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  1. They want to cut open my face Panzer. Remove my eye mate. No way. There was a bloke on one of the cancer wards like that. He had a verticle scar down the center of his face. Last year they nearlymtook my right leg from the knee. That was at another hospital, Concord hospital. It all began in 2014 and it won't stop. I tried to commit suicide last year but the police stopped me. Sorry mate I should hang up. I'm reallynout of it. Talk later.
  2. Thanks mate. My flat is tiny. I don't even own a bed. I sleep on a huge couch that won't fit through the door. I was given 8 weeks to live. All my possessions were sold by my family while I lived in hospital. I was in RPA hospital for 18 months. Then I was in North shore hospital on and off for 19 months. That's when I joined here. I was 31 months in hospital. They let me out for 2 days and I collapsed each day and had to take an ambulance. For my 2 days out I went to hospital each day in an ambulance! Funny as hell. I live here because my hospital is across the road. It's a 5 minute walk to Casualty. It's funny because although so close, I've had 7 rides in an ambulance to get there! I'm so lazy! I'm not a well man, my friend. Now I've got this massive tumor behind my eye. It makes it hard to see. I'm in loads of pain mate. I keep dropping my models because my hands are numb. I broke the wing off again yesterday. I dropped it again. If you look close, the starboard wing root is a little shiny. I pumped it full of thin CA. I must spray flat clear on it. Not today though. My fingers aren't working very well. Good excuse to do nothing. I think they got the couch in through the window. Forgive me, I'm a little high on mefication. Just woke up. Kind of out of it. I'm not sure how long I've got. Nevertheless I intend to laugh every day.
  3. Thanks Mike. Now where did I put the tail wheel and gun sight????
  4. I had no idea this kit existed. Thanks for choosing such a cool Japanese subject. Your work thus far is beautiful.
  5. Hi guys. Using my collection of 1138 photos of Hurricanes as reference, I spent the weekend weathering my BoB Mk.I. A number of photos of BoB era Hurricanes show very heavy weathering all over the metal areas, predominantly the inner wing area, and also stretching out to the mid and outer wing. Not only are many heavily affected by scuff marks from shoes, but also show staining from fluid streaking from the engine cowlings and adjacent panels behind the engine. 303 Sqn Hurricane photos show gun soot flowing further back across the wing than I'd guessed. The belly had me guessing and I screwed up quite a few weathering attempts before becoming happy with my result. I added pin washes, chalk etc and removed them all. I started random ideas I'd never heard of and forget exactly how I got to this point. I think I'm happy with it........... So anyway... I now have to repaint the wheel wells, weather the undercarriage and canopy, find where I placed all the rest of the bits, and complete it. Thanks for having a look.
  6. That's great. I have the kit. I bought a really large decal sheet covering any RAF gnat. How does it go together?
  7. For some reason earlier I tried to find them. The link would simply close. Unsure why. I'm not using a pc.
  8. Hi Mark. Is this a brand case or specially made? Where can I buy resin2detail items? I need that seat.
  9. Fantastic stuff, Scott. I'm looking forward to seeing more. What's your overall assessment of this kit? I've often been tempted.
  10. This is terrific, Don. I only just found this thread. Following.
  11. Zoukie Mura are apparently releasing Me-109's.
  12. Hi Gaz. Great work. Every model you build that I see advances from the last. Can't ask for anything more.
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