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  1. NOTE: Germans are always trying to pick up Aussies. I think it is because every single one of us is a BRONZE GOD. What kind of food mate? And the wine? Hey, nobody said Aussies were not easy. Get it together people.
  2. You had me at "Hello". You sexy devil.
  3. People are now sharing what they do on the couch?? This is one progressive website!!!
  4. Ha, if only I could get paid 1 million. Sadly I am viewing my Hannats cart wondering if I can afford it.
  5. Hello, my dear friend. I am now drunk and all my friends are fighting. I survived terminal cancer for this?? Get it together people.
  6. Guys, this thread is NOT about me. It is about us. All of us. Face it. Nobody else wants us!
  7. Cheers Peter. Many people mean a great deal to me. Here and elsewhere. This thread isn't about me. It is about how people dealt with a person in a bad place. These people, they all came through.
  8. Thanks mate. However, the disease is not the issue. The issue is the patience with which a person in such condition was greeted with. Imagine what took place. The members and mod's were confronted with a one-off lunatic, and the lunatic was met with patience and understanding. That understanding, no matter how fragile, is why I am writing this post. People. Thank you. Websites undergo changes. We are apes standing on a rock hurtling through space. How wise can this ape be?
  9. Thanks, guys. Check out the numbers. 256 regular chemo treatments. (World's strongest chemo. The only chemo that damages the brain) 34 chemo treatments via lumbar puncture. Total 290. 19 months 24/7 infusion of an experimental mind-altering drug. The above is what people had to put up with. I am fine now. No complaints. However, no other website in history had to deal with a member in my condition, because I am the only one. Imagine that. (They must hate me. )
  10. I arrived at this site having been discharged from 21 months in hospital fighting terminal blood cancer. Happily, I survived. When I joined I was off my tree on the world's strongest drugs in quantities no other human has ever experienced. No joke. I am alone in this. The members were subjected to this. Some didn't understand. Hell, nobody could. Even my doctors. I am NOT complaining. Hell, I beat terminal cancer! How tough am I?? I'll not forget the patience from members and staff here and gone. I offer my most sincere thanks. Dale Cleary. Modeller.
  11. Have you been talking to one of my old girlfriends???
  12. Is it possible to get a date using the callander? "Pssssss, don't tell any would be partners just how old and ugly I am. (There's 10 bucks in it for you. )
  13. A thread for venting? Great. Let me tell you about my arthritis.....
  14. Are you trying to destroy my other hobby, observing people who are not aware they are being observed??? ;)
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