? Hey, nobody said Aussies were not easy. Get it together people.
  9. You had me at "Hello". You sexy devil.
  10. People are now sharing what they do on the couch?? This is one progressive website!!!
  11. Ha, if only I could get paid 1 million. Sadly I am viewing my Hannats cart wondering if I can afford it.
  12. Hello, my dear friend. I am now drunk and all my friends are fighting. I survived terminal cancer for this?? Get it together people.
  13. Guys, this thread is NOT about me. It is about us. All of us. Face it. Nobody else wants us!
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