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  1. It's good for when I can't model for some reason. Searching for photos helps my enthusiasm. Plus I have stunning detail shots for builds. And it's free. I paid loads for books featuring the Luftwaffe. Now I have 1000's of photos I've not seen in books. Oh, Airliners isn't allowed?? Yikes!
  2. Will do. It's usually just aircraft or historic shots related to modelling. Had I shut up about it everything would likely still be gone. I mention losing it and it all returns. Or did I dream it???
  3. Everything has mysteriously returned. Typical.
  4. Nothing mate. Everything is simply gone.
  5. I just discovered that all my boards vanished. Has anything like this happened to you? 36,000+ pins gone.
  6. My pleasure. The Chronos films channel has many films like this. I've seen most of them by now. Highly recommended.
  7. Here is colour film of a weathered typhoon. One look at the rockets! 30:50. I hope you like it. Hawker typhoon being displayed to US servicemen, 1944.
  8. mpk

    TOP GUN: Maverik delay reasons

    Gazza, you're not missing much. Just group of overconfident idiots. A pretty woman and a motorbike. You get to see some jets fly around. 2 hours you will never get back. A second Top gun just proves Hollywood has put creativity aside.
  9. mpk

    I'm so excited I'm about to bust!!

    I'm very happy for you, Jennings.
  10. At last, something worthy of belief. Human beings are strangely wonderful. In their way.
  11. mpk

    Happy Birthday MARU!

    Whatever makes me feel great....... Modelling it is then.
  12. mpk

    Happy Birthday MARU!

    Hi Marus. I am happy and well. Busy but fine.
  13. mpk

    Happy Birthday MARU!

    Happy birthday!
  14. The panther is the standard of beauty I always demanded of all things in life. As a result, I remain unsatisfied.