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  1. 5 minute drive from Sydney CBD.
  2. Thanks Maru. Sadly the wrong spitfire. Neil's spitfire was made silver was first flown by him in 1944.
  3. This morning I'll work on models to be given as gifts for Xmas. I have 2 1/32 aircraft and a 1/35 tank. My only break is 2 hours drumming at 4.00. I'm at the Cafe across the road having toast and coffee. I'm a bit sleepy due to my medication. I reckon a couple of double shot flat white coffees should wake me up.
  4. These things terrify many thousands at Bondi Beach. Especially tourists.
  5. I am happy to learn one of us here got to interact with Neil. He wrote the book, The silver spitfire, when he was 91. 91!!! One may guess at my desire to build his 'personal' spitfire.
  6. I am re-reading the book, The silver spitfire. I am enjoying it again very much. I would love to build this aeroplane. I've not found any photos. I like the author very much. He tells a very good story. I also liked him in the film, Spitfire, the plane that saved the world. Neil seemed a very good sort. A really nice chap. I was amused when he referred to the Fulham as an "utterly useless aeroplane." All help appreciated.
  7. She not only supplied the hunter, but also the bait. Your wife has style.
  8. Lovely. Are you gonna weather it?
  9. UNDEAD???!!!!! Everybody beware, Ironwing is a ZOMBIE!!! Ironwing wants to eat your brains!!! Run for your lives. If the women and children are too slow, leave them behind. Aaarrrrggggghhhhhhhhh........
  10. It doesn't work. One just ends up paying alimony to Hasegawa. Ask how I know. Tamiya will never...... Saab JAS-39 Gripen.
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