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  1. Hi all. You may remember me, I am the guy that joined the site while a little ill. I survived my illness to the surprise of everyone. I have not posted here in a while due to my being rather self conscious regarding my behavior. I believe I made some people uncomfortable. Which I fully understand. Surviving such an illness has its cost. A cost I am fully prepared to pay and I am not complaining. In fact I am amazed. All told I had 256 regular treatments, plus a further 34 via lumbar puncture, of the strongest and only chemo that actually damages the brain. Plus 19 months on a mind altering experimental drug... If anything it has shown me that never giving up is a virtue. No matter how sick one gets, never give up. I made friends here. There are so many kind and patient people on this site. I miss my friends but I remain embarrassed and self conscious regarding my brain damage. I never go out. I no longer play music. I have never had brain damage before and don't know what to do. The only cure it seems is time. Anyway, I still model and have now completed 2 1/48 kits. It seems 1/32 may take more work than I can handle but I am trying. My good friend Martin has been a great support and I respect and admire him for it. I miss Harv, Marus... Understanding what I am telling you, that I am not insane but the organ in my head has been physically damaged, should I come back? Please forgive my indulgence here in this post. This is not an easy post to make and yet I feel I owe it to those who know me. Yours. Dale.
  2. Hi Filippo. Thanks very much for the kind word, and the welcome back. Hi John. Thanks mate. Much appreciated on both counts. Hey mate. Yeah, life stuff gets in the way and must take priority. You are wise to keep the one job going. My problem was an inability to focus. And it cost quite a bit of money. Your method is best. I too am trying to keep focus. One great thing was I think the computer like virus in my brain has begun to clear. I have been unable to hear the beauty in music. Listening to music was like looking at blueprints. The construction was plain, but there was no beauty. Well it returned Friday last week. Pretty special. My lesson in all this is that one must fight and never give up. I was given weeks. "Do you want to fight?" 'Of course!' So pleased I did. No matter how rough things became, I still exist. Cheers mate and so nice to see you.
  3. Cheers mate. Hey Don. I hope you're well. As for your kind words. Mate, put the whisky down, and take 2 steps back. It's gonna be okay. No worries. Cheers mate. Hey Tex. Mate what was good was that I grabbed it one morning and just did it. It's cool. I was able to read a book recently. I have now added 2 in 4 weeks. Pretty happy at this end. Cheers mate. Hi mate. How are you mate? Did you complete that Hellcat? Thanks very much for all the support. Happily, in the months since building and painting the Oscar, my skills have improved. I hid it away in a little dust free case. Thanks again for the Iwata recommendation. I switch between the Infinity and the Iwata. I also got the high end Badger. Judging by all the stuff I collected, I must have been pretty serious about doing this modelling. So I guess now life is about regaining music and working on models. Not a bad life eh? Cheers mate.
  4. Thanks very much Hubert. I hope things at home are going well.
  5. Thanks Kevin. I am just glad I completed one.
  6. Thanks Lothar. Nice to see you too.
  7. Cheers mate. I had a rough couple of months but came through it okay. I didn't want to bring the place down. Thanks so much mate.
  8. mpk


    Thanks guys. It is likely I did something wrong. Not to worry as I got my photos up.
  9. mpk


    Hi Jennings. I tried everything and could not get it to work. Not to worry. imgur is okay. Thanks mate.
  10. mpk

    Tamiya 1/32 F4U-1A

    Wow. Is there no dust where you live? Fantastic stuff. Very inspiring.
  11. mpk


    Thanks Marus. Martin hipped me to imgur. As it turns out it is faster than ImageShack anyway. I tried all that but it was all a big fail. Story of my life.
  12. 1/64?? Mate, I wouldn't be able to see it.
  13. That's terrific! Beautifully done. I just read Walter Schuck's book, Luftwaffe eagle. Lots of great firsthand stuff on the 262. Recommended. Thanks for the inspiration.
  14. Oh cheers mate. Very kind of you. I think I split the port leading edge when I was carrying it about to take pictures yesterday. I just noticed. It wasn't like that in the morning. Oh well. Cest la vie. Thanks Marus. The wire nearly gave me a nervous breakdown. When last I did it using invisible thread 20 years ago I could see the little holes I drilled. Not any more! Need reading glasses. I was like Oh no, I'm gonna screw it up when I'm so close! Hands shaking and all that. One thing is for sure. I am pleased I never bought a Wingnut wings kit. I'd never survive the stress of all that rigging! I may just build jets. Thanks again.