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  1. I had no idea about this film. I recently read Never call me a hero. I am so pleased a younger generation can be made aware of The battle of Midway.
  2. This is great. An Ar-96 would be a fine shelf mate. Hint hint...
  3. I can see the work. I read the above and am interested to learn how you worked so consistently while taking breaks. It is likely unrealistic to learn what exactly happened during the squiggles, your breaks, re-focussing again...... Great work. My eyes will return.
  4. Hi guys. The qiestion is in the heading. Thanks so much.
  5. Your Dornier is looking great. Fantastic choice of scheme.
  6. Hi Jennings. F-84 G 1960's in Yugoslavian service.
  7. Hi guys. I am working on a model in my SOD, the Tamiya F-84. I have been looking around the net and find differing colours in modern photos. Is there a definitive colour found on in service aircraft? Thank you from the past, or the future, depending on coordinates.
  8. Thanks mate. I have been waiting for my brain to clear. It cleared around 8 weeks ago. Posting while in such a state as before was unfair on everyone. I shant forget the patience of so many others.
  9. Indeed. In fact I was looking at 109's at Hobbyco earlier today. I picked up a 1/72 Hasegawa Eurofighter Typhoon. Todays version of a Spitfire. It comes with a stand and I will build it in flight. That aerial wire in 1/72 turned me away from the 109.
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