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  1. Thank you, Pascal. I do hope you are staying safe and well.
  2. Thank you. I put this aside when circumstances made it possible to rejoin my profession. I held onto my models in case I returned to modeling, which I did a few years ago.
  3. Just completed after sitting 20 years on my SOD. Not my best work but at least it is completed. Just noticed my flat area on the nose wheel is not underneath. It isn't glued and it spins so no drama.
  4. Thanks guys. Lothar, I am building 2 x 48 jets, tank destroyer and a 32 Meteor for the Cold war build. It is worth doing, the Ki-44. The interior looks okay. It has it's undercarriage on. I will have to remove it. Thanks again.
  5. Thank you Don. I really enjoyed completing the kit. My memory of the build is rather faint. I do like the 1/32 Hasegawa WWII Japanese subjects. I still have a virtually built Ki-44. I put it adide back then because I was unhappy with my paint job. I put it aside and forgot it. I may strip it like the Tony and repaint it. Thanks again.
  6. I have been told by my heamatology Dr to stay indoors for up to 6 months and perhaps beyond. I have checked my tool boxes for supplies and I have blades for two years, loads of glue, multiple bottles of thinners, putty etc. Strangely I was running low on Mr. Tool cleaner. It now arrives next week. I have begun my own virus modelling by setting aside my current WWII aeroplane until I practice loads of aerial/rigging. I am currently working on my Cold war jet build meteor. I put that away for a couple of weeks to build a 1/48 jet and then a Tamiya 1/35 tank. Second day into the jet... I am so lucky to have a stash. Tomorrow I will walk the 200 meters to my hospital to get tested. Knowing hospital life the way I do means I will arrive at 0800 Sunday morning. The exercise should take 10 minutes. When ordering M.T.C. from BNA,. I also ordered templates for 1/35 armour. Having bought some nice Tamiya armour the stencils are said to be designed for Tamiya subjects. Currently trying to decide what kit to build. It's come down to either Js-2, Js-152 or Bt 42. Maybe a King Tiger... First world problems.
  7. How do we order? I have a 1/48 model of this aircraft. Must dig it out. Building a 32 would be great.
  8. "You're a better man than I am, Gunga Din".
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